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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 11, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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competent, but an expert disagrees. >> no, it doesn't make sense. we're not aliens. if i'm an alien, you're one too. >> reporter: the 29-year-old is charged with murder and attempted murder for allegedly randomly stabbing nia wilson and her sister as they were at the bart station platform on the way home from a family gathering. he admits to having schizophrenia and antisocial personality disorder as well as drug problems. he gave conflicting answers on his medications and prior hospitalizations. when wilson's 2 sisters and family were in the courtroom, today's testimony was difficult for them to process. >> it's very difficult. especially for the girls to have to sit here and hear him not owning up to what he done. >> reporter: his bizarre statements coming on day 4 of the trial. cowell was forcibly removed from the courtroom last week due to an outburst. at that time he was subdued. subdued until late this afternoon when he started to
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throw that temper tantrum. in fact at one point the judge stopped everything and told him to count to 10 just to calm things down. court resumes on thursday, tomorrow is a court holiday. >> i have to ask you, to you, did it seem like cowell was trying to play to the jury? >> reporter: you know, i was trying to pay close attention to that and just look at his mannerisms, how he was answering questions. i think by late this afternoon, he just became agitated, and then he got down this spiral of answering questions and talking out of context action and then it became quite personal between him and the prosecutor where he just thought the prosecution was rude, and he wanted nothing of it. that's when the judge said let's call it quits and resume on thursday. >> all right, we'll see what happens when they get back in court. juliette goodrich in oakland, thank you so much. i'm ken bastida at the live news desk. chopper 5 over the scene of a police vision in alameda right
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now. what we know is that this involves a mini van and pedestrian who was struck. this was walnut street at alameda. one of the vehicles involved is right there. we're told on elderly woman was hit in the crosswalk. she's rushed to the hospital and in serious condition. we're also told the driver stayed at the scene, is cooperating. there are road closures and traffic delays in that area while they continue to investigate. we will keep an eye on this one and keep you posted on any changes. back to you. all right, ken, thank you. danville police looking for the cause of a violent crash that happened at black hawk plaza circle just before noon. chopper 5 just above the scene during the investigation. you can see a large truck on its side on top of a small, dark sedan. the entire back half of the
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car crushed. we have calls in for injuries but have yet to hear back. in berkeley another violent crash turned deadly after a man drove into a light pole just after 9:00 a.m. witnesses say, oh they heard the impact. >> i was coming from mcdonald's, and um, by the time i got there i just heard a big old boom, and by the time i got to this corner right here, that's when i seen him. he hit it dead on. >> no one else in the car other than the driver. no other cars involved or injuries. sexual assault victims in the south bay have a new hope for justice. santa clara county investigators cleared a backlog of untested rape kits. here's more on how the county fixed a glaring problem. >> reporter: the santa clara county district attorney's
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office made a major announcement. they've cleared a backlog of untested rape kits, evidence that could be crucial to a conviction. they said it was dna evidence from a rape kit that helped them build a case against a man charged with allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in the early morning hours of super bowl sunday. >> a dna profile was developed and input into the national database called codis, and by wednesday afternoon there was a hit. >> reporter: the da's office says the county's crime lab has significantly shortened the processing time of rape kit from more than 3 months to just 2 weeks. 16 days on average. >> these are very invasive examinations and they're done at a time when someone has been victimized and assaulted and feels incredibly vulnerable. and the least we can do is test that kit. >> reporter: in 2019, santa clara county spent $600,000 to hire additional staff to help clear the backlog and improve
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processing times at the crime lab, dramatically exceeding statewide guidelines. >> at a state level there's a goal, not even a mandate, that can you kits be tested within 120 days. that's 120 days of someone roaming the streets potentially harming someone else. >> reporter: the da says it took the crime lab just 72 hours, 3 days, to process the rape kit that led to this recent arrest. an investment in recent resources that paid dividends in the quest to help vulnerable victims. the cost to the county for hiring the technicians is about $300,000 a year, but supervisors say they believe that's a small amount to pay in the interest of justice. in san jose, defendant, kpix 5. today there are no more kits in the county backlog and all kits are processed within 30 days. san francisco police are asking for help finding the suspect in this unprovoked add
