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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 7, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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sticking to their striker stay- at-home order. but the day to watch now, may 18th. from governor gavin newsom and dr. mark alley, the announcement many have been waiting for, a move from a full stay-at-home order to phase two restrictions for retail and manufacturing. >> we are going to be able to add more businesses and sectors as the data allows us. as the guidance is created. and as we can assure that we are able to reduce risk. >> i think it's significant that the state of california is authorizing this legally, allowing certain jurisdictions to maintain more strict guidelines, as you know well. that means the bay area shelter in place order supersedes the state's loosening, though today, they announced they'd be loosening restrictions starting may 18th for businesses like bookstores, florists and music
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stores. >> excited. we're ready to open up. not hearing about the announcements about loosening up and opening up some businesses for curb side service, we were excited. >> why? >> because people have to get back to normalcy. >> he thinks small business owners will be excellent stewards of new regulations like curb side pick ups. >> people are lined up, they're outside. they're taken care of one by one. >> next door, this mediterranean restaurant knows he'll have to cut capacity inside once dine-in is allowed again and hopes he can hold on. >> it will be hard to sustain business with half of the amount of guests. unless if to-go business stays the same. >> small main street businesses did not receive ppp loans under federal guidelines they hope may 18th gets here quickly and they hope customers come back. which is something the governor warned caution about. saying customers may not come
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back for some time out of worry. kpix 5. don't expect to see big changes in santa clara, contra costa, or alameda counties tomorrow either. they all say current restrictions in place until further notice. when we do get to stage two, we'll first start to see more curb side retail followed by socially distanced dining. and school reopenings. stage three which the governor says is months away would allow us to go back to the movies, salons, and churches, sports could start up again without fans, stage four won't happen until the crisis is over. that's when we'll see a full reopening with no restrictions on crowds. the governor promised to lay out details on how dine-in restaurants could reopen. solano county may not wait.
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the county health officer told kpix 5 there will be a complete reopening of restaurants by next friday. with certain precautions in place, we checked with the county administrator's office and they tell us they heard the same thing but are are waiting for specifics. prayer and protests, hundreds demonstrated against pandemic protocols in the state. they showed up at the capitol demanding governor newsom reopen california immediately. crowds also gathered to celebrate a national day of prayer. governor newsom and state health experts say they're following the science and data as they open the state little by little. but protesters say it's not enough. chp spokesperson says that group requested a permit for the event but was denied. however the protest ended with evening, a spring heat wave around parts of the bay area. we found a few people taking walks and jogs at the plaza in concord. others kick back on the grass in the shade. a slightly more crowded scene
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at san francisco's delores park, dozens of people showed up at the popular gathering spot in the mission district today to sunbathe and picnic. most appeared to be social distancing, chief meteorologist paul hagan on who ask seeing the warmest temperatures, paul? >> liz, we got some temperatures in the 90s. right now. 90 degrees in on the nose in santa rosa. 91 in concord. and the hot spot farther inhand than fairfield checking in at 95 degrees. on shore breeze dropping temperatures back around the bay. 70 at sfo. 75 at the oakland airport. i'll show you doubt temperatures coming up in a few minutes. one more day for this heat wave. then over the weekend, more changes, more cloud cover, the breeze will be stronger, cooler temperatures across the board, take a look at the detail of that, and the chance of rain coming up in a few minutes. thank you, paul, on a day like today with temperatures soaring and dry conditions, fire danger kicks up as well.
