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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 18, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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today they took a bus to sfo to catch a flight home. how did you hold up with the kids for 2 weeks? we've been following your journey? >> we're just tired from the trip. >> reporter: because of high risk of exposure to coronavirus, they were screened daily. while the journey ends for this group, it's just the beginning for another group of americans evacuated from the diamond princess cruise ship in japan and flown to travis air force base. 14 people from the latest group tested positive for the coronavirus and were taken to medical facilities off base. currently there's no flights between sfo and mainland china. airlines have eliminated those flights and have limited flights to hong kong through march. >> but when we look at this time of year, normally there's about 90 flights nonstopper week from sfo to mainland china to hong kong. that's been reduced by about 80 percent, so fairly significant schedule reduction. >> reporter: therebe another ro
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coming to sfo tomorrow. one more bus load and another bus headed to sacramento, and that will finish off this first round of evacuees that were at travis air force base 2 weeks ago. >> so you mentioned the flights to mainland china, they've been canceled. are the airlines, the airports, anybody telling you for how long? >> reporter: so if you look at the schedule, they're canceled through the end of march, but really it could be extended. in fact i just learned today that united airlines has canceled flights through april, and they're really waiting to get that clean bill of health from the cdc, so keep checking. but right now they are canceled through march. >> really depends. all right, juliette goodrich, live at sfo. thanks so much. >> and a short time ago, napa confirmed it's dealing with its first case of coronavirus. officials say the patient is in isolation at queen of the valley medical center. a second possible case is also under investigation. both patients arrived at mo aft pa force base on
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and in soutrn california, the first group of ev also left marine core station miramar. nearly 165 people were loaded on charter buses after undergoing the 14-day quarantine and final medical tests from the cdc. there are an additional 65 people who are expected to leave the station later this week. i'm ken bastida at the live news desk. we are following a developing story out of the novato area. it's a search for a missing hiker. it's the second big search going on in marin county. that's the guy they're looking for. he's 76-year-old robert bennett, last seen yesterday at about 1:30 wearing a gray flannel shirt and blue jeans and walking toward the valley stone trail head. if you know where that is, that's along the big rock ridge trail in novato. it's a pretty challenging hike, and one of marin's highest in elevation. marin search and rescue with there with teams working out
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of inverness on the other side. meanwhile that's still an active search going on there. no sign of a couple missing in western marin county since friday. the search continued today for ian irwin and carol kaparsky. they were last seen friday in inverness. more than 100 searchers are scouring the area, and today the couple's son arrived from out of town to assist. we've been following that search all day long. we'll take you inside testimony search zone coming up at 6:00. that's it from the live news desk, back to you. thanks, ken. new video of a person caught aiming a laser pointer at a chp helicopter monday night near the napa county airport. chp says the bright flash hit the pilot in the eyes and he was temporarily blinded. fortunately he was able to maintain control. it only took them a matter the
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and police arrested the suspect. new video from san francisco police involving a restaurant assault that included a suspect flinging a burrito. surveillance cameras show the man interesting the business on gary boulevard near 18th avenue back on february 2nd. the customer becomes agitated and verbally abusive. when the staff offers him a burrito to calm the situation, the man strikes a worker with his cell phone and throws items on the counter including the burrito. >> it's not funny. the man assaulted an employee, and assaulted employees just trying to help this person, and unfortunately that was not enough for the suspect. >> police are asking anyone who recognizes the suspect to call the sfpd richmond station. a group of legendary 49ers are praising president trump tonight after his decision to
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pardon former team owner eddie dibartilo jr. devin fehely is live with late tweets from the president. >> reporter: yeah, eddie hasn't formally been involved with the 49ers for more than 2 decades, but for certain fans and former players, he'll forever be associated with the team for the 5 super bowls the ninners won under his leadership. the president did tweet out photos of eddie, his family, and 49er greats all in the oval office there today, there to support the president's pardon. hall of famers jerry rice, ronnie lock, and charles haley as well as civil rights icon jim brown were all on hand at the white house for a show of solidarity. >> today is a great day for him. i'm glad to be a part of it, and it's nothing i'll never forget. he's done so much in the community. has done so much in nfl football. >> reporter: the president's largely unexpected pardon of
