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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  February 13, 2020 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news tonight: dangerous derailment. a train carrying toxic chemicals derails and catches fire. the effort now under way to contain a hazardous spill. severe winter weather. torrential rains push rivers across the u.s. into flood stage. plus, the brutal deep freeze on its way. tens of millions of americans facing sub-zero temperatures. missing girl, murdered? she vanished after her school bus dropped her off at home. tonight, the heartbreaking discovery. six-year-old faye marie swetliko the warning from the c.d.c.: expect more cases in the u.s. even next year. plus, two more americans evacuated from china now showing s of vre in the u.s. lowering the barr.
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a rare rebuke from the attorney general. what bill barr says president trump is doing that makes it impossible to do his job. taking on trump. billionaire michael bloomberg aims his campaign for the white house, head-first at president trump. tonight, hear the latest insult he's launched at the president. a cbs news investigation: he was responsible for the care of america's olympians, including michael phelps. so why was he fired? tonight, the whistleblower who says the u.s. olympic committee is letting down athletes in crisis. urgent medical recall. hundreds of thousands of people being told tonight to stop using their insulin pumps over a growing concern of a deadly malfunction. and, the marine who stole america's heart. he's got 140,000 valentines to prove it. this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital. >> o'donnell: good evening to our viewers in the west.
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a train carrying deadly chemicals derailed today in eastern kentucky, setting off series of fires and spilling toxic fuel into a nearby river. two people were injured when the csx train jumped the tracks and slammed into a rockslide caused by torrential rain. it's part of a severe weather system that's moving across the u.s. from the deep south to the midwest tonight, rivers in nine states are above flood stage and are now threatening homes and businesses. all of this as an arctic blast sweeps across much of the country. tens of millions of americans could wake up tomorrow to below-zero temperatures. manuel bojorquez leads off our coverage. >> reporter: this train carrying ethanol derailed in kentucky this morning, burning for hours after a mud- and rockslide along the tracks. that same storm system triggered a mudslide that shut down this west virginia highway. severe storms across nine states caused 24 rivers to flood throughout the south. high winds left a trail of
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destruction in alabama, with twisted metal wrapped around trees. >> i mean, it's pretty rough. it wasn't just a little gust of wind. >> reporter: farther north, temperatures plunged across the midwest. water mains froze in des moines, where it felt like negative 35 degrees. in whiting, indiana, the wind sent waves over the shoreline of lake michigan. it will feel like negative 11 degrees there tomorrow. over the next 48 hours, 38 million americans will be at or below zero degrees. the temperature not so much the concern here along the florida panhandle, but the swollen rivers are. the apalachicola river is way down there, but you can see this road is already impassable. and the river is expected to remain above flood stage well into next week. norah? >> o'donnell: manny, thank you. tonight, a community in south carolina is grieving after a terrible discovery. the body of a six-year-old girl who went missing monday was found today. now a second discovery is raising new questions.
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janet shamlian reports tonight from cayce, south carolina. >> reporter: even seasoned officer could barely hold back tears. >> we are announcing that we have found the body that the coroner has identified as faye marie swetlik. >> reporter: her death is being treated as a homicide. detectives saying they found a man dead in the same neighborhood during the investigation. they did not reveal his relationship, if any, to faye, saying only, "there is no danger to the community and no arrests have been made." faye swetlik went missing from her front yard monday, not long after she was seen here getting off her school bus. the six-year-old's disappearance sparked a massive response. more than 300 fficers, along with the f.b.i., going door-to- door for clues. three of micah merchant's young children attend the same elementary school where faye was a first grader. now you'll have to tell them tragic news. how will you explain tt?s ver e. nothing prepares you for it.
