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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 3, 2020 1:37am-2:10am PDT

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to welcome you back. %f0 now at 11:00, the message tonight: stay home for the 4th or risk an even bigger coronavirus surge. >> just because you can doesn't mean you should or that it's safe. >> santa clara county takes a major step into reopening its
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economy. how most businesses will be able to reopen. unfortunately one of our members of our leadership team tested positive. >> questions tonight about reports dozens of bay area school principals were forced into quarantine. and we're tracking that hour by hour fourth of july forecast plus the complete weekend forecast coming up. police are looking for the driver of this white van after it hit a 7-year-old and then took off. the boy was struck on vine avenue between leslie and merl streets just been 4:00 p.m. he suffered major injuries, but is expected to survive. now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the fourth of july weekend is almost here and health departments are begging you to stay home. >> i'm allen martin in for kim. it may be hard to ask with people itching to go out.
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andria is in san ra peopere ligh >> an hour ago, 4th street here in san rafael was shut down so restaurants can expand their dining on to city streets. despite coronavirus concerns, a good crowd showed up to dine al fresco. >> it was such a breath of fresh air. >> reporter: this is far from your typical dining experience. >> sitting on, like, li room ch the street, how can you beat that? >> reporter: 4th street transformed as diner his a pick of roughly 40 restaurants. >> we're trying it out. we haven't eaten out in probably three months. >> reporter: this dining under the lights events comes on the heels of bay area health officials urging residents to stay home this holiday weekend. >> just because you can doesn't mean you should or that it's safe. >> reporter: diners admit that safety tables have been socially distanced
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and most are wearing masks when not dining. >> if it were crowded, i would take the food and go, but i feel totally comfortable doing it. >> reporter: business owners say closing down the street helps him stay in business. >> i'm a fighter. so i'm going to fight until the end to survive and to make it happen. >> reporter: marin county overall is bracing for a surge of visitors over the holiday weekend as many come to enjoy the county's beaches and parks. >> consider if you were living there, what that might be in terms of that impact. we're really asking people to resist the urge to trav >>ninger the lights is a weekly event that should last throughout the summer. that is unless restrictions are tightened again. liz, back to you. >> it's so hard because we've been talking about this the past -- really today and yesterday about health officials really urging people frankly just to stay home. but then you see your local
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restaurants and your local streets open up and they've done such a beautiful job of trying to keep everybody apart and make it still a lovely dining experience. you want to support those businesses, but you also want to stay safe. it's tough to know where to listen, what to do. >> reporter: yeah, i today said soing new. tired of quesadillas at home. it's a balance of trying to be safe and support businesses at the same time. >> people are going stir crazy for good reason. thank you. let's take a live look at ocean beach in san francisco where the parking lots were shut down just a little over an hour ago. parking lots are also off ggen juhis pa
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forecast. >>r chiming in on the beach hazard with the possibility of strong rip currents and just the overall threat of some stronger rip tides as we look into the weekend. mainly the south facing beaches, which is kind of typical for this time of year, but the national weather service wanted to highlight that because we're heading into a holiday weekend. fourth of july forecast is looking good. this is saturday hour by hour for inland portions of the bay area, around the bay into the coast. temperatures inland will be hot. around 90 degrees by mid- afternoon. around 70 degrees near the bay and mid-60s along the coast. i don't think we're going to have as much fog as we're seeing building back in tonight. we'll talk more about to few minutes. the county that enforced the first shelter in place order in the bay area is taking a major step in reopening its economy. the major announcement of
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starting a new stage. >> reporter: today the county public health officers said because covid-19 will be here shnounced businees that can fol will be allowed to reopen as soon as july 13th. >> i am so happy just to hear a date to get back to work. >> reporter: erica martin of w salon is among the hair stylists in the county to finally breathe a sigh of relief. >> there's been multiple phone calls of when can you get me in. >> this marks the end of a phased reopening and the beginning of a new stage. >> reporter: today dr. sara cody announced new protocols she describes as sk reduction plan for businesses. each business must submit its plans to the county, which will be accessible to the public.
