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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 5, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PST

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it's wednesday, february 5th, 2020. this is the "cbs morning news". the state of the union. president trump touted achievements but not everyone was cheering. the rip seen around the world. impeachment vote. president trump's impeachment trial is expected to come to an end today with an acquittal. the latest swing voter to make up their mind. talleying the votes. democratic presidential candidates move on to new hampshire after one of them gets a big boost in iowa. them gets them gets a big boost captioning funded by cbs >> i'm laura podesta in for anne-marie green.
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president trump delivered his state of the union address in on during last night's speech he painted an optimistic picture of america's future and touted his accomplishments including the strong economy and his immigration policy. not everyone in the chamber was buying his words. democratic ohio congressman tim ryan tweeted that he walked out of the address early saying i've had enough. it's like watching professional wrestling. it's all fake. pelosi ripped up the president's speech at the end of the address. it happened afterer mr. trump apparently ignored her hand shake at the beginning of the event. a father who lost his daughter in the parkland, florida shooting was escorted out. he began protesting when the president mentioned in his speech he would protect gun rights. and in another surprise moment, conservative radio host rush limbaugh was awarded the presidential medal of freedom.
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mr. trump praised limbaugh who announced this week he's battling lung cancer. katherine johnson is on capitol hill. what were some of the other highlights of the night? >> reporter: good morning. no talk of impeachment last night. instead the president focused on bragging what he's calling a blue collar boom. he talked about trade deals and low unemployment rate and at times the speech resembled a rally. the republicans had chants of four more years. the democrats made sure their voices were also being heard loud and clear. the party's divide was on full display last night. >> if we hadn't reversed the failed economic policies of the previous administration, the world would not now be witnessing this great economic success. >> reporter: in the house chamber where he was impeached late last year mr. trump didn't shake nancy pelosi's hand and at
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the end she made a point to rip it up. >> it was a manifesto of mistruths. >> reporter: the president never mentioned impeachment, but instead highlighted his accomplishments in the past three years. >> al baghdadi is dead. since my election we created 7 million new jobs. >> reporter: he called on congress to pass legislation to lower the price of r-drugs. house democrats chanted hr3 a bill they passed that addresses drug prices that stalled in the republican controlled senate. democrats say the president isn't interested in solving problems. >> bullying people on twitter doesn't fix bridges, it burns them. >> reporter: president trump acknowledged a number of guests in attendance including charles mcgee one of the las surviving tuskegee airmen and gave the
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congressional medal of freedom to rush limbaugh. republicans are expected to acquit mr. trump in the senate. house speaker nancy pelosi's actions last night are especially remarkable because she's usually the one working to keep democrats in line. you'll remember back in december when the house voted on the articles of impeachment she shushed her caucus to keep them from celebrating. last night we clearly saw a slightly different, more emotional pelosi. >> sure did. >> katherine johnson on capitol hill, thank you. president trump avoided any mention of his impeachment trial during last night's address. he's expected to be acquitted today and senators are set to vote this afternoon on the two articles of impeachment against mr. trump. maine senator susan collins announced she's voting to acquit the president. she said the house's case did not meet the burden of removing the president from office. collins was one of two republicans who voted last week to call witnesses and documents in the trial. that vote failed.
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the iowa democratic party released partial results of its presidential caucus after a day long delay. the results which reflect at least 71% of precincts in the state find that pete buttigieg narrowly leading the pack with more than 26% of the vote followed by senator bernie sanders with 25%, senator elizabeth warren came in third with more than 18%, and joe biden placed fourth followed by ngnator amy klobuchar, andrew om andya t a cbs entrance poll finds 6% of caucus goers want a nominee that can beat trump as opposed 37% who want the candidate to agree with them on major issues. ed o'keefe is in new hampshire where the democratic candidate are processing the partial iowa results. >> a campaign that some said should have no business even
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making this attempt has taken its place at the front of this race. >> i just don't understand what it means to release half the data. so i think they ought to get it together and release all of the data. >> the bernie sanders campaign believes when all the votes are counted they will be the winners but they have been robbed of momentum. >> this is not a good night for democracy. >> i don't know what happened in iowa. >> reporter: joe biden could benefit from the chaos. a clear or third or fourth place finish would have been viewed as devastating. >> we don't know precisely how many delegates we have or get but i feel good about getting more than our fair share. >> reporter: contenders have to rally new hampshire voters ahead of next week's primary which rely on paper ballots. not apps. if the iowa results hold it sets up potentially bitter clash between buttigieg and sander. then mike bloomberg the former
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new york mayor announced he's doubling the size of his campaign staff and tv ad buys across the country ahead of super tuesday contests next month. ed o'keefe, cbs news, milford, new hampshire. the chairman of the iowa democratic party called the delay in caucus results unacceptable. yesterday troy price blamed a coding glitch ainu app the state was using. he said it was not linked to hacking. >> the bottom line is that we hit a stumbling block on the back end of the reporting of the data. at this point it's still unclear when the full results from the iowa caucus will be released. health officials around the world are scrambling to halt the spread of the coronavirus. there are more than 24,000 confirmed cases in china. 490 people there have died. in the u.s. there are at least 11 confirmed cases and people on cruise ships in hong kong and japan are being quarantined.
