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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  February 17, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area , passengers on a japanese cruise ship flown home amid the coronavirus outbreak. this morning, how many people are returning with the virus. plus, a couple disappears in marin county. what law enforcement things they were doing right before they went missing. a major merger on the table. the hurdle t-mobile and sprint will have to jump through. good morning. i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm michelle griego. it is a holiday today, . we are working. hopefully you have the day off. we are looking at a beautiful day ahead on this presidents' day. this holiday. any can see live look with our
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roof camera. with that fog rolling in. so we are starting off the day, temps in the mid to upper 40s to low 50s at this hour. the concord, here at 45, oakland, a little foggy in the upper 40s. mid-40s in livermore. 49, san francisco. 50 in san jose. 42 for santa rosa. presents a forecast, enjoy the sunshine. looking at temps in the 60s to low 70s. so above average for this time of year. thank you five in san francisco. 68 oakland. 70 for san jose. we will talk about the rest of the week coming up. but gianna, it is foggy in some locations as we start our day. >> yes, let's talk about that fog, mary. it may impede your drive. a look at conditions from our oakland camera. you can make a few headlights out there. but we are dealing with some limited visibility here. this is near the coliseum, as far as speeds, 20 minutes. so drive times still doing
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okay. foggy, though, as well on the san mateo bridge. a live look here. you can see both directions. we are starting a bit of fog here also. the still slightly slower speeds. but no major delays between 880 and 101,. you can see a lot of grains, which means good news for your evening ride. you can see traffic quiet on the 11 in both directions. some new video now is 300 americans evacuated amid the coronavirus outbreak. returned to u.s. soil. their flight landed late last night at travis air force base. and we have left a number of them have tested positive for the virus. this morning, we have learned a number of them are dealing with that right now. >> yeah, they have been quarantined on a cruise ship off the coast of japan for 2 weeks now. >> kpix 5's jackie ward join us live in the studio. how did these infected passengers get clear to evacuate and come back here to
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the u.s. >> the state department says the 14 americans who tested positive for the virus did not show any symptoms when they were removed from the ship. but results from their test came back during the evacuation process. they were held in isolation off the flight over from japan. they will be taken to an appropriate location, likely a nearby medical facility. the other passengers will remain in quarantine at travis air force base for the next two weeks. all of them have been on the diving princess cruise ship. they were screened for the coronavirus. the evacuees will stay at travis air force base at a separate location from the hotel , where a first round of evacuees are already under quarantine. matthew smith and his wife are from sacramento and still are on the cruise ship. they chose against taking the charter flight, saying they feel safer remaining on the quarantined ship. >> it did not make any sense, if the u.s. were fearful the people were infected, to have thrown them all together. >> smith and his wife say they're confident with the current quarantine there under
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right now aboard the cruise ship. and we just got another update on how many cases of the virus on board the cruise ship, right? >> among the more than hit 450 coronavirus cases aboard the "diamond princess". those americans were not allowed to take the u.s. flights home. >> they are going to stay in japanese hospitals for treatment. >> chinese authorities confirmed 105 new coronavirus deaths yesterday. so far, there are no 1770 deaths worldwide. an additional 2048 cases were also reported yesterday. >> stay with kpix 5 for the latest information on the coronavirus. you can always get news updates on our website at authorities in marin county are asking for help in finding a missing couple. 77-year-old carol and her husband, 72-year-old ian were last seen friday at a rental house in the inverness and see
