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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  February 12, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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this morning the candidates who took the top spot and the ones who had to drop out of the race. hope to make coronavirus respect to at 5:00 am, vaccine now in the works. a little later a new bustling on the bay bridge. white could make the morning commute worse. good morning. it is wednesday, february 12. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm anne makovec. michelle has the morning off at let's get over to mary lee after a record-breaking day of temperatures yesterday. >> it was so warm and we are looking attempts not quite as warm but still above average. this is the start of a cooling trend. it is definitely a cooler start to the day looking at temps in the 40s and 50s this morning. clear skies and looking at the treasure island camera. 44 concord, 50 oakland, 42 in livermore, mid-40s for san jose and 40 for santa rosa. as you head through the afternoon plenty of sunshine. 64 san francisco, looking at
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the upper 60s for san jose as well as concord. we will talk about that cool down as we head through the weekend if there are any chances to see a few showers in the extended forecast coming up. let's take a look at the roadways and we are to a good start. the slow spot is typical for those making the trek out of tracy and the altamont pass. if you are a super commuter it will take you 34 minutes between -- west bound for any out to the westshore freeway is a 26 minute drive and we are seeing green on our travel times which need nice beads and no delays on 101. 35 minutes from san jose towards sfo. the bay bridge, like conditions this morning and no metering like chat. senator bernie sanders climbing the three in the new
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hampshire prided me and primary. cbs's laura podesta joining us live now from manchester with that hard-fought win and the blows in the first national primary of campaign 2020. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. senator bernie sanders thanked his supporters during his speech last night and he also thanked all of the tireless volunteers that led to victory in new hampshire. coming in a close second, former south bend mayor pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar turned in a better-than-expected third- place finish and elizabeth warren came in fourth and she warned her fellow candidates not to go negative as pressure to stay alive rises. and former vice president joe biden finished a disappointing fifth he left the state early to rally support in south carolina. >> we are going to nevada, we
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are going to south carolina and we will win those states as well. >> a campaign that some said shouldn't be here at all shows that we are here to stay. >> reporter: new hampshire delivered some blows. senator michael bennet and andrew yang suspended their campaign and others are now hoping for better results in upcoming races. the good news for democrats who are hoping to defeat president trump in november said there was a greater turnout in new hampshire among voters than there was in 2016. >> it's all about where boaters priorities lie. cbs news did an excellent for finding out which issues voters in new hampshire care most about. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: not surprising, they most care about healthcare with 37% saying healthcare. followed by climate change at 25%, income inequality 21%, and
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foreign policy came in last place at 10%. i'm sure as we see the candidates move forward to other races and other states the topics will be top of the list and they will continue to discuss with voters and on the debate stage because this is what people want to hear about. >> laura podesta life for us in new hampshire in about 15 minutes pete buttigieg will join us live. he will discuss the results from new hampshire and his strategy for the california primary. we have you covered on all things camping 2020. here on kpix 5 and there you will find a special section dedicated to the primary. research campaign 2020. testimony to turn on tuesday when john lee cowell the man accused of her murder took the stand. he claims he heard voices in his head coming from alien technology and also insisted that the wilson sisters were aliens who were threatening him. his attorney says he is not mentally competent to stand
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trial but the court appointed psychologist disagrees. >> i don't know what alien nation he got that idea from, that is just absurd. no. it doesn't make any sense. we are not aliens. >> prosecutors accused him of putting on a show and there is a court holiday today so the trial will resume on thursday. new this morning we are hearing from a bay area woman who was home after being quarantined 200 others to make sure they were not infected with the coronavirus. she was evacuated from wuhan, china, and taken to a military base in southern california. she was there for two weeks and here is what she told kpix 5 moments after getting home. >> i'm going to cook for my kids and i want to be positive and happy and by being cooperative with the government.
