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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 4, 2020 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> i still have my razor. >> hey, we want to thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. up next, it is "cbs this morning. have a good morning to our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. breaking news -- caucus chaos. unprecedented glitches force iowa democrats to delay the results from last night's caucuses. what led to the stunning start to the party's 2020 primary race. next stop, new hampshire. democratic candidates put a positive spin on iowa, then move on. we'll talk with former mayor pete buttigieg who claims he won. the state of the union. president trump addresses congress and the nation tonight less than 24 hours before the senate is expected to acquit him. will he talk about impeachment? and morning mamba. only on cbs, longtime wnba all-star lisa leslie talks about
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her special connection with kobe bryant and how he validated women's basketball. it's tuesday, february 4th, 2020. here's today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> reporter: the roadies are cleaning up. do you understands what's going on? >> they are. >> reporter: the roadies are cleaning up. we have not one single result. >> technical difficulties cause chaos at the iowa caucus. >> there's no other way to put this -- this is a disaster. will the raft person leaving des moines please turn out the lights? >> you don't get to leave yet. >> reporter: president trump prepares for tonight's state of the union address with many wondering how he will address the impeachment trial. >> this president is a vindictive man. he's a nasty man. >> reporter: several princeton university students ordered to
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self isolate. >> it seems that the virus spreads fairly easily. >> reporter: rush limbaugh says he's been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. >> i wish i didn't have to tell you this and i thought about not telling. in california one woman was killed and two wounded in a shooting on a bus. patrick mahomes celebrated with a trip to disneyworld. >> the lombardi trophy. all that matters -- >> j. lo and shakira performed at the halftime show. most everyone liked that. >> j. lo performed a pole dance. a throw back to super bowl 1 when bob hope did the same. j. lo spent months learning to be a professional bowl -- pole dancer for her movie "hustlers." if i could do it i'd be doing it anywhere i could. i'd be in the subway -- ♪ jump on it let's do it my pole
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♪ >> i would love to meet j. lo pole dancing in the subway. >> i love the comments about remove the kids from the room. the kids were on the stage. there were children on the stage during that show. being called one of the best of all time. if you went to bed thinking we don't have iowa results and you woke up like i did -- now turn on the tv and know. >> 000 on the board. >> lots of zeros on the board. that's where we begin. the only results from the iowa caucus at this hour are chaos and confusion. a lot of zeros. there it is, anthony. all across the board. cbs news cannot declare a winner because -- >> there aren't any results. >> exactly right. iowa's democratic party has not released the final count because they don't have it. we expect it later today. the party says in a statement, "we found inconsistencies in reporting of three sets of results."
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cbs news has also been told the party did not fully test the new reporting systems in some areas. >> after the caucuses but before any kind of official count came in, candidates rallied their supporters. mayor pete buttigieg and bernie sanders both seemed to claim victory overnight. other candidates withholding judgment until the final call comes in. most of the candidates have moved on to new hampshire where the first primary is under way. major garrett its outside democratic headquarters in des moines. i want to ask you what happened but no one seems to know what happened. tell us about the inconsistencies. >> reporter: good morning. we don't know exactly what the state democratic means when they say inconsistencies. we know they promised to collect and report three different numbers. everyone's first choice when they arrived at the caucus site. the second number, realignment number. third, delegates won by each
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campaign. they built a system to collect the data and the system was overwhelmed. the app may not have been tested well enough, didn't work. phone lines also created problems for the iowa state democratic party. the hold up now, verifying the results. in the aftermath of the confusion, biggest exports are uncertainty and embarrassment. >> we know there's delays, but we know one thing, we are punching above our weight. [ cheers ] >> reporter: democratic contenders shocked by the lack of results, rallied supporters to cheer what might be. >> by the time all is said and done, iowa, you have shocked the nation. >> when those results are announced, i have a good feeling we're going to be doing very, very well here in iowa. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the mess in iowa means the battle for the democratic nomination has stumbled out of the gate. >> i got to say i'm a numbers
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guy, we're still waiting on numbers from tonight. >> reporter: iowa democrats were stunned and confused. >> i don't really understand. it's pretty vague when we're just told that the results were delayed and there's no reason given. >> in the end, like, there are numbers. so where are the freaking numbers? >> reporter: precinct chairs reported glitches with an app that was supposed to be used to send results to the party. tina weber, precinct secretary, said she had to rely on other methods. >> we couldn't have people waiting in that room, packed in, hot, just because the app wasn't working. >> reporter: those who tried to call in their results experienced long holds. >> thank you for calling the iowa democratic party's caucus hotline. all of our representatives are currently busy. >> reporter: in a statement, the iowa democratic party said, "this was simply a reporting issue. the app did not go down, and there is not a hack or any intrusion." the day before the caucus, we
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asked state party chairman troy price if he had any fear about tech glitches or other problems. do you have a nightmare scenario in this, what do you do about it? >> these are probably the most prepared we've ever been as a party for these caucuses. we've run through different scenarios, but i can tell you we're ready. >> reporter: former presidential candidate julian castro, now a supporter of senator warren, said the delay proves one thing -- >> this shouldn't be the way we do this. >> reporter: dallas county democratic party chair brice smith tried to put the best face on things. >> it's better to get the information right the first time than to three days later go, oh this is what happened. >> reporter: candidates shifted their attention to the next contests as the night went on. >> east to new hampshire, then west to nevada. >> it's on in new hampshire. [ cheers ] nevada, south carolina, well beyond. >> well it sounds like troy price may need to reassess their
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readiness in iowa. i want to talk about the voters. they gave up their evening to participate in the caucus. what's the mood today? >> reporter: frustrated, antsy, expectant. so are the campaigns. they wanted to campaign and win in iowa, not have an undetermined outcome. think of the voters that caucused for the very first time, this is not what they expected either. at some point today we will find out a winner. until then, the most conspicuous loser, the iowa democratic party. >> not a good look for iowa or the democrats. major, thank you very much. democratic presidential contender pete buttigieg joins us now from concord, new hampshire. first on "cbs this morning," as you know, he's a former mayor of south bend. mayor pete, good morning. how frustrated are you today? >> good morning. >> hello. >> i think it's safe to say no one in the country is more impatient than i am to hear the official results from the party. but we've also put out the
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results that we've got from over 1,200 districts, our precinct organization reported based on the procedure that they were trained to do. and based on that, it was a phenomenal night for us. >> we heard you say "we're going on to new hampshire victorious," but how can you do that when the official reports are not? shouldn't you wait? >> we have the results from our organization, and if you look at what we were able to do, what happened last night, the fact that this campaign was able to gather support in urban, suburban, and rural areas alike, in counties that hillary clinton won, counties that donald trump won, we are thrilled and absolutely consider that a victory. >> the state party called the campaigns to an emergency meeting last night. what did they tell the campaigns about what the problem was, and when do you actually expect to see official results? >> you know, as far as i know, we still don't have a time for when they're supposed to let us know the official results.
