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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 24, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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microsoft, and google collect ily lost more than $232 billion in the plunge. >> and it's taking an impact on businesses in san francisco's china town. house speaker nancy pelosi visited the area today to get the world word out that shoppers are safe. andria borba is live there now. >> reporter: we've been out here for a few weeks, reporting on the downturn in business here in san francisco's china town, even around the time of lunar new year when the streets should have been packed, they were relatively empty. now local business leaders hope this injection of confidence from a national leader will bring tourists and locals alike back. the sidewalk of grant avenue in san francisco's china town hasn't been this packed in weeks. flankedly china town leaders, speaker of the house nancy pelosi toured businesses and restaurants in the neighborhood. >> our business is very, very honored. >> reporter: shop owners say
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business is off by 75 to 80 percent because of fears over the coronavirus. >> we've been hearing that before the visit. that's why i thought it was urgent to make the visit. >> reporter: the owner of the golden gate fortune cookie company kevin chan says the effect on the bottom line of his business is real. >> $500 a day, $600 a day. >> reporter: even tourists noticed the unusual quiet in the neighborhood. >> this place is dead right now. every restaurant is empty, every shop is empty. there's no tourists walking around here. >> reporter: the speaker is urging people to come out again and not be afraid. >> also to say to everyone, you should come to china town. precautions have been taken by our city. we know that there's a concern about tourism throughout the world, but we think it's very safe to be in china town and hope that others will come.
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>> reporter: while there are 21 active cases of coronavirus in the state of california right now, those are in hospital isolation or in quarantine. at this point there are no active cases of coronavirus in san francisco for china town. live on grant avenue, andria borba, kpix 5. new tonight, former oakland police chief ann kirkpatrick is sharing her side of the story less than a week after she was fired from the department. kirkpatrick told us she was blind sided by the decision and her former boss oakland mayor libby schaaf. >> surprised, disappointed. i believed in her. about 2 weeks prior she was very glowing introducing me as her fabulous chief. she speaks always about fighting for me and believing in me. and i believed her. so i'm disappointed. >> coming up at 6:00, our full
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interview with kirkpatrick. what she thinks is part of the motivation and what she plans on doing next. the miraculous discovery of a palo alto couple lost for more than a week in the wilderness of marin county is being celebrated. while the couple is recovering in the hospital, kiet do shows us neighbors getting ready for a big homecoming. >> reporter: yes, so the mood here in the neighborhood is one of joy and happiness, but also recognizing that the couple has been through a lot and need some time and space. but for sure folks here are ready to celebrate. the welcome home banners hung, balloons are in place. all that's missing are the guests of honor. lisa taggert leaves across the street and remembers getting the text message that her long time neighbors were found after being lost in the woods for 8 days. >> i was so ecstatic. i told everybody at work. i was just so overjoyed and happy for them. >> reporter: the couple went on a hike on valentine's day near inverness and got lost in
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the darkness. rescuers presumed they were dead, but they were eventually found and air lifted out of the wilderness over the weekend. they've been resting at the hospital ever since. lisa said it was already a tight knit neighborhood, but this has brought them even closer. >> we're all fragile and vulnerable, and we should all just be a little kinder to each other and take the time to say hello and connect as neighbors. >> reporter: the family is asking for space and some time to recover, but make no mistake, this community is ready to welcome them home in a big way. like a giant street party? >> yeah, i hope so. multiple neighbors have said we should throw them a block party and big welcome home. i know right now they're asking for privacy, but we are definitely going to celebrate when they come home, when they're ready. >> reporter: and so the couple's last known location was marin county general hospital. the sheriff's department would
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not confirm or deny if they're still there. when they leave the hospital, it will be done in secret. kiet do, kpix 5. i'm ken bastida at the live news desk. federal water regulators have ordered the draining of the largest drinking water reservoir in santa clara county because of earthquake concerns. the regulators say the 240-foot dam at the anderson reservoir located between morgan hill and san jose poses a risk of collapsing if a major quake was to strike. chopper 5 over the reservoir today. crews will begin the process of draining all the water in october. valley water, who owns the anderson says reservoir says this would likely kill wildlife downstream and result in unsafe consequences. valley water released a statement saying quote, a top concern is the potential to
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damage the intake structure giving us no ways to control flow in the reservoir potentially impacting downstream communities. they say they're exploring other sources of water that come from outside of the county. that's the latest from the live news desk. back to you. all right, ken, thank you. in about 30 minutes, parents will get another update on the toxic ground water found under the campus of mcclymonds high school in west oakland. mcclymonds was shut down thursday over concerns that the chemical tce was vaporizing into the air, but after tests this weekend experts found no evidence of that. students will be spread out to 3 other campuses by ay tpeto tomo rrow reopen mcclymonds next week. today's meeting starts at 5:30 at the west oakland middle school library. in los angeles, thousands packed staples center to honor nba legend kobe bryant, his daughter gianna, and 7 others who died in a helicopter crash last month.