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>> she also told us the public should not fear the return of coronavirus evacuees. she says they are actually safer than most people because they have been cleared by the cdc. researchers trying to develop vaccines right now for the strain of coronavirus which the world health organization has made -- a team at arizona state university is waiting for a copy of the virus gene to arrive at their lab so they can get to work. >> the genes we receive on not be infectious by themselves. or even as we will use them for the platforms that we are working on. >> the research involves things ranging from tobacco plants to mop monkey cells. were not -- an update on the cruise ship off the coast of japan. there are 175 cases on that ship. 20 who have fallen ill are
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americans. passengers on the diamond princess have been quarantined for a week. there are more than 3000 people on board. stay with kpix 5 and cbsn bay area for continuing coverage of the coronavirus. you can get information on our website at noon nurses will gather outside the medical center. it's reportedly being sold by its parent company and the nurses want it to be transparent about potential buyers. they say the company's silence contribute to the closure of a sister hospital in los angeles. now they are worried that the same thing could happen in daly city. last week 200 pesos, hospital workers and local officials gathered for a town hall. to san mateo supervisor is asking for information saying apart this is a community hospital that provides care to
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a lot of people. the owner has a moral responsibility to sell to hospital and not a developer. it is 5:07. and oakland man held up by washing his car. still ahead, on kpix 5 instrument, we will hear from the victim's uncle who says the robbers got away with thousands of dollars worth of stuff. definitely a cold start to the day. you can feel the difference as you step outside. 40s and 50s this morning. temperatures cooler as we head to the day. the start of a cooling trend pick i will let you know what you can expect comi budget, i lead the charge. and for this multitasking number cruncher, time is money. so, no more chasing sales. because at floor and decor, i get rock-bottom prices on top-quality products. and with free in-store design services, i score expert advice and project planning.
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okland police are investigating an armed robbery of a pen who was washing his car in driveway in broad daylight. you can see the struggle. the men in white church wrapping around the victim happened on monday afternoon. and uncle of the victim says the security camera captured the images of the robber. he did not want his face shown on television for safety reasons. the robbers empty the victim's
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pocket and then ran off and got away with his wallet, cell phone, keys and some jewelry all worth about $10,000. the victim was unharmed. new this morning antioch is said to increase his police staffing the city council unanimously sworn in six new office. more than 100 happened hire over the last few years. in a santa clara account of the board of supervisors hasn't proved a universal pilot program for students and county schools. backers say the program would serve an estimated 12,000 students with 3 million meals per year. the cost to the county would be about $.60 per meal. for one trucker in southern california strong winds toppled his rig not once but twice. this is one of many trucks that overturned by gusts of 60 to 70 mile-per-hour winds. street signs were ripped from poles and a tree crashed the car in san bernardino county for fortunately no one was her. taking a live look at the bay bridge.
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the bus only lane talks begin this morning at 9:30. officials say the proposal would save less than five minutes are morning trips into san francisco. the idea of reviving the plan has been kicked around for years and some argue the move would add to the nightmare commute. gianna, you have been tracking this for years. what do you think? >> every minute counts especially when the super commuters have traveled an hour and a half to get to work. if it encourages people to use buses, yes, great idea. >> but will it? >> that is the question. it would be wonderful but if not i don't know. i'm on the fence about that one. >> the important thing is it doesn't look like a nightmare. >> the bay bridge is so unpredictable. there are days like today where when the metering lights are not even on yet. there is barely a backup. yesterday they went on at 5:15 so you never know with the bay
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bridge for traffic patterns change and there is an earlier backup and then a few your goes at the bay bridge but now it looks good so if you are taking the bay bridge out of oakland, no delays right now in fact a great ride for this wednesday morning commute overall. some light conditions are well along add. the sensors, you see a lot of green that's the time to hit the roads for no delays and no direction. on the san mateo bridge only 13 minutes between 880 and 101. a heads up, there is traffic control in place near the toll plaza. they don't indicate why but we will keep our eye on that. overall an easy ride. where we are seeing the brakes like, this is the drive out of tracy as you head into the altamont pass. west bound 580, the 205 connector, slowing to but better when you get into the valley and no delays heading towards 680. it is a cooler start to the day and you can see that on our