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debartolo is a dramatic reversal of fortunes for the former 49er owner who pled guilty in 1998 for his role in a bribery scheme involving a river boat in louisiana. he was fined a million dollars and sentenced to 2 years probation, and under the cloud of that scandal transferred ownership and criminal of the team to his sister denise york. his exile from football and his beloved 49ers, however, did little to diminish the admiration of former players and fans. >> as a fan, i think we understand we all make human mistakes, but i think it was a good, i want to say gesture for the president doing that for him. >> reporter: but the reaction on social media wasn't nearly as generous. trump pardons another scammer tweeted one. i like eddie, but he still bribed the governor. what a weird thing to pardon, wrote another. you keep pardoning people who don't deserve it added a third. >> the idea that people like
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debartolo are the most pressing recipients of mercy, it's hard to square. >> reporter: he was inducted into the football hall of fame in 2016. he hasn't had an official role in the 49ers in years. some wonder if a presidential pardon might pave a way to the return of the game he loves. >> some fans, not necessarily just of the 49ers talking about the possibility of him coming back to football. so in a sense it does offer some kind of social permission, some cover for the idea that this person is not persona non grata anymore. >> reporter: the pardon caught many off guards. for many it's illicitted concern and confusion. the 49ers officially said they have no comment. devin fehely, kpix 5. >> in addition to pardoning debartolo, he granted clemency to 10 others, including a few people in some notorious
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cases. among them the former governor of illinois rod blagojevich and a former nypd commissioner who served time for tax fraud. flames hit up a house in pleasant hill overnight. that fire broke out just before 3:00 a.m. at the home on greenwich drive. it started outside, but quickly spread to the inside. crews were able to put out the fire in about 20 minutes. nobody was home at the time and it's still unclear how the fire started. a scary case out of mountain view. police arrested the man they say tried to kidnap a 53-year-old woman from her home. 33-year-old jeremiah porter was taken into custody after the incident last night. police say a woman heard someone repeatedly ring her doorbell, she opened the door to find porter who allegedly burst in, grabbed her by her neck, and said he needed to flee the area.
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he tried to force the woman into her car, but she was able to escape his grasp. porter ran from the scene but was found by police just hours later. taking a live look right now at interstate 80 heading towards tahoe. cal trans crews not doing much snow removal the past several weeks. the scene different from this time last year when the area was covered in snow. brian hackney is joining us now with a look at what a difference a year makes. >> yes, you could hardly see the road last year. here's a side by side comparison of the snow pack from about a year ago. on the left, there's february of 2019. on the right, there's essentially today. taken yesterday. so you can see the snow is extending and massively covering the sierra all the way to the east into the basin and range province, it was wrapping around the top through shasta and the trinity mountains in 2019, and today there's hardly a shadow of
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what it looked like then. in the sierra snow pack is officially about 50 percent of average for california, and we're not looking to add to it any time soon. there's a hint for something, but we'll talk about prospects for getting anything in the next couple of minutes in the forecast. we do need it. thanks. dozens of safeway union employees preparing to go on strike in san mateo county. united food and commercial workers local 5 canceling its contract with safeway demanding higher wages, more full time opportunities. but the union still needs approval from its international counterpart before a walkout can take place. safeway did respond to the potential strike saying quote safeway remains committed to bargaining in good faith with the union to reach an agreement to provide employees a competitive compensation package, maintain affordable health care, and provide a pension for their retirement. >>5 and
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streaming on cbsn bay area, a horrific crash sends famed nascar driver ryan newman to the emergency room. >> coming up, an update on his condition tonight and reaction to the fiery ending to the rain delayed daytona 500. >> and baseball player aubrey huff not invited to the team's anniversary celebration. why he says the team doesn't want him there. >> and the stops the president made ahead of his big rally in beverly hills. most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws,
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he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. try to win by attacking, now, we know the trump strategy- distorting, dividing.