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haven area. deputies believe they may have gone for a hike. if you have any information on their whereabouts, called the marin county sheriff's department. a 17-year-old who was shot by b.a.r.t. police is expected to survive his injuries. the teen has not been identified. the shooting happened saturday afternoon. police say the suspect was arguing with a young woman when officers confronted him. they say he ran onto the tracks and then showed a handgun, prompting police to open fire. a santa clara county park is closed this morning of a 6- year-old girl was attack. park rangers say a mountain lion attacked the girl at the rancho san antonio preserve.. officials say that mountain lion came out of the brush, reaching for the girl's leg. a family friend pushing to the lion away and it ran off. is extremely rare. this the first time something like this has happened at the park. sightings are fairly common. >> just to know what to do, sticking in large groups. if you see one, make yourself
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big, back away, make loud noises. don't turn and run. >> wildlife services from the department of agriculture is using hound dogs to track the scent of the lion leaved to be an adult male. california fish and wildlife say it hopes to collect its dna, tested at its lap in sacramento, and then determine what action to take. 5:06. state senator from the east bay will unveil a bill aimed at keeping short-term rentals from becoming party houses. senator steve glazier wrote this legislative. the party was illegal under a short-term rental ordinance. the new bill would allow cities to fine houses up to $5000 if they will violate local rental laws. car break-ins, state representative shoe wants to make it a felony to steal electronic devices because many of these devices contain
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personal information. there is a $950 threshold that separates felonies from misdemeanors. many car break-ins never end in an arrest. supporters say anything could help. >> i feel violated, quite honestly. all of our keys and credit cards. so it is a pretty big deal. >> if laws are implemented that can discourage people from doing things like that, if it's not your property, don't put your hands there. . this morning, thousands of safely workers in northern california are preparing to group go on strike. the group needs approval before a walkout. but the union has canceled its contract with the chain demanding higher wages and more
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full-time opportunities. workers are expected to stage informational. it starting tomorrow at the belmont safeway on el camino. new this monday, sprint and t-mobile have cleared a legal hurdle for a merger. a california and a dozen other states sued to try to stop the $26 billion to. they said it would hurt consumers by limiting competition. but a federal judge ruled against those states and now new york's attorney general says she won't appeal. a california attorney general javier says he is still considering his options. this developing news out of southern california, los angeles, police investigating the death of a popular celebrity sex therapist. it all happened shortly before 2:00 saturday morning. police say they got a call from a roommate who told them dr. amy harbick was being assaulted. she was found unresponsive below a third story balcony
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with serious injuries. >> shocking, yeah. hard to believe. we really have not -- we do this every night. there's never anybody out. it is really just us. police say they discovered possible evidence of a struggle and signs of an intruder. they also revealed that harvick recently expressed fear about a former boyfriend and had previously filed a restraining order against him. a teenager is recovering this morning after driving a golf cart off the second floor of a san jose building. police say two girls allegedly broke into a construction site on east santa clara street yesterday afternoon. officers say one of the girls got into a golf cart and drove it off the upper level. she was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. both teens face trespassing and vandalism charges. take a look at this. two stunt devils were captured leaving off the san francisco skyscraper. a dizzying 43 stories high. the wild stand all part of the filming for the movie matrix four. the film starring keanu reeves. filming for matrix 4 is going to the need >> i got the roadblocks on my
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way. i was taking over to see if i could see keanu. >> you can see all the equipment light up. >> it is so cool. >> time is 5:14. >> it is 5:10. >> sorry, you are not late for work yet. >> you have some time. we are talk about honoring a basketball legend. >> still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the tribute for kobe bryant and his daughter at this week in's nba all-star game, plus, the name change that will "hope's legacy" live on. all right, well, i'm tracking areas of fog and parts of the bay and even some of our and locations this morning. i will show you the visibilitys of the week. details in a few minutes. and so far, so good, on the freeways.
