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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  July 21, 2020 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> the president is backing the use of these unidentified armed federal agents. again, they seem to be without training to handle protests. they're most notably in portland, but now there's a threat that they will be deployed to chicago -- ♪ ♪ ♪ >> are you a member of trump's secret police coming to chicago? are you also hungry? then come on into fascist frank's italian beef emporium. just like you, the source of our italian beef is unknown, unregulated and questionably legal. it's the perfect way to wind down after a long day of curb-stomping stalls and denying people their constitutional rights. and, right now, you can enjoy our paramilitary special. simply flash your zip ties and
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get a keeper of the peedm itn bf fries and a 32-ounce of tear gas for just $5.99, or just beat me up and take it -- you're above the law. it's fascist frank's, south of the loop, where our beef is the musso-leanest in town. >> announcer: it's "a late show" with stephen colbert. tonight, for whom the cold spell. plus stephen welcomes greta thunberg, with a special appearance by keegan-michael key, featuring jon batiste and "stay homin." and now live on tape from a safe distance, it's stephen colbert! >> stephen: what have you got going? what are you doing after this? >> a party. >> stephen: you know we're not supposed to date the staff but i was just wondering what you're
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doing later? >> i've got plans. >> stephen: mmm. welcome to "a late show." i'm your host, stephen colbert. i'd like to start the show with a little bit of good news. the first voting in the presidential election starts in six weeks. are you registered to vote? go register to vote. right now. this is a good year to vote. and a lot of people are looking forward to it. because in the latest abc/"washington post"/lunchables brunchables poll, joe biden leads the president by 15 points. that's good news. if these polls hold true biden could have the biggest margin of victory since hillary clinton was elected president in 2016.biden ise len rt suburbanites by an historic margin. makes sense. a lot of suburbanites can identify with the fact that biden has one really cool black friend and keeps bringing him up all the time. but the main reason trump's losing is his bungling of the pandemic response.
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54% of americans trust biden over trump on handling the covid crisis. yes, trump has alienated a group of single-issue voters: the anti-dying demographic. they got their own bumper stickers. so, with americans being infected by the tens of thousands every day and his polls in freefall, yesterday, the president announced that he is bringing back his coronavirus task force briefings. it's the reboot nobody wanted: dirty grandpa 2020. now, the first briefing was scheduled for after i taped tonight's show. i haven't seen it yet, so no one tell me which household chemical he drinks this time. because last time trump did these briefings, his approval numbers plummeted after he advocated injectable lysol. so this time, aides are saying "the plan is to keep them short and tight." i don't know how they're going to do that, unless they fit the
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president with one of those doggy shock collars. "we are making great progress on the quest for a vaccine, just like the great warriors who fought to defend the confederate flag. "geegh ggeeghh! ugh, god. this is just like when i try to run out into the street. i saw a squirrel!" we got a preview of the president's message from white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany, seen here trying to guess the ethnicity of the guys fixing her roof. today, mcenany said this. >> these are going to be short briefings, that the president mainly delivering information to the american people that's needed on therapeutics and vaccines. and the way this president has cut down barriers and got us to the point where we already have a vaccine in phase iii clinical trial because of this president. >> stephen: oh, so he's trying to take credit for the vaccine. (as trump) "i actually invented vaccines. i said, let's take a little bit of disease and stick it into a healthy person.
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same way i approach sex." still, it's good that he's going to be talking about the new scientific developments, and deferring to the experts, except not, because many of the briefings are likely to feature just the president. so instead of getting the old band back together, we're just getting a daily performance trump's solo project: the bleach boy. trump has been so busy shanking the response to the coronavirus that he forgot about his real passion project: demonizing immigrants. but he's gone back to basics because earlier today, trump barred the u.s. census from counting undocumented immigrants, saying in a statement, "my administration will not support giving congressional representation to aliens who enter or remain in the country unlawfully because doing so would create perverse incentives." (as trump) "yes, it gives aliens perverse incentives. i've heard what they're doing with those probes."
