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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  February 19, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PST

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hiker missing for more than 24 hours found alive. the four-legged search team rescuers are praising this morning. plus, the dental and the coronavirus continues to climb. wife world health officials are staying positive. tackling the traffic ahead. the big changes on the table trying to ease bay area congestion. good morning. it is wednesday, february 19, i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm michelle griego. let's get right over to mary lee and the weather center and talk about our wednesday forecast. >> good wednesday morning to you . were halfway through the work week, grab that jacket or coat as you head of the door because it is a chillier start. were talking temperatures in the 30s and 40s this morning. bundle up as you head out the door. now, we are watching areas of fog along the coast and for the north especially dense fog and we will see that burn off as we head through our morning.
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we are looking at sunshine and mild daytime highs. 62 san francisco, 66 fremont, 68 for highs in san jose. will talk more about the rest of the week and a little of a cool down in store for us coming up. let's check in on that bay bridge morning commute with our traffic expert gianna. we saw early morning delays, mary, and mystery so. we have a broken down vehicle at the treasure island exit on the upper deck and that is what's causing the backup. there is a member clearing at the treasure island exit also. a couple things going on and that is where you see conditions at the bay bridge this morning get give yourself some extra time if you're commuting there headed out of the east bay into san francisco picked a meeting like jack but of course that will change in just a bit. a live look at one of our caltrans camera. traffic is bogged down on the upper deck as you work your way into the tunnel just passed there is where the broken down vehicle is stuck in the lanes. san mateo bridge a better
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option if you're commuting out of the east bay to the peninsula. no delays as you go between 880 m1a1. the nimitz freeway and both directions smooth sailing and northbound near the colosseum. southbound easy right from this portion all the way to hayward. also taking a look at traffic in the south bay and things are quiet with no major delays on 101 or 280. this morning, a missing hiker found in marin county. the sheriff's office is praising a team of volunteers and canines for rescuing the man late last night. >> our jackie ward is like in marin with the latest on that hiker. >> reporter: it is an incredible rescue story. just hours ago robert bennett was brought here thanks to that team of volunteers. we are at marin health medical center. we do not know what type of injuries or medical problems he may be suffering from, this is video of the rescue last night. a team of several volunteers were involved in the effort and he was found around 10:30 last night by a trailing dog team that had area.with them and volunteers say bennett was found semi-conscience and off the trail.
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>> we were led towards there by the k-9 teams and without them and the essence of the search and rescue members, and the expensive search, i don't know that we would have been able to find him about the canines. >> the marin county sheriff's office says time is of the essence with this search. the hiker have been lusting on someone's ring surveillance camera around 1:30 on monday afternoon which means he had been out in the elements for more than 24 hours. of course, if you have been following the news in marin county you know that there is still a search underway for a missing couple so resources are stretched very thin here in marin county for those types of efforts. will tell you more about that story in our next half-hour. like in greenbrae, jackie ward, or kpix 5. to the search continues for the missing couple in marin county. here are the pictures. 77-year-old carol kiparsky and her husband ian irwin rented a college in inverness where they
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did not return to check out on saturday morning. yesterday search crews brought in dogs and drones to cover some of the toughest director today they plan to focus on the shoreline near inverness using both and canines. the number of people killed by the coronavirus is over 2000 with china reporting 136 two deaths. as for confirmed cases, the tally is now at 74,000. japan is confirming even more infections on the diamond princess cruise ship the latest numbers there, 542 for taking a live look in japan where the quarantine is now up on that huge cruise ship that diamond princess crews liner. passengers are disembarking finally today after a two-week quarantine. the ship became the site of the most infections outside of china with more than 500 people sick in. this morning the world health organization is positive saying the disease does not pose a threat as deadly as stars or immerse. they state most patients will make a full recovery.