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well goodnight. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. the nba honored kobe bryant and his daughter gianna at the all-star game last night. >> kobe! >> there you go. >> fans at the stands tony tantillo kobe 's named. players on a team gianna were
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number 24 to honored bryant while members of team lebron wore number two in honor of bryant's daughter gianna. the father and daughter were on nine people killed in a helicopter crash. magic johnson led the crowd in a moment of silence. >> they just hold hands for once again. we need to really breezy to at this time. come together, love each other, kobe would have wanted that. that is very important. at if we can just have it quiet for 8 seconds. >> saturday, nba commissioner adam silver announced the all- star nbp were award would be renamed the here nba all-star game kobe bryant mvp award. president trump is back at the white house this morning after an eventful day in daytona. he helped kickoff the start of the nascar season at daytona 500. it all started with the flyover from air force one. in the president and first lady
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took a lap around the speedway in their motorcade known as the beast. it was also this year's ben marshall. >> gentlemen, start your engines. >> the drivers did not get very far on sunday, though, they only made about 20 laps when the rain had. so the race was postponed to this afternoon. all right, 5:15, let's get a check on and traffic. is it going as fast as those cars at daytona? >> maybe in some spots. we have some cleared freeways. it looks pretty good overall. if you're hitting the what was, you're clear. mass transit, keep in mind, will start there. there are changes to mass transit for the present day holiday. they are on a saturday schedule. modified schedule. so again, check that before you head out the door. take a look a the freeways right now. a live look at the golden gate bridge.
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richmond/san rafael bridge. it is the golden gate bridge. looking good in both directions. not seeing any delays, but we are starting to see the fog role in. so limited visibility may be an issue this morning. here's a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge, and you can see traffic moving okay. no major delays as you work your way westbound. live look here at the bay bridge. it has been an easy commute all morning long. everything is clear out of the east bay. in fact, just checked in with chp and we have not had any issues or incidents, any minor broken down vehicles reported earlier this money. but that really did not cause any delays or problems. san mateo bridge, looking good as far as beads go. but we are delicately dealing with some fog across the span there this morning. kind of hard to make out some of this cars there.
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and we are starting to see a few more lights here. definitely socked in as well. you will encounter some fog as you head 880 this morning. at least the portion near the coliseum, that's where this live shot here. you are seeing a lot of green, which means good news here. you are at the limit for the most part. smooth sailing across the eastshore freeway. no delays along 580. slight delays coming out of tracy, connecting onto a five. nothing like it is on a normal workday traffic pretty light from there all the way towards the dublin interchange. >> we do have the pacific marine influence this morning. so tracking areas of fog along the coast, parts of the bay and even some of our in the locations. so let's get right to it. if you're getting out the door, live look with our salesforce tower camera. you can see the patchy fog pulling in. right over the bay bridge. and over the east bay. we're looking at foggy conditions in oakland,
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livermore, and i will show you the visibility in just a moment. by concord, starting off the day, 45 degrees, oakland, good morning to you at 48. 44 and livermore. 49 in san francisco. 50 for you in san jose. and 42 for santa rosa. so let's check of the visibility. so we are down to 3/4 of a mile at half moon bay. the oakland, a half-mile this morning. the visibility down to a quarter mile, dense fog in livermore across the tri- valley. and it mile and 3/4 for napa. so here's what you can expect. it is a cool start. areas of fog as we head through the afternoon, we will catch that clearing with mild to warm above-average temps. and looking at gusty conditions, especially up in our higher elevations. so in the upper hill, and we will see those winds. 40 miles per hour. up in our higher elevations, and as we head through the week, dry and mild conditions. not a lot of change unfortunately so. we definitely could use a big winter storm to drop some of that rainfall. but not looking is that is going to be the case anytime soon. so there's that low pressure system that is ushering in those dry offshore winds for us and that is why we are going to
