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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 5, 2020 1:37am-2:13am PST

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now at 11:00. new results rolling in from the iowa caucuses. tonight, could a surprise at the top set the stage for history in november? >> that i don't know. it is getting closer and closer. i have my doubts. in just hours, planes packed with people from wuhan, china will arrive at air force base. tonight, new efforts to protect people exposed to a patient. now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a now batch of results, just released,
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after that technical meltdown in iowa. good evening. more than 24 hours after the caucuses iowa is still too close to call tonight. 71% of the precincts checking in. pete buttigieg still has a lead on bernie sanders. the mayor leads the fiery progressive by 1.5 points. buttigieg has not made a lot of inrodes in california, he is in 4th place. >> with super tuesday four weeks away. we asked bay area voters in that strong showing in iowa put mayor pete on their radar. >> reporter: here in san francisco, 1500 miles and a political universe away from iowa. tonight, we visited two parts of the city and tucked to residents in the castro as well as tourists "in-fisherman"'s
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wharf to see if they think pete buttigieg. >> it validates in a community wondering if he belongs, or she belongs or they belong. >> it is gay marriage has relatively, you know, become a nonissue. >> are you saying he has a same sex partner? >> pete? >> yes. >> yes. >> reporter: this is video from iowa. there voter did not know buttigieg is gay? >> are you kidding me? >> i don't want anyone like that in the white house. >> so can i have my card back? >> oh. that is -- she asked for her vote back. >> right. >> wow. >> after seeing the video what do you think? >> i am here in my castro bubble. it makes me feel a little sad. and i think people are going to vote for whomever is going to be elected. >> he is young, he is
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relatively inexperienced. i don't think he is ready yet. i think maybe in the future but not now. >> is america ready for a gay president? >> that i don't know. it is getting closer and closer but i have my doubts. >> i don't know that he will be progressive enough in the primaries but the more people will come out and more people of color will unite and we know who cares about us and what our needs are. >> trump 2020. >> can he win? >> right now, no. >> you don't think buttigieg can win? >> i don't know who he is but what you said, no. >> the fact he is gay? >> no. >> that the fact he is a democrat? >> yes. >> california primary is on march 3rd. we have a special section on our web site with a voter's guide, go to 2020. trump's third state of the union address in the books tonight.
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in his speech titled "the great american comeback" the president took aim at a familiar target. california sanctuary laws. >> the state of california passed an outrageous law declaring their whole state to be a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. a terrible sanctuary with catastrophe results. the united states of america should be a sanctuary for law- abiding americans, not criminal aliens. >> the president focused on the economy saying it is stronger than it has ever been, in his opinion. president trump made no mention of his impeachment trial which is headed toward a likely acquittal in the senate tomorrow. the night features several moments between the president and house speaker nancy pelosi. the president appeared to ignore her when she tried to shake his hand before the speech. pelosi did not say it was her
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high privilege and honor to introduce the president. that broke from tradition. and after the address, the speaker stood and ripped up a copy of the speech provided to her by the white house. after the state of the union the mission began senate. >> despite the dishonesty and division of the last few years and we heard tonight from the president of the united states, together, we have boundless potential. >> a handful of democratic lawmakers boycotted the entire state of the union address. switching gears, another chilly night here in the bay area. our meteorologist looking at tonight's lows and the warm up on the way. >> it is getting cold again tonight. no surprise there. high pressure building in. it will take temperatures to near freezing in parts of the bay area as we look high to the skyline here is where we are right now. after 11:00. down to 41 in livermore. it is 4 degrees above freezing
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right now. same for santa rosa. a bit colder from there. santa rosa will be down to 34 tonight. same for livermore, redwood city down to 37 degrees. getting dry off shore winds and the humidity is low. chapped hands weather. it is just going to be dry as far as the eye can see. no rain in sight, clear and chilly. tomorrow, plenty of sun. building high pressure we have temperatures near 70 degrees, due again bite end of the week. i will have complete details in a few minutes. >> thank you. right now, hundreds of americans evacuated from the coronavirus out break in china and are on their way to travis air force base. crews were setting up a fence and tents outside of the main hotel at the base. the passengers will be quarantined for 14 days at the facility. the plane is scheduled to arrive sometime tomorrow morning. a second flight will also arrive at the tpwaoeus resraoul before heading to a military
