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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  April 23, 2020 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at 7:00. the face and name behind the country's first coronavirus death. what her friend and coworker in the south bay just told us moments ago. plus, our volumes are are significantly down from normal. and that's what's being seen across the entire bay area. >> reason behind these empty emergency rooms. what is keeping people away? and new video just in, the search for the suspect who targeted several asian owned businesses in the south bay. and a physical therapist at one of san frcisco's hardest hit nursing homes was supposed to get married today. so what happened instead? >> we have to make this day special. we'd really like to hug them. it's been very hard. >> right now on the kpix 5 news
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at 7:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area. we're hearing from a friend of the santa clara county woman whose death completely shifted the coronavirus timeline. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. we now know 57-year-old patricia dowd was the santa clara woman who died in early february. almost a month before the first u.s. death was reported. her family told the l.a. times she was active and healthy but got sick with flu- like symptoms in late january. she was found dead in her home february 6th. it was thought to be a heart nt investigation confirmed covid- 19. dad worked at lam research in fremont for 28 years. her coworker and friend spoke to us moments ago. >> we were close friends during softball season for her daughters were playing softball as i was coaching softball for another team. so we had some really good memories. and to hear that that's what
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took her life it kind of rages me a little bit. because we weren't careful enough. >> her employer issued a statement saying quote, lam research continues to grieve the untimely death of a well respected employee in february. we were deeply saddened to learn today that the employee passed of complications due to covid-19. dowd's husband is a santa clara county sheriff's deputy. a spokesperson wouldn't comment on whether he also contracted covid-19. but the department has had an unusually high number of cases. the source of patricia dowd's illness remains a mystery. california saw its deadliest day yet in the coronavirus pandemic. 115 additional deaths were confirmed yesterday. >> but it's also a reminder, we're not out of the woods yet. i know there's deep desire, people are making calls on an hourly basis saying it's time to open back up. consider the deadliest day in the state of california in the last 24 hours.
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8.5% increase in the total number of deaths. we saw 5.6% increase in the total number of people who tested positive. >> but while over upere is some positive news, in four key areas, including a 4% drop in hospitalizations. % and a 1% drop in icu patients. three patients have died. and a total of 36 have tested positive at a skilled nursing facility in oakland. excel health care center tells kpix 5 that it's taking immense measures to safeguard those who are not infected and to isolate and treat those who are. emergency rooms around the bay area appear to be unusually empty. kpix 5 surveyed local medical centers and we found visits to bay area ers have dropped any where from 30% to 50%. many people are doing everything they can to avoid going to the hospital out of fear of getting the
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coronavirus. some of them putting off serious treatments. >> we were very afraid of going to the hospital and decided to stay home. >> we started to notice there was up to a 50% reduction of patients who come in with acute heart attack. >> volumes are are significantly down from normal. and that's what's being seen across the entire bay area. >> a second person living at san francisco's division circle navigation center has tested positive for covid-19. health officials do not believe this is related to the rst case which was confirmed on april 1st. after the first person got sick. that individual was removed and the facility was disinfected. the case pushed san francisco supervisors to call for moving more of the homeless out of shelters. >> the solution is to get people into individual hotel rooms so they can stay home just like the rest of us. and if they are in shelters, that they are able to maintained maintained a
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maintain, adequate distance. >> they're being transferred to isolation and hotel rooms while they await test results. tonight, the pandemic put one in six california workers out of work. they filed 3.35 million claims in the past four weeks. and while the surge is slowing, the economists predict a sharp increase starting next week when independent contractors can begin filing for benefits. in the mean time, many people who have all ready filed are still waiting for their first checks. as the state scrambles now to process the claims. >> the number of the people keep increasing, it's not going to get less. if they have a backlog, let's say you have 100,000 backlog today, tomorrow is going to get more and more. >> in terms of unemployment rate, we're all ready above the 12.7, 12.8% we had during the great recession. we're all ready passed that
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point. now we're just in way uncharted territories. >> new details in a series of vandalism attacks in the south bay. police are investigating whether the result of anti- asian violence connected to the coronavirus outbreak. this surveillance video just released shows one of three attacks early wednesday morning. the suspect smashing the windows of businesses in the 200 block of west calaveras boulevard just after 2:00 a.m. a short time later, a person police believe to be the same suspect struck again. this time in san jose. five businesses were hit. glass windows and doors smashed again. this time, you can more clearly see the suspect's vehicle. it appears to be a toyota tacoma, business owners meanwhile are stunned. . >> i just have no idea why they're doing the vandalism to the retail business stores, considered as essential business, and we're still
