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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 19, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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celebratory , the san jose is getting the much awaited b.a.r.t. station, but it's like getting the car of your dreams when you have nowhere to go and you need to get help with gas money. b.a.r.t. service will begin on june 13th despite the massive budget shortfalls. >> in the next fiscal year we are not anywhere close out of the water. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. has been hemorrhaging money since the start of the outbreak. the drop is left a crater in the budget , and the $250 million in federal help that they recently received will last only through the end of this fiscal year june 30th. >> the c.a.r.e.s. act was instrumental in ensuring that bus operators could stay afloat. >> reporter: despite the fanfare, transportation analyst
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say that it could be months or years before the new b.a.r.t. extension sees significant ridership. >> in 18 months we would expect ridership to be 80% of what it was before the lockdown. took the pandemic has accelerated the work from home trend that may be here to stay. >> one of the trends that we are excited about is the alternative work arrangements. and not every person needs to come into an office every day to work. truck the valley transportation authority is responsible for maintaining the station grounds and parking lot. it is hemorrhaging money , $18 million every month. in san jose devin fehely, kpix 5. wilson walker is in contra costa where retailers will have
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an uphill battle to get back on their feet. >> reporter: here we are in phase 2, any progress towards getting business of moving is good but on the other hand you have limited service and limited customers , and that might not be enough. >> we have been closed for over two months, no money coming in. i cannot pay my employees and they are starving. >> reporter: and opened her boutique, but she says that's not the top of her concerns. >> it's about how much disposable income will these people have after this. >> we love and miss our customers. >> reporter: carolyn is ready to welcome back customers at retro hill but she said it might take a while for them to show up >> were happy to have our door open today and we consider this the next step in reopening. >> reporter: despite easing
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restrictions plenty of business remain close, even some that could be open. >> we cannot afford any employees. just us. >> reporter: john hopes to get his frozen yogurt shop open, but one critical piece is missing. >> we have a zero foot traffi o it>>do reporter: is the same problem that martinez, there's not enough people to open. getting open is a nice start but a lot of business owners say it's not enough. >> i'm still a realist. maybe it will never be the same again >> i don't know how this is going to go from here on out. it's very scary. very scary. >> reporter: if you look behind me there is a couple of outdoor seating areas that are empty because of the current circumstances. if you think about how normally
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downtown would work , people would walk past a shop and see something in a window or vice versa, downtown depends on everything working together to drive traffic and bring people in and get those cash registers moving. if you take all those people away, opening the doors alone doesn't cut it. without more people and more driving economic forces this is going to be tough sledding for the people who can finally open their doors and do business. reporting live in martinez , wilson walker, kpix 5. in san francisco the mayor is promising to address childcare concerns and the possibility of summer activities later this week . city health officials will keep a close watch on the effects of the phase 2 reopening and the mayor is encouraging people to support their neighborhood businesses. city officials say that testing has come along way with expanded sites to address the
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ongoing pandemic. >> we are in the second inning of a long game, and scientists expect this long game ll wibe here is a live look at sfo, the airport has seen a dramatic drop in air travel due to the coronavirus. we are now seeing the first signs of life from the airline industry. here's more on that story from andria borba. >> reporter: not just europe is resuming flights, they're looking at flights back to asia . there are few carriers of doing it. but spokespeople say could take three years to get the airport back to pre-pandemic levels. at san francisco international airport the escalators are in the , and tarmac's art construction sites and there's only five flights on the
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departure board. >> right now passenger volumes are at 4% what we normally would see this time of year. >> reaier: rtavr el tr move back into the international realm with the bookings starting to outpace cancellations. >> for month we had no flights to europe, on june 1st we ll e, swissair launching service. >> reporter: united is about to launch service back to china. >> they will need approval from the chinese government to do that. >> reporter: we wanted to know when passengers would feel comfortable returning? >> i will feel comfortable when there is more structure in place as a society. when i see there is a vaccine
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or anyone out there that makes us feel safe. >> is a business partner is holding out for at least a year. >> my family lives in india, it's difficult to travel to india right now. if i need to i may go on a plane six months from now to visit my family. >> reporter: nicole is ready to get away right now. >> people are keeping a safe distance , and i do not see any issue with it. >> reporter: as for the question of testing the airport, some airlines have played with the idea of testing , and said they did not get the accurate results they were looking for. they're not sure if people have their temperatures taken at the airport. sfo would see a standard across the country so that you're treated the same here as you are in denver and chicago or atlanta. reporting live , andria borba,
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kpix 5. some of you wait and tonight , the idea of spending 10 hours in a mask, just know. when we can unmask we will know the world and travel is coming back. what you think, you can share your thoughts on united was sharing thousands of layoffs. they said they now have 50 flights per day. the company said that they only need 3000 of its current 25,000 flight attendants to work in june. new details in the murder of a tech co, investigator said that they made several arrests in the case. back in october the body of
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tushar atre was found in a remote area in the santa cruz mountains. he was the founder of a web marketing and design company and ran a cannabis manufacturing company. the sheriff department is expected to release more details on the arrests on thursday. still ahead on kpix 5 , a bay area city dealing with the pandemic and a growing homeless problem. how residents feel about a city sanctioned encampment? climate change experts weighing in on how much impact a few months of lower emissions will do for global warming? we have short-term warming in store for we're all doing our part by staying at home. that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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homeless people living in santa rosa may have somewhere to stay , the city opened its first ever safe site for the's more on that story from don ford.