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mr. president: it. won't. work. newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. as president, universal healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it. a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. late this afternoon we got an update on nascar driver ryan newman. he's awake and speaking after a horrific crash in the final l >> crash into the air goes newman! >> his ford mustang went airborne, flipping several times and bursting into flames
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as it landed on its roof. fans watched in horror as they tried to extricate him. >> a person's health is bigger than any race or accomplishment you can possibly have, so we're praying for ryan right now and that's all we're thinking about. >> president trump who was the grand marshal for the race tweeted quote praying for ryan newman, a great and brave nascar driver. now to campaign 2020, president trump is in southern california right now. he's starting a three-day west coast fund raising trip. >> we have live pictures now where supporters are lining up. here's more on the rare trip for president trump. >> reporter: this is the fourth time president trump has come to the los angeles area while in office. the last visit was in september where he wound up in san diego. but for now, his stop will be the montage in beverly hills. and for many of the guests
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where the rooms start at over a thousand dollars a night, the fact that the president was going to be here was news to them. if you knew he was coming, you would have stayed? >> definitely, definitely. >> he's not staying here! >> reporter: he's going to be 2 meetings. >> at the montage? >> reporter: yeah! >> why is he coming to a hotel in beverly hills? >> reporter: he'll have a meeting with the olympic 2028 committee and a round table with who's described as his strong supporters, all millionaire businessmen in the area. is it an inconvenience? >> i'll let you know tomorrow. >> reporter: they didn't tell you ahead of time? >> well, they didn't say he was coming, but they said from 3:00 to 7:00 this area will be closed. >> reporter: and all morning
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the area was cordened off while security went through their checks. >> dave lopez reporting. now the democratic side of things. the new poll conducted by npr and pbs shows bernie sanders with a commanding lead. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is in second place with 19 percent support followed by joe biden with 15 percent. now the numbers qualify bloomberg for the next debate which is tomorrow night in las vegas even though he's not competing in early state contests like nevada. some polls show it shaping up as a sanders, bloomberg showdown on super tuesday. kpix 5 gearing up for california's primary march 3rd. we have a special section online at the jury in harvey weinstein's rape trial deliberated for about 5 hours today, but left without reaching a verdict. the jury made up of 7 men and
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5 women will resume tomorrow morning he's charged with first degree criminal sexual acts, 2 counts of rape, and predatory sexual assault. he's pleaded not guilty. his defense argues argue they were consensual. earlier i was guessing at how long it's been without rain, 20, 30 days, but it has been about that long. >> yes, the really long rain fantasy models suggesting maybe the first week of march that might be something. >> in the meantime it's just gorgeous outside. you can't beat it. it's so nice. >> honestly people say we love the fog though, so i've learned to take it for what it is. we don't have a choice, so might as well acclimate yourself. as we look outside with mostly clear skies as we look south
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over the embarcadero. it's severely clear out there. and will be the next couple of days or so. right now concord has 67 degrees, livermore 67. numbers are uniformly in the 60s with one exception, san francisco at 59. little cooler than yesterday too. we're in the balmy range. the numbers not changing much. by around thursday though, low pressure plummets, and it's an upper level devil that for the moment looks like it will keep us dry. there's always a chance of one of these things that says i don't care what the models
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say, i'll rain anyway, so it's possible, but at the time it doesn't look like much. sunshine, mild the next few day, and more clouds on friday. tomorrow san francisco very nice, unless you like fog. mid-60s for mump much of the bay area, and then we look for things to cool down as we get toward fr. and the numbers will be in the 60s through the duration. same story for the next few days. all right, thanks. he was one of the best players for the giants, so why is aubrey huff being told to stay home when the team has a
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reunion this summer? huge tax breaks for the rich, while the middle-class continues to struggle.
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that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax breaks for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors.