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camera. a little cloudy and foggy but that indicates the changes for us. the start of a cool down. don't get me wrong, it will still be a mild day but temperatures not as warm as yesterday. right now, you can see the difference. 44 in concord, 50 in oakland, 42 livermore, 52 san francisco. soren is a 45 in santa rosa at 40 degrees. 24 hour temperature change, much, much cooler compared to yesterday at this time. 23 degrees cooler in half moon bay, 17 degrees cooler in oakland and 18 degrees cooler this morning in livermore. as we head through our day looking at mild temps along the coast, topping out to 60. for the bay mid-60s and inland locations topping out in the extra 60s to low 70s with plenty of sunshine. satellite and radar view, there
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is that ridge of high pressure, lighter officer with today. that is why we will not be as warm as yesterday. that ridge will move further away from us so we are looking at cooling as we go through the week to near seasonal. here we go hour-by-hour on futurecast. you can see plenty of sunshine, changes for tomorrow, a little bit of stronger onshore flow and temps will be cooler and the clouds move in for tomorrow. especially along the coast and parts of the bay. then the same story for your friday. may be even cooler on friday but again back down to where we should be for this time of year. for today 70 in cupertino, 60s in san jose and morgan hill, upper 60s from concord and pleasant hill and across the east bay. mid-60s in san francisco,
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berkeley and oakland, low 60s san leandro and low 70s in santa rosa and 71 in windsor later today. here's the extended forecast and there we go with temperatures that will be cooler as we head to thursday. friday, saturday and especially sunday much cooler still with mostly cloudy skies and the weekend, there is a slight chance to see a shower on sunday we will have of neta id as we get closer to it. presidential candidate pete buttigieg had a strong showing in the new hampshire primary last night. coming up, -- the former mayor joins us live from new hampshire to explain how his focus is shifting to the next primary. that's right after the break. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge on this wednesday morning. the san antonio zoo is holding a fundraiser in which you can name a cockroach after
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and camping 2020 results in new hampshire have cbs news projecting senator bernie sanders as the winner but two other candidates had strong finishes in the granite bay. former mayor pete buttigieg and senator amy klobuchar. the narrow win over buttigieg was less than two percentage point this morning mayor pete buttigieg joining us from
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manchester. >> not many people gave you a chance. did you ever feel you would be on the stage as the front runner with strong results not only in iowa but also new hampshire last night? >> of course, that was the goal we were working towards for we knew how uphill it would be. when i started our staff was for people and i had no personal fortune to pour into this. just the idea that if we build a different kind of politics centered on the longing and improving our everyday lives, we could build an extraordinary coalition to deliver success and that is what's happening right now. we are entering now a phase where i think folks are asking, ok, how exactly are we going to defeat donald trump and we demonstrated both the vision and the organizational game to win and 60. now this is coming to more and more states. we will be and nevada student, south carolina soon that california will have a critical role to play in deciding the course of this nomination. this is our only chance to beat donald trump and we want to
5:23 am
unify rather than polarize the american people. >> speaking of polarization you ended up between two extremes. i use that term lightly. between bernie sanders and many consider him a socialist and amy klobuchar who was much more moderate. is that something you can capitalize? what is setting you apart here? >> what i'm offering is a vision that would make me the most progressive president we have had in the past century and it can do it in a way that more americans can get on board with. they can help build and healed a coalition that we will need not only to win and be donald trump but to govern. i have a lot of respect for senator sanders but at a time like this, a politics that says you are have resolution of the status quo, that is a politics we don't want. the reason we have been able to defy the odds and do so well in
5:24 am
these first two states is that we are calling out to everyone to be part of it. fellow diehard democrats and a lot of independents who are equally frustrated with what is going on in donald trump's white house and looking for the candidate who can beat him. somebody who comes from the index -- industrial midwest the kind of communities he claims to speak for but turned his back on, someone to challenge him on military issues. drawing on my experience as a veteran, i am ready. >> you mentioned south carolina and nevada earlier. but you will be here in the bay area at the end of the week rick what do you think has been your early success and your strategy and what is your strategy as you switch your focus to california and super tuesday? >> the key to our strategy has been to match a big picture vision with a strong organizing ground gain. what we call relational organizing. asking people to reach out and share their truth about what this campaign means to them.
