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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 6, 2020 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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ri dusing burigh nesshos.ur > >> 1now at.m1:00 p. rncalifoinia busawesses aiting 2 phase ofstthe ate's g in opreg.enin >> we are easo rdyo tget back . to sissne ghtonit, why itap s pearthe y ba areallwie taka remo cautusiopp ah roacanth the rest heof t st ate. >> gavin newsomidconsern atioa alpropos to giimve munity to chealthare pridovers. wh ldy manyisay th is not hoeming thun accofotable r thr onactis. on>> e bay area uncoty is rkin ng opacar rade parts,ie buthiee chf of po licesay t no >> now at:0110 p.m. ca are s houraway freaom hring liiaforn'sde guilifones r buphas2 of enreoping.
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sumeso bay eaar lrseade are ggngesti eyth w on'tbe rdyea tofollhaow tt sclehedu. i oodeneving. a. n kst baid >>i eambelizath okco. kpix5's joe vaz zqueis san cifransctho wi . more owne rehe in n safransccio s buy th eye arxianous to enreop t thyoe mar gnsialed that co uld enhapp more slheowly re th than e stre of the state. >>erreport: she inis fngishi up retinovas onon ala sml orste noin rtbeh ach. a she isoping to enreop in . ysda toe are so adrey to getback besusins. >>porertcaer: liiaforn awaits ate ws of phase 2 elguidines th vego rnorvigaomn news will phy outo. morrow ase one sewas esntial bu . siness rease 2 te expecd to p open u ta sil tores,flowhoer sps and otsmher all busiesness thwi
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cadifiti ons. th>> e ernumbs e arilstl ingog up. r>>teeporr: san cifransco sts own rules that may be remo ri bctseecau weare not seei engh nougdo wn. turn >>the nu mberof atdehsre a wel going up d anwe havenot loe red the.curv >> iyou lot ok aorgeanun coty wedata, ere isa ipbl inca ses. fo from70 a day to 140 a day tha upcole ysda. ese gsthin ha veconsueeqnces. >> iwie ll bhard bjustecause weer we u indert befobore anydy butoo t atth is n safrscancio. ere usis jt remo lepeop here and we o have tbe fucarel. >> rtrepoerey: th have enbe a go fund me is israing nemoy . r festafrs thplisan to enreop mo nday but e sh ist no surehewhetr herh op next door will be ald lowe
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toatopere under e thphase 2 >>elid. ines pe eoplare atfrustred upbecausit isrdha inbeg lo cked , fotwo ntmo hst buyou know ifhe safearguds weren't e,ther tcohis uld bea lot worse.>> 5.rreportjo: e z vazqueixkp ve u can watch the gontrnme'snn aenouncemt kpwww.omix.c or do wnloadthe .ap le aders saying we are not re rady toyeeopen ofcis altopoint a need for ntrestted ing anndexpaed coacact tr ing. asto sist in that, the countyop enedup two w netesting tesis toda rsthe fie t on isayon d adro ini lroy. e thother on rtnoe h whitroad costea n sajose. rovinarus teg stinis now avlable toal l uladts li ving orwog rkinin pana uncoty. onneu ed to kema an appotminent th thcoun'sty website and en t gedes tailon erwhe to
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. wi is for neanyo 18 or r olde th orwioutht sympmsto > >>focalirn iaa hit hi ghfor conew rorunavis secas but exs pertsay th atulcod stju be tethe su ltof increased st ing. e thl totahit a corerd on thda 2y of50d 0 an46. e e statsuserpasd ,06000 s. rnfcamed se onlybe memrs wholost loved esin a innursg meho ngduri the paicndem are aiawtineng ws frome thste atcal.pita th rne goves or iexctpeed to de cideetwhher toan grt innursg faticiliesun immit y. quix 5's eaandr nanako twithhe ess tionabout what thatulcod e for ovghersit. th rteeporr: there is a law hees giv protonectis to alth care ovprs iderdu ringan geemernct y buth atlyon ysphnsicia. tspd als an th would ndexpa to nursg in