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safe to say nobody's more impatient i am given how fantastic everything we've seen was coming out of last night. but what we do know is that there's a paper trail that they'll be verifying this based on paper, and given whatever happened technically, that's good news. >> yeah, always good to have a paper trail. to gayle's point, mayor, the sanders campaign also saying they're essentially victorious. there are people online saying that your claim of using the "v" word, i think the hash tag is #mayorcheat. do you think it was early to use the "v" words? >> no. looking at the data we got, it was an extraordinary night. we are absolutely victorious coming into new hampshire. this is a campaign that when we launched a year ago, people said you're not a senator, you're not a national name, what business does a person from the middle of the country have running for president? said we shouldn't be here. here we are in the position we're in, coming into new
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hampshire for what we think will be another historic night a week from today. >> what do you say now to people who -- when the results come in on questioning the integrity of the results? >> again, the good news there is a paper process that can verify this. and of course the way the caucus process works, folks are in the room, they see how everybody aligns. so it's verifiable, but still very, very frustrating. >> you and the other candidates have been party understand to undermine party unity as you campaign against each other. now this chaotic result out of iowa. does the fact that there are multiple candidates calling themselves victorious, does that create chaos that helps the president spin a narrative that the democrats don't know what they're doing? >> we are competing, and you're going to see this competition play out. but what we all know and agree on are the values that bring us together. and the absolute need to deliver a new and better presidency.
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>> i would imagine that the white house would say you're doing the hula today because it looks like a hot mess for the democrats. what does it say that the democrats couldn't get something so important right out the gate? >> well, again, i'm certainly feeling impatient and eager to get those official numbers. i hope that doesn't take away from the extraordinary thing that happened yesterday, that across communities large and small, with -- regardless of how the counties voted in the past, including counties that famously swung from president obama to president trump, we have demonstrated the ability to put together that coalition that is going to beat donald trump in the fall. >> all right. mayor pete, it all hands like you're trying -- mayor pete it sounds like you're trying to put a good face on a bad situation. thank you. political correspondent ed o'keefe flew overnight from iowa to new hampshire through a cloud
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of uncertainty, i expect, ed. pete buttigieg, you heard, talked to us about his campaign's estimate from iowa. he says he's the winner. does he have reason to be confident do you think? >> reporter: no, not necessarily, anthony. frankly, for a candidate who has talked about his concerns with the misinformation that the president has spread and someone who has campaigned on his belief in science and facts, to be spreading incomplete facts is astounding. he needs to do that, he wants to come to this state with a big head of steam and try to prevail going into tuesday. let's take a look at an example at the data that his campaign is sharing. the numbers from his team, unverified by iowa democrats and cbs news, say he captured 28% of the state's delegates from three quarters of the reporting precincts, that's only 75% of the potential data. he isn't the only candidate declaring victory or some kind of victory now. senator bernie sanders' team put out their own numbers from nearly 40% of caucus precincts,
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even fewer locations, indicating that he was in the lead and buttigieg was in second place. again, the numbers are unverified by the democratic party of iowa and cbs news. without any real answers in iowa, presidential hopefuls are here in new hampshire trying to find some sense of momentum and realizing that any momentum they could have gotten from a definitive victory last night at least is gone for now. as one aide to one of the campaigns told me after we all landed here in new hampshire this morning, quote, this deflates any potential momentum for any candidate. remember, the state of the union is tonight, the impeachment vote is tomorrow. there's a new debate friday night that could reset the race entirely. and everybody should just throw out new hampshire and focus -- throw out iowa and focus here on new hampshire. that's the word. one senior aide to one of these campaigns. >> a pretty astounding statement, to throw out iowa, ed. new hampshire's a week away. what are the candidates doing to get ready? >> reporter: well, there are dozens of events across new hampshire today as these candidates head to diners and community centers and will be
7:15 am
meeting with voters across the state. most candidates landed here directly from iowa early this morning including senator amy klobuchar, andrew yang,and elizabeth warren. elizabeth warren said, quote, when i left iowa i said it's too close to call, and it is, but i feel good, unquote. not all of the candidates are as optimistic. we're expecting joe biden's team especially to raise major concerns later today if, when the caucus results are released. if the state democratic party doesn't produce a paper trail for all roughly 1,700 precincts, we can expect his lawyers will go to court. it will be a two-prong a battle, a legal battle to figure out what went wrong, but also a p.r. or expectations battle. remember, in the closing days of this campaign in iowa, it looked as biden wasn't going to do that well. he would like to diminish or raise concerns about the results as much as possible to give him potentially a better showing in new hampshire and send him off
7:16 am
into nevada and south carolina. some republicans are already seizing on the mishap to mock democrats. donald trump jr. tweeted, quote, everyone's excited about the prospeck of turning over our entire health care system, he said about democrats, write figure they couldn't get an election done, how could they run the country? >> seems the jokes are going to start writing themselves. thank you so much. president trump is appearing to rejoice over the confusion in iowa. he tweeted "the democrat caucus is an unmitigated disaster. nothing works, just like they ran the country." tonight the president will deliver the state of the union address in the same house chamber where he was impeached a day before the u.s. senate is expected to acquit him. nancy cordes is on capitol hill with more on that story. nancy, the president sure has a lot to discuss tonight. how likely is it you think that he'll bring up impeachment? >> reporter: well, republicans are urging him not to dwell on it in the state of the union, they would rather he focus on
7:17 am
the economy or plans for the upcoming year. they acknowledge it may be hard for him to resist going after new critics from the left and the right. >> the president's behavior was shameful and wrong. >> alaska senator lisa murkowski is the latest republican to condemn president trump, though she said she would not vote to remove him. >> i cannot vote to convict. the constitution provides for impeachment but does not demand it in all instances. >> reporter: she joins a series of republicans who say they will vote to acquit. >> the house didn't prove trump committed a crime. >> reporter: house impeachment managers and the president's legal team made their first pleas yesterday, ahead of wednesday's vote. >> you can't trust this president to do the right thing. not for one minute, not for one election, not for the sake of our country. you just can't. >> reporter: the defense insisted the democrats' case does not meet the high bar for impeachment.
7:18 am
>> the only appropriate result here is to acquit the president and to leave it to the voters to choose their president. >> mr. cotton -- >> no. >> reporter: senate democrats are still angry about friday's close vote against new witnesses. >> we must call this what it was. it's a cover-up. >> your fear of this bully cannot outweigh your duty to the american people. >> reporter: one democrat who is on the fence, west virginia's joe manchin. his state went for president trump by 42 points in 2016. yesterday he proposed a middle ground. >> his behavior cannot go unchecked by the senate and censure would allow a bipartisan statement condemning his unacceptable behavior in the strongest terms. roy his proposal has not gained much traction yet. the president continued to attack the process from the sidelines monday. republicans are urging him not to dwell on impeachment when he
7:19 am
addresses congress and the nation tonight. >> there's a lot of things that he needs to talk about. >> we've got the hottest economy we've ever had. i would stick on that. >> news everywhere you look. thank you. we'll bring you tonight's state of the union address in a cbs news special report. right now, it is 7:19. time to check your bundle up this morning. it is a chilly start to the of the day. breezy to windy conditions. definitely feels even colder outside. as we head through the afternoon, enjoyed the sunshine. tomorrow, the start of a warm- up for >> for today, looking at 56 in san francisco, oakland and fremont. and 56 for concord. there we go with that warm-up as we head throughout the workweek. effect, friday, the warmest day of the week.
