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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 7, 2020 7:00am-9:01am PST

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if you're about to head out the door right now, log on to and check out cbsn bay area. you can watch those stories and much more throughout the day on multiple devices and platforms. just download the cbs news app. guys, i forgot, valentine's day is right around e corner good morning to our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning". i'm anthony mason with dock. gayle king is off so jericka duncan is here. more americans test positive for coronavirus on a huge cruise ship docked in japan. total number of cases on board triples in one day. americans in quarantine there tell us what it's like. storms target the northeast after lashing the southeast with strong winds and heavy rain. we have the weekend forecast. toxic transfer. cbs news investigation finds thousands of tons of dangerous coal ash being moved into the mainland u.s. how the trump administration is weakening regulation on the material linked to cancer and
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other illnesses. 5-0 gets fit. new york city employees work together on a weight loss program that help them lose thousands of pounds. it's friday, february 7th, 2020. we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. tornadoes stomped across the south and flooding now expected after heavy rain swept across the atlantic seaboard. a deadly winter storm threatens the northeast. >> i see some pretty incredible damage. winds were violent in this area. >> oh, god is this bad. trees were pulled up from the root and thrown. dozens of new cases of coronavirus have been detected on a crews ship docked in japan. >> more than 400 americans are on board. >> i have to tell you now we're becoming quite afraid. >> president trump claiming vindication and unleashing on his political enemies. >> we first went through russia,
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russia, russia. it was all [bleep] final results are in from the iowa caucus. a tie between pete buttigieg and bernie sanders. the prosecution rests their case in the harvey weinstein sexual assault trial. >> the defense will now call their first witnesses. >> the canadian pacific freight train carrying crude oil derailed in saskatchewan sparking a massive wire. -- fire. >> an australian reporter got more than she bargained for. >> all that matters. >> who have you been impressed with? >> there's this guy named pete buttigieg. the guy from south bend? >> i have this sense you were skeptical of my chances coming anywhere near the american presidency. >> a little bit. >> on "cbs this morning". >> the oscars are sunday.
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this could be a very long night as the results are tabulated by today democrats. >> everybody wins. everybody gets to go up and give an acceptance speech and three days later you find out. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. u.s. government planes evacuated hundreds more americans from china's coronavirus outbreak but we're following a growing cruise ship, a growing crisis rather aboard cruise ship. one docked in japan now has 61 confirmed cases of coronavirus including nine americans. and another ship is under quarantine in hong kong.
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the two vessels together carry about 7300 people. >> this morning, we have a live picture from bayonne, new jersey where the anthem of the seas just came into board a dozen passengers who will be tested for signs of coronavirus. overall now more than 31,500 confirmed occasions worldwide. 638 patients have died. that includes a chinese doctor who tried to warn the world a month ago. ramy inocencio is in hong kong. god morning. what's the latest reaction? >> reporter: sure. good morning. china right now is being massively rocked by anger as well as grief by the death of the doctor. the government had first accused him of spreading rumors. he's now been vindicated tragically with his death. with 31,000 people infected around the world and 600 deaths not to mention 8,000 people here in hong kong as well as in yap across two cruise ships now quarantined for fear that people have been infected with the coronavirus. on board the diamond princess
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health officials cautiously removed another 41 people, their tests for coronavirus positive. the past two days this massive luxury ship that's been quarantined in okinawa, japan. jenny from utah watched from her balcony as the sick were taken way. >> we found out we would be on 14 day quarantine. >> reporter: stress passengers discuss tension between health authorities and not being told when and if they will go home. >> i was devastated. i was crying pretty much. >> reporter: in the stiff wuhan the epicenter of this crisis, 60 million people are on lockdown. healthy are told to stay indoors and report violators to police. while suspected sick cram into hospitals running short on
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supplies. this video from social media which cbs news can't independently verify claims to show this warehouse converted into a quarantine center. the infected lying helpless and in close proximity with claims of no bathrooms, no running water and no doctors. when asked who is in charge, this woman replied no one. more social media from inside shows disappointment and anger. on the outskirts of wuhan frantic efforts to contain the out break, two harry potters have been built in the past two weeks praised by officials on state media. screws keep tightening from any travellers coming from china. hong kong officials said starting on saturday any travellers coming across that border right there will be strictly confined to a 14 day quarantine. anyone exhibiting symptoms could
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also have to wear gps arm bands so the government can monitor their every move. >> very serious situation. ramy inocencio for us in hong kong, thank you. a powerful and deadly winter storm is taking aim at the northeast. the same system left a path of destruction across the south, damaging homes, toppling power lines and spawning tornadoes. four people have died. 55 million americans are under winter weather alert today from mississippi to maine. janet shamlian is in spartanburg, south carolina where a possible tornado touched down. janet, how bad is the damage where you are? >> reporter: this shows the power of the storm. this large rv lifted up, flipped over and slammed into the side of the building. there are power lines and trees down and not unique to spartanburg. the storm cut a wide
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path of destruction across the southeast. overnight severe storms toppled this crane in florida shutting down parts of interstate 275. this van carrying city employees in tennessee was crushed by a fallen tree. one woman was killed, three others hurt. in indiana another person died after a tornado ripped mobile homes to shreds. powerful storm bands whipped across north carolina. a driver was killed after his pickup hydro planed on a rain slicked road. >> tell me what's here. >> what we're looking at right now is what would be the master bathroom -- >> reporter: here in spartanburg mark nelson and sophie were shocked by the damage to their home. >> if someone had been in there when this came down they wouldn't be with us now. that's almost -- that's hard to wrap my hands around. >> reporter: because the ground is so saturated and there's a wind advisory in effect all day there's concern that more trees and power lines could come down.
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and in virginia there's now a state of emergency after heavy rains last night and overnight forced hundreds of people from their homes. >> we hope everyone has the same luck that family did. that storm system is expected to gain strength as it barrels across the northeast today. jeff berardelli is tracking that storm. jeff, good morning. what's the biggest threat we can expect? >> reporter: another wild day but we'll shift the attention and focus from the southeast up to the northeast. the wind are going to crank as the storm bombs out across new england. you can see it snowing back west towards nashville. in the ohio valley the heaviest snow is across pennsylvania. boy, is it coming down heavy in central and western p.a.. be careful. all coming from an atmospheric river which is pumping up thousands of miles worth of deep tropical moisture. we had flooding in the southeast. powering wind will be a bomb cyclone.