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base in san diego -- at the base before heading to a military base in san diego. >> reporter: they were exposed to the coronarye coronavirus t came when the first patient came. >> they have been told to stay to limit the spread of the virus. to date, two confirmed cases at the county. at pacific rim plaza, fears of the spread of the virus are changing habits of customers and workers. maggie chan works at poke house. >> more people are wearing masks, especially the cashiers. >> reporter: there is a signposted on the front door with information about the
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coronavirus at ranch 99. nearby at health source usa the owner hung up this sign with a request for anyone who has recently returned from china to stay at home for 14 days. henry says foot traffic is down. up to 50% over the past week. >> yes. you see the parking. it is pretty empty. >> reporter: a few doors down, the chinese restaurant and recipe are also seeing a drop in business. in san francisco, which has no cases of the corona virus, the association came together to dispel rumors of the virus present and, send a message that it is open for business. >> we are safe and we are healthy here. so, don't worry about whatever they are saying. chinatown is mostly welcomed. >> in san jose, betty yu, back to you. >> our morning team will follow the latest developments as we
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wait for it to arrive at traffic air force base tomorrow. we will have updates starting at 4:30. uber and lyft drivers, demanding to be reclassified as employees under california's new gig worker bill. uber and lyft strongly resisted it since it took effect january 1st. reclassifying the drivers and limit worker flexibility. more than 100 drivers will file wage claims with the commissioner's office and they are seeking back wages, overtime and other expenses for the past three years. taking a look at the iconic tower. the tower is about to have a new owner for the first time in its history. it just sold to a new york developer. the listing was announced last august. transamerica corporation will keep naming and branding rights in the sale.
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the building was once the tallest in san francisco but that title was taken by the sales force tower. macy's is making a move to turnaround a retail slump. the department store giant will close the tech offices in san francisco. laying off more than 800 workers. it is also shedding dozens of stores. kpix5 reports one of them is in contra costa county. >> reporter: this macy's is the only one closing in the bay area. the company says they are restructuring its operations but many of the employees feel this is another reason why this particular store closing. >> it is a nice store. a lot of people hate to see it close. >> reporter: macy's is the latest store to call it quits. >> it is odd, really. sears has closed. >> all of the big businesses are disappearing. >> they said they will close 125 stores over the next 3 years across the nation. the reason the company wants to
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commit weaker shopping centers to improve the bottom line. >> just depends on the shopping center and the location. location is still everything. >> macy's will look to test a new concept by opening smaller stores and with this move they hope to save $1.5 billion by 2022. >> i am sad like so sad. i use to shop here when i was younger. it just makes me sad. >> not only used to frequent the store he now works here. he is not sold on the idea that this store closing has anything to do with restructuring. >> the theft here was crazy. >> reporter: he says he literally sees thousands of dollars of merchandise walk out of the store every day. >> it was just shocking to see people run out of the store with like handfuls of stuff and it is -- i never seen anything like that. >> whatever the reason it is a done deal. roughly 70 employees have been
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given their walking papers, some hoping to be transferred to another store. >> now we have to find a new place, a new home. >> the employees here have been notified that the store will close its doors sometime in march. in antioch. kpix5. one bay area couple could receive the harshest sentences yet. why it is said they deserve more time behind bars. trapped in progress. why residents are saying their concerns were ignored in tonight's vote on a major transit expansion. >> we are getting a good perspective of it through the wildlife dynamics and the roadways. >> wildlife researchers make an unexpected discovery. the unlikely pair of friends found together in the south bay. and don't forget we are streaming now on cbsn bay area. you can find us on, the cbs news app or the number of uninsured americans,
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rising. the cost of prescription drugs, rising. the threat to people with pre-existing conditions, rising. the good news, so is support for the one candidate who'll do something about it. as mayor, mike bloomberg helped expand coverage for seven hundred thousand people, including hundreds of thousands of kids. including hundreds of thousands of kids. as president, he'll lower drug costs and ensure everyone without coverage can get it. that's a promise. and unlike him, mike actually keeps his. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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and my side super soft? yes. with the sleep number 360 smart bed, on sale now, you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. can it help me fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, during the ultimate sleep number event save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. only for a limited time. tonight, bay area couple is
