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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 22, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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now at 5:00, an incredible rescue that authorities are calling a miracle. a peninsula couple feared dead found after vanishing from their airbnb on valentine's day. we have details on how they made it out alive. >> they were like thank god you found us. we are so happy. plus live in las vegas for the nevada caucuses. the candidate jumping out to an early lead right now. and an oakland rapper accused of orchestrating a multimillion dollar fraud. how he is responding to the accusations made by his ex. thank you for joining us. i'm juliette goodrich. recovery operations turned into a rescue mission today. for a missing palo alto couple that authorities feared dead.
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we are getting new pictures of the couple. safe in the hospital after being stranded in the marin county woods for over a week. kpix 5's kenny choi is live in inverness with the latest on this incredible rescue. kenny? >> reporter: juliette, this is an unbelievable story of survival and a community coming together to help find this couple more than 400 volunteers from the search and rescue team spent about 10 to 12 hours each day finding this couple. this morning their hard work paid off and they're calling it a miracle. by land, water and air, hundreds of search and rescue volunteers scoured the dense thick terrain. >> very, very thick. we were following deer trails as best we could but we were crawling through breaking through the bushes. >> reporter: for seven days not a single sign of the missing couple. 77-year-old carol and 72-year-
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old ian. until 18-year-old quincy webster a volunteer aided by a golden retriever named groot heard something in the woods. >> we hear voices. first we thought it was another team but then they started yelling help. we looked at each other and we were like that's them. they were like thank god you found us, we are so happy. >> reporter: the couple got lost on valentine's day on a hike. less than a half mile from the vacation cottage. they had no jackets, drank from a puddle nearby to survive, with temps dipping into the 30s. >> they thought this was the end for them. >> not been in that area, what would have happened? >> i think that we -- i think -- i don't think they would have made it. based on how they were found and how dense the vegetation was that they were in. i don't think that they would have made it without this group of people that you see behind me. >> reporter: authorities say at one point carol tried to get help after ian injured his ankle even using her scarf to
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mark a trail but didn't get very far because of the dense vegetation. >> speaking with a search manager that we have and also involved in the fire service, and also speaking with the family, this is a miracle. [ applause ] >> reporter: well, authorities also say that the hikers are suffering from hypothermia but that they are doing okay at a local hospital. they also say this couple knew this area fairly well. and that they were known have to vacationed here in the past. that leads us to the question how did they get lost on that dark night on valentine's day? we're live in inverness, kenny choi, kpix 5. >> a miracle. thank you. in other news now, air quality testing in west oakland is just finishing up for the day. after the discovery of toxic ground water shutting down the high school. the tests are to determine whether the cancer causing chemical tce is vaporizing in the classrooms. two recent students there died of cancer but officials have not drawn a connection to the
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alarming discovery. >> so school here continues to be closed and it will be closed all week. what we're doing now is we're trying to figure out exactly what r we're going to take all the students and staff and put them in alternate locations for tuesday, wednesday and then beyond. >> 350 high school students may end up having to hold classes at nearby schools and officials say results should be back this week. on to campaign 2020. we have a live look at the las vegas skyline the results are trickling in from the nevada caucuses right now. and election officials are determined to avoid a repeat of the chaos in iowa. candidates are trying to appeal to a diverse electorate for the first time this campaign season. nadia romero is live in las vegas with latest and nadia we are getting new information from entrance polls in nevada. so what do the early results show? >> reporter: yeah, right now we have about 89 presends reporting and overwhelmingly
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seeing that bernie sanders is running away with this thing. too early fortous call it but when with you looked a the , ally a o had a clear ln from comin second, third and fourth place. all the others are trying to just round out the top four. but sanders is clearly the frontrunner here in nevada. now right now on stage former south bend mayor pete buttigieg is on stage addressing the crowds here at the nevada headquarters and his message has been about why he believes bernie sanders is the wrong candidate that will not unite the country. of course he thinks he's the best person to be the democratic nominee but entrance polls we see that more than half of the caucus goers are first time caucus goers and those are folks who are new to the whole democratic process. sanders believes that first time caucus goers are first time voters will be the key to his success. >> nadia, unlike iowa, the state of nevada certainly