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to warm up as we head through today. plenty of sun on futurecast. and you can see that clearing as we go through our afternoon. starting off the day tomorrow with cloudy skies. areas of fog and then clearing as we go through our afternoon. it is going to be a chilly start for tomorrow morning as well. and you can see on futurecast the winds picking up, especially in the higher elevations, but the north bay mountains, as we go through our day with those offshore winds. so as we head through the afternoon today, san jose, topping out at 70 degrees as well as for morgan hill. for the east bay we go, 70 in concord and pleasant hill. livermore topping out in the upper 60s. mid-60s in san francisco for a high. 68 in oakland and for san leandro. 70 in petaluma. and topping out at 72 for santa rosa. there we go with that extended forecast, chilly morning. then a mild afternoon. tuesday, wednesday, a few more clouds on thursday. a little bit warmer on friday. mild as we head into the weekend as well. back to you. happening today, many americans are off of work and honor of presidents' day. federal holiday takes place on the third monday of february. presidents' day occurring
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during the birth month of two of the country's most prominent presidents, george washington and abraham lincoln. >> and looking live from san francisco this morning, more than 200 state-of-the-art l.e.d. lights are said to eliminate city hall. it is dark right now. but you can kind of see the outline of the dumped there. it is going to be all lit up in red, white, and blue and that is in honors of presidents' day. a ring lost back in the '70s, now back on the head of its rightful owner. >> still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, where it was found thousands of miles from where it was loss. and how it ended up back on one woman 's finger. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge this monday morning. it is fog in. but it should be clearing later. we have the forecast coming up. and coming up at 7:00 on "cbs this morning," hear from american cruise ship passengers were not allowed on the flight back home. plus, how artificial intelligence is helping some patients avoid a precedent breast cancer diagnosis. and a sneak peek of the museum of african-american music. re justin bieber is going to
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with us. >> justin bieber is going to appear on "the late late show" every night this week. the highlights including all new "carpool karaoke" and spill your guts or fail tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president is better than the criminal in the white house. we all have progressive plans to address the big challenges facing our country. what makes me different, is i've been working for ten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach to hold this lawless president accountable. i'm proposing big res imit ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare climate change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers
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to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. othroughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together
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in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. . class ring that vanished in
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1973 is now back with its owner more than four decades later. >> how the jewel got from. then and waited all the way to finland. the ring's owner tells as she got that class ring from her future husband while they were in high school. she took it off to wash her hands while shopping decades ago and when she came back to look for it, it was gone. years later, her husband passed away and years later, after that, she got a call from some classmates and they asked if her husband has lost a class ring because they had found one with his engraved initials. >> told that the story. this is unbelievable. are you sure there's no one else in the class that has his initials? >> some how, the ring she lost important ended up buried in 8 inches of dirt in a wooden park in the small finland time. a finished step builder using a metal detector the couple the ring and so he mailed the ring back to the u.s. >> that is wild. in our healthwatch this morning, researchers at the university of michigan warning
5:25 am
parents about water safety. 13% did not feel their home tap water was safe for their kids to drink. parents from lower income families were less confident in tap water. it is important to test water supply because treatments are available to improve quality. in the study from the american cancer society percent where you will be related myeloma is most frequently doctors. the highest rates of the potentially deadly skin cancer were found in coastal states. also in a few landlocked states. and it looks like science does not back the expression, it is written all over your face. researchers at ohio state university used a computer to detect people's emotions by scanning just their facial expressions. the computer field in most cases. scientists say other factors like posture and context frown. >> i'm smiling at you, so that
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means i'm happy. >> i know what that means. time now is 5:25. the trial for nears its end this morning. >> in our next half hour, the big step this week that could decide his fate. plus, happening overnight, the americans quarantined amid the coronavirus outbreak are finally back on u.s. soil. up next, we will hear from people who continue to be monitored after being closely watched already for weeks. and don't forget, we are streaming now on cbsn bay area.