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throughout the day today heavy snow, western pennsylvania up through western new york, also into northwestern new england, vermont and new hampshire. as the storm starts to crank up the wind will real start to howl. we have alerts to jacksonville. wind could gust up to 60 miles per hour in the northeast. then temperatures will take a tumble. we go from the 50s today guys into the 20s tonight with wind chills near zero in new england by tomorrow morning. >> jeff, thank you. in washington democrats and republicans are moving on after a long and bitter impeachment fight. but president trump is not ready to let it go. he led an extraordinary political rally, extraordinary because it was inside the white house with his officials, lawyers and family members cheering on. he blasted his opponents who impeached him and threatened political payback. weijia jiang was there. good morning. what did we learn yesterday
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about what might be coming next? >> reporter: good morning. look, if anybody thought that president trump's acquittal would be the end of a chapter of divisiveness and bitter partisanship here in washington those hopes were dashed yesterday. the president unleashed three years of grievances, nbc news learned that president trump plans to use impeachment as a big talking point on the campaign trail after unleashing three years worth of grievances. he'll make the case in order to end the witch-hunts you got to re-elect him and fellow republicans. >> this is what the end result is. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: president trump flashed the front page headline for the country to see. senators found him not guilty. >> it's called total acquittal. >> reporter: the speech which the president coined a celebration evolved into a full throttle attack of everything from the mueller investigation. >> russia, russia, russia.
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>> reporter: to senator mitt romney the only gop senator who voted to convict him. >> things can happen when you fail so badly running for president. >> reporter: to the democrats who impeached him. >> adam schiff is a vicious, horrible person. nancy pelosi is a horrible person. >> reporter: before mr. trump's remarks the house speaker said this. >> i pray hard for him because he's so off the track of our constitution. >> reporter: the president responded. questioning her faith. >> she may pray but she prays for the opposite but i doubt she prays at all. >> reporter: former president bill clinton apologized after being acquitted in 1999. >> i want to say, again, to the american people how profoundly sorry i am. >> reporter: in sharp contrast this was the only apology mr. trump offered. >> i want to apologize to my family for having them have to go through a phoney, rotten deal. >> reporter: while mr. clinton's one minute 38 second address
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called for unity. >> this must be a time of reconciliation. >> reporter: for over an hour the president did not. >> these are the crookedest, most dishonest, dirtiest people i've ever seen. >> reporter: president trump attacked leakers and liars for his impeachment but many people that raised concerns for his and his administration's actions did so in public and under oath including lieutenant colonel alexander vindman who is expected to be pushed out of the national security council. the adviser said on "face the nation" he wants to downsize but a lawyer for alexander vindman said they don't know of any plans to rotate him in the nsc. >> iowa democrats have finally reported all the results from monday's caucus. cbs news can't call a winner. the delegate count shows former mayor pete buttigieg and senator
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bernie sanders essentially tied for first. the democratic national committee chairman want as recount to assure voters the results are accurate. ed o'keefe is covering the upcoming new hampshire primary. ed, is the recount likely to happen? >> reporter: well, good morning, anthony. recount would have to be requested by one of the candidates by this afternoon and as of now we have no indication that's coming especially from the two candidates who are winning. pete buttigieg found out he prevailed by just a tenth of a percentage point in the delegate count. >> fantastic news. >> reporter: former mayor pete buttigieg and senator bernie sanders are claiming victory in the iowa caucuses. >> we did very well. we won in iowa. >> reporter: even saying so before the iowa democratic party released the final results late thursday. >> that argument is about electability and ability to win, we just had the first election of the 2020 process. >> what i want to do today,
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three days late, is to thank the people of iowa. >> why not let iowa finish counting first before declaring victory. >> given the fact we waited three days and now talk of another recount, we might want the decisions of the iowa caucus before the november election. >> reporter: with 100 precincts now reporting results show buttigieg has 26.2% and sanders 26.1. 26.1. but sanders leads buttigieg in the popular vote by more than 2,600 votes. >> this was, you know, a major league failure. >> reporter: democratic national committee chairman tom perez said there were errors reported in a number of iowa precincts and a recanvas is necessary. >> i want to make sure every iowa voter knows their vote was counted. >> reporter: sanders and buttigieg want to move on and looking ahead to tuesday's primary. >> we have an excellent chance to win here in new hampshire. >> reporter: recent polling
7:16 am
shows sanders on top with buttigieg close behind followed by elizabeth warren, former vice president joe biden, and senator amy klobuchar. >> new hampshire is a state that has never been told what to do. >> right. >>ore a full weekend of campaigning ahead of tuesday's primary. ed, thanks. cbs news will bring you full coverage of the new hampshire primarythe latest news, insight voters and more and bundled up he'll be. attorneys for disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein will call witnesses today to try to discredit evidence he engaged in a pattern of criminal sexual behavior. weinstein is on trial for raping one woman and assaulting another. he's always maintained what he did was consensual. harvey weinstein ignored cameras
7:17 am
as he walked out of court thursday after his attorneys began their defense, trying to convince the jury he's innocent of rape and sexual assault. it follows more than two weeks of testimony by six women, all of whom claimed weinstein sexually assaulted them. yesterday lauren young concluded her testimony. she says in 2013 weinstein invited her to his hotel room, stripped off his clothes, pulled down her dress and groped her. the trial started with annabelle sciorra who claimed weinstein raped her in her apartment in the '90s. the defense tried to poke holes in her story. film producer said she told him about an encounter but nothing that she told him that was shock. my understanding was that fooled around with him. prosecutors aim to show bias pointing to his long friendship with weinstein including weinstein once paid him $60,000 as a consultant on a movie.
7:18 am
attorney gloria allred represents several weinstein's alleged victims. >> the prosecutor sliced and diced him until there was next to nothing left of him. >> it's one thing to be able to defend against one excuser, maybe even two. but really difficult, if not almost impossible to defend against six. >> cbs news legal analyst rikki klieman says the defense will now have to sow doubt into stories of all six women. >> they have to use experts to both show memory could be false, but also that these women have a reason to accuse the way that they did. >> the defense plans on calling a memory expert and others over the next few days. if convicted weinstein could spend the rest of his life in prison and remember not just this case in new york but he's also facing charges in los angeles. >> about a week to go in this trial?
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>> about a week from what we under. we'll see what happens. right now it is 7:18. time to check your local weather.
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we have much more news ahead. cbs news investigation we're tracking how a toxic material called coal ash is being brought to the u.s. mainland and how weakening regulation eggs could play a role. you're watching "cbs this morning". >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. woman: nooooo! i got room. hop in! go! i'll hold it off! mondays, right? you guys go! (horn honking) get in, bryan. thanks, mom. hey! howdy! hello! again? go wherever they need you. ( ♪ ) the all-new highlander. toyota. let's go places. (sensei) a live bookkeeper quickbooks for me.tomize the all-new highlander. (live bookkeeper) okay, you're all set up. (sensei) thanks!
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>> announcer: this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning. it is 7:26. i'm kenny choi. another coronavirus evacuation plane landed in travis air force base in fairfield overnight. the flight is said to touchdown in texas, then nebraska per hazmat crew responded to a vehicle crash this morning. a pickup truck crashed into a wall along vincent toll lane. police are searching for a group of burglars in pleasant hill. officials say that the break-in happened after the knocked on the door. no word yet on any arrests.
