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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  May 21, 2020 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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sn b areae countdow on. ave thunsure protection. the hospital is still there. it will still operate as a hospital. >> reporter: the future of the hospital in san mateo county, who could soon take over the $40 million building. >> of the estimates are the majority of death would have been prevented. >> the grim picture, the new study showing how many lives could have been spared had the u.s. acted faster. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. >> let's go to the forecast with mary lee. a warm-up is on the way. >> reporter: we are going to
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continue to watch temperatures climb through our afternoon. this is just the start because we are going to see temperatures soar by the holiday weekend into next week. here is a look at the treasure island camera on this thursday and you can see temperatures are in the 40s and 50s with mainly clear skies. through our day, daytime highs will be warmer, above average. they will be upper 60s in san francisco and 73 in oakland, 79 for concord and 2 to 5 degrees above average. i will let you know what to expect in your area through the seven day forecast coming up. at the news desk, we are following the aftermath of a cyclone that slammed into the eastern coast. thousands of people have been left homeless and it was 24 people that were reported dead. and winds are over 100 miles an hour.
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they left predominantly rural areas without power or communication. the city of kolkata was the hardest hit with a population of more than 14 million and bangladesh, at least 1 million were without electricity reported to the ministry of power and of course this entire area has been hit very hard by the coronavirus pandemic. that is going to make relief efforts very difficult. it is made the evacuations more complicated, so we will continue to follow that. santa clara county is getting ready for preparing for local businesses to reopen. let's go to kiet do . >> reporter: coming to you live from little portugal in east san jose, lots of retail shots are ready to go and there has
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been a clamoring for more and be commu. lehed ud d clear noeya huge team and they will be called the community health and business engagement team. they will have 200 members working to provide basic health information in spanish and also mandarin, and cantonese and will also offer free masks. they were the hardest hit. latino immunity took the brunt of it. they want to make sure that customers know the details of tomorrow's reopening and how and where they need to wear a mask and encourage people to get tested for free. the chief health officer said we are finally bending the curve that we have to open up in a lawful way. >> we have a population that is susceptible to covid-19 and we do not have a vaccine and that is one of the reasons why we have been proceeding very slowly. >> curbside pickup for non- essential retail begins tomorrow and we will get more
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information about the big tuna person team later on today. loo county is handling business. they lead the way for reopening. restaurant became the first in the bay area to allow died in service. >> restaurant owners were desperate. >> even in the smallest way, i was lobbying for any percentage , any opening to get us back in the groove and gets us going. >> we have been doing a lot of dying and with takeout but now it is nice that we can sit here and have a meal. >> san francisco's public schools will be back in session in mid august. the superintendent of san francisco unified set august 17
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for the day for classes to resume. they may involve a combination of distance learning and instruction. the end of an era for san francisco's oldest gay bar, "the stud". owners say it is shutting down for good with no cash coming in due to the pandemic. the restored bar has been in business for 55 years. the collective has been on the lookout for new spot for a while since the barco is rent had been going up. among the many gay bars, it is open to many and there is a chance it could find a new home and reopen its doors. meanwhile, to honor the bar, there will be a drag funeral via zoom at 2:00. the hospital was slated for
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closure earlier this year and over the objections of many. the state has been releasing beds as a potential search site for coronavirus patients. yesterday, they announced it will stop using it for the purpose by the end of next month. county supervisor david also tells us that a southern california medical group is poised to by the facility. >> the hospital is still there and still going to operate as a hospital. so to clear up any rumors, once the state leaves, the hospital will not close down. that is not happening. >> they say the hospital group will cover half of the $40 million purchase price with the rest split between the county and local nonprofit.
