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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  September 21, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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you're watching kpix5 news at 5:30. right now, more local news at 5:30. a woman lands in the history books, rowing from san francisco, to hawaii. now she tells us about one of the greatest challenges of her life. it is about measure that would effectively restore affirmative-action, in california. our kpix5 vote smart guide looks at the case for and against prop 16. santa clara county is launching a program they hope will slow the spread of coronavirus providing housing for people who are in need of quarantine, or isolation. good evening. devon feely has more on the housing being provided for the homeless. >> reporter: a few living in a
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homeless encampment or credit house, social distance, isolation and quarantine become virtual impossibilities, luxuries that you simply cannot afford, and that is why the county is stepping in. >> everybody is so close together, everybody interacts, it is really hard to tell when somebody is either sick with the common cold or covid. >> reporter: he says it would be tough to prevent the coronavirus and spreading like wildfire through the sprawling makeshift encampment on the edges of downtown san jose. >> trying to practice social distancing, and being clean, it is real hard. they test people who test positive with the virus or some has been exposed to those who have been. >> the point of having the isolation and quarantine surfaces available is particularly the to address homes that are overcrowded.
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since the start of the outbreak, they are providing housing, temporary stay, for about 500 people while they quarantine. there making that a routine part of their contact tracing program, and assessment of a patient's living situation to see if courting housing might be needed. >> make it a priority. i don't know why the unhoused are not a priority. they should be in make sense to me. >> he take some comfort in knowing if he gets sick, he can still protect the people around him. >> it is taking a toll on the homeless community. >> they hope by expanding this program that they will improve their contact tracing and their efforts to contain the spread, though, of the virus. devin fehely, kpix5. they are considering new rules on where the homeless can and cannot camp. this would prioritize clearing
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encampments in certain areas, including spaces in front of schools, residences, and businesses. and all other areas, they would be a lot of the only take up one side of the street. and not impose on traffic. >> reporter: they announced another round of funding, with total of 163 units to provide a permanent housing. san francisco got $45 million from the project home key funding comes city says it is going to use that time -- money to buy this in lower nobhill. it will convert the 232 rooms as part of its homeless recovery plan. now to the very latest, the death toll here in california has now passed the 15,000 mark.
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today, he says the state is seeing real progress. for starters the positivity rate is down. hospitalizations are down 20% and icu rates are also down 25%. >> the sooner we are able to move forward, to increase the ability bit -- the availability and the timeliness of testing in the state of california, they will have more clarity and more assurance and the capacity to move more swiftly, to not only open different sectors of the economy, but also reopen our schools, and a more sustainable way as well. >> we first brought you the coronavirus briefing on citizen bay area. watch the 47 by streaming us on and other digital
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platforms. in our vote smart report, taking a closer look at prop 16. it was 24-year-old ban on considering race, gender or ethnicity and admission and hiring decisions at colleges, and universities. a new poll by the public policy institute finds a 31% of voters say they support prop 16. 47% say they oppose the measure, and 20% have not decided. andria borba breaks it all down for us. >> reporter: to go back to understand exactly what happened with prop 16 and how we got here come you have to go back to the year 1990 x. it ends up on this november's ballot. we have to go back to 1996. the year they passed proposition 209. changing the state
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constitution. >> contracts, and also, using race and gender as which level the playing field but also we'll get the education. >> reporter: they are now one of nine states without affirmative-action laws, and is causing generational wealth. >> $1.1 billion a year of the last 22 years. >> reporter: he also says minority like the usc system have suffered, further entrenching problems that begin underfunded elementary schools. >> black and latino students decreased between 12 and 16%, depending on universities location. >> it is run by those who put it on the ballot in 1996.
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i love professor at the university of san diego says grade-point averages, have gone up. it was enacted and more attention should be fixed first. >> it should give a little when -- that is not who is in need. there are asians who are not well off, there are whites were not well off. >> 11 that again is this, tori. >> it is important to give a little extra who need it. students whose parents do not go to college. >> this is interesting because
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these are opposing viewpoints, and come up with different conclusions in many cases but why now, why they trying to reveal this now? >> the yes on prop 16 crowd size there trying to repeal those right now. if it is not happened now, it won't ever happen. with a series of stories on on the selection including how to register to vote, and then make your vote count. foreman pleaded not guilty today, and the gun case. sheriff's capt. james jensen as well as to self- pay attorneys and a local carmaker are all charged with felony conspiracy and bribery. they are accused of brokering a $90,000 donation from a security company, torture for
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us missed 2018 election campaign. in exchange, for hard to get can yield gun permits. the trial is now set for november 2. weekend deal to keep tick- tock alive on the u.s. it is in limbo now. they have completed her journey to honolulu. we have that story, coming up. coming up new at six, walnut creek pays a family millions of dollars after police killed their son. now the families is emergency response needs to be changed. how they are using settlement money to further their cause. plus. >> the cdc is flip-flopping yet again, this time whether or not aerosol spreads covid. >> they have to track it in less than
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in just a few months, we've learned a lot more about the covid-19 virus. it's real.
