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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 19, 2020 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now at 5, several trained cars derailed forcing street closures and blocking intersections. san francisco is still getting ready for for 20 tomorrow but in a different way. instead of inviting people in, they want people to stay out. a puppy stolen from a home in the family's desperate search to find max. san francisco police issuing a stern warning ahead at four 20. good evening. we will get to that story in a moment. a train derailment down several intersections.
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a total of five train cars derailed off the tracks before 2:00. the train is blocking real crossings at 65th, 66, 67th. police are advising drivers to avoid the area and use alternate routes. the tanker cars are empty and no one was hurt. union pacific and alameda county fire are on the scene. no word when the street will reopen. tomorrow is for 20. the unofficial marijuana holiday. typically thousands of people flock to hippie hill in san francisco. tonight people were telling everybody to stay home. jackie ward live to tell us how they plan to stop the annual celebration. >> reporter: ahead of the weekend the mayor did warn her city this year's for 20 looks different than in years past. right now this tent is to >> during 420 we are going to
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be at golden gate park and fence it up. we will have police officers enforce. this will not be the scene at hippie hill on 420. the san francisco police department says they have the discretion to site and or arrest people for violating the shelter in place order. jared says although large lvirus anwe at. ohib in42stle >> there's been a naonwide effort to encourage people to celebrate virtually not just on 420 but on the 17th to the 21st two flattened their own curve. >> it's looking like the four days of celebration will equal
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the one day of celebration that usually happens on 420. >> people are taking advantage of online delivery, drive through opportunities and curbside pickup in some california counties. despite the cannabis industry being essential in california, he says bothers him that has a high level of taxation, no federal assistant programs or banking. he hope 420 is an opportunity to highlight the work that needs to be done. >> sometimes you have to work out the logistics internally for the financial assistant programs to assist what is a narcotic at the federal level >> road closures will be in place from 5:30 a.m. until 7 pm. you want to avoid the areas around here. jackie ward, kpix5. sermon a second inmate at the san francisco county jail has tested positive for covid-19. the sheriff's department tells us the person is asymptomatic was taken into custody yesterday . to guard against the virus that department isolated newly
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arrested people and testing everyone who is booked or housed at the facility. one community will become the first in the will to test every resident for coronavirus. the town of bolinas will offer free test for residents and west marin first responders tomorrow. the drive through test will be for four-year-olds and up and then at mesa park you must schedule an appointment before you go. the tests are not mandatory. the testing is being done by ucsf staffers. crews are converting the old sleep train arena in sacramento into a surge hospital. health officials are preparing for a possible spike in cases and they plan to use the facility to treat patients who are coming from nursing homes. it has enough space for 400 beds. >> we will be fully operational to take patience whether we get them or not, this is a search
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facility. if patientweare ready >> the hospital is expected eat patients tomorrow. across the u.s. nearly 3/4 of 1 million americans have tested positive for the coronavirus and over 41,000 have died. in new york city as morgues overflow construction workers are now essential in order to construct shelters for refrigerated trailers. new york's daily total of coronavirus that hit its lowest point in two weeks. the states governor announced an antibody testing survey will begin tomorrow. a first step in an effort to reopen the economy. >> people are eager to get on with life. we have a small margin of error. >> protesrdup over the weekend in a dozen states. more are scheduled tomorrow. protester state they are encouraged by president donald trump who has accused some
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state governors of going too far with stay at home orders. >> it's the flu. people who have poor health are in those vulneas. >> u.s. secretary steven mnuchin expect the white house and democrats will reach an agreement on a new $450 billion stimulus plan to boost the loan program for small businesses, help hospitals and increase testing. some of the outbreak has put enormous financial strain on bay area cities. we spoke to a local leader who is worried the looming budget crisis is not being addressed by congress. >> reporter: we are on the frontlines. we are arranging for medical capacity. we run the ems system, public health system. >> he's a supervisor in contra costa county. he's deeply troubled by the financial fallout from the outbreak for local government
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who he says are spendi mill battthvi wheir trionasoce nue les and property taxes are threaten. >> in contra costa county, we estimate that between march and june we will be spending $100 million out of our reserves to do things like set up extra medical centers. >> congress is negotiating other funding to replenish a program aimed at helping small businesses stay afloat and keeping their employees on payroll. congressional democrats are pressing for more money for testing in the healthcare system. county leaders say they need help faced with mounting cost and x revenuesl sales tax and other areas so it will put a strain on our social safety net. >> california is reporting their first prison inmate death
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that was probably caused by covid-19 in breaking news. we will have more details on that story coming up. this week the city of richmond will consider an emergency moratorium on rent and mortgage payments. the order would suspend all residential and small business rents and mortgage payments for homeowners. as well as small landlords and small businesses. it will last the duration of shelter in place. the authors of the proposal say federal assistant funds and employment checks are not sufficient to cover housing costs for many residents. the city council will take up the proposal on tuesday. police are trying to track down the driver involved in a deadly hit and run. it happened around 8:00 last night at the intersection of 35th and brooke neil avenue in oakland. not far from 580 police got there they found the victim in a crosswalk. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died police think the driver was in and mercedes-benz car.
