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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  September 18, 2020 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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will be filled with smoke once again. good morning, it is friday, one of our favorite days of the >> i am in keys. it is a foggy start but more fresh air is on the way. >> happy friday to you. enjoy our fresh and clean air. geon the way for the eken
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u can see thair quality, all of definitely take advantage of this with that clean air and we are looking at good tomato air quality through our day. it is a foggy start because of that onshore flow and even some patchy drizzle with that sea breeze. that is why we have that clean air. temperatures are running in the upper 50s to low to mid 60s at this hour and through our afternoon, we are looking at 67 in san francisco, 72 in oakland, 75 in san jose and 80 for concord. highs are below average for this time of year and a little cooler compared to yesterday. i will show you our smoke alarm the forecast. it does look great today, but as we look to our weekend, that smoke pushes into the bay area and we will have details on this coming up in just a few minutes. let's check in with gianna and it is foggy, especially across the golden gate bridge. >> that is g if you are going out early and you plan on taking the golden gate bridge, you will run into some foggy spots. limited visibility will be a factor. there are not a lot of cars on the roadway and we are hoping
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this morninll be friday light for the most part. it is a pretty easy ride into san francisco. it is 15 minutes from the san rafael bridge towards southbound 101. the bay bridge toll plaza is seeing more cars but overall a pretty easy ride as well. chb has a fog advisory in effect for the bay bridge and more on the eastside into san francisco and one area where we have a lot of brake lights is the dreaded allatoona pass commute. i will have the times in my next report. a new threat for the fire ravaged santa cruz mountains if and when the rainy season finally arrives, the bone dry and burn scar to terrain will be at extreme risk for mudslides. >> you can get landslides with as little as a quarter inch of rain and we have had crews up there, kind of inspecting some of the areas and the dirt is already starting to move. >> it is going to do what it is going to do. there is not a lot we can do to stop it from happening but other than just protecting life is the number one priority. >> crews are already hard at work looking for ways to protect hillside homes and divert potential serious debris flows. new numbers from cal fire on the czu complex fire burning
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in san mateo and santa cruz county. the fire is 97% contained. full containment is expected sunday night. more than 86,000 acres have burned, destroying neither the 25 homes and damaging 90 residences. the u.s. forest service says of firefighter has died, battling the wildfire sparked by fireworks in a gender reveal party in san bernardino county. the agency says the firefighter died thursday and it is not clear exactly what happened. the firefighter has not been identified. flames from the bobcat fire are racing towards the several areas prompting new evacuations. flames and smoke cast in or ss area last week. it almost looks like mars. fire crews are protecting the historic observatory on mount wilson, while some have been forced to evacuate with little warning. >> i told my daughter we have to go now. she said i needed these pictures.
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so, you know, we do not have much time. we had to go now. >> yosemite national park is off-limits. it is easy to see why. what is not easy to see is anything else. wildfire smoke has pushed the parks air quality into hazardous territory. it is expected to stay that way through the weekend. the park says it will reopen once conditions are safe. in oregon's governor said one event is expected to bring welcome relief to fire crews. more than 20 fire are continuing to burn close to 1 million acres across the state. the devastating places have forced tens of thousands from > cafornia is now ho to eight i one of the most expensive paid family leave laws in the countries where governor newsom signed a bill requiring
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companies with at least five employees to provide up to 12 weeks of partially paid leave. workers averaging 24 hours a week can take that time to bond with a new child or care for a close relative, spouse, or partner. if passed, it was thanks to buffy wicks, who brought her newborn to the floor after anthony went and denied her of vote. he later apologized. >> the san jose housing department will hold a webinar on the new statewide moratorium on evictions. the new rule replaces the city's local version landlords and tenants can log in or dial in for today's session which begins at 1:00. in oakland, relief is on the way to low income renters and homeowners. the city was awarded $4.5 million through federal funds for the cares act. it will be used for new housing and to protect low to moderate income renters and homeowners. top officials at san jose state university are being
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accused of covering up allegations of sexual misconduct and then retaliating against the whistleblowers who say they try to tell the truth. kiet do is at the university with more. >> reporter: good morning, these are some serious allegations of a pattern of misconduct involving top leaders at san jose state university and at the center of it all is this man, the former deputy athletic director by the name of steve o'brien. he accused university president and athletic director and several others for covering the multiple allegations that use and more than a dozen allegations against the director of sports medicine for inappropriately touching female swimmers when they come in for treatment. brian claims they retaliated against whistleblowers and when he did not, he was fired this year. is a lawyer issued a statement saying we allege mr. o'brien was fired for exposing san jose state's cover-up of the alleged sexual assault committed by scott shopper we also alleged
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that he was fired for uncovering widespread retaliation. they released a statement saying although we disagree with many of his statements -- we point the finger at the president because that is a great source of where much of this corruption is getting its momentum. >> reporter: that was a justice studies professor whose whistleblower. she calls o'brien a hero.'s lawyer has filed a claim in preparation to sue the university for damages in excess of $25,000 per in downtown san jose, kpix 5 . actress lori loughlin will
