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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 16, 2020 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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now at 11, breaking news, the big decision about how long distance learning is going to continue in san jose. as wildfires burn across california a new thread is emerging in the east bay hills. >> we are a ticking time bomb of sorts. what will halloween look like this year? the announcement that could scare lots of trick-or- treaters. and some southbay business owners say the pandemic is not ruining them, the county is. >> that they forget about us?>>
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now at 11 and streaming on cbsn bay area, breaking news, the san jose unified school district just announcing distance learning will continue through at least the end of december. officials say conditions continue to remain unsafe or in person learning. the decision comes just one month into the new school year and a week after santa clara county entered the red tier under the states reopening plan which paves the way for schools to reopen. tonight the streak is finally over thank goodness. taking a live look outside in downtown san jose. the last spare the air date of our record-breaking stretch. paul heggen is alongside us with an air quality forecast that should make everyone smile . >> 30 straight spare the air days, not just breaking the old record, crushing it, it was 14.
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this is the map you've been waiting to see, it's easy to pick up the sensors malfunctioning because they are showing poor air quality. everyone else is in green. things are necessarily perfect through the next few days, the forecast for tomorrow, the official version from the epa still shows the possibility of moderate air quality, but some smoke and sneak up from the dolan fire, maybe even from the peninsula to around the bay. that would be the worst case scenario. a lot of smoke has been blown farther off to the north, still plenty of smoke and that northern california areas and the sierra. and look how far all of it has spread across the entire continent. new york city is getting filtered sunsets because of the wildfire smoke that has blown 3000 miles across the country.
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in a few minutes we will check out the air quality forecast as we head through the weekend. tonight when it comes to fire danger one particular spot in the east bay is being described as a ticking time bomb. joe vasquez on that irresponsible behavior that is prompting a new crackdown.>> reporter: here on grizzly peak in berkeley hills signs are up warning folks about the potential for wildfires but officials say not it's everyone is heeding the warnings. it was a spectacular sunset under a clear sky, perfect for selfies. but as night falls officials say the fun often involves illegal fireworks, bonfires and other reckless behavior.>> knowing that the majority of those have been caused by people is definitely concerning. >> the threat is real within the community. schenectady officials from oakland and berkeley reported eight small fires since june 1. >> we are a ticking time bomb of sorts, it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. >> we haven't seen the
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fireworks but we've heard them. we are in oakland hills, an area that was burned in the last big fire. >> she's talking about the oakland hills fire of 1991, 25 people dead and thousands of homes destroyed. they are now beefing up nighttime patrols along the grizzly peak corridor. >> do not come up here at night, and if you are appear during the day you should not be smoking. >> there is a new rule, no stopping in the turnouts from 9 pm through 6 am unless it is an emergency. while the coronavirus may not be spreading as fast in the bay area right now, it is proving to be deadlier than ever. our region has seen an average of more than 17 deaths each day over the last week. that is a record high, that's according to data compiled by the bay area news group. statewide nearly 110 people have died every day on average over the past seven days. and tonight santa clara county says that private healthcare providers need to do more when it comes to coronavirus testing.
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three months ago officials ordered private healthcare companies to step up their testing. but they say they are still falling way short. in the first week of september the county did 13,000 tests but private companies quitting kaiser, stanford and hca are doing far fewer. kaiser says it's committed to making testing timely and accessible for its members. tonight a group of business owners across santa clara county is coming together to tell county leaders, enough. and that they are destroying the economy, not the pandemic. ray medina is in san jose with the plea to relax restrictions. >> reporter: tonight there is disappointment and frustration toward county and help leaders for not allowing indoor dining, places of worship and others to reopen. despite the fact that the county moved into the red tier last week, a tear that allows those places to reopen. >> did they forget about us?>>
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for six months my wondered when aestheticians in santa clara county can work again. after all medical spas were allowed to reopen and offer the same facial services that aestheticians perform. >> only santa clara county has prohibited aestheticians from working for six months. >> santa clara is like this weird outlier, i don't get it, we don't get it. it's extremely frustrating. >> business owners are calling on county supervisors and dr. sara cody to follow the states red tier guidelines including allowing indoor dining and places of worship to provide food and shelter. >> the cold weather is coming. some have been operating outside to some degree but it's really just been a band-aid. >> how many of the same care professionals have missed a single paycheck? >> fred jones from the professional beauty federation of california says the entire now, hair, and skin industry is
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trained and licensed by the state. but the county is not allowing the entire industry to reopen. >> it's inappropriate, ignorant and i would go so far as to say a callous misunderstanding of what we do in the beauty industry to keep client safe. >> maye never got to hold a grand opening for her second location and she doesn't know when or if she ever will. >> our businesses are dying. >> indoor dining is risky because it involves taking off your mask and that the red tier means the presence of covid-19 is substantial. tonight thousands of kids in contra costa county are feeling haunted by new guidelines released ahead of halloween. health officials are urging people not to trick-or-treat or hold parties because of the coronavirus. instead they are encouraging parents to get creative. they recommend holding virtual costume contests and festive car parades. >> this is just yet another
