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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  September 17, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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officers take rogue actions to try and save a driver that was struck or, rather, stuck in a burning car. the measure san jose city council members yesterday and was we endorsed to restore a major riot to tens of thousands of people. good evening. as winter approaches the pandemic rages on, they need the house the homeless in the bay area is more urgent than ever. and our leaders story, project home, susie discovers the trump administration has put the brakes on projects that would help thousands. >> we are really nervous now, kind of getting into the fall. >> reporter: he is the ceo of covenant house, california, a nonprofit that manages the only homeless shelter for youth and berkeley. a safe place for teams like jake and montel ward. >> i believe that without this, i would not be upth themjay,h
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the floor of the church, but hope was running high because of an offer from the governor's office. they were going to receive some brand-new trailers to temporarily house these teens, part of a fleet dispatch from sacramento. 15 trailers were dropped off in the city of oakland lot but nine months later, they are still there. sitting empty. >> some of the trail is not reallocated before we could use them. >> frisking the pandemic so oakland told they had to reclaim the trails to house covid patients. that never happened but he waited patiently. that in july a positive update. they were going to make available a lot in west oakland, at third and peralta for all 15 trailers. >> within a few months we had a plan that was ready to execute so our youth were prepared to move, our staff was prepared to move. >> then another roadblock. this time from washington. much of administration revoked federal approval to use highway land for any homeless projects across california. and this comes after president trump criticized california's
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handling of the homelessness crisis. and that is routine from federal highway demonstration, and caltrans, the fhwa revokes approval of five projects in san francisco, sentimental, and los angeles. saying temporary homeless shelters are not an appropriate use of the highway right-of- way. caltrans director fights back, saying washington's unexpected relocations have created a highly unfortunate situation for all parties. have administration eventually approved two of the disputed locations in san francisco, where homeless shelters have already been billed. but approval for the third and largest temporary housing avreinked. it is federal approval for major homeless project in la, and sacramento. >> the very people that have administration, who are beating us over the head, saying you are not doing nearly enough to clean up this homeless problem, are denying us the ability to
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go forward with our project. >> the second male -- segment to mayor system in washington has caused months of delays, even at the homeless crisis intensifying. >> all we want to do in our city, and in other cities, is bring people who are homeless inside for safety, for health, and to reduce the homeless problem in our city. >> he says disregarding washington could have serious consequences. in one letter to caltrans the highway demonstration warns it may take any action deemed appropriate including withholding federal aid highway funding if a state fails to comply with federal requirements. >> we are working in partnership with gov. newson, and caltrans. and i think it is important that we stay connected here. because i do understand there is more at stake than just the one project in my city.
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>> but the project next i have been to 80 in san francisco, city officials there are also fighting back. an email, mayor london breed less director andy lynch told us we are continuing to move forward under the approval we have of course the from caltrans. oakland did not respond to other calls for comment. we found no sign of activity on the lot on third and peralta. meanwhile the search for an alternate site has gone nowhere. >> i'm really disappointed for our youth because they were looking forward to having the 24/7 shelter space and we were really looking forward to be able to provide them with around-the-clock case management, and educational employment support. they really need to be successful. >> we did reach out to the federal highway administration, they do not respond to our request for comment for this story. we do have some good news, though, jake, one of the young men you saw the covenant house, has found a permanent home and is moving into an apartment. montel ward, the other young men you saw, is safe, he's at the shelter still, still
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looking for his permanent home. keep sending your stories and ideas to project home at keep sending your stories and ideas to project inside of her reporting on our website. a check of the weather, trucks was around the bay area, we are indeed enjoying some of the best air-quality we have in weeks, in fact is the first time in 30 days without a spare the air warning because of all the smoke from the wildfires. >> investors are looking into a destructive fire at a church in san francisco. flames broke out before dawn in a community building and adjacent to st. gregory, the illuminator, on, avenue. no one was hurt but the church's library, offices and sunday school lessons were damaged. the golden gate bridge district is putting bus and ferry operators on notice for potential layoffs. it comes in the wake of a continuing ridership slump. the federal stimulus dollars for the system run out next month. possible layoff notices happens and two 185 workers. some new toakndofficers