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serve prison time close to home. a federal judge in boston agree to her request and is recommending her two month sentence be spent at the prison in victorville. that is about an hour from los angeles. she and her husband admitted to paying bribes to get her daughters into usc. she is such report to prison on november 19th. in one apology, from the family of someone -- finnigan lee elder said he will never be able to forgive himself but hopes one day the family of mario can. the newlywed officer was stabbed 11 times in his cup with american last year. it started when elder and gabriel were involved in a botched drug deal. >> pg&e has a financial officer leaving for another utility. they report that jason wells will resign from pg&e next friday. he will start his new job as cfo of houston-based centerpoint energy the following week. pg&e faced billions of dollars in liability cost and looks for
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chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after they sparked deadly wildfires in 2017 and 2018. he spent 18 months helping the san francisco bay company negotiate its exit from bankruptcy with financiers and regulators and lawmakers. pg&e says it is launching a search for a new cfo. shop owners that up. why they say new lease plan to create more spaces stealing their business. >> we are starting off our day with good air quality on this friday morning. changes are ahead as early as tomorrow. we will talk about the chance for smoke moving through the bay area coming up. >> as we look at the roadways, the golden gate bridge is a little foggy. i will have that and look at travel times coming up. let's take another look awesome internet. it's more than just fast.
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for $24.99 a month for 12 months and get advanced security free with the xfi gateway. switch today. band u.s. business transactions with the chinese owned social labs, which had an to talk on sunday. it comes as president donald trump is expected to announce
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whether the government will approve a deal for oracle to take a minority stake in tiktok. it is unclear if they me there is no possibility of a deal going through before that sunday deadline. look at sfo where today a canine safe from the dog meat train in korea will arrive on a flight from seoul. the dog named narnia will meet their new family. two organizations in defense of animals have been working to save hundreds and bring them to north america. some schools are geg ready see how one private school is preparing to hopefully open in october. the school, city and specter is going through a checklist making certain hand sanitizer va wi other protective equipment and they
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are 60 the particle department says it has learned a lot since march and indicators were more worried about cleaning surfaces before. >> we have told them that they can do routine cleaning, but it does not necessarily need a quote and quote deep cleaning but that they do need to focus more on face coverings, physical distancing. >> once approved, the school will be one of the first in the city to bring students back and there will be a lot to learn about including a silent lunch and that means there will be no talking during lunch break because masks are off when kids are eating. kids need to be in school. this is what it is about there lightbulbs need to go back on for their social and emotional health along with their learning. i feel like we're almost as ready as we can be. >> more than 75 private and frugal schools are in the process of requesting to reopen . they have not yet announced any timetable for reopening and then there is this to consider. the new paper estimates that
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42% of teachers and other school employees fall into at least one high risk category. that includes obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and being 65 or older. the paper was published yesterday in the medical journal health affairs. stay up-to-date on all the changes in your district. check out the special section on our website at to-school. some san francisco business owners say a plan to create more space for muni riders is hurting them. they have close to half block of church street between 15th and market and dozens of parking spaces have been removed as well. it is the new last opt for the modified jade line they wanted to create space for all riders while getting on and off trains but some restaurant owners and say they cannot even sell to go orders because drivers cannot get to them to pick up the food. >> people will not take muni because it does not feel that
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safe right now with the pandemic. >> how is your business? >> it is not good. it was bad and now it is worse, pretty much i am paying for my bills and trying to get through this. i do not know how long i can last, really. >> reporter: we reached out to muni for, but have yet to hear back. an unexpected public facility terminated by the pandemic has folks on a mission to find a solution. many public bathrooms are being off-limits to covid-19 even though the well-known go to spotlight gas stations and fast food restaurants have closed their restrooms indefinitely. so many have come up with creative solutions to. >> i pretty much keep myself from drinking anything while i am out. >> i will stop at a grocery store to go to the bathroom. >> walmart is available, always
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in the front. >> there is a law that is helping orange county residents and states that if they cannot sit down to eat, any person less than 16 years old must be required to have a restroom available. we have a check of traffic and i guess now, wives and husbands have to treat themselves or the kids to say do you have u su my house. go before we go. that is just the rule. all right, look at the roadways. we have a look of what you can expect as you go out the door. we are working our way into the city. at drive times are doing okay. the south on 101 commute from the richmond san rafael bridge into san francisco, you're going to run up on some fog. chp did issue a fog advisory overnight for the golden gate bridge and it is getting a little better compared to half an hour ago. the same story for the bay bridge.