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provided early voting for caucus goers. how are those counted into today's results? >> reporter: yeah, well we saw more than -- participate in the early voting process and this is the first time they have ever done this and this is one of the reasons why people here in nevada should be first in the nation and not iowa. so those first -- those folks who did the early voting they will be counted in the caucus process. so whether you physically showed up today and you got to your first choice candidate and maybe you weren't viable. then they would look at those paper ballots and the early voters this came in. and see where their place, who was the first, second and third and fourth choice. and they added them in to the people that physically showed up at the caucus site today. really an innovative idea. we haven't seen this before. nevada rolling this out today. we do know that about 2% of those early voters -- their ballots were thrown out because they were filled out incorrectly but that's part of the growing pains here. so it also key to look at the
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early voters. some 76,000 when you look at the number. in 2016, only 84,000 democrats participated in the caucuses. so they are expecting voter turnout to blow that number out of the water. >> absolutely. all right -- >> reporter: live in las vegas nevada, i'm nadia romero, kpix 5. the california primary is just days away for breakdown of all of the big rations here in the bay area and statewide. you can head to and oakland rapper accused of leading a multimillion dollar fraud scheme is trying to clear his name. tonight he took to instagram live to plead his case. >> get your facts straight before you report. make it -- false accusations. know who you be around. because they trying to plot your death. or trying to get you life in the pen. been to hell and back. so --
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i be good. >> it will fbi says he used stolen identity information to create fraudulent loans and make elaborate purchases. he claims he's been set up by his ex. he gained national attention back in 2013 when he was shot and paralyzed while filming a music video in east oakland. kafani made the first court appearance last week and has since been released on $250,000 bail. an insurance fraud sting in the east bay leads to the arrest of four suspected criminals. and according to the contra costa county da's office. undercover officers were coached by repair and body shop works to quote tell phony stories and lie to the insurance company to support fraudulent insurance claims. and right now, hundreds of uc grad students are putting their jobs on the line.
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been on strike for nearly two weeks demanding higher pay. they faced a deadline last week. come back to work or risk being fired. so far it's unclear whether university administrators have followed through on that threat. >> i think graduate students have been very clear that the end of the strike comes when there is a guarantee of no discipline for participation in the strike. >> meanwhile, presidential hopeful bernie sanders is weighing in. the senator tweeting ucsc grad students are fighting to have the labor rights acknowledged. i stand with pay us more ucsc. and officials released a statement saying the deadline hasn't changed and those who do not turn in withheld grades won't be eligible for a spring teaching appointment. also future employment as an academic student employee will be assessed on a case by case basis. three people were killed and at least 18 others injured after a bus crashed down an embankment in san diego county.
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it happened this morning off interstate 15 in pa la mesa. fire investigators say several passengers were thrown from the bus after the driver swerved off the rain-slicked highway. >> given the weather conditions, the slope and the terrain, that this simply adds to the difficulty of such incidents. thankfully, heavy rescue systems you know, ropes and those types of things were not required in order to extricate the victims. >> officials say there were no seat belts on bus and varying injuries were reported. and coming up, where you can cast your ballots before march 3rd. plus, japanese health officials say quarantined cruise ship passengers slipped
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through the cracks. now the concern. and quite the cloudy day out there for those of us who were right in around the bay and noticeably cooler for the first half of the weekend. we talk about what that means for sunday and what's going on with this february's lack of rain. we'll take a look at that as well in this forecast. it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed.
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the california primary is fast approaching. if interested before march 3rd in santa claire county. station decision's devin fehely has the details. >> reporter: starting today there are 23 locations throughout santa clara county where you can show up 9:00 to 5:00 to either drop off the mail in ballot or vote in person. >> i love the process of putting my ballot in the box. >> reporter: patricia had made up her mind. decided definitively who she was going vote for and all that was left was casting the ballot at one of the county's early voting centers. >> i know my ballot is going to go directly into the ballot box and stay securely here.
