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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 4, 2020 1:37am-2:13am PST

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♪ whatever you do, do it beautifully. peroni italia. now at 11:00, chaos at the caucuses in iowa tonight. the major problems with the first contest to decide the democratic presidential nominee. >> saved by a body camera.
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what a santa clara county sheriff's deputy says he faced when he was ambushed in the dark. >> that's the part of the body with all the vital organs. he's very lucky. >> reporter: a busy stretch of the embarcadero that can become dangerous when cars and cyclists cross paths. what the city plans to do about it. >> and a bitterly cold night on tap for the bay area. where temperatures could dip below freezing. now at 11:00, streaming on cbsn bay area, an embarrassing start for democrats in the iowa caucuses. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. it's the crucial contest that gets the momentum for primary season, but results are delayed, and candidates and their supporters are in the dark. this is a live look at des moines. it's now about 1:00 in the morning in iowa. results were supposed to be coming in hours ago. cbs reporter natalie brand with what went wrong. >> reporter: the iowa democratic party says they
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found inconsistencies in the reports of some of the results. they're using a new app this year in trying to report out additional data. bottom line, no numbers yet. campaigns are frustrated, some of the candidates declaring victory despite not knowing the winner. despite delays counting the caucus results, democratic candidates rallied their supporters. >> today marks the beginning of the end for donald trump. >> we are one step closer to defeating the most corrupt president in american history. >> all i can say is we are here and we are strong. >> by all indications, we are going on to new hampshire victorious! >> reporter: joe biden summed up the situation. >> the iowa democratic party is working to get the results straight, and i'm going to make sure they're very careful in their deliberations. >> reporter: some county chairs reported that the app
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used to submit results failed. other chairs say they waited on the phone more than an hour to relay the results. earlier in the evening, voters in iowa listened and lobbied, trying to get support for their democratic presidential candidate. >> it was like we were in the middle and i felt like we were in a pirana tank and everyone saw we were up for grabs. >> reporter: some precinct locations ran out of registration forms, even though thousand of extra ones were printed in expectation of the turnout. >> so far they're ruling out foreign interference or hacking so far. what seems to be the issue? is it a counting issue, natalie? >> reporter: well new this year all these different precinct locations, nearly 1700 of them, they were supposed to report out 3 different sets of numbers. the delegate count, and then support for the candidates on the first line and then realignment. so between that new angle and
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some of the precinct locations being in very remote parts of the state, you can see some of the confusion here in reporting back to the state party. but this is not the night that iowa democrats or the democratic party here had hoped for nor the candidates as they're now in this waiting game heading into new hampshire. >> and we're thinking maybe the results by early tomorrow? is that the plan? >> reporter: it's anyone's guess at this point. we are eagerly awaiting, continuing to hit that refresh button on our computer. >> all right, natalie, thank you. our morning team will have the latest developments in iowa and we'll be monitoring the results starting tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. the big story tonight, the cold and parts of the bay area under a freeze warning this evening. meteorologist brian hackney with just how low the temperatures could go tonight. >> yes, kenny, we have our own problems with numbers tonight. they are coming down, but not as cold as last night.