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more than 1800 passengers and crew on a ship docked in hong kong are being tested and kept on board. it comes after some crew members reported possible symptoms. and around 3700 passengers and crew on a cruise ship in yokoyama, japan are facing two weeks of quarantine. that's after 10 people on the ship tested positive for the coronavirus. meanwhile more planes carrying americans evacuated from the outbreak zone in wuhan china heading back to the u.s. ramy inocencio reports on one of the planes. >> reporter: after an agonizing wait to be evacuated from wuhan the second group of americans were screened on the ground before boarding the converted cargo plane. priscilla dickey is one of them. >> looking forward to giving my mom a hug. i haven't seen her in years. >> reporter: the flight will land in california where passengers will be quarantined for 14 days.
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more state department flights with evacuees will land in march air reserve base. and four other airbases. authorities are instituting a tough approach to contain the virus. social media post shows this woman is said to have been arrested in a grocery store for refusing to wear a mask. this house was locked by authorities with the family inside. still life goes on here. a woman infected with coronavirus gave birth to a healthy baby girl in northeast china. the mother is in stable condition and the baby has tested negative. and most chinese foreign nationals have now been banned from about ten couountries including the united states and the chinese representative told the world health organization all those measures are overreaction. and coming up on the morning news a new environmental danger is hitting coastal cities in the u.s. and great white. we'll tell you where researchers tracked a 2,000 pound shark.
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and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. hundreds of people have been forced to evacuate their homes and farms today due to flooding in southern new zealand. at one point dozens of tourists were cut off by a mudslide. they had to be rescued by helicopter. more rain is in the forecast. it's still not clear when locals will be able to return home. researchers in the u.s. track a giant great white shark and a warning about rising waters. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. the hill says a new report found sea levels are rising along u.s. coastlines at a faster rate. researches at william & mary marine institute of science measured tide levels at 32 locations and at 25 sites sea levels increased at higher rates last year than the year before. the acceleration was highest
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along the gulf and east coasts. around the world sea levels have increased about eight inches since 1880. scientists have blamed global warming. reports disney sent a $250 bill to a california elementary school after it showed last year's remake of the "lion king" at a pta fundraiser. on thursday a berkeley elementary school received a letter from disney's licensing agent and ordered the cool to pay the money for screening the movie last year without a license. >> the disney place wanted some money. they showed the movie that they own so they want the $250. >> pta president says the fundraiser made $800, so if they
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have to fork over a third of it to disney it's quote a lesson learned. northwest florida "daily news" reports a 2,000 pound great white shark pinged about 100 miles off the florida coast. they tagged the 15-foot long shark in nova scotia. it's traveled more than 2,000 miles since then. and the group is tracking 11 sharks that were tagged so we're hoping to learn more about the he breeding habits of great whites. still to come new struggles for macy's. it's closing more stores and eliminating thousands of jobs as it tries to reinvent itself. and eliminating thouss as it tries to reinvent itself. about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand
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or if you've had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. don't let another morning go by without asking your doctor about xeljanz xr. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. forecast in some cities around the country. almost a year and a half after the death of singer aretha franklin a court battle over her estate continues. it's worth an estimated $17 million. franklin died in 2018 without a formal will. last may handwritten wills were found in her home. a 2014 document indicates franklin wanted her son to manage her estate but a niece is managing it now. she wants to step aside citing a family rift.
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yesterday a michigan judge ruled the case will be heard next month. on the "cbs money watch" macy's announced more store closings and twitter is cracking down on deep fakes. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, laura. investors are hoping for some upbeat news about the job market when employment data is released later today. yesterday stocks rallied for the second day in a row. the dow soared 407 points. the nasdaq rallied 194 hitting a new record high and the s&p 500 climbed 48 points. macy's is rolling out a new business strategy to reinvent itself in the age of online shopping. they plan to close 125 stores over the next three years. company will cut about 2,000 corporate jobs. macy's plans to cut business at weaker shopping malls and shift its focus to open smaller format stores in strip malls.