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>> reporter: as of this afternoon 20 people have taken advantage of the new city managed homeless camp, santa rosa said that is half capacity. a first for santa rosa, manage and maintain tents for the homeless. santa rosa hopes it will promote social distancing within the homeless. >> a managed camp that provides safe distance for the cdc guidelines. providing three meals , showers, restrooms, and handwashing statements stations. >> reporter: current homeless that they're not interested. >> would you go down there ? >> i don't like controlled environments. maybe if it was a last resort and i had nowhere else to go.
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trick is going to be a tough sell , many of these people used to camp out on the trail that was dismantled by the city , and no one living under the freeway trusts the city. >> unless you're forced to go there i don't think anyone's going to will only leave our spot to go there. >> reporter: this afternoon a few more people right but they hustled into the camp avoiding the cameras. the city said that they're trying to help. but this is a destination , this is a process to encourage people to change their circumstances. breaking news tonight. we're learning that napa county has one approval to push into phase 2 of the states reopening timeline that would allow dining in restaurants. of the opening of malls , and the swap meets starting on june
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1st. the new order does not cover the counties wineries. the pandemic could have global carbon emissions cut by 7% picked the biggest drop since world war ii. according to a new study by the global carbon project that was chaired by stanford scientist. a final number will depend on how fast countries open back up. researchers hope that the drop will buy enough time to make meaningful changes in areas like transit, telecommuting, and manufacturing.. that's good news, of silver lining. >> 7% at best and 4% of things open up faster. we want to get a little farther into it and talk about how this is happening and breaking it down into six different areas. compared to one year ago,
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carbon emissions down by 60% for aviation. not as much of a drop from public buildings, any businesses that are open. this is a 20% drop, and residential emissions have gone up because everyone is staying at home and using everything at home more often. unfortunately these decreases are not sustainable. as soon as things go back to normal it's going to be like turning a faucet off for one second. and things will continue to rise until larger temperature changes happen. we will be warming up as we head through the rest of the week. right now it is a cool evening, bit on the breezy side, everyone else in the mid 60s,
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63 degrees in livermore as that breeze is pushing that cool air inlet. for the dog walking for gases comes from san francisco, say hello to jackson and his human valerie. you can tell that someone said the word wok. his ears are up. a steady drop as we head through this evening. we are not going to fall that far. we start off in the 50s and we will warm up. clouds from the golden gate southeast, temperatures close to 70 degrees in the north bay , and farther inland that's where we have a chance to climb to the mid-70s , low 70s is common inland. will be talking about mid to upper 60s along the coast. the big warmup kicks in as we head towards a holiday weekend. temperatures climb for thursday
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then into e s for high temperatures in the in. close to 90 by memorial day and even around the bay low to mid 70s by sunday through tuesday. there's going to be a lot of golfers out there on the courses this weekend. coming up at 7:00 a look at your hour by hour temperatures in detail. everybody needs to step back and chill out. why is the governor of pennsylvania upset with beth
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the bay area news group is reporting that the a's did not pay the rent on the coliseum. they said they have no ability to pay without using the facility across the bay construction workers are back on the job at oracle.
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back in march it was shut down elte thspof coronavi the giants aim to have the project completed in 2-3 weeks. when finished the bull pen will be in center field. a few facilities were open for business , a small step to the nfl starting the season on time. this was the scene in georgia were falcons president got his temperature taken before he in players and coaches still not the wed bantck we, and facilities in california remain closed. but the 49ers fullback said lot is being accomplished via zoom , and the guys are having a little bit of fun. >> people like throwing up old pictures of their background. always keeping things light and
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putting up pictures of jimmy from middle school or high school prom. whatever it is.'s but this reminded me of the old photo that i use of ken bastida, it got a big laugh you might expect. you still look a little like ben roethlisberger. he was hurt last weekend and let his beard grow out. he post a video of himself getting a trim at a barbershop even though it is not permitted under county shelter-in-place order. governor wolf was not pleased. >> if you go to a place like a barbershop and you're not protected, i do not care who you are, the chances that that virus will wreck havoc on your life increases. i don't personally think that anyone should take that chance and i will not take that chance
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myself. >> ben roethlisberger should have his wife into his hair like my wife has done mine.ken bastida i have no idea who did your hair ? elizabeth you are beautiful.
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parking lots are partially officials will coue to monitor physical distancing and they may clthem if conditions become unsafe. for a list of what is open you can head to our website
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it is time to on of the class of 2020. congratulations to preston jetson. he is graduating from elementary school in santa clara and moving on to middle school in the fall. he is an awesome big brother to his two sisters and he performs in the school orchestra. you can share your grad photos with us at
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in captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, the treasury secretary warns more job losses and lasting economic pain if lockdowns persist. while the fed chair says a full recovery won't come till the health crisis is resolved and suggests more fiscal support might be needed. the president's health update. president trump defends his use of hydroxychloroquine to prevent covid 19. >> i'll stay on it a while longer. i'm curious myself. >> calling into question the research that says the drug doesn't work. plus why speaker pelosi says she's worried about the president taken the unproven treatment. >> morbidly obese. his response to tonight. will there be summer camp? important news for the millions of kids looking forward to camp. mental health


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