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the attorney general office needs to approve the sale. thousands of deaths could have been prevented at the u.s. if they had acted faster with rules according to new research out of columbia university. the study found 84% of deaths and 82% of cases could've been avoided if social distancing had begun two weeks earlier. the first u.s. cases were reported at the end of january but people were not urged to avoid large groups until mid- march. the lead researcher said it could've been very different if the measures had begun even just one week earlier. >> our estimates on the majority of deaths would have been prevented just over 50% of them would have been reduced. the total numbers that we see by may third, if we had acted a week earlier, they would've been reduced. >> the study underscores the importance of early intervention and local people see cases. stion, haywardceshot
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home man. it hpenestaften ar t intersectionof kelly during a traffic stop. this video shows a white sedan with his passenger side window shattered and surrounded by patrol cars. >> i heard eight rounds and then four more rounds. >> reporter: they went up simultaneously? >> there was a slight pause. >> the d's are looking into the shooting and they have yet to identify the officers who opened fire or the murder suspect. the murder happened earlier this month at a homeless tent encampment. today, we expect to learn more about this week's arrest and murder in santa cruz county. in october, the body of tas of santa cruz after he wa was the foun a
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marketing company and also ran a cannabis company. authorities arrested several suspects two days ago and later this morning, they will provide details on the investigation. california is considering a privacy bill after an la deputy was confirmed to have taken photos of kobe bryant helicopter crash and then sharing them at a bar. they were reportedly at the crash site and victims remains and had been shared by deputy trainees trying to impress a woman at a bar. the senate bill would make it a misdemeanor for first responders to share accident and crime photos and punishment would be one year in jail and a $5000 fine. >> it is peace of mind for the families, the next of kin of those that have perished in an accident. we can ensure that the first responders are going to behave responsibly and will honor their privacy and protect it. >> they say the time of the accident, they had a policy against taking and showing photos of crime scenes but the
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policy did not apply to accident scenes. >> our employees are wearing gloves and have masks and we are doing temperature checks. >> a california casino cautiously reopening. what people need to do before they go to the slots. happy thursday, it is 5:10 am. here is a live look of the hamilton camera where there are some clouds. we will see the temperatures rise and we have the details coming up. we have brake lights along 880. we have the details coming right up. remember, we want to bring you the good news in the bay area. go to and you will fin when visible set out to create the future of phone service... we tossed the stuff that wasn't working. stuff like foot-long bills and fees from nowhere. time-wasting stores, misleading ads, unhelpful help centers.
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a casino will reopen, the has been doing extensive cleaning making sure the building is safe before gamblers arrive. workers have been scrubbing and sanitizing ever since the order went into effect.
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they added new floor markers, six feet between slot machines and added plastic barriers@stands and the players club. >> our employees are wearing gloves and have masks and we are doing temperature checks. >> we have sanitized machines and carpeted the floors. >> they will be screened as and as they walk in sign using a thermal imaging camera and it takes her picture for security purposes. the bethay area has disposable menus that can be downloaded to your phone. an unusual side effect of the pandemic, a nationwide shortage of garlic. sales of the bulbs skyrocketed as people wanted to turn to home cooking. one garlic producer says he garlic people were buying more in the mistaken belief
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it could help against the virus. for some, gardening can be a relaxing hobby but during the pandemic, it has been away for many to destress. nearly 15 million americans are growing their own food for the first time and as the surge in demand on food banks grow, a nonprofit group is urging people to donate their surplus produce to local food banks. >> even if just 1% of home gardeners in the country donate just one grocery bag of fresh vegetables, that adds up to over 10 million pounds of fresh vegetables. >> apple harvest has been connecting home growers to food pantries for nearly a decade but now they are hoping gardeners will donate long after the outbreak is over. >> people in tulsa, oklahoma are trying to persuade tesla to return. they gathered at a college football stadium and spelled out the message for tesla. a group of tesla owners lined up to tour the city for a video and photo shoot. they said that winning the area would boost the local economy. >> this city, we are happy to
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be a part. >> they have a rich history of being the energy capital of the world and now we have this opportunity in this new era of production to really be ahead of the curve. >> according to one estimate, they would bring in extra 10,000 jobs to the region. in the bay area a creative way to encourage social distancing. circles painted on the grass. it is all to keep people six feet apart. we saw people yesterday hanging out two weeks ago. they threatened to shut down dolores park after crowds gathered and failed to maintain social distancing. the circles and space in the park will be in greater demand over the memorial day weekend. here is a check of traffic. we are seeing more cards on the 8an58the alatoona pass. around telephone 880 into
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hayward. we havoff construction . give yourself a few extra minutes if you are traveling through that portion. we have road worth on 880. you have some brake lights due to ongoing construction. give yourself a few extra minutes as you go through there. also, they will wrap up this portion over the next couple of minutes. this is a long 880 in and out of the fremont area. elsewhere, the alatoona pass ride is getting heavier. there are more cars on the road out of tracy and mount house to grants line. after that it is at the limit.
