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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 23, 2020 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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no at 11:00, the calm before the storm. it more dangerous lighting on the horizon. we tell you what it might move through our area. >> i never get to hug her. i did not get to see her. a family searching for answers after their loved one goes missing while escape being the lnu lightning complex . new fire evacuations, forcing hundreds in the southeast to pack up and leave their homes behind tonight. >> if we get out of here we will be safe and hopefully our house does not burn down. across the bay area, combined, more than 766 thousand acres have burned in three separate fires. that is almost 4 times the size of new york city.
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concerns over dangerous weather that could spark more fires. good evening. we have a team of reporters that has you covered on the new evacuations from the growing wildfires and pending storms. let's begin with our chief meteorologist. how soon will lightning will move to the bay area? >> we are seeing lightning outside the bay area already. you're in the central valley, and further to the east, in this era, and with the last hour with than one lightning strike off of the coast of santa cruz county. we already tracking a shower ou are looking id ound the time e down you may have ught an odd colored elbow as the sun was shining through evaporative showers. very little is reaching the ground in terms of rain. it the good news is we have not seen any cloud to ground lightning strikes in the counties of the bay area.
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that is a concern as we head through tonight and into the first hours of tomorrow morning. the threat of the thunderstorms should be winding down about:00 tomorrow morning. it is the red flag warning because any lightning strikes will result in new fires popping up in that is a main concern. it as the rate evaporates, it cools off the air within the thunderstorms, which rushes to the ground. that can result in erratic fire behavior because of the gusty winds. it is lower than a 50-50 chance of any lightning strikes. if we do get cloud to ground lightning we're not talking about a repeat of last weekend but you do not need thousands of lightning strikes. just a couple dozen will cause problems we will statement for a closer look of rater and tomorrow's air quality in a few minutes . right now, the scu lightning complex virus have been deemed the third largest in the state history. the flames growing to nearly 344,000 acres at 10% containment. hellfire issuing new evacuation warnings tonight. due to the potential for tried lightning and gusty winds. one of the most urgent areas of
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concern in the bay area right now is right here. it is along the front lines of the scu complex. specifically this area in yellow history along the western edge of morgan hill and roy. we spoke to evacuees on edge tonight over what the next few hours could ring. >> really, if we get out of here we will be safe. hopefully our house does not burn down. >>reporter: this girl and her family just moved into their new home. it is the moving van is still sitting in the driveway. >> it has been stressful. we have kids that are worried with what will happen to their stuff. >>reporter: more than 20 fires in the scu lightning complex threading more than 20,000 home in five counties. and holmes and morgan hill. >> the lightning potential storm that is coming in has some white knuckles right now. >>por sued a short time ago for this area. you can see the steady stream of cars moving in that
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direction . >> i am nervous. i do not want to lose my home. our lives are more important . >> very confusing, they're not on the same page. wanted to that you can stay the other says have to go. who knows . >> to the tell you have to evacuate? that means they checked out the area and you are not safe around here. >>reporter: cal fire says two of the major fires have merged and broken into three zones, the deer, canning, and calaveras. have not seen this kind of activity . >> we are dealing with areas that have never burned out here. it is posing a to us, access weiss because of the limited access and the age of the material out and the density. >> i am scared a little i am worrying about the fires, the way the winds have been changing. >>reporter: children who cannot go to school and are now forced to leave their homes . >> most important thing is you
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have your parents about me? >> yes. they are important to me. i need to make sure they are safe. >> new video tonight from the front lines of the ccu complex fires. we learned that fires have claimed the life of an elderly man. this comes as fire crews worn 77,000 evacuees to stay out of the evacuation zone. the flames have grown to 74,000 acres in santa cruz and san mateo counties. the fire is eight percent contained after burning 163 structures. today the first death was reported in connection with the ccu complex: sheriff deputy said today the man that was believed to be 70 years old was first reported missing last week. today, it took a helicopter to reach his remains, which were d away frhis . of e the man stayed behind to fight the
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blaze and was trying to escape. >> i wish i had good news for you. i wish i could report on something positive i cannot. i do not want to be standing up here, nor does our office want to be recovering people that are victims of the fire. we have got to help people. this is a very dark -- it is one of the darkest periods we have been in with this fire . >> the victim's identity has not been revealed. the sheriff's office is following up on for more missing person cases . fire crews on the front lines battling the second largest fire in state history, the lm u fire has already claimed at least five lives. as we report, tragedy has struck another family tonight. >> reporter: as the lnu complex yeked eed napa county, robert mcneil lost contact with his mother, mary. she tried to go into townad and
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told her if she goes through that she cannot come back in. so she went back. that is when they started prepping the property to leave. by then it was too late. >> reporter: she turned around and went back to the property. it was to get her wheelchair bound boyfriend. her son, robert, has been up to the property and believes they ended up in the hillside fire hunker because they were surrounded by flames . >> i believe they were not going to the fire shelter because they knew it would be good. with a last resort. they had their exit the vehicle stage. >> reporter: robert says the bunker was sturdy but may not have been up to the task of a hot and fast-moving fire. >> they had a four hour rated fire door. i had 38 still wall in the front next to the door.