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it's dangerous. and we do know how to keep you and your loved ones safe. wear a mask. wash your hands. stay six feet apart. we can do this. if we do it together.
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inspection requirements look a little like this, it the desks had to be 6 feet apart, and it must be wildly available. last week 11 schools had on- site visits, which is the final stage in the application process to reopen. at least 80 schools have
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requested applications. so far no timeline from san francisco unified to reopen its newly 100 public schools. teachers and students can be help to confront hate and racism. >> it is heartbreaking. if you're like me, we have been tracking the rise in the spike in acts of hate that have occurred in our country since 2016. hate acts, hate speech on the rise. >> education is the first step to fighting these issues. bring in professionals sabbath conversations about race and bias. president trump calling the new deal involving tiktok a win for the u.s., after threatening to ban the video out. if this deal between bay area- based oracle, walmart, and tick- tock's parent company is
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approved, they will have total control of the newly formed company. would hold only for of the bird seeds. the ceo would have the fifth. and over the weekend, they said it would take 12.5% stake in tiktok. it will take a 7.5% stake. it is threatening to send his blessing on the deal of the new company is not totally american controlled. test that could hit a record quarter for car sales, and an email, send to employees, the ceo wrote we have a shot at a record quarter for vehicle deliveries, but will have to rally hard to achieve it, this is the most number of vehicles per day that we have ever had to deliver. the automaker would have to surpass a 112,000 cars that are
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delivered. if that happens, this will give him his fourth multibillion- dollar payday this year. the aquarium that is part of the ne we saw the cloud of smoke and my heart fell. i knew we'd lose our home... and we did. over 24,000 homes have been destroyed by wildfires in the past few years. wildfire victims need help
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so i'm voting 'yes' on 19. it limits property taxes on wildfire victims so families can move to a replacement home without a tax penalty. you never know what you'll be faced with. please, vote 'yes' on 19.
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alaska airlines will keep the middle seats open to the
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end of november. it is extending the middle seat policy to maintain distance between passengers, due to the covid-19 pandemic. southwest airlines announced the same extension last week. cruises could be making a comeback in the u.s. before the end of the year. the group that represents all major crews lines is planning to submit a new safety guidelines to the cdc today, it includes auditory testing for all passengers, prior to -- prior to boarding and masks would be mandatory. currently a no sale order is in effect for u.s. ports through the end of october. fishing of one's favorite grouch, talking about the importance of wearing a mask. >> it will keep you and others healthy but more importantly, i won't have to see you are happy smiling face, and i can make grouchy faces that you without you knowing. another benefit.
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>> i love him. it also features another sesame street favorite, elmo. this is the third in a series of mask psa is being put out. later tonight, how a bay area thrash metal legend got his groove back after a terrifying bout with covid. >> esther struggling to breathe. >> it was frightening. >> it made me realize how close to death i was. tonight, the angels, covid miracles, the ordeal and recovery of agreement nominated drummer. that is tonight at 11. big day for the aquarium of the bay, and other museums. for the first time in six months. as happy as everyone is the ceo says the shutdown cost $7 million in lost revenue. >> they cannot remain shut, so
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24,000 animals and saltwater tanks. for small organization, it has been devastating. such a beautiful landmark. a great day to see all the landmarks. nice evening for a walk you want to do that or if your little motivated and want to go for a run instead, the air body is improving we turn from summer and autumn, temperatures are not going to care a whole lot, sunrise and sunset times tomorrow, getting close to 12 hours, we lose our sedalia over
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the next fall equinox, and the winter solstice in late december. it will >> as we head to the rest of the week, smoke kind of drifted back and over the weekend, not dreadful but it was back. being pushed away is the onshore breeze has gotten stronger and that is a trend that will continue as we head to through most of this week. we freeze the maps here on thursday, and we're going to be in between, couple different air masses, one bringing rain to the pacific northwest over the next several days, another air high-pressure over the four corners, but they will be far enough away that they will squeeze the answer overhead, give us the onshore wind to help improve the air-quality. bigger changes as we head into the weekend, the heat don't will be back. near record high temperatures, especially sunday and monday. those at the peak of this heatwave, i think we are going to see triple digit readings across at least parts of the bay area and the temperatures well into the 90s that was in
