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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  February 3, 2020 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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i approve this message. let's make change happen. now at 7:00. >> it's time to bundle up. get ready for one of the coldest nights this season. >> in spots it will be below freezing, but look at the winds. >> a bay area deputy ambushed. what he was wearing that likely saved his life. >> he displayed great courage while being fired at. >> coronavirus on the move, and 2 people were transferred to a san francisco hospital. >> and a dramatic ending after a terrifying and deadly shooting inside a greyhound bus. >> due to heroic acts by the passengers, they were able to overcome the subject and disarm him. >> the 49ers that may not be on next year's roster. their tough flight home after the super bowl loss, and the fans still faithful tonight.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> you rock! right now on kpix 5 news at 7:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a beautiful sunset tonight leading to a very cold night ahead. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. a live look at san francisco. our sales force cameras bouncing around a little bit along with the cold. there's gusty winds out there tonight. brian hackney has the latest. >> yes, if the winds are gusty enough, it won't get that cold, but at the moment we have freeze warnings in the north bay, the wine country, and all of the valleys for sub freezing temperatures. down in the mid-20s and low 30s tonight. specifically santa rosa forecast to be down to 29, napa 31. it will be below freezing in concord and livermore. san jose will nudge just a degree above freezing at 33 degrees, but with the high pressure building offshore
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coupled with the slider low, if those winds produced by that stay high enough, and they've been breezy all day, it probably won't get quite as cold as forecasted, and at this point they're still blowing up to 20 miles per hour in the bay area, so it bears watching. but in the meantime, the temperatures will drop. but first here's the latest. in campaign 2020 coverage, right now caucus goers are gathering at centers all over iowa. this is a live look at liberty high school, one of the locations. another site is this sports arena at drake university. by the end of the night we should know which candidate or candidates scored the first points in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. now on the republican side, no surprise here, president trump is the winner. of course he wasn't facing any opposition, but based on entrance polling, cbs news is
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estimating a 4-way race between joe biden, bernie sanders, pete buttigieg, and elizabeth warren. right now ucsf is treating 2 patients with the coronavirus. a husband and wife are from san benito county and among 11 confirmed cases here in the u.s. kpix 5's andria borba live in san francisco with what we've learned about the couple. >> reporter: well, ken, just about a few hours ago, ucsf confirmed they were in fact treating the patients when their hometown hospital simply wasn't up to the task. pulmonary and infectious disease hospitals are treating a couple from hollister who were transporting last night with worsening novel coronavirus. the cases were confirmed by san benito county officials sunday. >> he was screened at the airport per the quarantine rules at the time and was
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found to be totally healthy and without symptoms. >> reporter: the 57-year-old man was on a trip to china and spent a day during the trip in wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. he flew from china back to sfo on january 24th. the next morning he woke up with a fever and other symptoms. 5 days later his wife also became ill. the couple lives in hollister but couldn't be treated at their local hospital because the icu was damaged in a december storm. in a statement, ucsf confirms 2 patients are now in their care in isolation. in addition to our standard infectious disease protocols, we have institutedded a number of measures to screen patients with potential 2019 ncoc as well as prevent the spread of the coronavirus. military bases are gearing up to take in people that
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potentially need to go into quarantine. thanks. the uc study abroad semester programs in china have all been halted because of the virus. the suspension impacts about 50 students across all uc campuses. a spokesperson says they're pulling the plug because the u.s. state department's warning against travel to china. we invite you to stay with kpix 5 for continuing coverage of the coronavirus situation. we'll have all the developments here, on, and on cbsn bay area. a santa clara county deputy ambushed while on patrol alone. tonight we learned a piece of his equipment likely saved his life. the deputy was on routine patrol in morgan hill friday night when he said a car pulled up, the headlights suddenly turned off, and someone or multiple people opened fire. the deputy was shot in the chest, but the bullet his hit body camera. he was able to return fire,
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but the suspect or suspects got away. it's unknown if they were hit. the sheriff says that the deputy is a practicing seikh and wears a traditional head dress on duty, but it's too early to say if that made him a target. >> it's too early to say if it's a height crime or crime of opportunity against law enforcement. >> he displayed great courage while being fired at. >> the suspect or suspects face charges of premeditated murder on a law enforcement officer. they believe the suspects sped away in a silver 2000 sedan, possibly a honda. and tonight a passenger opens fire on a greyhound bus ride from la to san francisco. a woman was killed and 5 others injured in that bus