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traffic is moving at the limit and there are no meter lights. we have not seen any backup yet as you go across the upper span into the city but some foggy spots might be a factor for your ride. also, the allatoona pass commute is in full swing. we have a lot of slow and go conditions especially out of tracy. getting into the allatoona pass area and grant line, that is where you will see those delays and when you are past that, it improves nicely towards that 680 connector. at drive times are still in the yellow. it is 33 minutes towards 680 but that is our only slow spot. east shore freeway and highway 4 are looking problem free. the san mateo bridge is seeing more cars but still it is about
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13 minutes to travel between 880 over towards the peninsula. 880 is clear in both directions with no delays. traffic is pretty light ssfree we ha ing with a lot of construction. everything is on time. just a heads up, the orange line will be replaced by buses between visa stations due to light rail traffic repairs but that is a look at your morning drive. it is another beautiful day of good air. for sure, just breathe in that fresh air because we are looking at that clean air today. enjoy it. take it and because we are going to see some changes as we look to the weekend. in the meantime, we love waking up to that clean air and good air quality. 19 foreign aqi value in san francisco and 18 in oakland and
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san leandro, 28 in san jose, 20 in brentwood city and 23 four and aqi value in livermore. you can see 16 in healdsburg and santa rosa, 19 in san rafael and 17 in san pablo , and 24 for vacaville and concord. through the day, we will continue with that good to moderate air quality for your friday and as we look towards the treasure island, we have a foggy start with some patchy drizzle. we have that onshore flow and that is the reason why we have that better air quality once again for today. the temperatures are in the upper 50s to low to mid 60s at this hour. we have this low pressure system to thank for our strong sea breeze that continues. it is already bringing rain to the pacific northwest. they have massive wildfires burning across oregon and washington state. that is helping fighng efforts. also, i want to show you to our south, this is what is left, remnants of the tropical system karina and it is bringing some rain over fresno and sierra nevada and for us, we have that
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marine influence. taking you hour by hour, we will catch that clearing through our afternoon, and then tomorrow, we will see northerly winds that. temperatures will be on the rise saturday and especially by sunday. showing you that low pressure system, we are shifting the winds and they could send some smoke from the fires burning to the north and back into the bay area. i do not think it will be as bad as last week but our smoke model forecast does show, as we go into tomorrow, and for sunday, that smoke pushes into the bay area, so we are watching that closely. in the meantime, we're looking at temperatures cooler compared to yesterday, 74 in santa clara, 75 in san jose, 76 for campbell and for the east bay, 80 in concord and pleasant hill, upper 70s for the tri- valley, 67 in san francisco, 72 in oakland and mid-70s for the north bay. here's what you can expect. temperatures are on the rise for the weekend. sunday is the warmest day out of the extended forecast with
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onshore flow returning for next week. san francisco's chinatown celebrates the autumn moon festival. annualoon fe be underway at 7: by former miss chinatown crystal lee and dennis wu. how the hollowing staple is adapting to the times.
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we know the pandemic has changed so many things including the way pumpkin patches and other seasonal attractions operate. >> this year's pumpkin farm has extra rules in place like social distancing, face masks, and hand washing stations. the petting zoo was still open but some other kind of popular play structures are closed. daily screenings are required for employees along with face coverings. >> usually, during the week, there is a lot more cars but because of the field trips, there are not as many people.
5:26 am
>> the reduction in school field trips is affecting business plans. bubbly data slurs is open later with limited capacity and fewer attractions. they have been turned into -- leaving silicon valley. the companies are packing up and saying so long to the ceo b.
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live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 this morning. right now, on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the race to the white house heating up. early voting beginning today across the country.