7:27 am
let's see how that friday morning commute is looking with gianna. >> if you're commuting in san francisco, things are pretty quiet this morning. not seeing any delays. here's an overview from our salesforce camera. if you're heading to the bay bridge, the central freeway. our caltrans camera here, the upper deck of the bay bridge, moving pretty nicely as well. we have not seen a lot of delays in that area. taking a look at traffic, the metering lights remain on. and we've got an accident right at matrix and san jose. okay, gianna, it is a chilly start to the day. also foggy conditions along the bay. bundle up as you head out the door. check it out our daytime highs. a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. the warmest day of the week. 64 in oakland. 68 in san jose. 67 for concord. there we go with that extended forecast. similar for tomorrow. although changes on sunday. dry cold front ringing breezy to windy conditions and much cooler temps by the end of the week and.
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twith your go to ragtag group of misfits,ing somehow wins it all, movie. remember guys, glory lasts forever. bottle that confidence, mike. tonight, la quinta. tomorrow you triumph. othroughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in
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old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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. it's 7:30. here's what's happening on "cbs this morning." the coronavirus spreads aboard a cruise ship? japan where no one is allowed to get off. >> test us and let us go. winds are violent in this area, well over 80 miles per hour. >> deadly storms with powerful winds caused flash flooding, and severe damage in the southeast. >> had to get in the bathtub. that's all i knew. we went through hell. >> the president unloads on the democrats who failed to throw him out of office. >> he's impeached forever no matter what he says. >> we have to get the information out there for moms and for families.
7:31 am
>> plus how heart complications are putting pregnant women at risk. >> the number is going up in the united states. i said i've had enough. before overweight since i was 5 years old. time to change. and police departments unite to pursue a healthier lifestyle and get support from oprah. >> people are interested in this oneness of being well. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm anthony mason with tony and jerika duncan. gayle king is off. a cbs investigation finds thousands of tons of coal ash are brought into the mainland ash as the trump administration weakens regulations on coal plants. coal ash say leftover material from burning coal linked to cancer and other diseases. cbs news tracked the massive payload shipped from puerto rico to jacksonville, florida. cbs news chief investigative correspondent jim axelrod has been following this. good morning. >> good morning.
7:32 am
americans have felt the impacts of coal ash for decades. it can be harmful to people and the environment. the aes corporation is transporting it to a landfill in the mainland united states. the cargo the ship headed toward the port of jacksonville, florida, is hauling is coal ash, a toxic by-product when coal is burned to generate electricity. the "mississippi enterprise" arrives in florida begins its journey here, 1,200 miles away in guayama, puerto rico. this is a conveyor belt loading the ash from a coal-fueled power plant half a mile away, onto the boat. the aes power plant generates 300,000 tons of coal ash each oth year and there is no disposal on the island. the people in puerto rico don't want the coal ash and passed a law that it cannot be stoled here. >> the coal ash waste overflows out of the conveyor system.
7:33 am
[ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: lawyer and activist ruth santiago has been battling aes for better safeguards in disposing its coal ash. >> you see the barge full of stuff everybody says is toxic, pulling in to florida and going to other communities for disposal. what's your warning to them? >> they should not allow the import of the toxic coal ash to their communities. >> reporter: exposure to coal ash is what concerns dr. ezvaldo rosaria a professor of biochemical at the university of puerto rico. how dangerous? >> it's full of arsenic, selenium, chromium 6. you'll begin seeing respiratory problems, higher levels of cancer. >> reporter: in the
7:34 am
counsel of kingston, spilling more than 1 billion gallons of coal ash. before the spill in december of 2008, were you healthy? >> yes. i was in perfect health. i didn't have no medical problems. >> reporter: elmer lowe spent two years as a cleanup worker. without the necessary protective pgear to pro vent him from breathing in the coal ash says his wife, donna, part of an ongoing lawsuit against the company that hired him. what did he look like when he come in the front door? >> it looked like it was white and it was clay and it was nasty mud. but it wasn't mud. it was the coal ash on him. >> reporter: lowe went from an active and healthy man to suffering from addison's disease, lupus, arthritis, you got, asthma, and enlarged prostate. the obama administration in 2015
7:35 am
established new federal regulations for coal ash storage, including monitoring of nearby groundwater as well as its disposal. >> we have ended the war on beautiful, clean coal. >> reporter: regulations the trump administration's epa headed by former coal industry lobbyist andrew wheeler. >> i'm ashamed of the work that i did for the coal company -- >> reporter: is in the process of weakening. when i tell you that there are tens of thousands of tons, maybe even more of coal ash coming into the mainland united states from puerto rico, does that concern you? >> it sure does. >> my nom me, gina mccarthy. >> reporter: gina mccarthy was the epa administrator when the 2015 regulations were implemented. >> rule-making is supposed to protect people. what i would call a rule back in a weakening of protections is focused more on making the
7:36 am
industrial pollutant not have to pay to clean up their pollution and much less about the protecting the disadvantaged communities that govern is supposed to protect. >> reporter: the epa said in a statement, "a majority of 2015 rules remain in place and are being implemented on schedule." andrew wheeler declined our request for an on-camera interview. aes said in a statement "we comply with all local and federal regulations and furthermore, the epa classifies coal ash as a non-hazardous material." you can read the full statement on our website, >> heck of an investigation. we get about a quarter of our electric nit this country from coal. either replace that source or do something to deal with the results from that coal processing. you can't do neither. >> to hear it's coming in from someplace else and then the former, you know, epa person say they're concerned. it's eye-opening.
7:37 am
thank you, jim. well, ahead, what could be a major break-through in a deca decade's old cold case. investigators looking into the disappearance of a california college student in 1996 are following new leads and if you have to go, you can keep watching us live, download the cbs app and subscribe to cbs all access. you can also subscribe to "cbs this morning" news on the go on your favorite podcast platform. we'll be right back. baby's skin is absorbent her skin could actually soak up wetness her diaper doesn't that's gross. that's why i use pampers pampers absorbs quickly to trap and lock wetness away keeping your baby's skin drier and healthier for a diaper that stays drier, count on pampers. the health of your baby's skin starts with the pampers they're in. this city's changed... la di da, what do we have here?
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economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. we have news of a major break in a cold case stretching back almost 25 years.
7:42 am
police have now carried out multiple search warrants in two states in connection with the disappearance of kristin smart, a 19-year-old college freshman in california. smart was declared legally dead in 2002. her body has never been found. maria villareal reports. >> reporter: this home in san pedro, california, is one of four locationssearched by authorities this week in connection with the 1996 disappearance of kristin smart. a man believed to be 43-year-old paul flores was held outside, as sheriffs removed multiple items of interest. he was not arrested or charged. >> i refuse to answer that question. >> reporter: flores pleaded the fifth when interviewed by authorities after smart vanished and has denied involvement in her disappearance. police believe he was the last person seen with her, after a party, as they walked on the campus of cal poly university nearly 24 years ago.