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stopped the burning them from rolling down an embankment, and then rescued a man who is trapped inside. happened this morning about some going 45. lycc collided with a city vehicle on a ramp from 880 southbound near the airport. officers first managed to stop that band from rolling down the hill, then firefighters arrived, pulled the driver out of the wreckage, putting out the fire. the truck driver was not injured, the van driver, 35- year-old man from antioch, we are told, is in critical condition. santa clara county is pushing private healthcare providertoshlder more of the burden of mask coronavirus testing by threatening them with fines if they don't. the county tells the bay area news group its public sites tested triple the number of people kaiser did in the first week of september. a new mandate taking effect next friday requires private systems to test any essential worker who asks and to put
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conspicuous information about how to get tested in waiting rooms and on websites. fines for violations will start at $5000. not back to school just yet, the guidelines, k-12 schools in santa clara county can reopen as early as next week. but was a unified says there is no way they can do that in good conscience. >> we can trust is bring 30 students back into the classroom. we need to make sure the community around us is ready for indoor gatherings. >> according to family service, parents say that they want consistency. the district agrees saying that kids and if it from routine. so flip-flopping back and forth between closing and opening would be disruptive would make learning real hard.
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>> it is disruptive to our parents, it is disruptive to our staff. want to make the decision to open, we need to be able to stay the course. >> and hesitant to answer because i'm not in their shoes. it is easy to give it an easy answer for other people. i know they're doing their best. >> no easy answer. they will announce plans for the spring semester in early december. five hours in oakland is in signing a bill into law, that would help some essential workers who contracted covid-19 on the job. aims to make it easier for infected firefighters, police officers, and some other essential workers to be covered under the state's workers compensation program. the new law presumes employees got sick at their worksite, if there was an outbreak, meaning five or more people got sick at their workplace within a two- week period.
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the law takes effect immediately. and some local leaders are getting behind the measure to restore voting rights to formerly incarcerated people. this is a live look at san jose, where the city council voted unanimously to endorse prop 17, on the november ballot. if it passes, california would become the 20th state to allow residents on parole for felony convictions to vote. after finishing their sentences. coming up, if you been itching to visit hawaii, you could be in luck, the state's new plan allowing travelers to bypass the 14 day quarantine. with tours -- what boris need to do. why one airline is offering a flight to know where. coming up new at six, no covid vaccine yet, but that is why one bay area county is pushing hard on flu shots. plus, fire risk ain top of mind here in california, and they are addressing it here in the oakland hills today, what is interesting about this work, where the money came from to get it done. kpix5 news we saw the cloud of smoke
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and my heart fell. i knew we'd lose our home... and we did.
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over 24,000 homes have been destroyed by wildfires in the past few years. wildfire victims need help so i'm voting 'yes' on 19. it limits property taxes on wildfire victims so families can move to a replacement home iwithout a tax penalty.s on wildfire victims you never know what you'll be faced with. please, vote 'yes' on 19. mark your calendars, taurus will be allowed in hawaii er 15 that 14 day quarantine as long as you test -3 days before your trip. hawaii has announced a target date three times before, though, they had changed all of those plans. earlier this week they did approve a new proposal for so- called resort bubbles. visitors can quarantine under quarantine can enjoy the
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vacations as long as they stay on hotel property. how would they know? that thing right there, guess have to wear that gps bracelet, if they leave security flies that, please are notified, break the rules, face a $5000 fine and up to a year in jail. travel experts say there may be a surgeon demand once the hawaii quarantine is lifted, well, that could mean higher airfares four trips this fall. and ecstatic whiter experience for traveling to sfo, announcements about boarding runny delays, only going to be made at your gate instead of the entire terminal. the goal is to reduce airport noise by 40%. some people want to get away so badly there willing to board a flight to nowhere. want is airlines advertise a seven hour scenic joy flight industrially. and it was sold out within 10 minutes. the airline says it is in response to strong demand from