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he continued, "there used to be a time when you could proudly declare, "i am a citizen of the united states." yeah. and that ended around january 20th, 2017. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jokes like this make stephen long for an audience! slam! >> stephen: of course, there'sli fact that it's completely unconstitutional. because it is congress, not the president, that article 1, section 2 of the constitution empowers to carry out the "actual enumeration" of the country's population, but trump doesn't take no from the constitution. he just grabs it by the preamble. speaking of unconstitutional, last night in portland oregon nameless federal stormtroopers again fired tear gas and flash grenades at protesters. or as trump put it, "we are trying to help portland, not hurt it." you want to help the people of portland, you don't send in
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goons to round them up! you buy their organic fair-trade macrame. one of the headlines this week was a group of moms who stood between the feds and protesters. well, last night, they were joined by a group of dads. glad they're there, showing their support. but that is classic dad. (as dad) "sure, mom drove you to every dance practice, but i took you out for pizza after the recital remember that? i didn't know you danced!" local officials aren't happy. oregon governor kate brown complained, "we cannot have secret police abducting people in unmarked vehicles. i can't believe i have to say that to the president of the united states." really? you can't believe that? just one of a long list of other things you shouldn't have to say to the president of the united states like "frederick douglass is dead," "don't inject bleach," and "you can't date your daughter." but trump believes he knows why the local officials are really complaining.
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>> the governor and the mayor and the senators out there, they are afraid of these people. that's the reason they don't want us to help them. they're afraid. they are actually afraid of these people, and that's why i they say they don't want the feeral government helping. >> stephen: oh, yeah. they're frightened because these protesters are incredibly scary. like this woman doing yoga to distract the feds. that is "naked" aggression! there's only one federal agency that can handle that sort of protest. this fall on cbs: "o-b-g-y-n-c-i-s." the cases are cold and so is the speculum. but portland is just the beginning. i'm not etch going to look at you. but portland is just the beginning. because yesterday, the president suggested deploying his duck duck goose-steppers to other cities. >> this is worse than afghanistan by far. >> stephen: i guess we're going to war with chicago for 19 years. look, they've got to have some oil in that deep dish.
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yesterday, homeland security officials confirmed that they are making preparations to deploy federal agents to chicago. this is going to get bad. because trump wants more chaos. the conflict makes him feel like a big man. so these secret police are really being sent out to escalate the protests. and it's easy to escalate conflict in chicago. just wear a cubs hat to a sox game or put ketchup on a hot dog. they will cut you. and it's not just chicago. trump is planning a tour. >> we're looking at chicago too, we're looking at new york. what's happening in new york, a place i love, i love new york and look at what's going on over there? >> stephen: wow, that is chilling. which is why new york city mayor bill deblasio tweeted, "we've seen the chaos secret police are creating in portland. we won't let it happen here." to which new yorkers said, "you tell 'em deblasio. also, shut up deblasio!" you see, new yorkers don't like trump, but they aren't huge deblasio fans, either. and no one is really sure what
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deblasio can do to keep out trump's goons. so life's about to look a little different in new york. just ask some of our most famous new yorkers. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> as the secret police descended on new york city, i couldn't help but wonder, if i have secrets, am "i" the police? >> i kind of like the idea of having a strong man throw a bag over my head. as long as he has a really big baton. >> while federal agents were violating civil rights uptown, downtown, steve was protecting miranda's rights. >> habeas corpus!!! habeas corpus!!! ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> stephen: now, if you're looking to escape the trump hellscape, you now have one less option for your dream vacation, because american tourists are now banned from the bahamas as our coronavirus cases spike. which is a refreshing change from the usual reason americans get banned from the bahamas: drunkenly trying to take a dolphin parasailing. the bahamas is just the latest in a long list of countries banning u.s. tourists, including japan, new zealand, canada, mexico, and all 27 countries of the european union. the downside is we can't go anywhere. but the upside is "where in the world is carmen san diego?" just got a lot easier. she's in san diego. wee lking to climate activist greta thunberg, plus keegan-michael key drops by. but when we come back,
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♪ it's about the next 10 years. but this is something you can do today. you can make a difference today. by completing the 2020 census. the census impacts hospitals. schools. public transportation. and most importantly, our representation in government. it gives us an opportunity to be heard. it's easy.