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it is 25 minutes to get from tracy over into the alatoona pass area. the bay area bridge is looking good with no delays. you are clear and smooth sailing on both sides of the san mateo bridge. same for the bay bridge. there are no troubles at the toll plaza. let's check in for some information on the sunny skies. >> it will be a beautiful day with that sunshine and temperatures are going to be climbing through our afternoon and the warming trend will continue over the next several days with a strong ridge of high pressure building in. here is the salesforce tower camera. we have the gorgeous mount diablo right here. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. 55 in concord and oakland, 50 in livermore and 53 in san francisco, 51 in san jose and 57 in santa rosa with mainly clear skies. it is miw ees above average and
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daytime highs will soar above average looking ahead to the weekend and hot temperatures for memorial day. we are talking mid-90s inland on monday for memorial day. here is the satellite and radar view. here is the ridge of high pressure building in. hour by hour, you can see that sunshine through our afternoon. tomorrow, we have plenty of sunshine on friday. let's show you the winds. we might see some breezy conditions along the coast, right around the bay through our afternoon.
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on friday, winds will kick up as well, especially along the coast and right around the bay. as we look to the weekend, we are going to be heating up saturday and especially by sunday, we are talking low 90s inland and then on monday, and memorial day, in the mid-90s. the daytime highs for today across the south bay are 77 in santa clara and san jose, 81 for morgan hill and the east bay is 79 in concord, 81 for pleasant hill and pittsburgh, 82 for airfield and topping out at 83 degrees. around the bay, upper 60s in san francisco, 72 in berkeley and daytime highs for the north they are topping out in the upper 70s to low 80s. here's the extended forecast, with what you can expect. temperatures are on the rise. on saturday and sunday, especially by monday, mid-90s inland for some of our hottest sp , and that will continue
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with those warm to hot conditions next tuesday and wednesday. back to you. here is a look from ocean beach, where first responders are set to hold a forum on beach safety. on the list, what to do if your dog gets swept out to sea and how to swim out of the rip current. the goal is to help people stay safe on the coast. it will be streamed live at 10:00 on facebook. just search this area live. >> a graduation gift decades
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z3w6nz z1s6z y3w6ny y1s6y
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a california man is reunited with his high scoring after losing it more than three decades ago. he graduated in 1989 and assumed his ring was gone forever. little did he know, a bus driver had found it in a bathroom and gave it to his wife for safekeeping. she would seek out the owner with no luck but over the weekend, while looking through old photos and memorabilia, her daughter took over the mission. >> the initials, what it looks like, i said with today's technology, we can totally find him. i think that i just got obsessed after that. >> reporter: after some digging she found a name that matched the initials on facebook and reached out via messenger.
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>> she asked me to describe it and i described it o he best of my memory and i guess it was close enough to exacta so she knew i was telling the truth. >> so cool. gary says the ring is too small so he gave it to his son, who is graduating from high school next week. >> that has a lot of stories and speaking of class rings time to shout out our very graduates. an we are already in the class of 2020 all month long but first, she is graduating fr high school in pleasantoninstat her goal is to major in ethics and want to become a surgeon. we are also honoring francis. he is graduating from san jose and he is going to mission college in the fall to become a psychologist and wants to empower other kids to follow their dreams. if you want to share your
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graduate photos, email us at or use the hashtag #kpix and we ask no professional photos, please. you may see th - why choose invisalign over other aligners?
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- only invisalign treatment uses smarttrack technology. it moves teeth more comfortably and predictably than ordinary aligners. so i can create custom treatment plans for every smile.
