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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 18, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PST

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it's tuesday, february 18th, 2020. this is the morning morning. coronavirus crisis. the number of the cases in the u.s. has almost doubled. more americans are diagnosed after returning from asia as infections climb worldwide. crash into the wall -- into the air goes newman. >> fiery crash. the daytona 500 ends with the lead car crossing the finish line on its roof, losing the race. driver ryan ynewman rushed to te hospital. scout scandal. the boy scouts fight accusations the boy scouts fight accusations of sexual abuse.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm tom hanson. anne-marie green is off. we begin with the coronavirus outbreak that's gripping the world. the first groups of american evacuees held at california bases are set to be released today. they've been under quarantine for two weeks after arriving from the epicenter of the outbreak. china says at least 98 more people have died from the illness. the death toll in the country now stands at more than 1,800. as we learn the director of a leading hospital in yew happen has died from the virus, the number of cases worldwide tops 73,000. meanwhile, delta and hawaiian airlines are working with health officials in the u.s. and japan to trace the contacts of japanese -- o japanese couple, rather, to tested positive for the coronavirus after returning home f hawaii. more than 300 americans exposed to the virus and evacuated from a cruise ship off japan are now under quarantine in california and texas. 14 of those travelers have
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tested positive for the virus. chris martinez reports. >> reporter: aboard the kw"diamd princess," geri and her husband chronicled the quarantine. >> we're ready to go. >> reporter: and their rescue by the u.s. state department, a top u.s. government scientist says the ship's attempt to keep passengers under quarantine failed. so the goldmans and 338 other american passengers boarded chartered flights to the u.s. but mid flight, karl developed respiratory symptoms. >> karl had a fever, and he's been in this isolated tent. >> reporter: their flight landed at an airfield outside omaha where karl was taken to the hospital and jeri went into quarantine. >> this is it for 14 days. >> these are folks who had a high index of suspicion that came to us. all of them, we knew that we would evaluate them. >> reporter: other cruise ship
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passengers were delivered to airbases near san francisco and san antonio, but not all americans flaboard the "diamond princess" could return. including this couple from tennessee. genie had just tested positive. she was taken to a hospital in tokyo while her husband was forced to remain on the ship. >> this ship could not maintain quarantine. it's not designed for that purpose. there are many, many flaws in the quarantine on the ship. >> reporter: there is also concern about the more than 2,000 passengers and crew members who were aboard the cruise ship "westerdam" who disembarked in cambodia. they had been given the all clear, but an american passenger has since tested positive for the virus. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. this morning nascar driver ryan newman is in the hospital after being hurt in a fiery crash at the daytona 500.
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the terrifying moments happened when newman's car hit the wall, got broadsided and crossed the finish line bursting in flames. he was in a similar episode at the daytona 3-00 and escaped unharmed after his car flipped several times. laura podesta is in new york. what's the latest on newman's condition? >> reporter: the latest is that he's in serious conditions. doctors are optimist could that the 42-year-old is going to survive this. >> here comes hamlin -- >> reporter: the 2020 daytona 500 went down to the wire, but there wasn't much cheering after it ended. >> there was a wreck. but i really didn't see the seriousness of it or anything. we get in the winner's circle, so i apologize to anybody that thinks that we were celebrating. >> reporter: moments before denny hamlin's photo finish oertime win, the race's leader, ryan newman, was involved in a terrifying wreck. his number six car was bumped from behind sending it careening
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into the wall. the vehicle flipped and was slammed by another car sending it airborne. when it landed, sparks flew, and the car was upside down and on fire when it skidded past the finish line. >> i was right above it and looking down, and we seen him go upside down. when he rolled and the car hit it and he went up, it was right in his window. imagine having a semi-truck come right in your car window and hit you. >> reporter: large black screens were set up to block the view as emergency personnel to free newman. many feared the worst, but two hours later came word that he had survived. >> he's in serious condition, but doctors have indicated his injuries are non-life-threatening. >> reporter: it's been 19 years since the death of dale earnhardt sr. the last top-tier nascar driver killed in a crash. that tragedy also happened during the daytona 500 and also during the final lap. and newman clearly loves his job. in an interview earlier this racing season, tom, he indicated that he did not plan to retire