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fire season is pretty much year round in the bay area. kenny choi shows us how preparing now could make a huge difference later on. kenny? >> liz, the fire danger is real on a day like today, last month fire crews extinguished several grass fires in the east bay, including one that was 130- acres, now is the time for homeowners do do their work to prep, to cut down tall and dry grass and vegetation so their homes are prepared. the heat isn't stopping charlie from revving up his tractor. killing weeds and getting fire ready. >> this is the busiest month. >> over grown grass can't be higher than three inches in the san ramon valley. he's been clearing one to three properties of over grown vegetation creating defensible space for homeowners each day. >> if you do it too early, there's still moisture in the ground, and your grass will come back and you'll have to do it twice. >> parts of the bay area are
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experiencing a moderate to severe drought. the bad news is, approaching mid may, we have a lot of vegetation that's drying and getting ready to be the fuel of wildfires that are to come. >> firefighters say defensible space made the difference in saving several homes seen in this picture to your right. while a tennis building farther away from the origin of fire didn't make it. >> when we asked property owners, homeowners to do the things they need to do now to protect their properties by abating weeds, creating defensible space around those properties to buy firefighters the time to get in there when a wildfire does emerge to protect them and their families and their neighbors. >> california has seen five of the deadliest wildfires over the last three years and seven of the most destructive wildfires in state history. even during the pandemic, cal fire crews have been working on controlled burns to lessen the chance of a larger wildfire. >> on days like today, when it's this hot, there won't be
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any prescribed burns going on. it's too dangerous. >> we need everyone to be ultra vigilant in their outdoor activities to -- for careless things that might start a wildfire. >> now, when it's hot like it is today, there are concerns about public safety power shut offs. we reached out to pg&e for a comment. a spokesperson told me there are no psps plan for coming week. kenny choi, kpix 5. we just learned two children are now dead after a three-car crash in oakland this morning. chopper 5 is over the scene right now moments ago we saw chp begin picking up cones to reopen lanes on 580 near lake shore avenue that were shut down for several hours. this was the aftermath of the accident this morning chp officers say the crash happened when a white honda accord lost control and slam into the back
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of a truck parked in the central divide being used by cal trans the honda was struck by a mini van killed two children. a third child survived with moderate injuries. a female driver in the honda suffered major injuries. the cal trans employees who were outside of the truck at the time of the crash did not get hurt. investigators don't believe alcohol or drugs were a factor in this crash. at the live news desk, maria medina. the coronavirus reportedly to cost $54 billion. that's nearly 3.5 times the size of our rainy day emergency fund. most of the losses in the general fund revenues, those pay for schools, health programs, other basic services. 54billion in losses. that's about nine times what was originally projected. >> u.s. unemployment is rising again thanks to the business shut downs caused by the pandemic. the latest data shows that nearly 3.2 million people filed for unemployment benefits last
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week. that brings the number of jobs lost over the past seven weeks to more than 33 million. that's the equivalent of one in five americans who had been employed three months ago. the federal government releases its monthly jobs report. the unemployment rate is predicted to be 16%. that's up from the 50-year low of 3.5% back in february. good news in the economy today the nasdaq erased the last of its losses for 2020 as investors bet jobless claims are peaking. the nasdaq closed up 125 points or 1.4% testimony dow gained 211 points. the s&p 500 up 32. store big story out of washington, the justice department is moving to drop criminal charges against president trump's former national security adviser, michael flynn, cbs reporter skylar henry on what led to the surprise decision and the president's reaction. >> i think he's a hero, the general. >> president trump celebrating
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the justice department's decision to drop its criminal case against his former national security adviser, michael flynn. >> he was a great warrior, and he still is a great warrior. now in my book he's an even greater warrior. >> he pled guilty to lying to the fbi about conversations he had with russia's ambassador to the u.s. as part of muller's investigation into russian intersperse in the 2016 election. in owe documents filed thursday they moved to abandon charges against flynn after considered review of all the facts and circumstances of this case, including newly discovered and disclosed information. lawyers sited newly dischosed fbi emails and notes suggesting the retired army lieutenant general was entrapped by the agents who interviewed him. earlier this year he requested to withdraw his guilty plea. president trump signaled a possible pardon. >> he was an innocent mean. he is a great gentleman.
