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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 30, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: she has been waiting for her benefit check for six weeks and the travel counselor had her hours cut in may and said she submitted all of the appropriate paperwork. >> you can't a hold of anybody. right now they probably only close to $5000 and i have received one benefit. >> reporter: she is one of hundreds of thousands and by some estimates well over 1 million californians who have yet to be paid by the employment development department. >> my colleagues and staff and i are at wits end. we attempted offer suggestions amid solutions and we have not seen them. >> reporter: today lawmakers pressed the eed director for answers during an oversight hearing even after hiring thousands of temporary employees sharon hilliard committed to completing a back log of claims by september and it pitted the current weight for a call back from the department was up to six weeks. >> do you think that is acceptable?
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>> no. absolutely not. >> what is the target you have set for your department for call back time? >> we are trying to get out of the business of doing callbacks and that is why we are upgrading the call center so we can have fully trained staff from eight a clock to eight a clock. >> reporter: she wouldn't say when exactly that would come online and meanwhile this week the state saw more than 470,000 new claims. >> we see a combination of the initial furloughs now turning into layoffs given the continuation of the lockdowns and we also see businesses that have tried to hang on closing and not only closing but closing permanently. >> if i was not married, i don't know what i would be doing. i would be homeless. >> the governor is saying he will send a strike team to help the massive backlog.
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when will that happened? >> reporter: we are told within 45 days, that is when his team is expected to deliver recommendations and solutions to the ed and the edd has said that while it has hired 5000 new people, 2500 have come on board but of course it will take some time to train them so we are talking months before we see it and a really improved customer experience. >> thank you. it can't come soon enough. for the second week in a row unemployment numbers are on the rise with 1.4 million people filing for new benefits nationwide. with the extra federal boost expiring friday, congress is under pressure to act fast. negotiations between democrats and the trump administration are expected to continue later on tonight, but the two sides say they are still far apart on face 4 relief bill. >> either the democratic colleagues come to the table or the american people won't get the help. >> we need to confront all of these crises.
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senate republic, republicans hardly want to address any of them. >> the dow slid 225 points and record-breaking lunch. u.s. economy shrank by 9.5% in the second quarter and economists say there is no comparison for a drop like that since records began back in 1947. >> california just had its second deadliest day since the pandemic began and there were 194 new coronavirus deaths on wednesday and is second only to tuesday's 197. are more than 10,000 new cases, but hospitalizations fell about 2%. a dire projection from san francisco's public health director, who said the surge will only get worse if changes are not made now. >> the virus is moving fast and more people are getting seriously ill. if things continue at the current rate, we estimate that on average we will have more
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than 750 san francisco citizens in the hospital by mid-october and more than 600 deaths from covid-19 in 2020. >> right now just over 100 people are hospitalized for covid-19 in san francisco and the city is looking into ways of enforcing mask policies and other safety precautions, and it is opening a site in the presidio to treat patients who don't have the virus and the goal there is to take the pressure off the hospitals. we brought you the san francisco coronavirus update first on cbsn bay area. you can stay up 24/7 our stream it on our website and other digital platforms. this evening health officials are investigating dozens of covid-19 cases at costco stores in the south bay and they are called clusters and involves 31 employees at four locations. we are at the cosco in
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sunnyvale. 13 employees have now tested positive there. >> reporter: so far the store and all the other stores involved in these cosco clusters are they are called are remaining open and and the reason for that is at the health officials have said that they inspect did most of the stores involved and are satisfied that cosco is doing everything it can to minimize the risk to the public. customers continue to come and go from the sino cosco which reported a cluster of 13 employee coronavirus infections between july 23 and july 26. >> originally was like we will not go shopping. >> reporter: he is a regular at the store and he said he checked with friends who live and work inside and he said it was safe enough for him to shop for a few items. >> they completely clean the place up so i didn't have any problem at all.