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>> it's instead uniform, clear criteria and we are asking businesses to be entrepreneurial and be creative in meeting those criteria. most businesses will be allowed to reopen. that includes hair and nail salons. gatheringsof up to 20 people indoors and 60 outdoors will also be allowed. life can resume again if it's done safely. >> we need to adapt. this virus has adapted to us and we need to adapt to the virus. >> guidelines are already protocols we've been following as far as cleanliness goes. >> reporter: they're already prepared to operate safely for the staff and customers eager to finally get a haircut. >> i'm going to be wearing a mask and you're going to be wearing a mask. >> reporter: santa clara's new order goes into effect july 13th or when they get state
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approval, whichever is later. all high-risk businesses including indoor dining and bars must reclosed. jokpix tos report that more than 40 schoque to covid-19 at an in-person meeting last month. superintendent stela kemp addressed it at a virtual meeting the following week. >> unfortunately one of our members of our leadership team tested positive for covid in the days following friday's meeting. all attendees were quarantined and being tested for the virus. to date and to my knowledge, no other members of the team have tested positive. >> kemp said some meetings are being held in person with masking and distancing requirements due to the complexities of developing a reopening plan. the district told us the repo
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on the quarae inaccurate, but answer our questions for verification. tonight, the governor is pleading don't let your weekend he is urging everyone to wear face coverings in public and avoid july 4th gatherings. >> over the long fourth of july weekend, please make sure to practice social and physical distancing. wear your masks and wash your hands frequently. >> here's the cause for concern. the positive test rate in the state is now 6 1/2%. hospitalizations are up more than 50% and icu admissions are up by nearly half. and we just hit a grim new milestone nationwide. more than 50,000 new cases in coties the goor s w soth ocases,the vernor isi
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tompose a state mask order. the state saw a record-setting 10,000 new cases compared to last month, when it was over 600. tonight, the state employment department is clowning in unemployment claims. our unemployment rate is 16.3%. 7million claims have been processed so far. 371/2 billion dollars in benefits have been paid out that. might sound like a lot, but state lawmakers say edd is failing to send out much-needed money. one woman applied for benefits back in may. now she has cleaned out her savings, all while caring for her disabled son and 100-year- old mother. >> at least in 7 weeks get back to me and give me some hope that at some point i'm going to get my unemployment.
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>> the edd says its work force can only handle a four% unemployment rate, not 16%. it's planng to hir the payments. coming up, where and are people catching coronavirus? tonight, contact tracers provide new insight. >> we're seeing more spread through employment. the risk factors leaving one bay area neighborhood more vulnerable than the rest. the district attorney unexpectedlied withs from the case. new video shows a bison attacking a california woman at yellow stone. tonight, witnesses say it was an accident waiting to happen. this weekend, kpix 5 brings you the best of pride 50, generations of hope. our one-hour special airs this saturday and again on sunday on our sister station starting
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new at 11:00, with the surge of coronavirus cases, as the bay area started reopening, a lot of us are wondering how and where are people getting 6. kpix 5's joe vazquez spoke to a contact tracer tonight who revealed people in one particular neighborhood have a higher risk. >> reporter: for years, it's th
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the population in the district. >> as we're opening up, a lot more people are going back to work, so we're seeing a lot more spread through employment. >> reporter: allison one is a ucsf student and contact tracer. her surveys focus on spanish speakers. she says it does not appear parties or protests are major factors. she says the bulk of the infections tend to stem from the fact that more and more people are living in environments where it's difficult to get social distance. >> houses of people who are working, but, you know, have many, many people living in a single -- in a one bedroom, one bath for financial reasons. >> reporter: statewide, numbers so latino members are 39% of the population but runs t mission food hub, a
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new food bank operation that's helping feed thousands. he says many of his neighbors are having to leave home every day overexposing themselves to the virus. >> grocery stores, who's the cashier, who is stocking the aisles? it's latinos. >> reporter: he told me about one family of 13 who out of economic necessaryity has been living together. >> out of the 13, 7 of them tested positive, but they couldn't even quarantine because they live in a two- bedroom house. new video tonight of a 72- year-old california woman being charged by an angry bison at yellow stone national park. >> the lady got way too close. she just kept provoking the bison. >> the family at the next camp site over was woathed and pet the thing.
