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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 9, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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. breaking news. a small plane crashes and catches fire, moments after untych, attack. ra costa ayy f elon musk just filed a lawsuit against alameda county and now says he will move tesla headquarters out of fremont. coming up, the panic and the response. thank you for joining us. >> following to getaksts. n in ctra cocoty re aall ple byn airport. the f.a.a. telling us the single engine plane was towing a glider when it flipped over and caught fire. the pilot was the only person
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on board. no word yet if they survived or on the cause of the crash. in santa cruz county, warning signs posted after a shark attack at sand dollar beach. images just coming in show crews at the scene, the ap reporting a server was killed. the attack happened within 100 yards of the shoreline. sheriff's deputies are asking people to avoid the area and avoid the water. tesla ceo, elon musk, made a bold threat today, tweeting he will move tesla headquarters out of fremont and the state. today, tesla filed a lawsuit against alameda county for stopping the fremont plant from reopening. live in fremont with reaction. >>reporter: here is a copy of that lawsuit against alameda county from tesla. frankly the bigger concern is the tweet to move tesla headquarters out of fremont, keep in mind tesla is one of the biggest employers in this
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region employing at least 14,000 workers. there's a lot of attention on his tweet and a lot of concerns. >> i brought it to fremont i brought it to alameda county i worked with them when they were looking for a plant the last thing i would want to see in my last year of office is to see that plant closed. it would be devastating. >> alameda county supervisor scott haggerty says health officials have been working hard with tesla on a safety plan to reopen may 18. he doesn't understand why elon musk could not just wait another week. >> we have to do it methodically and we have to do it safe. >> reporter: mosque tweeted this morning, test will now move its headquarters in future programs to texas and nevada immediately. if we even retain fremont manufacturing at all it will be dependent on how tesla is treated in the future. tesla's the last carmaker left
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in california. >> if tesla did close the plant it would be devastating to the city of fremont. >> i hope this is not going to happen because silicon valley needs tesla, it's prosperity and being an innovation center in the world. we can afford losing tesla. >> tech experts say the move would be a bad financial decision for tesla. >> not cost effective to move the factory from silicon valley and fremont in particular. so much money has been invested. >>reporter: everyone in the region helping must will not follow through with his tweet but believe he did it out of frustration. >> everybody needs to stop and pause and count to 10 and take deep breaths because this is not rational discourse this is just a rash reaction in the face of mr. mosque shooting from e >>reporter: many elected officials tweeting mosque asking him to stay by the way
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fremont mayor lily may sent the statement this afternoon saying she is very concerned, pleading with alameda county to work with tesla to make sure they can reopened and again scott haggerty saying county health officials are working with tesla to develop a safety game plan so they can reopen may 18. that is still the case at this point. another warm weekend. health officials as per usual urging people to remember social distancing rules especially tomorrow on mother's day. is a gathering at lake merritt, the mayor of oakland wants residents to do this. >> the mother's day gift of 2020 is to take your mom, who is over the age of 65, to get a free covid-19 test. we want to get all of our seniors and anyone with medical conditions, people who smoke, anyone working outside of the home without symptoms, we want you to get tested.
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>> anybody who lives or works in alameda county can get tested for free at any of the oakland sites. as for the lake, the mayor says too many will gather there lately and it's time to quote give the like a brick. they will be extra patrol officers out over the weekend. three north bay counties partially reopened this weekend. napa, sonoma and solano counties the first to do this. all under phase ii of the governor's plan. allows certain businesses to reopen for curbside pickup. the santa clara county convention center underwent a deep cleaning today after serving as a site protruding less than two dozen coronavirus patients. crews in hazmat suits sprayed down and cleaned every inch of the place. the site was selected by local, state and federal officials to treat patients with mild symptoms. a total of 20 patients were treated at the facility last month. officials had prepared to take in many more.
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>> a very successful location. i think the county would agree again we only ended up with 20 patients. a lot of work went into it was certainly well worth it to be prepared. we think, again, the reason why we had as few patients as we did is because of the shelter- in-place order in the fact that people stayed there. live look at the port of oakland were three norwegian cruise line ships will idle beginning this weekend. they are not carrying passengers. two arriving today, third expected tomorrow. they can remain for 2 - 3 months. the port says it is making space for them. right now about 100 cruise line ships worldwide are looking for safe harbor during the pandemic. so far, no plans for crewmembers to get off the ship. in new york state the governor is addressing a new element in children that maybe related to the coronavirus.
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>> reporter: new york governor andrew cuomo spoke about a mysterious illness that is not taken the lives of three children in the state. >> toddler, elementary school children are presenting symptoms similar to kawasaki disease or toxic shock like syndrome. >>reporter: cuomo says the elements affects children's blood vessels and potentially the heart. it does not appear to attack the respiratory system. the state health department studying 73 cases in which children with the syndrome, have covid-19 antibodies or test positive for the coronavirus. >> this is the last thing we need at this time with all that is going on. >>reporter: new york, the nation is the hardest hit state, has not started using stay at home restrictions. the rule set to expire, friday, with plans to gradually reopened businesses in some areas. protesters rallied near the statehouse in topeka, saturday. >> every job is essential.