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there are freeze warnings from method night to 9: 9:00 in the morning tomorrow. for the valleys it's low 30s, and santa rosa down to 29, 31 napa, and 34 this fairfield. what's actually happened is that winds have kept temperatures a little warmer than so far forecast. all of the reporting locations are actually warmer tonight than they were last night with one exception, and that's santa rosa. they could still get low depending on the wind speeds. but as long as these wind speeds are maintained, they probably won't sink to the lows as forecast, but if the winds go calm, there will be trouble ahead. in the meantime, we'll have the latest on all this as well as the current numbers when we cover the forecast in detail in a few minutes. all right, brian, thank you. a santa clara county deputy survives an ambush partly thanks to his body camera. it happened friday night in unincorporated morgan hill. here's more on what the deputy
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says he was up against when he came under fire. >> reporter: this is the turnout off of yubas road where the shooting happened late friday night. it doesn't look that dark right now, but all the lights out here are ours, and when we turn them off, it's so dark you can barely see your hand right in front of your face. >> it's a very rural country road, very windy. so it's very haphazard to turn off your lights for anyone other than what we believe is this unprovoked sneak attack. >> reporter: investigators say deputy gill was standing outside his patrol vehicle when a car pulled up, headlights turned off, nothing was said before this. >> shots fired! shots fired! >> reporter: one bullet hit the deputy in the chest, a shot stopped by his body camera and protective vest. 3 more rounds hit his suv not far from where he was standing. >> it was an unprovoked
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attack. it was an ambush. >> reporter: the president of the san francisco deputy association says patrolling unincorporated areas comes with a unique set of challenges. >> you have to think about where your partner is, who's your back up, the distance your back up has to travel, is your back up busy. >> reporter: the santa clara county sheriff says the deputy involved in the shooting did everything right, but there's another aspect of the case. the sheriff's department says the deputy involved is a practicing seikh and wears a traditional head dress on duty. >> it's unknown if it's a hate crime or just a crime of opportunity against law enforcement. >> reporter: the deputy involved in the shooting is expected to make a full recovery. the santa clara county sheriff's department says they have some leads going into the case and they're looking for a 2,000s silver sedan, possibly a honda. in santa clara county, katie nielsen, kpix 5. new details coming in on a deadly shooting in brisbane. police are now saying it was
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the result of a home invasion robbery. officers arrived just after 4:00 this afternoon to a home on alvarado street. police will only say they found a man shot to death and the resident of the home was found safe and is cooperating. it's not yet known if the 2 men knew each other, but officers say it's an isolated incident. tonight a new battle between cars and bikes in san francisco. kpix 5's betty yu spoke to cyclists on the embarcadero who say valet parking is putting them at risk. >> reporter: this busy stretch of the embarcadero outside epic steak and water bar has become a source of friction among the valet, cars, and cyclists who all share the space. curtis yancy rides his bike along the embarcadero every night on his way home, but the journey is often interrupted by this, cars getting in the way. >> i got this helmet actually because a lot of times when
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i'm coming up from behind, they can't see me. they're pulling up just to park and get their valet. >> and they block the bike lane because it's convenient, and then i have to go into traffic, and the traffic can be very dense and it could be a bus that i can't move into, so it's very scary. >> reporter: the problem has gotten the attention of sfmta and the port of san francisco which owns the space. sfmta says it's working with the port to engineer improvements in the area. >> we've always been open and willing to work with the port, with sfmta, with the bike coalition on finding a solution that's equitable for all stakeholders. >> reporter: managing partner of epic steak and water bar says valet staffers are constantly moving cars to keep the white zone as free as possible. >> the embarcadero is a busy road. there's always traffic, and i think we try to do our best to be safe neighbors.
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>> reporter: sfmta which has no voting authority over the area says there is a proposal in the works that will be presented to the port commission next week. and tonight sfpd says it plans to step up police presence in the area to ensure safety for everyone who uses the road. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. tonight hong kong reporting its first death from the coronavirus. it's only the second death outside of mainland china. in the united states there are now 11 confirmed cases, 2 of those patients from san benito county are now being treated in san francisco at ucsf. coming up, newly released 911 tapes from the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant and 8 others. >> we just heard a boom and a dead sound and i could see the flames. >> what the emergency calls reveal about the final moments of the doomed flight. plus:
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>> we're looking again with really no prospects of where we can go. >> if you're pretending you care so much, like the thing to do is to actually do something. >> the city of berkeley could lose its only shelter for young people living on the street. in tonight's project home, why millions of dollars are not enough to secure its future. >> and when your car can help catch a thief. the special feature that could lead to a quick arrest. vo: droughts. floods. hurricanes. tornadoes. donald trump is making it worse.