5:25 am
whether were talking about confronting climate change, dealing with gun violence are making sure we have workers with higher wages, politics is something that is not local but it is personal. each of us has a personal stake in where our country is headed and as we add up those personal stories, include them in our campaign and ultimately bring the voices to washington i think that will be a winning message in every part of the united states and we are looking forward to continuing to share that message across california also. >> thank you for joining us this morning. presidential candidate pete buttigieg. the time is 5:25 in coming up, the focus on camping 2020 is on nevada. phil ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, in our next half hour how the state is changing up its caucus hoping to get more people to vote. plus, we are live in richmond this morning where
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this school i meet may become the second school in the entire state to honor a former first lady. don't forget we are streaming now on when mike first became mayor,
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there were places where black and brown children hadn't received an education for 30 years. mike said, "those are the kids i want to give an opportunity". he increased teacher's salaries. he increased the graduation rates by 40%. he made schools safer all over this country. children aren't getting a quality education. mike is going to fight for all the children. i saw him do it in the largest school system in america. he's going to do the same thing in this country. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the focus of camping 2020 will shift to california. coming up what winning the golden state could mean for democratic candidates. honoring a former first lady. how are school hopes to do that with the name change. >> a county city considers outline flavored tobacco. good morning. it is february 12. i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm kenny choi. it is 5:30 right now. another warm forecast. >> i love that you love it and we are looking at temperatures cooler this morning so in the
5:30 am
40s and 50s. you might need a jacket as you head out the door. a live look from the san jose camera. as we head through the afternoon we are looking at mild to warm temps. not as warm as the record- breaking highs we had yesterday, but still above average for this time of year. topping out at 64 in san francisco and oakland. upper 60s in san jose, low 70s in santa rosa this afternoon. a start of a cooling trend and what we can expect as we head through the week and if there are any rain chances insight coming up. let's check in with gianna and the bay bridge commute is intense this morning. >> it changes very quickly. metering flights are now on at the bay bridge and look at that. pretty much a parking lot. the morning commute is in full spring swing. and just a heads up, as you get across the bridge coming up the skyway here is a live look near
5:31 am
fremont. we've got a stalled vehicle. other than that across the upper deck it is fairly quiet. moving despite the stalled vehicle. west bound sot 580 into the altamont pass is business as usual. things dipping to 60 miles per hour as you come away from 205. it looks like were starting to see more break lights as things pick up as you go west bound at bay point or out of pittsburg into the bay point area i should say. bernie sanders have won new hampshire's primary election narrowly edging out pete buttigieg as well as minnesota senator amy klobuchar. she turned in a better finish and now there were some blows. center michael bennet and andrew yang suspending their campaigns last night. early voting in nevada's caucus
5:32 am
begin saturday. meanwhile this is the first time the state has done early voting. the plan is to use paper ballots for early voting and scan the results like a scantron. >> this is a plan we decided would be the most in secure. we are excited to have been able to roll that out and we are expecting and energized turnout for nevada democrats. >> the top choice needs the 15% threshold is the one that will be counted on caucus tuesday which is the very 22nd. now the big call for candidates will be in three weeks and that is when california will award its 495 delicates, that primary is not one contest but many and hear how it works. the majority of the delegates, 272 of them come from california's 53 congressional districts. think of each one as a mini primary but there is a catch. only the candidates who reach
5:33 am
15% in this case the three of them, they split the delegates awarded from that district pick everyone below that get nothing. >> the counter risk is that you don't cross 15% statewide and you don't cross 15% and a whole bunch of the 53 congressional districts and you come out of california with next to nothing. >> political as first tell us not all of the congressional districts are mathematically equal. the delegates available it is just to based on population size and how well the districts perform for democrats in the last couple elections. we have you covered on all things camping 2020 here on kpix 5 and our website there you can find a special section dedicated to california's upcoming primary. to search camping 2020. the deadliest wildfires in california may have killed dozens of people than initially thought. officially 85 people were
5:34 am
killed when the fire wiped out the town of paradise in 2018. newer investigation by the chico enterprise found that 50 more people likely died as a result of the disaster. the official seth doane at two people who died from complications because of the fire. the number of additional that's is based on claims filed against pg&e. their equipment was blamed for starting the fire. happening today the man accused of 22 people inside the texas walmart is expected to face the judge. he is charged with 90 federal hate crimes and will be readily transported to and from the courtroom. prosecutors have not said if they are seeking the death penalty. another horse has suddenly died at santa anita park making successes year. this happened on saturday during training. the cause has not been known yet and 40 horses have died at the training track since
5:35 am
december, 2018. the track says it has made a number of changes to increase safety but investigators say there has been no indication of animal cruelty. a group of tenants in oakland are set to strike rents and living conditions. they stop paying the rent four months ago and they are hoping the nonprofit oakland community land trust will take over the property. tennis can then work out a deal to continue renting or by their homes. >> i'm going to have to look for someplace under the freeway or a bridge. there's no more place for us. all those places are full of people. >> more than $3 million has been raised to purchase the building for the land trust. the property owners have rejected the offer but they agreed to meet with the tenants in the future. to remember keep sending your housing stories and ideas to train email. you can see all of our original reporting there on a website.