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mehos and siasst ledg ivin >>ents. iist li kea tmnighar e. other s irter: dms gran watethe nth victim frome th mpb hacenter to die of colicaontis e duto the isen'cat beevlie e thgoveorrn csionngderi giving lalitiesul fl muimni tyomfr wstsui andcralimin >>rioecutn. d'tonst ju list ento the lobby, listen tothe lifamies . people atth suffeder ep>> rorr:te he ulco dn'tagree mo. >>grtianng muimni ityyis sang toe thescifaesliti hego aad, yt anhi ngyou want. arye s atleast 50% of nursing w hos in licafo rniaveha had feinn ctiocorontl d an s. venonef dieicienc shfalicithties e lifaciti es rewe i llarpreped onto ctr ol
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19vid-. >>e don't require e th ngstaffi they ne. ed padon't e quirthnee moy gets id to e thafstf. ownod t toin p theoctskee of th nef rs othcie fali.ties d coulha vedevainstatg s effect . the nglom -ter careinduryst >> we have reca gi verswho are indoeig thr best every y da aiagnsimt lepossib dsod and to alw e th secondgungessi of thosreca rsgive would be >> rr:orte 15 sthaates ve sorey passedlaws feofring meeg lteal pro ction.go ciernornegavin wsom's ek. dron cld mecos thiwe > anea nakkpo, ix 5. >>a lioove lk atn sa r mayoisun lachg ina plan to nfcoro tntmehe holess crisis. toy dasecrui respdeond painngti
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reet. e boxe ona cl osedpart of thslsafe eepingville agllwi onenxtne to lphe pe eopl sohe etstres acprtice erbett cidial stnganci. it isfongcusi on 13 ksbloc prri ftyroor imps.vement hest to rcsuit wad s fileekseing foe e thset ctop lean uthe . neigorodho t biarhday pndties a k graduaceon leatbrooions l ifmuch d ferent duringthe timesf covi ad-19ndom se people eacrveti rnalteative but kpix a5's tie sonieln aiexplns arose ivrue th brceleat ions saidforbdew n noincl sera ntcla coara un. ty >>ep rr:orte whae eeve sn e th videosca of r s paradeon sl ocia
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me dia. gns. sconkg. reinam a y wato ceatlebre thwi velod di du ringa tif me osoalci stcianng. >> ulcoded unrsndtawh y mesowoone uld wao nt thave falymi l andov edanones d see em inrspeon. ep>> rorr:tet buleads ersay t th hougneno o is g gettin ou tof heircars, it is still a olioat n ofe thshteel-r-in ple deor r. noint our fohianytng that is op t aniaessentl ncfuonti. fi rertpo: erlipo cecars d an reghfi otersffer take part in s. adera une coty says those agcienes e arntesseiaanl d it isup to epch darentm t todecide hewhetr theypaicrte ipatin the y partdepara. but threey a ngaski erevneyo seelfi to thnd owaer ys to en>wahat s venealr rely vionsiased mesog thinth at d woulbeac . loud
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>>ep rteor r:a santa claruncoty is onthe ly onase kingoppele sop. sto meinthatg th isindrawg d mixe ings. >>yoif u noare t harmg in oplewhy not do ? it t is justadonditial reriioct >>f we can stayns iide for oue amnt of tithme ey wa ntus r. rtsit will be ovneer soo pa of meld is ho out. st atay home while you can. ofeeway to lireeve the stress annsd teion of b leingocked up th, sideevlien tt tles hinglike isld wou lphe ep>> ror ter:itis upto each cepoli dtmeparent to decide if paey e g gointo foenrce the ra dey part ban. thn e sajose lipoce iechf s wa qued assa yingthey ulwod not benfngorci . it e writtickbuets t stju give to th wagsrnin. in san jose, tikae sonieln, >>toghnit a ngcomaressn comsnfir a tlwhise-owbler trthe ummip adnitistraon 'sov
