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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  February 3, 2020 6:30pm-6:58pm PST

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more cases of the deadly coronavirus here in the u.s. closing arguments. house managers prosecuting >> o'donnell: on tom president trump made their final >> o'donnell: on tomorrow's "cbs plea. evening news," one town was so fed up with politics as usual it >> is there one among you who will say "enough"? elected mayor max, loved by everyone and as loyal as they >> o'donnell: while the president's lawyers say "case closed." >> the only appropriate result and if you can't watch live, don't forget to set your dvr so here is to acquit the president. >> o'donnell: plus the niu can watch us later. democratic senator about to that is tonight's "cbs evening break with his party. news." i'm norah o'donnell in advanced cancer. washington. we'll be back later with updates one of the country's leading on the iowa caucuses. conservative voices, rush until then, good night. fombaugh, talks about his diagnosis for the first time. captioning sponsored by cbs london terror attack. captioned by media access group at wgbh the shocking new video. a man with a knife and what media access group at wgbh appears to be a bomb slashing people on the streets of south we tried to get the politicians london. why people are now calling it terror related. as c50 years in the making. kansas city celebrates its first super bowl victory in half a century. plus the half-time show that has everybody talking.
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this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell reporting >> o'donnell: good evening to our viewers in the west. and as we come on the air tonight, it's democracy in action. caucus-goers are beginning to to deal with the problem. gather at nearly 1,700 school but they wouldn't. gyms and community centers all so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco over iowa. to pay its share of he and based on some entrance we fought oil companies for new clean air laws polling, cbs news is estimating a four-way race between biden, and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole sanders, buttigieg and warren. to fund public schools. goitohee and by the end of the night, we should know which candidate or candidates have scored the first atot something you see a lot of points in the race for the democratic presidential from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. nomination let's make change happen. 41 delegates up for grabs, about 1% of all pledged delegates that will be awarded during the democratic primary process. but io iall about seizingd bases now at 7:00. >> it's time to bundle up. get ready for one of the me.aucuses ght. coldest nights this season. >> in spots it will be below freezing, but look at the we'l winds. >> a bay area deputy ambushed.
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what he was wearing that sanders' headquarters in des moines. ed? >> reporter: norah, good evening. likely saved his life. the expectations across iowa are ing fired at. that bernie sanders will prevail. he's had the largest ground >> coronavirus on the move, and 2 people were transferred to a san francisco hospital. >> and a dramatic ending after operation and polled consistently at the top of the inck since the start. a terrifyiby the passengers, they were able to you mentioned about three in ten tell us this is the first time overcome the subject and disarm him. participating in a caucus, >> the 49ers that may not be among the entrance poll favor on next year's roster. sanders and pete buttigieg of indiana. early entrance poll results, four in ten iowa democratic their tough flight home after caucus-goers tell us healthcare the super bowl loss, and the is their most important issue. fans still faithful tonight. that matches months of polling that suggests that it remains a top issue of concern. [ cheers and applaus about six in ten caucus-goers say that they prefer ending a private health insurance program and, instead, replacing it with a single government-backed plan. that favors senator sanders as well tonight. about 20% say climate change is their top concerned followed by income inequality and foreign policy. about a third of caucus-goers
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say they made up their mind in the last few days. that matches what we have been doing on the ground the last few weeks and a sign many democratic iowa caucus-goers showed up undecided about what to do and may have been convinced by a stranger. senator sanders is back there from washington after being in the impeachment trial today. thousand of his volunteers came from across the country hoping he will win and get vaulted to the top of the pack ahead of next weeks' new hampshire primary. >> o'donnell: thank you. want to turn to nikole killion who joins us from biden headquarters in des moines. nikole, what are we learning from caulks-goers and what they're looking for in a candidate? >> reporter: many to have the caulks-goers we spoke to earlier today say they're looking for a candidate that's authentic. according to our latest entrance poll, more than 6 po% of
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democratic caucus-goers say they prefer a nominee be someone who can beat president trumper and that could certainly work in joe biden's favor, something the former vice president has been arguing since day one of his campaign. that he is best positioned to take on this president and really relying on his electability as well as his experience to do it, but because this race is so tight right now, of course, it comes down to who has the best ground game, and while the biden campaign has lagged behind others, the campaign tells me agge do feel good about their effort, they had canvassers out all day today and certainly helping for a good finish tonight but they know it will be close. >> o'donnell: i want to bring in major garrett in des moines. major, is it possible that by the end of the night multiple candidates will try to claim victory? >> reporter: certainly possible to have an argument, norah, over victory and expectations even though the iowa democratic party tiid only one winner, the candidate who receives the most ralegates.