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>> announcer: this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning. it is seven :26. i'm kenny choi. lanes are back open following a fatal collision on the bicentennial way offramp on highway 11 in santa rosa. this crash happen a little after midnight. a vehicle became wedged under a big rig truck on the highway's northbound lanes. a santa clara county deputy is making a recovery after an unprovoked attack. this happened in morgan hill. the deputy's body cameras and protective vest absorbed the damage from one bullet. three more shots ended up in his patrol vehicle from an
7:27 am
unidentified suspect. an update on a homicide removal in santa rosa. officials say that the trailer was ground zero for nearly 300 homeless campers. it will be open to the public in march. let's see how that morning commute is looking with gianna. >> a little bit better on the san mateo bridge. drive times now about 39 minutes. the other trouble spots now in the occurring stages. southbound 880 out of hayward, getting onto the bridge, you will see brake lights from there. north bay, dealing with a crash south 101. it is over to the shoulder. delays as you work your way into that area into san rafael. okay, gianna, well, it is a chilly start to the day. breezy to windy northerly winds. 10 to 20 miles per hour. it definitely feels even colder outside. we have that windchill factor this morning. bundle up. sunshine and cool daytime highs as we head through the afternoon and tomorrow, the start of a warming trend for of. 57 in san jose. there we go with those times on the rise us to the workweek.
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tonight, you get pumped group of misfits,ragtag somehow wins it all, movie. remember guys, glory lasts forever. bottle that confidence, mike. tonight, la quinta. tomorrow you triumph.
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tom: my mom louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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hey, it's 7:30. here's what's happening on "cbs this morning" -- >> thank you, iowa. >> thank you, iowa. >> thank you, iowa. [ cheers ] >> we still do not know who won the iowa caucus after a night of technical snafus. >> they're working as hard as they can to get the numbers crunched. candidates put their spin on the undeclared results. mayor pete buttigieg tells us he's the big winner. >> it was an extraordinary night. and we are absolutely victorious. i cannot vote to convict. >> some senators reveal their verdicts on president trump's impeachment after hearing final arguments. >> the senate can still do the right thing. >> reporter: wnba great lisa
7:31 am
leslie remembers her friend kobe bryant and his legacy. >> he wanted to be great. not good but great. emmy winner edie falco talks about her cbs drama "tommy" and her other classic roles. >> guys, we're not going do that all the time, or you're all going to need knee replacements. >> she's good. >> yes. very good. >> she'll be here later in the broadcast. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm anthony mason with gayle king and tony dokoupil. here's the latest on the overnight confusion from the iowa caucus -- we are still waiting to learn who won. in fact, we're still waiting for any vote count at all. tens of thousands of iowa democrats made their pick. but when officials from nearly 1,700 precincts tried to report the results, they couldn't. the party says the delay was caused by a reporting issue and the first in the
7:32 am
7:33 am
nation primary a week from today. >> thank you so much. we want to get on to another story. the number of people infected with coronavirus surged by more than 3,000 overnight as experts worry it could become a pandemic. this morning in the epicenter city of wuhan, a newly built hospital dedicated to treating the virus started to accept new patients. more than 420 people have died in china, and more than 20,000 people have become sick worldwide. mola lenghi is at prince tonight university in new jersey where about 100 students who recently traveled to china were required to, quote, self-quarter teen. good morning. i'm not sure the united states, more
7:34 am
than 7,000 miles from where the outbreak began. >> you're afraid to go out. there's a lot of panic everywhere. >> reporter: as the coronavirus leaves parts of china in a seemingly never-ending lockdown -- >> i think it's quite safe to go outside now if you don't interact with people. >> reporter: some countries are taking extreme measures to stop the spread. australia sent hundreds of evacuees from wuhan to a remote island in the indian ocean for at least two weeks to monitor them for symptoms. in japan, officials quarantine teed thousands of cruise ship passengers after a hong kong man who sailed on it last month tested positive for the virus. in hong kong, more than 2,000 medical workers went on strike,
7:35 am
demanding that the government closes all its borders with mainland china. the crisis is far reaching. coronavirus cases have spread to more than two dozen countries. two deaths have been identified outside of mainland china. but the world health organization called some countries' restrictions excessive. >> there is no reason for measures that unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade. >> reporter: in the u.s., officials have identified a second case of human-to-human transmission. this time in california. the cdc is currently monitoring 82 people for potential infection. what is there to still be concerned about? >> in some cases, a person without symptoms seems to have transmitted the virus. how often does that happen? >> reporter: dr. mark mulligan is head of infectious diseases at nyu langone in new york city. >> it spreads easily when you're not isolating cases quickly and quarantining contracts quickly. they're doing that in china. we're doing that here. screening and
7:36 am
monitoring, returning u.s. citizens who are expected back here in the united states in the coming weeks. >> a lot of money. hope it helps. thank you so much. conservative radio host rush limbaugh told millions of visitors he's battling advanced lung cancer. what we're learning about his diagnosis. and if you have to go, take us with you. you can watch live on the cbs app and subscribe to cbs all access. you can also subscribe to "cbs this morning" news on the go on your favorite podcast platform. and you can keep watching us right now. we'll be right back.