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this morning a san francisco city leader says the streets are so filthy they need their own department to try and keep them clean. supervisor mahaney is proposing at ballot initiative to split up the department of public works. creating a new department of street cleaning and sanitation. that comes after the head of public works resigned following his arrest on corruption charges. the board of supervisors would have to vote to put it on the ballot. an elementary school that bears the name of a president some say supported races and may soon be honoring a woman whose stands vehemently against the. kpix 5's jackie ward is like in richmond this morning with more details. jackie. broke in a matter of hours a school that isn't complete yet could be making history. this is the new location of what is currently known as woodrow wilson elementary school paper before student stepped through the stores, the name might be changed to honor warmer first lady michelle obama. the school is named after the 20th president of the united rates who was in office from 1913 to 1921 and supported many
5:37 am
pro-segregation affect other schools even princeton university where he was their president has come under scrutiny for including his name on their campuses. the names changing here was initiated by the pta president who wrote a letter to the richmond board of education and since then to public meetings have been held and there has been an overwhelming support in favor of the name change. the committee voted bananas the unanimously to recommend that the name be changed to michelle obama elementary school. >> proof it would be the first time a school was named after a former first lady in northern california and it would be the second school in all of the state to bear her name. that meeting is tonight at 6:30 and the school will be ready for students this fall. in richmond, jackie work, kpix 5. a college professor is apologizing. according to the university of oklahoma school paper the
5:38 am
student comment that journalism's -- journalists should keep up with younger people -- they created the term ok boomer to call out out of touch baby boomers because -- the professor set up and up -- to the city of sunnyvale is asking for input on the flavored tobacco band. there hosting a meeting at 2:00 this afternoon at city hall. the city is considering banning the sales of tobacco products to teenagers. tomorrow the city will hear the other side from retailers. and antitrust probe is expanding again several tech giants including some here in silicon valley. diane king hall has that story and more in today's cbs money watch report. >> reporter: stocks finish low on wall street tuesday but two indexes, the dow added -- tech
5:39 am
stocks to hit after regulators about their expanding and antitrust investigation into facebook, apple, and google. the tray commission says it is looking into whether the companies harms competition when acquiring smaller rivals. snapchat is launching a new tool. it's cold here for you and it will provide resources for mental health experts once reached users search for topics like anxiety, depression, and bullying. snapchat still exist? we all know that calories don't count on valentine's day. a couple companies teaming up for a big deal. what do you have for us? >> love can be expressed in many ways and sometimes the best way is deep fried dough. grubhub's users can get a half
5:40 am
a dozen dunkin' donuts with a $10 order minimum. are you among the items are pink frosted cupid donuts, and a pink velvet latte. >> those sound like good ways to celebrate your love or drown your sorrows. diane king hall. from twitter says it was a short people get accurate information about the 2020 census. the service is introducing a new tool for users who search for census related information. they will be given a link to the u.s. census bureau website and the company says it's an effort to stop the flow of false claims related to the census. taking a live look at sfo where one airline is closing up shop. what to do if you looked with the now belly up company. if you're heading out the door for work in school, it is a much cooler start to the day.