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dave lopez is live at staples center with more on the emotional memorial service. dave? >> reporter: it was an event almost unprecedented. kobe was an icon not only here but worldwide. the ceremony had everything. joy, tears, laughter. in a word, it was almost perfect. it was a tribute fit for the icon that he was and always will be. the celebration of life for kobe bryant and his 13-year-old daughter gianna. >> we had hoped to grow old together like the movie. we really had an amazing love story. >> reporter: vanessa bryant speaking publicly for the first time since that tragic sunday morning when she lost her husband, her daughter, and 7 other friends. >> we loved each other with our whole beings. two perfectly imperfect people making a beautiful family and
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raising our sweet and amazing girls. >> reporter: the love, the sorrow, the respect, filled staples today. the house that kobe built. 20,000 people. at times, so quiet you could hear a pin drop. >> this is a sad day, but it is also a celebration of life. of their lives and of life itself in the building where those of us who are lakers fans and kobe fans celebrated so many of the best times of our lives. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel choking back tears. many of the who's who in the celebrity world and the nba world along with just regular kobe laker fans did the same. >> god knew they couldn't be
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on this earth without each other. he had to bring them home to him together. >> reporter: vanessa who met kobe as a 17-year-old senior spoke eloquently for nearly 35 minutes. she on stage, surrounded s by 33,643 red roses. each rose signifying the number of points kobe scored in his great career. but as she pointed out, and no one argued, kobe was so much more than nba star. >> babe, you take care of our gigi. we're still the best team. we love and miss you boo boo and gigi. may you both rest in peace and have fun in heaven until we meet again one day. we love you both and miss you.
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forever and always. mommy. >> reporter: so many moments like this, so many things to remember. who will ever forget who was there, who watched on television the great michael jordan, tears in his eyes just welling up, making a few jokes, but saying so eloquently, i was his big brother, he was my little boy. back to you in the studio. >> so heartbreaking. thank you. and vanessa bryant is suing the company involved in the crash that killed her husband and daughter. the lawsuit accuses the charter company island express holding corporation and the pilot of being reckless and negligent. the complaint says the pilot failed to maintain proper control of the helicopter and abort the flight knowing the bad conditions. california highway patrol airplanes helped track down 4
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suspects in a wild chase. it started in napa, went through solano county and ended in contra costa county. here's video captured from the chp plane about 9:30 last night. officers say the 4 suspects eventually got out of the car in rodeo and hid in a nearby backyard. they were arrested for the pursuit and other outstanding warrants. still ahead and streaming onbay area, harvey weinstein found guilty on rape an d sexual assault charges. >> coming up, how hollywood is reacting to the verdict and what's next. >> and jussie smollett maintaining his innocence after being charged with faking his own assault. why his lawyers are calling for the new charges to be dropped. >> and democratic presidential candidates hit the stage once again tomorrow following an explosive debate last week. how south carolina's primary is already shaping up to be a game changer. >> all that plus what does death valley have that we don't have? wait until you see this.
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we have the details coming up in the forecast after a break. when i came home from prison my sons were in their teens. so i got involved in juvenile justice, i didn't want them to go through the same thing i went through. michael bloomberg created the young men's initiative. in helping keep other young men and young women from entering into the criminal justice system. and we see it, we see it in young people being employed. we see young people being removed out the system. running for president, what better platform for him to speak about real justice, real reform. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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of millions of americans during wall strethe recession.advantage so, my wife kat and i took action. we started a non-profit community bank with a simple theory - give people a fair deal and real economic power. invest in the community. in businesses owned by women and people of color. in affordable housing. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson politicians in washington could use right now. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message.