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one of the nation's most influential conservative radio hosts, that's rush limbaugh, says he will be taking days off because he has advanced lung cancer. he told millions of listeners about the diagnosis yesterday. dr. tara narula is following the story. he said it was news i almost didn't share. >> right. limbaugh said two medical institutions confirmed the diagnosis in january. he set he wanted to be up front with his audience now before he starts what could be a difficult fight. >> i have to tell you something today that i wish i didn't have to tell you. >> reporter: for someone who's built his career on being unapologetically outspoken, rush
7:42 am
limbaugh seemed almost reluctant to share his very personal health battle monday. >> i have been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. >> reporter: a known cigar smoker, the 69-year-old said he realized something was wrong during his birthday weekend last month. he began experiencing shortness of breath which he thought was asthma. >> there are going to be days that i'm not going to be able to be here because i'm undergoing treatment or i'm reacting to treatment. >> reporter: a close ally of president trump, the radio host has been a leading voice for conservatives and a brash critic of liberals since launching his show in 1988. limbaugh has a history of medical issues including hearing loss and an addiction to prescription painkillers. he previously downplayed the health risks associated with smoking, and has advocated on behalf of smokers. >> a smoker should be given the highest medal that this country gives out. >> reporter: limbaugh says he hopes to be back on the air
7:43 am
thursday after he and his doctors determine the course of his treatment. >> and know that every day i'm not happy new year i'll be thinking about you -- i'm not here, i'll be thinking about you and missing you. >> how common is lung cancer, and what are the risk factors? >> it's the second most common consider but the leading cause of cancer death. it kills more americans than prostate, breast cancer, and colon consider. a little over 200,000 americans will be diagnose thursday year. over 100,000 -- diagnosed this year. over 100,000 will i do. usually people are diagnosed after 65. smoking accounts for about 0% of smoking deaths. there are other risk factors. things like radiation exposure to the chest, secondhand smoke, other environmental factors and certain genetic things. >> you were saying sometimes the simpymptoms can take a while to make its known. >> you may be asymptomatic, by the time it's advanced you
7:44 am
develop the shortness of breath, bloody cough, weight loss. >> it was difficult for him to share. cigar smoke you don't inhair. >> cigar smoke and regular smoke are involved. >> hope the treatment goes well. >> yes, we do. vlad duthiers is looking at the stories you'll be talking about. what have you got? >> tony, a scare in the air for more than 100 passengers on board a toronto-bound flight. ahead, why the fighter jet had to accompany the plane during the emergency. >> scare in the air. you don't like the sound of that. don't forget that big winter coat as you head out the door this morning. so a chilly start to the to the day and breezy to windy conditions, it feels even colder outside. factor in that windchill. as you head through the afternoon, sunshine and cool slightly below average temps. slowly warming up starting
7:45 am
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yeah, i'm married. you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? ...uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at 3 in the morning!? who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing, jake from state farm? ...uh...khakis. hey, do they ever ask you what you're wearing? uh... yeah. sweater, button down shirt... like a good neighbor, state farm is there. there may be no results in the iowa caucus, but i think you can declare your morning victorious with "what to watch." >> vlad's here. >> nicely done. >> good morning, everyone. here are a few stories we think
7:49 am
you'll be talking about today -- people on board an air canada flight faced a terrifying midair scare in spain after one of the plane's tires exploded during takeoff and reportedly damaged an engine. video taken by a passenger shows a fighter jet alongside the aircraft wednesday. the ministry said the jet was sent to evaluate damage to the plane's landing gear. the pilot union said parts of the gear went into one of the engines. the pilots requested an emergency return shortly after departing from madrid. the 128 passengers spent close to four hours flying in circles so that the plane could burn off some fuel before it was light enough february landing. here you see the police footage showed how the landing gear was damaged. in a statement, air canada said the aircraft is designed to operate safely on one engine, and our pilots are professionally and fully trained for this event, and nobody was hurt. >> as a passenger, you hope so. can't be anything more terrifying than knowing there's a program and will you're 30 -- a problem and you're 30,000 feet
7:50 am
up. >> i wonder how much they knew -- >> when you see the fighter jet at the window -- he's here to help. good news is everybody is okay. >> yeah. >> good to know that one engine is enough. >> yes. >> it will get you back at least. i always remember superman saying, christopher reeve, saying, statistically it is the safest way to travel. >> not sure how many tires you need to land. >> hiking in the everglades, maybe not -- >> hiking in the everglades because a missing hiker survived adrift for several days. florida sheriff's deputies rushed to pull mark meal from his kayak said. the 67-year-old had embarked on a solo trip on january 22nd. he was due back seven days later but never returned. authorities were able to track him down after downloading data from his phone. it washed ashore sunday night along with some of his other belongings. >> this is amazing. as a kid who grew up in south florida, i don't think i could survive in my back yard that long. >> the authorities say just a few more hours, life or death.
7:51 am
>> alligators, snakes -- >> i was going to say aren't there alligators? >> lots of gators. lots of gators. mosquitoes. >> didn't look good when his such washed up over the weekend. turns out, as good as anything as you could hope. you'll love this. one second grader from texas had a sassy reaction after she says her classmate swiped her very special pencil. take a look. >> yesterday, i put my pencil, my perfect -- pink perfect attendance pencil in the sharpening box. i got it sharpened in the morning. when i unpacked, there wasn't my penc pencil. guess what i saw -- nothing but yellow, plain old pencils. somebody, and i know who, stole my perfectly pink pencil who didn't even ask because they were in canada. >> because they were in canada. >> that's right. >> she wasn't -- didn't have perfect attendance -- >> she named a person?
7:52 am
>> this is little taylor throwing major shade on her classmate for taking her perfect attendance pencil. we can use that as a metaphor. when someone takes your pencil -- >> i want her as my defense counselelor. she argues a great case. can you heal dry skin in a day? avtriple oat complexic balances skin's microbiome. so skin looks like this and you feel like this. aveeno® skin relief.
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>> announcer: this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning. i'm gianna franco in the traffic center. it is 7:56. and then as you head out the door can expect a few brake lights. it is a slow crawl >> especially south bend, as you work your way out of hayward and into the fremont area. taking the san mateo bridge, getting a little bit better. once you get across the span, hillsdale boulevard, we have a crash there. that is the right lane. also, getting rid of an accident east 92. that connector there.
7:57 am
so slow and go as a result. you got brake lights northbound 11 coming out of the south bay. really past that 280, 680 connector. 90 minutes now for your drive time to go from 85 over towards 682. pretty much everything in the south bay, in the red. 47 minutes. that is a slow ride, northbound 85. bay bridge, metering lights are on. still slow out of the maze. it is a crawl through there all morning long. will, it is a chilly start to the day with breezy to windy conditions. it feels even colder outside. so it is really all about the windshield this morning. so bundle up as you head out the door. check out our temps right now, in the 30s and in the 40s this morning. so let's check that winds. we are looking at 21 mile-per- hour winds, sustained out of the north and san francisco. looking at 13 mile-per-hour winds. 14 mile-per-hour winds in san rafael. so a chilly start. breezy to windy conditions. we have seen seeing gusts at sfo at 32 miles per hour. we will see that sunshine and slightly cool, below average temps. 56 in san francisco later on today. also, 57. there we go with that warm-up through the workweek. here's the america i know.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday february 4th, 2020. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king. ahead presidential candidates move onto new hampshire without knowing the results from iowa caucuses. the major mishap causing confusion and concern. i'm tony dokoupil. memories of kobe bryant from a friend retired superstar. edie falco coming to cbs as a police chief in the new series "tommy." right here in studio. >> yay for that, but first here is today's eye open at 8:00.