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my sins and the sins of many of my colleagues is that the ultimate case fatality rate is what we call it, the death rate, is less than 2%. >> supervisors in santa clara county will give an update on the virus there the report will be presented at the monthly health and hospital committee meeting that starts at 10:00 am. to napa county is reporting his first case of the coronavirus and one person under investigation this morning. in all 10 people have been sent to hospitals in solano and napa counties. a day after nearly 180 passengers from the quarantine cruise ship in japan arrived at travis air force base. the concern now, one patient who tested positive is not showing any symptoms. >> that person has tested negative in japan but is being retested here because there were some concerns about the sensitivity of the test that was done in japan. >> the napa county health
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department says it is preparing local healthcare agency to treat coronavirus patients ever since the outbreak began in china. they state there is still minimal risk to the public health in the county. officials say two cases is the max that napa county can take. they say their patients will remain there until cast negative for the virus. you can find much more on the coronavirus outbreak on a website just go to in other news this morning deputies investigating a homicide near san jose and santa clara county deputy found a woman's body at home on mountain view avenue near gordon avenue in the east and is in the foothills. we don't have a lot of details right now and others are not releasing the identity or how she died. i just may toss out the testimony of the man accused of stabbing neil wilson to death on the part platform. if he refuses to return to the witness stand. the defendant john cowell got the wording during trial here and just today. he has not taken the stand since his bizarre testimony and outburst at previous hearings last week. the defense team at cal testify to show jurors his mental state.
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but wilson's friends and family leave he was putting on an act. he has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. he is facing life in prison if convicted. the trial continues today. san francisco police are searching for a suspect in a super bowl sunday as all. it happened inside a restaurant on erie boulevard near 18th. the surveillance video showing the customer becoming agitated and hitting a worker with his phone and then starting to throw things including a burrito. what a waste of a burrito. if you recognize him and call police. outrage in the community outside seattle over the abrupt departure of two cathay schoolteachers. some claim that teachers were forced to quit for being about . soccer coach michelle beatty recently got engaged to her same-sex partner and english teacher paul danforth also got engaged. his fiancie made the proposal public leading some to believe it was the catalyst for their resignations. >> he we stand here because we love our school and we love our teachers. and this was an injustice that we cannot tolerate.
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>> they resigned voluntarily. >> the teachers cleaned out their offices over the weekend and have hired attorneys but it is unclear what type of legal action, if any, they will take. in sonoma county dozens of teachers are expected to rally before a school board meeting. they are calling for an agreement that will provide student support like counselors and nurses and help the district recruit and retain teachers. rally organizers say they want money to be spent in the classroom, not on district management. to help out eight usd strict managers, teachers previously agreed to a 0% increase or the 19th -- for the next school year. a 3% hike last year and 3.5% increase this year. actually let me correct myself. the original concession was made for the 1718 school year. so going back in history a little bit before they try to make the next proposal. the time now is 5:away. are just coming for the weekend
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commuters. still ahead on kpix 5 and to meteorologist, what caltrain riders coming into sentences don't need to know before services change as we can. happy wednesday to you picker starting off the day with chilly conditions and colder compared to yesterday morning. i are just a feeling that there is a fog as well but we will talk about and check the visibility where you are and also looking ahead to a couple weather systems if that will bring the rain, i thought steyer was brilliant in that moment. we have not said one word tonight about race. not one word. are you kidding me? the heart and soul of this party is diversity. when a kid succeeds in columbia, south carolina - in las vegas, nevada - that is a triumph for every american. people don't know tom steyer. i've known tom steyer for fifteen years. his commitment on racial justice and social justice is rock solid. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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to the oakland city council honored the moms 4 housing activist who gained national attention after occupying a vacant home. the honor is nice but she says actions speak louder. >> the councilwoman brought the women in to be on her last night. a month after the group took over a vacant house in open and said they occupied the house to force changes and were evicted but the councilwoman says it's what they stood for the accounts. >> civil disobedience has been and honor tradition throughout our nation's history of how social change is accomplished. so that also is part of the work that is needed to advance justice. >> the group says they were thankful and some members say it is not enough.