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it's only 10 questions. so do you part. go to and complete the census today. what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> stephen: hey, everybody, welcome back to "a late show." let's check in with our friend, master of the ham bone, mr. jon batiste. slapping his legs so hard they've turned bright pink. >> jon: fuchsia. you've got to have the fuchsia. >> stephen: hey, you know, i really enjoyed talking with you last night about john lewis. >> jon: oh, yeah. >> stephen: looking at that footage from four years ago of you talking to him when you guys were getting your hair done -- >> jon: yes. >> stephen: -- i don't think of you as having grown any older. >> jon: uh-huh. >> stephen: you're just still jon batiste, who i met five or
11:52 pm
six years ago, but, man, you look like a kid! >> jon: man... >> stephen: you were so young and vital. but in that you look like you just got out of high school. did that strike you like that? >> jon: definitely. it's something about the short hair, but it's in my aura. a lot of stuff has changed over the last five years. we've gone through a lot. >> stephen: yes, we have. ( laughter ) happy to have dope it with you. >> jon: absolutely. it's been a pleasure. >> stephen: well, jon, you mind playing us out to the next act? >> jon: oh, yeah, of course. i've got my old piano right over here! >> stephen: yes, sir. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> stephen: thank you, jon. >> jon: don't you worry about a thing. >> stephen: folks, i spend a lot of time carefully folding the biggest stories of the day into individual drawers and shelves, rolling up every topical sock, and arranging the t-shirts by color in the pristine kon-mar closet that is my monologue. but once in awhile, i like to drag a half-wet pile of topical underwear and towels out of the dryer, ball 'em up, and leave em' on the floor to fester into the dank, moldy clothes pile of news that is my segment: >> quarantinewhile!" >> stephen: quarantine-while, "johnnie walker whisky will be sold in paper bottles next year." and you may be saying, "but 80 proof booze will eat right through a paper bottle!" to which i say, "you're not drinking it fast enough." quarantine-while, a toronto-based company is offering new fashion forward hazmat suits for air travel.
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-- i said air twavel. i should just keep the air twavel in. i don't think the joke will be better than that. ( laughter ) a toronto-based company is offering new fashion forward hazmat suits for air travel. also a good excuse when your seat-mate tries to make small talk. "i'm so sorry! i can't hear you through the nightmare we live in." quarantine-while, fast-food chain taco bell announced that it will be retiring some menu items. "starting august 13" they will no longer "the 7-layer burrito, nachos supreme, the beefy fritos burrito triple layer nachos, and seven more." but don't worry, if you order one of these items every day starting tomorrow, you still have time to be dead before they're gone. also, if you're sitting next to the person who eats those items on your plane, be sure to get one of these.
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quarantine-while, mark zuckerberg prompted memes and jokes online after a picture of him with too much sunscreen on his face made it to social media. okay, before we see the picture, let me just say: shame on you, internet. just because mark zuckerberg isn't the most likable guy, that doesn't mean he deserves to be made fun of for-- dear god! what is that? is he auditioning for the part of data? shouldn't you be scaring kids from a sewer? good for him for escaping that invisible box. quarantine-while, "a chef has created the 'world's healthiest' cookie with all five daily servings of fruits and vegetables," which "packs 12 grams of fiber and is designed to help people get their vital five servings of fruit and veggies a day without even realizing it." at 12 grams of fiber, i think they're gonna realize it. quarantine-while, "men should limit alcohol to 1 drink a day experts say."
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"i will fight you, experts," men say. quarantine-while, "a company now makes custom selfie masks that look like your face," by printing the lower half of your selfie on it. i would definitely keep six feet away from you. it beautifully pairs a smiling mouth with the eyes of someone not smiling, for a look that says, "one of us is really gonna enjoy your murder." ( laughter ) when we come back, i'm going to change my shirt, cut my hair, go several months back in time, and then keegan-michael key and i are going to talk about some movies we did together that "may be coming soon." stick around. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> stephen: welcome back. we are here with the lovely and talented keegan-michael key. keegan, you're hollywood royalty. i don't have to tell you a lot pthis year because of covid.ed they're not being released or they're being pushed to video or streaming. and unfortunately, as you know, you and i did a punch of movies this year together. >> oh, god yeah, i know. >> stephen: i'm not exactly sure how many. >> i don't even know. it could be six or seven. it was a bumper crop year for the both of us. >> stephen: unfortunately, none of these movies will be released. >> fun of them. we have no idea when they're coming out or if ever. >> stephen: even though we don't know anything about these movies or what the movies were or what the parts or plots were,
12:02 am
i can't remember, our graphics department has putting to posters of these movies that may never be released now, and would you like to see what movies we were in together? >> i would love to see the movies we were in together. i'm sure if we see the posters, it might jog our memories. >> stephen: that would help a bit. it definitely would help. i'm glad to hear that because it's time for "maybe coming soon!" welcome to "maybe coming soon!." some dogs go to heaven, others get reincarnated as a middle-aged man. >> that's right. i remember this. >> stephen: this is such a heart-warming story. >> right. because it was about the fact that the dog had been such a bully in his dog life, but then when he comes back as a man, then another overbearing man, who acted the way he did when he was a dog, it was a reversal, an
12:03 am
attitudinal reversal. >> stephen: i was your dog. yes, you were, in human form. >> stephen: why was your do dog -- i was a dog and came back a man and you recognized me, something in my eyes. >> and you never spoke a single word of english in the film, you barked as a man. and the fact that you could show that range of emotion when, literally, i saw the script every day. it literally would say -- because my name is martin, and i would have dialogue, and it would say san di, and it would say woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof. the fact that you imbued those lines of subtext was -- >> stephen: thank you. -- you were amazing. >> stephen: thank you. jim? >> yeah, uh-huh. >> stephen: my wife's friend's husband. we've lived this one.