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i'm going to cry with them. i'm just going to be honest, i'm just going to cry with them. >> reporter: before releasing the news, police first stopped here, springdale elementary, to share with those who saw faye every day, she wouldn't be coming back. detectives would not answer any questions today, calling it an active investigation, but in that briefing room, you could see it in their faces. .his was not just police work. these offi these officers were in pain, like so much of this community. norah? >> o'donnell: so incredibly painful. janet, thank you. tonight, with a big spike in the number of coronavirus cases, the c.d.c. warns the deadly outbreak could continue into next year. nearly 49,000 cases have been confirmed, and more than 1,400 people have died. there have been no deaths here in the u.s., but as carter evans reports, we learned about a new patient today in san antonio. >> reporter: the latest person to test positive was on this flight to texas from the epicenter of the outbreak. tonight, after the 15th case of
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coronavirus in the u.s., the c.d.c. has an urgent warning for americans. >> there may be additional cases that we identify. i do want to prepare you for that. >> reporter: 600 people are still quarantined on military bases, including marine corps air station miramar, where the c.d.c. now says c.d.c. now says at least two evacuees have the virus. >> annabel! >> reporter: three-year-old annabel wucinski's father frank worries his daughter could also be infected. >> reporter: they were on one of the evacuation flights from china where the virus killed the little girl's grandfather. the largest concentration of cases outside of china is on this cruise ship docked in japan, where out of 3,700 passengers and crew aboard, at least 218 have tested positive. ken fraser's wife is at a local hospital after showing symptoms. he says concern aboard the ship is growing. >> they feel like they're on a floating petri dish, that the
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longer they stay here, the more likely they are to get it. >> reporter: today, members of the world health organization are meeting with top tech companies in silicon valley like facebook and google to make sure they're communicating correct coronavirus information. the concern right now? false rumors are spreading on social media faster than the virus itself. norah. >> o'donnell: thank you, carter. late today, president trump got a rare public rebuke from an unlikely source-- attorney general bill barr, who says the president's tweets attacking career prosecutors make it make itle for him to do his job. this as the president openly feuds with his former chief of staff. >>ter:ney geeports tonight from. william rr today fired bacatentn justice department. >> i cannot do my job here at the department with a constant background commentary that undercuts me. >> reporter: in an interview with abc news, barr singled out
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the president's tweets, which this week focused on the ongoing federal prosecution of his long- time friend roger stone. >> to have public statements and tweets made about the department make it impossible for me to do my job. >> reporter: it's the first time the attorney general has spoken out against his boss, who critics argue he defends too frequently, but he said he's ready for the blowback. >> i'm not going to be bullied or influenced by anybody, and i said, whether it's congress, newspaper editorial boards or the president-- i'm going to do what i think is right. >> reporter: white house officials appeared to be caught off-guard by barr's remarks. earlier, the president unleashed on former chief of staff john kelly, who last night criticized mr. trump for retaliating against former national security official alexander vindman, who raised concerns about the president's call with the ukrainian president.
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>> reporter: the president responded, suggesting that the former marine corps general was "in over his head" as chief of staff, but amid all of these public feuds, the president is welcoming back one of his most trusted advisers. in a few weeks, hope hicks will return to the white house to serve as councilor to the president. norah. >> o'donnell: all right. some changes there. all right, paula, thank you. we just heard the attorney general say president trump's tweets make it impossible to do his job. well, after that comment, michael bloomberg decide to chime in on twitter, landing this barb: "if it's any consolation, trump's tweets make it impossible for the president to do his job, too." it was just the latest in the battle of the new york billionaires. here's ed o'keefe. >> thank you. >> reporter: they're both in their 70s, but today, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg and president trump acted like kids in a schoolyard brawl. first, the president questioned the mayor's size and energy.