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governor laura kelly's phase reopening plan took effect on monday. parts of western pennsylvania, retail businesses opened their doors on friday, giving shoppers a chance to support local businesses. >> they know you by name, they know your style, it is important having that interaction. >>reporter: in tennessee, residents took advantage of this weekend is for partial reopen of the great smoky mountains national park. and in ocean city, maryland, chilly temperatures did not deter dozens from lining up for boardwalk treats at the reopened beaches. president trump blasted governor newsom's executive order allowing registered voters in california to vote by mail in the november election. the president tweeted governor gavin newsom won't let restaurants, beaches and stores open but he installs a voting booth system in a highly democrat area, supposed to be mail in ballots only, because our great candidate, mike garcia, is winning by a lot.
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rigged election. is referring to california's the 25th congressional district where a special election is set for tuesday, to fill former representative kd hill's seat. your or covers ports of los angeles and ventura counties. the president is backing former navy fighter pilot, mike garcia, who would be the first republican in 20 years to pick up a house seat in california. is locked in a tight race with the democratic assemblywoman kristi smith, whose high- powered endorsements include nancy pelosi and kamala harris. meanwhile, newsom normally endorsed joe biden for president. no surprise. the two if you're together yesterday at a virtual high dollar fundraiser for the democratic national committee. were top donors were asked to raise $100,000. right now, police in san mateo county, looking for a pair of robbery suspects. authorities say two man approached the victim in the area of crystal springs road and skyline boulevard, thursday night. the suspects brandished a firearm and threatened the victim. police say the victim fought back but was knocked
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unconscious. the suspects stole $900 in cash. the victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment. police in oakland looking for the driver in a hit-and-run that left a 55 -year-old woman in critical condition. the victim was crossing the street on martin luther king jr. way when she was hit by a white is to be. the driver stopped before fleeing the scene. so far, a detailed description of the vehicle and driver have not been released. coming up, apple and google join the fight to stop the spread of the coronavirus by using your phone. should we be concerned over privacy? ♪ . remembering a rock 'n' roll icon been we look back at the legacy little richard. some of us today, 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. hopefully, you had a chance to notice that. we keep it like this for the weekend. monday, the rain is coming. not a lot.
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bay area wide rain for the first part of next week.
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. he once said he was the architect of rock 'n' roll and it is hard to argue. richard penniman, will know him as little richard, has died of lung cancer. ♪ ♪ . >> how it all started back in 1956 with tutti-frutti. little richard cut series of unstoppable hits in the 50s and 60s. you helped shadow the color line of music charts bringing what was once called race music into the mainstream. little richard sold more than 30 million records worldwide. he influence some of the biggest names in music including elvis presley, paul mccartney and mick jagger. little richard was 87 years old. boy horn of the legendary las vegas and magical stage act
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siegfried and roy were an institution in vegas since 1967. you might remember roy nearly died when one of his of our tigers dragged him offstage during the 2003 performance. he was born in germany, and that his performing partner while working on a cruise ship. he was 75 years old. the state of california training thousands of people to perform contact tracing to contain the spread of the coronavirus. it is time-consuming and labor- intensive work. tech companies like apple and google are jumping to help. the use and potential abuses of high-tech contact tracing. >>reporter: apple and google, who quarter and a combined 95% of the u.s. cell phone market, announced a partnership to use phones to pinpoint if you have come in contact with someone who's tested positive for the virus. >> when your phone is there
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another phone or somebody else's, it's able to create a record of that connection. instead of going by where you are geographically, it is looking to see who's phones are near to the. >>reporter: the head of risk management for trusted tech a cyber security company. this is because they are recording who you've been in contact with instead of everywhere you go, it should his concerns about privacy at least a little. but safeguards built into the system have limits. >> there has to be some way to take and analyze data and link it to somebody. if you have someone that test positive you can go back and notify those people. >>reporter: company say that information would be shared with public health officials who would encourage them to get tested and if positive, self quarantined, preventing you from spreading the disease unknowingly to others. apple and google will initially roll out the program as an macapp users would have to download and agree to. and later, plan to incorporate into an operating system update
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to increase participation. >> we have tons of information about users especially row locations and things you do. really so much information about you. in some ways it may feel more powerful to users to give them more data, especially in the context of public health. did we miss here we her we thought we heard darren mention rain? >> yes, you did. coming on monday. 2nd half of the day and more noticeably, tuesday. mostly for the north bay. all the details on that in one second. first, some places are 20 degrees colder right now than yesterday. a big drop in temperatures for this weekend from where we left friday, no surprise the marine layer is back. here is what it looks like from the top of the salesforce tower looking out to the west. you can see looking off to the west. san jose sunday. if you go back to the camera and look out over the city this
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has been a good surge of marine layer to bring the numbers down. still 83 in concord. 63 some places have felt this more specifically if you are in the day or northbay you felt it if you're far east bay concord, livermore you cool down today but not quite as much. take a look at the 24 hour difference. we are about 12 degrees colder right now in concord 14 degrees cooler in livermore. 20 degrees cooler in santa rosa right now. 12-14 degrees cooler in the bay. daytime highs, everybody pretty much does a similar number tomorrow. these highs for sunday are going to be a lot like saturday. except if you are in the end the numbers will finally come down. take a look at the storm sitting off the coast way out there. we will bring them forward on futurecast. not until we get to the 2nd half of monday that first line
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of showers comes in. the monday night rainmaker. two separate waves of rain coming. the first one on monday 2nd half of the day and a second one behind that will come on tuesday mainly focused on the northbay. by wednesday things will have cleared out. here is how rainfall will add up for monday. i will let this play through until 1:00 on monday. technically us we can't rule out rain early monday, not a lot to this. once we get past 1:00 on monday better rain chance. there is monday p.m. better rainfall totals in the northbay. summer and perhaps in the south bay. tuesday totals go up noticeably. looking at a grand total close to half inch of rain for santa rosa, spread out over the day and a half. half inch rain is decent over two days. we look for the rest of the bay area, tuesday the majority of us will also notice rain.