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trump:"all of this with the global warming. a lot of it's a hoax." vo: mike bloomberg knows the science and understands the challenge, he's led an effort that has shut down half the nation's dirty polluting coal plants so far. as president, a plan for 80% clean energy by 2028 - cutting carbon emissions and creating millions of clean energy jobs. mike will get it done. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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the greyhound bus involved in a deadly shooting this morning has finally arrived in the bay area around 8:00. the bus left los angeles overnight and was traveling over the grapevine when a man on board opened fire. a woman was killed and 5 others were injured. the bus driver pulled over immediately, and a passenger called 911 while others disarmed the suspect. the shooter voluntarily left the bus and was taken into custody. there's no evidence he knew the victims. also tonight we're hearing 911 calls from the day a helicopter carrying nba star kobe bryant crashed in los
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angeles county. >> it went over my head thick in clouds, and then i heard a pop and it immediately stopped. >> i'm walking on the trail, i could hear the plane i think it was in the clouds, but couldn't see it, then we heard a boom and a dead sound and i could see the flames. >> bryant, his daughter, and 7 other people died just over a week ago. investigators are looking into the role that weather may have played in the crash. now on to our original series project home. it's the only homeless shelter for youth in berkeley, and its future is in jeopardy. >> a nonprofit has millions to spend on a new property to house young people experiencing homelessness, but in tonight's project home, susie steimle showses us how public pushback is making the purchase impossible. >> reporter: it might not look like much or sound like somewhere you'd want to stay. >> it's kind of small, old,
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not really ventilated. >> poorly insulated. it smells like feet. >> reporter: but to jake and montel, this is hallowed ground. >> without it i wouldn't be me today. >> reporter: it's known as the yea, a youth homelessness shelter operated out of the lutheran church of the cross in berkeley. both jake and montel said this place saved them from a life on the street. where do you think you'd be if you hadn't found yea? >> i don't even know. that's how integral it was to my growth. >> reporter: it's also the homeless shelter for youth in the entire city. and it's at risk of closing. >> so we've been looking for an alternative space in berkeley for over 2 years now. >> reporter: phil is the ceo and president of covenant house california, the nonprofit that manages the shelter. he admits the church space isn't ideal. young adults are sleeping on
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the ground, and the space isn't open 24/7. >> it's a bummer that you have to be out by 8:00 in the morning and you can't go in until 8:00 at night. >> reporter: covenant house has millions of dollars advocated to bid for a new space, but every time they found something that would work, phil is either outbid. >> we're always up against businesses or people with deeper pockets. >> reporter: or shouted down by neighbors who say they feel overburdened. >> i'd like to challenge you to find space in your own communities. if we have to take this own as well in our community. >> reporter: unincluded in the process. >> not only was there no outreach to the community, there was zero community engagement. >> reporter: and stressed out about their own safety. >> why not put them in the berkeley hills? >> we're at a place now after 2 years of looking, we're looking again with really no prospects of where we can go. >> reporter: how difficult is this for you? >> i love the shelter, i love the work they do. >> reporter: the pastor says
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he's disappointed to see any community pushback. he says the church will never kick out the shelter, but he's been asking them to find a better alternative with more space for several years now. >> we're not kicking them out. as long as they don't have a place to go, they're welcome to be here. it's like, you know, being in a relationship and breaking up. but breaking up amicably. >> reporter: the young ones feel like the adults are overcomplicated things. >> if you pretend to care so much, the thing is to actually do something. >> it's that simple. >> reporter: both jake and montel started on the street with mental health issues and basic needs not met. now they're both housed, working, and able to be 20 somethings who don't have life figured out just yet. >> it's not like i can really spend the night there and everything was fine and i'm a contributing member of society and i have a job and all that stuff, it wasn't that quick. >> reporter: they're refreshingly down to earth and
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positive about all of it. they also have the wisdom to realize that being grounded is a newfound luxury. they're able to be grounded because they're not on the street. >> i don't really know what i'm doing with my life, like i don't, but having a place to stay, like, gives me some security to find out. >> yea's back up option is one that's been proposed by governor newsom. a few weeks ago you might remember the governor announced the state will house up to 70 homeless people in fema trailers in oakland if this nonprofit can't find a space in berkeley, some youth will likely be staying in some of the trailers. but they're hoping to have another option. >> it's shocking because you know homelessness is such a huge issue everywhere, but especially here in northern california, and there are so many resources although it never seems to be enough. but you think when you're delegating the resources, wouldn't you handle the kids first? >> you would think so, but