8:01 am
>> chaos and confusion. iowa democratic party hasn't released a count because they don't have it. >> the system to collect the data and the system was overwhelmed. >> the app may not have been tested and didn't work in every instance. >> i imagine at the white house they are doing a hula because does look like a hot mess for democrats. >> i'm eager to get those official numbers. >> like to come in with big head of steam. not the only declaring victory. bernie sanders putting out their own numbers. >> many say he would rather focus on plans for the upcoming year but they acknowledge it may be hard for him to resist going after some of his new critics. >> no students showed sign of coronavirus. the self-quarantine is part of state and federal guidelines. >> upwards half a million people expected for victory parade for world champion chiefs. >> first title in 50 years, which should put that in perspective. last time they won the super bowl jackson five had their first number one hit.
8:02 am
true. marcus welby was popular and bernie sanders had his first great-grandchild. it's been a long time. >> this morning's eye-opener presented by toyota, let's go places. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the first in the nation iowa caucus is in chaos right now thanks to a problem reporting the democratic results. this time lapse video shows voters at one of the nearly 1700 precincts across the state. but when local party officials tried to relay the vote count many could not because of issues with the phone lines. the app they were using to report the data. >> there you can see the official results we have from iowa. goose eggs across the board. nothing. nada, zippo. the iowa democratic party blamed, quote, inconsistencies in some reporting and had to report to counting written back-up tallies by hand.
8:03 am
in a tweet this morning president trump called the democratic caucus an unmitigated disaster. major garrett outside iowa democratic headquarter party in des moines. major, the question of the day, when will we get some results. >> good morning. final results expected sometime later today, we just don't know when. lots of ways to try to explain this, but one way to think about it is this, the state party here decided to report more data than usual and also it was going to report that data, collect more data. all this in an effort to be more transparent. that pursuit of transparency may have led to confusion. some county chairs we spoke with said caucus leaders experienced issues with the new app developed to report the outcome, some saying that app was never fully tested. that led to some trying to call in results causing phone lines to be tied up or not working at all. some candidates released partial data including pete buttigieg whose camp tweeted screen shots
8:04 am
of handwritten tally sheets showing his campaign doing well. buttigieg went as far as to declare victory here heading into new hampshire despite the fact official reports still not available. he joined cbs this morning and offered this skmangs. >> the fact this campaign was able to gather support in urban, suburban and rural areas alike in counties hillary clinton won, counties donald trump won, we are thrilled and absolutely consider that a victory. >> even when final results are released, questions will remain. former vice president joe biden's campaign has written a formal letter to the state party here saying all campaigns should be fully briefed about what went wrong and briefed ow these results, whenever they are released, can be accurate and fully verifiable. thank you very much. trying to sort through this. political contributors here, they know a thing or two about
8:05 am
the iowa caucuses. one was hillary clinton and the other marco rubio's campaign manager. we don't know the results, don't know why we don't have the results but we know it's bad for the democrats. is this the end of party-run caucuses like this in iowa and elsewhere? >> i think it might be. you know, i think it's time for us to really question whether on ti -- operatives running this or professionals. >> party operatives versus state employees. >> exactly. i think this should be left to the pros. we're seeing every vote should be cast and counted. we're running into problems where technology is an issue, ballots an issue. in namps it will be run differently. >> meanwhile, this was supposed to be the big kickoff to the campaign and we got nothing here. candidates depending on this for momentum, they are trying to make it up. >> this is a total goat rodeo.
8:06 am
>> goat rodeo. >> kind of crazy to watch but at the end of the day, the real winner here, the results are in, is donald trump. how is he not the winner from this. every front payable of every newspaper no longer has a candidate's picture on it, and their name, it has, indecision in iowa. >> can't you see at the white house they are saying to democrats, keep doing what you're doing. >> i think they have been saying that for a while. >> both pete buttigieg and bernie sanders claiming victory. how can they do that? >> they are smart. they should be. >> how is that san mateo. >> fake it until you make it. do out and declare victory early and go onto new hampshire. when they come out with the results later today and say you were actually in second place, who cares? >> how do you trust the results. >> the results are now meaningless. >> money while if i'm mike bloomberg i'm thinking glad i didn't show up for iowa.
8:07 am
>> i think this was good for biden we saw maybe he was coming in third, fourth place, something like that. now he's no place. that's better. >> how is that good for him? >> i think when there's no -- when that stack ranking doesn't appear, if you were lower on those tiers. >> the optics didn't look good. when you saw the actual caucuses, you saw the number of people here and here and biden's was crickets. >> numbers showed biden in fourth mass. >> i was speaking to buttigieg people. they said they think they did really well. this is the point. we don't know. this is why we've got to go to having the professionals not operatives running this. >> how now do republicans capitalize on this? it seems to be writing itself, actually. >> i will say, i think we're going to get through this and move on. i think there are only, what, five, six caucuses left at all. most of these states we're going into are big primary states. we'll know the results. this thing will start to move.
8:08 am
we're in a state of suspense right now. >> you think move on? doesn't it hurt the party when you've got don jr. saying these are the people that want to run your health care. >> this is a big blow for the democratic party and process. if they screw up in iowa, how do we know new hampshire is better, south carolina will be right. it's run by the party there. >> in south carolina it's run by the state and new hampshire as well. >> talked to a campaign manager who said the best thing to do right now is forget iowa even happened. >> if i were a campaign, move forward. long calendars. move on. if you won you don't want to dwell, you don't know if you won. if you lost, move on. >> go to new hampshire voters, that's the only thing that's matters. >> try to get momentum there because you can't in iowa. thank you.
8:09 am
bring coverage of bundle up this morning. it is a chilly start to the day with pretty to windy conditions., definitely feels even colder outside. as we head through the afternoon, enjoy the sunshine with cool to slightly below average temps. so for today, looking at 56 in san francisco. oakland and fremont. 57 in san jose. 56 for concord. so there we go with that warm- up as we head throughout the workweek. in fact, friday, the warmest day of the week.
8:10 am
we have much more news ahead only on "cbs this morning." we'll hear from wnba champion lisa leslie about her long time friend kobe bryant. how she says bryant was determined to be great from a young age. you're watching "cbs this morning." we thank you for that. we'll be right back. me from the important things. t
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8:15 am
only on "cbs this morning," we are hearing for the fst only on "cbs this morning" we are hearing for the first time from one of kobe bryant's long time friend wnba champion and olympic medalist lisa leslie. they have been friends over two decades. over the years leslie watched bryant grow as a player, role model and father. we visited her at her florida home over the weekend less than a week after kobe and his daughter gigi died with seven friends in a helicopter crash. >> for years wnba star lisa leslie had kobe bryant's jersey on display in her home. since his death, it's taken on a special meaning. >> he will be missed but he will not be forgotten, that's for sure. >> they met when bryant was only 18 years old before his rookie season with the los angeles lakers and leslie's debut with the sparks. the two quickly became rising stars in l.a. basketball and grew close.