7:43 am
sheriffs issued search warrants for the home of flores' mother and another unspecified location, both in san luis obispo county, in addition to a fourth location in washington state. the flores family declined our request for comment. in a statement, sheriffs say the search warrants are sealed by the court. "we are precluded by law from disclosing any further details." in a radio interview thursday, the san luis obispo sheriff pointed out that dna testing has greatly improved since kristin smart first disappeared. >> what they did in an investigation is different from what we do now, what we have available now, what our focus is now. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," maria villareal, los angeles. >> it would be huge if there's a break in the case after 24 years. >> for the family. looking at the stories we're talking about today, vlad, what have you got? >> lip drivers, we're left
7:44 am
star-struck. passengers who left passengers in an empire s good friday morning to you. it is a chilly start to the day, and areas of fog along the coast and parts of the bay. as we head into the afternoon, sunshine and mild, above average daytime highs. a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. 60 for in san francisco. we are looking at concord topping out at 67. 64 in oakland. there we go with that extended forecast. big changes on sunday. cooler and breezy to windy. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by subway. subway. then there's fresh valuem like the six inch oven roasted chicken for just two ninety-nine. it's seasoned all white meat chicken raised without antibiotics. start the year off fresh. fresh value. only from subway.
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7:49 am
mass wedding today in south korea. love was in the air, but surgical masks were also -- >> on the face. >> sad. >> in high demand, as a precaution, church staff had hand sanitizer and checked couples' temperatures. >> wow. >> because people had this date on the caldor for a long time and wanted to go through with it, because that's what love is all about. >> tough to get fitted for your tuxedo and face mask. >> the guys are sporting black mask and the women wearing white, keeping with the theme. got to coordinate. john witherspoon, love it. >> do you know you were quoting john witherspoon? >> no. >> you got to watch "boomerang" put that on your list. the head of disney is apologizing to a california elementary school after hit with
7:50 am
a $250 fee for playing "the lion king," they had no idea they were breaking copyright laws. nearly a third of the money raised at the november event but disney's ceo bob iger is stepping in. in a tweet iger said "our company apologizes to the emerson elementary school pta and i will personally donate to their . they are supposed to apply for lie accepts and sometimes get them for a whole semester or season of school. the family didn't know this. but it's standard. >> hard to know. you buy the movie, show it and next thing you know you're hit with a fine. >> now do all elementary schools get the iger pass? >> challenge bob iger. >> i don't think so. this is a great story. imagine falling in and out. >> there you go. >> you realize your driver is a
7:51 am
girl on the fire. >> i'll let you do that. >> some people live just to play the game. watch this. >> where are you from, new york? >> ah-ha. let's hear it for new york. >> oh, snap. >> i want to stay hello to my grammys. >> grammys. you know, grandma. >> that's alicia keys. she went undercover as laura as the lyft driver. ♪ everything will be all right ♪ >> you did great. >> i saw that interview you did with her. >> i got a notice on facebook it's been a year since i interviewed alicia keys. >> if she wasn't married and you weren't engaged you might have
7:52 am
had a shot. >> my face is red. >> need a facemask. >> i do think a future alicia keys may be driving a lyft right now meaning there's a lot of talent in those driver's seats. >> i didn't know people sat youp front. i usually get in the back. >> thank you, vlad. watch vlad on our 24 hour streaming service. of course on with the cbs app. oprah winfrey is backing up a police department wellness effort that's helping new york city's finest.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action. >> announcer: this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning. i'm gianna franco. it is 7:56. we have traffic alert for your commute on in santa rosa on 101. we will see lanes blocked as you work your way southbound 101. we got a travel truck involved in this accident. at least two lanes are blocked. hearing a lot of activity on scene from caltrans. they will need to repair the concrete in the world way. it looks like there's a lot of activity over to the right shoulder as well.
7:57 am
with lanes blocked, you got delays in both directions. sweepers have been called out also to clear everything out of the roadways. plan for some pretty significant delays. westbound 80, as you work your way to the e sort freeway, you got brake lights. also expect some brake lights underneath the toll plaza at the bay bridge. the world-minute drive time. north of 880, from 238 to the maze. it is a chilly start to the day. areas of fog along the coast and parts of the bay. low beautiful live look at our salesforce tower camera, looking north at the golden gate. so here's, what you can expect. clear skies, chilly temps, foggy at the coast and for parts of the be. as we head through the afternoon, enjoy the sunshine and mild, above-average daytime highs. not just today, but tomorrow as well. changes on sunday. much cooler temps as a dry cold front pushing through. breezy to windy conditions. as we go through the day today, though, 60 in san francisco. 66 in fremont. 68 for san jose. 67 for concord. there we go with that extended forecast. mild day tomorrow and then cooler and breezy to when they on saturday.
7:58 am
7:59 am
huge tax breaks for the rich, while the middle-class continues to struggle. that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax breaks for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors.
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, february 7th, 2020. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm tony dokoupil. ahead, hear from passengers on a cruise ship where more than five dozen people have been confirmed with coronavirus. >> i'm anthony mason. see how democrats are trying to move beyond iowa before tuesday's new hampshire primary. >> i'm jericka duncan. gayle king is off. oprah winfrey's wellness store makes a stop here in new york giving police officers backup for their weight loss drive. >> first, here is today's eye opener at 8:00. a growing crisis aboard cruise ships. one of them now has 61 confirmed cases of coronavirus. >> about 8,000 people here in
8:01 am
hong kong as well as in japan and two cruise ships now quarantined. >> there are power lines and trees down all over. the storm cut a wide path of destruction. >> the focus from the southeast up to the northeast the winds are going to crank as a storm bombs out across new england. >> a recount would have to be requested by this afternoon. we have no indication that is coming especially from the two candidates who are actually winning. >> attorneys for disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein will call witnesses today to try to discredit evidence he engaged in a paerttern of criminal sexual behavior. >> if anybody thought president trump's acquittal would be the end of bitter partisanship those hopes were dashed yesterday. >> the president took swipes at romney, at the vice president's national prayer breakfast. >> the enemies and the allies. we have them all. we have allies. we have enemies. sometimes the allies are enemies but we just don't know it. >> that sounds a little paranoid, but trump says he is a christian and he's just echoing
8:02 am
the lord's words at the last supper. truly i tell you, one of you will betray me. and it's mitt iscariot. gt him! >> this morning's eye opener is presented bay toyota. let's go places. >> the fighting in washington continues. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the number of confirmed coronavirus cases on a cruise ship docked in japan tripled overnight. officials say 61 people have now tested positive for the potentially deadly virus aboard the diamond princess near tokyo. at least nine americans there have been diagnosed. some 3700 people onboard will be quarantined for 12 more days including an american couple we spoke with. they say it's been really difficult. >> i was crying pretty hysterically because we have kids. we have jobs. you know, this really affects my business dramatically. and so, i mean, we only planned
8:03 am
this trip with the thought that i would be home by a very specific date because that is the time my season of business starts to take off. >> this morning a flight carrying dozens of americans from the outbreak's epicenter in wuhan, china landed at travis airforce base in california. they'll be taken to omaha, nebraska while evacuees from another flight will be taken to a base in san diego. a powerful winter storm blamed for at least five deaths is pounding the northeast after bringing tornadoes and flooding to the south. take a look at what's left at this mobile home in pickens, mississippi. roofs are blown off barns and homes. the national weather service confirms a 400-yard wide ef-1 tornado traveled more than a mile on the ground in alabama. multiple homes were destroyed and one person was killed. in spartanburg, south carolina take a look at this. these men fought to keep the door of a furniture store closed as winds tossed a metal sign into the glass.