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, early voting begins and super tuesday is just around the corner. the presidential candidates setting his sights on the bay area today. a woman saved from his
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game. how a taxicab driver kept her from losing 25,000 bucks. this morning, white wine prices could soon be the cheapest they have been in five years. good morning, and everyone. it is monday, february 17th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec. lot of people have worked off today. plenty of sunshine, right, mary? >> that is right. we're looking at beautiful weather. we are looking at plenty of sunshine, mild to warm above- average temperatures as we head through our day. you know, 60s to low 70s. right now, where starting off the day with areas of fog. and you can see that low cloud deck on our treasure island camera this money. so very top of the salesforce
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tower. looking at foggy conditions from oakland, livermore, as well as along the coast this morning. temps running in the 40s. to low 50s. as we head through the afternoon, topping out at city five in san francisco. 68 in oakland. 70 in concord for a high as well as for san jose in a high temperature of 22 in santa rosa and for fairfield. we will talk about the week ahead coming up in a few minutes. gianna? thanks, mary, taking a look at the roadways right now. checking in with chp as we have reports of a trouble spot right at the high-rise. it was reported as a stalled vehicle. but it could be an accident as well. chp heading to the scene there. and we are seeing some ight delayss you work westbound. it looks like at least one lane is blocked. so one of our busiest spots right now. give yourself a few extra minutes. there are your drive times. 70 minutes to go was found over
5:32 am
towards 100 one. in addition to that trouble spot, we are dealing with some fog across the san mateo bridge, you can see that on our live shot here. kind of making out those vehicles. but definitely be careful. now to campaign 2020, happening today, senator bernie sanders is set to be in the bay area. he is going to appear at a get out the vote rally in richmond between noon and 3:00. attendees are encouraged to bring 8 million ballot to cast at the event. nevada is coming up for its caucuses, which happen next saturday. early voting is already underway. the thousands of people showing up at polling stations over the weekend. democratic candidates are campaigning across the state making their case that they are the best choice to take on president trump in november. >> the heart of america is so much bigger than the heart of this guy in the white house. >> we are ready to put the corruption behind us. are we ready to put the tweets behind us? [ cheers and applause ] this is our chance. >> the latest public opinion survey in nevada shows senator bernie sanders in front followed by former vice president joe biden and senator elizabeth warren. meantime, in iowa, partial recanvass of the caucus results from two weeks ago is still
5:33 am
going on. the state democratic party is tracking results from 25 precincts and three satellite caucuses. that is at the request of the sanders campaign. which believes that sanders could pick up an extra delegate. so far, the numbers show pete buttigieg as a winner by a narrow margin. kpix 5 is your guide to that campaign 2020. we're covering all the candidates, races, and issues that matter to you. check out our to super tuesday guide at 2020. this morning, the bodies of two people who died in an avalanche have been recovered. investigators say three snowmobilers triggered the slides, one man:his way out and called for help. searchers finally found them yesterday. but they had not survived. washington state troopers are set to resume their search for it would could be the remains of a gunman. investigators say the arm suspect took his sister, her boyfriend, and two kids hostage before their home caught fire nearly 16 hours later. crews were able to rescue four hospital including two young children. >> i pray for those people.
5:34 am
they need prayer. there's something wrong. >> after the last hostage was rescued, negotiators were not able to get any response from the home. officials say do to unstable conditions, crews stopped searching for the suspect last night. no word yet on a motive. hundreds marking a dark period in california history. san francisco's annual day of remembrance marks the period where tens of thousands of japanese-americans were forced into internment camps during world war ii. >> we were stranded, i would say, in these isolated communities, where we did not really know how long we would be there or what was going to happen to us. and i think psychologically, it was a terrible thing. hard on people. >> the california legislature is expected to pass a resolution this week condemning california's role in those
5:35 am
camps. the jury in the trial of harvey weinstein is set to begin deliberations tomorrow. the disgraced movie mogul faces five charges in new york including rape and predatory sexual assault. one woman claims weinstein raped her in 2013. another says he forcibly performed a six act on her in 2006. he says the sex he had was always consensual. new video showing the arrival of two planes carrying americans now back on u.s. soil after being stuck on a cruise ship off the coast of japan. one just landed at travis air force base last night. the other related in texas. officials confirmed that 14 ship evacuees now at the fairfield base tested positive