8:16 am
>> what do you remember about when you first met him? >> i would go to the house and he would be like, lis, lis, come here, come here, come here. watch this. he's watching jordan videos. >> michael jordan videos. >> michael jordan. he's clicking pause. look, look, look, lis, watch. >> so he studied michael jordan. >> beyond studied. he would obsess over watching these videos. he imitated everything jordan did. if you watch kobe's interviews, the way he talks, when he moves his mouth, licks his lips, the way he put his tongue out when he played. everything about michael jordan he wanted to be like him. not good but great like michael jordan. >> i have no fear whatsoever. if i take the last shot and miss, so what. >> when people say arrogant and aloof, that's not what you see. >> there is arrogance.
8:17 am
>> there is arrogance. >> but the arrogance is not in every day life. arrogance is in the world of basketball. >> on the basketball court. >> you're not my friend and i'm not your friend. it's either kill or be killed. i'm going to attack you. i'm going for the juggler at all times. >> what does kobe's death mean to women's basketball? >> he was really making change? >> was he? >> yes. >> how so? >> changing the mindsets of other men more than anybody else. he's giving us -- he's validating us, if you will, these young ladies who are out there playing, the fact that he's enjoying and being entertained by great basketball. other men feel, i'm hoping, like, what is this about? it's good. >> i've heard that sometimes he would spend more time at wnba games now than he would at the lakers games.
8:18 am
true? >> it's true, but i think it's also because gigi wanted to see certain players and she was into it. he talked about just, you know, i remember seeing him. he was like, lis, she got it. schett it. he would just, she got it. >> it's tough, lisa, looking at the pictures of him and gigi together playing basketball sitting on the sidelines. it really does take your heart and rip it out when i see those pictures. >> we know what kobe has accomplished, but gigi didn't have the full opportunity to do that, because you just know that she had the mentality. mamacita was bgoing to make it. she was going to be in the nba. >> they say his legacy was complicated because sexual assault in 2003 or 2004. is it complicated for you as a woman, a wnba player? >> it's not complicated for me
8:19 am
at all, even though there's a few times we've been at a club at the same time. kobe is not the guy -- never been like, lisa, go get that girl. send her this. i have other nba friends like that. kobe was never like that. i just have never seen him being the kind of person that would do something to violate a woman or be aggressive in that way. that's not the person i know. >> lisa, you wouldn't see it, though. as his friends, you wouldn't see it. >> that's possible. i just don't believe that. i'm not saying things didn't happen. i just don't believe that things didn't happen with force. >> is it even a fair question to talk about it, considering he's no longer with us and it was resolved, or is it really part of his history? >> i think that the media should be more respectful at this time. it's like if you had questions about it, you had many years to
8:20 am
ask him that. i don't think it's something we should keep hanging over his legacy. i mean, he went -- it went to trial. >> it was dismissed because the victim in the case refused to testify, so it was dismissed. >> i think that that's how we should leave it. >> it is interesting to me how deeply his death has affected so many different types of people. why do you think people are so deeply affected in many cases by a man they did not know? >> i really think it's the idea that you rooted for him or you didn't. but that was an emotion evoked either way. >> you know what i keep thinking, lisa, as often is the case. it was probably just another ordinary day for them. then in seconds your life is forever changed. >> forever changed. it reminded me about the quote about joy and sorrow are inseparable. it's just that.
8:21 am
sorrow has been awakened in my life, in their lives, in the world's lives. >> when she was talking about him, she still talks about him in the present tense because -- >> it takes tim. >> she says i can't even begin to think he's no longer with us. her main concern, what everybody is thinking, is vanessa bryant and her girls. she can't stop thinking about them. she's been in contact with the family. that is what everyone is hoping for. i know there are prayer circles for vanessa bryant. people are willing her and her family to be okay. it was tough for her to talk about her friend. >> very honest. arrogance. it's not in every day life, it's on the court. >> her point is essentially he had a right to be arrogant on the court because he was that good. >> she also said, too, he was starting a second chapter and she felt many people were seeing him differently. he had become a mentor to a lot of people, sharing what he learned in life with a lot of
8:22 am
people. she thought he was becoming a different person. >> it's so interesting to see how much he meant to that game -- the women's game. >> yes. >> one of the best players in the history -- if not the best player in the history of the game is showing up at women's games makes you see it different. >> he idolized michael jordan. the players coming up today see kobe bryant as their michael jordan. >> that's fitting. ahead edie falco won emmies for a mob wife, a nurse. >> "nurse jackie." >> chief of the lapd. she's in our greenroom. she's going to be on set. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president
8:23 am
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8:24 am
i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare climate change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people.
8:25 am
>> announcer: this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning. it is 8:25. i'm gianna franco. checking the roadways right now, still very busy as you work your way along 101. that is where we have a traffic alert. a broken-down big rig has lanes are blocked. traffic very slow in that southbound side, coming all the way back. you've got definitely brake lights working your way towards where this point trouble spots is. northbound one would, coming out of the south bay, over towards sfo, give you about 80 minutes to make that truck. 38 minutes, highway 4 to the maze. your south bay drive times, all
8:26 am
in the red. slow on 101 as well as 280 and northbound 880, busy. san mateo bridge, still sluggish across the span. getting busy as well as you work your way across 101. expect delays because of that crash. okay, gianna, well, it is a chilly start to the day with temps running in the 30s and the 40s. breezy conditions, it definitely feels colder outside. you can see 36 right now in concord. 47 in san francisco. 38 in santa rosa. 31 for san jose. open, coming in at 45. you can see the camera shaking a bit in the when. so right now, looking at 13 mile-per-hour winds at sfo and downtown san francisco, out of the doors, northeast. looking at 10 mile-per-hour winds in san rafael as well as for nevada. chilly in breezy to start off the day. sunshine and cool, slightly below average temps. starting to warm up, beginning wednesday through the workweek. 56 in san francisco and oakland. 57 in san jose. there we go with those temps on
8:27 am
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8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." it is time to bring some of the stories that are "talk of the table" this morning. with no pancakes today, unfortunately. >> i know. >> we had the diner yesterday. >> thank you for letting me see the pancakes. >> you were supposed to bring some back. >> i brought t-shirts. >> were they as good as they looked? i asked patty, too. >> the food was as good as it looked. >> drake's diner, i want to go. pretty place. >> we should go there. >> i know some people there now. >> yes. use your name, too. who's starting? >> anthony's going first. >> i'm kicking this off. it could be one of the biggest film acquisitions ever. disney reportedly paid $75 million for the rights to the movie adaptation of the hit broadway show "hamilton."
8:31 am
yesterday "hamilton" creator lin-manuel miranda announced on twitter that the movie will be released on october 15th, next year. it will feature the original broadway cast, the "hamilton" movie will also reportedly hit the disney+ streaming service. this was filmed in 2016 with the original cast. they shot two shows and edited them into one. and the big question was, why is it taking so long for them to put this out? i think it's partly because the broadway show and the traveling shows are doing so well, they wanted to wait. i mean, "hamilton" still makes between $3 million and $4 million a week on broadway -- >> tickets are hard to get and are expensive. i'll finally be able to see it now if it comes out -- >> it's so good. this is what i like about it -- people that couldn't make it to broadway and didn't see it will get to see it with the original cast. >> what all the fuss is about. >> it never disappoints. >> no. the broadway show has grossed $636 million. >> i believe it.
