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coming up next, streaming on sim be a cvs in the bay area a reversal from the cdc. where they say the new guidance about how covid-19 spreads was published in error. michelle is on assignment. we are standing by for governor newsom's coronavirus a day. we will bring that to you live as soon as he begins. but first let's go to the live news desk with a change coming from the cdc. >> over the wed e bshabriefly ad that the coronavirus can be spread through simply breathing. and that it can travel beyond six feet.
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but then it said that information was basically published in error. and they took it back down saying it is still being reviewed. here is what it said before it was removed. the coronavirus is most commonly spread the respiratory droplets or small particles. such as those in aerosols which are produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or even just breathes. and it can remain airborne for a period of time. it can then spread to others who inhale it. this is something that many scientists and health experts a been warning for months. in the meantime the u.s. is nearing 200,000 deaths from the coronavirus. the latest predictions say that number could double by the end- of-the-year. the latest prediction coming from the institute for health metrics and evaluation says 410,000 deaths by january first. but the figure is not yet set in stone. >> well over 100,000 lives in the u.s. between now and ary fi
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ma thing so ue practi >> as for the cdc website, they say that was a draft version of some information that they are going to be publishing when it is properly reviewed. and they said they will then update the website again. big losses on wall street. thanks in part to the coronavirus concerns in the u.s. and around the world. right now the dow is down about 730 points. schools in san francisco may be welcoming kids back into the classroom soon. today is the first day of private and charter pe - rsinruion under th plan. a number of schools received a waiver from the state for pre-k through sixth grade. each school then had to submit a safety plan and had the city
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health department inspect the school. those inspection results are still being processed. students must be in pods to mitigate contagion and desks had to be far apart. hand sanitizer must be widely available. so far's emphasis go public school district has done what they need to to have an announced -- and have not yet announced a timeline for scheduled opening. go to to school for more information. attractions in san francisco reopening today including the aquarium of the bay along the embarcadero which opens in one hour. there will be limited hours and limited attendance due to covid- 19. tickets can be reserved online. some museums and galleries are also opening today to keep track of what has we open in your county and across the bay area, head to our website weather right now we have a live look with hazy sunshine across the bay ar lee. >> a beautiful day across the
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bay area with the haze and sunshine. we are watching the fog kind of mix out and get even along the well. really pretty view with the roof camera right now. moderate air quality at this hour. that is all across the bay area and that will continue to be the case as we head to the rest of the day today. looking at the air quality forecast moderate for most of us as we go through the rest of the day. but looking at better air quality is starting tomorrow through the rest of the work week with that clean and fresh air coming in from the pacific. the seabreeze is helping to bring the clean air for us. and also drop the temperatures down a bit. we are looking at daytime highs. a bit cooler compared yesterday. seasonal for this time of year. 87 in concord and 79 in san jose. 70 for san francisco. there is your extended forecast as we are looking at the temperatures just a bit cooler
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as we go to the rest of the work week thanks to the ocean breeze that is heating up as we look toward your weekend with offshore winds coming saturday and sunday. you can see the temperature starting to rise with high fire danger coming back as we look toward the weekend. the parents of a man shot and killed by police in walnut creek are now commenting about a settlement with the city. miles hall's mother spoke a short time ago outside e family's home. >> this was never about money. he was shot and behind her house. this was before that happened to us where we live along the walnut creek area. it happened that we may relationships over two years with the police. and that the system is just so broken. >> in june of last year the parents of miles hall called 911 and said he was suffering a mental episode. but they say rather than de- escalate the situation, officers opened fire. the city has agreed to pay the family $4 million and make improvements to police training.
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we brought you the update on the settlement live on cbs in bay area. we are on streaming on 24/7. the search is on for person is stabbed a man to death in san jose. this happen around five a.m. at sixth and santa clara street. one block away from san jose state university. they close down the road between fifth and seventh for hours as they examined evidence of the crime scene. detectives are still talking to witnesses to try to piece together what happened. so far they've not identified a suspect or established motive. a police officer is in the hospital after getting t-boned at an intersection overnight. this happened around one a.m. at third and taylor street downtown. witnesses saw a black honda sedan run a stop sign and smashed into the police suv. the officer in the driver of the other vehicle both suffered injuries. both cars are heavily damaged.