5:36 am
for coronavirus. the state department says those 14 americans who tested positive for the virus did not show any symptoms when they were moved from the ship. jackie ward is in the studio not to explain what happened. >> yeah, it is a little bit complicated. results from those passengers' test came back during the evacuation process. they were held in isolation and were taken to a, quote, appropriate location, likely a nearby medical facility. the other passengers will remain in quarantine at travis air force base for the next two weeks. all of them have been on the diamond princess cruise ship since generally 20th before they left japan, they received a coronavirus screening, then they boarded the bus, bring them a chartered flight bound for the u.s. evacuees will stay at travis air force base at a separate location from a hotel for a first round evacuees are already under quarantine. a couple from sacramento are still on the cruise ship. they chose against taking the chartered flight, saying they feel safer remain on the quarantined ship. >> you know, it is not like we are a loose helicopter off the
5:37 am
rooftop. we or on a boat and we're watching people going away. people just make different choices on how they want to confront the virus. >> at least 46 americans are among the more than 450 confirmed coronavirus cases aboard the "diamond princess". those americans were not be allowed to -- were not allowed, rather to take the u.s. flights home. >> chinese authorities confirmed 105 new coronavirus death yesterday. so far, there are no, 1700 70 deaths worldwide. china is cleaning and possibly destroying cash to try to contain the coronavirus. at least one branch may be involved in the process. world health organization says the viruses can survive on surfaces for hours. viruses -- money can carry viruses and the bacteria. james bond publicity tour in china is canceled because of concerns of coronavirus.
5:38 am
naomi rackham has that story and more. good morning. u.s. financial -- closed today in observance of presidents' day. stocks made modest gains last week. the dow fell 25 points. the nasdaq gained 19. the s&p 500 rose six points. tesla has hit a roadblock in europe. a german court has temporarily halted the site preparation for tesla's first european factory outside of berlin. the court order tesla to stop clearing trees on its site following an appeal from an environmental group. tesla says the new plant will build batteries and vehicles. the company hopes to complete the factory by mid an upcoming of the latest james bond movie in china has reportedly been scrapped. the event was canceled because ofars of the coronavirus outbreak. daniel craig and the cast were
5:39 am
set to visit beijing and other cities in china in april. a flight delay, really annoying. but we are hearing that a new airport lounge that could be making things a little more fine. >> reporter: nintendo is out with its version of an airport lounge where gamers can play while waiting for their flights. the new nintendo switch on the go pop-up lounge is open. they feature charging ports and switch systems:but the lounges will only stay open until late march. so you better get a delayed flight before thennt to enjoy it. >> and after much, there's the airport bar >> always got that. >> for, thanks for that. this is good news for wine lovers. the price of wine expected to
5:40 am
drop to its lowest since 2016. when consumers will enjoy the best wine retail values in 20 years. more efficient harvesting methods combined with a decreased demand for why it means drinkers can expect the better deal for possibly as long as three years. a different kind of dog collar is proving to be popular with pet owners. the so-called 'cause collar throws out a swearword every time a dog barks. it is meant to be a gag gift that does not harm the dog. i guess it is just fun. right now, the color is sold- out but more may be available soon. my dog does not need to hear anymore 'cause words. >> especially when there's parking. taxi drivers being honored by roseville police this morning for helping a 92-year- old woman avoid a scam that would have cost her $25,000. it started when the taxi driver
5:41 am
was driving a woman to the banks. she said she was about to withdraw 25 grams to settle a debt with the irs. the driver suggested that it might be a scam. she agreed to stop by the police station to ask an officer. it turns out the driver was right. he was rewarded for his quick thinking. 5:41. >> yes, valentine's day for one woman means a surprise from her husband. there's a catch. he died several years ago. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, how he took a cue from a romantic movie and is showing his wife left from beyond the grave. >> my goodness. and i do love that movie as well. a we are starting off the day with areas of fog. even some of our inland locations as well. that foggy start. we will talk about the week ahead and if there are any whether systems to bring that
5:42 am
beneficial rainfall that we definitely need. and you will run into that fog on your drive this morning on some you know when you're at ross and... wow! realize you can totally eat out more? that's yes for less. get the latest spring trends for your home at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. othroughout the country for the past twelve years, at ross. mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions.