8:04 am
cbs news meteorologist and climate specialist jeff berardelli is tracking the storm. what can we expect today? >> good morning. we're talking about wild weather especially in the northeast but even the pacific northwest. ski resorts will be happy. heavy snow on the way over the next two days. the real story is here in the northeast. heavy snow right now making its way out of the ohio valley into western p.a. with snowfall rates 1 to 2 inches an hour and as the storm cranks up later today it is really going to bomb out. winds will start to crank. talking high wind warnings in city area, long island, gusts could be up to 60 miles an hour. let's focus in on where the heavy snow is. state college, west of pittsburgh up to the finger lakes of new york so places like ithica and all that heavy snow moving through syracuse. at the same time on the southern side of the system there is an ongoing tornado warning. watch out in westminster. winds could be up to 80 miles an hour as the system makes its way very quickly to the northeast at 55 miles an hour. i got to tell you as a
8:05 am
meteorologist we are geeking out, guys. here is the reason why. really strong atmospheric river making its way from hawaii, powering our storm, and then that is translating into what is going to be a record setting jet stream in the north atlantic. winds will be 275 miles an hour in the upper atmosphere and so you'll have a tremendous tail wind. if you're flying across the atlantic we're talking probably the possibility of breaking a record there as well with a ground speed of 801 miles an hour believe it or not. if you're flying the opposite way it could take you an extra hour or two. it cuts both ways. >> all right. thank you very much. now let's get into a political forecast. seven democratic presidential rivals will debate tonight in new hampshire before its first in the nation primary. two new polls show bernie sanders and pete buttigieg fighting for the two top spots. iowa's democratic party says all precincts in that state are now reporting results from monday's caucus and those results show that buttigieg and sanders are
8:06 am
in a virtual tie among state delegates. jane sanders the senator's wife spoke with the circus cohost alex wagner about buttigieg declaring victory before all the iowa numbers were released. >> what was your feeling when mayor pete went out there and said, basically, i'm the victor? >> he said we have emerged victorious. i think candidates do what they have to do in order to move on. he needed iowa. he needed that. and the fact is they both had a good night. and others did not. but we're confident that bernie will end up being victor. >> alex wagner is also a cbs news special correspondent and she joins us from manchester, new hampshire. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. >> so we have this new polling. it shows buttigieg and sanders, front-runners if not favorites. what does that mean to the rest of the field? >> reporter: it means that they are in the fight of their political lives. i think you're seeing that reflected in some of the rhetoric coming from the biden
8:07 am
campaign, the warren campaign knows that they need to do well here. and it reflects fundamentally to two realities, tony. the first is up until this point this has very much been a jump ball. democratic voters were shopping around. they weren't sure who they wanted to support. this was anyone's race. after iowa, it is a different story and it reflects the second truth, which is that democratic voters also want to coalesce behind someone. they see the president amassing a war chest, with all-time approval ratings highs. the republican party consolidated around this president and they know he will be a formidible adversary in 2020. therefore they want to find their nominee and get behind him or her. >> we have elizabeth warren in third place in the new polls. you might think she would do well there. she is from nearby massachusetts where she is a senator but i know some voters in new hampshire call massachusetts tax-achusetts and a lot of her policies involve raising taxes. is new hampshire make or break for elizabeth warren? >> i definitely think it is.
8:08 am
i was with the senator last night in an event and i asked her, you came in third in iowa. is there nothing your campaign wants to do differently in the state of new hampshire? especially given the stakes at hand? and, you know, the warren campaign is resolutely on message and she said, look. i'm not employing fancy political consultants. i am out here fighting the same fight i've been fighting my entire life. it is clear that she believes her message about big, structural change is the thing that is going to stand her in good stead with democratic voters and she is sticking to that message. a very different approach than joe biden. >> speaking of joe biden, his campaign had a big summit yesterday. he called it -- iowa a gut punch for him. he is running a distant fourth in the poll. what are the stakes for biden here now? >> huge. i mean, this is someone who was for a while a presumed front-runner. and to come in fourth in iowa and to have high stakes in new hampshire, joe biden is laying it out all on the field. he is being in quintessential
8:09 am
sort of biden overshare saying, look. i need this. if you guys don't come out for me, my candidacy could be over. there's a lot of hyperbole in american politics but in the case of joe biden if he comes out here with a third or fourth place finish i think it spells real trouble for his campaign not just in terms of support but also dollars. i mean, joe biden has limited funds left in his war chest and he needs the donor class to be convinced that he has staying power. >> alex, president trump is claiming victory after being acquitted. do the democrats need to turn the page when it comes to impeachment? >> jericka, let me tell you one thing. of the three senators that had to jet back to washington, d.c. for the impeachment trial, senators i should say four. bennett, klobuchar, sanders, and warren. they do not talk about this on the campaign trail because they understand a fundamental trug about where the electorate is about. this is not about impeachment and that is not going to win the race for democrats. this is about health insurance, the social safety net, climate change, gun safety reform.
8:10 am
ukraine does not figure into all of this. now, democratic members of congress have a different strategy in how the democratic party reconciles the national stage with the washington stage is anyone's guess going into the fall of 2020. >> very unique state, new hampshire. also very independent. only state in the union where there is no law requiring adults to wear seat belts. alex, we expect you to buckle up and be safe. i will see you on monday. when i will be out there as well. the circus airs sunday on showtime a division of viacom cbs. check your local listings. as i mentioned cbs news will bring you full coverage of the new hampshire primary on tuesday. i'll be in manchester with the latest news, insights from voters and much more. a public memorial is now set in los angeles as the city continues to mourn the loss of kobe bryant. the service is set for february 24th at staples center, 24 of course was bryant's number and staples center is where he played during his iconic career with the lakers. a makeshift memorial stood for days outside the arena after
8:11 am
nine people including bryant and his daughter gianna were killed in a helicopter crash late last month. heart disease is a major threat to pregnant women and can turn chronic after the baby is born. dr. narula is in our toyota green room with what all good friday morning to you. it is a chilly start to the day as we head into the afternoon. sunny and mild, above-average daytime highs. 60 for a high in san francisco. we are looking at 64 in oakland. 66 fremont. 68 for san jose. there we go with that extended forecast. another chilly morning and a mild afternoon tomorrow. and then looking at breezy to windy conditions on saturday. much cooler temps to end the we can.