5:41 am
grab your jacket as you head outside. we are looking our temperatures as we head through our day mild to warm. above average for this time of year but we will continue to cool down as we head through the week. your full forecast coming up. your morning ride getting busy out there. south bay, - will invisalign aligners really work for my smile. - is there a better alternative to braces? - only invisalign aligners use smarttrack technology. it moves teeth more comfortably and predictably. and in many cases, it works faster than braces. (upbeat music)
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good wednesday morning to you pick it's almost 5: 24. looking north from the
5:44 am
salesforce tower camera you can see patchy fog. changes for us as we are talking about the start of a cool down. i will have details on mac coming up. we are learning that kobe bryant and his daughter gianna were laid to rest last week. entertainment tonight reported the funeral was held on friday in corona delmar ahead of the public memorial set for february 24 at the staples center. that memorial will honor on the nine victims of last month's helicopter crash. documents show an apple engineer who died in the tesla crash on 101 in 2018 have previously complained about the autopilot system. documents from the national transportation safety board confirm what the family claimed all along. walter wong told his wife the autopilot had feared his model ask towards the freeway barrier in the past. tesla says autopilot is a driver assistance system and drivers must be better to intervene at all times.
5:45 am
in a statement after the class tesla said, quote, the driver received visual and audio warnings early in the drive and his hands were not detected on the will for six seconds prior to the collision. his family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against tesla back in may and also suing california saying highway median was missing its crash cart. air italy is calling it quits for the owners announced they are liquidating the company. the airline previously offered for flights a week from san francisco to milan. this is a live look at sfo this morning where the flights originated. if you booked a ticket with air italy flights will be operated by other carriers through 25 february. anyone with a ticket after that date will receive a refund. this morning high school students are suing delta over the field dumping fiasco in los angeles last month. the fight flight to shanghai left l.a.x. when the pilot radioed that he needed to return to the airport.
5:46 am
then at an unusually low altitude he began dumping the fuel over seven schools. the number of students got sick that day and the lawsuit points to the faa's owner should that the plane was not high enough to allow the fuel to dissipate before hitting the ground. the search is on for the person who stole bonsai trees from a museum in washington. they are worth thousands of dollars. one is more than 70 years old. surveillance video captured people sneaking into the exhibit on sunday pick officials are worried they will not survive without expert care. there is a new lesson show. take a look at siba. >> she is a standard poodle with a fabulous haircut. she was picked from seven finalist last night at the westminster dog show. some of the other dogs her up for the honor are with it, a boxer and the sheepdog. >> she was having a really good hair day. >> she's got it going on for
5:47 am
sure. how are our roads looking? >> green is good on the roadways are missing a lot of green. not bad. we've got a couple things to look after but overall the community is looking pretty good this morning especially along the peninsula, 101, 280. where we are seeing break lights this morning is 101 northbound coming out of san jose. you can see red and yellow on the sensors. traffic is sluggish in that area in fact a live look not to from alowemer, traffic getting busy on the northbound side of 101. no accidents on 101 and traffic is light. northbound 85 to 101 will take you 20 minutes and 280 also clear out of the south. let's get a live look at the bay bridge. metering lights are on so we have the backup there but we are getting reports of an accident around the toll plaza making matters worse.
