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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  May 19, 2020 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at 7:00. >> it's unconscionable that you're going to let somebody out like this. >> outrage tonight and fearing for public safety. the city doing everything it can to stop an accused child molester from being released on bail. one county getting the green light from the sta to allow dine in at restaurants, but wile it even make a difference? >> so we get zero foot traffic around here, it doesn't make sense for us to open up any longer. and finally, a sign of life ir the airline fy.orusth people who miss traveling. >> people are keeping safe distance. i don't really see any issue with it. right now on the kpix 5 news at 7:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, an accused child molester could walk free in the east bay. and tonight law enforcement is
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desperate to keep him locked up. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. -- in dublin. he's been there for over a year facing life in prison on child molestation charges. kpix 5's juliette goodrich shows us officials are outraged because they say he is dangerous and could flee. >> reporter: hamze is behind bars, charged with sexually assaulting multiple victims between the ages of 6 and 12. a judge is considering reducing the bail amount. >> and we're just absolutely opposed to letting somebody like that out of jail. >> reporter: and from the mayor of dublin -- >> we don't think it's right. >> reporter: -- to the chief of police -- >> it's unconscionable that you're going to let somebody out like this who's victimized children. >> reporter: still leaders and law enforcement want to make sure hamze is kept behind bars
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because they say he poses a serious safety risk to the public. >> this happened before. the mayors of the tri-valley have written letters in opposition of theseas. we're opposed to zero bail, opposed to early release. we want to send a message. >> reporter: a message they hope superior court judge thomas reardon will hear. he's the same judge who released an accused serial rapist last month from custody who now wear as gps tracking device in livermore. but dublin's chief of police says hamze is facing life in prison, and if his bail is reduced to $1 million, he could be a flight risk and never be brought to justice. >> his family is more than well off and could post a million dollars bail. and our concern is that she from another country. when we arrested him he had two different passports. one u.s. passport and one from a foreign country. our concern is he's going to flee to that country. >> reporter: at the time of the
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arrest, hamze lived near one of the elementary schools in dublin. >> since then both his family and the victim's family have moved to another city. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office releasing a statement to kpix 5 saying, quote, we strongly object to any changes in hamze's status and believe he should be held without bail. in dublin, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. let's take a live look at sfo tonight. the airline industry has been hit hard by the pandemic but we are seeing the first signs that things may be picking up. the big question tonight -- are we actually ready to fly? kpix 5's a live at sfo for us, andria? >> reporter: well, elizabeth, for the first time since this pandemic started, bookings have outpaced cancellations for airlines. and that means things are starting to come back to life here. you don't need a statistic to know air travel is down. just look at the empty cooldown tirs and corridors, planless tarmacs and departures board with five flights at san
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francisco international. traffic is down at the international hub 96%, but showing signs of life. >> we're seeing a modest uptick in activity compared to the month of april but still very empty terminals. >> reporter: some airlines are beginning to move back into the international realm, including united eyeing a return to china. >> over a month now we've had no flights whatsoever to europe. and beginning on june 1st, we're going to resume limited service to europe. we've got service to munich and then swiss air that's going to launch service to zurich. >> reporter: but with face masks and social distancing even at dreaded security lines, the new standard are passengers ready? >> for any kind of leisure travel, mostly we're talking about should we rent an rv? is that a realistic plan or not no. way i'm getting on a plane for any kind of leisure or
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discretionary activity until i am vaccinated. >> i highly doubt it will be safe enough to fly any time this summer. i'm hopeful that it can happen, but i have no plans. i mean, i think we're, you know, at least a few months away. >> reporter: nicole is ready to get away right now. >> people are keeping a safe distance. i don't really see any issue with it. >> reporter: it's anticipated it will take between two and three years for levels to return here -- travel levels, flight levels to rian bet, kpi t 5. and break news just in from napa county. minutes ago the state gave its approval to allow people to start dining in. the county says businesses that meet the state's two criteria can now open with appropriate modifications. that includes retail stores including shopping malls and