8:32 am
go, lin-manuel miranda. since we're talking about the potential failures of an app in iowa, i have a "talk of the table" that is app related. an artist in germany found a way to create fake traffic jams on google maps. he pulled around -- this is how he did it -- 99 smartphones he got, and a little red wagon. he pulled them up and down an empty street outside google's berlin headquarters. and it took about an hour, but eventually the google maps app thought that big buses were outside moving very, very slowly. they put a little red line on there that said look out, there's a traffic problem. so the artist, his name is simon wecker, what his point -- >> did he do that just to mess with google? >> to make a point about how we rely on apps as though they are the word of god. and they are relying on data. if that data's not good, then what they spit out is not good. >> saying it could be manipulated. >> be skeptical is his point. >> in a statement google says, we appreciate seeing creative uses of google maps like this. helps us make maps better over
8:33 am
time. i bet they were irritated. >> i think they were irritated. >> okay. >> it is a flaw that they're working on. they have not figured out how distinguish between a real bus and a little red wagon. >> seriously how easily he could pull that off. >> low-tech. mine is about cats. i'm not a cat person because i'm allergic to cats, but i love this story. we have an update on a cat up for adoption in north carolina. we told you about the world's worst cat, that's what they called her. they told us her name was perdita. they were trying to find someone to adopt her. it's difficult because the animal shelter subscribes perdita as a jerk. she dislikes children, hugs, the color pink, and doesn't like christmas either. the shelter has announced that purdita was adopted by a couple in tennessee. the couple adores her and say purdita tolerates them. they renamed her noel in case it was the name purdita that was the cause of her anger management issues. i think this story has a happy
8:34 am
ending. pur di ta aka noel -- >> we were waiting for a picture where she was smiling. >> she has an attitude. >> everybody needs love, guys. everybody does. >> we're glad purdita and noel -- >> it means lost in spanish. she's been found now. >> she has a new life. >> that's good. in our "eye on money," we're looking at some of the most costly mistakes people make with their finances. on average, college students who graduated in 2018 owe more than $29,000 in loans. ouch. last year, we spoke to megan combs. the 32-year-old has been strug i think to pay down her student loan debt for under grad and grad school. we checked back to see how she's doing financially. >> around this time last year, i owed about $66,000 in student loans. my payments were around $900. i was taking a look at my budget, and my biggest line item
8:35 am
was my rent. i was renting a one-bedroom apartment. and so i decided to purchase a two-bedroom condo instead and rent out the second bedroom. the condo's mortgage is $1,050. my roommate pace $700, and i pay $350 a month. i also got a significant raise that i asked for. a 17% raise. right now, my balance is at and my payments are going to actually now that i think about it more than double. my timeline for paying off my student loans this time last year was around ten years. and now with my living situation and my raise, all of that allows me to pay them on and off four years. that is only if i don't get another raise. so it could be, i'm shooting for three years. >> megan's doing really well. business analyst jill schlesinger joins us. she's writes about the impact of college debt and more in her book "the dumb things smart
8:36 am
people do with their money: 13 ways to right your financial wrongs." it is owe out today -- out today in paperback. >> hey. >> when we look at college, the daunting thing that faces every family with children, i have one still going through the process, what do you prioritize? >> i think we have to prioritize the family. and here's the problem -- so often we're prioritizing the student, right? you say, oh, wherever the kid can go is great. but there is a family conversation that needs to happen. and you can see that the decision that megan made years ago is now following her throughout her adult life. so the first thing is to have conversations with your kids, understanding where the options lie and what's best for the whole family. not just the kid. so we don't want parents delaying their retirement. we want them to put their retirement first. we want them -- >> you're saying possibly you're going to tell junior, i know you like that big private school, but not in the budget? >> i think what we want is to say here are the options for the family. you can go closer to home, or you can go to a place where you
8:37 am
can get a scholarship. this is as a family what we can do. these conversations best had around the junior high school years. >> i grew up in a family where parents never discussed money because they said it was impop i'll. you said we -- impolite. you said we should have a new way of thinking. >> we want not clear transparency, you don't want to make your kids feel your own money anxiety. but we want to have open conversations that are direct. and if you can do that, you can frame it in a way that is really smart. so look, here's the family, here's what we can do. here's what your grandparents can kick in. here's what we expect you to kick in. as a family, we have to be on solid financial footing. just remember this -- if you don't talk about it with your kids, you run the risk that you make a decision that puts them at risk. who's going to take care of you if you get older and you can't take care of yourself? >> you talk about the book about failing to protect your identity. we're all guilty of that you say, a lot of us are guilty. >> yeah because it's boring. i can see your eyes glazing over as we said, protect your identity, right -- >> no, no, no. i've had issues with it.
8:38 am
>> so it's tough. >> i get it. >> what we want to do is say, of course, change your passwords, of course you want to make sure you have two-factor authentication. but you need to talk to the people who are most at risk which according to security experts is the very young and very old. that means no over-sharing on social for the grandparents and the kids. it means making people aware that these are problems that will not just cost you money because sometimes they will cost money, but it's time. we don't want you spending time worrying about that. >> you also talk about buying insurance. >> what i think is really important is that when people ask me about life insurance, for example, they'll say, so, everyone needs life insurance. i say, not everybody. what you need to know is that if something happens in your life that ends your life early, will there be a financial impact on someone else? your kids, your spouse, your parents, maybe you're supporting your parents. you need to run the numbers. there's lots of calculators out there. and you want to stick to the simplest solution when it comes
8:39 am
to insurance. that is term life insurance. you buy it for the period of time where you need coverage, it goes away after that when your burden is relieved. so again, insurance really important. but not every single person needs it. >> right. >> she's right. even dumb people can do smart things with money. >> yeah, exactly. >> that's her next book. "the dumb things smart people do with money," is out in paperback. >> my eyes aren't glazing over. i have dry eye and it's a pain right now. it's not you. >> okay. emmy-winning actress edie falco, she doesn't have dry eyes. she's here. she plays the first woman to lead the los angeles police department in the new cbs drama. she's in or toyota green room to tell us why she was drawn to the character in the first place. first -- hi, edie. don't forget that big winter coat as you head out the door this morning.
8:40 am
so a chilly start to the day, and with breezy to windy conditions, it feels even colder outside. factoring in that windchill. as we head through the afternoon, sunshine and cool, slightly below average temps. slowly warming up starting wednesday through the week. for for today, though, 56 for san francisco. 57 in san jose. 58 for napa. and there we go with temps on the rise through the workweek. we tried to get the politicians
8:41 am
8:42 am
to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen. ♪wild thing, you make my heart sing.♪ ♪you make everything... groovy...♪ done yet? yeah, yeah, sorry, sorry.
