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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  February 19, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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ice agents showed up unannounced at the sonoma county courthouse yesterday. and arrested three people. two inside the building and one outside. those detained had come here as requested by the court to clear up misdemeanor violations. the arrest have sent a shockwave through the immigrant community. we have them arresting people. it makes it difficult. we have a lot of failures to appear because of that. >> reporter: resulted in this rare joint statement from the district attorney public defender and county counsel condemning the arrest and state laws poster for bid immigration detentions anywhere near a courthouse. defender kathleen posey said law enforcement needs people to be willing to cooperate with the legal system and this just makes their job harder. speaking to this population. know your rights. come to court. don't be fearful. isis not going to arrest you. then this happens. it puts our credibility at issue.>> reporter: susan works with a group the rapid response
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network distance trained observers to the scene of any ice operation. this morning armed agents tried to arrest a man in a house on this block but left after observers showed up and officers could not produce a legal warrant. ice is basically a clandestine military force that operates outside the law. we didn't see any warrants in anybody's hands as they were taking someone outside my office here. and then went out in the front. they just say you are coming with me. off they went. >> reporter: she said this is the first time anyone has seen ice arrest at the courthouse. it comes after president trump announced stepped up immigration detentions in states with sanctuary policies. the sheriff department confirmed it did receive warnings ice was going to conduct arrest at the courthouse. as per their policy they refuse to collaborate in the operation. ice released a statement in
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response saying in part despite attempts to prevent ice officers from doing their jobs ice will continue to carry out its mission. to uphold public safety and enforce immigration law. within the hour a suspect has been arrested in a murder edit airbnb rental in san jose. it happened last night on mountain view avenue. lynn ramirez is live outside the home with the new details on the crime that has shaken up that quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: that is right detectives in santa clara county worked throughout the night and eventually with the help with surveillance video from neighbors identified a suspect. the suspect has been identified as 25-year-old. who was arrested this morning after he turned himself in to sheriff's office headquarters. word a suspect was now in custody for the murder on mountain view avenue came as a relief to neighbors. good news for the neighborhood and everybody else. i'm surprised the sheriff's
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were diligent in getting this guy. and doing the right thing.>> reporter: the sheriff department was called to the home at 3:47 pm. arriving deputies found in and identified adult woman who was the apparent victim of a murder in the back unit. we were all surprised. because nothing really happens around here. it is a nice neighborhood. >> reporter: catherine has lived here for 45 years and had just walked her dogs by the home before it happened. we were just wondering how it could happen that quickly. it takes about 15 minutes to go around the block. next thing i know of the sheriffs are here. >> reporter: the cottage a small one bedroom the studio had been listed for rent on airbnb. they said we are urgently investigating this tragedy. and we are in coordination the santa clara county sheriff's office to offer our full support in their investigation. the people who live on the street say they are not happy with the neighbor.
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the property owner who is in real estate and has been very active in renting the property out. trying to make a buck. is still having people come to your street. 3 to 4 times a week all different people is scary. you don't know who is coming to your neighborhood.>> reporter: according to the sheriff department he was self surrendered to the department. he came in for questioning and was interviewed and then he was arrested after that interview. it is not known what his relationship if any to the victim in the case. u.s. district judge blasted pg&e and a court hearing today. he accused executives of putting greed before safety. judge william alsup called them a convicted felon. he said if the utility had maintained its electrical system it could have prevented a series of deadly fires.