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police sharing this video. polar rsecfor siows. is comes after police broke up two sideshows lesson. no arrests were made but police recorded a number of license play numbers. sideshows are dangerous on their own but in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, they posed even more of a risk because spectators and participants are not social distancing. police are on the hunt for a dog-napper who stole an 11 month old puppy from the owner's garage. there's the video showing it. it happened yesterday on montgomery avenue in concord. a man came up andname x. anyo who haseen max to call police. coming up a shooting rampage in canada. a gunman opened fire that resulted in that country's
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deadliest in 30 years. what we are learning about the attack. police beefing up patrols in schools after thieves targeted at the campuses it. we will see light rain tomorrow. san jose is one of the places that will be more than likely to see it. then we will talk about how it's going to be close to 15 degrees above average by
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we are following a developing story out of canada where at least 13 people have died including a police officer after a gunmen into a small town in nova scotia. the suspect disguised himself as a policeman, wore a uniform and marking his car to look like a royal canadian police cruiser. they arrested him at a gas stat there's no word on a motive.
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officials don't have a final death count but do expect the number to go up. fremont police are boosting patrols at schools after a spike in break-ins on empty campuses over the last several weeks. officers have arrested three separate groups for various crimes. police are asking neighbors to report any suspicious activity around the schools and this includes people on campus. sounds of broken glass as well and then he alarms. police are also inviting people to follow social distancing guidelines. they want to avoid scenes like this. gathering and not standing six feet apart. officers busted these people who are playing volleyball on a field. the coronavirus pandemic could be forcing neiman marcus to file for bankruptcy according to reuters. the dallas-based company is debt and doesn't have many options after closing its stores during the pandemic. the bankruptcy filing could happen as early as this week tyson foods says it's
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increasing safety measures after coronavirus outbreak. at least 90 workers at the tennessee plant tested positive and the company says, it's following cdc guidelines to address the situation. workers are required to wear masks and take their temperatures before beginning each shift. outbreaks like that are straining the nation's food supplies as an increase in workers are infected. dean reynolds on the impact the virus is having on that me packing industry. >> reporter: even with the smithfield pork processing plant in sioux falls, south dakota now the hottest coronavirus hotspot in the country, republican governor says a stay-at-home order doesn't fit her state. >> we are different in the big populated cities. new york city that you see on tv. we are spread out. there's a lot more open space
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in south dakota. >> though some worried the virus is spreading outward from the plant were hundreds of workers have tested positive, she cites hard to verify data to back up her stance. >> we have seen an outstanding call to action among the people of south dakota that we have more people staying home then many of the other states that have put in shelter in place orders. >> the smithfield plant processes a fifth of the nation's pork supply. it is closed indefinitely but that closure and those of other food processors because of the pandemic are stressing the nation's food chain. she's an industry analyst at the university of notre dame. >> we are seeing disruptions across different product categories particularly meat and dairy products to the supply-chain. >> the disruption adds to an inconvenience for consumers because there is food but as more workers get sick, real shortages could materialize. at the meat plant in colorado, he was working sick but his
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daughter could not convince him to stay home. >> my dad was an amazing, humble and hard-working individual. they need me because they were short staffed. specturm he died from coronavirus. the plant is now temporarily closed. in other news, another round of nasty weather slamming the southeast. a week after deadly tornado swept across the region, this was that he received in alabama. a shelf cloud. it was spotted before the storm hit. in alexander, alabama fallen trees fell onto cars. hail was so intense it punched holes in the side of a house. the homeowner says the storm lasted about 30 minutes but that's all it takes. >> i don't spend time focusing on the national weather because i want to make sure what is
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going on here at home. tonight is unique. we are in the middle of this concern. let me show you what's going on. look at the bright yellows and oranges in the southeast. if we leave behind those thunderstorms and put this into where the tornado watches or warnings are in the red boxes, that's where we find warnings. if we watch this into futurecast, those storms will continue to march their way across alabama, georgia and south carolina through the duration of tonight and tomorrow morning. the pictures we saw, we may be seeing more of those tomorrow on the news. let's come back home. a totally different story. we have why did down and cleared out the clouds. daytime the warm-up will be the headlines by the end of the seven-day forecast. we will be from 15 to 20 degrees warmer than these numbers by this next weekend.
