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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 27, 2020 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now at 11:00, get ready to buckle down until at least june. bay area leaders warning we're in it for the long haul and extending stay at home orders. >> the reason is transmissions are going down is because people are sheltering in place. >> tonight, a closer look at what's driving the decision. >> reporter: a gruesome discovery in san francisco. police find the severed head and other human remains inside the apartment omar of a man reported missing to police. >> the shelter in place order is too much for one restaurant. how the restaurant, opened for 35 years, is now closing its doors. people across the bay area
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are coming to terms with another month in lockdown. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. ken is off tonight. county leaders announcing they're extending the orders until the end of may including marin, san mateo, santa clara, contra costa, san francisco, and more. >> we've imposed restrictions on our lives that have made things not only very difficult for you, but difficult for your family. >> reporter: bay area leaders acknowledging the hardship and fatigue that many of us are feeling. as kpix 5's betty yu res, they now is just too great. betty. >> reporter: bay area public health officers are expected to give details later this week on loosening some restrictions for a small number of lower risk activities. for now, leaders are asking the public for patience to prevveof infectio. this evening, san jose's municipal rose garden looked
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picture perfect. but there were still anxieties in the area. >> i hope this lockdown ends soon, but i also don't want to get the virus because that's dangerous. so i guess i'm not sure if i want to go to school. >> i can go to the beach. i'm probably not going to get sick because i'm a high school teacher and have an immune system like you would not believe. but i have an elderly mother-in-law, and i could get her sick, and she could get everyone she lives with sick, and that would be totally irresponsible. >> reporter: a model put initial projections of bay area deaths between 30 and 40,000. to date there are 366. and bay area hospitalizations hit their lowest point since the state started recording data. but ucf professor george rutherford said the extension through may is appropriate, because that downward trend needs to be consistent. >> it's a lethal virus. it's easily transmissible. the reason infections are going down is because
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transmission is going down. the reason transmission is going down is because people are sheltering in place. >> reporter: what has gone up is the number of calls to the warm line. a free mental health support line available to all in california. >> a good many are worried about the quality of their mental health. many have lost their jobs, laid off. >> reporter: and though it may be dreaded, 75% of people in california support the shelter l the california r health care foundation. thank you. starting tomorrow morning, parts of golden gate park will be closed to give people more space to practice social distancing outdoors. cars will not be allowed on john f. kennedy drive at transverse drive. the same restrictions apply to
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mclaren park. they'll be closed through the stay at home order. alameda is also implementing slow street areas. starting thursday, cars won't be allowed along pacific avenue from grand to oak streets. developing tonight, a mystery in san francisco's outer sunset. body parts, including a severed head, were found inside an apartment along the great highway. kpix 5's joe vazquez is at the scene between laughton and miraga streets, with the gruesome discovery tied to a missing persons case. >> reporter: a source tells me that police officers found the nse a refrigerator, and other human remains inside an apartment in this building near ocean beach. private investigator jeff caplan tells me he was here when police made the discovery on he said he's been working on a
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missing persons' case, jose pettis, at the request of his family. the family believed there was some sort of evidence inside the apartment. >> we're just all in shock. something this incredibly horrible? i was kind of just blown away. >> reporter: also, according to the source, san francisco police are investigating the possibility this case is related to a recent police chase down the peninsula that ended with an officer-involved shooting. a suspect, accused of stabbing an off duty san francisco policeman was fatally wounded in daly city when the suspect tried to ram the cops with his car. the source tells me it would be premature to say the cases are related. as for the remains found here in the outer sunset, police have not yet made an identification. tonight police arrested a man suspected in a string of vandalisms in the south bay.
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he was caught on video last week smashing glass doors and windows. he vandalized several asian owned businesses in san jose and milpitas. officers say there's no evidence the attacks were hate crimes. a small family owned restaurant in berkeley is calling it quits after decades in business. kpix 5's andrea nakano reports the stay at home order just became too much to overcome. >> reporter: 35 years ago, they opened the door to their restaurant. when the shelter at home order was first put place,th pua yi good. >> it doesn't hit you until you announce that you're doing it. >> reporter: they wrote an emotional farewell to their customers on social media and their website. >> we'll miss it dearly.