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bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. fisn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from polluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for everyone, regardless of your zip code. thatisesge.'m m steynd arove
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exactly what you need... yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. day demolition operation did not quite go as planned in texas. the explosives did cause most of an 11 story telling to
5:45 am
implode in dallas. but a tower is still standing, even after crews used a high reach excavator to try to knock it down. now they will have to use a crane in wrecking ball to finish the job. >> a photographer from san rafael. not for his iconic photos posted a showing of his work in san francisco on sunday. matt hear on addressed an audience in the san francisco library. in at 65, he moved his family to mississippi to cover the battle brewing over civil rights. his images captured the determination of the freedom marchers. >> i would strap cameras on my body. and undo that i was photographing history. >> he also captured moments of victory like people able to register to vote for the first time. his photo exhibit entitled i'm walking for my freedom is on public display at the basement level. an ftc report shows
5:46 am
consumers lost $21 million to scammers preying on people looking for love last year. the agency also revealed more than 25,000 consumers filed a report on romance scams. the tactics of the vandals usually place out by first building a relationship with their victim and then asking that person for money to get out of a so-called crisis. >> a woman from verizon is sharing a tender valentine's moment with us. two months after she said good- bye to his husband -- her husband, she received flowers from him. his widow got the bouquet of yellow flowers and a single red rose with a card from him. >> yelling from heaven, i will always love you. with love from your eternal valentine. i guess you could call this my real life , ps i love you miracle. >> so sweet. they married in 1974 in taylor,
5:47 am
arizona. they had eight children and 34 grandchildren. >> we are all -- >> i need a tissue. >> adorable. how sweet that is. it is like that movie, "ps i love you". >> i have not seen that movie because it is too sad. >> it is beautiful. it is a good movie. >> we would all be lucky to have a love like that. in the meantime, how is traffic looking? for the most part, not bad at all. we do have one thing to look out for. overall, this is about it as you work your way on 92, the san mateo bridge, we've got an accident here. it was first reported as a stalled vehicle. two cars are tangled up there. we are seeing speeds that down to about 21 miles per hour. so right around the high was there. as a look at our maps, you see
5:48 am
that yellow and that orange and red color there. that means that is the slower speed in that area. getting onto the foster city side of the san mateo bridge. right now, your drive times, about 18 minutes to go between 880 and 101,. not a lot of cars on the roadways demech to the presidents' day holiday. so not seeing a lot of nature delays as you are working your way through there. and we were dealing with some fog. you are starting to see the bridge a little bit more now. as you head between 880 over towards 11. all the peninsula itself, lookout for a stalled vehicle stuck in the left lane and getting reports of the crash on 84. bayfront expressway, so keep that in mind as you head the roadways this morning. look at this. it is in the green. take thankfully, that will be red this time of the morning. 21-minute drive time. 205 to 680. nice speed along the eastshore freeway the. really we are only seeing a few brake lights nothing from 205 over on to 580. again, very quiet heading towards the dublin interchange. a and right now, things are
5:49 am
looking good with no delays through napa or sonoma county. just checked the forecast. here's mary. well, we are celebrating presidents' day. you're is a live look taking you out to city hall. it is kind of hard to see. but later today, because of presidents' day, city hall will be lit up in red, white, and blue. there you go. pretty few as we kick off are monday here. now let's show you a different vantage point of city hall. and you can see kind of foggy conditions as we start off our day. so along the coast parts of the bay and some of our inland locations, dealing with that
5:50 am
