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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 22, 2020 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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more restrictions lifted in as t welcome back dine-in customers but are the customers ready to come back? the hottest weather so far on its way to the bay area. i'll track how high temperatures will climb coming up in the forecast. bay area researchers find an alarming rise in discrimination since the start of the pandemic. tonight we'll hear from several victims. now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, counties relaxing more shelter in place restrictions heading into the holiday weekend. good evening, i'm ken bastida. and i'm his beth cook. in solano county, restaurants are allowed to resume sit down service today. but as andrea shows us, the response has been underwhelming so far.
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many restaurants in downtown fairfield are open but hardly a diner in sight. a lot of people don't know about the rules and many still prefer to get food to go. >> to me i feel it's too soon. >> jackie getting take out from one of the most popular spots in town. evelyn's big italian pizzaria. for the most part, customers are getting food to go. >> i myself will not eat in a restaurant i think for a month. >> some restaurant owners in downtown fairfield also have a the pied response to having customers dine in. tepid response to having customers dine in. >> i was depressed. >> he says it's hard for him to figure out what the state guidelines are. he says it doesn't make sense to bring staff back when he has to work at limited capacity. >> i have two extra dining room. what am i going to do? in a big dining room three
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tables and another one two tables. it's not going to work out. the health department says restaurants should follow basic social distancing guidelines. keeping tables six feet apart and having employees wear masks. >> if you want to stay open, you have to adhere to these. you don't want to be the source of disease spread. and we don't want to site you. we want you to do it correctly. >> with the memorial day holiday weekend coming up, the concern is many people will be out and about enjoy their new freedoms. but very little has changed about the shelter at home order. >> it's important to keep practicing the stay-at-home social distancing requirements to protect ourselves from this disease getting out notheronfor n countyw cluster of cases over the mother's day weekend and then the following weekend. in fairfield, andrea, kpix 5. just in time for the holiday weekend, sonoma county
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is following in the footsteps of its north bay neighbor the county has been given permission to move deeper into phase two and open up more of its economy. restaurants, breweries, and tasting rooms will offer patio service to customers, drive up religious services will also be allowed. sonoma county reported 400 cases of covid-19 and four deaths. . a lot of people are staying in town this memorial day weekend. and officials in oakland are asking everyone to keep their distance at lake merit. art ambassadors were walking around the lake starting extra patrols looking for groups that are sitting too close together. people who are not wearing masks. the city has also banned street parking and food trucks next to the lake. this holiday weekend will be a hot one, especially by the time memorial day arrives. our chief meteorologist paul hagen is tracking the weekend
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warm up. paul? it's going to be flat out hot by the time memorial day rolls around with the hottest weather on the way by tuesday and wednesday. an excessive heat watch in effect late morning on memorial day until thursday. the temperatures we'll see inland in the 90s. close to 100 degrees. this is what we see all the time in july, august, and early september. but this is happening early in the season. which is why the national weather service posted the excessive heat watch which is like hi to be upgraded to an excessive heat warning later this weekend. the only areas excepted from this, along the coast, where temperatures will still get around or above 70 degrees. memorial day itself, lots of sunshine, temperatures will reach the mid 90s inland around 80 degrees by the bay. and 70 degrees near the coast. well above average across the board. 15 to 20 degrees above average in spots. we'll take a look at the memorial day forecast hour by hour coming up in a few minutes and of course this heat won't arrive at once. it's going to build over the next couple days.
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i'll have the complete weekend forecast coming up. look forward to that. thank you, paul, a few hours ago the chp started a maximum enforcement period meaning all available officer wills be out on patrol. katie neilson on the alarming trend leading up to the holiday and how this year will look different. usually a holiday weekend means an increase in the number of cars on the road and also in the number of people drinking and driving. but with most of the bay area still under a shelter in place order, officers don't know what to expect. map everyonety freeways have turned into race ways for some drivers. >> i see people doing around 130-140. >> according to a new report released by the california highway patrol from march 19 to april 30 this year, officers wrote about 4,000 tickets to people caught speeding over 100 miles per hour statewide. that's more than double the same time period last year.
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our freeway systems are not designed for people to travel over 100 miles an hour. and vehicles are not designed for 100-mile an hour impact. >> due to the decrease in the number of cars on the road, the number of crashes is down by 75%. and the number of fatal crashes down by 88% when looking at the same time periods the question now, what will happen on the roads when a shelter in place order is combined with a holiday weekend? >> this is unprecedented times. so it's really hard to see how those statistics will look. it's anybody's guess how this will play out. >> one of the biggest concerns is the excessive speed on the roads. with the holiday weekend, you have to factor in alcohol. >> when you mix that in with people that are traveling over 100 miles an hour, obviously that is the potential for disaster. >> this afternoon, chp officers in contra costa county tweeted these pictures saying the driver was going 95 miles an
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hour on 680 and was drunk. >> there's always people drinking and driving. and now they're driving faster. i'm staying home this weekend. i'm not going any where. >> i will stay home this weekend. or at least try to stay off the freeways so i don't put myself into danger. >> the maximum enforceable period runs through monday night. chp officers will specifically be looking for people driving under the influence, speeding, and not wearing a seat belt. in san jose, katie neilson, kpix 5. new perspective on the devastating effects of the coronavirus on california's economy. new numbers in from the state show unemployment soared to 15.5% in april. 2.3million jobs were lost. that is the largest one-month job loss ever recorded in our state. as the pandemic continues, an estimated 1/4. 1/4 of california workers could be out of a job.