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it's been my life. i love to cook. >> reporter: his restaurant was the place to shelter in place when the earthquake hit and fires raged in the hills. now that place has been deserted as the coronavirus forced people to stay away. the financial burden just became too much to overcome. >> long term, this is going to be a hard thing to rebound from. >> reporter: he says this is his final act in the restaurant business and has no plans to own his own place again. many say the neighborhood gem will be dearly missed. >> i'm sad to see them go. they were fantastic neighbors and really a wonderful establishment here in berkeley. >> reporter: 30 employees lost their jobs in all of this. he grays his immediate focus is to raise funds to help those families through these difficult times. in berkeley, andrea nakano,
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kpix 5. more states are looking to reopen non-essential businesses in the coming days. after georgia's reopening over the weekend, texas, colorado, montana, and minnesota are among the states planning to ease restrictions. the white house has cautioned against reopening places that have not shown a sustained drop in confirmed coronavirus infections, but that has not been the case in colorado. the bay area's red hot real estate market has cooled off significantly since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. >> who wants the move now? nobody. >> in tonight's project home, the dramatic impact of the pandemic and whether it could drive long term changes. and bay area golfers are venturing far from home in the hopes of finding a place to play. where they're now seeing a flood of out of town visitors. and growing fear about a
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nationwide meat shortage. tonight, why food is going to waste just when it's needed the most. >> the products get destroyed, and it's a terrible thing. >> and kpix 5 wants to honor the class of 2020. send us your photos of graduates of all ages. ♪ this virus is testing all of us. and it's testing the people on the front lines of this fight most of all. so abbott is getting new tests into their hands, delivering the critical results they need. and until this fight is over, we...will...never...quit. because they never quit.
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tonight in our original series, project home, we take a look at the state of real estate since the shelter in place took effect. susie steimle spoke with analysts who say we are just now starting to see the
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impacts, and last month's numbers prove the housing market is not immune to the coronavirus. >> reporter: it's the spring selling season, which usually means home sales spike and excited prospective buyers spend their weekends jumping from open house to open house. but since the pandemic hit, things have gone quiet. >> who wants to move now? nobody. >> reporter: patrick carlisle has been watching as sales and new home listings come to what he describes a screeching halt. >> the number of homes pulled off the market jumped by 800% in one week. the number of properties going into contract are down. so these are very drastic effects. >> reporter: for weeks now, real estate agents have been optimistic that the product that is california real estate will remain un
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flappable. are you worried about it? >> not really. i remain optimistic. we've been there before. >> reporter: home prices and rent haven't gone down, but the housing market is usually about three to six weeks behind the stock market, so the imfacts facts impacts are just starting to show. >> it's clear the up cycle has come to an end. >> reporter: reports nearly half as many listings on market now as there were this time last year. since shelter in place took effect, the number of listings dropped below 8,000. the number of new listings went from around 1800 to less than 800. carlisle's research shows a typical spring season like 2019, where real estate comes out of the winter slump. but this march, he says most people are either afraid to list or don't have the money to pay.
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>> people have to have jobs to be able to afford to buy homes or rent homes. >> reporter: listed homes are still selling, which is good news for people like jeanie morrison. >> i thought the whole year would be different. >> reporter: in january, her husband dennis died from health complications unrelated to covid-19, so she's moving closer to her son jay and down sizing. she sold her family home of 18 years. they had one open house, then were forced to take the sale and tours online. >> a month or two months ago, i think our posture would have been a little more aggressive, but in these current time, you know, there's a little bit more at stake. >> reporter: in some cases, buyers are able to tour homes in person, but only if the home is vacant, like this one. if somebody is living there, you will not be allowed to do a walk through. these in person tours are really only meant for cases where virtual tours are not an
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option. >> it's been a little crazy, but i think that when someone needs to bay a home, they need to buy a home, regardless of what's going on. >> reporter: as for how long the virus will take its toll on the housing market, that, like everything else, depends on how long shelter in place lasts. >> there's so many plates spinning, that i don't think anyone can predict how it's going to shake out. >> reporter: jeanie's story is a reminder that despite the virus, life goes on. she's moving forward with newfound empathy. >> it was really hard to go through that, but there's so many people going through the exact same thing right now. i don't feel like i'm alone. >> reporter: so a lot of people have pulled their listings and consumer confidence is down. but home prices are not. right now the industry, like so many other things, is just on pause. and the expectation it will rebound. it's just a matter of how long
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shelter in place will last. >> it's a waiting game. compared to new york or other parts of the country, california has done a better job of flattening the curve. has that had an impact on the housing market here in the state? >> reporter: it has. in new york and other places where the virus is more widespread, they've seen a much more dramatic impact to home sales. they've also seen softening of rents. that's not something we've seen here. but the message is they think every market will be able to rebound. it's just that if this carries on longer, then the impact will be greater. >> all right, thank you. keep sending your stories and ideas for project home to the e-mail on your screen, and see all the reporting on our website. a coronavirus outbreak at a meat packing plant in the midwest is causing concerns here in the bay area. hundreds of workers tested positive for the virus, and the plant had to close its doors. many ranchers had to put down