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frequent flyers who just missed the experience of flying. so on october 10 passengers will travel from sydney, over queensland, new south wales and the northern territory. airline executives were at the white house today, pushing for passage of a relief package, to offer layouts. they say unless something passes by october 1, thousands of airline workers will be furloughed. >> they are out there putting the uniforms on, going to work every day, making sure we are moving and without action, they are going to, they going to be furloughed on october 1 and that is not is notirthemisnot that our country. >> united airlines as it plans to furlough more than 16,000 employees next month, unless it gets more government aid. delta says it may have to furlough some pilots. planes racing toward multiple communities in southern california. how one. creative to escape the flames, and smoke. today marks six months since the bay area shut down, we began isolation. many of you have been sharing
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your thoughts with us on what you missed the most. laura willie says i miss seeing people smile. they say i miss watching and rooting for my kids during their soccer and lacrosse games. darlene newsom says i miss
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unrentincomethe growing bobcat fire has sparked new
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evacuation orders done southern california. with flames racing down toward notable communities. flames and smoke of cast that orange glow across southern california. does that look familiar? is what we experienced last week to go residence in parts of the antelope valley had been told to get out now. with very little time to pack people describing what they can, there getting there important documents, the irreplaceable items. >> we packed early this morning and we got everything together, all of our valuables and things that we wanted to have come you know, paperwork and stuff like that. pictures. >> crews are mainly battling the flames with the air drops, that is to get a line around this fire. so far the wildfires scorched despair was like we can't escape the smoke and flames when it was caught taking a little dip in the pool at a home in sierra madre. resident says he has seen several deer, coyotes, and bears recently, all trying to get away from the bobcat fire.
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that there is pretty smart, he has the right idea. and paul, a lot of us are spending as much time as we could outside today, just to breathe it in, and appreciate what we have not had in 30 days. >> fresh air, good air quality across the bay area today, at worst dipping into the moderate category and even then for a little while, problem is, there is all around us, so just takes a subtle shift in the wind direction for some of that smoke to make its way back in. the good news in the short term is the storm system that is been squeezing atmosphere over the bay area and scaring of the smoke will bring some very welcome rainfall to the pacific northwest, help of the wildfires situation in washington and oregon tomorrow. the problem is as the storm system was inland, the wind will shift to the north, and that has the potential to take some of the smoke especially from the august complex to the north of the bay area, and send it back down into the bay area. i will take a look at the experimental's milk forecast model, coming up at six the clock, but saturday i think we could see some smoke trying to return at least farther up in
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the atmosphere, and the air- quality forecast is call for at least moderate air-quality saturday, sunday and into monday, not orange dots in the forecast yet, this the official forecast from the epa but i think they'll have to sprinkle in the them of those orange dots at least as we head to the weekend into early next week so enjoy the good air body that we have right now. it looks great. as we look westward the fog that making its way too far inland just yet, high temperatures made almost into 90 in concord and napa, low 80 san jose, 70s and fremont, about 70 in half moon bay in only mid-60s in the -- in the city. the data temperatures on the mid-60s, otherwise temperatures just a tiny bit above average for the inland, especially for the east, still 85 in concord and 82 in livermore him a pretty typical september evening. the follicles put back out as we head towards early tomorrow morning, even thicken up to result in some mist and was along the coast, inland spots we will clear up for a temperatures warm up a little bit more improving visibility is except around the bay by late morning and in the fog backs up toward the coast by
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early afternoon. in terms of that mist and drizzle it might be heavy enough to addict is a measurable moisture but just barely more than a trace of that. temperatures tonight dropping down into the upper 50s and low 60s by early friday morning, from there, we warm up to only a couple degrees below average for this time of year. mid 60s along the coast, low to mid 70s around the south end of the bay with mid to upper 70s and the santa clara valley, only 75 in san jose, that sounds fall like. temperatures in the upper 70s to around 80 for the tri- valley, the warm spots east of the diablo range only in the low 80s. mid to upper 60s and low 70s around the bay with low to mid 70s for the northbay, just a tiny bit warmer for the north but it is not going to be a warm day at all to finish up the work week. the warmth returns as we head into the weekend, again i have a look at that smoke forecast model coming up at six the clock. we may have to add in a couple of smoke icons farther down the line in seven-day forecast.