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this as candidates continue to debate over the reliability of mail-in voting. prioritizing employees. important task at four cal osha to protect workers from coronavirus. we're keeping our eye on the sky. will the smoke cloud up the weekend? we have all the answers for you in just a second. it is friday, september 18th. >> good morning, let's not make you wait any longer. let's get to mary lee with those answers we are waiting for. >> good friday morning to you, len and michelle. we are so happy it is friday. we are looking at beautiful weather. we had those clean, clear skies, fresh air, and take advantage of it because we are going to see some changes as we go into our weekend. we are looking at good air quality across on ngt shore flow, bringing better air quality, cloudy skies, foggy bits of drizzle with that sea breeze.
5:31 am
and as we go through the afternoon, temperatures will be a little cooler compared to yesterday, and we will catch that clearing in the afternoon. 67 in san francisco, 72 in oakland, and 80 for concord. this is our smoke model forecast and it does bring smoke back into the bay area as we look to tomorrow. i will have details on that and the weekend forecast. let's check in with gianna for the latest on the bay bridge. we're getting word from a crash at the bay bridge toll plaza. it might be just before your our lives shot is possibly in the maze area. we have emergency crews going out to the scene and there is one lanes blocked. keep a close eye on that. as you go into the city, you might be dealing with some foggy spots. there is a fog advisory bless lane is blocked near the maze.
5:32 am
golden gate bridge is moving at the limit with no delays out of more and. today, some americans can begin casting ballots in the presidential election. in person voting and absentee voting are underway in several states more than six weeks ahead of election day. most allocation deadlines are in october and it is a process that the trump administration has disparaged with unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud. >> everyone knows mail in ballots are a disaster. >> we just discovered 1000 ballots. every vote must be counted. >> joe biden, the democratic nominee says comments are attempts to undermine the legitimacy of the election. tence in his resident had likelihood to win the election, he would not be doing this. >> in a related development, federal wattage is looking at
5:33 am
mail delivery. the judge calls the changes quote a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the postal service.'s injunction orders the postal service to stop implementing a so-called leave behind policy with trucks leading postal facilities even if there is more mail to load. the postal service also must treat all election mail as first class and reinstall any mail processing machines that were removed. in san francisco, the department of elections will kick off its logic and accuracy testing of the voting equipment. the voting tech gear set for expansion includes image cast a ballot scanning machines, and ballot marking devices. this morning, salesforce joined the list of companies that will free up time so their employees can vote. mark fending off says salesforce workers around the
5:34 am
world will have election day off over 500 companies have been committed to getting their employees time to vote either through paid time off having meetings or by providing resources and early voting. looking live at san jose, leaders are getting behind the measure to restore voting rights to formal incaedpeople. the ci on the mber ot. if it passes, california would become the 20th state to allow residents on parole for felony convictions to vote after finishing their sentences. you have until october 19th to register to vote. for more information on how to register, go to campaign 2020. a viral video catching intense exchanges between a police officer and a 19-year- old man is prompting a response from the police department. it least a body camera footage that says to show transparency. tobias eagle things that
5:35 am
officer treated him like a criminal. this footage shows the officer calling for backup before making contact with tobias. he pulled up in front of his home where his mother was outside. the officer asked him whether he was on parole or probation. tobias's mother said she is glad her son is not another hashtag. >> she tried to intimidate us. >> my son did not want to dismiss a complaint and let this happen to somebody else. it is not documented that this has happened before. >> tobias eventually got the ticket and the officers left but the family is filing a formal complaint. the police department says an outside entity is conducting an independent investigation into the situation. taking a look at capitol hill, where today lawmakers are aiming to unveil a new bipartisan spending bill, hoping to avert a government shutdown when it's funding
5:36 am
expires october first. officials said they have been in discussions yesterday and it will keep the government funded likely into mid-december. live look at the golden gate bridge, almost 200 workers who helped run the buses and ferries are being warned they could lose their jobs right before the holidays because of low ridership. >> today, we got on and there were less people on and it was kind of sad. there is no one riding it. >> we do not have the finances to maintain staffing levels. >> bridge tolls which help fund transit service has returned to 65% of pre-pandemic levels. the district says 51 million in cares act funding will run out in october. cal and stanford football players is one step closer to having a season. they report the directors have
5:37 am
permitted halloween as the start date for it will keep the pac 12 teams in a position to be able to make the college football playoffs with the other major conferences. the school presidents are scheduled to meet as early as today to work out several safety hurdles. cal osha is moving forward with emergency statewide standards for employers to take stricter precautions against covid-19. a seven member board voted unanimously on thursday to begin creating those standards. specific requirements will be hammered out in the coming weeks. according to worksafe, a people in low income jobs have been especially vulnerable to outbreaks. executive director says california now has the opportunity to develop strong new protections to stem the tide of workplace spread of covid-19. the latest on progress in the covid-19 vaccine race and we are days away from app tiktok ban .