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facing the harshest sentences yet in the college admission scandal. facing 18 months and his wife could get two years and both are set to be sentenced next month. the couple admitted to conspiring with rick singer to rig their 2 daughters college entrance exams, prosecutors say they paid $400,000 to get their older daughter into georgetown as a tennis recruit. prosecutors are dropping the charges against a southern california couple accused of drugging women and raping them while they were unconscious. the two could of faced life in prison. the prosecutor originally said they used their good looks to lure women to their home to assault them. orange county da now says there is no evidence to back that up. >> i truly want to thank todd
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spitzer. it was a incredibly brave and courageous move that he made. >> the case caught media attention because they appear on a bravo tv reality show. >> we are getting new video tonight of three teenage suspects, wanted in a deadly stabbing. the teens can be seen running away from the scene. it started with a fight on allen rock avenue in october in san jose. the police say the 18-year-old victim approached the suspects when they started to argue. one of the suspects pulled out a knife and killed the victim. the police have not determined a motive for the stabbing. a firefighters helmet camera capturing video of a burning home in pleasant hill. the crews arrived to find flames and smoke shooting from the windows of the home on belmont court. the house was elevated and surrounded by vegetation. making it difficult for crews to access. they contain today before it could spread to any other
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structures. still no word on a cause. a federal judge signed off on pg&e's plan to emerge from bankruptcy. they will vie nance billions in debt to pay off its bondholders in return, those bondholders will support pg&e's bankruptcy plan. they still have one hurdle to clear before the deadline for state approval. governor newsom has been critical of pg&e and threatened a state takeover unless there are dramatic changes to the plan. cent, san jose is moving ahead with a key opponent of the expansion plan. it involves adding a second set of tracks along the corridor to the north willow glen and gardener neighborhoods n. some cases it will cut through public parks and private property. >> they are going to tear us up. destroy property values, it is
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not fair. it is not right. >> the unbearable. we think we are lucky now, you know, but, my god. no. >> tonight's vote was unanimous. the city had considered an elevated track way but scrapped the idea over cost concerns. brian is here right now. any rain? >> no. no. >> on the way. next question? >> how cold is it going to get? >> that is what we are tackling tonight. plenty cold and not plenty wet. not any time soon as we look over the city of san francisco from high atop the tower. a beautiful shot. right now, concord has 41 degrees. and san jose the numbers tumbled to 43. we will be close to freezing again tonight. we will not be getting any rain, the next 7 days up in santa rosa. essentially not a chance. middle 50s and lower 60s will be near 70 degrees by the time
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we get to friday and saturday. tonight, santa rosa is down to 34. fremont, 37. san jose will be 34 degrees. winds will be calm. that will keep us at least as cold as it was last night. as we go through the day tomorrow, not as breezy. so, a little bit of a nip in the air with the breeze and the cooler temperatures. those temperatures are going to be warming up. by the time we get to friday as i said we will be close to 70 as the high builds in. it will keep us warmer and it keeps all of the moisture out of the pacific over seattle which will not have a dry day until next monday. but for us we don't see any rain, at all. clear and chilly tonight. it will be near seasonal highs, temperatures topping out below 60s. middle 60s. temperatures will peak late in the week. for tomorrow, san francisco hit 60 degrees. concord, 62. plenty of sunshine around. few light clouds, in sunnyvale,
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63, the former home of the national weather service and redwood city. 63. over in the east bay, numbers in the lower 60s. pleasant hill and san ramoan. livermore at 63 tomorrow. beautiful wednesday in the north bay with plenty of sunshine and 65 in santa rosa and 65 in petaluma. middle 60s will do it. extended forecast, high pressure builds in. the temperatures coming up to about 70 in the warmest spots by friday and saturday. excuse me. and then take a little bit of a dive going into monday and tuesday. the temperatures will fall. the rain will not. keep an eye on it. in the meantime, long-range forecasts don't have a draw. >> thank you. >> bay area researchers studying how animals travel at night caught something unexpected. >> the footage shows a pretty unusual pair playing together outside of a tunnel. kpix5 has more on the animal