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>> reporter: the overwhelming majority upwards of 80 opinion of santa clara voters vote by mail. the reg star of voters wants to make the process easy and accessible to everyone. and opening early voting polling stations is a big part of that plan. >> maybe you are out shopping on the weekend. and you pass a vote center and you can pull over and vote. or if there's one near your work and you want to go on your lunch hour, because as you said it is difficult to be able to sometimes go before you go to work or after you go to work. >> reporter: county employees are already busy sorting and verifying mail in ballots and with such an important election less than two weeks away, voters like teresa jordan say they're not taking any chances dropping off their ballots in person. >> that's why we got to make sure to bring it up -- to the building. and make it safe with our vote. >> reporter: as a reminder you can check the status of the mail-in ballot online to make sure that it's been received and counted. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. now to the coronavirus outbreak.
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we are learning that a diamond princess cruise ship passenger has tested positive after leaving the ship. japanese public health officials revealed today she was among 23 passengers who were not retested before disembarking. the retesting was required for their release. the japanese health minister said the error was due to a quote operational mistake. this is the first known case detected after the end of the ship's quarantine period. a doctor from the national institute of ally and infectious diseases weighed in on the biggest concern for countries right now. >> now they're starting to develop sustained transmission from person to person to person. if you have multiple countries like that, then the horse is out of the barn and it's going to be very difficult to prevent more cases from coming here to our own country. >> dozens of cruise ship passengers returned home today to italy and the uk.
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the outbreak hitting northern italy especially hard right now. scores of schools, businesses and restaurants were deserted today a dozen towns locked down after two patients died. italy is reporting a total of 62 cases. in solano county the almond orchards are in full bloom. but the sheriff's department is warning the perfect orchard selfie could leave with you a $1,000 fine. >> it's legal to do it on the side of the road with it as a backdrop. but people don't want that. they want to be in the middle of the fields. >> well, deputies say people have been driving on to private orchards and search of the perfect selfie spot. damaging water lines and knocking off tree buds in the process. some trespassers brazen enough to have picnics and leave behind trash. you could be slapped with a hefty fine or even arrested. but officer we were just taking
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it all in. >> i know. kind of like a follow-up to the superblooms that we've had for the last few years. likely not going to happen again this year. so people are going to the almond orchards. did you notice how gray it was out there for your part of the bay area? if you are anywhere in the bay proper you absolutely did today. there was a strong onshore flow. the low clouds came back. made it feel cooler and made it look grayer and not for everybody. that's the view from the top of the salesforce looking east. that's the view looking north. but look what happens when we go down to san jose. those are clear skies. however, this had an impact on temperatures today. bay area-wide. even though oakland is the extreme example. hit 74 yesterday in oakland for the daytime high. the 56 degrees there right now and we're pretty much near the highs for the day. a big difference from yesterday to today. and tomorrow will be similar to this. we're going keep that onshore flow going with the clouds and in fact here's a good example
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of what happened today. this is the high resolution satellite going back to 2:00. you really notice this if you are in the city just down the peninsula. or over on the east bay right across from the gate. so what happens next? coast and bay clouds are going to continue. we'll keep it this way overnight and into tomorrow morning. but the headlines in the 7 day forecast is actually coming next week. when we start a noticeable warm- up. not only going back in the low and mid- 70s but we're going to see daytime highs for some select inland spots near 80 by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday. that means you can forget about rain for the next seven days and maybe even longer than that. i'll show you more on that in a minute. here are the overnight lows. the low clouds surging back in and socking in much of the bay. low 40s to mid 40s and daytime highs tomorrow pretty much right where they were today. so it's kind of a mixed bag of low to mid 60s although if you
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were further inland look at santa rosa going up to 69 for the daytime high. let's talk about the chance of rain. here's the map where i take the long-range. from now at this point we're looking at through thursday. february 27th. everywhere there's a color on here, we'll get rain between now and then. everywhere the map remained white; there's no rain. look how isolated we are here. in northern california. and just to play this all the way through february 29th last day of february, we might have a few showers in the sierra and far northern california. but the bay area stays clear. which means we're on track to go the entire month of february without having gotten any rain. so that's quickly becoming a story. but at least in the near term let me show you the 7 day forecast because there's pretty good news in terms of getting outside if you like sunny and warm. and you can see that showing up by the time we get into tuesday and wednesday. of next week. all right. i'll have more on this coming up in the 6:00 for now guys back over to you.
