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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  May 21, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news for you at 5:30. packed crowds at this northern california hard rock casino, it didn't take long day capacity, but our visitors gambling with their health? the dentist will see you now, he challenges facing dental offices around the bay area as they start reopening for routine procedures. this afternoon, santa clara county took a significant step in the fight against covid-19. >> health officials are asking for 1000 volunteers to help in their efforts to track down infected individuals and keep the virus at bay. as more businesses are ready to reopen, santa clara county put
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out a clarion call to any and all in the community. >> i'm here today to let folks know that we are building 1000 person workforce to conduct case investigation and contact tracing for covid infections here in the county. >> reporter: public health officials are actively seeking volunteers to bolster the county's small team of contact tracers. the job, tracking down the of anyone infected with covidts-1ac9. ucsf coepidemiologists doctor george rutherford says once children place is lifted, more infections will occur out in the community. contact tracing is an essential tool to keeping the virus at bay. >> once we have the contacts names we have to get them tested to understand if they are in fact did and that means i have to go into isolation or quarantine. >> reporter: qualifications for the voluntary job:>> if you have skills like an ability to have sensitive conversations, provide basic health information
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and good customer service, we would love to have your support especially if you have those language skills like spanish or vietnamese. >> reporter: one important note, contact tracing won't work without robust testing. >> this and testing are the critical components for moving on from shelter in place. >> anti-health officials say 30 volunteers have already signed up and they hope to begin training soon. revised guidelines in the cdc may have some breathing a small sigh of relief. the agency updated its website to say the coronavirus is not spread easily by touching contaminated surfaces or by animal to human contact. the health agency says decontaminating surfaces is still important but the virus primarily spreads from person to person. a live look at the u.s. capitol where san francisco custodian just put a face to the crisis on the front lines. marcus around there was of a
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group of essential workers who testified today on the impact of coronavirus. he says the custodian spend entire shifts cleaning high risk surfaces so they can be safe for everyone else. his only protection, latex gloves and a dust mask. it wasn't enough to shield one of his coworkers who recently got the virus. >> i stayed home for two days afterward but then i had to return to work. janitors don't have the option of working from home and many janitors don't have paid sick leave, if they stay home they don't get paid. now when i go to work on not only worried about my health but also worried about the health of my family. my wife and i live with our six kids, my mom, my sister, and her two kids.s gotten sick but they are hurting financially. he and the others who testified today are calling for more money for essential workers during the pandemic along with
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paid sick days and access to ppe. some san francisco mcdonald's workers also say their lives are being put on the line. they joined a nationwide labor suit today after claiming that a lack of safety precautions costs their coworkers to fall ill with coronavirus. workers in 20 cities staged a walkout ahead of today's mcdonald shareholder meeting with workers protesting a lack of personal protective gear, paid sick days, and hazard pay. we have reached out to mcdonald's for a response but we have not heard back. the sonoma, marin area rail transit system is branching out, the commuter service is poised to take a freight rail line, according to the marin independent journals, they approved a $4 million deal last night that would allow the agency to control freight rail service from larkspur up to the mendocino county line. the board voted 11-0 with one member abstaining. they are expected to take over freight rail by the end of the year. this comes as they are dealing with problems of their own
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especially in the wake of covid- 19. new protection on the way for vta drivers and passengers, safety shades are being installed inside hundreds of buses heard for the past few weeks, passengers have been boarding buses from the back to minimize contact with drivers, that cuts off access to credit card readers and fair boxes. as a result, the vta has lost about $3 million a month in revenue, but soon, drivers will have these new pulldown plastic areas to allow them to collect fares. >> it fe we are giving them added security.t,ea and they've had the masks available to them as well as facials available to them and this is the third level if you will that will completely block between the passengers boarding and the operator. creativediusg tive vinyl in hig old ow blinds anrecycled vinyl from a marine supply company. the hard rock casino is rocking once again and it is
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packed. there so many people lined up outside this morning the casino on the outskirts of yuma county reopened an hour early. some say they are just gambling with their health. >> reporter: before noon, the hard rock casino was at capacity and those lining up outside to get in were told to come back later. that's because the number of customers inside is now limited. with the new safety campaign, customers say most people follow the rules. >> people to get a little pushy here and there. some people don't have no manners. >> reporter: after months cooped up inside, hundreds of people have been looking forward to letting loose with their wallets, at one point, lines inside started forming, too. >> it's just been crowded >> i heard it was going to be open and i'm just excited, this covid-19 has everybody stressed
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out. >> reporter: to get in you will have to pass through a thermal temperature machine to make sure you don't have a fever, employees now wear masks and gloves at all times including car dealers. all guests are required to wear a mask to get into the building. many people tell us this is all worth it. >> we waited a long time and came home with double what we went there with. >> hard rock has trained a special group, they call it the clean team, they will be rotating throughout the building, sanitizing high touch points on an hourly basis. in s vegas, testing started tod to return to work. the las vegas convention center was turned into a testing center for those who work in the casinos, there is no official reopening date for the
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casinos there, but some are hoping to open the doors by june 1. a boost for businesses reopening in contra costa county, the street closure just approved in time for memorial day weekend. how it will give shops and their customers more breathing room. without any events, some california stadium parking lots are being put to different use during the pandemic. san francisco's oldestbar is bidding