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the and parts of the bay area as we head into the weekend. in terms of the smoke over the next several days, brighter colors indicate where the thickest smoke is, it is been pushed away from us as we head to through most of this week. you can see the data is picking up on where the fires are and how the snow behaves as it is blowing off of those fires. we are remaining fine as we head to through midday on thursday but once that he don't settles in, it is going to turn the wind and we will see at least some smoke drifting back down into the bay area as we go to this weekend coming up at against smoke, use that plume coming off of the creek fire, getting to close for comfort as we head into sunday. we keep you updated as we head to the next several days. a little on one side inlet, 80 in santa rosa, 92 in concord, 79 degrees in hayward, 71 degrees and city, 63 in half moon bay, temperatures still at 63, 68 at sfo, 65 degrees downtown, most the 70s and 80s as a get farther inland but still 91 degrees in fairfield, the fog will spread out come as we head to tonight but not too far inland, some of the valleys and lensing low cloud coverage to start the day in the backs
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up toward the coast as we head towards tomorrow afternoon come temperatures will start off in the mid to upper 50s to around 60 degrees, just a tiny bit above average for the last morning of summer time and up into the 60s, 70s and 80s for highs tomorrow, also very close to what is normal for this time of year. with more 80s than anything else farther inland. the hottest spots, though, only getting close to 90 degrees, if you degrees cooler than where we were today. here's the heatwave. toward the end of the seven-day forecast, even around the bay, high temperatures well into the 80s by sunday and monday, which puts us close to record territory for the last weekend in september. coming up, i have another update on this holiday. if you are still waiting for your unemployment check, how taking a selfie may help with the backlog. plus, the cdc flip-flopping yet again, this time over aerosol transmission. a local infectious disease expert weighs in on why the organization is being so fickle. after a young man was shot
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and killed in walnut creek, mental health advocate say there must be another solution, then just calling police. >> reporter: still ahead here at five, she broke a record rowing from san francisco to hawaii. now she's opening up about that harrowing trip.
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one woman is breaking records, and she got off sharks and big waves to do it. don ford reports on her incredible journey, in a rowboat from san francisco to hawaii. >> reporter: it all started here at the yacht club, she and her 21 foot boat making its way directly out the golden gate bridge. the next stop? honolulu. four-year-old has chain -- trained four years for this moment. she's a professional sailor, ocean rower, and artist.
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now she holds the new women's world record for rowing from san francisco to hawaii alone and unassisted solo. 86 days, 10 hours, five minutes and 56 seconds. there were some close calls. >> we had some that i never saw which was almost vertical waves. so in the first 20 to 30 something nights, they were becoming towers and then i saw things i've never seen which is break, break, break. i've never seen it crumble that much and it becomes an avalanche of water. >> a nearly thousand miles of the boat capsized twice, each time throwing her overboard. each time, getting back on board. >> i am massively underestimated of being thrown into the water and almost dying and now i'm living in the boat for which i have been thrown. >> reporter: it could happen again. >> correct and at that time, and the days that followed, i was deeply afraid of the ocean. i thought i would never go to see again. >> reporter: but with strength, courage and no other choice, she kept going, kept rowing,
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kept faith, until one day. >> land. land. land. >> reporter: she made it to hawaii, unassisted, no chase boat, all by herself. now she has a larger goal. >> san francisco to why is to have thousand to 30,000 miles. and japan to san francisco is twice that of 5 to 6000 miles, and it will take twice as long. >> reporter: she is planning to roll from california to japan, says the hawaii row was simply training. we met relationships over two years, and that the system is so broken. >> walnut creek just paid a family millions of dollars, after police officers killed their son. now mental health advocates say there must be another solution, then just calling the police. i still waiting for the unappointed check in the mail? how taking a simple selfie could actually help clear the backlog of the struggling edd.
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our top stories, demanding a straight answer from the cdc, a berkeley infectious disease expert on why the organization is flip-flopping so much on covid guidelines. good evening, i am was with cook. >> i'm ken bastida. we are sorting out another about-face from the cdc. kpix5's kiet do says this time it has to do with how the virus spreads. >> reporter: so for months the cdc has been saying the coronavirus spreads mainly by the larger respiratory droplets that leave your mouth and then tend to fall to the ground very quickly within about 6 feet or so and not the lighter aerosols that tend to float in the air and travel for much longer distances. over the weekend, so major flopping from the cdc again. it all began with this update to its website last friday. covid-19, most commonly spreads the respiratory droplets or small particles such as those


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