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that means sports settling in at 5:00. on a weekend. we got an ace in golf, anniversary of a major sports moment in history and guess who has been cleared for contact folks? with the warriors.
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baseball up top and the giants who wants to see the first cactus league run of the spring? against the dodgers. devon got the giants on the board with a solo blast to left off of josh sports. game's in the 9th inning. dodgers are ahead 8-4. a's and cubs play later. not only has stephen curry participated in practice today he took part in a full scrimmage at the facility. healed left hand and all. let's go to the college ranks. cal head coach mark fox and a forgottable pac 12 season.
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already done 23 with the equally struggling washington huskies in white. marcus sahones found some lightning in a bottle from deep. huskies won it 87-52. cal only has 11 wins this year. had a good day? was it as good as john robs? par 3, 17th hole, 158 yards. with a wedge! boom. back today at the pga stop in mexico a hole-in-one. the second of the spaniard's pga career. factoring in a 10 under round of 61. the lowest round of his career. so after three rounds he is four shots behind the leader justin thomas. where were you this date february 22nd, 1980? i remember this moment like it was yesterday. >> got ten seconds, the count downgoing on right now. >> do you believe in miracles? yes!
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>> the 40th anniversary the miracle on ice. the heavy underdog usa olympic hockey team's improbable win over russia in new york. russia won five of the previous six gold medals. the u.s. went on to beat finland to win olympic gold. this is regarded as one of the greatest moments in u.s. sports history. period. now imagine being a terrible golfer like me. and then you go out and play a course that brings you to your knees. and then suck any confidence you have right out of you. that's how tough the golf course is and that's what was waiting for 15 college teams two months from now. let's take you to santa cruz. it takes the confidence of sean yu. the sand play. short game. bryce workman, putting ewe men, of nate jedder. as a san jose state spartans
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host the 74th western intercollegiate event on the testy sometimes unforgiving pasa tie mpo golf course in santa cruz. what was the one thing that will never fail you? >> that's the one is this that is the dog. >> everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. this course will punch you right in the face. >> it's not so much the traps. it's the table top fast greens that can kill you. on this par 70 course. waiting for 15 teams starting april 13th. who's the grinder? >> that's -- >> can we all -- >> that's all of us man. >> is that right. >> i can say both of them and i can say myself. >> yeah. >> you got -- >> that's a title we hold pretty dearly. because i don't know if we're going give that up. >> not them over me. >> when shots have to be made. you have to make this shot. all three of you bam, i'm the
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grinder. >> i feel comfortable. if it's a shot to win a tournament or anything i feel comfortable giving it to either, any of us. >> fore! we'll be right back.
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and that's it for us at 5:00. we'll see you back here at 6:00. the cbs weekend news is next. we have news updates always on [ captions by: vitac 800-278- 4822 email: ]
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. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news tonight:, nevada decides. for the first time the west weighs in, democrats caucus in the silver state, with bernie sanders holding a winning hand. >> thank you! >> ninan: the rest of the field scrambles. >> we think we're going to have a great day here. >> reporter: senator, how are you feeling about today? >> always feels good. >> ninan: also tonight, new pushback: the white house rejecting claims russians are trying to re-elect president trump. plus, a bus rolls over in california, leaving several dead and injured. new fears and sharp criticism as the deadly coronavirus spreads fast. >> i was so scared. >> ninan: missing children mystery: a tennessee toddler disappears for months, while a mother of two kids missing since september is jailed in hawaii. me


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