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could get like showers on monday but likely more noticeable on tuesday. but wednesday we start to clear things out. you will start to see that the seven day forecast. can't rule out the possibility for leftover sprinkle on wednesday, the majority focused on monday night and throughout tuesday and then smooth sailing after that for the seven day forecast. temperatures typical yes a big 180. after that in many heatwave much cooler today and light rain coming our way. wait until you see the shock a local high school baseball team just got and no more backyard set up like this anymore. not for this local college tennis player wait until you see who his tennis
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. the big-league execs continued to try and figure out
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when to send teams back to the ballparks. before covid-19, suspended spring-training, he was hitting.357 and spring- training's cactus league. while he waits to resume with the giants, he jumped into a baseball zoom team meaning with london breed's old high school. >> cool on i think we got a problem here i think we have a zoom bomber. hunter pence. >> no, no this isn't real. >> what? >> awesome. how are you guys doing? >> way to go. coach tells us the galileo lions what a may 9 bay area sports history. >> braden turns and throws swung on a ground ball short. he's got it he throws.
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>>reporter: on mother's day 2010, dallas braden threw the second perfect game in oakland a history. afterward he showed an emotional moment with his grandmother who helped raise braden after his mom passed away when he was in high school. >> the mighty oakland raiders select, yeah, i know you love them. on the stay six years ago, they drafted derek carr in the second round out of fresno state . this season will be his the seventh a signal caller for the silver & black. >> when that pick came up i saw they were next, was waiting looking at my phone and it started ringing. i almost forgot how to answer and i was so excited. >> i am back. >> four years ago after missing two weeks with a knee injury, steph curry came off the bench to score 40 points, including
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17 in overtime to be the trailblazers despite starting the game 0 for 10 from 3. >> i don't know if you know he was 0 for 10 from the free point line last night he made his 11th and shimmied down the sidelines. you better believe in yourself when you shimmy one for 11. >> cooped up for weeks marinade of matthew rodriguez here, who plays tennis for santa clara. covid-19 restrictions left enough so he could trick shots with his mother, who has been his mom and coach for most of matthew's 19 years. a lovely mother's day gift. how is work at home coach mullin dynamic? >> complicated sometimes. >> i think it works out really, really well. i ines me pretty good. >> right. >> i appreciate everything you do for me.
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>> good move better bring mom and hug her. >> yes mom knows best that's right.
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. >> looking good down there time to celebrate grads.
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honoring the class of 2020 showing them off on tv. from a worldwide san francisco studio headquarters here is juliet. >> first we have rally in matthew just finishing up her sixth grade year. from tennis charter school in santa rosa so excited to be moving on to middle school. i bet you are. congratulations. also bailey is graduating from freedom high school in oak creek going to santa rosa jr. college from congratulations bailey permit email photos to 2020 grads cbs .com or use hashtag #kpix, include their name, a little something about them no professional photos plays but you may just see them on tv. i love that. that is it for us at 5:00. we will see you back here at
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6:00. in the meantime along with fern glennon darren peck and julia goodrich, that will do it for us. captioning sponsored by cbs >> knox: tonight, american's confront job losses as states relax virus restrictions. >> i think more people are going to get circ because people are going to get crazy. >> knox: the economy pain from the pandemic cuts even deeper. more stimulus help not on the way. >> we're in no rush. >> knox: also tonight, spreading concern: new infections inside the white house. where's the beef and other maets? virus-tainted plants reopen but there is worry. >> why aren't they treating their employees as human beings. >> knox: uniting for ahmaud arbery as his death puta lighn georgia. >> what is going on in my community where we're not protected. >> knox: he was the lon


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