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>> i felt that this was kind of just for show. because, yes, it is black history month, but seven out of 10 of the published homeless population is -- the way to honor black history month is to fixes. the month of them working with city councilmembers to try it again several ordinances including legislation that would allow county option properties to go to affordable housing and another that would give tenants first dibs on their landlords property goes up for sale. remember to keep sending your housing stories and ideas to you can see all of our original reporting on a website. new numbers and los angeles is now the least affordable housing market beating out san francisco and new york city. the national association of realtors reports and index that combined median income, and median home prices made l.a. the worst in the country. younger residents worry they will never be able to afford a
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house. >> areas that were affordable now have been transformed and if you look at the landscape of los angeles think about all the things we have going on. we got a new football stadium, a new soccer stadium, lots of infrastructure changes and, the little thing called the olympics. some cities in orange county also made the list of least affordable. san francisco kept it second- place late breaking. mayor london breed is trying to tackle the congestion in san francisco and limited parking with some proposal. congestion pricing last sunday in evening meter parking are both on the table. last night the sfmta board voted unanimously to conduct a curb management study on proposals like sunday metered parking. the staff will collect data on proposals, do outreach and make recommendations on future actions. >> we do need to institute some kind of congestion pricing in san francisco. they are going to do it in new york. it has been successful in london. and singapore. and it is reducing congestion. >> pay to play is fine as far
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as like i want to be able to drive all the time unfortunately what usually happens is people with the most money take advantage of that so we will see a lot of teslas. >> the mayor has not laid out details on how tolls or fees would be enacted. if you have plans for the san francisco this weekend, caltrain will temporarily suspend services into the city on weekends to accommodate construction work. trains will not serve ford and king street and 22nd street stations ending at the bayshore station. san mateo county transit will offer a free shuttle from the bayshore station during the closure and service will be suspended starting this weekend through march 29. caltrain estimates it will fully electrified the court or from the fourth and king street stations to that simian station in san jose by 2022. another picture of a short- term pain for long-term gain but you say the timing of this is all strategic. >> definitely. giants season gets underway at
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the end of march and people use caltrain to get to oracle park for the game. they want to get them because they will get more ridership and michelle and i probably need to pay attention. we will be there saturday and i'm taking caltrain and transiting to muni. >> i'm going with you. >> we will get there on time for sure. >> we've got islam go right on the bay bridge plus for dealing with a bit of a atrial delay this morning. about 12 minutes behind schedule for ace rail. to plan for that and caltrain is on time and muni and b.a.r.t. no delays. the bay bridge, early back up and the metering lights are on. the problem is we had roadwork as well as a broken down vehicle near treasure island and a look at one of our cameras, it's improving slightly but definitely slow as you head into the tunnel. heading into san francisco. give yourself a few extra minutes. the delays beyond the overclass at the toll plaza and we will see if that is sent to the maze
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but a sluggish ride on the east bay commute into the city. other than that the usual stuff to the altamont pass area coming out of tracy and starting just before mountain has been got a lot of break lights that extend all the way to grant my and that is where the bulk of the delays are. once you pass that you can see on the map, clocking in at 61 miles an hour on the census. once you're past the slow speeds through the grant my area into the altamont pass it gets better towards the dublin interchange. eastshore freeway, looking good. so far in the green. 13 minutes highway 4 to the maze. an easy ride out of antioch as you had all the way towards hercules and connecting to 80 at the south bay is clear with no delays and everything is in the green. foggy in the north bay in petaluma/santa rosa area. tracking that dense fog especially for the north bay and i will show you exactly how foggy it is with the visibility in just a moment. here's a live look with our
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salesforce tower camera looking is that the bay bridge. the patchy fog is out there and it is a chilly start we are talking 30s and 40s for the morning lows. concert, down to 40 degrees. livermore 34, san francisco 48, san jose 41 and foggy in san's is a. 44 hour temperature change, we are 17 degrees chillier this morning compared to yesterday at this time in livermore, 11 in oakland, 14 cooler in concord this morning. now let's check visibility because as gianna mentioned petaluma, the visibility is zero. and a quarter mile in santa rosa so very dense fog across parts of the north bay this morning. as we head through the afternoon we will cast the sunshine once again. upper 50s for the coast. low to mid 60s for the bay. mid to upper 60s in land. sunshine and morning to you in oakland.
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64 a for a high in open this afternoon. san jose, 53 at 10:00 am, 60 at noon, and topping out at 68 for a high in san jose. satellite and radar view, the ridge of high pressure in control and "star trek" stays to our north. so not a lot of change unfortunately so over the next few days you can definitely use the rain and you can see on futurecast plenty of sunshine as we head through our afternoon. looking ahead to friday we will start to see some changes. that rich backs off a bit and then a low pressure system slide to our south and in the pacific there that will bring some clouds for us and not expecting that widespread rain, maybe a slight chance of a shower for the coast. then as we look at the saturday forecast, the low slides south so, still looking at dry conditions even with that low close to us. we could use the rain. it looks at this point it will misses. 66 palo alto, 68 san jose and sunshine later today.