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he was targeted by the obama administration. and he was targeted in order to try to take down a president. >> democrats are criticizing thursday's doj action. congressman jerry nadler wrote this decision is without precedent and warrants an immediate explanation. republican congressman jim jordan who called for a probe into the flynn case took to social media writing justice for the general. skylar henry, cbs news, washington. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, an al mee that county grocery store owner facing price gouging charges, allegations some items were jacked up as much as 300%. how the attorney general was tipped off. a massive explosion in the east bay sends get bree flying the blast that led to multiple arrests. plus a show of support from one group of heroes to another. pulling out all the stops to cheer on health care workers.
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an alameda county grocery store owner is in hot water. charged by the district attorneys of both the county and state with price gouging. state and local leaders say they were tipped off about the alleged price gouging in pleasanton after receiving new ronald mcdonald house complaints from customers -- numerous complaints from customers. prices were up 300% after the state of emergency was declared. in california, it's ill heel to raise the price of items more than 10% after a state of emergency declaration. we did reach out to the owner of the store for their side of the story but we haven't heard back yet. tomorrow the dmv is opening some of it field offices for in-person visits. bay area offices will reopen for urgent services in san francisco, concord, oakland, san jose, and santa rosa. customers must make an appointment and will be required to wear face masks. the offices will be open during the week from 8:00 to 5:00.
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four men under arrest after an explosion blew a hole in the roof of a san leandro warehouse. as kid doe reports, the evidence points to a marijuana operation. >> the smell of miles an hour is thick and heavy in the air, looking at the the bree out here, it's amazing these guys survived. >> it looks like the roof got blown off through a butane explosion. >> i would say they're lucky to be alive. >> it began a few hours before sunrise when al knee alameda county fire got a call. when they got here they town at least 20-pounds of marijuana burning and a huge hole in the roof of the building. san leandro police say it was a lab to make so-called bho. butane honey oil lab. >> the fire created a 3,000- foot debris field. showering the entire block in roofing material. four people were inside at the
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time. two went to the hospital. one with a broken arm, the other condition is unknown. all four are in police custody for questioning. >> we're operating under the assumption it was illegal. we have to determine if this was a legal marijuana business. we have not been able to determine that. but the processes associated with bho, or the butane and the oil lab is illegal. >> i'm glad nobody got hurt or died. >> he manages two neighboring businesses, ironically, he said the operation had a public hearing tonight about a permit to operate. >> is that fate? >> it's karma for sure. >> in san leandro, kpix 5. in san rafael, police found the person that set a number of fires this morning the first reported at 5:00 a.m. in the canal neighborhood. within 30 minutes, the police department received several more calls about more fires. in total, there were six fires in the canal area including one
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in an apartment complex, no one was hurt, but police released the photo of the suspect, 42- year-old james duffy. there's no word on a motive. . in oakland today, a much deserved salute from first responders to health care providers. east bay police officers, firefighters, and emt workers paraded around oakland and blasted sirens on their fire trucks, and patrol cars in honor of hospital work urs, today's procession was meant to professionals working on the front lines through the coronavirus pandemic. the event also coincides with national nurses week. >> our office lately has become a very busy place. it has been busy because of the generosity of people like you. of organizations like yours. we are all in this together.
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and we are all going to stay together. and we're going to battle this virus. we're going to win. >> ask we salutethese heroes year round. first responders visited summit medical center highland hospital, children's hospital in oakland. let's take a live look at ocean beach. spring heat making it a perfect beach day. you see a few people out there of course physically distancing. of course we hope chief meteorologist paul hagan joins us now. and it's going to get warmer it sounds like. >> yeah, temperatures along the coast at least as warm as they were together farther inland. a couple degrees warmer. for the home, a few high clouds streaming in. those don't do anything other than filter the sunshine. if you're in the sunlight, you'll get burned in a hurry. make sure you apply that
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sunscreen. looking good for mount hamilton. another pretty sunset in a few hours. looking over the bay bridge toward the east bay, temperature stands at or above 90 degrees in santa rosa and cob cord. close in livermore at 89. downtown, just below 70. temperature topped out in the mid 70s. one of the warmest days in the city. temperatures identical to what they were at the oakland airport. there's the warm spot at 95 degrees right now in general we're talking about temperatures being about 5 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. we're going to drop down to where we started this morning in the low to mid 50s. in most locations, dropping down in the upper 40s. a little fog possible in the city and along the coast. not going to be too widespread. most of the numbers here on future cast represent unobstructed visibility.