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when the man started shooting along interstate 5 about 1:30 this morning. the bus driver immediately pulled over and called 911 while other riders tried to contain the shooter. there's no evidence the shooter knew any of the victims. >> due to some very heroic acts by the passengers, they were able to overcome this subject and disarm him. we're still trying to establish a motive. a tough day for students at deer valley high school after one of their classmates was shot and killed. sophomore john jonathon parker was shot and killedover the weekend after a basketball game. there's no details on exactly who pulled the trigger. grief counselors and police were on hand at the school today. >> you can tell when you go on
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campus that something has shifted. it's empty even though everyone is here. >> i'm hurt by it, my friends are hurt by it. he shouldn't have died that day. >> the superintendent issued a statement saying our children must be taught that solving problems with violence is not the answer. and the chiefs and 49ers back home tonight. the mood much brighter in kansas city. the niners not hanging their heads, but feeling it after blowing a 10 point lead last night. >> andrea nakano is here now with what's next for the 49ers after really what was a stellar season. >> it was a great season, yeah. but there will be a parade on wednesday but unfortunately it will be in kansas city. it was still a season to remember for the 49er faithful. >> got out of school early today just to welcome him back. >> go niners! >> got to support the team. they've been awesome, brought
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back the spirit, saved me as a fan. >> not quite the hero's welcome the niners were hoping for today, but a handful of fans were there to greet them this afternoon. instead the 49ers are left to turn the page after letting a 10 point lead slip away in the 4th quarter on sunday. >> you can see in their eyes, it means something to guys. that means we have guys that care about each other and what we're doing. we're a young team with a bright future. got to take this in stride and remember this feeling and let it fuel us in the off season. >> is it september yet? san francisco has 14 unrestricted free agents this off season. the big 3 are receiver emmanuel sanders, eric armstead, and free safety jimmy ward. they'll also pick outside the top 10 in the draft for the first time in 2015, so it
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shows you how bad they were for so many years, and now much better. >> not depending on draft picks this year. >> you never know! you might find a gem in the third round! >> up next, the half time show that still has people talking tonight. was it inappropriate? you be the judge. >> and it's a very good list to be on. why one bay area location took the top spot when it comes to giving children the best chance for success. >> how do we double down on what we've been doing to get every kid across the finish line? >> and the proposed ballot measure in the bay area aimed at helping the housing crisis, but who will be paying the price? >> and there's no rain in the forecast, so why is cal trans concerned about extra water on bay area freeways? >> and don't forget, we're streaming now on cbsn bay area. find us on, the cbs news app, or your favorite platform.
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concerns tonight about ground water seeping up onto highway 101 creating dangerous puddles for drivers in san jose. >> cal trans has been working on both short and long term solutions, but after recent rains there's more water than ever. the section of freeway actually goes below grade for about a mile, and then it's right above an underground aquifer that's brimming. >> it's too much danger to have running water like that on a freeway on nights like this where water is supposed to freeze up, it can cause a lot of havoc. >> cal trans says it's not worried about ice because the water is flowing and moving and temperatures don't get that cold, but they'll be placing electronic signs to
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warn drivers. we need the water, so that's a bit of the a tease. >> i don't remember the 101 ever flooding like that. >> there's been a couple of stories of old wells in the santa clara valley starting to grow up. >> that's how they irrigated the crops once upon a time, but that much ground water. ice or not, it's dangerous. >> absolutely. >> we certainly want to have rain as a problem in the next 7 days but there's none in the extended forecast. cold weather is the headline tonight. the highs today mostly in the 50s. santa rosa at 59, san francisco at 55, and fremont 59. overnight lows, santa rosa down to 29, napa 31, and in livermore just below freezing tonight. and in san jose it will be 33 for the overnight low. if the winds continue to mix out the upper atmosphere and take it down to the surface, then things will not get that cold tonight and it does look
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as if the winds maintain right through sunrise tomorrow. it's counterintuitive, the winds were blowing and temperatures low, but a few hundred feet above the ground, the air is warmer at night, so the winds will take the warmer air to the surface at night and the surface lows won't be that low. still plenty chilly anyway. as the high builds, the winds pick up, and we warm up by wednesday. in san jose we have just half the rainfall we normally get this point in the season. overnight clear and cold. freeze warnings posted. a chilly start to tomorrow morning, but the visibilities fantastic. clear skies, sunny and cool. and then we'll be near 70