fog this morning. even dense fog in spots. we will show you the visibility in just a moment. but you can see concord, topping out at 45, ali starting off the day at 45. oakland, 48. livermore, 44. san francisco, 51. 50 in san jose. 42 for santa rosa. so the visibility down to a quarter mile at half moon bay. the also for livermore, dense fog across the tri-valley, oakland, down to a half-mile this morning. so here's what you can expect. we will catch that clearing as we go through our afternoon. we're going to see daytime highs well above average for this time of year. so a mild to warm day across the region. low 60s for the coast. mid-60s for the bay. and upper 70s to low 70s inland. so a warm day for sure for many locations. so we have this low pressure system that is bringing that dry offshore flow for >> so we are going to see gusty conditions up in our higher elevations up to about 30 to possibly 40 mile-per-hour's. as we go through the day. and we will see plenty of sunshine on futurecast as we head through our afternoon. starting off the day tomorrow as a chilly start. we will see those clouds, areas of fog, and and mild daytime
5:51 am
highs for tomorrow as well. that will be the case, actually, over the next several days. we definitely need the rain. it does not look like it is going to come any time scene. our sunrisers i think that 57 in our sunset at 5:50. so daytime highs across the south bay, topping out at 70 in san jose as well as for morgan hill. for the east bay we go. pleasant hill at 70. san francisco, mid-60s. upper 60s oakland as well as for san leandro. topping out at 70 degrees for petaluma and 72 for windsor. here's the extended forecast, what you can expect. a chilly start for tuesday morning. wednesday morning as well. mild in the afternoon. maybe a few more clouds thursday. warming up a little bit more friday. and into the weekend. mild conditions will continue. some intense whether over the weekend. first in mississippi, where a state of emergency was to cut. people who live around jackson work through parted to follow mandatory evacuations because of sivert flooding there,. the pearl river is expected to the crash today as about 37.5 feet. that in tennessee, two homes collapsed from a lens light along the tennessee river. this video shows sparks flying one the first home started falling. the second home was swept into the river yesterday afternoon officials say no one was hurt. >> for the second week in a
5:52 am
row, a storm battering the united kingdom. high winds also of effecting london's airports as planes swerving, trying to land. the time now is 5:52. a newborn baby showered with love on her first flight. >> still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, perfect strangers work together to celebrate a brand-new set of parents on their flight home with their new baby. and let's take a look outside at the richmond/san rafael bridge.
5:53 am
5:54 am
growing up in a family that struggled economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
5:55 am
a flight home for a california couple was no ordinary flight. >> they were heading home with their newly adopted daughter. they pick up their newborn daughter in colder. she was only 80s old. with it minutes, two flight attendants were handing out napkins and pens to passengers to write messages and then they made a special announcement. >> the whole cabin started cheering and applauding. it was just incredible. >> we've or just crying as they were announcing but everyone was cheering and we were crying. thank you, thank you. just really in shock of what was happening. >> they were given more than 16 messages to read. the new's are now in a special book saved for their baby daughter. >> that is so sweet. it is 5:55. it the next half hour on kpix 5
5:56 am
and streaming on cbsn bay area, officials asking for the bay area's help tracking down this couple missing in marin county. the recent clues to track them down. that is coming up. plus, up next, an update on the coronavirus. as hundreds of americans are back in the u.s., why they remain under quarantine in california. next. we are streaming now on obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when
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we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
5:58 am
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5:59 am
when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. >> announcer: this is a kpix 5 news morning update. right now and streaming on cbsn bay area, hundreds of passengers on a quarantined cruise ship flown back to california landing right outside the bay area. this morning, more than a dozen test positive for the deadly disease. plus, cracking down on short-term rentals. the new bill this morning after a shooting at an airbnb. and a parked closed off
6:00 am
after an apparent mountain lion attack. a 6-year-old is now recovering. good morning, and everyone. it is monday, february 17. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec. it is presidents' day. time for a check of our weather forecast. we are looking at beautiful weather on this presidents' day. so if you have the day off and have those outdoor plans, and looks fantastic. so plenty of sunshine, mild to warm above average daytime highs. in the 60s to low 70s. it is a foggy start, many locations along the coast. parts of the bay, including our inland locations as well. a live look with the golden gate bridge camera. at that start. temps are running in the 40s. as we head through the afternoon, 65 in san francisco. 68 for a high in oakland. 57 in fremont and mountain 70


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