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actress laura locklin will get to serve her prison time close to home. a federal judge in boston did agree to her request, it is recommended for two month sentence be spent at the prison in victorville, and our way from los angeles. she and her husband admitted to paying bribes to get their daughters into usc. she's said she sent to report on prison on 1119. nike commemorating four years since former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick took the need to protest racial injustice is releasing an all- black number seven jersey. but it is going to be hard to get your hands on one. it did go on sale online this morning, sold-out and less than a minute. the price was $150. former president barack obama's fourth book will be released after the upcoming election. here is look at the cover. the memoir titled a promised land hits shelves on november 17. he says he tries to give an honest accounting of his presidency in the book. new at six, flu season proven to be a big challenge for health officials, what a bay area counties is now
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pushing hard for in lieu of a covid vaccine. plus residence in the oakland hills not waiting around for fires to reach their homes. the fire prevention plan that signed off by the city. in business owners in san francisco client for a block of church street to reopen. why they say the intent of the closure is now moved. still ahead, how one bay area woman is not only lending a hand the sentences go seniors but le ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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since the pandemic began many of us have had to make changes, and adapt. not many of us have adapted like adrian williams. she shifted her nonprofit from helping young san francisco children she calls her babies to those in need on the other end of the age spectrum. three times a week, reference in the and joseph and wanda
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hutchins didn't greet volunteers delivering backs of food to residents of fellowship manor, and affordable housing complex in san francisco. >> they are so excited and happy that someone is thinking about them, doing -- during this pandemic time and bring them something to eat. >> reporter: and 25 backs, organic chicken, eggs, fresh fruits, vegetables, even real butter. all delivered by the village project. the san francisco-based nonprofit helping families and children in underserved communities. it is all things to the village project founder and director, adrian williams, who, since the pandemic began, is rising at the crack of dawn five days a week and heading to the san francisco food bank. it is right twice a day she picks up nearly 900 pounds of food with a bargain price of $.18 a pound. >> i love it. >> stuffing every square inch of her small cheap. and she is a handful of others turned those groceries into 2000 backs of deliverable food every month. mainly for seniors.
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>> so after the shutdown, i started thinking, my seniors are not going to be able to eat, so that is what we started doing, was backing it up, so i think the first week was about 50 bags. and then now, it is like over 100 back today. >> as a pandemic stretches on, adrian says she loses count of just how many locations and individuals the project is not helping. >> it is just constant, so when we get down with the food bank again, so do that, go home, sleep. >> she does have a wish list to keep this crucial service coming. number one is heavy duty plastic grocery bags. until now, adrian has had to divert funding from her youth programs, almost all of that is being spent on food. >> the food the last month was $1400. >> reporter: she is praying for a miracle so she can continue to serve the community she
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loves. this is the specific type of back they needed, and has to be really strong to hold heavy groceries they deliver. and they have to be new because of covid you cannot reuse feedbacks. the news at six begins right now. fire risk again top of mind right now, they are addressing it here in the oakland hills today. what is so interesting about this work, where the money came from, to get it done. this just in, sentences go department of health out with some new information for in person classes. our top stories, no covid vaccine yet, which is why one bay area county is pushing the flu shot hard. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i am ken bastida. health officials where the covid-19 and the coming flu season. let's get right out to len ramirez to the dual threat.
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starting this saturday and every saturday until the end of the year, santa clara county will be offering free flu shots here at the fairgrounds. county officials are trying to get a jump on influenza this year because of potential complications from the coronavirus. board of supervisors president rolled up her sleeves to get this year's flu shot, and the importance of getting the flu shot. >> we are encouraging everyone from toddlers to seniors from age 3 to come you know, forever, to get a free flu shots. >> flu shots will be given to all every saturday between 9 am and 4 pm from now until the end of december and this year there's extra urgency because of the dual threat from influenza and coronavirus, which are different viruses, but present with


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