5:20 am
65 concord, 64 in oakland, and 67 for cloverdale. there is that extended forecast. chilly mornings, mild afternoons and a few more class friday. also for saturday, mild, a few clouds on sunday and looking mild into early next week. new this morning, this year's pride theme will be generations of hope. san francisco mayor london breed kicked off the 50th anniversary event yesterday. the celebrations are scheduled for saturday, june 27. and sunday the 28th. mark your calendars. 520 now. no radio time for the oakland ace. >> still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the baseball team is making broadcast history. how they hope to change and how it will appeal to younger fans. let's take a live look outside right now. this is the golden gate bridge where traffic is moving pretty smoothly. we will keep an eye on it. coming up a 7:00 on "cbs
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this morning", what you need to know ahead of today's debate and teaching black history. held children's textbooks may have misleading information about slavery and civil rights. plus how nascar is working to keep drivers safe after a horrifying crash. with over 75 years of savings and service, geico is the easy choice. we could even help you with homeowners... oh! not again! oh, thanks! you know automated lights are just the beginning. pretty soon they're gonna have eyes... everywhere. well goodnight.
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geico. tomtrump on the economy.ald his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices.
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i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. the nba is auctioning off some all-star weekend jerseys to raise money for the brine families mom mambacita sports foundation. both teams also were patches with nine stars represent all of the victims of last month that the helicopter crash. cobia gianna's public memorial service is scheduled next monday at staples center. the a's are changing how they broadcast the games. the season you can hear games called -- you will be streaming -- the a's audio cast will be available through
5:25 am
the tune in smart phone app. the teams present in hopes this will attract younger fans. another healthwatch this morning. newly released government data suggest that kids in the u.s. ages three to 17 living in rural areas are more likely to be diagnosed with a developmental disability like adhd, blindness, or autism. kids in urban areas. cdc researchers also found there were less likely to be seen by a mental health professional or therapist to scientists in london say when it comes to heart disease jet risk genetic testing may offer limited benefits for doctors say collecting information on cholesterol, pressure and smoking habits is still a powerful tool to predict future heart attack risk. music stimulating the mind in more ways than one. >> a brain surgery patient played the violin while under the night. take a look at this incredible video. the operation remove a tumor and it was performed at kings college hospital in london. a 53-year-old man was brought
5:26 am
out of anesthesia right in the middle of the procedure to play the violin. the operation was successful and turner is now back on. that's amazing. >> two weeks until the primary and many voters are still undecided. still ahead here on tremont and streaming on cbsn bay area, the fact is they are considering ahead of super tuesday. will have that and everything you need to know ahead of tonight's debate in our next half hour. plus, a hiker who was missing for more than now, we know the trump strategy-
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try to win by attacking, distorting, dividing. mr. president: it. won't. work. newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. as president, universal healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it. a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move
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america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. brzezinsktom steyer...k at this. berman: tom steyer... o'donnell: surging in nevada. scarborough: this is working for tom steyer. o'donnell: surging in south carolina. smerconish: i don't think it's just resources.