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swap meets. dine-in restaurants was not included in the order are wineries and wine tasting rooms. those are currently listed in stage three of the re-opening timeline. contra costa county began aloug retailers to allow curbside pickup, but business owners have a long road ahead. getting the doors back open is a start, but today in pleasant hill and martinez there wasn't much foot traffic. some retailers told us it might take a while for the customers to come back. other that is could re-open say it's just not feasible right now. >> so we get zero foot traffic around here. so it doesn't make sense for us to open up any longer. >> but i'm still a realist to know that maybe it will never be the same again. >> i don't know how this is going to go through here from here on out. it's very scary. >> berkeley retailers also back in business for curbside pickup. berkeley musical instrument exchange has been open for 45e t
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g out ofusines andopes that some foot traffic will pick up steam. >> it feels like i'm waking up out of a coma. does that make sense? i mean, it feels like it's the real world again. feels like kind of a dream before and this is getting back to real life. >> pe ando squ ie markent is welcog customers back for the first time in two months. just like the rest of the bay area, it's curbside pickup only, although the market itself is still closed to the public. ten of the small businesses inside have come back. people order online and pick up in person in a carefully managed setting. >> it's nice to know that they're still open because this is one of the places i like to come for lunch. >> it's just a little different nowadays, we just got to keep positive, that's all. all right a live look at san francisco. and who doesn't want to look at that? health officials watching several key indicators tonight with the city now in phase two
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officially. watching the effects of increased movement with curbside retail, manufacturing all back in play. they'll also monitor the hospitalization rate and other factors over the next two to four weeks beforeoving into the second part of phase two. >> we are in the second inning of a long game and most scientists expect that this long game is going to be with us for 18 tos 24 curve haso been flat for many weeks now, but the city will reimplement restrictions if it cools back up. >> meanwhile, churches across the bay area are making changes to keep people safe once they are allowed to re-open. the valley church in vacaville has space for 320 worshippers. pastor jeremy white says it does feel a little strange with only about 80 chair set up to accommodate social distancing.
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they've also added distancing markers and plexiglas shields. >> i mean, it's a little different, but you know, we got to make adjustments and keep people safe. >> and in oakland's, pastor bobt happy his church is considered nonessential, but he acknowledges things will have to change for it to re-open. the church fits about 4,000 people, but pastor jackson says they can fit 900 worshippers and still keep people six feet apart. and still to come, some new details coming in tonight on the murder of that bay area ceo. the state trying to lure tesla out of california. the governor's response to the aerial request. >> i think it's in all our interests to continue to find areas of common ground. >> not every person needs to come into an office every day to work. >> so what does that really mean for b.a.r.t.'s brand new south bay extension that is finally about to open.
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and later, what caused the huge rush at a bay area krispy kreme locations. plenty of sunshine out there on this tuesday evening, but you think it's a little bit breezy, look at the camera shaking around as we look toward the golden gate. the wind is going to calm down this evening. might take longer to kick in tomorrow. what that means for our temperatures coming up. and more grads to honor tonight. this is josh he's graduating in pacifica and heading to north bay dominican university and he'll become an occupational therapist. we have nadia webster graduating from san jose state with her masters in public administration. she's also in the air force reserve. nadia, your best friend monica says congrats and we do too. good luck. share your grad photos with us. email or use the has
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investigators in santa cruz have arrested several people in connection with the murder of a tech ceo. back in october, the body of tushar was found in a remote area in the santa cruz mountains. he was the founder of a web marketing company and also ran a cannabis company. santa cruz county investigators will release more details on thursday. after two decades of planning and building, b.a.r.t. is just weeks away from rolling into mill pea disand north san jose after sermon yally signing off, b.a.r.t. and officials announced the ten-mile extension will officially open on june 13th. >> every single taxpayer in santa clara county, it's because of you that i can stand here today and say we're almost there. >> this is phase one of b.a.r.t.'s south bay trains
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through downtown san jose and right into santa clara. that happens about ten years from now. let's take a live look at downtown san jose. not much to complain about in the weather department today. look at those gorgeous blue skies. chief meteorologist paul heggen is here now. and paul, what's going on out there tonight and what's in the future? >> it's really windy. got a text from our news director saying it's super windy in the city right now. we'll be talking about that on tv. it's going to stay breezy for the next several hours then the wind will calm down after sunset and by midnight things are normal. partly cloudy skies overnight. warming trend starts to kick in tomorrow, but it's a much more noticeable warming trend by the time we hit the three-day holiday weekend. memorial day right around the corner. let's take a look west, this camera no bouncing around quite as much as our sales force camera looking toward the golden gate before the commercial. that breeze is keeping things cool in the city.