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live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 this morning. but protecting customers. how the bay area is making sure
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it gets it right in its final county. a new hot spot, alameda county leads the count of coronavirus cases. why health officials are not overly concerned about the numbers. another somber jobless claims report expected to drop any minute. today's numbers are expected to push totals closer to a big milestone. it is thursday, may 21st. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. we are moments away from a live special report on the numbers but first, we will get a check on the forecast with mary lee. >> good morning, happy thursday. we are looking at plenty of sunshine through the day. temperatures will be on the rise. here is the treasure island camera with mainly clear skies and temperatures in the 40s and 50s as we start off our day. this afternoon, daytime highs are warmer compared to yesterday, a few degrees above average. upper 60s in san francisco, and
5:31 am
here is a special report in progress. >> we have the numbers. this has become something of a grim thursday ritual for us and the nation. what is the new number and what does it tell us? >> an additional 2.4 million americans file for unemployment benefits and that brings us to almost 40 million, about 39 million americans also of note in this report, we see that people who are receiving their benefits already, that number is at 25 million right now and that really looks at other information from the census bureau, telling you where we saw about 47% of americans say that they have lost some household income, a startling number. another data point that came in, the office here issue projections for this year and next. what do they show? >> what we are looking at is a longer recovery and that is
5:32 am
quite clear. they say that the u.s. economy will not recover to where it was at the end of last year for another two years probably. and fats, as of the end of 2021, the u.s. economy will be 1.6% smaller compared to december 2019. they believe the unemployment rate will remain above 15% through september and it is also likely to be above 9% by the end of 2021 and that is remarkable. that is just 1% below where it was at the worst of the great recession. >> thank you very much. that puts it all in perspective. there are 2 million additional jobless claims and cumulatively, it is on the order of the entire population of california, almost 40 million. coverage will continue on our 24 streaming networks, cbsn and
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you can watch it at or on the cbs news app. we have more on the local news station and tonight on the cbs evening news with nora o'donnell. many of you will return to cbs this morning. this has been a special report. king look at glki roersity, the total now ped tha confirmed by the world health organization was reports the biggest one-day spike yet in new cases. the u.s., russia and brazil are leading the way and in the
5:34 am
meantime, kids are going back to school at the epicenter of the outbreak. wuhan, china, you can see some of the measures they are going through including dealing with social distancing and having to go through the infrared temperature measurement passage before they enter the campus. in south korea, graduating high school seniors are going back to school today after the school year had been postponed for about 80 days. they went through basically the same safety precautions we saw in wuhan. that could be a preview of what our students might be facing when they return to school. emergency services are available on campus to transfer infected patients in case any suspicious or confirmed cases show up. south korea decided to basically start this sort of process in earnest with their seniors so they can actually take their college entrance exams as soon as possible. speaking of getting things back to normal, kiet do has more from the bay area. >> reporter: we are live in the
5:35 am
heart of the alan rock district . we are looking at how santa clara county will go into the first step of phase 2 of the gradual reopening of the economy. this is the hardest hit area within the hardest hit county of the bay area and to make sure everyone is on the same page, they are pushing to form a huge team and they would be
5:36 am
called the community health and business engagement team. they will consist of up to 200 members working to provide basic health information in spanish, mandarin, cantonese and others and offer free masks to community members. they want to make make sure the businesses and employees and customers know all the details of this reopening and how and where they need to wear a mask and encourage people to get tested for free. because of the changing health orders, some have opened up in violation of the orders and have not been following the safety rules. santa clara county has been under increasing pressure from the business community to open up like all the other neighboring counties have done. >> we were having great first quarter and my business cannot survive the curbside pickup because i am not an online shop. >> curbside pickup for non- essential retail begins tomorrow and we will get more information about the baker 200 person team at a press conference later today at 11:30 am at the county building. we have a closer look at the number of covid cases and deaths broken down by race in california. it shows nearly 39% are latino with more than 30,000 cases, 36.6% are white and 15.4% are asian and 6% are african- american.