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it was insulated with eight inches of insulation. and fiberglass was on the inside. it should have been well insulated. >> reporter: he says his mother was a family caretaker, watching over everyone, even during moments of illness. he says she was his best friend. >> i never get to hug her. i do not get to see her. you know what i mean? i do not want other people to deal with this. >> reporter: she has a message for anyone unsure of whether to follow evacuation orders . >> as much as you think you can hurt for somebody, it is more than that. get out. do not weight. if you think you'll be too much to get your rilers before yoget ouof there . get out. just get out. it is not worth it. >> reporter: the corners office is waiting for dental records to confirm identity these. rob says he does not need that, he knows who was on the property
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when the fire blew through on tuesday night. the family has started a faint book donation page and a banal account to help pay for the funerals. tonight, fire teams from 10 states are being brought in for backup. they're not only driving in a fire engines, they're also delivering resources for aerial assaults. in fact, this water dropping aircraft from wisconsin is what the cow fireplace in mcclellan park. other out-of-state, privately owned firefighting airplanes have arrived, including the global s of a strategy to launch an air attack to try to gain attainment of millions of acres burning. >> we have received 60 fire engine from neighboring states, from arizona, washington, regon, new mexico. ngton, we are proud to be partnering with the red cross in a virtual telethon. it will be running all day
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tomorrow, starting at 4:30 am. remember to stay with and one for continuing coverage of the fires and a list of evacuations go to our website. be sure to join our morning team for the latest on the fires. will also be in and will have the latest on possible lightning storms. she was one of the presidents longest serving advisors. coming up why kellyanne conway is now leading her job at the white house. a controversial covid-19 treatment just got approved by the trump administration. states along the coast to coast our reporting for a one- two punch from a pair ♪
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my name may be on this building, but this place belongs to all of us. ♪ at 11:00, and conway is leaving the white house to focus on her family. in a resignation later, she says she will step away as senior counselor to the president at the end of the month so she can spend more time with her children. one of her daughters has made helis tweets against her mother and politics. her husband, a lawyer and outspoken critic of the president, will also be stepping back from his role on the lincoln project . look at the white house were president trump will officially accept the republicans presidential nomination at this week.
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republican national convention kicks off tomorrow. list of the events will be virtual. there will be some in-person events in north carolina. trump is expected to make an appearance every night of the convention. some other notable speakers include the president's family, and la psych senate majority mitch mcconnell. former ivester, nikki haley and mike pompeo . president trump and vice is an mike pence toti llcallvote in charlotte tomorrow. republicans the rest of the convention out of north carolina because the state would not allow large-scale gatherings during the pandemic . the convention starts tomorrow and runs through thursday. will have full coverage every night at 7:00 followed by expert analysis and a special newscast> tonight, a controvers treatment for covid-19 now approved by the president. resident trump says the fda
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to treat patients with the virus: there's not much medical evidence yet about the effectiveness of the treatment. the president says it can help patients with mortality rates, up to 35%. >> this is a powerful therapy that transfer uses very very strong antibodies from the blood of recovered patients to help treat the patients battling a current infection . >> the president had accused the fda officials of rolling options order to hurt his chances of getting reelected. onto the storm watch. hurricane marco is barreling toward the golf coast with tropical storm lorette not far behind. marco is expected to make landfall tomorrow along louisiana coast land on miles a,
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laura completes the one-two punch as an even stronger storm. the president has already approved an emergency declaration for louisiana. the governor is pumping drainage canals and issuing urgent warnings. >> these storms pose a challenge that we have not seen before. >> this week marks 15 years since hurricane katrina devastated the region. more than 1200 people died in the storm. back at home, a live look at san jose, where the skies are calm, for now. as our meteorologist shows us, that could change in a few hours. >> the potential for more lightning strike. the last thing that we need. scoop rougthe ar most of it evaporates on the way down. the idea of rain sounds nice but it is not enough to help the wildfire situation. evaporating showers made for an eerie looking rainbow over the
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bay as the sun was going down. the son was underneath the clouds and a limited the raindrops. because of all of the particular in the air from the wildfires it shows the pinkish red rainbow. you can see the ghostly image of a double rainbow on the left side. the moisture moving in, like we saw last weekend, the remnants of a tropical system. this is the remnants of hurricane genevieve. the brighter whites is where the deepest moisture in the atmosphere is. is dry air to the south that will push this to the north. while it is here, we have to worry about the potential for showers, thunderstorms, and dry lightning strikes. fortunately did not sing anything on the lightning tracker in the bay area right now. is hard to pick up the actual showers until he put things into motion. anything that moves is an actual shower. a few showers off of the coast of the city, moving towards marin county. we've seen a few showers over the south bay as well. another one up into san jose. fortunately this one is not too