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thing where we have to create our own new tradition. >> i think it is a bummer for the kids and the parents who enjoy watching their kids have fun. but i think we've got to be creative. >> tonight the head of the cdc is laying out the timeline for a possible vaccine. he says logistically widespread access is unlikely until next year. in what he calls an interim playbook the cdc has outlined a plan on how to distribute a vaccine 24 hours after one is approved by the government. that vaccine would be free but the massive effort to get it to 300+ million americans protected from covid-19 would take time. >> we don't specifically know what product we are getting, what kind of conditions it will require to maintain a vaccine. we are hoping to pursue the possibility of having mobile vans.>> there are currently six
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vaccine candidates and most require a second dose either 21 or 28 days after the first. still ahead, the trump administration derails caltrans plan to help the homeless.>> within a few months we had a plan that was ready to execute. >> who would try to set someone on fire at a boba shop of all places. tonight, the story gets even weirder. and imagine getting
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as winter approaches and the pandemic rages on, the need
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to house the homeless in the bay area is more urgent than ever. >> and tonight's project home, susie steimle discovers that the trump administration has put the brakes on projects that would help thousands.>> we are really nervous now that it's getting into the fall. >> bill is the ceo of covenant house california, a nonprofit that manages the only homeless shelter for the youth in berkeley. a safe place for teens. >> i believe that without the letter a, i wouldn't be me today. >> we caught up with them in january they were sleeping on the floor of the church but hope was running high because of an offer from the governor's office. the covenant house was going to receive some brand-new trailers to temporarily house these teens. part of a fleet dispatch from sacramento. 15 trailers were dropped off in the city of oakland lot but nine months later they are still there, sitting empty.
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>> some of the trailers got reallocated before we could use them. >> first came the pandemic so oakland told bill they had to reclaim the trailers to house training patients. that never happened, but then in july, a positive update, caltrans was going to make available a lot in oakland for all 15 trailers. >> within a few months we had a plan that was ready to execute. our youth are prepared to move, our staff was repaired to move. >> been another roadblock in washington, the trump administration revoked that are operable to use i relent for any homeless projects across california. this comes after president trump criticized california's handling of the homelessness crisis. in letters we obtain from the federal highway administration, it revokes approval of five projects in san francisco, sacramento and los angeles. saying temporary homeless shelters are not an appropriate
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use of the highway right-of- way. caltrans director fights back saying washington's unexpected relocations have created a highly unfortunate situation for all parties. the highway administration eventually approved two of the disputed locations in san francisco where homeless shelters have already been built. the approval for the third and largest temporary housing project, a 200 bed navigation center next to interstate 280 remains revoked. so does federal approval for major homeless projects in la and sacramento. >> the very people the trump administration who are beating us over the head saying you are not doing nearly enough to clean up this homeless problem, are denying us the ability to go forward with our project. >> the sacramento mayor says the ruling from washington has caused months of delays, even as the homeless crisis intensifies. >> only want to do in our city and other cities is bring people who are homeless inside for safety, for health and to
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reduce the homeless problem in our city. >> he says disregarding washington could have serious consequences. in one letter to caltrans the highway administration warns it may take any action deemed appropriate including withholding federal aid highway funding if the state failed to comply with federal requirements. >> we are working in partnership with governor newsom and caltrans and i think it's important that we stay connected here. because i do understand that there is more at stake than just the one project in my city.>> like the project next to i-280 in san francisco. city officials there are also fighting back hurried an email mayor london breeds press director told us, we are continuing to move forward under the approval we received from caltrans. oakland did not respond to our calls for, and we found no sign
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of activity at the lot on 3rd and peralta.>> we are feeling sorry for our youth because they were looking forward to having 24/7 shelter space and we were looking forward to being able to provide them with around-the-clock case management and support that they really need to be successful. >> we reached out to the federal highway administration and they did not want to our request for comment. we do have some good news, one of the young man you saw the covenant house has found a permanent home and is moving into an apartment. the other young man you saw is safe, he is at the shelter, still looking for his permanent home.>> keep sending your stories and ideas to project home at and see all of susie's reporting on our website. in san jose tonight a manhunt underway for a shooter that opened fire on a crowd