5:38 am
>> tiktok continues to tango with the trump administration. they say this sunday@will ban u.s. business transactions with tiktok and that makes people unable to download the popular app. the white house had given them 45 days to sell its operations to the u.s. company. oracle said it would take a minority stake but that might be enough for u.s. officials. an update in the race to create a vaccine. moderna says it expects to know by november if the vaccine it is testing works. they are currently in late stage trials and is one of three drugmakers the u.s. government has the money behind to create a vaccine. it is doubling the amount
5:39 am
of covid-19 testing site it has across the country. the drugstore chain will add more than 2000 new drive- through locations to increase access to testing and help slow the spread of the coronavirus. new location will open in waves over the coming weeks. the word is snails are squirming into the spa scene? what is this all about .. >> snail facials are the latest trend. the owner says the giant african land snails produce collagen and eat up dead skin. recently, products containing snail slime became popular in many places including france and italy. dermatologist essay there has been no scientific or significant scientific research proving the benefit of the slimy procedure. >> two words, no ma'am. >> i am out on this one. that is awful. that is a hard pass. >> we will see you when the stock market opens up at 6:30. >> yes, thank you.
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>> i was thinking one word, no. okay, it is 5:39. some silicon valley tech companies want to relocate to the greater sacramento area and here is why. virtual meetings are making things faster and easier and things like lower cost of living, better access to resources, and cheaper real estate are some of the reasons why companies are saying goodbye to the bay. >> we are under the premise that you have to be in the silicon valley of your high tech and when i check as the ceo, we do not need to be. we can be in sacramento. >> as markets continue to pivot with the pandemic, ceos say it could not heard from her companies to make the call to move. destruction in the wake of sally. we go to the hardest hit areas as clean-up begins. in the bay area, we have that strong sea breeze and that cleaner air . changes are on the way for the weekend. we will talk about the return of the smoke coming up. your drive into the maze is getting busier , with a give you my world ♪
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♪ how can i, when you won't take it from me ♪ ♪ you can go your own way ♪ ♪ go your own way your wireless. your rules. only with xfinity mobile.
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♪ i got it all from you ♪ i'm always pushing through ♪ i know we'll make it to the finish line ♪ ♪ i know you're waiting on the other side ♪ ♪ i'm like you on-demand glucose monitoring. because they're always on. another life-changing technology from abbott. so you don't wait for life. you live it. busy days ahead in parts of florida and alabama as clean up continues following the wrath of hurricane sally.
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one family says yesterday they could only reach their home. they only reach it by boat. other residents a the water bye- bye hurricane sally is starting to recede but are still too high to travel through safely. this is the worst we had ever had up here with the flooding. even through other areas, they have been worse. >> the water is probably about four foot deep in the road and the curb. >> death in georgia is being blamed on the stormy time. they say he was a recent law school graduate preparing to take the bar exam. >> he had the greatest personality, man. you would help anybody. >> forecasters expect sally to continue moving farther north,
5:45 am
bringing severe thunderstorms to the mid-atlantic. another system, wilfrid, is developing in the gulf. forecasters say started to become a tropical depression or tropical storm later today. here is a lookew rk city, where yesterday governor andrew cuomo announced that california is one of six states that has been removed from new york's covid-19 travel advisory list. now californians landing in airports in new york are no longer to require -- are no longer required to in self- quarantine for 14 days after arriving. mark your calendars and cross your fingers, hawaii's governor says tourists will be allowed in starting october 15th without the 14 day quarantine as long as you test -3 days before your trip. hawaii has announced a target date three times before but changed those plans they are travel experts say there may be a surge in demand once the hawaii quarantine is lifted and that could mean higher airfares
5:46 am
for trips this fall. at sfo, expect a quieter experience if you are traveling at the airport. announcements about boarding or delays will only be made at the they have partnered with western states for new mobile app that notifies users when they have been exposed to someone infected with covid-19. google and apple designed the app to use bluetooth technology and to notify users when they have been near someone who tested positive for the virus. california, colorado, and nevada, washington, and organ plan to collaborate with universities to study the app as effectiveness among students, faculty, and staff. with many events cancels, the mariachi bands are feeling the pinch from co19. y r armembs of bandlk out and the unofficial home base for mariachi bands are there. they said empty now and lifeless. they lost 75% of their income during the pandemic.