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that's when the warm-up will go into full force. before i get there, let's talk about monday. morning lows no real change. we will be in the low 50s. tomorrow will be a much cloudier than today or yesterday. it just won't be morning clouds. these clouds will stick around through the day because there will be rain mixed in with them. let's look at the storm off the coast. if you looked off the coast on the satellite, there's a good storm right there. this is why we've been talking about the small chance for rain. we put it into futurecast, there's a band of green but it's pretty much falling apart as a comes onshore. this is a futurecast for a 00 hour. across the south bay. that's why i said san jose would see it. it's the peninsula and parts of the east bay and whatever we get will be really light.
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it comes through the morning through the early afternoon and it's spotty showers at best for everyone. we are only talking about 300s of an inch of rain by the time it's all said and done. technically since it could rained we have to talk about it. the store will go to the sierra and for the middle of april it will drop in of snow in the mountains that anyone who is traveling to the mountains, the interstate will get slick. that's monday. here's the forecast past the seven-day. see how that says 6010 days. this goes out a few days past the seven days. the deep red, that's where temperatures will be above average. you see the pattern picking up. this is getting us into next hi by frid satu and that e ave this time of , sunny and warm i
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real story. i will see you with more at six a clock. a story that shows we are better together. a classic san francisco restaurant feeding front-line workers across the bay area. >> they are doing it every weekend for the next four months. they plan to donate 420 meals per week to the entire er and icu staff at cpm's the and sanford. the owners say this is a way to help local healthcare workers and keep their staff employed during this difficult time. >> great stuff. you can check out more positive stories like this at you can send your ideas to us as well. they have one of the best flat iron steaks. e bull prtithursd's ndraft.
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joe montana joints a new team to raise money
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there are times when our need to connect really matters. to keep customers and employees in the know. to keep business moving. comcast business is prepared for times like these. powered by the nation's largest gig-speed network. to help give you the speed, reliability, and security you need. tools to manage your business from any device, anywhere. and a team of experts - here for you 24/7. we've always believed in the power of working together. that's why, when every connection counts... you can count on us. the korean baseball league is planning to start their season on may 1. of course without fans. hopefully this is a positive sign that major league race ball is not that hind.
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the chinese professional baseball league started its season last week while there are any fans, there is no way to practice social distancing during a bench clearing brawl. it's good to have baseball highlights back in sports. the nfl draft will kick off this thursday. everything will be done remotely. both the 49ers and raiders each have two first round picks in that draft. weaver likely won't hear his name called during the first round on thursday and it. bears linebacker is projected to be a mid-round pick. he didn't get a chance to work plentyontape less season when he led the nationkl y rank you 9atallsnttheir categ of a special teams player on an nfl roster.
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you don't see it that way, i know. what you see? >> i see myself as a future pro bowler. a person who will turn 18 around or keep a team winning. that's what i do. i make plays. >> this is hard to believe but yesterday marked a 25th anniversary of joe montana's retirement. he's still coming through in the clutch off the field. montana is hard of the all in challenge athletes and celebrities trying to raise $100 million during the pandemic. montana and ronnie lott are auctioning off a dinner for six . the current bid is $25,000. >> the dinner will be done between the pizza grill and
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outside. there's a plat -- special place we go for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. no one will leave empty-handed. >> joe doesn't worry about opposing defenses anymore. these days there low pressure he faces is from his wife as they fight over the phone to face time with their grandchild. the couple became grandparents for the first time in december. you are a grandfather for the first time, what is that like? grandpa joe. >> it's so much fun. jennifer has come up with some great names for us. she's boo-boo and i'm yogi. >> you guys, it's hard to
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believe, i remember joe in the first super bowl that the 49ers won in 1981. 25 years ago he retired and now he and jennifer are grandparents. >> time is flying. >> we have to remember those names. >> we will be
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that's it for us at 5. we
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will see you at 6 for an hour of news. updates always captioning sponsored by cbs >> gables: tonight-- ht the rescue. again, congress close to a new $400 billion coronavirus aid deal. protests to reopen the country spread. >> i'm out here fighting for our first amendment rights. >> gables: the president signals he's on board, even as >> it's a distraction. >> gables: also tonight, testing amoubles. the blame game intensifies. to it's not accurate to say there's plenty of testing. >> gables: who is keeping the farm hands safe? plus, hospitals open so patients don't have to die alone. >> i think the best medicine that we're giving them right now


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