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california will release new guidelines for religious gatherings by monday. but that's not soon enough for president trump. who ordered governors to allow church services to resume this weekend or he'll do it for them. governor newsom saying today he wants to reopen houses of worship in a safe and responsible manner. but he'll review newly released cdc guidelines for religious institutions before making a final decision. a group of california pastors is threatening to defy the governor and hold services next weekend as part of a nationwide protest. a new study finds covid patients who use hydroxychloroquine have a significantly higher risk of death. the president has touted the drug as an effective treatment and says he's taking it himself. researchers found patients using the drug had a 4% higher death rate at a much greater chance of developing serious heart problems. . well even in the bay area, there has been an alarming rise
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in discrimination against asians since the start of the pandemic. kpix 5's betty yu talks to victims about their experiences and what they want to see happen. >> racial hostility against asian americans is happening in all forms of communities across the country. victims want to share stories to encourage others to speak up and call it out. >> i don't like this guy because he's making my coffee because he's asian. due to coronavirus. i might get coronavirus. >> just one example of what 19- year-old elizer says he over hears from customers at the mcdonald's where he works in australia. since the pandemic began, he was assaulted twice waiting for public transportation. >> out of nowhere, he started punching my face. >> he snapped this photo of the man he says attacked him on his way to work. >> it's unbelievable for me it's like mental trauma i have to go through myself.
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>> around the world, thousands of people are going through it too. some of it has gone viral on social media. others have been reported online to stop aapi hate. a center established with partners including sf state and chinese for affirmative action. its collected nearly 2,000 accounts of anti-asian discrimination and attacks on the u.s. nearly 40% come from california. >> we think that as shelter in place orders are lifted, people start going back to work, when schools resume, which is where we saw some incidents happening on schoolyards and on public transportation. increa. s is like hi to >> t e less obvious yet equally damaging examples of bigotry. krista lives with three white roin san francisco. their mean something to do with me being the only minority in the house. >> she was ostracized after she
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told them she was uncomfortable with them traveling to europe during this time since they share common areas she decided to shelter in place with her parents. >> i was in the bathroom packing a bag she walked right into the bathroom and came right up behind me really close to me. and i thought she was going to hit me. >> she encourages people who witness harassment to say something and take action. senator cam ha harris recently called on the department of justice to take concrete steps to address the rise in hate crimes against asians, liz? one of the bay area's biggest school districts has a plan to reopen. the day's announcement from administrators. some bay area summer camps have the green light to start welcoming back kids. >> we have heard there th working who need care. who really, really need care for their children. and for children who need the opportunity to be with other --
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their friends. . >> yeah, tonight, which families are getting first dibs on available spots. and how south lake tahoe is manning on keeping visitors away overe liday weeken ♪ here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given.
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all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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new at 11:00, the coronavirus claims another corporate casualty. hertz rent a car filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy tonight. global travel restrictions and the economic collapse destroyed demand for rental cars, hertz began laying off workers in march but says it has has to have a billion in cash to continue operations while it restructures its debt. hertz which owns dollar and thrifty car rentals operates
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more than 12,000 s worldwide. . a lot of people are hoping for some luck after the hock down. first casino to reopen in the los angeles area was packed today. reporter nicole comstock takes us inside. a quick temperature check at the door clears each guest to go inside. people have to wear face masks now inside morngo casino and resort in kabazan. hundreds awaited outside as the destination reopened following a nine-week long closure following the covid-19 pandemic. inside the casino, plexiglass shields separate the slot machines and surround table cr keeping the people inside at a safe social distance. the new safety protocols did make the casino experience feel different. but everyone seemed to be following that. and they felt comfortable going inside. why do you want to come out for
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the grand opening? i miss the casino. i've been home board for two months if we're safe in a grocery store with a mask, then we're safe here with a mask. we wanted a taste of normalcy again. and see what it's like to be inside a business running semi- normally. you have to wear these muzzles, excuse me, masks, and we're doing our best. >> we don't want to close again. >> some things here are still closed. casino spokesperson, simon farmer says they need more time to observe the new safety protocols before they reopen areas like the pool, the spa, the concert venue, and the steakhouse. >> we know that by working together, we can help achieve that. >> that was nicole reporting the oakland unified school district laying the ground work for bringing its 49,000 students back to school in the fall. the plan right now is to resume instruction august 10th with a blended model of both in person and distance learning.