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you sure? hmm.mmm. ♪come on, come on, wild thing. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. ♪ "tommy can you hear me," nice with the music. you'll see in a second. emmy award-winning actress edie falco is returning to tv. viewers know her from roles like, we remember carmell and jackie. skpu and now she stars as a high ranking officer who is the first
8:44 am
woman police chief. she's tommy known as navigating new york politics as a new yorker on the west coast. >> what's your name, flash? >> adrar diaz. >> hicksville -- >> hicksville? >> it's not hicksville. >> hicksville is hicksville. >> hicksville is not being able to get a bagel, not being able to get a slice. >> you can't? >> here. >> i got a guy. >> a real new york slice? diaz, these are unavailable skills. >> edie falco joins us at the table. it's always funny when i hear the line "i got a guy." whenever somebody says that, it's shady. >> yeah. >> here you are. listen, you were so known for your bad-ass characters. we talk about carmella, nurse jackie. i'm thinking you like playing these women. is it difficult to play them? >> i mean, i must like it because i keep choosing it. it is not difficult -- >> are you a bad ass do you think -- >> not even a little bit.
8:45 am
not really. >> really? >> i'm pretty -- i'm pretty mellow. >> really? >> i'm very vulnerable. something i don't often -- >> are you -- >> on public television. >> why do you look for this in characters? >> wouldn't you? it's nice to walk around and people respect you and think that you're tough, they don't challenge you -- >> your character, she's the first female police chief, she's gay. she has a biracial daughter. you have a lot going on in your life. >> there's an awful lot going on, but there's an awful lot going on in our country. >> true. >> people are going to see this and see, what, that is the way it is. that's that -- reminds me of me or my cousin or -- >> it's interesting to think, 87% of law enforcement officers are male. there are not many women. l.a. has never had in real life a feel chief of police. if you play there well, in a way it could soften the ground for someone coming along in real life and playing the part. >> i have come to think that it is a way that the populists become the sort of open to the ideas if they see -- i don't know. it's just a theory. if they see it on television, it's like, yeah, no, i guess
8:46 am
it's possible. i saw it on cbs. >> you actually shoot this -- even though it's base friday l.a., you shoot in new york because you wanted to be with your kids. >> i have to. it's a non-starter. i can't pick up and do a series -- >> first she turned it down because it has to be based in l.a. that shows the power you that have. you turned it down -- >> maybe they couldn't get anybody else. >> i doubt that. >> and the power cbs has. apparently they've been driving around with palm trees in the back of trucks. how does that work? >> i wonder if i'm going to get in trouble for giving these secrets out of the bag here. >> no, you're not. >> yeah, we had sort of a west coast foliage in the back of a truck. we'd park in frots of a house, put it -- in front of a house, put it back in the trunk. so far, so good. >> leave the one outside my house. i'm take it. >> you should have seen it by the end of the season. it wasn't pretty. >> even the first episode tackles the issue that we're all -- that is very much in the news about undocumented workers, migrants. >> right. >> why was it important to tackle something like that right
8:47 am
off the bat? >> well, kind of any of the episodes' issues could have been right off the bat. they're all prescient. there is no dearth of issues in this country. some that are specific to the west coast and some are just nationwide. i mean, there's a lot of stuff and a lot of chaos around the way these things are being handled. so there was plenty to grapple with. >> carmella, do you miss carmella and nurse jackie? >> i see, i'll see a clip, oh, as soon as the clip is off, it's out of my head. i'm pretty good at that compartmentalizing thing. >> we mentioned your kids who are 15 and 11. do they show up on the set? >> my daughter does. she kind of runs the place. when she's there, she's yelling "action" and "cut." she hands out goodies to everybody. she's intimidating. >> there's a prequel to "the sopranos." and james gandolfini's son will play him. >> it makes me cry. i knew -- you know, even when
8:48 am
jim was going to have a baby, you know, i knew that it was happening. and then when he got his first haircut. michael in jim's lap, in hair and make-up trailer. i've known this kid forever. and it's so moving. i can't wait to see it. it's kind of heartbreaking at the same time. >> will you have anything to do with that? >> no. no, it's long before carmella came on the scene. as far as i know. >> right. >> never say never. >> never say never. no, i'm here. >> the lands of television. >> i'm right here. >> never say never. they do amazing things. good luck. good luck. >> it's very exciting. >> thank you so much. >> we're excited that you're part of the cbs family. >> i am, as well. thank you. >> the show is "tommy." it premieres here, where, edie falco? >> cbs. >> and on our podcast, royal correspondent roya nika in london. she talks about reaction to prince harry and duties. and before we go, how making sure you take a vacation every year, maybe a couple of them, can transform your life. >> i like that. >> we'll be right back.
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before we go, here's one thing you can do today to live a happier, healthier, and more productive life. part of our partnership with gretchen rubin and her award-winning podcast "happier." research shows vacations with family and friends improve our mental health. an annual vacation is a great opportunity to plan a group trip. first pick a date and a place to visit each year. for example, every presidents' day weekend. plan a beach vacation at the same resort. this allows people to plan in advance, less energy is put into making decisions, and everyone is more likely to stick to the plan. research shows taking trips improves relationships and reduces stress. >> i totally believe that. >> chevy chase has got a couple of movies -- funny -- >> do you think it's better to go the same place every year if you like it, or better to try other places? >> i like trying new places.
8:53 am
the same place, too. you get a ritual everybody looks forward. >> i just say use your vacation. a lot of americans don't. huge tax breaks for the rich, while the middle-class continues to struggle. that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax breaks for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors.
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>> announcer: this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning. i'm gianna franco. still busy out there on the roadways. if you're heading out the door, grab that jacket and get going. you have some delays on 101. that earlier -- has been canceled. it was a broken-down big rig. there is some residual slowing in both directions along the 101 through the peninsula. 280, looking much better. although a little sluggish, southbound, too to more people taking that. northbound 1v1, we've got some activity there over to the left shoulder, traffic slow. northbound 101, all the way to
8:56 am
towards mountain view, your travel times right now, 87 minutes to go from san jose to sfo. are other ride is on the eastshore freeway. 35 minute drive time and busy on 280 out of the south. mary? a chilly start to the day. our temperatures right now in the 40s. breezy conditions, so it definitely feels even chillier outside. here's a live look at the with our treasure island camera. bouncing around in the wind this morning. so let's check out of the winds. looking at 13 mile-per-hour winds at sfo in san francisco. 14 out of the north, northwest, and san jose, 12 mile-per-hour winds, nevada. and 10 in san rafael. we will see that sunshine and cool slightly below average temps as we look ahead to our afternoon. and slowly warming up starting on wednesday. daytime highs for today, 56 in san francisco and for oakland and fremont. 57 in san jose. there we go with that warm-up as we head through the rest of
8:57 am
the workweek. friday, the warmest day of the week. tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president
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