8:12 am
ahead "48 hours" investigates the case of a woman who says it was self-defense when she killed her former
8:13 am
boyfriend. >> i'm jamie yuccas. "48 hours." a young woman attacked. >> i'm so scared. >> the word boy carved in her arm. but will she be believed? that's coming up on "cbs this morning." up on "cbs this morning". velocity at a point. [sounds] kazoo sound ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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in today's morning rounds, how heart disease is a major risk for pregnant women. today is the american heart association's go red for women day. heart disease kills nearly 420,000 women in the u.s. each year. it's the leading cause of death among women. the disease is the number one cause of maternal death. a recent study found about 1 in 4 pregnancy or post partum deaths are caused by cardiovascular complications. we spoke to one woman who had a potentially life-threatening
8:18 am
heart complication during her pregnancy. >> good morning. the mortality numbers are even more staggering for african-american mothers. their risk of dying from heart-related complications is three times higher than white women. we spoke do a first-time mother who was diagnosed with hypertension during her pregnancy, once she learned it could lead to future complications, she changed her life around. she and her husband marcus were expecting their first child. they worried about the health of their baby. but she received unexpected news in her third trimester during a routine visit about her own health. >> she told me my blood pressure was extremely high. >> reporter: she said that moment changed her life forever. >> it was pretty alarming. why went back the following week and my pressure was still high, i knew there was something wrong. >> reporter: she was diagnosed with gestational hypertension, it's also known as high blood
8:19 am
pressure and develops during pregnancy, after 20 weeks. in severe cases, it can cause pree mace ya. it can affect as many as 1 in 10 women and can increase risk of heart failure, heart attack, and stroke. >> i don't know what caused the hirp tension. so i know i had gained a lot of weight. the only thing i knew was that i had hypertension and that hopefully after giving birth to my daughter everything would go back to normal. it just did not. >> reporter: forty months later she struggled to get her blood pressure under control. her weight skyrocketed and her new normal was a daily blood pressure pill. >> you didn't expect to have a diagnosis of post partum hypertension. >> no. i didn't even know there was a thing called post partum hypertension. >> risk factors for cardiovascular disease maternity
8:20 am
mortality are race,th nice, age. they are at a higher risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease in the future. >> the number match tenderty mortalities in the u.s. is cream esing. >> reporter: this is a cardiologist. >> we're seeing there's an increase in the number of heart attacks during pregnancy. that number is going up in the united states. we don't exactly understand why. we also sometimes unmask disorders that we didn't realize were present before. >> you're doing great. >> reporter: she got serious about her health. she works out at least five days a week. she has cut sodium out and portion controls all her meals. >> do you feel like having your daughter helped push you and motivate you? >> absolutely! yeah. i want to be healthy for my daughter. but it is also, too, for me. i have to take care of myself. >> she worked hard for four years to lose 75 pounds. since last winter, she no longer
8:21 am
needs blood pressure medicine. >> when you think of heart disease, you think of heart attack, stroke, hypertension is a real issue. cardiovascular disease, while pregnant, is a real issue. we have to get the information out there for moms and for families. >> michelle is now a spokeswoman for the american heart association and hopes her story will help other women know the risks. you know, one of the things she said to me was i can't believe i was chosen to be a spokeswoman. i didn't have a heart attack or stroke. and that just conveys the idea those women don't really think this is a big deal. >> and what are some of the signs of hypertension. what should some women do? she's eating healthier. >> if you're diagnosed, you need close follow up during pregnancy. plan after pregnancy. you need to meet with a cardiologist in three months or so to go over all of your risk factors. you need to know your numbers. the issue is during pregnancy
8:22 am
and in general, hypertension can be silent. you may not feel anything but certainly in pregnancy, sometimes it's hard to tease out. you may have leg swelling and you think it's normal pregnancy. but sometimes it can be a marker of a bigger problem. you need to speak up. speak to your ob and potentially get referred further on to a cardiologist, if needed. >> the way she responded is impressive. are there ways to prevent heart disease during pregnancy? >> in general. but we try to educate women 80% of cardiovascular disease is preventable. things like, as you saw, diet and exercise and stress management. all those things can go a long way. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. don't feel like going to the grocery store? no. i don't. why don't you have a robot bring the items to you? that's a great idea! the major milestone on the road to bringing driverless delivery vehicles to your neighborhood. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." 's ahead on "cbs this morning". fighting climate change
8:23 am
isn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from polluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for everyone,
8:24 am
regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. twith your go to ragtag group of misfits,ing somehow wins it all, movie. remember guys, glory lasts forever. bottle that confidence, mike. tonight, la quinta. tomorrow you triumph.
8:25 am
ahead the latest from oprah's wellness tour which is giving nypd employees a boost. employees have already she >> announcer: this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning. i'm gianna franco. it is 8:25. we have traffic alert as you work your way in the north bay this morning. an accident involving a truck and another vehicle. you have gravels build in all lanes now. southbound 101, right at college. two right lanes are rock until further notice. they traffic alert is in effect. it will be there for quite some time. they have called out caltrans sweepers to clear everything out of the lanes. there's damage to the roadways that will need to the repaired
8:26 am
as well. this is southbound 101 at college avenue. the rest of the bay doing okay in some spots. in fact, we have seen some drive times improving here on westbound 580. give yourself about 28 minutes on that drive time. have not had any troubles this morning along highway 4. antioch to the eastshore freeway. eastshore freeway, 25 minutes from highly 4 to that mays. give yourself an hour to go from san jose to sfo. okay, gianna, well, it was a chilly start to the day., once again, this morning, and also dealing with areas of fog along the coast and through parts of the bay. it is going to be beautiful afternoon. as we head through our afternoon, plenty of sunshine and looking at mild above average temps for this time of year. so let's show you when you can expect. sunshine, mild temps today and for tomorrow. and we are looking at much cooler weather. breezy to windy conditions for your sunday. so there we go with our temperatures. 60 in san francisco. we're looking at 64 in oakland.
8:27 am
68 in san jose. 67 for concord. so there we go with that extended forecast. mild they tomorrow. changes on sunday. cooler and breezier to end our weekend. have a great weekend. laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪ tell me something good welcome back to "cbs this morning." it is now t . ♪ tell me something good >> we will. it is time to bring our stories that are talk of the table where we each pick a story we'd like to share with you and each other. if anthony picks what he wants to pick it is not talk of the table. it is bark of the table. >> absolutely. you may think your dog can do tricks. i'll show you a dog who can do a trick. a golden retriever in new york may be headed into the record books, the guinness book of world records specifically. finley can hold six tennis balls in his mouth at one time. the guinness world record is five. what's more, finley gets them all in there by himself. >> no way. >> without human help.