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their animals, and shops, restaurants, and even food banks across the country are scrambling to find other suppliers. many are having to turn to high end butchers which is hard in this economy. >> i think there's going to be a swing. at first people will need the cheap stuff because they'll be out of money. >> we're having problems getting them to food banks because there's no refrigeration there. so what's happening is, the products get destroyed. and it's a terrible thing. >> to help, foster farms donated more than 2 million servings of chicken and turkey to food bonhewest ast, including california. new at 11:00, with most courses closed in the bay area, golfers seem to be going the extra mile. courses around the sacramento area say they've seen quite the spike in visitors, particularly bay area golfers who now account for about 30% of businesses. courses in that county were recently allowed to reopen
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under new safety guidelines that ensure social distancing. paul heggen is standing by at his home, as we practice social distancing. and paul, they lucked out because the weather was perfect for golfing. >> it would have been an ideal day today. there's a course near our neighborhood, and it's basically ask become a walking path for people to get a little exercise, even if they're not chasing that white ball down the fairway. and tomorrow will warm up even more. looking good looking towards downtown right now. temperatures still mostly in the 60s. we made it up to a mix of mostly 70s and 80s, with even the upper half of the 60s in a lot of locations. even the ones that were cooler. 58 right now in san francisco. everybody else low to mid-60s. still 68 in concord. we're only going to back down into the mid to upper 50s by early tomorrow morning. that's above normal for this time of year, and it gives a higher jumping off point for some very warm temperatures
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across the board tomorrow, including in lake county for cash, thanks to cash's humans david and jenna for sharing that picture. an adorable doodle. lake county up into the mid-80s with plenty of sunshine. a little bit of fog and cloud cover along the coast and near the bay. that's going to be the only issue that we'll be watching tomorrow morning. once that dissipates, temperatures will be off to the races. about 5 to 10 degrees above average around the bay and near the coast. 10 to 15 degrees above average farther inland. so we'll go area by area, with temperatures reaches into the low to mid-80s for most of the south bay, and even the act lo coast we're talking about temperatures reaching the mid-60s. that's above normal. temperatures for the east bay in the middle portion of the 80s. the temperatures will be warmer
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around the bay itself. we're talking low to mid-70s, right at 70 for a high temperature in the city. that's going to be early afternoon. that onshore breeze will still be with us, and as it kicks in, the temperatures start backing off a bit. farther north, temperatures reaching the mid to upper 80s for north sonoma and napa counties with our neighbors to the north in mendecino and lake counties reaching the mid-80s. here's the little bit of fog trying to sneak onto the coast, but it won't be widespread tomorrow morning. it will be more widespread wednesday morning. that's going to be our transition day as our temperatures gradually drop toward the weekend. back to normal temperatures for the first weekend in may. mary will be rk d with arting a 4:30. > thank orders werenorthern california woman from having a very happy 90th birthday. we'll show you the big
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the pandemic could not keep a sacramento grandmother from celebrating her 90th birthday. love this. cars drove by and honked their horns to wish virginia a happy birthday. neighbors also sang to her while social distancing, of course. her daughter says because of the stay at home order, they had to come up with a special way to celebrate this huge milestone. >> this is like a dream come true! my mother is just amazing. >> happy 90th! >> i'm just so blessed to have a wonderful family. >> she also got another surprise, a singing quartet came out singing and holding a sign wishing her happy birthday. that's a great story. happy 90th birthday!
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i'm dennis o'donnell. the nba is taking a step towards getting back on
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we've always believed in the power of working together. that's why, when every connection counts... you can count on us. well, we still can't give you a start date to the nba season resuming, but they are planning to take steps to bring basketball back finally. teams can reopen practice facilities as early as may 8th in states where governments are not lifting restrictions, or are lifting restrictions. this obviously would not apply to the warriors and other teams in california. workouts will officially be limited to four players at a time, and no scrimmages. and nascar's denny hamlin
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is ready to get back on the track. he was knocked out of the race yesterday when his daughter walked in the room and accidentally turned off his monitor. >> hey my screen just went black! >> uh oh. >> i'm mad. i'm off. but they're just kids. >> no checkered flag for that man. i hold in my hand the top 5 on this date in sports. number 5, 1983. the ryan express moves past walter johnson for the most strike outs in major league history. number 4, 2007, monte ellis named the nba's most improved player, and the warriors beat dallas for their first home playoff win in 15 years. and hello friends, jim nance in 1985 doing a story for a
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salt lake city tv station, you can't do that! number 2, 2016, former rockets guard jason terry calling his shot. >> i guarantee victory. >> not quite. the warriors beat the rockets by 33 points to win the series. and at number 1, today is the 66th birthday of arizona state football coach and former cal bare herm edwards.
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