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police are continuing to investigate the crash and it is currently unclear if drugs or alcohol were a factor. the bench chair of the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg now sits draped in black in memorial. the black drape also hangs over the courtroom doors. a tradition dating back to 1873. she will lie in repose at the supreme court on wednesday and thursday. members of the public will be able to pay their respect. she will also lie in state at statuary hall and the u.s. capitol on friday. she was a consistent liberal voice in the supreme court from 27 years total. there were three liberal leading and five that remained conservative. debra alfarone has the big fight of who should get to her replacement. >> president trump says he will name a supreme court replacement for the late ruth bader ginsburg this week. >> we will have services on thursday or friday. as i understand we should wait
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until the services are over for justice ginsburg. so we are looking at friday or saturday. >> cbs news has learned to the top contenders are u.s. court of appeal judges amy connie barrett and barbara lee go up. senate republican leaders say they will move swiftly to vote on the nominee. much more on that big fight about the day. in the meantime let's go to governor knew some -- governor knew some with that news conference. >> you can see here, the year to date stats in the state. we have currently increase the total number of fires from 5300 to close to 8000. that is year-to-date in the state. three-point 6 million acres. 100 hundred 57,000 acres burned this time last year. three-point 6 million acres year to date.
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we are still struggling with 27 major fires and complexes. and tragically 23,000 people continue to be evacuated from their homes. 19,000 firefighters from all across the state and across the nation in general are working 24 seven to address these wildfire issues. 2400 engines as part of this mutual system that have been deployed. 26 people tragically lost their lives and 6400 structures have been destroyed. again i caution everyone on these numbers. the 26 fatalities and the 6400 structures are based upon what we have seen personally and witnessed. but by no stretch of the imagination do we think that this tells the entire story as we continue to get back in and people are able to repopulate and go back into those communities. it will determine the structure loss here at. everything that is destroyed. not just damaged.
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the number would be substantially higher if you included the number of structures that have actually just been impacted directly by these wildfires. sadly, 26 people have lost their lives to date. i want to focus on of those 27 active fires, one that is very familiar to many of you the august complex which is the largest fire in terms of total acreage that has been burned in california history. the last time i presented this information you saw 817,000 acres that was destroyed in this complex. 30% containment with a modest improvement here over the last number of days. 34% versus 30% contained. you will see the acreage has grown but modestly in comparison to the growth we had seen over the course of the last few weeks. some 846,000 acres now burned in california's largest wildfire. the number five largest complex
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in history is the northern complex. this is in plumas and lasser county. you sell 36% containment. 233 i'm sorry 273,000 acres that have been currently burned again in this fifth-largest complex in california's history. we have made real progress this last week. 64% containment and you can see the acres burned has grown modestly from 700 and 3200 73,000 to 294,000. the creek fire, where i visited senator harris a week or so ago is now the seventh largest fire in california history. primarily a federal fire but impacting parts of the state and our responsibility area. this is shared with u.s. forest
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service in the fresno and madera counties. 18% containment 220,000 acres. you will see we have made some very stubborn wildfire complex progress. 27% containment with 278,000 acres burned. i wanted to highlight just a few other fires that have gotten a lot of attention deservedly so. the bobcat fire in la county was 3% contained with 44,000 acres total burned when we last updated you. 15% today. but you can see it is more than doubling the total number of acreage that has been lost by 105,000 acres. so we are putting as many resources as we possibly can on that fire. in the mutual aid system that exists within the state of california and outside of the state of california there are some 15 mutual aid states that are helping with the national guard or cal fire directly.