12:04 am
>> we've all lived this one. this is a true story and it's happening now. fate brought them together, the wives forced them to talk. >> stephen: the bratwurst scene, when i'm going over with a fork to turn it and you go, no, you get tongs, instead. and that's when you and i begin to understand that this isn't about our wives anymore. >> no. >> stephen: yeah. it's about two people and their -- excuse me -- whoo -- and their differences. and remember, and then i put my arms around you. >> stephen: yeah. and i used the tongs. wow, it's really coming back. >> stephen: yeah. i used the tongs and you used the fork. >> stephen: yeah. jim? >> oh, man. okay. this is -- oh, right. remember this? this was -- this came back to me almost immediately.
12:05 am
there's something i want to say to you right now, stephen. there's an old adage, and this reminds me of it, there are no small parts. okay. >> stephen: no. you may have been eight inches tall in the movie, but your heart was the size of that baseball field, and i just want to make sure that you understand. i never had a chance to say that because i only shot those four days. >> stephen: here's the thing, and i'm learning from you, which i did not know before, and it's my bad, because i should have read the script. >> yeah. >> stephen: i'm an improviser by nature, i try not to get bogged down in the words. i thought because it was called designated giant, it wasn't that i was small, it was that you were large, and that's why you had the big, like, the crazy bat because you were a giant. but, in fact, i was small, and
12:06 am
that's why, in the final scene, i say, i didn't understand what the movie was about. i didn't understand why the director had me say that, and i realize now that that was actually a deposition, that was not dialogue, because i was being sued for not having read the script. >> you should have read the script. you definitely should have read the script. and i loved the fact that you weren't expecting -- so what you're telling me is when you saw the beanstalk in left field, that was real surprise on your face. you're, like, i'm climbing that? because you had no idea what the hell was going on. >> no, no. it was like you were in a robert altman film. you didn't know what was happening. >> stephen: i would also point out that the tag line for the movie is fee fi home run. you can understand why i thought you were a giant.
12:07 am
it says fee fi home run. >> it's a very misleading poster! >> i'm towering over the baseball field. >> stephen: i'm glad they're going to see this, because this, i think, is our finest work yet. yes. yes. >> fee fie home run. >> stephen: you're taking me back. >> now all the thoughts are blossoming up. it's really something else. >> stephen: well, you're a creative genius. >> as are you. >> stephen: keegan-michael key. >> you're not an actor, you're a reactor. it was really a pleasure to work with you. >> stephen: acting is reacting. mm-hmm. no acting, please. that's what i always say. >> yeah, don't do anything, and then do everything. >> stephen: keegan-michael key, everybody! >> take care,.thank you so much. >> stephen: bye. what a blast.
12:08 am
>> stephen: thanks again to keegan-michael key for joining me for "maybe coming soon!." the season finale of keegan's show "game on!" airs tomorrow on cbs. we'll be right back with climate activist greta thunberg. ♪ ♪ ♪ last chance. which one of you ate all of the flamin' hot cheetos snacks? dad: you heard your mother. who ate all of those surprisingly hot cheetos snacks? anyone wants to come clean, now is the time. we won't be mad. we just want to know the truth. are we really doing this, glenn? i bet we were robbed. that's the only thing i've got! it's a cheetos thing. sfx: crunch mom: glenn, come on. hold on one second... sure. okay... okay! safe drivers save 40%!!! guys! guys! check it out. safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!!
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> stephen: welcome back.