5:47 am
he says before it was birthday parties, and now our work is primarily funeral related. it is the saddest thing. >> the mariachi bands are determined to make this work and they are playing in an apartment complex brought here by the local government to get people away to hear the music without gathering in large public groups. i could use that all day long. makers of halloween candy are enjoying a sales boom. >> you make that sound so good. sales are up 13% for the span of september six when it comes to the candy. sales of chocolate are up 25%. they pointed people shopping in
5:48 am
grocery stores more often as part of the reason for the spike. it is 5:47. we have a check of the traffic on this friday. how is ki >> it is getting a bit busy in some spots. if you have your eye on the bay bridge, it is a little foggy across the upper deck. there is a crash not too far from here before you get to the toll plaza, so things are pretty light as you approach the pay gates. one person is injured in this accident. there is a list of one lane blocked. hopefully, it will be cleared up quickly but we are seeing a bit of a backup on the east shore freeway as a result of westbound 80 as you approach the 12 plaza. it looks like they are doing okay this morning. it is still pretty light and i took a snapshot of one of our caltrans cameras and you can see the brake lights once you
5:49 am
get past that ea with no metering lights. traffic is certainly building as you pass the incline towards that channel. it is a bit busy as you blic tr bart delays are 10 minutes and other than that, everything else is on time for mass transit, not really experiencing any troubles. over to the golden gate bridge, southbound 101 to the waldo grade is a little slower than usual. there could be some construction but once were passive there, everything is okay into the city with no delays. on the southbound side, it is a little foggy in some spots. travel times in the allatoona pe y so ere is look running is utwet weather.
5:50 am
that is good news for our state. >> that is right, that is very good news. we are tracking high def doppler, the rain across the sierra nevada. zooming in, especially for parts of the foothills through tahoe, they are catching a little bit of rain as well as down through fresno, merced, and mammoth lakes. i want to show you to our north. in eureka, you can see that rain pushing in because of a low pressure system bringing us that marine influence and that ocean breeze. that is why we have those clearer skies and the better air quality and i will sha at t san jose camera in san jose. it is 66 degrees with those clouds and 65 in concord, oakland is 63 and san francisco is 61 and 57 for santa rosa. air quality conditions are looking great. another day e
5:51 am
that and maybe take a walk outside and breathe in that clean air for the bay area. we will continue with good to moderate air quality as we go through our day because of that ocean breeze. that strong sea breeze continues and you can see that rain from this low pressure system pushing in to the pacific northwest. for washington state and for oregon and places where they have massive wild fires are burning, this is helping firefighter efforts as well as down through far northern california, catching a little bit of that rain. let's show you hour by hour on future cast. the skies are clearing through the day and then tomorrow, we are going to catch some changes. temperatures will be a little warmer and we could see through the weekend the winds taking a turn out of the north northeast. that offshore wind flow could bring more smoke into the bay area an hour smoke forecast model shows that into tomorrow. we have good air quality today but watch as that smoke from the north and wild fires are
5:52 am
burning to our north pushes back into the bay area. i do not think it will be as bad as last week with the smoke but still looking at some smoke moving into the region. in the meantime, temperatures are on the cooler side, 67 in san francisco, 80 for concord, and 82 in fairfield and mid-70s for redwood city and san jose. here's the extended forecast of what you can expect temperatures are on the rise with offshore winds for the weekend and then turning to the onshore wind flow for next week. back to you. helping seniors. streaming on cbsn bay area, how one bay area woman used the pandemic to make a big difference. today, on the drew mary moore show, the true will
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it is 5:55 on this friday morning. we have some good news. you can see on high def doppler the rain pushing into far northern california and across the oregon california border, down through eureka. we will talk about what you can expect as we take you through your weekend. some changes are coming up.
5:56 am
the pandemic forced many of us to make changes and to adapt but not many of us have adapted like a woman named adrian williams. >> she shifted her nonprofit the village project from helping out san francisco kids to buying groceries and delivering them to seniors. >> after the shutdown, i started thinking my seniors are not going to be able to eat, so that is what we started doing, backing it up. i think the first week was about 50 bags and now it is like over 100 bags a day. >> you can help keep bagging things up. they need heavy duty plastic grocery bags and we have a link to their website and our story what you can find at a new stronger family expansion signed into law. faes
5:57 am
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live from the bay area studios, this is kpix 5 this morning. right now , on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area , breaking news. the trump administ


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