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onrespseth to e empandic cthatomntplai cents erouarnd itwhuse hoe orseni seadvir and rejad shkuner o whd leefs fort obtain pers onalotprveecti soequienant d medil casuesppli. urs ceteare llg incbs wsne jared shkuner brought in seeeluntrsro fm e thprivate li torsio assthi m thwi ttorle no peexri. ence heys sa this is a signof a ue. rgerss >>thadis miranisttihaon s had ablu ntelyo gareorrd f reagenesth at werepp suosed to std on tothis rewe r unde thd feorud b getssld.ashe ey e arlyreing on vontlu eers who were friends ofthei. rs >>the lacompint lealges the la
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f ck oexe pertisd delayethe rcpuha oseicf crital su. pplies a scene plays out on a rnrthe licaiaforn eefr way. th acpledim h selfrnundeea th e nktainer sucha mann, er likeowsn lsange h owlipoce a say thief fred hielmsf omto se newi . amo vingtaernk a major runglion a ntsaa cla uncoty us [m]usic
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esci iallyn s timeliheke tse, st rong pc ubliscshool amake br ettecarnlifoia l r alofs. u st rong pc ubliscshool amake br ettecarnlifoia ri ghw,t no you ndee esd endlrts entet.ainmen xf hainity u s yocoreved, elwith rfaiably edst spes, thmoe n-st iho mefi wi cerovage, xf hainity adand vareved, elnced rcuiserincty iluded. placus, ce assoull yr stinreamg iappsn e onplace, xf hainudinclinpeg ocack. elnced rcuiserincty iluded. noand w cayou n upget nn& ruinqug ickly xf wi thon cletactss hainueqpmuidrent opff o. elnced rcuiserincty iluded. no w atth s'se,impl ea awsy,
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xf geart sttethd wi xtyfini f orirwthtyr founi nnetyinmoe a h hainueqpmuidrent opff o. elnced rcuiserincty iluded. r fo12th mons geand t itxfiny fl pex aerlisonazered stamgin bodasharr d foal l fyourave ic clk cortoall day. . >>well, iits a newi heist rebefo. haveneveenr se pocey sath isguy inwearg his trunr rweaju mpedon a taernk
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hik cangrryi lkbu wine on . y wa99 he clbeimd deunrnthea d an enthpe held mshielf. plthcadashm devio of w hoit all ut. ed or repte r:isth sut specju st unrk ede thwildt esderi of anwiy hene ist ever. dathe shm cao videfr oma ta nker shuck hag in rbulked newi ows the suspt ecinputthig s rdhaza li ghtson diinrectg e th hik ucto e thdesi ofth e ghy.wa e therdriv llpuers ov beinlievg mayhave a problem onlyto sethe n e maget ou t,only inwearg rwundeea r. úof e thuctrk and out vof iew. tastrhe uck dreriv llpus back on to e thfry,eewa athnoer jucame ptcaur teshe sut spec mpac bk in tovianew d th enon nothba ockf e thwirune tckwi th shirt d ansh oes,he rides on the side ofthe ta. nker thdee vio shs owm hiimclbi ng
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rnundeea the thuctrk as ittshi . theeeey spds a is enwh the dr ivernocetid gae ugowshing wheas longsi fluids. dsndre of galls on ofd re . wine >> ineisted heto t rioad ouths sandof call calls,isth sn e thtetop n. or repter: head h reunscwea d lve undeearnth the truck as attht senthwie ne guinshg and >>isth diinalvidu was leab to . hiaslee e thwine and plac ed msf eldeunrnthea e thtank er sina uch mann, erbethe st way dtoibescre isth is sobomedy doing snow lsange.