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>> reporter: the health department said the sunny the location is one of four cosco coronavirus clusters in the south bay and a clusters three or more cases within two weeks. there were four cases in mountain view, 13 in sunnyvale and six in gilroy, eight in san jose's center road store. >> the official investigation appears to tell us that cases have really been infected most likely in the community and outside the workplace, although we are not done with those investigations because they are ongoing. took the health department said it inspected all the stores except mountain view and praised cosco for doing the right thing by reporting the numbers. officials didn't move to shut the stores down because inspections show cosco is following safety protocols inside. >> they done a really good job and we did the inspections as far as all the cleanliness and there is social distancing and they are wearing masks and all of that has been good. we fill at this point it is quite safe to shop at cosco. >> reporter: apparently a lot
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of public is getting that message because this store has been busy all day. we reached out to cosco at their headquarters in washington state, but so far we have not heard any kind of response to this outbreak among the employees or the clusters. reporting live. pressure on the police department to investigate a suspicious fire as a hate crime. it broke out in a recycling bin behind the way christian center on university early wednesday morning. about 12 hours after the church put up a black lives matter sign. >> too many of these coincidences happening to black people over the past 400 years of our sojourn in this country. too many coincidences. >> damage to the building was minimal. police are looking for a man and a reflective tan colored poncho or jacket, but right now he is only wanted for arson. >> what kind of a police department chief, are you
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running when people are burning down black churches and you sit by quietly? >> we reached out to the berkeley pd for comment and so far we have not heard back but the berkeley mayor is also calling for a hate crime investigation adding quote the fear and trauma this incident creates is unacceptable. a final farewell for civil rights leader and longtime u.s. congressman, john lewis. michelle miller shows us the day full of tributes for the man many called the conscience of congress. >> reporter: the casket of congressman john lewis left the historic ebenezer baptist church in atlanta following his service. >> he is much as anyone in our history brought this country a little bit closer to our highest ideals. >> reporter: former president obama delivered the eulogy for the civil rights icon, who risked his life again and again fighting for justice. >> on inauguration day in 2008
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and 2009, he was one of the first people i greeted and hugged on that stand. and i told him, this is your day too. >> reporter: former president george w. bush and bill clinton also paid tribute. >> he got into a lot of good trouble on along the way. >> we live in a better and nobler country today because of him. >> reporter: nancy pelosi remembered her longtime colleague. >> we always knew he worked on the side of the angels and now he is with them. >> reporter: ebenezer baptist church is where the reverend martin luther king jr. preached and he resided here and this is also congressman lewis's home church where he married his beloved wife lillian and where so many are now saying their goodbyes. >> let's remember him today and let's recommit tomorrow to standing together and fighting together and voting together. >> reporter: in a final gift, john lewis wrote an essay in
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the new york times published today urging others to continue standing up for what they believe in. michelle miller, cbs 2 news, atlanta. >> herman cain a former presidential candidate and supporter president trump has died after a battle with covid- 19. he had been hospitalized since earlier this month. he was a cochair of black voices for trump and attended a rally for the president in tulsa where he was seen without a face mask. it is not clear when or where he was infected. the former pizza company executive ran for the gop nomination in 2012. he was 74 years old. president trump defending his tweet about delaying the november election. he now said he wants to raise concerns over vote by mail. earlier he tweeted this, with universal male and voting cannot absentee voting, which is good, 2020 will be the most inaccurate and fraudulent
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election in history. he goes on to suggest, delay the election until people can properly, securely, and safely vote. >> i just feel that i don't want to delay and i want to have the election, but i also don't want to have to wait three months and then find out that the ballots are all missing and the election doesn't mean anything. >> now, presidential election day is set by law and controlled by congress. it is always the tuesday after the first monday in november. even the president's supporters are rejecting any talk of a delay. >> never in the history of the country through wars and the depression and the civil war have we ever not had a federally scheduled election on time. we will cope with whatever the situation is and have the election on november 3 is already scheduled.