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three numbers to watch tonight, first: everyone's first choice when they arrive at the caucus site, that's going on now. the second number: what do caucus-goers do and which candidate do they choose if the first choice doesn't meet the 15% threshold. the sanders campaign thinks they will do well on the first choice. they may think that's a victory even though the second and third number may be much closer. >> o'donnell: and i know you have been on the ground since last week, and while iowa is not representative of the country, it does give an early sense of the campaign strength, what have you learned? >> reporter: energy is off the charts. seven campaigns here each have more than 100 field organizers. in 20 years, i've never seen that commitment to voter outreach. nicest caucus i've ever covered. semocrats are not attacking each
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other because party unit is paramount and they want to pull the party together once a nominee is known. >> o'donnell: incredible to see that happen. major garrett, thank you so much. much of iowa is rural and filled with family farms and about half are owned by women. these are difficult times for many of them. janet shamlian has more on their struggles and hopes. >> i'm going to go in and vote for tom steyer. >> elizabeth warren. >> i'm pretty much undecided. >> amy klobuchar. >> reporter: these four women all have a passion for politics. >> i think all of them can beat donald trump.mas elizabeth warren can revitalize farm country. >> i want to make sure that people my age, my peers are coming back and they have a reason to come back to rural america. c reporter: chris henning has only decided she's not supporting joe biden or bernie sanders. >> my issues are their age, their health, and their stamina. >> reporter: they're too old?
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>> they're older than me, and i think i'm too old to run for office. >> reporter: like many of her rural neighbors, healthcare is an issue for billie wilson. >> in small towns, most people don't have anybody that pays their insurance, even the small businesses don't provide. >> reporter: lavon griffieon is concerned about the economy. >> in 2012 we had soybeans at $15. that's half. >> reporter: caring for land and livestock requires lots of help. they say hiring immigrants is a critical issue. >> they work at the dairies. they do the ruffing. they do a lot of the jobs that-- >> they're not stealing our jobs. >> no, no, they're not stealing our jobs. >> janet shamlian, cbs news, ankeny, iowa. >> o'donnell: and we'll have mingtes for you on the caucuses tonight right here on cbs. breaking tonight, health
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officials in china are reporting dozens more deaths from the new coronavirus. the death toll now is at leastrn be large enough to be classified as a pandemic. 11 cases have been confirmed here in the u.s. mola lenghi now on plans to bring hundreds more americans home from china. >> reporter: ten days, that's all it took to build this hospital to treat coronavirus pa the unprecedented health crisis. >> everybody is feeling really antsy about just getting out. >> reporter: american priscilla dickey and her daughter hermione are stuck in wuhan and desperate to come home. the u.s. state department is organizing more charter flights out. cbs news has learned four culitary bases will be used to quarantine evacuees while they're monitored for symptoms. me it's one thing to have this in your own home, it's a total other one where you're kind of
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isolated, by yourself. >> reporter: today the c.d.c. confirmed the second u.s. case was transmitted person-to- person, the spouse of a wuhan traveler. 82 tests are pending, including three in new york city. >> it seems the virus spreads ouirly easily when you're not isolating cases quickly. >> reporter: dr. mark mulligan is head of infectious diseases at nyu langone in new york city. .e's concerned about the unknowns. >> a person without symptoms seems to have transmitted the virus. how often does that happen? >> reporter: is there a risk of overreaction? >> this is a time for reaction and for awareness to make sure we know the very latest things happening. >> reporter: one of those three caspected new york city cases is being treated and evaluated in isolation here at bellevue hospital in manhattan. rnd just this afternoon, we learned that about 100 princeton university students who recently traveled to china are now being aske squarantine, norah.