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michael bloomberg fired back, calling the president "a carnival barking clown" and questioning his intelligence. >> donald, where i come from, we measure your height from your neck up. >> reporter: the two men have run in the same circles for years. bloomberg even appeared on mr. trump's reality tv show, "the celebrity apprentice." >> our great mayor. >> reporter: mr. trump is now targeting bloomberg because he's rising in the polls and vowing to spend his billions of dollars to stop the president's reelection. but bloomberg is facing scrutiny for past comments supporting new york police tactics and national home lending policies that disproportionately targeted minorities. he has apologized. >> it's just not the way i think. >> reporter: the president claims he would easily defeat his fellow new yorker. >> frankly, i would rather run against bloomberg than bernie sanders. >> reporter: of course, before taking on the president, michael bloomberg has to defeat his fellow democrats, who are accusing him of trying to buy the election. and thanks to a change in party rules, he might face them on a debate stage as soon as this
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month, perhaps on the 25th, on the cbs debate stage in south carolina . >> o'donnell: looking forward to that debate. today, the justice department added new criminal charges against huawei, the chinese telecommunications company. the new indictment accuses huawei of conspiracy to steal trade secrets from american companies. the trump administration has banned huawei from the u.s. and is trying to convince european allies to do the same. tonight, after three weeks and testimony from nearly three dozen witness, the case against harvey weinstein is drawing to a close. and in closing arguments, weinstein's defense lawyer argued the movie mogul is no monster, and she questioned the motives of his accusers. nikki battiste reports tonight from new york. >> reporter: today, harvey weinstein's lead attorney framed the case against her client as a "hollywood production." donna rotunno told the jury of seven men and five women, the irony is that prosecutors are the producers, and they are writing a script that reads, "the powerful man is so unattractive and large that no woman would ever want to sleep with him voluntarily."
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six women testified that weinstein sexually assaulted them. actress annabella sciorra claimed he raped her at her new york apartment in the early '90s. but this case is focused on the allegations of two women, a production assistant, miriam haley, who said weinstein forcibly performed oral sex on her in 2006, and aspiring actress jessica mann accused weinstein of raping her in a new york hotel room in march 2013. weinstein's defense argued the encounters were "consensual," and that these accusers stayed in contact with him years later, telling the jury, "what did jessica do after this? she goes to brunch. everyone says she looks normal." they argued, on the day after the alleged rape, mann celebrated weinstein's birthday with him. tomorrow, it's the prosecution's turn. they will present their closing argument, and the jury is expected to get the case on tuesday. norah? >> o'donnell: all right, nikki,
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thank you. tonight, a former top medical official with the u.s. olympic and paralympic committee is making damning allegations about how the organization handles mental health issues. in his first tv interview, dr. william moreau alleges he was let go last may, in part because of his complaints about this issue. now, moreau has filed a lawsuit claiming he was wrongfully terminated. we have more now from dr. jon lapook. >> michael phelps has done it again! >> reporter: in the water, michael phelps could beat any challenger. >> i'm a finely-tuned swimming machine. >> reporter: but on land, he says he was brought to his knees by a force he couldn't see or understand. >> i also struggle with depression and anxiety. >> reporter: this week, michael phelps said about the u.s. olympic and paralympic committee, "i don't know of anything they've done to help us, mental health-wise"... >> you'rthhe sution. >> reporter: ...and is siding with a whistleblower, a doctor who worked inside the u.s.o.p.c. for ten years, and gave his first tv interview to cbs news.
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>> michael phelps is exactly right, and people need to start listening to what he's saying about mental health. >> reporter: dr. bill moreau, a chiropractor and a former medical chief for the committee, was fired last may. he says one reason was retaliation for complaining about how the organization handles serious mental illness. >> these olympic and paralympic athletes, they're the sons and daughters of the united states. we love to say they're like the person next door. it's because they are. they suffer from mental health problems, like everybody else. >> reporter: dr. moreau was alarmed at what he says was the organization's slow response to an athlete in crisis... >> world champion of the united states! >> reporter: ...olympic medalist kelly catlin. in 2019, while on medical leave from cycling, she took her own life. >> we're trying to become experts in the management of serious mental health illness, and that's not what we do. if you have suicidal ideation, you need to be under the care of a psychiatrist. >> reporter: catlin's death
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spurred dr. moreau to send a memo to u.s.o.p.c. leadership about what he said was an ongoing problem. he says they address mental health issues using staff that are experts in sports performance, not psychiatry. he wrote, "it's a dangerous pathway to follow." he says he got no response. catlin's father says he doesn't know if more help from the olympic committee could have saved her life. >> we desperately need action. >> reporter: olympic champion swimmer allison schmitt has battled depression for years. and she says she's still struggling to get help from the u.s.o.p.c. >> there are lives out there that have been lost because there's no change made. and... it's very frustrating. >> reporter: the u.s.o.p.c. did not respond to our request for an interview, but said in a letter to its athletes last week, "in the cases bill moreau uses as examples against us, we acted appropriately, expeditiously, and in the best interest of the athletes." norah?