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mitchell: surging in two new polls out of nevada and south carolina. wallace: polling at double digits. king: up eleven points from october. that is dramatic. steyer: i'm saying we have a broken government. that's what's going on in washington, dc. it's been bought by corporations, and my question to the american people is who do you think is going to change that? i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a live look from las vegas this
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morning ahead of the democratic debate. coming up the newcomer to qualify making his first appearance today. a firefighter missing after a library goes up in flames. why it is still too dangerous for crews to resume their search. all new at 530 a snowboarder dies on the slopes. the difficult conditions that may have contributed to his fall. good morning. it is when they, february 19, i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec. we are halfway through the work weekend time to get a quick check on the weather with mary lee. >> halfway through the work week almost. almost there. we are looking at a chilly start to the day. if you're heading out the door for work in school at that jacket or coat because we are looking at temperatures cooler compared to yesterday. mainly clear skies although we are dealing with patchy fog along the coast and parts of the bay especially or the north bay this morning. dense fog as we start up our wednesday. will see plenty of sun once again today and tomorrow, staying mild and a few more clouds on friday and there is a slight, slight chance of a
5:31 am
shower on friday. mainly for the coast. as we head through the day today, many of us will be in the 60s. let's check the roadways which are morning commute with our traffic expert gianna. >>. if you're hitting the roadways this morning back up at the bay bridge and delays to the ultimate pass. we've got some break lights and on the sensors dipping down to 14 miles an hour. once you get past line, the good news is as you head into the livermore valley thinks definitely pick up with no delays toward the dublin interchange. let's take a look at our travel times. 40 minutes west on 580 toward 680. elsewhere, no troubles yet along the shore so good news there. 15 minute from the maze to highway 4. highway 4 checking in problem free pick that commute out of antioch to 280 looking the. not the case that the bay bridge. the metering lights are on and you are backed up.
5:32 am
i'm jackie ward live in marin county and this is were a missing hiker was brought just a few hours ago this morning he is thankfully waking up in a warm setting and set of being stranded out in the middle of the woods somewhere. we have reach out to the hospital to check on his status but have not heard back yet. this is video of the rescue last night. a team of several volunteers were involved in the effort and the man was found around 10:30 last night by a trail of dog teams that had an area dog with them. volunteers say bennett was found semi-conscious and off the trail. the marin county sheriff's office says the determination of the volunteers showed to the search was incredible. >> i think it goes to show that the dedication that our volunteer search and rescue members have even though they spent the last, you know, how many everyday searching and other searches, we owe it to the volunteers for being so dedicated and being so involved in this community. it's a great resource were
5:33 am
lucky to have. >> this is the other search that is still on this morning for the couple from palo alto who is missing in marin county. 77-year-old carol kiparsky and her 72-year-old husband ian irwin. a were renting a cottage in inverness and never returned to check out saturday morning. yesterday search crews to canine and drone to cover some of the toughest terrain. this morning, they will focus on the shoreline and authorities tell us there are more than 160 people searching for that couple. live in greenbrae, jackie ward, kpix 5. in tulare county one firefighter is dead and another missing after a library went up in flames. the fire sparked around 4:00 yesterday afternoon in the city of porterville. yards away from the fire department. clear exactly how the firefighter was killed but officials say the building was extremely dangerous. it did not have a sprinkler system and the books provided ample fuel for the flames. the fire burned into the night
5:34 am
on the fire chief says when the building is safe they will be able to go back into look for the missing calling. no word yet on a cost. two snowboarders died in oregon and one of them was from sunnyvale. incident happened at a ski resort about an hour east of portland. officials confirmed one snowboarder fell and died on the mountain. and then in on monday there was a report of a missing person. he was apparently snowboarding alone and search and rescue found his body monday evening. >> extremely hard for the families and this is the toughest rain on the mountain. everything is black diamond or double-blind. >> officials say the man had been there on extended work trip and his family reported him missing after not hearing from him since friday. a live look from las vegas this morning as the leading democratic presidential candidates prepare to take the debate stage there tonight.