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>> o'donnell: that's significant, mola. thank you. tonight at least one senate democrat says he's still not sure how he'll vote at president trump's impeachment trial. west virginia's joe manchin does say the president should at least be censured by the senate. today senators heard closing arguments in the case. nancy cordes reports tonight from capitol hill. >> the senate can still do the peachmsetheuse triahaare the odds if left in office that he will continue trying to cheat? i will tell you: 100%. he is who he is. truth matters little to him. what's right matters even less. if you find that the house has proved its case and still vote to acquit, your name will be tied to his with a cord of steel and for all of history. >> reporter: the impeachment
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ndial took up loor. e pres >> the president did not condition security assistance or a meeting on anything. >> the only appropriate result here is to acquit the president and to leave it to the voters to choose their president. >> reporter: it would take a two-thirds vote to remove the president from office, and most, if not all republicans, are poised to acquit. >> the president's behavior was shameful and wrong. i cannot vote to convict. the constitution provides for impeachment but does not demand it in all instances. >> reporter: tonight republicans toe urging this president not to gloat about his impending acquittal during his state of the union address here on capitol hill tomorrow night. but privately, norah, they acknowledge that it would be
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unlike him to stay silent. >> o'donnell: all right, nancy, thank you. today rush limbaugh, one of america's leading conservative voices for the past several decades, shocked listeners with a message about his health. manuel bojorquez on limbaugh's announcement. >> i have been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. >> reporter: that's how the cigar-loving rush limbaugh broke the news to his listeners. >> there are going to be days that i'm not going to be able to be here because i'm undergoing treatment or i'm reacting to treatment. >> reporter: it's not the first time limbaugh has shared his personal struggles. in 2003, he announced he was battling opioid addiction. professionally he's best known as a champion of conservative >>uses. >> we have a major immigration problem. >> reporter: and controversial commentary. >> in this commercial he's exaggerating. >> reporter: in 2006, he alleged htor michael j. fox exaggerated the effects of his parkinson'scr
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t mbaugh, who records his show in west palm beach, and is a staunch supporter of president trump, said he would be gone the next few days as h trement. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, miami. >> reporter: tonight we're getting a look at some dramatic video from a deadly terror attack in london. the suspect had just been released from prison after serving only half his sentence on terrorism charges. elizabeth palmer reports tonight from london. >> reporter: cell phone video captures the immediate aftermath. the terrorist, sudesh amman, has been shot. just yards away, one of his victims lies bleeding on the sidewalk. undercover officers keep their weapons trained on amman until back-up arrives. and then fresh urgency when it look like he may have an explosive vest. s sd erto be a hoax.
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n man had been under surveillance. he'd done jail time for islamist-related crimes and had been released just days ago. for londoners, it's the second such attack in just over two months. uskhan stawo pto gelice shot him on london bridge. khan, like amman, had just been paroled without anyone assessing either man for violent extremist antential. an outraged public now has britain's government scrambling to change the law so that never happens again. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. >> o'donnell: winter storm and blizzard warnings are posted tonight across much of the rocky mountains. utah, colorado, wyoming, idaho, and montana are all getting walloped. the storm xp across the country this week, dumping snow, ice, and rain in the central u.s., the south, and the northeast. there is still much more news
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rising. the good news, so is support for thone candidate who'll do something about it.le dent, l lo ndre of thou cos and ks. so is support for thone candidate ensure everyone without coverage can get it. that's a promise. and unlike him, mike actually keeps his. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >> o'donnell: the city of moore, oklahoma, is heartbroken tonight after a terrible crash. one student was killed and three others are in critical condition after a pickup truck plowed into them outside the high school today. the driver is in custody and the cause of the crash is under investigation. there was a scare in the air today on board an air canada te t to deot io an engine, shutting it down. well, an f-18 was sent to check out the plane in mid-flight.
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the boeing 767 turned around and circled madrid for more than four hours, burning off fuel before landing safely. a new study finds the risk of heart disease grows as women go through menopause. pittsburgh tracked more than 300 women and found their arteries began to stiffen a year before reaching menopause and that it accelerated in the first year of menopause. researchers think this is largely due to inflammation caused by hormonal changes. coming up next, the show me state says "show me the super bowl trophy." super bowl trophy." you need to set a course.g one thing well.
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>> o'donnell: we learned tonight that nearly 100 million people watched super bowl liv. adriana diaz reports on the kansas city chiefs and their come from behind win. >> reporter: this was the minute the chiefs clinched it, fulfilling a dream half a century in the making. ♪ we are the champions >> they deserve it. it's our turn. >> reporter: their turn, especially after last year's heartbreaking playoff loss.
6:55 pm
last night they overcame a shaky riart, scoring three touchdowns in the fourth quarter. amidst the euphoria, players made confetti lshecoac reid, hev wosur bo. acomeru for the most valuable player, 24-year-old quarterback patrick mahomes-- >> i'm going to disney world! >> reporter: --who dreamt of this moment in a tweet at age 17.d"fterinhe bowl. ice game's unofficial m.v.p.s were women. for the first time two latinas, shakira and j-lo, headlined the half-time show. their elaborate moves and politically charged imagery of children in cages created a national conversation. in the stadium's sea of red was kansas city, missouri mayor quinton lucas. >> we've always been knocking at the door of greatness but never been let in. and i think the team's story is a lot like our own story, relentlessness, perseverance.
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>> reporter: adriana diaz, cbs news, kansas city. >> o'donnell: it was a fun game to watch. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ skip to the good part with alka-seltzer plus. now with 25% more concentrated power. nothing works faster for powerful cold relief. oh, what a relief it is! so fast!
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so nice to meet you june, jay, ji, kay, raj, and... ray!
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