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services people in our neighborhood. and i think they're just like doing that for -- i think they're just like out of their minds. >> both san jose and milpetas police are asking for the public's help in finding the suspect. covid-19 may have forced them to postpone their wedding but on the bright side, one san francisco couple definitely has that sickness and in health vow covered. kpix 5 shows us how they celebrated what would have been their special day today. andrea? >> reporter: well, ken, it certainly looked a lot different. but one san francisco woman's mother was determined to make sure that today was special no matter what. located on a dead end street in the western additions at central gardens convalescent hospital. one of the hardest hit spots for covid-19 in san francisco. home to four deaths. and infecting 39 residents and 28 staff members. among those staff members,
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physical therapist, grace dunford who brought the disease home to her fiance. if you're wondering why the couple has wion the stoop of th mission district apartment, it's because today should have been their wedding day in tel aviv israel. >> it's not fun, we really wanted to go to israel and see my family. >> but if you glance six feet or so away from the stoop, there's a woman in a formal dress, grace's mother, pamela of los altos. >> this is what i was going to wear. i thought i'd wear it today and we would come up and see. since the wedding wasn't taking place, we had to make the day special. with music, wine, and cupcakes, the day they should have marked as their first day of husband and wife was honored. not quite as it should be in the era of physical distancing. >> i'd really like to hug them. it's been very hard this distancing is very hard. and we've been very, very careful. >> but pamela is all ready working on her toast for what they hope will be a wedding on
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the russian river in august. >> at this time, i wish them good health. i wish them good health throughout their marriage and their lives and in their family. >> now, there will also be a make-up wedding they hope in october in tel aviv with avi's family we asked how he was going to keep all the different anniversary dates straight. he said he would stick with the anniversary of their first date. ken? liz? >> good plan, thank you andrea, love that story. switching gears, a report published by the world health organization suggests a bay area bio-tech firm's experimental anti-viral may not be the magic pill to treat covid-19. according to a draft document on a clinical trial in china, gilead's remdizover doesn't improve patient's condition or reduce viral load but did cause
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significant side effects. gilead told cnbc resulteds are inconclusive because the study was cut short early due to low enrollment. up next the study presented by the trump administration that could be key to killing the virus. our most striking observation to date. >> let michigan declare bankruptcy. let illinois declare bankruptcy. let california declare bankruptcy. . and a suggestion from the senate majority leader of the united states that has new york's governor fuming tonight. . >> i can definitely also see an increase in drivers as well on the road. it's not as light as it was four weeks ago. plus there's been no changes in the shelter in place. so why does it seem like there's more traffic on bay area roads ? . plus a strange version of the nfl draft now under way. who the 49ers just picked minutes ago. . pleasant weather across the bay area today.
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and more of the same in store for friday. just a couple degrees warmer. we'll break it down hour by hour for friday. what we do now will forever change our tomorrow. so let's do the right thing, today. let's stay at home. let's wash up. let's always keep our distance - please, six feet apart at least. let's look after ourselves, as well as others. it will all be worth it. we can all do our part. so those on the front line can do their part. and when this is over, we will all, continue, to thrive. some companies still have hr stuck between employeesentering data.a. changing data. more and more sensitive, personal data. and it doesn't just drag hr down. it drags the entire business down -- with inefficiency, errors and waste. it's ridiculous. so ridiculous. with paycom, employees enter and manage their own data in a single,
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joining us live with the nfl draft. >> that's right, first round action still under way right now. hi, denis. >> hey guys. it was supposed to be in front of the bellagio hotel. instead, you had to settle for roger goodell's basement. the 49ers just made their pick somewhat of a surprise. with the 14th pick in the 2020 nfafsan francisco 49ers select, jahvon, defensive tackle, south carolina. >> the 49ers originally had the 13th pick. they traded back with the bucks to get him. many thought they'd go for a
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receiver. ten sacks in the last two seasons at south carolina. consider him a replacement for de forest buckner traded to the colts. at 12. the raiders took alabama wide out, henry rugs who was wearing a robe when he got the call. rugs was the fastest player in the nfl combine and is the first pick in the las vegas era. al davis likes fast players. lsu quarterback, joe went first over all to the bangles, a pair of ohio state buckeyes went 2 and 3. defensive end chase young, quarterback jeff ocuta tackle to the giants and alabama quarterback, to the miami dolphins. and when the 49ers traded back one spot, they essentially picked up a fourth round pick. so a good trade for san
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francisco, replacing deforest buckner and there's still plenty of wide receivers. >> good people come out of that fourth round pick. it should be okay. . >> i hope we have a season. >> i'll buy that. [ laughter ]. >> exactly. exactly. >> thanks, denis. >> hi i'm matt. i'm going to show you my work from home set up. >> i'm meteorologist paul hagen in my at-home set up. this might be the coolest stay- at-home job ever. matt works for nasa and has been driving the mars curiosity rover from his house. he's been working with a 30- person team over video conferences to complete the various missions that they have the rover working on. guys, i love my job. but i'm a little bit jealous of matt's job. >> can you imagine having that in your living room or your home office? you're literally looking at the