5:37 am
the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in alameda county has now surpassed those in santa clara. if you take a look at the number of cases since the start of the outbreak in january, santa clara had the earliest confirmed cases and also the largest number but then there numbers began to level off. at the same time, cases in alameda county steadily grew. department across the bay area have been keeping close tabs on the number of new cases of covid-19, especially as counties start to east shelter- in-place restrictions. >> the number of those that are new has been anywhere from 30 to 60 off and on for the last few weeks. >> health officials say that this numbers were expected as
5:38 am
more people are being tested. oakland has the majority of those cases with just under 850. the county will continue to move forward with reopening plans as long as hospitals are not being overwhelmed. a look at san francisco, where supervisors are trying to limit the spread of the coronavirus in residential hotels. the chronicle reports as of monday, there were 179 cases of covid-19 and single room occupancy hotels. that is up from eight at the beginning of april. one ordinance creates guidelines for isolating hotel residents who test positive and tracing their contacts and testing others in the building. a live look from the white house were efforts by some states to vote by mail have president donald trump speaking out this morning. >> a lot of you like now here. they send in ballots, they harvest them and they do lots of bad things. >> all eligible voters in michigan in the middle of a flood emergency will be sent an >> everyt se and he election. fied by voter signatsoas we , th psitrump is
5:39 am
hinting that he may hold up funds but states have the legal right to make electoral changes. nancy pelosi announce the start of a 45 day period in which house members can vote by proxy to limit the spread of the virus. the locked down has brought california's film and tv industry to a screeching halt. up to 60% of scripted film and tv titles are set to air later. the report from this analysis center says that up to 10% of planned dramas and comedies are being scrapped entirely. however, some help could be on the way. in a virtual roundtable, governor newsom revealed he is days away from releasing new guidelines that could allow some productions to get up and running. software and con tact racing has been there.
5:40 am
this is a joint effort by apple and google. developed for agencies to use to build their own mobile apps, the new tech uses bluetooth to alert people if they have been in contact with someone who has the virus. the user can then send notification to other android or iphone's nearby. jetblue says it will block off middle seats using passengers fears over catching the virus while flying. it will be in place until at least july six and of course after independence day families and groups traveling together will be able to use the middle seats. and asked for planes without that, they will block aisle seats instead. we have some breaking news right now in texas. and active shooter reported at the naval air station in corpus christi, texas. they just posted on their facebook page that there is an active shooter and it is in
5:41 am
lockdown status. it says the shooter is in the facility of the northgate and if you are near there, get out of the way of windows, lock yourself in a room for your own safety. a&m is sending out a similar warning, saying that they are in the blue, remain indoors and avoid windows. again, and active shooter at the naval air station in corpus christi, texas. we are going to keep you posted on that as we find out more. back to you. time is 5:41 am. stay away even for memorial day. what one summer hot spot is doing to keep visitors home. that is up next streaming on cbsn bay area. good morning, here is a look at the downtown san jose camera. we are going to warm up with plenty of sunshine and also turning breezy in spots. there are reports of a trouble spot area that is already busy. remember we want to bring
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bay area company will be sentenced for their involvement lsboro and l.
5:45 am
his wife have pleaded guilty to multiple charges including fraud and conspiracy. they admit paying six or zero thousand dollars to get their daughters into ucla. they are cooperating with the broader investigation. investigators in santa barbara county are trying to find out what caused a small plane to crash into a schoolyard. you can see it is close to a basketball court. it happened before 11 am. the neighbors caught the camera with a doorbell camera. >> i was in my house and i heard this explosion and i ran out and i saw this massive amount of smoke. >> it was very horrific. it was on fire. i thank god nobody was in the school. >> officials say the pilot died
5:46 am
at the scene and is believed to be the only person on board. authorities in southlake, tahoe are warning potential visitors to stay away or face a $1000 fine. stores and restaurants in the area have started to reopen however a travel ban is still in effect. that means only people with second homes are allowed to visit and tours could receive a citation with a hefty $1000 fine. >> we want people to enjoy their memorial day weekend at their home, where they live, with their families, not in tahoe this time, unfortunately. >> the city approved the find
5:47 am
in april in line with the travel ban and el dorado county and so far five people have received citations >>lea chon the >>d in comi u e taki we have brakinto alatoona pass right around tracy. in addition to that, we have an accident not too far from there around ferrell road. you can see some brake lights in and around that area as they clear it to the right shoulder but give yourself a few extra minutes. it is a little slow near north flynn, where the accident is near the brake check area. it is a little sluggish. we are also seeing brake lights on the lenox freeway. not as bad as the alatoona pass but it is still slow. the speed is around 36 miles an oubridge of ouarea bridges are clear with no delays. it is smooth sailing between 880 towards 101. san mateo is pretty light. north of there, there are no delays to report.