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ty in street in the downtown area on the weekends to provide more space for outdoor dining and give shops more room to show their merchandise outside. the goal is just to get more customers out and about. >> we've been able to stay open on the takeout orders only for now but it's sustainability long-term as far as real estate. the dollars per square feet don't match up. >> the closure starts this memorial day weekend and more downtown parking spots will also be set aside for curbside pickup. the doors to about 250 victorious secret stores will stay closed for good after covid-19 closures sent sales plummeting by 37 percent. the company has just under 1100
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stores in the u.s. and canada. the ceo said today additional closings are expected to 2021. victoria's secret parent company is also closing 51 bath and body works locations. and with so few people in need of rental cars right now, they are filling up empty stadium parking lots in southern california. dodger stadium, angel stadium and santa anita park are just some of the places companies are stashing their fleets and was noted travel resurgence insight, hurt says it plans to lay off 10,000 employees in north america. still ahead, a northern california woman lost her wallet
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cal fire cruise taking to the skies today to salute first responders. air tankers and choppers soared over the state capital. hospitals in roseville and uc davis medical center, the fleet thinking first responders for putting their lives on the line. today we also spotted cal fire's new addition to its firefighting fleet, their hawk helicopter. while more people are expected to visit the coast this holiday weekend, first responders want to remind them to be responsible. a form on beach safety was held today on san francisco's ocean beach, it was organized by the national park service, coast guard, noah, san francisco police and fire and the
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national weather service. under current or access the water but they must maintain physical distancing. >> if you come to ocean beach or any outdoor facility or space and you see that it's densely populated, be the one who doesn't add to that density. >> some other topics from today's 40, how to swim out of a rip current and what to do with your dog get swept out to sea. first responders also held a mock water rescue. surfers in southern california honoring their friend who died in a shark attack in santa cruz. early this morning they gathered in orange county, paddled out near the pier and formed this heart with their boards. it was a tribute for ben kelly who was attacked at min risa state beach last weekend. the 26-year-old was a well- known surfer all across the country and owned and kelly surfboards in santa cruz. many of us have done it, we
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have misplaced our wallets but imagine losing that wallet 60 years ago and getting it back. >> that's exactly what happened when california woman. our reporter shows us how some construction crews helped find it. >> it's amazing to me. >> it's a reunion 58 years in the making. >> it's unbelievable. when you don't think of something for all those years and all of a sudden they call and say we have your wallet. >> reporter: the last time donna brown saw this red wallet filled with black-and-white photos, she was just 15 years old, a regular at the sunset theater in lodi. >> coming to the movie theater all the time because i lived so close and there was a grocery store at the corner. >> reporter: the ruby red billfold disappeared while she was in the bathroom at the theater back in 1962 washing her hands. donna suspects the only other person in there at the time stole it. >> when i found her i told her, i said i know you have my wallet because you were the only one in there and i said i want my wallet and i want my silver dollar. >> reporter: but she never found it until now.
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>> i knew i had to get back to her. >> reporter: terry clark is turning this old theater into a community and performing arts center, construction crews found the hidden treasure in the wall after they suspect someone threw it in the addict. >> that was facebook in 1960, you carried it with you. >> reporter: clark turned to social media for hope posting on facebook within hours he was connected to donna, but there was one theme still missing. >> i said there was no silver dollar in the wallet so i took it upon myself to find a silver dollar of that era and make sure it went back in the wallet. >> reporter: a memory restored much more valuable than the contents inside. >> the condition that it's in and the pictures and everything, it's really amazing, i'm glad he found it and give it to me. >> what a wonderful story. it's time to give a shout out to the class of 2020. anaya is graduating from pittsburg high school planning to study biology. willis
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graduated from saratoga high school, he played football and was in the jazz band. he plans to major in film production at arizona state. send us your photo of your graduate by emailing us at, please no professional photos . now to a story near and dear to my heart, today happens to be my mother's 99th birthday. that is dorothy may 21, e,miaeh a moreland with the la fire department giving her that light and siren salute. had a few family members and socially distance fans show up. she has 37 nieces and nephews, 32 just on her side of the
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family. that's my sister there and her family lucky enough to be there with her today. >> despite her stature, she is a strong, tough woman which she comes by naturally, native angeleno she's just worked hard all her life and she doesn't understand why all these people would want to honor her but even more reason to do so. >> some people say she actually bears a striking resemblance to queen elizabeth and come to think of it, we have never seen mom and queen elizabeth in the same place at the same time. having read the, mom. >> i love how elegant she looks on the balcony, too, just waving at everybody. >> can she do that wave? >> she's got that down. >> she is royalty. >> she's amazing, happy birthday to her, that's fantastic. >> here's hoping you can celebrate 100 and person. let's take a look at what's
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happening weatherwise, we've been in a coolish weather pattern, today temperatures were little above-average but things will change as we head into the memorial day weekend. tomorrow the winds will pick up and then a big warming trend is going to start again saturday, sunday and you will notice it by monday. nothing but clear skies overhead except right over the diablo range, a few fairweather clouds bubbling up of those did not last very long, temperatures made it up to the low 80s in a few locations, 80 exactly in santa rosa, concord made it up to 83. san francisco managed to sneak up to 67 degrees other temperature has dropped back just a little bit. 65 degrees at the airport and 65 downtown. the onshore breeze will keep things cool as we had to the rest of the evening but it's very pleasant outside.