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any time soon, saying, quote, i'm doing it past when i said i was going to be doing it ten years ago. i don't know how to the give the answer, i don't know how. i always said 40, and i'm 42 now. >> that is tough fattage to watch. thanks. facing hundreds of sexual abuse cases the boy scouts of america has filed for bankruptcy. the move is designed to keep billions in assets away from alleged victims. more than a dozen states now have laws allowing sex abuse lawsuits regardless of when the alleged assaults took place. the 110-year-old organization has seen declining membership in recent years and rising operating costs. now to the 2020 presidential race. democratic contenders are storming nevada. they're scrambling to snag last-minute vote ahead of the state's caucuses this weekend. long lines are already emerging at polling stations as early voting gets under way. at least five of the candidates
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are gearing up for another stage. major garrett reports. nevada's not been heard from yet. >> i want a government that works for us, and that's why i'm here. >> reporter: democrats blanketed nevada ahead of saturday's caucuses while bernie sanders, running ahead of the pack there, campaigned in neighboring california, the biggest delegate prize of the march 3rd super tuesday primary slate. early caucus voting in nevada showed more than 26,000 casting ballots, many first-time caucus-goers. there is anxiety about the weekend vote. nevada scrapped the same tabulating app that collapsed during the iowa caucuses, training is now on ipads. >> if they don't make some changes, we're going to be iowa the second time. >> reporter: not on the ballot but drawing attention, former new york mayor michael bloomberg who was on pace to spend $415 million leading up to super tuesday. >> the american people are sick and tired of billionaires buying
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elections. >> reporter: bloomberg is still dealing with the fallout from his comment on stop and the frisk which disproportionately affected african-americans and latinos. the bloomberg campaign released two new ads to shore up support among minority voters. >> i know my story would have turned out very differently if i had been black. >> that was major garrett reporting. more rain is in the forecast today for flood-ravaged areas in the south. the swollen pearl river in mississippi crested at more than 37 feet yesterday, nine feet above flood stage. hundreds of homes were damaged near the capital of jackson. officials expect it will take until the end of the week for the river to recede. rain is also causing swollen rivers to overflow in arkansas, alabama, and tennessee. thousands of people in those states are under mandatory evacuation orders. the fbi and other federal agencies searching for signs of russian meddling in the 2020 election don't have to look far
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to find russian propaganda. it's being transmitted right now on america's air its waves outside of kansas city. jeff pegues tuned in. >> reporter: kansas city may be known for jazz, but there's a new sound these days. >> you're listening to radio -- >> reporter: airing on three stations here, radio sputnik is funded by the kremlin but delivered by americans from a wahington studio. >> the capital of the divided states of america -- >> reporter: u.s. intelligence believes the russian government uses sputnik to influence american voters. >> donald trump, you're a wimp on ukraine dnc. >> reporter: anita dixon is annoyed by what she's hearing. >> borderline propaganda, straddle the fence treasonous, this is what this is to me. >> reporter: the "kansas city star" warned beware of radio sputnik, adding that putin uses misinformation to divide. >> i just sell time --
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>> reporter: airline faralito finds time for media like radio sputn sputnik. >> the american people are not deplorabilities and do not have to be forced by the government to tell them what they can or can't listen to or watch. >> reporter: anita dixon believes the divisive content will take its toll. >> once you divide families, once you divide health care, once you divide those things, you will be conquered. >> reporter: it is debatable whether radio sputnik has the power to do that. here it's clearly gotten listeners' attention. jeff pegues, cbs news, kansas city. all right. coming up on the "morning news," moving the border. some oregon residents want to become part of idaho. and iconic plymouth rock and monuments are vaoondlized.