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tack on a family. this happened new year's eve. now watch, the suspect puts down his pizza box and runs after the family. police say he shoved a boy into a brick wall. then you see him run off with the boy's father chasing him. it happened on bay street in the marina district. if you recognize the suspect or person with imhad, contact sfpd. one bay area community taking steps to keep people safe and informed during the coronavirus outbreak. oakland's china town holding a workshop to prevent panic. andria borba is live in china town where fear is already evident. >> reporter: well right now veronica, community leaders and business leaders here in oakland's china town with meeting with alameda county public health officials to learn best practices to prevent the spread of the flu and dispel fears about the coronavirus. it's lunchtime at shooting star cafe in oakland's china town. typically packed, but not
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today or any day recently. overinflated worries over the coronavirus have left sidewalks and the neighborhood empty and restaurants unfilled. >> i would say from 50 to 70 percent of our business, um, besides the locals not coming in, a lot of people are trying to avoid china town in general and avoid asians i would say. >> reporter: there are no coronavirus in oakland or san francisco, and only 7 total in the entire state of california. carl chan, the president of the china town chamber of commerce says disinformation is spreading. >> especially now that people are writing online. >> reporter: he says rumors are moving particularly fast on chinese social app we chat. >> i think most importantly we want people to understand the true facts about the coronavirus, and also, you know, don't be afraid when you see an asian on the street or
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in the restaurants or anywhere you are. >> reporter: chan says shooting star cafe is not alone. business owners are reporting sales drops of two-thirds or more. sunny wong, the coowner of shooting star, says the viability of businesses here depends on customers coming wan not as dangerous as people think. everyone is talking about how potentially it can become like the next plague or something like that. >> reporter: now business leaders here in china town are calling on oakland's mayor to come do a walking tour of the neighborhood to prove that everything is safe to everyone who lives here and everyone who thinks about coming here but is currently afraid because of the coronavirus. live in oakland, andria borba, kpix 5. hundreds of evacuees from wuhan, china celebrate the end of 2 weeks in quarantine, look at that. they're tossing those face masks into the air.
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all have been given a clean bill of health and being allowed to return to their homes. this was the first group of americans who fled the coronavirus in china. many are state department employees. nearly 200 people returned to the u.s. last month under tight security and strict health conditions to wait out the virus' incubation period. regaining freedom today was emotional for many of the evacuees. >> today we took off our masks and were given a clean bill of health. we all realized that we had gone through this experience together and we made good things and kept ourselves busy. one of our staff did a zumab class. >> some evacuees say they grew so close they're planning a reunion in the future. coming up at 6:00, we hear from a palo alto woman who was
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one of those released today. today we spoke with the cbs chief medical correspondent about what u.s. officials really want people to focus on in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. >> i think one message is don't panic, but the public health officials and scientists are looking at this very, very carefully and saying look, unless you're in an area that's particularly high risk, um there's no reason to wear a mask. >> we'll have continuing coverage of the coronavirus and it's impact on the bay area here on kpix 5 and streaming 24/7 on cbsn bay area. you can find it on and other digital platforms. federal documents released today show an apple engineer that died in a tesla crash on highway 101 in 2018 had previously complained about the autopilot system. documents confirm what the
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family claimed all along, that walter huang called his wife that the autopilot had veered his car toward the same freeway barrier in the past. tesla says drivers must be ready to intervene at all times on autopilot. his family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against tesla back in may. breaking news in the last few minute, a live look, concord, new hampshire, polls closed. the voters have cleared out. but here it is. the very early results for you. this just 15 percent of the votes counted, but so far bernie sanders leading with 28 percent, pete buttigieg at 22 percent, amy klobuchar at 20 percent, elizabeth warren, joe biden about 9 percent each. we'll continue to watch the numbers. we have a live report for you from new hampshire coming up in about 15 minutes. but more breaking news
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because we're getting word democrat andrew yang has suspended his bid for president. he's getting only 2 percent of the vote in new hampshire. coming up, jussie smollett indicted again after police say he faked a violent attack on himself. why prosecutors are taking on a case once more. >> plus how netflix played a big hand in getting investigators to reopen the case into the murder of civil rights activist malcolm x. >> not so happy news from the happiest place on earth. just how much more you're going to have to spend to go to disneyland and disney world. >> and weather is steady as she goes. we have the forecast coming up when we come back. obama: he's been a leader
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throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help