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and we are putting all of the resources that we possibly can onto all of these complexes. but focusing, as we should on the bobcat fire as well as the el dorado fire. which we did make some progress last week. 60% containment on the fire. 18,000 acres but this fire continues to be stubborn as you modestly in terms of the total percentage contained and you can see an increase of about 5000 acres over the last week. so between the bobcat and the el dorado fire obviously stubborn fires that are impactful and we continue to do our best to address those complexes and those wildfires. the snow fire as well, i want to offer that this is a fire that we did not update last week. this is one that we are monitoring. we wanted to share it last week we are at about 5% containment. it looks relatively small
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compared to some compared to some of the other complexes. but it is a fire of concern and again a focus for today. we are making progress. over the weekend we were able to substantially increase the containment by multiples now close to 40% contained. 38% total containment. but you are still seeing some stubbornness and growth in the total acreage involved in that fire. 6000 acres have been burned. those are the six that we have been focused on and it is a bit disproportionately. we of course will continue her efforts throughout these other large complexes. but now five of the top 10 most impacted wildfires are in our state history here are continuing to burn with real progress on some of the larger complexes. not just the august but the lm you complex the scu complex and we are seeing real containment. this seizing you complex in the
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santa cruz mountains area as well. and that is testament to the extraordinary men and women of cal fire and the mutual aid system of support. i wanted to update you now on where we are with our case numbers. at least as it relates to covid- 19. you can see on the seven day average, we have average 3400 cases total. we are down modestly with the latest report. 3294 cases as part of this report. by the way those 3294 cases, are off the total number of tests roughly just shy of 150,000 tests that were conducted. as a consequence of the substantial increase of the last few days of the number of tests conducted close to 170,000 on friday hundred 80,000 roughly on saturday, roughly 150,000 on sunday you can see the seven day average daily tests now moving back up to where we were pre-wildfire.
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again the heats and the wildfire and air quality was impacting our total testing availability in the state. we are starting to see those numbers go back up now. just shy of 124,000 tests in the average number of daily tests of the next seven days. what is encouraging as you can see a positivity rate there. at a three-point 1% over a 14 day period. 2.8% over seven day period. so testing now increasing and the positivity race rates continue to decrease in the state of california. i mentioned this the last time that i updated you, that we are really making real progress on building up this very large lab where we will substantially increase our testing. well above the 124,000 average daily tests that you see reflected in the last seven days. we are on schedule in terms of
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those efforts. and again it is just a point of emphasis that we are committed to increasing testing in the state of california. we are not retreating from testing responsibilities. quite the contrary. we are of the firm opinion that the sooner we are able to move forward to increase availability and the timeliness of test here in the state of california, we will have more clarity and assurance in our capacity to move more swiftly to not only be open different sectors of the economy more fully, but also to reopen our schools in a more sustainable way. so one cannot let up on those efforts and again california does pride itself on commitment to advance the testing in a substantially more comprehensive manner and a framework of equity and focus on reaching out to the
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underserved communities. and a timeframe to getting test results back within 24 hours. and i should just note the backlog now in terms of testing results, is substantially declined over the course of the last number of weeks. just shy of just shy of 70% of the tests now are coming back within a 24- hour period. and substantial numbers within 48 hours. we will continue to monitor that but we want to see those test results back within a 24- hour period. as a benchmark and foundational principle. but again continuing to provide access and the kind of quality of service that all of us deserve. and that continues to be a goal. a goal as well to see the hospitalizations declined in the state. 23% decrease now over a two- week period. our slide is becoming very
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familiar. and very encouraging here. hospitalization numbers are declining. at a relatively consistent rate over the course of not just the last two weeks but even beyond. three or four total weeks here. tracking consistently with those declines and the hospitalizations the icu admissions in the state. tracking roughly 25% of a decrease in the total number of icu admissions over a 14 so it is true progress as it relates to the case count. and to the positivity rate here in the state of california. remind you that to .8% seven- da.8% seven- day positivity here in the state of california testing starting to increase backup with a commitment over the course of the next number of weeks to substantially increase testing to provide points of access to schools and more broadly to target the underserved communities in the state of california so we have a real sense of community spread
