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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 8, 2020 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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so help heal your skin from within. and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. . breaking news at 11:00, a car crashes into a condo in san jose, the building erupts in flames, we're live with the emergency response. torres the coronavirus claims the life of roy horn. tonight, his long time partner shares his thoughts on the man he called his best friend. we must give the lake a break. >> oakland's mayor making an urgent plea ahead of mother's day weekend. tonight the big concerns about a popular outdoor spot. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. breaking news in santa clara
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county tonight. a fire erupted after a car slammed into a condominium complex in san jose. here's a live look at the scene south of downtown and just west of the expressway. you see a large police presence. the crash happened about an hour and a half ago. a witness tells us the car ran a stop sign and went straight into a condo sparking a fire that then spread to a second condo. the fire has now grown to three alarms. we're still trying to confirm whether there were injuries. we'll keep an eye on the situation and bring you any new information. also, a huge loss in the entertainment world, magician roy horn. one half of the duo sigfried and roy have died. they were an institution in vegas for four decades.
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roy nearly died when one of his tigers dragged him off stage during a 2003 performance. he was born in germany and met his partner while working on a cruise ship. >> sigfried and i came here 30 years ago the first time to america as immigrants. i had no idea this could happen. >> he are released a statement tonight saying quote the world has lost one of the greats of magic but i have lost my best friend. from the moment we met, i new roy and i together would change the world. there could be no sigfried without roy and no roy without sigfried. roy was 75 years old. concern over potential coronavirus infections among members of the trump administration and those around them. according to documents obtained by yahoo news, 11 service
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members have test positive for the virus. the report didn't specify whether the agents were recently detailed to the president or vice president. the news came hours after relearned that vice president pence's press secretary tested positive. katie miller is also the wife of steven miller. one of president trump's senior advisers. we've also learned president trump was in the same room as his personal white house valet on tuesday. the day before the valet tested positive. >> ahead of a warm mother's day weekend and a plea from oakland's mayor to avoid lake merit. kpix 5's katie neilson reports extra police officers will keep a close eye on the popular gathering spot. >> hundreds of people gathered in the grassy areas near the lake this afternoon and for the most part, everyone was able to maintain a six foot social distance. but with mother's day on sunday, the mayor is desperately asking people to find somewhere else to go.
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>> we must give the lake a break. >> oakland mayor is asking people to make other plans this weekend than a trip to lake merit. >> we have seen large gatherings. we cannot continue to allow it. >> but people at the lake say as long as they're staying six feet apart, it shouldn't be a problem. >> i don't see anybody doing anything wrong. everybody is social distancing. >> but according to the mayor's office there are potential health concerns like many not wearing masks and also the number of barbecues and picnics. according to the shelter in place order, people are only supposed to be outside to exercise and aren't supposed to be gathering. please find somewhere else to go. >> you can't go to restaurants. you know, the only thing you can do is be outside. and the lake is like our community. it's where we've been all of our lives. >> adrienne and her family came prepared with protective gear as they barbecued this afternoon. and despite the mayor's ask,
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she says she and her son will probably come back this weekend to celebrate mother's day. >> i don't think you'll be able to keep everybody in to be honest. why create problems for people? this weekend ambassadors from the parks department will be here handing out masks and reminding people to stay six feet apart. the police will also have an extra heavy presence this weekend but their focus will be on education not enforcement in oakland, katie neilson, kpix 5. after several days of unusually warm weather, it looks like we'll start to cool off a bit. let's check in with paul for that all important weekend forecast. hey paul. hey, ken, not as hot tomorrow as we were today. especially for inland locations. let's check out the high temperatures, 99 99 degrees in fairfield. even the city made it up to 76 degrees. but then that temperature dropped like a rock as that on
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shore breeze kicked in. only 64 degrees in half-moon bay. at one point we had 60s, 70s, 80s. and 90s. changes are in store as we head into the weekend. tomorrow it's still going to be warm inhand but the heat wave will be breaking down, sunday brings more clouds. still some sunshine especially farther from the coast. but cooler temperatures. mother's day looks fine. there are some actual rain chances in the forecast next week. we'll talk about that and how much we might expect coming up in a few minutes. already, thank you, paul, the latest jobs report shows the devastating impact the pandemic having on the economy. the unemployment rate hit 14.7%. that's the worst since the great depression. a staggering 20 million jobs vanished in april. which is the worst monthly loss on record. in california, governor newsom says the unemployment rate could top 20% when you factor in job losses for freelance and