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>> senator feinstein responded quote my home state of california and others have long histories of mail and voting and widespread fraud has never been a problem. still ahead, jilted, jolted out of bed. southern california gets a wake- up call and i will have the latest test for how the early warning system works. the death of michael brown rock ferguson long before george floyd and the decision that could reopen old wounds. fast enough for a journey tomorrow is what we can learn from nasa's most ambitious rover yet if it can stick the landing. the fog backed up all the way to the golden gate and
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in early wake-up call in southern california. a 4.2 earthquake struck in the san fernando valley just before 4:30 this morning followed by dozens of smaller aftershocks. we find out it was also another
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test for the early warning alerts. >> it was like a hard boom. >> reporter: the founder and ceo of early warning laughs and quake alert felt the shaking in west hollywood from this morning's 4.2 earthquake. this is what it looked like at home followed by aftershocks a few hours later. he said he was too far away from the shallow quake centered in the san fernando back, valley to get an actual alert on his phone. >> luckily the threshold was below the learning threshold for the app for where i was. >> reporter: thousands of other people did according to the usgs which sent out its first alert with partners 3.6 seconds after the quake. this is what the alert looked like on one phone warning of the shaking in approximately five seconds and another person on twitter posted that the quake alert app worked for him while some of the others did not. >> it delivered something in the order of 10,000 alert to
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folks in the southern california region. so we have gotten some very good results. >> reporter: since the earthquake was initially recorded as a 4.5, which is the minimum magnitude set for the u.s. gs shake alert system, it triggered notifications for those who would feel it least a little shaking a little 3 on the intensity scale. >> the system performed exactly as expected. >> reporter: by late morning more than 60 aftershocks were detected. >> it was a good wake-up call for sure. >> reporter: it occurred on the intersection responsible for the 1971 san fernando earthquake in the 1994 northridge quake. >> this is really the first one we have had in a long while that is been in an urban area. i think this is a real wake-up call for us all. >> experts say the ability of an earthquake at the same
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magnitude or greater happening over the next few days is a one in 10 chance and higher given the rate of the aftershocks. police in san jose are investigating a triple shooting. it happened at 11:00 last night on the 5200 block of snow drive. three victims are now in the hospital and expected to survive and a fourth person who was assaulted is expected to be okay. a former police officer who shot michael brown in ferguson commissary, will not face charges. the prosecutor just made the announcement after reinvestigating that case and the grand jury also declined to indict darren wilson six years ago. the white police officer shot though black teenager in 2014 after an altercation and the shooting touched off weeks of protests. a federal appeals court will rehear part of the case involving former trump national security adviser michael flynn. an earlier decision by a three- judge panel order the trial judge to dismiss the case after the justice department decided
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it could no longer approve the case. the new hearing will decide whether a trial judge can prolong a criminal case that prosecutors no longer want to pursue. for tech giants posted huge earnings today, facebook, google parent company, alphabet, amazon, and apple all beating expectations. apple said it's sales expanded by 11% in the third quarter. the company site strong sales overseas and announced a four for one stock split for each share an investor owns they will get three more shares. the split also makes single shares more affordable. apple stock currently trades above the $380 mark and sent investors have a chance to buy a share for about $100. in the meantime a first for alphabet even though it be earnings expectations. the company just reported its first ever quarterly revenue decline. google ad sales took a hit thanks to the pandemic. and facebook shares revenue grew 11% and is forecasting growth in the current quarter and amazon sought it's sales
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skyrocket. florida resident preparing for tropical storm currently lashing the caribbean with wind and rain and forecast to hit parts of the state of florida and in preparation state officials have closed covid-19 testing sites. they say those sites structures are all tense and they would not be able to withstand the storm. we got some warmer temperatures coming our way and we have fog currently? the usual pattern today is warmer temperatures for the weekend and we will start on the other side of the country with that tropical storm. isaias is a tropical storm centered on the northern edge on the island of espanola and it is the dominican republic and haiti. a lot of mountainous terrain so not very organized over the past 24 hours once became a storm last night. it will continue advancing and strengthening and the official past shows a becoming a hurricane by late friday night and just barely holding onto hurricane strength at 74 miles and above as we head through sunday afternoon and the