12:13 am
my guest tonight is an environmental activist who has inspired millions to join the fight against climate change and is the youngest person ever to be named "time" magazine's person of the year. please welcome, greta thunberg! greta, thank you so much for being here. >> hi. thank you for having me. >> stephen: i've so looked forward to talking to you, and i'm so glad you've made some time for us today because you have been extraordinarily busy in just the last week. i mean, obviously for the last two years. but in just the last week, i understand, yesterday, you were awarded the first ever gulbenkian prize for humanity, which is a portuguese prize, i understand. >> yes. >> stephen: and what is the award for? what was the presentation like? >> well, it's called the gulbenkian prize for humanity, so it's the humanitarian award, and it's, of course, a huge honor. the prize money is for 1 million
12:14 am
euros, which is more money than i can even begin to imagine. >> stephen: wow, that is a lot of -- that's a lot of euro-euro bills, y'all. >> yeah. >> stephen: what will happen with that money now? >> well, all of that money will be donated through my foundation to projects and organizations who are working, who are fighting for a sustainable world and defending nature and helping those who have already been hit hardest by the climate, the ecological crisis. >> stephen: this past friday marked 100 weeks of your school strike for the climate. it started in august of 2018. you sat alone outside the swedish parliament. what did you imagine would happen, and what do you think of what has happened, what you've inspired since then? >> well, to be honest, i didn't
12:15 am
have any expectations at all. i just thought that's -- well, i need to do something because this is such a crucial time, and it is my moral duty as a human being, as a citizen, to do everything i can. so i just thought, well, i'll just do something. so i just sat down and started school striking. i didn't think it would lead to anything. i just thought i need to do something, anything. but then it just kind of exploded out of nowhere. it started spreading to different countries and then different continents and then suddenly, it was a global movement. >> stephen: to me, it spoke to a hunger for an opportunity to take action and for people to speak out, and you were a spark that lit that fire for people. what is it about the last 100 weeks of you doing this that surprised you the most?
12:16 am
like, what surprised you the most in a positive and a negative direction? >> well, i guess what has surprised me the most is just how many people that cared and how many people, especially young people, who actually see this and sort of understand that this is an existential crisis. >> stephen: yes, because last september was the largest single global protest day in history, 4 million people turned out around the world in one day to talk about the ongoing climate crisis. >> yeah. and then the week after that, we had another 3 million. so, yeah, it really shows that things are starting to happen. more and more people are starting to become aware. the level of awareness is still close to -- not even close to where we need to be, but, still,
12:17 am
it feels like we're slowly starting to wake up. >> stephen: and is there anything that surprised you about, like, negative reactions you got to this? because you became the focus of hostility for reasons that i don't entirely understand, but from media figures, from politicians. what did that feel like? >> well, i think -- yeah, there are some things that have surprised me. i mean, first of all, how far some people are willing to go to just keep the focus away from the climate crisis. i mean, everything from organized hate campaigns to threats, just because they feel threatened by a couple of young kids taking to the streets. and also that people in such powerful positions, like presidents and heads of state, go on , to for instance, social media, to actively try to
12:18 am
silence young activists and mock, and i just find that very -- well, in one way, it's hilarious because it shows they have nowhere left to go, and it also shows that we are actually having -- we are having an impact because there must be a reason why they're trying to silence us, and that must be because we are being loud and we are having an impact. >> stephen: yeah, they wouldn't react this way unless they saw the climate movement a threat somehow to their status quo. >> yeah, exactly. >> stephen: what's it like to go to something like davos and speak to people in the room who you know are in positions of power -- first of all, what do you think about such meetings if you think about them at all and, second, what's it like to address those people? >> it's very strange and surreal to address these people and, honestly, i don't really understand why i get invited to
12:19 am
these kinds of meeting because i just go there and i tell them that you need to start getting to work and take this seriously, and they just say, yeah, we agree, and they applaud, and then back to -- back to how it was before. >> stephen: when you came to the united states, you sailed -- when you came to new york for the u.n., you sailed over. had you ever done a big sail like that before? because that's a long way to be on a boat. >> actually, before that, i had never -- i think i had one time stepped my foot on a sailing boat, never sailed before. >> stephen: what was that like? because i've done some very long ocean sailing voyages, just under sail power, no motor power at all, and it's very strange out there, isn't it? >> it is.
12:20 am
>> stephen: but you also get this extraordinary feeling that, wait, thso much of the world i don't know anything about because 75% of the world is this, where most people never go. >> yeah. >> stephen: how did that affect your view of the world that you're trying to do so much to save? >> i mean, both -- like you said, you realize how much i don't know, how much we don't know. i mean, when you're out there, you're just completely at the mercy of nature, and you have to act accordingly. so it just really puts things into a different perspective. and when you are out there, you also have to completely trust the scientific data and the weather models and the meteorologists that send weather updates, you just have to trust that. and, yeah, you don't take any
12:21 am
unnecessary risks, you don't act irresponsibly, and, i mean, you wouldn't come to think of, like, if you get cold, you would not light a fire on deck because you are cold. and it feels like we are, right now, humanity, we are civilization in the middle of the ocean and we are right now setting fire to the boat because we have nowhere left to turn to. >> stephen: greta, we have to take a break. stick around, everybody. we'll be right back with more greta thunberg. ♪ ♪ ♪ cool. tangy. ranchy. hidden valley secret sauce. hamburger! you're sleep saucing again. mmmmmmm new restaurant inspired hidden valley ranch secret sauces. you either love it or you really love it.