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spacex had another successful launch of its "falcon 9" rocket at cape canaveral. 60 miniature satellites were sent into space as part of the company's starlink program. spacex aims to put 300 satellites into low earth orbit to improve high-speed internet service around the world. the reusable rocket booster failed to land successfully on a drone ship platform. it ended up in the ocean. a group in oregon wants to become part of idaho by moving state borders, and the iconic plymouth rock is vandalized. those are some of the headlines on the stand sta"morning newsst" "the boston globe" reports the site where pilgrims landed in massachusetts was vandalized. several other monuments were also hit with red paint. it comes as plymouth prepars to mark the 400th anniversary of
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the pilgrims arriving on the mayflower. the graffitis cleaned up in a matter of hours. no arrests were made. it was not immediately clear if the graffiti was politically motivated. "usa today" says a group in oregon wants to secede to idaho. they call themselves greater idaho. they've got a petition going, and if they get their way, state lines would be redrawn to vastly expand idaho's territory. the group says they're mad about what they call liberal state policies on issues like guns and the environment. moving the borders would have to be approved by both state legislatures and congress. and the "dallas morning nws" says the so-called leaning tower of dallas may not be there for long. it was created during a failed attempt to demolish an 11-story building on sunday. since then, crowds have been flocking to the site for photos and local developers, though, are less amused. the accidental tourist attraction is standing in the way of a proposed $2.5 billion
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on the cbs "money watch," apple feels the effects of the coronavirus, and jeff bezos is stepping up to help fight climate change. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, tom. well, wall street futures are indicating a lower open this morning in a holiday-shortened trading week after a warning on sales from apple. on friday, stocks closed mixed. apple is warning increase it does not expect to meet i quarterly forecast because of the coronavirus. it's impacted production which will affect sales. the company says all of its manufacturing facilities in china have reopened, but work is moving slowly. apple says demand for iphones in china is down and retail stores are closed or operating with reduced hours. jeff bezos says he's donating $10 billion to combat climate change. yesterday the richest person
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announced he's starting the bezos earth fund. he said the global initiative will fund scientists and activists to help preserve and protect the natural world from what he calls, quote, the biggest threat to our planet. bezos expects to give out this summer. >> reporter: in a statement, there's a plan to use of 450 stores including all of its stores in canada. pier one says it's seeking a sale with a march 23rd deadline for interested buy force submit bids. the chain says it's having trouble competing with online retailers. and the most magical place on earth is about to get more magical for princess fans. disney world announced the park's iconic cinderella castle is getting a makeover to celebrate the animated movie's 70th anniversary. an artist's renddering shows parts of the case with light pink, royal blue, and tons of gold trim.
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and visit . here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ ♪ happy birthday dear arley happy birthday to you ♪ got to love it. there was a special celebration for what could be minnesota's last living survivor of pearl harbor. well wishers turned out on saturday to sing "happy
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birthday" to arley burke who turned 100. when he was 21, burke was on board the "uss honolulu" when the japanese attacked pearl harbor. the "honolulu" reported no casualties in the attack. former president jimmy carter celebrated presidents' day in a big way. the 39th president did the honors at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the updated museum and carter exhibit in plains, georgia. the same school the now-95-year-old and his wife rosalyn attended. the museum features memories from their childhood up until carter's time as the nation's commander in chief. all right. coming up on the "cbs morning news," while the cold war might have ended three decades ago, russia's spying on the u.s. continues to evolve. we'll talk with the author of a book about russia's latest spy tactics and how it's meddling in america's elections. i'm tom hanson, this is the "cbs morning news."
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here's a look at our top stories this morning -- the first group of americans quarantined after being evacuated from china are set to be released today. they spent two weeks at california military bases after arriving from the epicenter of the outbreak. meanwhile, china says at least 98 more people have died from the virus. the death toll in the country now stands at more than 1,800. and nascar driver ryan newman is in serious condition after a fiery wreck at the daytona 500. doctors say his injuries do not appear to be life threatening. the terrifying accident happened on the final lap of the race. newman's car was clipped, hit the wall, got broadsided, and
4:26 am
slid upside down across the finish line before bursting into flames. one of america's oldest newspapers is finding new life after experiencing some tough times. john blackstone has the story one man's efforts to make sure the news keeps getting out. >> reporter: in the gold rush down of downeyville, population about 300, the mountain messenger has been rolling off the presses for 166 years, making it california's oldest weekly newspaper. even mark twain once wrote for the "messenger." past 30 years the owner and editor has been don russell, a man with a ready laugh -- [ laughter ] -- who was ready to sell but couldn't find a buyer until -- >> free at last. yeah. >> reporter: carl butts showed up. >> i'm just delighted that i found somebody stupid enough to take it over. >> reporter: butts who retired to downeyville about a decade ago, bout the "mountain
4:27 am
messenger" instead of taking a long vacation. >> i thought, god, if i'm going around the world and the paper's gone, i'm going to feel guilty for not doing something i think i can do. >> reporter: you bought the paper, the headlines say something like "sucker found." >> pigeon found. delays are wednesday afternoon. >> reporter: why is the paper so important to downeyville? >> this past year the bank went away, the gas station's closed. the town is dying. >> reporter: now the "mountain messenger" will live on. >> local papers can be something to find together a community. >> reporter: butts may be a pigeon, but he's a pigeon that delivers. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. >> got to love it. coming up on "cbs this morning," while the cold war might have ended three decades ago, russia's spying on the u.s. continues to evolve. we'll talk with the author of a
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new book about russia's latest spy tactics and how it's meddling in america's elections. plus, in our "rising costs" series, it's getting more expensive to drink. why have alcohol prices at bars and restaurants increased by more than 50%? and as parts of our continuing coverage of black history month, we'll profile two trail blazing models who have changed the face of fashion. that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thank you so much for watching. i'm tom hanson. have a great day.
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