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the judge plans the order pg&e to hire at least 1000 additional tree trimmers. the state's top utility regulator has unveiled a new proposal. aimed at holding pg&e accountable. if it endangers the public in the future. the california public utilities commission would be able to appoint someone to control pg&e operations or even revoke his license to operate. we reached out to pg&e for a comment. tonight we are hearing from the woman who might have been the last person to see a couple that went missing in marin county. she is the property manager of the rental where they were staying. that is where they were last seen friday on via de la vista in inverness. don ford is there with some of their last traces.>> reporter: after several days of searching for the missing couple at inverness what happened to them and where are they still remains a mystery. marin county sheriff divers searched the waters along the
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shoreline. using sonar and looking for anything out of place. we have searched the water from the air as well as boat. now we are going to try to search underneath the water in hopes of finding anything. any clues. anything we can do to help with the search for. >> reporter: they found nothing. the command post has been dismantled. the street in front field with emergency vehicles now open. the communications room is locked. the search continues. the academic search has begun now. tell me about that. i know they have looked at financial records. they have looked at their trying to look at cell phone history. electronics that were left in the house. >> reporter: so far nothing. the neighborhood is quiet. property manager sarah eubank abrams was the first person to to discover carol and ian were missing when she entered the room last saturday. something was off. it didn't look like they had packed it all. it looked like there was a bite
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out of a pretzel. there was still mustard on part of it. it was put back on the plate. just like that. >> reporter: authorities are baffled. it is like they were in the cottage and all of a sudden they got beamed into outer space. it is really weird. >> reporter: more searches are planned for next weekend. still ahead more bay area patients showing symptoms of the coronavirus. tonight the strategy to track down who is traveling from china. report the san francisco mayor london breed may have received another gift from someone involved in alleged corruption scandal. the nasty experiment by burger king to try to prove its food is fresh. we've got possibility at least of rain on the way in the bay area. we will tell you when and how little that chance is.
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it is all coming up after the break. now, we know the trump strategy- try to win by attacking, distorting, dividing. mr. president: it. won't. work. newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. as president, universal
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healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it. a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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a dozen patients are isolated at local hospitals with possible symptoms of the coronavirus next. the main challenge is tracking down everyone traveling in from china. two people are still under quarantine in santa clara county. two others treated at ucsf. of the 178 people from the cruise ship in japan who arrived at travis air force base 12 are now being monitored at local hospitals. julia with the newest details.>> reporter: today is second round of evacuees left travis air force base heading for home after completing a 14 day quarantine. the cdcs that they pose no health risk to the public and have been given the all clear to go home.
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that is not the case for the 178 american passengers on board the diamond princess japanese cruiseship who arrived to travis air force base on sunday. a total of 12 passengers have been taken to local hospitals to be evaluated after displaying cyst symptoms consistent with exposure to the coronavirus. the two santa clara county residents who tested positive weeks ago after they were infected outside the u.s. still remain isolated. both cases remain isolated in their home.>> reporter: how long is a person infectious? there is a lot we still don't know about this new virus. one of the features we are still learning about is what is called the period of infectiousness. how long is someone infectious? what is the start and when does it end? we still don't know. >> reporter: all flights to and from mainland china having canceled out of san jose and san francisco international airports. the cancellations might go beyond march. every day we are getting
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the names of travelers returning from mainland china. these are flights that have been sent through a few key airports in the u.s. we get the names and contact the returning travelers. and ensure they are staying at home for the 14 days since their last exposure in china. we are learning that a portion of the santa rita jail is under extra restriction to stop the spread of the common flu. two inmates confirmed to have influenza a about 80 people in a few jail units have been exposed. they are being monitored. the jail has kept some of them from going to court and kept them from meeting with their attorneys as well. to limit contact and further flu infection. officials say it is common for the jail to deal with the flu. they are being hypervigilant given concerns over the coronavirus. this is different than in years past. we weathered through the cold
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and flu season. we are being more hypervigilant in the event that we were to get a coronavirus type situation. we would be concerned. just to be safe the infected inmates were tested for coronavirus were found not to have it. there are currently no confirmed cases of coronavirus in alameda county. london breed might have received a gift from another person involved in alleged corruption scandal. the san francisco examiner reports lefty o'toole's owner was named an invoice to pay more than $1200 for her pride parade floats in 2013. at the time she was on the board of supervisors. if the payment was completed the examiner reports it was not reported and could be an illegal gift. he was arrested alongside former public works director mohammed nuru was facing corruption charges. last week breed admitted he
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gifted her nearly $6000 by having her car repaired and securing a rental car. we reached out to the mayor for a response but have not heard back yet. you would think with the lack of rain that we have had lately the reservoirs would be suffering. we took a glance at lexington and the santa cruz mountains. which supplies san francisco. and shasta in full sun. they are all at or above average. we have a pretty good dose of snow early in the season. the reservoirs look fine at the moment. so does this. the minutes after sunset. san francisco. the highs from today unusually warm. middle 60s for the most part. 59 at half moon bay. san francisco managed 63 degrees. livermore managed 67. for a high. record for the date is 10 degrees warmer. it is warmer than average for this time of the year. no precipitation for the next couple days. low temperatures tonight santa rosa middle 30s.