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teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >> actor jussie smollett now facing 6 counts of indictment from a grand jury for falsely claiming he was a victim of a racist and homophobic attack last year. you might remember he was prosecuted in early 2019, but
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a state attorney dropped all charges in march. these new charges come after a judge appointed a special prosecutor to take another look at the case. police say the actor orchestrated the alleged hate crime, but smollett denies the accusations. he's due back in court february 24th. harvey weinstein's defense rested its defense today after calling 7 witnesses in the sexual assault trial in new york. the disgraced movie mogul's attorneys chose not to put him on the stand. >> reporter: were you thinking about testifying? >> you didn't have to -- >> reporter: you wanted to testify. >> he didn't have to, the case spoke for itself. >> the defense cross examined many of the women that accused weinstein of sexual assault and rape. weinstein's attorney says the prosecution failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. >> the evidence presented in this case was anemic at best. if he wasn't harvey weinstein
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they would have never brought the charges. >> if convicted weinstein faces life in prison. closing arguments are set to begin thursday. today 3 federal prosecutors quit the case against president trump's long time confidant roger stone. this is hours after the justice department revealed they're significantly reducing stone's convictions. today the department of justice announced plans to reduce the recommendations hours after president trump criticized them. stone is scheduled for sentencing next week. he was convicted on 7 charges related to russian interference in the 2016 election. we are learning that kobe bryant and his daughter gianna were laid to rest in a private funeral late last week. entertainment tonight is reporting it was held friday ahead of the february 24th public memorial held at staples center. that memorial will honor all 9
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video of the crash scene. a mountain biker recorded this from just a few feet away. you can see smoke, flames coming from the scattered debris. he told bike magazine that the chopper was going very fast and flying very low. in a preliminary report released on friday, the ntsb says there's no evidence of engine failure in that crash. more than 50 years after civil rights icon malcolm x was killed and 3 men were sentenced to prison for the crime, a new investigation into the shooting is beginning and it's all because of a popular netflix documentary. >> why doesn't someone want to get to the bottom of this? >> they never had any intenses of seriously investigating that assassination. >> that's my in addition. >> the series, who killed malcolm x, began streaming on friday. by monday the manhattan district attorney's office
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announced plans to look into new information brought forth in the documentary. they'll also work with the innocence project. a trip to disney theme parks going to cost you more in 2020. ticket and annual pass price increases were announced for both disneyland and walt disney world. for disney world, the most expensive ticket will cost over $200 a day. it follows a ticket price increase in 2019. >> ouch. >> so if you takids? >> aot of kedough. >> 4 you're like circling a thousand dollars. >> you're spending their college education. but it's an education in and of itself. >> and it's the happiest place on earth. >> because they're not there when the sheriff shows up saying you're bankrupt. >> you know, i turned on the con air
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today. it's so crazy! it's winter! >> only on the calendar, but not in the weather. wait until you hear what it was in santa rosa today. plenty of sunshine around the bay area. the golden gate bridge, clear skies out there. just a puff or two of fog, but otherwise looking sunny. right now santa rosa at 78 degrees. lots of records broken or tied today. santa rosa overnight down to 49, and san jose 47. high pressure still moving in over southern arizona, and as a result the winds keep us
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scoured. but the futurecast shows there's not much on the way until we get to thursday, and then you'll see something you haven't seen in awhile on the futurecast. that's just a touch toward the end of the loop of a green dot or two. no rain out of it, but there's still moisture in the atmosphere. so here's what we're expecting. clear and cool tonight. lighter winds and pretty much clear skies through wednesday. temperatures remain on the mild to warm side. won't be as warm today as today. and then finally we do get some cooling. back down into the 60s by the time we hit thursday and friday. rain chances bumped up a little by sunday for santa rosa. 20 percent range now. so maybe a few drops on sunday in the north bay. otherwise that's about it. high temperatures though for wednesday. we're looking for numbers to be 72 in santa rosa. what a comeback from the low 80s in santa rosa. 69 at napa. 70 fairfield and 69 at
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livermore. 67 at mountain view, and 64 in san francisco. we have got sunshine all the way through friday and then we have clouds coming in saturday. sunday looking iffy. monday and tuesday we turn it right around and go back to sunny weather. that's what's coming up as far as the forecast goes. here's veronica with what's next in the news. coming up straight ahead we go live to the new hampshire primary where those results are now rolling in.