8:31 am
he has more than 31,000 followers on instagram by the way. he literally lies on his back. i hope we have the video. finley lies on his back with his paws up in the air. there he is balancing the ball between his paws and then he drops it into his mouth. and he can get four in there doing that and then he has to, with his paws he gets the other two in. but like i say, no one has ever done -- the record is five set back in 2003 by another golden retriever named augie. but we think finley is going to end up in the record books. he also likes to steal balls, any kind of balls from the neighbor's garage. apparently finley has a thing for balls and i have a thing for finley. who's next? >> i also have a dog story. this may not be a surprise after we saw finley's performance but according to a new survey humans love their dogs more than they love other humans. the kennel club questioned more than 2600 dog owners. almost 1 in 5 said they prefer to have a dog relationship than a human relationship. bm half agreed dogs don't let you down as often as humans can
8:32 am
and nearly one-quarter said having a dog would make them less concerned about not being in love. as valentine's day approaches, if you have a dog but not a valentine it may be just fine. >> a valentine for your dog. >> here are six balls. by the way -- [ laughter ] >> you're not going to have time. go ahead. >> this is in the uk. it remains to be seen if people in the u.s. feel the same way. i think they would. >> all right. here's mine. your groceries. they may soon be delivered by a robot near you. an autonomous vehicle company called nuro is the first to win approval from regulators to test a fleet of driverless delivery vehicles. they will deliver pizza and groceries. there is no steering wheel or seats and the vehicles will not drive faster than 25 miles -- right there -- 25 malice piles hour. a human will monitor the vehicle remotely. the company plans to begin
8:33 am
testing on public roads in houston in the coming weeks. it looks like kroger and walmart are signing up but essentially a customer will type in a code to unlock the robot and obtain the items. >> this cannot happen soon enough. >> something is lost when you no longer walk to the grocery store. >> what would be lost? >> the opportunity to rub shoulders with your neighbors. >> okay. >> i kind of agree. >> you guys can pick up your own groceries. there is a major hearing today in the case of a young wisconsin woman accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend. ezra mccandless admits she killed alex woodworth but claims it was self-defense. she tells the story of being attacked and fighting for her life. the prosecutors say the story is a lie. our cbs news correspondent jamie yuccas. >> i have a lady that just came to my house and somebody attacked her. >> reporter: a bruised and distraught stranger showed up on the door step of wisconsin dairy farmer don sipple.
8:34 am
>> her clothes are all torn. >> reporter: this police dash cam recorded the voice of 20-year-old ezra mccandless as she pleaded for help. >> i'm so scared. >> where all are you hurt from right now? >> everywhere. >> reporter: ezra told authorities she didn't recall much about the attack but she knew who attacked her. a man named alex woodworth. ezra was an aspiring artist who used her own car as a canvas. alex hoped to become a philosophy professor. the two had been having a secret affair for months. and tensions were running high. >> something horrible happened to this woman. >> reporter: the district attorney says police had a big problem. they could not find the crime scene or alex. police visited alex's house, called his cell phone, and spoke with his parents, but alex had vanished. then the cops followed the muddy
8:35 am
foot prints ezra left when she went to that dairy farm. >> everything changed when law enforcement found the body. >> reporter: alex woodworth's body was found in ezra's abandoned car. he had been stabbed 16 times. >> is this the way the car was found? >> yes. alex's body was kind of laying out of the back seat. >> reporter: when detectives confronted ezra she admitted to repeatedly stabbing alex but said it was in self-defense. >> he just kept trying to attack me and attack me. i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: after examining the evidence, investigators felt ezra was lying. >> this was someone who was staging a crime scene. >> reporter: she was rested and charged with murder. >> this was anger and rage and this was personal. >> reporter: at her trial last october, ezra mccandless testified in her own defense.
8:36 am
although she faced a possible life sentence, at times she seemed to bask in the lime light. >> she's here to put on a show for the jury. this case boiled down to whether you believed ezra mccandless or not. >> wow. >> ooh. >> lots of layers. >> jamie, any doubt ezra committed this crime? >> there was some doubt. i mean, if you look at her appearance, she was somebody who when she came into the courtroom really kind of lit up and she had this kind of meek, timid persona, and the prosecutors were very concerned that she may come across that way and that people would believe her story that, you know, she was attacked and this awful thing happened. she dressed very feminine in the courtroom. she was somebody, too, where her ex-boyfriend said on the stand the games never stopped. what game was she going to play when she took the stand? >> i'll be watching. >> i will be as well. thank you, jamie. you can see jamie's report the case against ezra mccandless tomorrow night at 10:00/9:00
8:37 am
central right here on cbs. thousands of city workers in new york are shedding pounds as part of a unique wellness program. ahead, meet a group of new york police department employees who lost as much weight, get this, as a police good friday morning to to you. it is a chilly start to the day, and areas of fog the coast and for parts of the bay. sunshine and mild above average daytime highs. in fact, a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. go 60 in san francisco. as we are looking at concord topping out at 67. 64 in oakland. 68 for san jose. there we go with that extended forecast. big changes on sunday. cooler and breezy to windy. tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president
8:38 am
is better than the criminal in the white house. we all have progressive plans to address the big challenges facing our country. what makes me different, is i've been working for ten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach to hold this lawless president accountable. i'm proposing big reforms like term limits...
8:39 am
...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare climate change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people.
8:40 am
oprah winfrey will be in brooklyn this weekend for the latest stop on her wellness tour. she is spreading an
8:41 am
inspirational message this time with special guest michelle obama. but she is also dealing with some controversy, which she discussed with our lead national correspondent david begnaud over the novel american dirt her book club selection she announced here on "cbs this morning" last month. >> the author of novel is jeanine cummins. she is white and has been accused of insensitivity in her depiction of the mexican migrant experience. >> i think publishers are thinking differently. i know i certainly am thinking differently. i certainly want to include for myself a realm of latin experiences i haven't had before and i think it is a moment we get to move forward. i want to take all of the controversy from both sides, bring them together, in a conversation that helps us move on. >> david joins us at the table. oprah says it is a moment. it clearly is. she has a lot to tell you it sounds like. >> she was very open in saying i want to bring them together. let's do a special.