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ep>> rorr:te this t heisbig and ha thwi a nifish in nds.cuff he>> t uctr kingcompany lost abt a thndousa llgaons ofd re wi. mo of it dienng up heon t wahighy. ithats en tougho fill0 5,00 bos ttleof w redine. a w tot nigh at:0110 p.m. major orvicty in eanfftoort a build nelow devepment in prthe op osalfor the d olvalco ar sllite onenvisis 0024 ap, tments0 400,00resqua feet ofre tailand 1.8 million esqua etfe of oe fficacspe. me uncommity mes mberveha deeenfitigho ng tblock the veenlopmt for years and y toda the ntsaa clara co untyjudge s thled e tyci waswi thinit ritsgi to ve the projfaect st >>k status. senew rules from ucedation cry etarbetsy vodes ulcod giorve me prodtiucon toth ose cod cuseof sl exuasaasult on lle egescampus. the ongulatih s whic fall
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rrdefel deratitle 9 laws nae ow thfide nitionof xuseal mi ctscondu on caesmpus. eyth alenso strn gthethrie ghtsf e thosaccused of rahass ment wiallongem th to esqu tion enevidce and s-crosexe amin acrscuse. we spoke to a w lapresofr sowho ee thcarell ofa dgjue. nt seenced e thdastanrd swmer r fosintx mohs in ja il teafher was convteicd tora. pe >> ty hewillma ke imvicts of sealxuau assltle sskeli ly to rert >> e thalgo is to kestri a evbalae thatis fa irto erneyo voinlved. ho the w netitle 9 retigulaon lds olschos unaccotar ble fo fail e toreonspd to alsexu miscncduct i identsand ena sures artranspent re liable presats th is irfa to all . studen e >> thlenew rus take efctfe in
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>>thwi rmwa weatr heand more it reitngtie th, trails isnaattlesaske se ngs erg sendinout psti. ner ve tykealon e. stayon the tr ailsand wah tc where you wa alk nde wheryou siand epke yourdog on a >> ash. looking atthidat veoes mak anme wt tato sy siinde for anheasr reon. st ie.nsid is e> alt's l y enjoth ineveng. suetns, thisis a piascture of ajustfter 008: p.m. ho eis. vening bey fullthutat ps you in a ttooer md. rniceight now. teeresatur moare stn ly ithe s. o wn t d59eg reesin e thtyci. heotrwloise w to miledd 60s c rossthe arbod.
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50drop to the w lo tomiddle s moto mrroworngni htsliglyve abo araveorge f sheay y mabuclt toose w here we ould befor this timeof arye withmo cstlylear s skieand e th htbrig full moon, lastsuper moovon er headas . well ing morr, a nicedog walk da thk you for insharg that pie.ctur ertempatwauresrm f uprom the in60s 009: a.m. tmohe rning ttohe hbneigor ohoodf 80degr ees. ouif y thare in tkinghasot unds to, astyon thebay, yeah, it is e abovave eragacssro the board ertempat aureslothng e t coas oaapprching 70grde ees. sond, talking peupr s.80
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uty,h ba r uppes 80and low 90 ar toundheba 0sy, 7. upper 80s in. land orth bay. thdegrees r fonapa county. e heatwave isn't ingog to st refo ver. shers on the way by monday and esday. t. e oing to amou tnto a lo ths numberheon t p mareal klquicrey he i and wi llshow you the fo7-day wrecasthich in clude ercoolra tempetures aiwith rann chces. nk>> tha you mveryuch. >> e > thsptsord worlhasn't given us tocho mu lylate but that isnot the caorse f one th d inorgegia. e d prouerfath'sce leiobratn ingawoing rle dwidatiotentn. >re a mi, nder kpix5 is . brinate g thascls of2020 she yourph wotosit h usby e- ilmain20g 20 grads .c@cbsom or she themon soci mal edia
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using the tahashg #kpix 5. inudeie thr name es the e ar real oppenole, t toc
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ntdupixeth is e t firstreneatmt iofd ts kinonthat csltinuouy eaerts mod-sate-to evere,eczema toor apidec isrmatiten, even betwe u pi duxe intbis a olicogan, d t noeaa crm soridtero. ma eony ppltae dkingupenixwt sa cl aear orcllmost inear sk, toor apidec isrmatiten, even betwe u an hd,igad snicafi ntlyssleh. itc th 'at's a dienfferce u yon ca.feel d'n'e t usifou yre' aerll gicys dtoenupixt. seouriles alrg ricioeactns occan cur, in includg apanxihylas,wh isich sereve. ll te your ctdoboor autew n orwoenrseying e obpr,lems in includg apanxihylas,wh isich sereve. su s ch aeypae rin o sivihaon cng,es or aar picasit iecnf.tion in includg apanxihylas,wh ouif y te akmaasth miced,ines su s ch aeypae rin o sivihaon cng,es n'd'cht oanger opstm the thwitaout lkg inouto yr ctdoor. so p helhe yalskour in wfromitn.hi d ano talk tczyour eema lispeciabost aut dupt.ixen n'd'cht oanger opstm the thwitaout lkg inouto yr ctdoor.