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just minutes ago we learned harvey weinstein has been taken to the hospital instead of jail. variety reporting now that weinstein was rerouted to a manhattan hospital as a precaution after complaining of chest pains. the disgraced hollywood mogul was found guilty of rape and sexual assault just hours ago. he was supposed to be transferred to riker's island jail to await sentencing. >> reporter: weinstein was convicted of rape and sexual assault. it took the jury 5 days to reach a mixed verdict, finding him not guilty of the most serious charges of predatory sexual assault which could have brought a life sentence. the district attorney thanked the women that testified
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against weinstein for their bravery. >> they sacrificed their privacy and self-protection knowing better than anyone the extent of weinstein's power. manipulation, retribution, and abuse. >> reporter: the 67-year-old formal movie mogul was accused of raping an actress in a motel room in march of 2013, and forcibly performing a sex act on another woman in 2006. prosecutors called 4 additional accusers to testify, including annabella sciorra, hoping to paint him as a serial rapest. his lawyers promised to appeal. one of the defense attorneys described weinstein as disappointed by the verdict but mentally tough. she said he took it like a man. but attorney gloria allred described the verdict as a legal reckoning. she represents 3 of weinstein's accusers. >> this is the age of
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empowerment of women. and you cannot intimidate them anymore because women will not be silenced. >> reporter: weinstein will be sentenced on march 11th and could face up to 25 years behind bars. >> again, reports weinstein has been taken to a new york city hospital after complaints lehis st pains. gasacoasgat l wiwhere he faces 4 counts of felony sexual assault in los angeles. now the screen actor's guild released a statement saying in part we hail the courage and conviction of the powerful survivors who brought this case to trial. this verdict sends a thunderous message to other harassers and abusers, you can't run, you can't hide any longer. actor jussie smollett is pleading not guilty to new charges for reportedly staging a phony attack. the case was dismissed last year, but prosecutors filed new charges. the former empire actor appeared in a chicago room
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earlier today. he's accused of faking a racist homophobic attack against himself last year. >> at this point the case has become such an ordeal, his primary need is moving on himself. it's hard to believe we're here a year later at the arraignment of this case, well over a year after the incident happens. >> smollett's attorneys are arguing this is double jeopardy. prosecutors say that doesn't apply because he was not prosecuted last year. the mayor of chicago says he should be held accountable. >> he needs to face the charges. he committed a crime. and he needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and wear going to continue aggressively make him accountable for the wasted police resources that went into investigating what turned out to be a total hoax. >> smollett told police that 2 masked men attacked him as he was walking home early one morning because of his race and sexuality. police claim he staged the attack to get attention and
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further his career. campaign 2020 now. the focus is on south carolina where tomorrow 7 democratic presidential hopefuls will square off in the last debate before the primary on wednesday. sanders is surging after winning in nevada, but some are skeptical about sanders' politics. >> the people of south carolina are pretty leery about that title socialist. >> when you help the billionaires and help wall street, hey, of course we can pay for it, that's what america is supposed to be about, well i disagree. >> african american support plays a bigger role in south carolina than the previous 3 states that held primary or caucuses. political experts say this race can give the winner a crucial boost with some calling it a tie breaker. they cast their ballots this saturday. tomorrow's debate is hosted by cbs news and the congressional black caucus institute, and you can watch it here on kpix
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5 starting at 5:00 and you can watch our local news on cbsn bay area streaming on and the cbs news app. we'll have a special edition of kpix 5 news for you at 8:00. today president trump continued his 2 day tour of india where they've gotten the warmest of receptions. they visited the taj mahal. before that, the country's prime minister literally rolled out the red carpet and the entire city was transformed into a shrine to president trump. at a rally at a cricket stadium president trump announced that india will buy $3 billion worth of u.s. helicopters. you're not going to believe this. they've gotten more rain in death valley than we have this month. more rain than death valley. >> from you, i believe it.
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>> have you ever been to death valley? >> i've been through as fast as i can go. >> no, it's a great place. not in july, august, you know. but the springtime, it's not bad. but they also have .18 inches of rain that we should have gotten and did not. as we look outside at the skyline of san francisco right now, the numbers are mostly in the 70s and 60s. tomorrow they will be in the 80s. crazy stuff continues. 2 to 8 degrees warmer than usual. things are warming up, and the low temperatures tonight will be on the mild side. 42 degrees in santa rosa, 47 at mountain view, and 45 in san jose. we get light offshore winds, and the result will be warm temperatures again. up in the north bay we'll be in the low 80. look at that. talk about a dry february. no rain in many san francisco at all. but phoenix has an inch and a
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third, san diego a third of an inch, and death valley .18 inches in february. it's just all missed us. it will continue to do that, but maybe on sunday. we'll see. clear skies overnight tonight. we'll be looking at a sunny tuesday. mild to warm in the afternoon, and no changes until friday and the weekend. but then a drop or two is possible on sunday, but no big rain maker. tomorrow we'll see 80 degrees in santa rosa and 82 at napa. 79 at fairfield and 72 at livermore in san jose tomorrow 74, and in san francisco 69. and the 80s up there in the north are record territory for this time of the year. in the extended forecast it's a sunny week ahead. then we cloud it up, and on sunday maybe, a 20 percent chance, but we'll take what we can get, and what we'll get might not be much, but stay tuned. >> we'll hang our hopes on it.