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if we have fog, it won't take long for it to dissipate. temperatures warm up nice hi, mid 70s. around the bay. upper 60s. to 70 near the coast, temperatures inland, low to mid 90s. some spots pushing up in the mid 90s for high temperatures. it's definitely going to be toasty out there. hour by hour, high temperatures occur by early afternoon as that on shore breeze kicks in, we slowly back down, but it's going to be pleasant, san jose, pleasant but toasty. temperatures in the low 80s by noon. topping out around 90 degrees for the south bay. east bay, low to mid 90s. concord a high of 93 degrees. mid 81s by noon. santa rosa reaching up in the upper 80s as well. close to 90 degrees for that high temperature with inland portions of the north bay. temperatures will back off as we head through the weekend. tomorrow is the peak of this heat wave. mother's day looks pretty nice. a mix of clouds and sunshine with high temperatures in the
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mid 70s inland but only mid 61s by the bay. barely above 60 along the coast. shower chances in the forecast for monday and tuesday. mainly late monday into monday night and early tuesday. we'll talk about which parts of the bay area have the best chance of rain coming up during our 5:30 half hour. and a break from warm temperatures will be nice for those of us wearing suits and doing weather casts from our garage. not that i'm one of those people. >> coming up, there's no guarantee there will be football in the fall. but the 49ers' schedule is out.
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sports may be on hold for now but minutes ago the nfl released its 2020 regular season schedule unveiling when it hopes to have teams on the field again. kpix 5 sports director denis o'donnell with more on how it might actually all play out. denis? >> allen, this is kind of crazy. the nfl has certainly mastered the off season marketing program. first you have the nfl draft, highly rated. and today's schedule was actually part of a three-hour tv show. the question is, what's that schedule going to look like a few months from now? now t 49ers run to another super bowl will begin at home this year on september 13th against the arizona cardinals.
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this is interesting because there was speculations that the league would back load the schedule with division games in the event the season had to be shortened. other key games, week seven, in new england, not against tom brady, week nine on thursday night against the packers, followed by a trip back to new orleans, week 15 on the road against dallas. and then the final game of the year, at levy against seattle. preseason dates, 19ers open against the broncos. then the battle of the bay returns to levy against the raiders followed by a road game against the bears. and at home against the chargers. we don't know which games will be on kpix or if the games will be played at all. meanwhile, the raiders are set to christen allegiant stadium in las vegas on week two against the new orleans saints. that game will be played on monday night football. now governor new some has
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remained firm that fans won't allow -- be allowed in stadiums until this is a vaccine. but what about players in empty venues ? there's more questions than answers. >> it's difficult for me to imagine what the league broadly leagues do when one or two of their key personnel or players are testing positive. do they quarantine the rest of the team? if an offensive line man is practicing with a defensive line man and they tested positive, what happens to the rest of the line? what happens for the game coming up next weekend? >> so far, allen, the league has not been impacted, necessarily, by covid-19. nfl draft went on as scheduled, i'll be it in roger goodell's basement and the nfl schedule was released no cuts yet. again, it's a fluid situation,
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we'll see what happens. >> if they play, tv ratings will be off the charts i'm sure. >> you got that right. >> thanks denis. >> coming up at 5:30, after the paycheck protection program was slammed for helping giants like shake shack and the lakers, the little guys could finally be getting some relief. plus the two bay area counties stepping up and offering free testing for all adult residents. and later, a show of support traditionally used for troops now being used b oe li
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right now on kpix 5 streaming on cbsn bay area, we are all local at 5:30, google tightening its bout


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