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e > u yo have beeng missin ths momentomthat c e withwa no hi le ivorspokts, lo rtfuher. . i >>th love too. fa m unifor a n ther ia georgiwas over e th moonr aftewa tchinghis so hit his rsfit overthe ncfee meho run. hi res onacti is what you would expect fromanouprfather. heel cd ebrate longeranth it hetook tur for--yeaold to round >>ba ses. i s wapphay. . i kn how much iwentnto this i know how many inswgs hehad
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ta ken. om>> bbs away. e therfath a sndon enspurt hos tirfecng s hiswing d anndha- e orconadionti. mbs away. i damens ninno'doel l,how did llwiy s may'rtbi hday th ysese dayi stang conctneed e is moranimportant th
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wso we'reorngkito 24/7 ma aintainbl reliaore netw k, to ee mt yorour gwing rninteetds nee. 'rwelpe heincug erstoms ar who rie expengenci
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to ncfinaiadil tifficules cstayonctneed. we cr're in ieasingtnterneee sp lds foromow incfae milies o inurnt i ernetse es pntials.rogram d anrideliveelng sf-stin all t kitso your dr.oo nocos memprotes mo a ntmateener cecon.tado e we'rcotemmitd to keg epinyocou tennecd. refor moor infmaontiw on hoyo u can stay connected, vi sixft y.initcoepm/prare. . dertral progulm is fly n sa rwayd anpls ayerlike ckni bo are scdiovg erinthe challeesngil whe rkwoing omfr ho. mye thway he plays thrue n. dog t mighselo it he. re k. u onld . leme get him deinsi. n>>ick bosat mewi the thmediao day fromhis meho rkckhind s otbre her ar
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wording haay to stte one sp ofahead the itcompetion. >> wweake up 6at:00 a.m. g. weine morn a.o et tthfie byeld 7: 00 m. get out be forethrke pa errangs sh up. we ab breaaskft and he adto gye m. i hold in my ndha the top five moments from this da tein ortshisty.or nuermbiv fe, , 1954the first peon unto r a mile in r unde4 mi nutes.bu t his corerd stlaed lyon 46 da. his first career home run in methe saga me whe erhe tcpihe d. nuermb3, 2014,n keviduntra thnkshis m moafr teg winnin e mvawp ard. >>u yoarthe ale re m. vp
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>>mbnuer 2, same y,da 2014. >> inthgs are gichanng inthe baeay ar. >>e thrrwaioirrs fed ma rk trs tothe aypl. offs back >> deunndrsta the coerncn. but trust us and we are vimong inthe right rediioct n. >>ernumb 1,n othayis d in 19, willy mays s wabo. rn e thkid turn ed89 to day. nd>> a i amky luc ouengh, dan rphy, cla ieose frnd of mine ofand nechanl 5sis very close wtoe illimays. m. penthe day wi thhi is is s hihdbirtay cake. ouldn 'teat anyme orand eyth . e thre st tous i n't owkn etwhher to eat it oreefrze . it is is quite a treat. do? t ould i >>i am cuouris if it isany odgout b don't t eatoo mu ch
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