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strong. to the rest of the night, these types of thunderstorms have a tendency to strengthen the further we go into the night. showers could become thunderstorms and that is all you have to worry about cloud to ground lightning. sing it off of the east to misses doe and in the sierras, and more to the south, trying to develop. we will have to keep a close eye on things. tell you is watching this very carefully. future cast inc. to cates the intensifying team to the radar simulation as we head through the rest of the night. does not mean the reader will look like this but it gives us an idea of where the best chance is and went further to the north as we head into the early hours of tomorrow morning with a few leftover showers to begin today. there is e receofcoupwers and thunderstorms developing tomorrow night and into early tuesday. that is lower. the red flag warning continues because of the potential for dry lighting. air quality was miserable
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today, at best. you were in the moderate category. mostly unhealthy to very unhealthy. it looks like it will be another day of poor air quality. either unhealthy for sensitive groups or flat out unhealthy. down into santa clara county also. temperatures have dropped into the 50s and 60s but a few spots hanging onto the 70s. it is still a warm evening. temperatures tonight will back to the upper 50s and low 60s by early tomorrow. will be a challenging day for fire crews because of the party of him then heat into the 80s and 90s. low to mid 70s around most of the bay with upper 70s on the east side of the bay . smoke will be with us through at least the middle of the week and likely beyond that. outside chance of a couple additional thunderstorms early tuesday morning. we will watch that carefully. have to focus on the rest of tonight into tomorrow morning as the showers try to intensify into thunderstorms. coming up, the big celebration planned to honor
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the birthday of the late kobe bryant. next on game day, the giants look to the future by letting go if a piece of the past. we're super careful . a big impact on the finished. there is no process in football. what is the next best thing? a little surprised for bay area football fans. that is next.
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since his retirement in 2016, august 24th has been designated as kobe bryant bay in los angeles. tomorrow will mark the first time the day is been commemorated since his death this past january. we have how the city and fans are keeping his brian memory alive. >> we can ask for more. he was the best. >>reporter: and he said i go to the weeks after his death, today, outside the staples center, a small memorial group has fans pause to remember kobe bryant life and to once again, mourn his loss . >> it is very much a tragic that we lost a true legend. of course, is one of the best. >>reporter: on this his birthday, they celebrated him, reliving his legend on the court .
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>> reporter: and his legacy often. as a father, a coach . >> he was like a friend. i looked up to him as a role model. >>reporter: a prince to millions who never knew him. his former teammates tweeted, with tears in my eyes, i will always be thankful for how much you have impacted my life in so many ways. the dodgers released this birthday video. and icon recognizing another. >> he would grow to love the city of angels. >>reporter: his wife posted this photo and a long message, both sweet and sorrowful, saying, and every lifetime i would choose you. as a family lives on, they will pass the still growing collection of murals, there are more than 200 in southern california alone. rubin was among the first to paint one, days after the january crash that killed the bryants and seven others . >> i'm doing this for all of
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the future bothers and daughters and everyone playing the game and sports remember him for how he left the game. >> reporter: his attribute will be released tomorrow as a limited edition print. a special day creation, artist to artist, bantu superstar. >> as an alligator like you, kobe bryant. doors finding people like, no. michael jordan, or this, or that. i mike, know. it has always been colby. a family of eight homeless. help right now, we could all use some comforting words, so here it goes: melty, melty, tasty, grilly, juicy, sizzle. mmm, that should feel better. the sourdough patty melt is back. make it a combo meal for just $5.99... melty, melty.
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get my sourdough patty melt combo, back on my menu for $5.99. imagine link your home with just a basket of dirty laundry and the clothes on your back and then having nothing to return to. that is reality for a family of eight in vacaville. this is what the fires left behind on their property, a burned-out car, and piles of charred rubble. the little dress project is stepping up to help the six kids left with nothing. the nonprofit normally helps students in need. but now it is focusing on wildfire victims, like this family, giving them all new clothes. for more stories like this, on how we can all be better together go to /together. we are proud to be partnering with the red cross with a virtual telethr
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fire relief. it will be running all day
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>>talook at this guy. napa county sheriff's deputy sharing his lunch with a goat. it left behind after his owner's burned down. the deputy stopped to help him out and the little guy loved his graham crackers. are too cute. let's get one last look at the weather before we go . goodness so far, zero cloud to ground lightning strikes in the bay area. some showers becoming more intense in marin county and up into sonoma county. we will watch the showers becoming full-fledged thunderstorms tonight. will get cloud to ground lightning and the most likely time from between 1:00 m and some rice, around 7:00 in. dusty winds could make the existing fires behave erratically. we will be keeping an eye on that.
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explore flooandande picku >> this is lexis game day 5. >> goes to center and he hits it well. hunter pence with a 3 run shot center field.>> hunter pence is
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final home run in orange and black came against the a's last weekend. hello everybody, this is game day on location tonight. the giants designate hunter pence for assignment and we will have the scoring in a couple of minutes. and tonight jerry rice joined game day and you will find out why but first the san francisco giant trying to remain red-hot. they wanted this guys head on a platter just last week. and you can add trevor cahill to the list of starters, absolutely red-hot. just 4 earned runs in the entire series. and how about joey bart's talent with the glove. he was 1-


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