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59 drees. 60 degrees in livermore. the breeze is strong new hampshire push cool air pretty far inland. 68 in santa rosa. 63 in san jose. there are the current wind speeds. 26 miles an hour at the oakland airport. 28 miles an hour right now at sfo with a wind gust of 37 miles an hour. that's enough to move you around on the road a little bit. if you are out and about this evening, both hands on the wheel, which you really should be doing anyway. as the wind calms down, temperatures will drop off. upper 40s for the valleys of the north bay, otherwise low 50s for low temperatures early wednesday morning. and we are going to warm up to near what's normal for this time of year, couple degrees above average around the bay, a couple degrees below average farther inland, but a nice wednesday in store for us. just barely above 60 degrees along the coast. for the south bay and santa clara valley, low to mid-70s. we'll keep warming up through the rest of the workweek. low to mid-70s for the east bay, even upper 70s for far eastern contra costa county. mid to upper 60s around the bay with low 70s for most of the
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north bay. warmer as you head farther inland. the real warming trend will be noticeable once the weekend rolls around. low 80s inland on saturday. mid-80s sunday and then 90s monday and tuesday. that is above average for the last monday in may. we'll keep track of those winds as we head through the rest of this evening. i'll have another update at 11:00. >> all right, beautiful. thanks, paul. hey, you got to see this one. new pictures in from the coast guard. they saved a whale who was tangled up in a fishing net. this was spotted by a noaa team off moss landing. they called the coast guard, they got a crew out there in time, and they were able to cut the net off and the big mammal was able to swim away. awesome, liz. >> i love those good news stories. thank you, ken. here's a look at your top national headlines a live look at the white house. tonight president trump is defending his use of an antimalaria medication to prevent covid-19.
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>> i think it gives you an additional level of safety, but you can ask -- many doctors are in favor of it. and president trump is threating on the permanently freeze its funding to the world health organization. he says the agency failed to respond to the pandemic and teamed up with china while ignoring credible threats from wuhan where it started. he is giving the w.h.o. 30 days to make big changes. >> they have to be much more fair to other countries, including the united states, or we're not doing to be involved with them anymore. we'll do it a separate way. >> the w.h.o.'s director general has agreed to undertake an independent review. the atlantic falcons are one of the first football teams to re-open their training facilities, allowing a handful of employees back in today. they must have permission from local health authorities to do so. the 49ers, meanwhile, are still restricted by santa clara county, ken? >> thank you, elizabeth.
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still to come, one state is getting a little pushy when it comes to getting tesla to move out of california. who is behind this aerial invitation? it hit the skies above fremont today. plus, a new city-run homeless camp in the north bay, but will people actually use it? >> i don't think anybody would really willingly leave our spot to go there. later on, one special group of people can still
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homeless people living in santa rosa may now have somewhere else to stay. the city opened its first ever safe site for the homeless. it's located off west college avenue in west santa rosa. 68 tents have been reserved for local homeless people who once camped on the trail. the site can fit up to 140 people. some people we spoke to were a bit skeptical of moving into the new area. >> unless we were nybodyould reallywill leaveto gt folks into services and start to encourage them to change their circumstances. north carolina went to great heights today to woo tesla away from california. a small plane flew a banner over the fremont factory reading
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tesla, come to nc. we want you at gr mega site. that's in reference to the 1,800 acre site located an hour west of raleigh. it was recently passed over for a toyota/mazda plant. now it's being pitched to elon musk as a place to move. he's threatened to take tesla out of state earlier this month when alameda county blocked his plans to resume production early. today on cnbc, governor newsom was asked what california would do if tesla took off. >> i'm not worried about that. but i'm also not worried about elon leaving any time soon. i've had a lot of conversations with him. and we're committed to the success of the innovation and the low carbon, green growth economy he's been promoting for decades and the state of california is accelerating in. it's in all our interests to >> the fremont plant fullycommon reonned yesterday after the county signed off on its health and safety plan. and coming up next, krispy
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kreme says we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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love that shot. well, here are your latest headlines. an accused child molester could walk free on friday. hamze has been behind bars for a year now. his bail is set at $20 million, but a judge is considering reducing that amount. contra costa is the latest county to re-open businesses today for curbside pickup. it's a similar situation in the city of berkeley. and sfo will resume flights to europe starting next month. the airport has seen a 96%ro d . and finally tonight, krispy kreme donuts is the place to be if you are a graduating student.
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chopper 5 showing you the crowds today in union city and in concord. those locations were giving out a dozen donuts to grads who showed up in their caps and gowns. >> we're both graduating college. i go to uc berkeley. >> i go to boise state. >> we've been in line for about two hours now. >> yeah, there still may be time to get your free dozen. the concord location closes at 10:00 tonight and the union city location is open 24 hours. go get free donuts. >> yeah, that's good for students. open 24 hours. thank you for wat ing
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