8:42 am
it is going to air on apple tv plus in march. she said early on i hear you and what you're saying matters so let's have a larger discussion about it. we of course were with her because the big show this weekend. it sold out, anthony. i know you wanted a ticket. >> i'm not surprised. >> you're not going to get one. you may be surprised to hear this as well but the city of new york offers all 380,000 of its employees a wellness program and they partner with ww formerly known as weight watchers which oprah is a major investor in. city employees get a more than 50% discount if they join in and it provides a squad of reinforcements that really support everyone who is on a journey to live well. this morning you're going to meet some members of that squad. lieutenant tara deckert is a ring leader. >> lieutenant deckert. >> reporter: by day she commands the nypd grand larceny division intelligence unit but she has an under cover passion and it plays out underground. that's where the nypd has its fitness center and where lieutenant deckert shreds
8:43 am
calories. her weight rap sheet has dropped 60 pounds. >> i had high blood pressure. i was having a hard time keeping up with the kids because i was over weight. i said i've had enough. i've been overweight since i was 5 years old. it was time to change. >> reporter: she started eating right and started a ww group inside police headquarters. >> our group has lost over 3,000 pounds. that's the weight of a police car. >> reporter: yesterday lieutenant deckert joined a wellness walk with two of her ww accomplices, danielle craven who lost 75 pounds, and shamira gil-mcganey. is it true you lost 140 pounds? >> that is correct. i lost a person. >> reporter: you did. no, really. you did >> i was just telling a lady in the car my daughter at the time was 8 years old and she used to have to help me get dressed. i couldn't do it on my own. >> reporter: really. >> she was putting my socks on for me. she said, mommy, i feel like i'm your slave. i died. i'm like, okay. that's it. can't have my baby feeling like a slave.
8:44 am
>> reporter: in all, 2,082 nypd employees have shred more than 8,000 pounds. it is all part of a unique partnership the work well nyc program launched with ww back in june of 2016. nearly 40,000 city employees have collectively lost more than 170,000 pounds. all three ladies are about to be in a lineup but it's the kind of lineup you want to be in. saturday at the barclays center in brooklyn. but yesterday there was a surprise. oprah joined in the walk. the tour thus far has taught me -- >> taught me that there is unity in the country around the issue of wellness. that everybody wants the same thing. they want a better life for themselves. so that they can be better for their children and their families. >> reporter: when you hear about somebody like shamira losing 140 pounds -- >> i told her that used to be may goal weight. i was prediabetic before. all of that is now done.
8:45 am
>> reporter: i didn't know that. >> i was. i didn't tell you that. okay. i should have texted it. >> reporter: keeping secrets, oprah. >> i was prediabetic before ww and no longer. now my numbers are glowing. i just checked with my doctor the other day. >> reporter: i think that is the oprah exclusive, y'all. looking on were shamira, tara, and danielle. >> you guys all worked so hard and it is so awesome. wouldn't have this program without you. >> reporter: it was such a special moment for them. shamira really talked about keeping it off. her daughter was #8 years old at that moment she was putting on shamira's socks and is 20 today and shamira has not yoyo'd but maintained the weight loss since then. >> impressive. really impressive women this morning. the heart segment and here. done amazing work. >> yeah. losing more than a squad car collectively. anthony, i am sorry you can't go to the wellness tour event this weekend. my mom has a ticket. >> that's right. she is going. >> she has two friends with her. my aunt is coming over as well. it is a full house. we got the air mattress out. >> all staying at your place?
8:46 am
>> they are. >> good. >> they'll be arriving in the next 12 hours. >> welcome, mom. >> i'll see what i can do. i have a cousin actually on the tour. she is one of the dancers. i get to see her this sunday. >> a lot of connections here. >> yes. >> all right. david, thank you. on today's "cbs this morning" podcast film critic alison wilmore makes her prediction for the academy awards this sunday. before we go a look at all that mattered this week. we will be right back. we'll be right back.
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growing up in a family that struggled economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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♪ tony is off to new hampshire this weekend. smile be here on monday, actually. my wife is going to new hampshire. it's confusing at our house. we both covers politics. >> that's it for us. have a great weekend. >> america's future is blazing bright. >> president trump the stuck to the script laying out what he believes are the greatest accomplishments of his administration. >> house speaker nancy pelosi tore up the president's speech. >> the president did not mention his impeachment in his address. >> the tension between the two of them has been growing for some time. the president routinely calls pelosi crazy. >> donald trump is here by acquitted of the charges in said articles. >> this is what the end result is. [ cheers and applause ] >> in new hampshire they like to say iowa picks corn and they pick the president. >> still zero, zero, zero. >> there re numbers.
8:51 am
where are the numbers? >> more than 500 americans have been evacuated. state department has confirmed that they are now paying for nor flights. rain not snow. the one very depressed weather man would like a blizzard. >> hit it. >> down the middle. open. >> what is this moment like for >> it's everything. >> kansas city, we did it. >> kansas city red today. >> incredible come back. >> jennifer lopez and shakira were on fire. >> a-rod went full fan boy. ♪ >> go ahead make durs yours a d. >> i love a fluffy butter milk pancake with syrup down the side. >> we want to get a tight shot of the star of the show, this plagiarist pancakes right here. >> look at that.
8:52 am
it's a thing of beauty. >> after the show -- this is a very popular stop on the campaign trail. >> he's sad the excitement is about to end. >> he looks like he's so over it. now he's showing you his butt because he's had enough. >> he's 90 years old. he works out three times a week in his denim overals. he wears overalls because he doesn't have any hips to keep his pants up. >> i have a butt that can keep my pant up. >> the show's executive producers are here. >> it's all i can do to ask you not to remove your shirt. >> oh, gayle. >> gayle, come on. >> look at those abs. >> i have a lot of questions. >> 19-year-old son came in, put
8:53 am
the phone in my face and asked have i seen this? >> it was in the pakistani newspaper. >> was it
8:54 am
twith your go to ragtag group of misfits,ing somehow wins it all, movie. remember guys, glory lasts forever. bottle that confidence, mike. tonight, la quinta. tomorrow you triumph.
8:55 am
>> announcer: this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good friday morning. i'm gianna franco at the traffic center. if you're heading out on the roadways, in santa rosa area, we do have a traffic alert involving an accident with a gravel truck. gravel spilled all over that roadway , and you still have lanes blocked in that area. caltrans, they are sweeping things out of the lanes. there's also damage to the road lanes. expect delays there in both directions. another part of 101, along the
8:56 am
peninsula. we got a crash here also. that is blocking the number two and three lanes. slow-and-go ride as you head through there. still seeing some delays in away. you got pockets coming out of the south bay. all the way to towards sfo. your south bay drive times, still and the yellow. still a little slower this morning. 60 minutes. over towards 85. it takes the traffic in san francisco. well, we are looking at plenty of sunshine as we head through today. in fact, today, the warmest day of the week with mild above- average temps this time of year. here's a live look with our treasure island camera. with those clear skies, sunshine, here's what you can expect. a mild afternoon today. plenty of sun. chilly for tomorrow morning. once again. could see some fog along the coast and for parts of the bay. sunshine and mild conditions for your saturday. much cooler on saturday. with breezy to windy conditions and a dry cold front pushing through. so for today, 60 in san francisco. 64 in oakland. 67 in concord.
8:57 am
68 for san jose. there we go with that extended forecast. mild for tomorrow. breezy, cooler on saturday. obama: he's been a leader
8:58 am
8:59 am
throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people.
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