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undocumented workers. phase two of the reopening process in california began today but restrictions may differ depending on where you live. solano county, that's going a step further than the governor's guidelines. andrea explains it's not so much about the type of business but whether they have the proper protocols in place. >> the main difference here in solano county is that offices are open again. according to the public health officer, he wanted to base the reopening on whether or not the low risk business was able to properly follow the social distancing guidelines. >> we're basing our decisions on basic principles. we're basing it on the science of transmission and not on our own preconceptions of how businesses operate. >> solano county is moving forward with the full reopening of all low risk businesses. they've given the county
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permission to move if they follow the requirements laid out by the state. >> don't ask don't tell. we're not doing it by business sector. our issue wasn't you're okay you're not okay. our issue was can you observe physical distancing. tonight in fairfield, signs of economic life as brightly lit open signs were back on again after a tough six weeks. >> work everyday, make money everyday, and then one day, closed. >> now for o'day, his predicament is to get back employees that he lost. >> they decide to stay home. >> solano county has had a total of seven deaths. some are worried the numbers will rise with the reopening. >> it's kind of scary. i don't think i'll be going out just yet. >> there's a little trepidation obviously. things are still up in the air with coronavirus. i think it's important to try to go back to some type of
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normalcy. >> solano county says it's worked with businesses over the last two weeks to make sure they can protect their employees and the public. if the county sees an increase in cases, dr. matia says they'll quickly reinstate restrictions again. >> if that were to happen, it would probably not be a reflection of a failure in the approach, it would be a failure in people adhering to the approach. >> businesses like restaurants and salons will open in phase three, and dr. matia says those businesses will have to follow the guidelines set forth by the state. in fairfield, andrea, kpix 5. governor newsom is threatening to withhold disaster funding from counties that aren't following statewide guidelines for reopening. yuba, sutter, and modot counties all reopened businesses including gyms and salons against the governor's orders. he says the counties are endangering public health. leaders in the areas say the low numbers of coronavirus cases made it safe to open earlier than the rest of the
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state. >> san francisco has been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a week on empty hotel rooms. kpix 5 reports the city is now taking action to fill them up, betty? >> ken, for weeks hotel rooms meant for front line workers have set empty in san francisco. the city leased them when they saw how overwhelmed new york city was when its surge hit. this move has come at the cost of $30,000 a day. at the start of the pandemic, the city leased nearly a thousand hotel rooms for front line workers. but officials now say they over estimated the need. 80% of the rooms regularly sat empty for the past several weeks. according to the san francisco chronicle. >> it's pretty shocking. particularly when we were told that one of the reasons why we couldn't get more people into rooms is because it costs too much money. >> on twitter, the mayor said we need to be flexible when circumstances change. testing results from ucsf show
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low wage workers are being disproportionately impacted. we're converting unused hotel rooms intended for first responders to serve these residents. this supervisor says many first responders told him they didn't know such rooms were available to them. >> i'm glad that now these rooms are being repurposed for population, mostly low wage workers who need them. but i wish they had done this weeks ago. and we weren't getting answered to questions i've been asked in hearings for weeks as to why there are so many empty rooms. today there were 751 unoccupied rooms. 445 of which the city pays for based on its contract. that equates to $30,000 in one day. according to numbers from the human services agency obtained by the chronicle. meanwhile, the city is looking
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at a $1.7 billion budget short fall due to the coronavirus pandemic. a plan to give santa clara county restaurants a much needed lifeline. tonight, the road map that could help them reopen. popular music club in alameda county closing its doors after nearly after a century. the announcement from the owne
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let's check back on breaking news out of san jose a large emergency response right now where a car slammed into a condo sparking a fire. this happened at 9:30. a witness tells us the car ran a stop sign and then slammed
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into one condo. she says a gas pipe exploded and caught another condo on fire. there are act eight to ten condos in that complex. >> the family of a georgia jogger is remembering him on what would have been his 26th birthday. as a father and son charged with his murder faced a judge. gregory and travis appeared in court today. a death was captured last february on cell phone video. it shows a pickup truck and two men with guns drawn. a struggle in the street and the sounds of gunshots. >> any time somebody jump in the truck with a shotgun and pistol and you have jump in the back of the truck and follow him and slogger him like that.
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that's lynching. >> the defendants told police they thought he was a burglary suspect. his family says he was out jogging in his own neighborhood. new at 11:00, some sad news for country music fans tonight. ♪ [ music ] saddle rack has been around since the 70s. the operators making the announcement today on social media saying they width stood disco, new wave, and the urban cowboy fad. but they could not survive covid-19. so they have made the difficult decision not to reopen. another victim of the pandemic that shuttered small businesses across the bay area. in san francisco's north beach.