5:48 am
the toll bridge plaza looks good. we had an earlier travel spot near hercules but everything is pushed to the right shoulder. things are moving along with no delays all the way into san francisco. the heat is on. here is mary with more. >> good morning, we are
5:49 am
tracking that ridge of high pressure building in for us and with it, temperatures are warming up with plenty of sunshine. that warm-up, through today and over the next several days, here is the camera with that w,s u casee ma clear er the temperatures. they are in the 40s and 50s with mainly clear skies. it is 51 in livermore and 53 in san francisco. it is 47 for santa rosa. here is what you can expect. mild to warm daytime highs. we are above average by a few degrees today and tomorrow. we are turning breezy along the coast and the bay today and tomorrow through this afternoon and tomorrow. westerly winds are 20 to 30 miles an hour and i will show you the future cast winds coming up. above average highs are above average this weekend temperatures will be soaring and hot memorial day is coming with inland highs in the mid 90s. let's show you what you can expect through your day in san francisco. mid 60s by 1 pm in upper 60s by 3 pm and for oakland, good morning to you. we are in the upper 60s at 1 pm and low 70s at 3 pm. here is the satellite and radar. the average high pressure is building in.
5:50 am
into next week, we have more. hour by hour you can see the sunshine and that continues for friday as well. let's show you the winds and again breezy conditions so kicking up with the winds along the coast through our afternoon, that will be the case once again for tomorrow as well. let's show you our daytime highs because we are looking at those highs for the south bay looking at 77 for santa clara and 81 for morgan hill, 79 in concord and 81 in pleasant hill and upper 60s in berkeley and upper 70s to low 80s for the north bay. here's the extended forecast. you can see temperatures are on the rise. they are soaring through the weekend and especially into early next week. back to you. time to give a shout out to some of our graduates. first up, congratulations to a graduate from liberty high school in brentwood. she will go to sacramento state university in the fall. we are also giving a big shout
5:51 am
out to nicholas young, and he is grabbing from uc santa cruz with a major and environmental business economics. congratulations to both of you. if you want to share your graduate photos, email us at or use the hashtag #kpix and we ask no professional photos, please. battle rock postponed. you can get your fill. how you can enjoy the best of bottlerock from the comfort of your home all weekend long. that is next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. here is a look outside at the san rafael bridge. traffic is picking up. we will be right
5:52 am
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welcome back. we are to the south bay. it is 51 degrees with clear skies. i will let you know how warm you will get coming up. organizers of san francisco pride are taking the party online. this is the 50th anniversary of the parade. event ll begin on j 27th and include live performances and features of from elected officials and leaders and reflections of 50 years of the pride movement. one of the biggest events of the year was supposed to
5:55 am
take place in wine country with a bottlerock. it has been close phoned and they have found a way to help fans pass the time. performances will be posted on youtube live this saturday at 3:00. include shows by muse, imagine dragons, and the head of the heart. the effort is part of a series launch organizers are calling we live bottlerock. they had been postponed to october second through the fourth. >> also, there is speculation of the 2021 academy awards and if they will be postponed. for writing magazine reports that the academy is considering moving the date of the annual awards ceremony due to the coronavirus pandemic. the ospreys are currently
5:56 am
scheduled for february 28th. new york's metropolitan museum of art is making it official, the that gala is canceled. the charity event is usually held on the first monday in may. san francisco zoo schools are out with an official date for classes to resume. what parents need to go for. we have an update on the lockdown because of an active shooter at the naval air station in texas. the shooter apparently has been neutralized according to officials. the latest from the scene coming up next. we are one day away from the slow reopening of santa clara county under phase ii. we will look at the plan to make sure it
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 this morning. right now, streaming on cb continue to rise, nearing a big
6:00 am
milestone. the new numbers out in the past 30 minutes. santa clara is opening up shop in less than 24 hours. we are talking about the mounting pressure for increased protection. >> the hospital is still there and will still operate as a hospital. >> the feature of a san mateo county hospital finally decided. who could soon take over the $40 million building. may . i ammichelgriego. >> i am len kiese. >> we have an update on this active shooter situation. >> the active shooter that was reported at the naval air station in corpus christi,


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