5:35 am
the front runners will be joined by a relative newcomer to the 2020 campaign. michael bloomberg, the republican mayor of new york. >> we will see what scott. you will face off with his democratic opponents tonight in the chesapeake qualified after a new national poll showed him in second place trailing vermont senator bernie sanders. he's skipping early voting states like iowa and new hampshire and has spent more than $400 million on tv, radio and online ads. he says he is willing to shell out as much as 1 billion to defeat president trump. >> anybody here worth $60 billion? you can run for president. and you can buy the airwaves, my friends, that is called oligarchy, not democracy. >> the caucus is taking place this saturday followed by the south carolina primary a weekly. the mike bloomberg campaign will host more than 100 debate watch parties across the
5:36 am
country today. the campaign is hosting seven parties in california and in the bay area the watch party will be held at the waco to aquila grill in walnut creek we are now just two weeks out from super tuesday and the democratic primary here in california and while by mail is already underway about 20% of voters say they are still undecided. >> wilson walker sat down with some voters who are still unsure who will get their vote. what they have no doubt that they will cast a ballot on march 3. >> the democrats -- i love all the things ernie is saying and i just feel like those are losers. >> give each of the 10% of the far right who are the trump supporters and the 10% at the far left, the bernie type people, the very, very progressive, and 80% in the middle, we would get along. >> he and amy klobuchar are
5:37 am
doing well because they are playing to the middle. >> i would vote for who i think would be the best candidate to actually drive solutions home because we have a lot of structural problems. >> today, officials in santa clara county will demonstrate the new model voting equipment. this is going to be the first election following the voters choice act passed in 2016. that law aims at making voting more accessible and convenient by allowing voters to cast ballots at any voting center in the county, not just their preassigned locations. voting centers will be open to the public on saturday. kpix 5 is gearing up for california's primary on march the. we have a special section for you online on our website kpix 5 /camping 2020. happening today, governor gavin newsom will deliver his second state of the state address. the governor will likely touch on mental health care to help the state's homeless crisis and the address is expected to start at 10:30 this morning and we will stream live on cbsn bay area. also today president trump
5:38 am
will visit bakersfield and central valley where he is expected to speak with local farmers about california's water supply. he is also expected to talk about illegal immigration. going has ordered inspections of its entire fleet of grounded 737 max planes and the michael bloomberg says he would sell his company if he is elected president. diane king hall is at the cbs broadcast center in new york with those stories and more. good morning. >> good morning. while she kicked off an abbreviated trading week on tuesday with a down day for stocks. the dow lost 165 points and then not taking the point and the s&p 500 fell 10. four problems for boeing. -- boeing has ordered inspections of all undelivered max checks and also recommending inspections for hundreds of max pointed already been delivered. the fda grounded the fleet last year after two deadly crashes overseas. michael bloomberg would sell his company if elected president. a spokesman for for his
5:39 am
campaign says he would sell the company with caveats including not selling to a foreign buyer. it's company is worth as much a $60 billion and campaign officials say he would also release his tax returns and -- >> were also hearing about another novel fast food item about to hit the market. some might find this overkill. >> yeah. how about some surprise with those fries. summer trying out french fight filled sandwich. is being sold in new zealand and comes with franchise in between a sesame seed bun. a similar version was tried in 2013 but included a hamburger patty. >> a carb overload on that thing. >> yeah. serious car overflow. >> it's too much for me. but another vegetarian option. now to colorado where
5:40 am
newsday data shows the cannabis industry is booming. that that all. research is a pot shops set a new sales record of $1.75 billion last year. it also brought in more than $300 million in tax revenue. it is now 539. a bear on the mend. >> still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the animal rescue two years ago is now rehabilitated. we will show you who the remarkable coverage. all right, if you're heading out the door for work in school, don't forget yo metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i was relentless first. relentless about learning the first song we ever danced to. about teaching him to put others first. about helping her raise her first child. and when i was first diagnosed, my choice was everyday verzenio.
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while the middle-class continues to struggle. that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax breaks for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors.
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here is a live look enter salesforce tower camera looking north. you can see the fog rolling in across the golden gate. it is 5:43. a couple weather systems am tracking and how it could affect our weather here in the bay area coming up. sfo, if you're looking to book a flight in the wall street journal has a new ranking of the best airlines. some of the criteria on time performance, cancellation, extreme delays, and delays on the tarmac. delta came in number one followed by a tie between alaska and southwest. allegiant airlines came in
5:44 am
fourth followed by spirit, jetblue, frontier, unity, and american. a special one night only exhibit open last night in honor of black history month. it is called hidden histories of african-americans in the bay area and was featured at the california historical society. it included recollections from the 19th century including photos dating back to the goldrush era. >> the special exhibit is part of a series that we do called in the library. it allows members of the public to engage with these rare archival materials we have. they reflect california and its history. really over centuries. >> it was a one night only event and sold out. an update about a rescue bear from butte county. her name is eve and she was rescued two years ago after she was found cold, hungry and unable to survive on her own. she had a bad case of mange so
5:45 am
there was also no hair on her body. her case is one of the worst wildlife officials say they have ever seen. she went to a rescue in lake tahoe and then one in texas. >> she was going into a coma state and she actually doesn't look like a bear. she looks like a cooper copper. chupacabra. look at her now. she is going to have to stay at the sanctuary for the rest of her life. >> she is looking good. a birthday can apply has become best buds with unlikely four-legged animal. herb and the pigeon suffered damage more than a year ago and as a result can no longer fly. herman and a chihuahua puppy that can't walk have now hit it off. they started cuddling almost immediately. they may stay together but it looks like they are talking right of the question is if the owner will adopt the both. >> they are a bonded pair.