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during a vigil. two people were killed and four others wounded. witnesses say the group was gathered for a memorial when bullets started flying. so far no word on a motive. in berkeley we are getting a look at the man accused of trying to set several people on fire. the 46-year-old man is facing several charges today. police say he walked into a tea shop armed with a hatchet and lit a customer's hair on fire. it happened monday night, police say he also tried to light to other people on fire. onto fire watch, we are learning california's 18 national forests will stay closed until at least monday with dozens of wildfires already ravaging the state there is concern campers could start new fires. the largest fire burning in southern california is the bobcat fire. firefighters are facing a number of challenges. they say steep terrain and dry
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brush are prompting the flames to spread unpredictably. yesterday the fire jumped highway 2 starting a spot fire that prompted new evacuations. the blaze has charged 44,000 acres in the angeles national forest. from fires to storm watch, hurricane sally which has weakened to a tropical depression in the gulf, we are learning that one person has died and another is missing, hundreds had to be rescued in florida. you can see the power of this storm, power poles at an angle, boats washed onto roadways. more than half 1 million people without power. and this storm is still dumping feet of rain as inches toward georgia. didn't move too fast either. >> finally starting to pick up a little bit of speed but still will be producing several inches of rain along its path. there's all that rain spreading
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, which will drop 3 to 6 inches of rain as it continues tracking into the carolinas. has weakened to a tropical depression and finally moving away from the spots that it inundated with feats of rainfall. our weather pattern is being dominated by a couple of different things. and offshore storm system off the pacific in a weakening area of high pressure over the four corners. and our atmosphere is getting squeezed in between. we've seen stronger winds gradually kicking in, hoping to scour out some low-level smoke. we will see changes as we had toward the end of the workweek as this storm system edges its weight toward the pacific northwest for some very welcome rain in washington state and oregon and just ascending a few clouds toward us. as the storm moves farther inland, we are watching it very carefully because as the air
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circulates around this, counterclockwise, we will see brief winds from the north that could grab some of the smoke over oregon and california and send it down toward us. ugly not the low-level smoke but probably a little higher up in the atmosphere. we are going to have to watch for any potential return of smoky conditions, that stuff up in the atmosphere can settle down in the low levels. so moderate air quality in the forecast for all zones of the bay area for saturday and sunday just in case that happens. at worst it will be in the moderate category tomorrow and that is really kind of an overstatement. good air quality in place across the bay area right now, plenty of fog dropping down lower and lower obscuring more of san francisco. temperatures in the 60s across the board, there's that fog creeping pretty far into the inland valleys. some high clouds will be swiftly up toward us, making
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its bay way to the coast by friday morning. temperatures don't drop very far for the rest of the night, most of us will end up in the upper 50s and low 60s by tomorrow morning. we warm up to the low to mid 60s along the coast tomorrow, a mix of 70s and 80s around the south bay and santa clara valley, 77 in san jose and santa clara. the warmest temperatures will be on the east side of the diablo range, mid to upper 80s, low to mid 80s for the tri- valley, a mix of upper 60s and low to mid 70s along the central bank and low 80s for the north bay, very close to what is normal for this time of the year. just a couple degrees warmer for noma and sonoma county. and everybody backs up a bit more for friday as we get cooler air for at least a day hurried back up to around 70 degrees near the bay by saturday and sunday. the
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49ers lose one of their top defenders, we will tell you who and for how long, and man it
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as you know smoke force the giant series against seattle to be played in san francisco, and to make it stranger the giants were the visiting team at oracle park. now all that comforts of home for alex dickerson who is having way too much fun hiring foul balls, brandon belt hammers one that would not have gone last year. his eighth of the season. seventh-inning, brandon crawford, they scored 25 runs in three games against seattle. the good vibes went away when dylan mohr got hit in the head with it 99 mile an hour heater. moore ran the bases what and was eventually removed.
11:28 pm
mike myers allowed a one in six inning but he was upstaged by one of the best baserunning plays of the season. the a's look like they would get doubled up, but he avoids the tag, remember, you can't block the plate anymore. the a's went 3-1 and they will get the day off tomorrow. nfl, the 49ers placed cornerback richard sherman on injured/reserved. he's got a calf injury and he will miss the next three games. this guy hasn't missed too many games and on sunday the 37-year- old frank gore will start in the backfield against his former team. he's the 49ers all-time leading rusher and began back in 2005. >> you will be an honor to go against him this week, he still
11:29 pm
got it. >> the guys that run that hard very rarely can play to his age, which just shows how dedicated he is, he's a special dude. >> the quakes will host the portland timbers and san jose got that equalizer in the 76 minute. they barely got the ball across the line, the official reviewed it to confirm the goal. the quakes have yet to win since returning from the mls restart tournament. and the u.s. open starts in just over four hours.
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even a fried chicken for dessert? >> that's what one bakery is serving up. take a look at this, there's a big bite out of that window. yes, it really is sweet inside. a bakery in hong kong came up with the idea after sales dropped during the pandemic. their videos have been popular on social media and now orders are way up hurried prices range from 200 to 1700 bucks a cake. it better be really good. for that amount of money. the fried chicken is a little odd though. the flip-flop i can get in with, the fried chicken was weird. we will be right back. ladies... check it out.
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