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degrees by friday. in san francisco tomorrow 56, and 56 and 56 in oakland as well. sunnyvale up to 57 tomorrow, mid-50s for the south bay, milpitas 56, and in san jose 57. tonight some places dipping below freezing and they recover into the mid-50s with concord at 56. a couple at 56 and livermore 55. plenty of sunshine, great visibilities, and about 59 at santa rosa, 58 at petaluma. as we get toward ukia and windsor, 54 for the forecast high. and temperatures start to warm by wednesday. 65 thursday, near 70 on friday. and then saturday and sunday we begin to cool off, but computer models are why not
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suggesting even a hint of rain. that's weather, and here's liz. here's what you missed if you're just getting home right now. senators have begun deliberations in president trump's impeachment trial. the gop controlled senate is expected to take a final vote on wednesday to acquit the president on both articles. >> we must say enough. he has betrayed our national security and will do so again. he's compromised our elections and will do so again. >> i cannot vote to convict. the constitution prosides for impeachment but does not demand it in all instances. >> there's a lot of back and forth going on about a proposed property tax in san jose. measure e would impose a tax on properties worth more than $2 million. if it passes, it could raise
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millions of dollars for low income housing, but critics say there's a catch. >> they promise to spend it on low income housing. maybe these elected officials in the next couple of years, but the mayor will be out of office 2 years from now and the money can be spent by any council any way they like because it's a general fund tax. >> jennifer lopez and shakira took the stage for the half time show last night and set social media abuzz. some say it was overly sexual and not family friendly and others said it was great. and one viewer said no one said it was inappropriate last year when adam levine took his shirt off during his half time performance. ken? all right, thanks elizabeth. the new bill at the state
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capitol that could radically transform pg&e and some other news on the utility that sent stocks soaring double digits today. >> the people that come here tend to be more inclined to study and more worried about education. >> and the bay area city that landed at the top in a new ranking of the best places to raise kids. plus we have all heard of drug or bomb sniffing dogs, but why are they now being used at some bay area wine businesses? tom: my mom always told me
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louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business,
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took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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a bill that would turn pg&e into a public utility is making its way through the state capitol. >> it was introduced with a larger package of bills aimed to hold pg&e accountable. they filed for bankruptcy last year facing billions of dollars in liability from wildfires blamed on its equipment. today pg&e filed a revamped plan to emerge from chapter 11, and that sent company stock surging. 13.5 percent straight up. the plan still needs approval from the governor. the bay area's biggest city was just named one of the best areas in the entire country to raise a child.
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san jose came in number 2 on the study out of brandeis university. the child opportunity index measured communities based on poverty and employment rates, high school graduation, and the quality of schools. san jose was narrowly edged out by madison, wisconsin for the top spot. >> because of the technology and all the companies here, the people that come here tend to be more inclined to study and worried about education, so i think that helped. >> one of the opportunities or sort of challenges we face is taking this relatively good news and saying to ourselves how do we double down on what we've been doing so we really get every kid across the finish line? >> the study's authors acknowledged that even in places of high opportunity there are pockets of poverty. a santa clara county supervisor says those are the places we must focus our efforts. up next, the furry new workers just hired at some bay area wineries.
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growing up in a family that struggled
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these are former drug sniffing dogs from chile now being used to find bad wine in sonoma county. they can detect chemicals in the wood of the barrels and corks that can end up contaminating and ruining the wine. >> one of the benefits with the dogs is the dogs not only tell you there's something wrong, but they point you exactly where it's coming from. >> the barrel maker is now using them to find out what wine might be bad. the owner says he has other wineries asking the dogs to help them too. >> they're just amazing. thank you for watching at 7:00, the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. >> we'll be back at 11:00 with more. good night. you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. can it help me fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. so, you can really promise better sleep?
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