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huge tax breaks for the rich, while the middle-class continues to struggle.
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that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax breaks for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors.
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our campaign 2020 coverage, the counting is happening right now. and some early results starting to come from the new hampshire primary. that alone relief for democrats after that big iowa caucus fiasco. cbs reporter skyler henry is live in bedford, new hampshire, and right now we have 3 candidates bunched at the top, and i bet they're all claiming momentum. >> reporter: that's right, good evening to you. they certainly are. but as of now, what we can confirm is that cbs news can confirm that this is a 3-way race at the top. we have bernie sanders out in front, and then we have pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar going neck and neck for second place there. elizabeth warren and joe biden actually having a poor showing here in this presidential primary here in new hampshire. now just in the last 20
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minutes we learned that andrew yang has suspended his campaign. he actually just finished talking to supporters about 45 seconds ago. but moving forward in this race, we have seen a significant surge from amy klobuchar in the last few days. we've mentioned before that because of her debate performance on friday, she's seen a lot of people say that they are going to vote for her. what i can tell you also is that we have seen a lot of people say that they were undecided in terms of who their candidate was going to be for the last few days, so certainly those last minute pushes from the campaigns certainly made a difference here. but as you mentioned this is a sanders, buttigieg, and klobuchar taking up the top 3. >> you mentioned andrew yang is out, joe biden though, is new hampshire going to be the knockout for him or at least a bigger wake up call than iowa?
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>> reporter: well, i think the former vice president was never truly confident about his performance here in new hampshire. he said he's actually going to move forward with his campaign in south carolina and nevada. he said that he was hopefully optimistic for his results here in new hampshire, but he didn't really think he'd do all that well. he thinks more of his supporters will be in the more diverse states throughout the country, so he's moving full steam ahead. >> we'll see what happens in south carolina and nevada. skyler henry, thank you so much. and stay with us for the latest results. kpix 5 has you covered leading up to the california primary march 3rd, and we have a special section online at stenceseen in the college admissions scheme. >> coming up, why prosecutors are taking an especially hard line on a bay area couple. >> plus new state laws make them easy to build, but for ey'
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growing problem. why some landlords say they're caught in the middle of conflicting laws. >> and why you might want to be on your best behavior the next time you fly southwest. growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors.
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and now we have to deal with this. climate change is an emergency. that's why i wrote the nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. ♪wild thing, you make my heart sing.♪
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you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a look at our top stories at 5:30. >> bizarre testimony in the nia wilson murder trial today when john lee cowell, the man accused of her murder took the stand. he claims he hears voices from his head coming from alien technology and insisted the wilson sisters were aliens who are threatening him. his lawyers claim he's not mentally competent to stand trial, but a court psychologist disagrees. and santa clara supervisors announce the end to a backlog of untested


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