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you can win a championship in the bay area and become a beloved sports figure forever. >> but it's not the case for a former giant that helped his team win their first ever world series a decade ago. >> dennis o'donnell at spring t going to win many games this season, so they plan to bring back the glory days in august.
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they're bringing back the 2010 world championship team. everybody's coming, except aubrey huff. huff was one of the best players in baseball in 2010, a big reason they broke a 56 year championship drought. but his post baseball career has him estranged from the giants. >> i wasn't a guy when i played that was always into the media. i would kind of say get out of here, this is our clubhouse. now i'm on that side. >> reporter: he started in sports talk radio here in the bay area and has since become a mouth piece on social media for conservative politics. because of tweets that don'tline up with their values, the giants inviti hufto reion. buster posey was a rookie on that team. >> he was definitely prone to being a jokester at times.
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i feel like we're talking about he died, he didn't die or anything. >> reporter: pablo sandoval was much more critical saying it doesn't surprise me. sometimes you have to be polite, and you're going to get in trouble for what you post. huff claims he's being punished for supporting donald trump, but his twitter page tells a different story. he's made xenophobic remarks and mysogynistic ones to the female coach. >> there's so many more men that deserved it more than she does. i also don't believe men belong in women's college sports -- >> aubrey, do you really think right now is the time to make that joke? >> you sound upset my friend.
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>> absolutely. it's extraordinarily offensive listening to you. >> i'm not one bit sad that you're offended. >> you know what? he's exactly the turd he make himself out to be on social media. hang up on him, we're done. >> reporter: aubrey huff not coming to a stadium near you, and i've been with the giants for 4 days, the female coach for san francisco fitting in quite nicely. >> and held in high record i might add. but even when he apologizes, dennis, he doesn't apologize. he makes it worse. >> he doesn't. >> reporter: no, there's no accountability from his perspective. and for the giants free speech is one thing, but words matter is another, and so they're keeping him out of that celebration. >> he's unfiltered. dennis o'donnell in scottsdale, thanks so much. well, it's a possible solution to san francisco's
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traffic problems, but at a cost. >> how mayor london breed plans to ease grid lock on some of the most congested speaks. >> and an uber whistleblower speaking out for the first time since calling out the company for sexual harassment claims. >> and cuts could be coming to many many district schools. what has the district cutting back. >>hmm! >>cookies! uhh, biscuits. >>mmmm, is there a little nutmeg in there? oh it's my mum's secret recipe. >>you can tell me. it's a secret. >>is it cinnamon? it's my mum's secret recipe. call geico and see how easy saving on homeowners and condo insurance can be. i'll come back for the plate. sons were in their teens. saving on homeowners and condo insurance can be. when i came home from prison, my i got involved in juvenile justice, i didn't want them to go through the same thing i went through. mike bloomberg created the young men's initiative, helping keep other young men and young women from entering into the criminal
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you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, mayor london breed has a new plan in the works to reduce congestion on san francisco streets, but it could cost you. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> and i'm allen martin. mayor breed's new plan features congestion specific pricing as well as sunday evening parking meters. kpix 5's andria borba is joining us live to show us what that parking plan might look like. >> reporter: well, allen, i'm live on 1st street, one of the approaches to the bay bridge, and traffic of course at this hour is very heavy.
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and this is one of the areas that could be targeted for congestion pricing, but it's still a long ways off. it's after 3:00, meaning a sea of red taillights are lighting up and queuing up for every approach to the bay bridge in san francisco's financial district and south of market neighborhoods. the ongoing jammed and clogged city streets could face a new deterrent for drivers, congestion pricing. the mayor sent a letter to the board to explore the idea. >> traffic is so bad downtown, that certainly something probably needs to be done. >> reporter: it's not the first time the idea of charging drivers during peak hours has been bandied around. in fact a 2010 study from the san francisco county transit authority called a version of congestion pricing quote technically feasible. >> i think it's making more and more sense with each passing year. >> reportbu


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