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for the first time in 50 years the fda held a rare public meeting to examine its asbestos testing for talc powders and cosmetics. asbestos was found in several products. including a container of johnson & johnson's baby powder. johnson & johnson defended the safety of its talc. the company said tests by labs it hired found no asbestos in samples from the same bottle the fda kmarched except the company attributed to a contamination from an air conditioner. air china wants to reduce flights to the u.s. but still wants to operate flights between two pairs of american cities. the airline wants to fly from beijing to los angeles and on to san francisco. it also wants to fly from beijing to new york and then washington. air china would fly both routes in reverse directions too. the air carrier filed the emergency request to fly due to new restrictions on people entering the u.s. from china with the coronavirus outbreak.
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twitter will begin labelling or removing doctored or manipulated photos, audios and video designed to mislead people. new rules prohibit sharing synthetic or manipulated material that's likely to cause harm. material that's manipulated but not harmful will get a warning label. many social media companies are under pressure to revent interference in the 2020 elections after interference from russia in 2016. laura. >> thank you. diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. a dog's debut. we'll show you the newest breed at the westminster kennel club dog show. show you the newest breed and the dog kennel show. 5%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ (suspense music) (warning siren) there's no room! go on without me!
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woman: nooooo! i got room. hop in! go! i'll hold it off! mondays, right? you guys go! (horn honking) ooh here's a look at today's
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forecast in some cities around the country. forecast in some cities around the country.
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a dog in new mexico was caught on camera accidentally starting a fire. the 9-month-old puppy named kahuna apparently knocked some items on to a heating grate on to the floor of the home and those items melted sparking the flames. the fire caused only minor damage to the home and the dogs made it out safely. at the annual westminster kennel club show it turned back the clock who ruled best in show. the event yesterday was dubbed the roaring '20s best in show breeds. taking the stage was the cocker spaniel, airdale terrier, pointerer and collie. a new hound breed from africa was named the azawakh bred to meant wild boar. >> a facial recognition company is raising alarms about privacy by collecting people's public photos for its searchable database. errol barnett spoke to the ceo
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in his first network tv interview. i'm laura podesta, this is the "cbs morning news". interview. i'm laura podesta, "cbs morning news". ca. home fragrances with exotic pairings. warm vanilla and himalayan magnolia. french lavender and honey blossom. and it's responsibly sourced. new botanica by air wick. nature inspired. planet conscious. >> man: what's my my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me. >> tech: hi, i'm adrian. >> man: thanks for coming. ...with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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our top stories this morning, president trump delivered his final state of the union address of his term in front of a largely divided congress and nation. last night he painted an optimistic picture of america's future and touted his accomplishments including the strong economy and his action on immigration. president trump is expected to be acquitted today in his impeachment trial. senators will hold a vote this afternoon on two articles of impeachment against him. maine senator susan collins announced she will vote to acquit. she said the house's case did not meet the burden of removing the president from office. and the iowa democratic party released partial results of its presidential caucus after a day long delay with 71% of the precincts reporting pete
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buttigieg is narrowly leading the pack with more than 26% of the vote. fold by senator bernie sanders with 25%. senator elizabeth warren came in third with more than 18%. actress shannen doherty announced once again she's fighting for her life. her breast cancer has returned and now at stage four april aside from skin cancer breast cancer is the most common cancer iran american women. one in eight will be diagnosed with the disease. meg oliver reports. >> reporter: shannen doherty was the bad girl in the 1990s cult hit beverly hills "90210". and fought evil spirits in the popular series "charmed." the biggest battle yet for this actress the tearful admission she has stage four breast cancer. >> why me? why not me?
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who else besides me deserve this? none of us do. >> reporter: there are 150,000 women living with metastatic breast cancer. >> breast cancer is not a death sentence. the hope is it's a life sentence when it's stage four. the treatments we have now can keep the disease under control for many, many years. >> reporter: doherty went public with her pain in 2015 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer letting her fans follow her journey on social media. >> one of the big positives from shannen doherty going out and talking to the nation is that it's a wake up call for all women. >> reporter: a wake up call for women to get screened and a reminder there's life after the diagnosis. meg oliver, cbs news, new york. coming up on "cbs this morning" a facial recognition company is raising alarms about privacy by collecting people's
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public photos for its searchable database. errol barnett spoke to the ceo in his network tv interview. plus for black history month we'll bring together trailblazers who changed the history of their sports. and we'll take you to a small community in california that is trying to ease a looming airline pilot shortage as we announce a special partnership only on "cbs this morning". that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm laura podesta. have a great day. watching. i'm laura podesta. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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