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forecast path is east of where was 24 hours ago because his aimed at the tip of florida and the forecast data indicates that this is the most likely scenario but of course that cone of uncertainty includes the east coast of florida and you see the bahamas which were hit hard by hurricane dorian a year ago and it is in the path of this one and the in tests, intensity is hard to forecast but possible given the bathtub warm water and as part of the atlantic that the storm will strengthen further and become a category 2 or 3 storm and the uncertainty really widens out and it could stay further out in the atlantic ocean and that is the best case scenario or it could make landfall and you see a lot of the eastern seaboard included within the cone of uncertainty and the eastern half the country will keep an eye on that. around here we have the fog. looking west from salesforce tower you see the top of it peeking out from the clouds and the temperature stands at 60 degrees downtown which is as
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warm as the city has been all day and upper 60s on the east side and mid-to upper 70s for the north bay and south bay and upper 80s to 90 degrees for inland parts of the east bay and 89 right now in concord in livermore and the fog will spread out and maybe not quite as far into the inland valley says it was this morning and not a whole lot of difference to start friday the day and the fog will back up and still some low clouds overhead and in the city by 10:00 in the morning with clouds and the east side as well. that will back up further probably to about where it ended up today with the cut off line with low clouds around the golden gate and the coast it will be hard to see sunshine on friday but a better chance over the weekend. the temperatures tonight about where they have been over the past several nights around 50 for the valleys of the north bay and those of the cooler spots in the map and most of us in the middle portion of the 50s to begin the last day of july and
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high temperatures will be pretty close to normal for late july within 3 degrees on either side. mid-to upper 60s and low 70s around the bay and upper 70s around the south end with low to mid 80s for the santa clara valley and low 60s along the coast. a little warmer for north bay and the wind will turn a bit and it won't be quite as strong out of the southwest with temperatures reaching further into the 80s and still low 90s further to the east. temperatures inland heat up more as we head into the weekend and around 70 degrees in the city with mid-70s on the east side of the bay into early next week and back into our back and forth fog pattern as we head through the middle of the weekend below normal temperatures by wednesday and thursday. coming up at 5:30, we will look at the forecast for this evening's giants game. and athletes hopes of making it to the paralympics are nearly dashed. the incredible effort to find a prosthetic leg lost at sea. at 5:30, our original series
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today nasa launched its biggest most sophisticated rocket yet in a search for evidence of past life on mars. the rover called perseverance blasted off from kennedy space center and the car sized robotic spacecraft hitched a ride above hard the atlas five rocket. if the landing is successful, it will drill into mars surface to search for signs of microscopic organisms and researchers say they finished all of the mission preparation before the pandemic began. >> as most of you know, if you miss this window you have to
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wait a few years. so it was critically important for us to hit this. >> the rover will also study the climate and geology of mars and capture aerial views of the planet surface. on cbsn bay area we talked to a researcher at nasa about this new mission. >> the found evidence is liquid mark, water has been on mars in the past and so forth and that is been reported many times over the last few years the key challenges if you have water in so many places, which site is the best site for evidence of life? >> okay, spacecraft is expected a touchdown on mars in february of next year. a pair olympian who lost his prosthetic leg now has it back and time to get ready for next year's tokyo games. he lost his prosthetic leg while pottle bolding, paddle boarding on sunday and when rescue divers could not find it that night he all but gave up hope of ever seeing it again
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and on tuesday fire department divers were able to find the prosthetic leg. >> i couldn't believe it and ird begun the process of try to have a new one made which this one took seven months to have fabricated. >> you will be representing the u.s. in the javelin event at the 2021 paralympic games. >> we wish him the best. more local news at 530 including our original series project home. trailers for project home for the homeless and what is working and what is not? >> we can house 30 people and give them an opportunity to be able to pursue their dreams. >> i think it is beautiful. >> it is a good thing. a san francisco neighborhood with a high rate of coronavirus cases finally gets its own testing site. how the community rallied together to make it happen. in north bay man accused of shooting a bb gun at his neighbors ho
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