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odd couple. >> it was just during the normal review of a video when researchers came across something they did not expect. here in the coyota valley, south of san jose. the open space trust is looking at how animals travel at night. there are 50 cameras hidden around and under highways. infrared night video. it caught a coyote and then a badger they like to hunt together. >> badgers like to dig and fast. there is footage of a badger flushing a ground skirl nest and getting a ground skirl out of its own but another ground skirl that comes out the entrance and the coyote nabs that one. species getting along and playing. another one shows a buck moving under a freeway not paying attention to the roar of the traffic just above his head. >> one by one, spot by spot where these cameras and the
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road kill surveys we are working with the research team for pathways for wild life and getting a good perspective of sort of the wildlife dynamics and the intersections with the roadways. >> reporter: it has only been 1 1/2 years into a three year study but so far the cameras are showing a great deal of movement at night. it is expected to help shape future urban planning decisions. don ford, kpix5. >> southern california town has a mayor who knows how to fetch votes and sniff out corruption. >> mayor max of idlewhile is the friendliest politician in america. he won three elections, they do not have a local government so the residents elect a ceremonial mayor. max's chief of staff runs and funds the mayor's office out of her home. >> a lot of people say that they like the break from the
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divisiveness of politics and they appreciate the lightheartedness. >> why does he wear a tie? >> because he is mayor. >> they are clearly bringing people together. >> it reminds me of bos co down in sonoma. >> this year's oscars will all win big even if they don't get the trophy. what is included in the $215,000 gift bag for hollywood's elite
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well there are serious perks for just being nominated for an oscar. >> the gift bag is worth $215,000 this year. all acting and directing nominees get a gift bag. the most expensive item is a $78,000 12-day cruise. other items membership to a dating service and cosmetic procedures. the gift bags are delivered to nominees in suitcases the week before the oscars but it is not
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all free. recipients have to pay income tax on the value of the gifts they redeem. >> what oscar winner needs a dating service, right? [ laughter ] >> really? huge deal in baseball tonight. it is not good news for the giants. we will tell you why
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spring training only a couple weeks out but the wheeling and dealing is going on. the giant's task of catching the dodgers just got tougher. the red sox have traded all- star outfielder mookey bets and david price to the dodgers. alex is the centerpiece of a package headed to boston. the 27-year-old won the 2018mvp during the red sox world series
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championship run and will be a free agent next season. price has 3 years left. $96 million on that deal. red sox trying to dump salary and the dodgers are going all in for a world series title. you might be looking at giant's 2nd baseman agreeing to a multiyear deal with san francisco. he hit .317 last season. he played mostly 2nd base last year. could play 1st base. sunday night, sharks tonight, to put out the flames, hopefully. shark town, 1, finding burns, fires the slap shot and scores the goal. that is his 11th goal of the season. 500 points as the san jose sharks got two assists. and cane wide open finds the night, sharks win 3-1. they
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break the losing streak. tuesday night top 5 at number 5. canadians at devils, miles woods, nearly got pushed off of the skate. fires the goal and the canadians won it 5-4. look at it, one more time. go. number 4, nobody will confuse reynolds with j-lo. he is available for super bowl lv. chris middle in the finish, bucks win, they lost 7 games all year long. jets, now, nick, shovels the puck into the goal but conner is there for the rejection. access
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one of san francisco's
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painted ladies sold for $1 million over asking price. as you can see, from the inside, needs a little bit of work. despite the peeling paint, the floors, the bidding process was quite the competition, the home listed for $2.75 million. it sold for $3.5 million. tourists reportedly mobbed the open houses while it was still up for sale. forcing a listing agent for the property to pull down the open house signs. what was the big story last night and a big story tonight, clear skies and a chilly night in the bay area. numbers being within a couple degrees of freezing before the time we get to sunrise tomorrow. numbers will dip within a couple of degrees of freezing for much of the bay area. right now, concord, 41 degrees, oakland, 41 as well. and 36 degrees at livermore.
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sanfrancisco at 48. santa rosa, 36 degrees. so, you see the numbers there in terms of the possibility of any rain. just to remind you, there is just nothing on the way for the bay area. so, we look high and dry, sooner or later that will be the big story. >> time to paint the
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