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>> o'donnell: it's such an important issue. tank you, john. and there is much more news ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news." finally free after serving 14 years for a murder he did not commit, the evidence that cleared him and led to another suspect's arrest. the f.d.a. sounds the alarm. now, a medical device used to control diabetes is recalled, after one person dies. and, he got a purple heart years ago-- now, he's got more hearts than he ever imagined. e car buy. car vending machines. and now, putting you in control of your financing. at carvana, get personalized terms, browse for cars that fit your budget, then customize your down payment and monthly payment. and these aren't made-up numbers. it's what you'll really pay, right down to the penny. whether you're shopping or just looking. it only takes a few seconds, and it won't affect your credit score. finally! a totally different way to finance your ride. only from carvana. the new way to buy a car.
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women deserve at least triple what the men have been paid. the world cup champion women are suing the u.s. soccer federation for gender discrimination, claiming they make only about 40% of what the men are paid. today, the federation told us it hopes to find resolutions that work for both the men and women's team. there's an urgent recall tonight on more than 300,000 medical devices used by diabetics to control blood sugar. medtronic is recalling two models of insulin pumps, the mini-med 630-g and 670-g, after one person died. the f.d.a. says there have been more than 26,000 complaints of malfunctions, and more than 2,100 injuries, all from incorrect insulin dosages. coming up next, mail call. so many valentines! and all addressed, yes, to the same american hero. i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy,
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doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> o'donnell: okay, there's a blizzard in the forecast-- a blizzard of valentines. here's john blackstone. >> reporter: at the age of 104,
6:55 pm
major bill white remains every inch the marine he was in world war ii. in the battle for iwo jima, a grenade exploded beside him. >> it proceeded to blow the hell out of me. >> reporter: he's seen combat, but he's never seen so many valentines. >> you've got to be kidding! >> reporter: every day for weeks, valentines cards and gifts have been arriving by the truckload at the oaks assisted living center, all addressed to major white. >> all of a sudden, out of the clear blue sky, all hell breaks loose. >> reporter: it all started simply enough, when staff at the oaks and major white's daughter mary made a small request on social media. >> we were hoping, you know, he's 104 years old, we get 104 valentines, that would be cool. >> the last account somebody ever gave me was 140,000 different pieces. surfat the assisted living center is covered with valentines. they come from school children
6:56 pm
and veterans and families who know the sacrifice of service. >> this is-- both my father and father-in-law served in world war ii. sadly, they are both gone. >> reporter: mary and major white read as many as they can. >> it just says, "you've stolen the hearts of america." >> reporter: so many hearts! perhaps never before has valentines day brought one person more affection. >> the whole thing has just been beyond my feeble powers of comprehension. >> reporter: john blackstone, cbs news, stockton, california. >> o'donnell: share your love. it's a happy early valentine's day message. we'll be right back. day message. we'll be right back. it's surprising how the bigger a city gets... the smaller it starts to feel. which makes it even more surprising, how big it feels in here. with sliding rear seats... and more available second row legroom than say... a chevy suburban.
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'mike will get it done?' ok, let me tell you what the 'it' is. as mayor, i expanded healthcare coverage. as president, i'll build on obamacare because healthcare is a right. i created nearly 500,000 jobs in new york city. as president, i'll build an economy that delivers good jobs i'll take on gun l
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anul on women's reproductive rights. i've got a record of doing things. i've got the resources to take on this fight. as mayor, i held myself accountable for results. as president, i'll offer common sense plans and i will get it done. so let's stay on the offensive, and let's win. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. right now at 7:00. >> there's a big problem with bottles and cans. grocery stores are supposed to pay you for them, but they refuse. so why? the answers coming up in our original undercover report. >> plus concerns in san jose about a cancer causing contaminant in drinking water. neighbors want to know why it took months for them to


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