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they've been closed since the shelter in place order took effected. the owner is resisting take out only. because they say it ran counter to their tradition of italian family style dining their's is up in june and they can't see surviving in a future of limited seating so the 30-year- old establishment will also close for good. in san jose, the mayor is rolling out a new plan to help restaurants prepare for reopening. they're going to have to cut the amount of people allowed inside. so he juans to put an emphasis on outdoor dining with expanded space. they could use the streets, sidewalks, and parking hots to help safely spread tables out. once they are given the green light, the question remains, will people actually come? >> i've heard a handful of people in their 60s, 70s, and older that said they're weary to be going into those places and restaurants but for the most part, people in my age group, everyone's fired up and
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looking to get back out. the mayor says he's waiting on the green light if the health department. we continue to celebrate, graduating class of 2020 tonight. that includes caitlin from mercy high school. her next stop, san diego state university. email your photos to 2020 grads at or use the #kpix. include their name and something about them. and no professional photos please. and you may see them on tv. we are heading in to mother's day weekend. although everyday should really be mother's day. but this sunday is a special day for many mamas out there. and it looks like it's going to be beautiful, paul? it should be very nice on sunday. i think more clouds than sunshine. et cetera personally near the bay and along the coast. the marine lay erroling back through the golden gate this evening. it made for a spectacular view
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at sunset this evening. the golden gate bridge is in here. you'll have to take my word for it. that was a nice way to get the weekend started. we're talking about temperatures dipping back down into a mix of 50s. and 60s. and 70s. 51 degrees in the city with that fog that you're seeing right now as we look out over the bay bridge toward the east bay. temperatures won't drop a whole lot more but the fog will continue to thicken. we're talking about reduced visibility on saturday. some fog pushing farther inland but it's not going to last all day. the sun will burn through. temperatures will warm up from a start in the upper 40s. to low 50s in most locations. a couple degrees cooler than we started off this morning. temperatures won't warm up as much through the day tomorrow. dog walking forward, looking pretty good. what a great way to send us into the weekend, she's got herbal and she's happy. thank you for sharing that picture with us. she's from san francisco. temperatures will only warm up to the mid 60s.
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that on shore breeze continuing. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s around the bay. warmer farther inland. temperatures still up in the low to mid 80s away from the bay. we're tracking a chance of rain early next week. mother's day looks nice. but by monday, we're watching showers making their way in. not a drought busting rain event but we'll take what we can get. another chance of showers in the forecast on tuesday. but it's also going to be very light. we take what we can get. we're not talking about a lot. less than 1/10 in all likelihood for the east bay and south bay. more likely 1/10 to 1/4-inch. with higher amounts the farther north you go. farther north, 1/4 to 1/2-inch. especially for coastal peach in sonoma county. temperatures warm back up. just enjoy a dry weekend. happy mother's day to all the
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moms out there. including liz. >> thank you, paul, an unusual scene on the streets of toronto today. how a couple of inflatable dinosaurs are helping the community tackle the coronavirus pandemic. . i'm guessing this halloween in america, the hottest costume will be sexy, responsible person who stayed indoors. like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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during business hours. a mother and daughter duo going above and beyond to protect their community in toronto. take a look at this, they passed out free homemade masks while dressed as dinosaurs. they walked around their neighborhood and nearby city center during the hour when people come out to make noise for front line workers. we may be asking what's with the dino suits ? they say it was simply to lift people's spirits. map if you're headed for the door this friday in sports, not before a stunner in local nascar. we'll also turn back the clock. and this fella from pleasanton has got skills. he's in the water buzz really
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dazzles gliding on top of it we're here for you and we're open.
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or spicy popcorn chicken combo for just $5.99. . biggest revenue weekend of the year at sonoma race way has sadly pumped the brakes to a halt. these images at this track set for next month is off. nascar canceled the june 14th event known as the toyota save more 350. one of thee races removed from the revised 2020 schedule. a casualty of the coronavirus. now i've been covering this event seemingly forever. this race will return in 2021. nascar's season suspended since march but scheduled to resume may 17th. raider fans, i know this hurts, i'm so sorry, on this day in 2014, they drafted kaleel mack with the fifth over all pick out of the university of buffalo. he won defensive player of the year in 2016. spent four years in oakland
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before he was traded to the chicago bears just before the start of the 2018 season in a contract dispute. ah the memories. >> have you had that moment where you just kind of said to yourself with nobody else around, oh expletive. has this happened to me? really? >> not yet. >> you know, when you ask a question that's longer than the answer, you're in trouble, aqua man, the sub mariner, fictional guys, top dogs in the water. what about on it? here's a kid from pleasanton who rides on the surface and does it well. >> in the time you were out there, what were you trying to accomplish when you were out there? >> i was trying to impress the camera. >> he stands tall on the open waters of the delta. that's tanner fredericks. the high school pleasanton native can go in wake boarding, boundless. >> for him. >> it's the tricks.
11:31 pm
it stumps me sometimes and i like that. so i push myself. >> you like the challenge. >> competition, tanner left in his wake. number one in the region, number three in the nation for his age group and the world wake boarding association rankings. he's closing in on his 14th birthday. wake boarding to me is a lifestyle. >> it's a lifestyle. i like that. i like that. >> lifestyle it is. almost 14. doesn't even turn pro until he's 18. he's got four sponsors. he'll just dominate in those ranks until its hi
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> so this is harrisburg, pennsylvania. the demonstrators there appearing to flaunt social distancing guidelines while demanding the economy reopen. >> they've taken something and blown it so far out of proportion that it's destroying our country. >> who has the right to tell me i can't get a haircut, i can't go here, i can't go there? >> listen up. the threat of these genetically modified sharks is way overblown. and this rule telling us to stay away from the water is impeding on my god-given right to get a haircut! let's reopen the water, absolutely, positively, we're all gonna be good! ( screaming )


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