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administrators are looking at split school sessions and classes that run on rotating days or weeks. the superintendent says the decisions will be grounded in science, safety, staff support, and student learning. the four ss. san francisco is giving the green light for summer camps and youth programs to reopen. under the new health order, child care centers will be allowed to reopen june 1st. group sizes will be limited to help with social distancing. it's the same rule for summer camp. which will be allowed to reopen on june 15th. . >> as long as there are real clear policies about sick children staying home, i think that's probably going to be, you know, all right. >> for those who are concerned about the health of our children, health guidance, kids within the same pod can play sports. they can do certain activities. priority to sign up for camp will go to parents who are
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essential workers. registration starts next tuesday. ahead of memorial day weekend, south lake tahoe is warning vacationers that a trip to their town could result in a hefty fine. some stores and restaurants in the area are are starting to reopen but local authorities are reminding visitors to stay away. essential travel in the area is still allowed and vacation homeowners are also allowed to come to town. anyone who violates the orders could face a thousand dollar fine. i know it's hard to stay away from tahoe. it's a popular place over holidays like this memorial day. but there are other places you can go and enjoy the warm weather. the flat out hot weather. the idea of escaping to the mountains is going to sound increasing attractive. warmer temperatures are on the way tomorrow, but the hot willstart pushing our way for inland locations all ready on sunday. we're going to keep heating up.
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it's a genuine heat wave for the unofficial beginning of summer. on memorial day, it will feel like actual summer. but it doesn't yet. a beautiful look at downtown. temperatures dropping in the 50s. 57 in livermore and in san francisco. san jose is down to 56. but it's still 63 degrees in concord and oakland. the east bay staying a little milder. temperatures tonight drop down to the upper 40s in valleys of the north bay, otherwise low to mid 50s. a very normal looking temperature map for tomorrow morning but tomorrow afternoon, we're going to warm up, it's going to heat up in petaluma. thank you for sharing that picture with us. temperatures will warm up to just above 80 degrees. likely around 82 in petaluma. farther north, farther inland, temperatures warm up in the mid 80s all ready. let's zoom around on the map and show you what to expect in all of the various micro climates of the bay area. for the south bay and the santa clara valley, temperatures around or above 80 degrees
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along the coast, temperatures will be in the 60s. but above 60 degrees. unlike today. for the east bay, temperatures in the low to mid 80s. the warmest spots in the delta reaching the upper 80s. low to mid 70s around the central bay. low to mid 80s farther north in sonoma county. in the mid 80s. and lake and mendocino counties reaching up as well. inhand locations in the mid 90s. and around the bay, temperatures topping out near 80 degrees. that's why we have that excessive heat warning in effect. hottest days tuesday. excessive heat watch right now. it will be upgraded to a warning over weend. we'll keep an eye on that for you. some bay area high school grads get a special surprise at their virtual commencement ceremony. tonight the graduation message from a hollywood a-lister.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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graduation ceremonies have gone virtual due to the coronavirus and that has opened the doors for schools to reel in big name guest speakers. >> that's right. in oakland today, tom hanks congratulated students at his alma mater, skyline high school. >> it's 2020. you're on your way. and you have achieved something that is not to be discounted. you made it. you did not give up, you've been the best example for the rest of us to keep going with faith and hope. >> he graduated in skyline in 1974. look at that picture.
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we all looked like that in 1974. we want to congratulate all the graduates from the class of 2020. including chris from san bruno. he's headed to cal state san marcos in the fall. way to go. we want to see your grad photoings, mail 2020 grads or use the #kpix. no professional photos. even tom hanks sent
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nhl up top, no. nhl playoffs. the league has spoken. the stanlep spoke somewhere. they approved a 24 team playoff. huge stein restarting the season suspended in march. other issues still need to be worked out between the players and the league.
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with a new post season format will expand from the traditional 16 teams. sad hi, it means the show's over. for the sharks with the lowest point total in the western conference. college football during an interview with cnn today, larry scott the pac-12 commissioner said he believes the conference teams will be able to start training camp in late july. and start the season on time in late august. scott also said whether or not fans will be allowed into games will likely differ from state to state. i don't know what's in the water in maraga but per the second time in five years st. mary's produced the best player in the game. and it just happened again in rugby. take a good look at this fella juking and bowling over players. that's peyton, san francisco big fella out of arch bishop wow just named rudy shultz award winner. that's the rugby equivalent to
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the heisman trophy. >> something to be proud of. knowing that everybody that came before you in the rugby world, they've been in that position, and you just keep on trucking. >> check this out, the senior keeps ongoing. doing drums in a maraga park because the school's rugby field is shut down. he won't stop. >> i need to work harder. because there's somebody else that's waking up at 6:00 a.m., another player just my age too, working ten times harder than me. that's what i have to keep in the back of my head. >> that's st. mary's gail's senior is coming back for another extra year of eligibility just to terrorize teams when he walks on the field. good job for him. we'll be right now, you need dependable internet
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weekend. enjoy yourself. see ya. captioning sponsored by cbs >> and the city of pamplona, spain, announced today, that because of the pandemic, it is postponing this summer's festival called "running of the bulls." >> instead, the "running of the bulls" will now be held over zoom. ♪ ♪ >> honey, i'm running from the bull. turn off the vacuum! turn off the vacuum! ( ding ) oh, great. i just got a message from the bull. i've been gored. >> announcer: it's "a late show with stephen colbert." tonight, earth dazed. plus, stephen welcomes:


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