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rover just, you could be in your pajamas looking at it, controlling it. that's pretty amazing. >> driving on another planet. >> when it's nice. you can give me credit for that. but the nice weather continues into the weekend. the weather headlines, it's breezy out there this evening. mostly clear skies will continue throughout the night. i don't think we'll see low cloud cover or fog sneaking on shore. tomorrow will be a couple degrees warmer than we were today with temperatures warming in the 70s across the board and even into the low to mid 80s farther inland once again. stronger on shore wind means slightly cooler temperatures as we head into the weekend. looking outside from mount hamilton now, look at that. a beautiful perspective as the sun is dipping closer to the horizon. but daylight hours keep getting longer and longer. plenty of sunshine out there right now as we look over the east bay over the bay bridge. low to mid 70s in most
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locations. 63 in san francisco. upper 60s in san jose. otherwise very pleasant weather if you want to get out and go for a walk. try to beat the cabin fever. stay six feet apart. otherwise the weather, very cooperative. low to mid 50s tomorrow morning. that's where we started off this morning. maybe a degree or two cooler in inland spots. temperatures tomorrow warm up nicely. in san francisco, hour by hour, mostly in the upper 60s. but i think briefly reach into the low 70s but that on shore breeze strengthens and cools things off late afternoon and evening. for san jose, reaching up to or even above 80 degrees. you're looking at the hour by hour temperatures. but the official high temperature will clock in in the low 80s for most of the south bay. mid 80s for inland east bay locations. 85 around concord. similar around santa rosa. you made it up to 86 today. i wouldn't be surprised if you make it up to that number again once again tomorrow. farther inland for the north bay. temperaturesback off just a little bit as we head into the
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weekend. but then it's right back into a very warm weather pattern next week. i'll be back with another update, 11:00. looking forward to that. thank you paul, a look at top headlines, late this afternoon, the department of homeland security presented a federal study that suggs coronavirus is weakened by exposure to sunlight, heat, and humidity. >> our most striking observation dathe powerful effect that solar light appears to have on killing the virus both surfaces and in the air. let's take a live look at capitol hill late this afternoon, the house passed a nearly 500 billion-dollar economic package to replenish the paycheck protection program. and tonight, new york's governor is lashing out at senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell for suggesting states like his should declare bankruptcy instead of looking for more federal funds. . >> let new york state declare bankruptcy. let michigan declare bankruptcy. let illinois declare
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bankruptcy. let california declare bankruptcy. you will see a collapse of this national economy. . up next, drivers noticing concerning trends on bay area roads. . >> it's a little concerning that there was such an increase in traffic between couple days ago and today. >> plus the cluster of cases that has just popped up at a grocery store in one we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden.
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a little bit of cabin fever. mix that with warm weather. that explains why more people appear to be out and about despite the stay-at-home orders. on the roadways, people say they've been seeing more traffic in their neighborhoods compared to a few weeks ago. it's dramatic on the highways. i'll tell you that. no official numbers to back that up from the transportation department. outside and at parks, rangers say as long as people are socially distancing and covering their faces, it's not a violation of the order. >> not perfect. but i think by in large, people are trying to do the right thing. and what you might be seeing is a whole lot of people outside trying to do the right thing. >> i can definitely also see an increase in drivers as well on the road. it's not as light as it was four weeks ago. >> santa cruz county dealing with its first identified
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cluster of cases tonight. at least seven employees tested positive for the virus at in ap contact tracing shows the last exposed person was likely in the store on saturday but regardless of that date, the county health officer says customers are at very low risk of getting the virus. >> a person would need to be within six feet of an unmasked person or a person without face covering for several minutes or even longer in order to be at any significant risk. originally had planned to close for 14 days. but now we understand it will only be for a few days while they do a big disinfecting process in the store. >> new leaf is doing another deep cleaning and plans to test all employees before opening back up. . >> heroes coming through. [ applause ] heroes right through here, thank you. >> coming up next, a touching tribute to our me some companies still have hr stuck between employees and their data.
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step by step, we're going to figure this out. we're gonna find a way through this. we're working really, really hard in hospitals, our nurses, our techs, all the docs. it's about staggering when people get sick
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so that the hospitals can cope. we're gonna go through an awful lot of these. all across puget sound, people have been stepping up and donating personal protective equipment. we stay at work. for you. you stay at home for us. just know we're all with you. thank you, thank you so much. thank you doctors & nurses.
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police and firefighters took time to cheer on their fellow front line workers at stanford medical center today. the hospital staff later came out to say thank you for sharing the front lines. heroes cheering on other heroes, what a neat moment. thank you for watching. we l be back here l be back here when you think of a bank, you think of people in a place. but when you have the chase mobile app, your bank can be virtually any place. so, when you get a check... you can deposit it from here. and you can see your transactions and check your balance from here. you can save for an emergency from here. or pay bills from here. so when someone asks you,her's " you can tell them: here's my bank. or here's my bank. or, here's my bank.
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