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thank you. coming up, the generation that's seeing a spike in marijuana smokers. we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. president kennedy knew settling for half-measures wasn't good enough. so when candidates say we can't guarantee health care for all, make college affordable for all, combat climate change, or create a world at peace, remember that america is best when we strive to do big things, even when it's hard.
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i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. this is a stodream.the american it starts here, in a middle class neighborhood with a middle class kid named mike. when his father died, his mother went to work and became the breadwinner. she instilled in mike a belief in hard work and a drive to build a better life. so he started a company from scratch with an idea and endless hours- today, that makes him the only democrat in the race who's created 20,000 jobs. he's the only democrat who's run the largest and most diverse city in america,
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rebuilding after 9-11, creating over 450,000 jobs and expanding health care coverage to 700,000 people. the only democrat who's built a grassroots movement to combat gun violence and he's a leader combatting climate change. the only democrat who's never taken a penny from special interests. now mike is running to deliver on the american dream for everyone with common sense solutions and the ability to get it done. because mike bloomberg is the only democrat who can take on trump. and trump knows it. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. a new study suggests older americans are smoking more marijuana. research published in the journal of the american medical association shows nearly 4.5 percent of americans over the age of 65 are using marijuana compared to less than 1 percent back in 2006. february is heart health
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month meant to raise awareness about the severity of heart disease. a doctor with stanford health care joined us on cbsn bay area today to talk about the risk factors. >> a lot are common that ooprsure, o their primary cholesterol. go to your primary doctor, follow their treatment plan. a lot of these things, it's not just high blood pressure for a short period of time, but a long period of time. if you have a combination of that and diabetes that could increase your risk of heart failure. >> watch the full interview and get more from stanford health care every monday on cbsn bay area. it's streaming 24 hours a day on and other digital platforms. new efforts provide better protection for domestic violence victims. >> how santa clara county plans to get the guns out of
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the wrong hands. >> a sleepless night for many in san francisco as several wild side shows erupt in the streets, but anger tonight over the lack of police involvement. >> and environmental groups split on a decision to drop more than a ton of poison on fair lawn island. i waless fir. relentless about learning the first song we ever danced to. about teaching him to put others first. about helping her raise her first child. and when i was first diagnosed, my choice was everyday verzenio. it'ly one of its that can be ta. it gives us more time without cancer progressing. verzenio is the only cdk4 & 6 inhibitor approved with hormonal therapy that can be taken every day
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of millions of americans during wall strethe recession.advantage so, my wife kat and i took action. we started a non-profit community bank with a simple theory - give people a fair deal and real economic power. invest in the community. in businesses owned by women and people of color. in affordable housing. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson politicians in washington could use right now. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message.
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right now and streaming on cbsn bay area the push to get guns out of the wrong hands. a new team has been formed to remove the weapons from certain people who pose a threat of violence. devon is in santa clara county with the story. >> reporter: was somewhat it with a felony reco or history of domestic violence shoots and
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kills someone with a gun we ask ourselves in the aftermath of the tragedy y wasn't more done to prevent it? why didn't someone get those guns out of that person's hands? the district attorney's office believes they have a more effective way to go about that. when you disarm someone who is dangerous or potentially saving a life. >> reporter: when he shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his son in the parking lot of the san jose denny's two years ago it was a tragic culmination of a years long pattern of physical abuse threats and intimidation. the collective failure to protect the woman at home those threats were aimed. syria sanchez diaz. these cases fall through the cracks. that is a risk we are not willing to take in santa clara county. >> reporter: the district attorney's office is forming a dedicated five person unit. focus on taking guns out of the hands of convicted felons. people charged with domestic violence and people with restraining orders. the seizures will be handled by special teams within the police department. we cannot just knock on the door and asked nicely for a gun back.
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