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>> i could hear the bison making noises and blowing steam out. it was just an accident waiting to happen at that point. >> the woman was thrown about 10 feet in the air, was briefly knocked unconscious. luckily the mom at the next camp site is a nurse. she provided first aid until the woman could be airlifted to a hospital. she has since been released. the solano county district attorney's office is recusing itself from shootings. pushing for independent investigations into both shootings. the most recent, sean montorosa. the 22-year-old was shot while kneeling outside a walgreens last month. the solano county da also recused herself from the willie mccoy investigation. the 19-year-old rapper was shot
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dozens of times while asleep in his car at a taco bell drive through. officers opened fire after seeing a gun on his lap. solano county had already asked the state to investigate the montorosa case in june, but they declined. the goal is to hopefully keep the big crowds away. the beaches close at sunrise, they reopen monday morning. all sorts of signs, paul, saying, you know, maybe the beach is not the best place to go this weekend. and that's okay. >> yeah. >> do something else. >> it's been a weird first half of 2020. it's going to be a weird fourth of july. before we get to the fourth of july, we have to deal with the third of july tomorrow. the fog, low cloud cover building back in as we speak. that's going to slowly retreat to the coast tomorrow. but it might take a little
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while. we are going to see near normal temperatures tomorrow. good l. temperatures have dropped down into the 50s in most locations, except san jose. you're still at 62 degrees. we're not going to drop too much farther, but the fog is going to spread out. future cast highlight nothing red the parts that are going to have the fog. it is going to back up as we head through friday morning. temperatures will be pretty close to what's normal this time of year. low to mid-50s instead of the mid to upper 50s. even upper 40s in the valleys of the north bay. temperatures will warm up, but rather slowly. tomorrow's dog walk u pa from s francisco. foand low cloucor for sharthre. will give way to sunshine. temperatures reach the mid-60s
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and the on-shore breeze starts to pick up dropping temperatures back to the low 60s. san jose, you're going to warm up to around 80 degrees. it's going to be a very nice day, plenty of sunshine for all inland portions of the bay area. a few early morning clouds in the tri-valley. concord, 4 degrees below normal. santa rosa, you're going to say below 80 degrees, but then you're going to heat up along with everybody else away from the bay and away from the coast as we head into the fourth of july weekend. high temperatures tomorrow, low 60s along the coast and if the fog, drizzle early in the day is particularly stubborn, you t above 60 degrees. midto upper 60s around the bay. south bay around 80 degrees and low 80s for the tri-valley with mid to upper 70s likely for most of the north bay. temperatures do heat up as we head into the weekend. around 90 degrees saturday and sunday. around 70 degrees around the
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bay. naturally figures we'd have ek of ly. d viewing conditior fl lee willve your forecast tomorrow morning starting dark and early at 4:30. the famous nathan's hot dog eating contest will go on as scheduled this fourth of
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all right, the fireworks shows are canceled, the beaches are closed, but at least one time-honored american tradition will go on this fourth of july. >> that's right. noerit canceled're lkinthna nt joey chestnut will be there, of course. the 12-time champ holds the contest record downing 74 dogs in 10 minutes, but this time, he and his competitors will be dining in private. the contest is being held at a
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secret location with a smaller field and everyone will be tested beforehand. >> i'm happy that we're just trying to make something happen keep pushing and try to have some normalcy. >> because nothing says normal like 74 hot dogs being stuffed down your gut in 10 minutes. it raises money for new york city's food bank. and this year, their competitors are making pledges to the food bank of their choice. hot dogs and baseball right around the corner, right, guys? can yors involved in the greatest ptching dual in baseball history? one of them was a giant. and if you plan to going to an nfl game this season
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the nfl continues to make slight adjustments to the upcoming season. they are considering reducing the typical roster size to 90 players in training camp. the league is hoping to have people in the stands in some markets, but you're going to have to super at your own risk. reportedly fans could have to sign a waiver. the nfl would not be responsible if they catch covid- 19 while attending a game.
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the nba is reportedly considering a mini-camp and summer league in september for the 8 teams not playing in orlando. good luck with that. pga in detroit, cameron champ back in after testing positive last week. the eagle on 15 to go with 8 birdies. he shot a 66. but he's still 1 back. doc raymond, shot a 7 under 65. he's tied for the scald july second, here's what happened on this date in sports history. three years ago, patrick marlo signed with the toronto maple leaves. he left the arks all-time lead never points and goals.
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2012, the warriors introduced a stellar draft class. >> i'm going to play with a chip on my shoulder, regardless. two years ago, demarcus cousins signs a one-year, 5- million-dollar deal with the warriors. joe demaggio sets a new baseball record with a hit in his 40 forth straight game. he extended that streak to 56, the record that still stands today. >> to win a game, i have to pitch 16 innings, i get -- >> and 57 ago today, the giants -- dualed for 16 shut- out innings before willie mays won with a walk-off home run to give the giants a 1- [upbeat music] ♪ today was the day that i put everything in perspective. ♪
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