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12:26 am
great state of texas. >> we're not going to destroy texas. we'll probably do a little less baby caging, a little less pandemic ignoring, try to raise taxes, of course, but i doubt that will pass. we're more of you like her that much, you can have her party. creamy ranch, sweet-n-sour, spicy buffalo, tangy bbq... each mcnugget, a chance to diversify your sauce portfolio. ♪ ba da ba ba ba week one, here we go. did everybody read the book? [miscellaneous responses of no] [orange] i read it captain. i read it. it was amazing. it opened my eyes. nah, i'm just joking. i don't have eyes. [captain] great book club guys. [orange] you know i can't read captain.
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y3yjty yi0y ♪ ♪ ♪ >> stephen: hey, everybody. we're back with climate activist greta thunberg. last thursday, you and other activists published an open letter to eleaders. why now and what were you hoping to accomplish? >> well, it was mainly to e.u. leaders but also to global leaders because this weekend there was a big meeting held in
12:30 am
brussels where e.u. leaders gathered to discuss budgets and investments, the e.u. c.e.o. meeting, which is over now after pthey couldn't agree. but, so, it was kind of to do that before this meeting and to tell them that you need to treat this crisis like a crisis, you need to stop pretending that we can solve this within today's systems, and you need to start treating the climate crisis like the crisis because if we don't treat it as a crisis, we won't be able to solve it. and then we had some things in there like safeguard and protect democracy and protect workers, leave behind establish binding annual carbon based study and
12:31 am
include total emissions in figures and diverse fossil fuels and make ecocide a national crime and things like that and to say to them that we are no longer going to play your game on your terms because this is a crisis and this is a matter of life and death for so many people. >> stephen: what is the coved crisis and the reduction of emissions do to covid crisis? what does that mean to you? do you see anything in there and the possibility of change is this. >> no. i mean, some people say that the coronavirus ha is positive for environments which is not true at all. the corona pandemic is a tragedy and nothing else, and i don't think we should speak of it as an opportunity to build back better or whatever because it's such a tragedy. and these emission cuts have
12:32 am
been temporarily and coincidental and, so, yeah, of course, there's nothing positive to come out from that. but one thing that the corona pandemic will lead to is that it will change the way that we treat and perceive an emergency and a crisis because this only shows that the climate crisis has never once been treated as a crisis. and, so -- so, yeah. >> stephen: well, that's interesting because now we see, when we truly believe that life is on the line, we will go to extraordinary measures. >> yes, and world leaders are now saying themselves that we will not -- i mean, not all world leaders, as you may know -- >> stephen: i do know. unfortunately, yeah. but they will do whatever it
12:33 am
takes because you cannot put a price on a human life, and i think at least i've never experienced that when they say that themselves because that means that we can start -- that they actually mean it, and it feels like when they say those kinds of things, that opens up a new dimension because, if you use that logic, then -- if you let that fly for the climate crisis, then it -- apply to the climate crisis it changes basically everything. >> stephen: speaking of world leaders who don't take the climate crisis seriously, and i'll just pick one at random, donald trump -- >> yeah. >> stephen: -- there's a photo that became quite famous, it's at the u.n. general assembly when you were there and donald trump was there. he walked by, and you gave him this famous stare, and i agree
12:34 am
with your stare. i'm just curious what was going through your mind, because we all projected a lot on to that expression that you have there. >> yeah. >> stephen: what was going through your mind in this moment? >> to be honest, i don't think you need an explanation. ( laughter ) >> stephen: well, greta, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> stephen: good luck to you on behalf of all of us, and i hope we can all join you in your cause with passion, dedication and with sincerity.
12:35 am
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>> stephen: that's it for "a late show." tune in tomorrow when my guest will be mary let's sah some music from jon batiste and stay human. ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ the late late show, oh, oh the late late show, ooh ♪ oh, oh it's the late late show ♪ >> james: good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to "the late late show." the only show on network television that could be ruined


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