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the rest of the bay area mostly in the 40s tonight. under a few high clouds floating overhead. low pressure will east of the bay area. that low up in the gulf will sink along the shoreline. it will kick some clouds in the bay area. clouds increase tomorrow afternoon. and will keep through friday. it is possible we get drops from the system. mostly south of san francisco. the low will be winding up off of air force base and the moisture will be coming up in the south of the bay area friday night. we might get a few drops along the coast. by the time we get into friday night and saturday morning. it won't change this. the average rainfall in the bay area is still from half to two thirds it's only 27% of average. at livermore. we are well behind what we should have for this time of year. we are not going to add much to it in the next seven days if anything at all. tonight we've got high clouds.
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it will be some fog forming towards sunrise. sun and cloud makes tomorrow. we get variable clouds tomorrow. high pressure is building up. despite the high clouds of the area we will get temperatures warming. all the way up to 68 in santa rosa. 70 san jose. 68 livermore and fairfield. we will be looking for numbers to be mostly in the 70s and the warmest spot the next couple days. clouds increase. slight shower chance friday night and saturday. by the time we get to sunday we go to variable clouds and sunshine. early next week nothing but son. that is weather. one giant raise the pay scale for every player in this organization. his story straight ahead. growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors.
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by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax breaks for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good paying jobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors. baseball up top spring training.
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i would be happy to sit here and talk about it. you are better off hearing from the players. 763 miles away. that is when dennis o'donnell comes into play from arizona. you heard the expression smartest kid in the room. that is tyler. by no means am i a genius. i had to let work a lot harder. about he would sue aeronautical university. it is school first and athletics second. the picture drafted by the giants in 2015. client his way to the minor- league system. a system he believes under pays minor-league players. he tweeted of his paycheck stubs to prove it. i gave a shout out with the paycheck so guys that are not in my position can have a voice. >> reporter: he made $487.64 in 2019. it is embarrassing how much money you make if you're in the minor-league minimum. what happened in the past few
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days is a good step. it is not a livable wage. >> reporter: after talking with him you get the feeling if this gig doesn't pan out another one will. you will have a fallback. homeland security. aerospace engineering. >> reporter:'s message was heard by the giants. they announced yesterday raising minor-league salaries for all minor leaguers and including a housing allowance. a quick eric rodriguez the right-hander slotted to start the giants cactus league opener saturday at against the dodgers of scottsdale. a's left aj the ball for the a's this weekend. against the cubs. auto racing wrap your head around this. two days ago to in the daytona 500 ryan newman crashed head on into the wall at 200 miles per hour. when airborne hit on the driver
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side by another car also at 200 miles per hour. this led to a screeching halt. and flames. today newman walked out of a hospital. flanked by both of his daughters. i don't know ryan newman. when nascar hits a sonoma raceway in june i'm going to personally seek him out and shake his hand. that is a an unbelievable image. they're talking about his injuries specifically. it won't release them. those cars are built and they are built to take an impact. the car saved his life. he is living proof of that. good for him. glad to see he is doing well. we are right back.
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burger king released an interesting new ad campaign. it is a stomach turn. it shows the all-natural whopper slowly rotting over the case of 34 days. it decays into a green and blue mass. the ads tagline reads the beauty of no artificial preservatives. the preservative free whopper is available in more than 400 burger king restaurants in the country. and will reach all locations throughout the year. i'm thinking that was a big mistake. next food option might be more appealing but it will cost you. introducing morning summit cereal. the price tag $13. the main ingredient is almonds. the company recent rode out blueberry cheerios and good deli probiotic cereal. all in an effort to revive sales. some of those fancy granola
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is almost $20 a bag. maybe they're hoping to tap into that market. thank you for watching a 6 pm. the news continue streaming at cbsn bay area. will be back at 7 pm. have a good night.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news tonight: fight night in vegas. michael bloomberg takes the stage for his first debate, as bernie sanders surges in the polls. why both men's health is now in the spotlight. also tonight, house cleaning. the president ignores his attorney general's request to stop tweeting, demanding online that bill barr "clean house" at the justice department. is he fed up enough to quit? plus, the democrat president trump just released from prison, now dubbing himself a "trump-o-crat." russian spy arrested? he was an internationally-known scientist. tonight, federal prosecutors say he was also a secret kremlin agent. what prosecutors say he had on


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