5:48 am
busy all the way into the maze. eastshore freeway commute, some delays coming out of ever deal as you head towards the bay bridge. we had reports of a vehicle caught fire but i'm not seeing any troubles on the sensors pick it's like it might be a problem in the center divide. if it is out there is not blocking any lanes. the 24 commute looks really good. an easy ride through marin all the way towards 580. and if you're going to the bay bridge you got the break lights epic break lights in the altamont pass, busy drive out of tracy. its: this morning. >> temperatures are much, much cooler compared to yesterday. you will feel that as you head outside. we are talking 40s and 50s compared to yesterday morning. remember, we were in the 50s and even 60s to start the day. some changes for us. here is a live look with our sutro cam looking at the golden get. you can see some patchy fog out
5:49 am
there so with that, more onshore flow so the start every cooling trend for us as we go through the week. right now 44 in concord with clear skies, oakland 50 degrees, 42 livermore, mid-40s in san jose and 40 degrees in santa rosa. the 24 hour temperature change, check it out. half moon bay 25 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. 24 degrees in fairfield and 18 degrees cooler in napa. livermore 17 degrees cooler in oakland. so clear skies, cool conditions, lighter winds and even along the coast starting to see a bit of that onshore flow. as we head through the afternoon plenty of sunshine with temps saying mild. not as warm as the record- breaking high temps we saw for many locations yesterday. but gradual cooling as we go through the week. you will really notice that. later offshore especially in
5:50 am
land for today. still looking at warm conditions. but as we go through the week, the ridge of high pressure will move further away from us with low pressure system to the north ushering in the stronger onshore flow for all of us. the cooling us all down to seasonal daytime highs. right around where we should be. sunrise at 7:08 and sunset at 5:39. 70 in cupertino, upper 60 san jose, morgan hill topping out in the upper 60s from concord, pleasant hill, livermore. for the bay, san francisco and oakland, mid-60s this afternoon looking at 62 in san leandro and 71 for windsor. here's the extended forecast. temperatures a little bit cooler today compared to yesterday but still above average. cooling down even more thursday, friday and saturday. and even more so on sunday. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures take a dip the end
5:51 am
of the weekend and there is a light slight chance to see a shower sprinkle on sunday. a trip to a disney theme park will cost you more in 2020. tickets an annual pass price increases have been announced for both disneyland and walt disney world. >> for disneyland the most expensive one day park hopper will cost you over $200. for the first time ever the hike in pricing follows more than 10% taken pricing increase in 2019. >> that is too bad. >> it is not cheap to go there. and it's a dream for so many. coming up a random act of kindness. >> still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a little girl now 100 bucks victor thanks to a good samaritan. what she but with the money that is putting a smile on her face. taking a live look at the obama: he's been a leader
5:52 am
throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. z3rc8z zi0z
5:53 am
y3rc8y yi0y
5:54 am
don't forget your jacket as you head out the door. it's a cooler start to the day. temps a little cooler compared to yesterday but still mild and above average. for the coast this afternoon low 60s, mid-60s at the bay at upper 60s below 70s in land. i will let you know how cool it gets as we head through the week coming up. a live look at the road this morning. traffic moving smoothly in both directions on the golden gate
5:55 am
bridge. right now traffic looking good. no delays right now in both directions. not the case at the bay bridge. metering lights are on and there's a crash. a little girl in sacramento has a good eye and some good luck. she whacked out a $100 bill at the grocery store. she was walking down the cereal aisle with her mom when she spotted a. it was attached to a note that says whoever finds this i love you. and it had $100 on it. i'm glad she found it. i would've just bought groceries. >> with the 100 bucks, she went to build a bear. the bay area woman quarantine
5:56 am
over coronavirus concerns. in the next half hour of kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, hear why she says there is something she also has to worry about. we are following breaking news this morning. more than 100 firefighters battling an apartment building fire in southern california. we will take you like to the scene. don't
5:57 am
5:58 am
growing up in a family that struggled economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
5:59 am
live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 6:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a woman waking up in her own bed after two weeks under coronavirus quarantine. her new fear despite being clear. a man on trial for killing a bar passenger meal wilson putting the blame on aliens. the bizarre testimony and why
6:00 am
the victim's family says they are not buying. for following breaking news pickup fire ripping through an apartment building. the latest on the intense battle firefighters are facing right now. good morning. it is when they, february 12, i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm kenny choi. it is 6:00 and let's get a check of the forecast. i know we need the rain but i'm not minding the sunshine and warm temperatures. >> it is so nice and beautiful with the sunshine and feeling more like spring and winter and we do need the rain desperately so it doesn't look like it's coming anytime soon. here is a live look with our sutro cam unders clear skies. grab your jacket as you head out the door for work in school. 40s and 50s this morning under clear skies and as we head through the afternoon mild to warm temperatures. not as warm as the record- breaking highs we saw yesterday for many locations but 64 san francisco and upper 60s in san jose and concord. will talk about


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