5:46 am
that's what they say. it's a package deal. >> new this morning, love them or hate them, i hate them, but five flavors of peeps are branching out. there is root beer float, froot loops, and hot tamales. how can you like that? >> maybe hot tamale. >> cereal is being made again and there will be coffee creamer flavored also. >> i'm all about the cadbury creme eggs. i saw them in the store the other day and i said there we go. bring get on. >> how is traffic looking? >> not too bad so far. there's an early backup but we
5:47 am
had a broken down vehicle this morning and when things happen on the upper deck of the bay bridge it slows things down for most of the morning. and early backup here with delays beyond 880 and the overpass, and dipping into the maze at this point. definitely give yourself a few extra minutes as you head towards the oakland emeryville area. and taking a look at traffic across the upper deck in the middle of the screen on our sensors, a little slow near treasure island recovering from the earlier problem. in the south bay, north bay 101 thickening in a little bit past the 280/680 connector. not too bad once your pass their and traffic looks ok but south of there the break lights reception is a. in morgan hill, northbound 101, starting to get busy. no accidents in the south bay so that is the good news. in fact we don't have a lot of crashes or incidents right now. just the usual stuff as you hit
5:48 am
the freeway. through san jose, no delays on 87 so san jose mineta airport, good to go. 280 clear out of the south bay and through the peninsula. in the north bay, conditions on 101, this is where we have seen some thought this morning. 101 moving at an ok pace with no delays at a petaluma. from highway 12 down to 37, 25 minutes. still pretty typical for this time of the morning and 19 minutes from 37 down to the golden gate bridge. happy wednesday to you. we are looking at a mild day as we head through our afternoon with the sunshine. for starting off chilly for sure. so grab that jacket or coat as you head out the door for work and school. 30s and 40s to start off our day. concord coming in at 40, oakland 46, livermore 34, a cold start for you in livermore and across the tri-valley. san francisco 48, santa rosa 36 degrees. 24 hour temperature change, we
5:49 am
are chillier compared to yesterday morning at this time. looking at 17 degrees cooler in livermore, 14 in concord, 11 degrees chillier this morning in oakland. and talking about the visibility especially for the north bay, dense fog for you. petaluma still at 0. please be safe on the roadways in petaluma and santa rosa and down to a quarter-mile. as we start off the day. the fog will burn off very quickly as we head through the rest of the morning and we will see the sunshine. upper 50s for the coast this afternoon. low to mid 60s for the bay. upper 60s in land. we definitely need the rain. so every day, every dry day we have across the bay area our rainfall deficit keeps getting bigger and bigger. and more concerning. 15 inches and three quarters in santa rosa and that is 64% of average. 8 inches in san francisco and that is 54% of average so far
5:50 am
for the water year. is 2 inches and three quarters in livermore, about a quarter of what we should be seeing for this time of year. and 3 inches and three quarters in san jose and that 39% of average so, it has been incredibly dry february for us. we do need a big winter storm but as you can see the jet stream and stormtrack 12 to the north and i took pressure in control. hour-by-hour on futurecast you can see plenty of sunshine for us. by friday tracking this low pressure system but at this point it is just going to bring more clouds for us and as it pushes south, it will bring the rain to southern california and the desert southwest. not for us unfortunately. 68 for a high in santa clara. topping out in the mid 60s in concord, low 60s san francisco mid-60s in oakland and 67 for windsor. there's that extended forecast. another chilly morning and mild afternoon for tomorrow. clouds friday and mild saturday
5:51 am
and more clouds on sunday and mild conditions until next week. watch out, tony stark. you might have some competition. chapman dubai has built up powered wingsuit. the pilot to from the ground and got up to new 36,000 feet. going about 180 miles an hour he slowed before but not taken off from the ground. now they're trying to work on landing back on the ground without a parachute. space x has signed a deal to take four people on board its crew dragon spacecraft next year. the deal is with the company called space adventures. the lucky for some would spend five days in space traveling further than any astronaut has in decades. it will be tight quarters soap the ship is just 13 feet across. no official word on a price but a spokesman says you can expect tens of millions of dollars. out of my price range for vacation. it is now 5:51 and david
5:52 am
interrupted for a couple. next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, how the cops rest to stop a robbery in progress in the middle of their meal. let's take a live look outside at the richmond-san rafael bridge. traffic is moving smoothly but starting to get fighting climate change isn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from polluters to
5:53 am
communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for everyone, regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. leadership that makes a difference. vo: a great president and an effective mayor. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: together they worked
5:54 am
to combat gun violence, and again to improve education for every child. obama: i want to thank the mayor of this great city, mayor bloomberg, for his extraordinary leadership. i share your determination to bring this country together to finally make progress for the american people. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg, and i approve this message.