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the wind is not as strong as it will be tomorrow. temperatures tonight dropping into the mid to upper 40s for the valleys of the north bay, otherwise body much everybody dropping down into the low 50s, this is a very normal-looking tip a map to start off on a morning and temperatures are going to warm-up as we go through the day. for the city, temperatures rising into the mid-60s, the wind is going to pick up and we are going to be talking about some 20 to 25 miles per hour sustained winds with gusts over 30 miles per hour as we go into the afternoon so that means cooler temperatures across the board pushing the cooler air further inland and we will have a little cloud cover to filter out the sunshine but inland locations reaching up into the mid-70s around san jose, concord reaching up into the upper 70s and it's going to be a similar story for santa rosa with high temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 70s. we are seeing a bit of an variation, just above 60
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degrees near the coast, mid to upper 60s to near 70 around the bay and 70s to maybe near 80 degrees as you go farther inland but around 80 will be the warm spot. in terms of the uv index, that will be affected tomorrow even with high clouds overhead, it's going to be a seven on the scale, i don't think you need to worry about finding shade but make sure you have the hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. one temperatures in store, above average temperatures from the climate prediction center latest outlook for the month of june and in fact the signal gets even stronger as we look at the three month outlook so this is all summer, june, july, and august, a significant chance of above average temperatures for the upcoming summer and were going to start getting into that pattern already as we go into memorial day weekend, mid 90s inland on monday and upper 70s by the bay and right at 70 degrees near the coast, that's above-average for memorial day. we will check out the dog working forecast at 6:00. the psychology behind the absence of the smile, how masking upper faces will socially change the way we express ourselves but amazing weather for the holiday weekend but not all bay area residents are eager to get outside. we will see why. the city of san jose has a new mandatory mask ordinance, but even before it goes into
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effect, the chief of police says his officers will not enforce it. the mixed messages coming from city hall and the police department, plus how other cities are enforcing the law. still ahead, a visit
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dental offices are starting to reopen with the big challenge of protecting staff and patients. >> soon dental offices will be open again but your visit will look very different. dental offices are already inherently clean. masks, gloves and gowns have been standard issue for years. this dentist owns unesco dental group. he employs 35 dentists and many more hygienist. he says covid-19 demands even
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higher standards of sanitation and caution for both patients and staff. >> everybody in this office is trained in blood-borne pathogens and protection control so we have a good base to build on. >> reporter: at this office the first thing different is the door is locked and you will only be allowed in after your temperature is checked. once your oxygen level is determined within oximeter, then you will proceed directly to your exam room. >> when you come in, i'm going to be, it's going to be at the beginning of the reappointment. >> reporter: today he is reviewing safety procedures, the patient is actually another 10 to standing and as a patient. >> it's still an eight hour day and instead of seeing eight patients we see six. >> reporter: the doctor says this will give more time to sanitize between patients. he's ordered an electric starter plate sprayer similar to this one to missed sanitizing spray. soon there will be an ultraviolet light to kill viruses, too, and finally, large air purifiers at every station. then there's this.
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two percent hydrogen peroxide. >> have you rinsed with peroxide for 60 seconds? so every patient rinses for 60 seconds before they come in. >> reporter: whatever happened to the old-fashioned toothbrush? that's it for the news at 5:00, the news that 6:00 begins right now. now at 6:00, san jose about the vote on tough mask requirements but there are mixed messages coming from city hall and the police chief. with crowd suspected of chasing the sunshine this weekend we take a look at what parks and plans to keep see people safe. a possible inside job, and arrest made in the kidnapping and homicide of bay area tech executive. our top story on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs in the area ,
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some mixed signals today on a tough new mask proposal for san jose. >> here's the background, in santa clara county, you must wear a mask when visiting a business and on public transit. san jose is trying to go even further than that, a city proposal would require people to cover their faces in any public place including parks. masks would have to be on when interacting with anyone outside of a person's old household. even if the city passes the ordinance, it's not clear the police chief will actually enforce this. >> reporter: that's right, the police chief has been very outspoken, eddie garcia, in calling some of these issues public health issues, not public safety issues. he's drawing that distinction and he said he doesn't want his officers writing safety infractions for only those ordinances.


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