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particularly as we move into fall and flu season. and we continue to move into challenging environments where we can potentially experience what some are referring to as a twin epidemic of flu and covid- 19 overwhelming icu and hospitals. we want to avoid that. we will be talking the next few days about how you can help aid and events that by getting a flu shot. but today, i just wanted to update you on some of these efforts that doctor galan and his team have been advancing as it relates to mitigation efforts and the spread and transmission rate of covid-19. by the way doctor galli tomorrow, will be updating you on the tier status. i know many counties are anticipating moving into one status. some into red status. and some that are right on the cusp i will reserve further commentary on this except to
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say that data is being collected in real time. it would be premature for me at this moment to announce what doctor galli is announcing tomorrow as it relates to progress in this tier status. but every tuesday i remind you he will be making updates on the tier colors status. and we anticipate as we are seeing the progress and the decline of missions hospitals in icus and positivity rates beginning to climb that we will continue to see more progress into those tears and a very thoughtful and judicious modified strategy of reopening our economy. that will be advanced accordingly. and so will the likelihood of more waivers being supported for our younger cohort of students and progress toward getting people back to you in person education. making sure the not only the children are safe but are
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paraprofessionals are safe as well with a foundational principle of advancing that cause. speaking of causes, we have not let up on our commitment to the cause of doing everything within our power to address the issue of homelessness in the state of california. last week i updated you and had a preview that i will continue to update you on the efforts on this remarkable initiative called project home keep. it is remarkable initiative because there's not a state in america that is as committed to this kind of capital infusion to purchase motels and provide permanent supports for housing for homeless individuals. last week we updated you on some $76.6 million that is being provided for seven specific projects here in the state of california to events that caused. today we are announcing a second round of awards. and again, this is happening in
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historically short a period of time. it shows the resolve, commitment and sincerity of effort as well as a long-term strategy to address homelessness in the state in a way that the state of california has never done in the past. again, i stipulate that we have a moral and ethical obligation to address this issue head-on. we need to see better results at the local level and the regional level. and we need to make sure that your tax dollars are going for the intended purposes which is to produce real, permanent results. that is foundational in the home key strategy. it is around the testament and the hard work of our team and the task force in general that is organized around the principle of housing first model. again, shelters help sleep. housing begins to do more permanent address for homelessness.
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some 1810 units. 20 projects in 12 different jurisdictions including on one native american tribe that is getting this second charge of awards. we have those reflected here on two different slides. this is the first of two slides giving us a sense of the totality of the awards that we are providing. the pomo indians will be the first tribal award that we provide under this program and i want to thank them for their partnership. we hope it is not the last in terms of the availing resources to tribal nations. are diversif the home key efforts in the focus on farmworkers and lgbtq youth and seniors. you can see here the diversity of the municipalities and localities getting benefits of these awards. including the sitting of mountain view doubling the number of available beds through this award in that city.
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oakland has two large projects. 163 units. fresno and the housing authority focusing on a motel conversion up in shasta county. some of these counties have not been part of our efforts of support in the past. to support the homelessness in shasta county. there's a new shared housing model and innovative model with the city of ventura renovating apartments and large projects in san francisco. you can see 336 units are being advanced talking to mark ridley- thomas the supervisor and chair along with darrell steinberg in the homelessness task force. they have five motel acquisitions that they are currently poised to make. 430 units made available like that. and by the way the cost of these programs is negligible compared to the cost of some other programs. so we believe that these dollars will not only leverage other resources at the county
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level in the federal level, but also private sector support and based upon our commitment to bring down the cost per unit to an average of less than $130,000 the original goal of about 130,000 but we are currently averaging $130,000 a unit. and we think we can do more than even our original ambitious goal set here. santa clara has movement ready units that will be advancing into the city of san diego for some of the projects that have been most enthusiastic about financing with this second amount of award money. >> you from watching an update from governor newsom. we have coverage streaming on the governor this afternoon breaking down some tough numbers when it comes to the california wildfires. 26 fatalities and 6400 structures destroyed statewide. as far as the latest on the coronavirus, governor newsom says the number of cases is
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down modestly. close to 3400 total hospital nicu cases which are also declining at a consistent rate. the next step preparing for the so-called twin epidemic of covid-19 along with the flu season. again and more from the governor now in the cbs bay area streaming it that is it for us here at noon. the next newscast is at 5:00. have a great afternoon everyone.
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