5:55 am
one main got a little more than he bargained for when he tried to rob a fast food restaurant. the only two customers eating there ended up being two married police officers who were on a date night. it happened at raising canes in louisville, kentucky. it was caught on camera and you can see a man walking up to the register, flashing a gun at an employee and demanding money. the alert officers were right there witnessing the scene before splitting up and drawing their weapons to approach the suspect. >> it is my belief if not for the heroic actions of these officers the perpetrators inside the business would've escalated. they acted honorably. >> we are trained for this kind of situation and when it comes to people's lives and being in danger they would've done the same thing. >> the cops were able to not the suspect outside the restaurant. he is now in custody. the officer should be getting free meals for life. it is 5:56. in the next half hour and streaming on cbsn bay area, a
5:56 am
bold idea to ease gridlock in san francisco. coming up the plans involving paying to drive and to park. plus, a huge sigh of relief for hundreds of searchers who were looking for a missing hiker in marin county. this morning he is safe and recovering. and don't forget we are streaming now on cbsn bay area. i thought steyer was brilliant
5:57 am
in that moment. we have not said one word tonight about race. not one word. are you kidding me? the heart and soul of this party is diversity. when a kid succeeds in columbia, south carolina - in las vegas, nevada - that is a triumph for every american. people don't know tom steyer. i've known tom steyer for fifteen years. his commitment on racial justice and social justice is rock solid. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
5:58 am
and after five cups thof french roastar. and six hours of wordsmithing, you're ready for some shut eye... nope. or maybe just a few miles on the treadmill. too much coffee? oh yeah. too much coffee? tonight, la quinta. tomorrow you triumph. earning on that eclair. don't touch it! don't touch it yet! let me get the big one. this one? no! this one? yes! no... the big one! they're all the same size!
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with freedom unlimited, you're always earning. let me get them all. i'm gonna get them all. i can't decide. and the breadwinner arrives home from a long day at work. now the family can sit down at the table, where everyone knows to be mindful of their manners. dinnertime has changed. our quality hasn't. reynolds wrap: foil made in the usa since 1947. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now and streaming on cbsn bay area, a miracle in marin county. the hiker missing for more than 24 hours found alive. this morning, the special volunteers getting all of the credit. another coronavirus case right here in the bay area. how health officials are trying to ease concerns about it spreading. a new development in the beverly hills murder of a celebrity therapist. what she has said about her ex-
6:00 am
boyfriend who is now charged with her murder. good morning. it is wednesday, february 19, i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec. we made it to wednesday and it looks like it will be another mild day around the bay area. >> that's right. halfway through the work week. thank you for waking up with us on this wednesday. if you're heading out the door at that jacket or coat because it is a chilly start for sure. mostly clear but also dealing with patchy fog, and especially across the north bay. as we head through the afternoon plenty of sunshine today and tomorrow. state mild. clouds on friday and there is a slight, slight chance to see a shower on friday. mainly for the coast. as we head to the day today, temperatures mainly in the 60s this afternoon. 62 in san francisco, 64 oakland 66 fremont. 65 concord a topping out at 68 data today in san jose. let's check the morning to meet with our super commuters with our traffic expert


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