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this is the only space for youth in berkeley, there's only one other in san francisco. they really need somewhere to go. >> yeah, crucial time in their lives. >> yeah, you don't think young some are. >> and they can come back from it too. >> thanks for that. >> keep sending your stories and ideas to project home and see all of the reporting on our website. the other big story of the night is somewhat connected with that. it will be unusually cold for the bay area, getting down in the freezing temperature range up in the north bay and it's not going to be much better in santa clara county. and in the east bay tonight, a knew locations below freezing. right now the numbers are tending a little warmer than they were last night. santa rosa at 41 degrees and san francisco at 50 and concord 46. still freeze warnings are posted for midnight through tomorrow morning for the north bay valleys and a ridge is building that could moderate temperatures overnight due to the winds. if the winds drop to flat dead
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calm, that would really sink temperatures in a hurry. but at least according to this model, those winds working down to the valleys by 6:00 in the morning, ease up by tomorrow evening. but if the winds stay up, the temperatures stay relatively up as well. if they don't, then we'll see then down to 29 in santa rosa tonight. 31 at napa, and 34 at fairfield. it will be chilly one way or the other, but dry. we're still way below average because we haven't gotten any rain and won't for the next 7 days. but might be a silver lining. we'll talk about that in a minute. clear and cold tonight. chilly start for tomorrow morning, and then it's a sunny and cool tuesday. gradual warming trend on the way. tomorrow the numbers mostly in the mid-50s. beautiful and clear day on top for the bay. 57 at palo alto. east bay sunny tomorrow. the numbers recover to the
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mid-50s up in santa rosa, 59, kentfield 57. ukia 57 as well. windsor hits 60. here's the extended forecast with another warming trend just like last week, peaks on friday, cools down on saturday again. and there is the slightest hint that next week we might get into something of a wet pattern after tuesday and wednesday. it's something to give us hope if not rain. >> thank you brian. bay area police may not have too much trouble tracking down this caravan car -- car
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an all too common problem in san francisco, cars getting keyed all the time. >> but it normally happens out of sight without knowing who did it until now. look at some video captured from tesla's sentry mode. the feature records video from the car's outdoor cameras when parked. an oakland man's model 3 recorded this in the inner
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sunset this weekend. you see a man walk up, walk around, and then key the car for no reason. the owner is now hoping someone will recognize him and turn him in. coming up in sports, the 49ers were so close to winning a 6th super bowl. instead they return home with their focus on just one thing, to get back to work for next season. we'll be rig
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the championship parade
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will be on wednesday as planned, but in kansas city. despite the loss it was still a season to remember for the 49er faithful. >> got out of school early today, yes. just to welcome them back. >> go ninners! >> got to support the team. they've brought back the spirit, saved me as a fan. >> you rock! all the way baby! niners all the way! >> so it's not quite the hero's welcome the 49ers were hoping for, but a handful of fans were there to greet them this afternoon. instead jimmy garoppolo and the 49ers have to focus on next season instead of letting the 10 point lead slip away from the 4th quarter. >> you can see it in the guys' eyes, it means something. that means you have guys that care about what they're doing and each other, and we're a young team. got a very bright future. so got to take this in stride and remember this feeling and
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let it fuel us in the off season. >> san francisco has 14 unrestricted free agents this off season. the big 3 are emmanuel sanders, eric armstead and jimmy ward. deangelo russell was out with a quad injury as the the warriors faced the wizards. the warriors lead 72-63 at the half. 3rd quarter, the monster block and eventually lee simply lays it in. the warriors lead by as much as 17 in the game. under 30 to go, green finds burke who hits the three and scores a career high 30 points as the warriors beat the wizards 125-117. small victories! and oregon visiting uconn. 2nd quarter oregon up 6. they take the lead in the first minute and never look
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back. 4th quarter, oregon up 13. oregon beats uconn74-56, the worst home loss for uconn since 2005. >> and you said the warriors won? >> yeah, they do. >> oh! >> i know. after yesterday that's a big deal. >> you won, ken, every day! a programming note, oh, we're going to
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programming note, today's episode of the young and the restless was delayed because of coverage of the impeachment trial. it will air though overnight at 2:12 a.m. right here on kpix 5. and an update on the iowa caucuses, we're now expected to get results a little later tomorrow. that would be tuesday. the party is manually verifying its data as we speak. >> our morning show will have
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the latest starting at 4:30. the late show with stephen colbert is next. have a great night.
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>> previously on "the young and the restless"... >> summer: it's just been really hard watching you change yourself for lola. i just want you to be happy again. >> kyle: she asked if i married lola because i got caught up in


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