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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  September 21, 2020 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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an avalanche of unemployment claims and there's a lot of doubts about come the newsom's new plan to reese that the system. do you think the reset will work? do you trust it?
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no. why now? >> that is a great question. edd has been failing for years. we felt really good but we had some time to vent about some of the unlucky in this with injuries. >> it took a huge toll, and we just learned one star 49er is out for the season. breaking news in vacaville right now, a brush fire has spread to the roof of an apartment building. this aerial video just coming into the newsroom, the fire broke out around 4:30 on beeler drive and marshall road. crews say it jumped a canal and then hit that nearby apartment building. firefighters were there to knock it down. they are now trying to get the rest of the brushfire completely surrounded. so far it appears no other structures are threatened. also right now on the news at seven and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking alive at sacramento, tonight, the state is telling x hundred thousand people who have been waiting
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for months for their jobless benefits to wait even longer. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. juliette goodrich is in dublin tonight with white the state is taking two weeks to reset. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of californians checking their mailboxes for benefit information, unappointed checks, well, this reset will help with the back log and also the biggest problem, fraud. but some are wondering, will it really work? the governor's strike team report came up with close to 100 recommendations to fix the edd failures. it starts with a two week reset. and what will that do? >> to get this system back on its feet and get us to a position where we can address the significant number of backlogged cases. >> reporter: according to the report california's current backlog of claims is growing by at least 10,000 claims per day. it also determined one in 1000 people trying to reach the call
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center actually get through. >> you trust the system, do you think the reset will work? do you trust it? >> no. i mean, there is people, i have not seen any cash since march. >> why now? when we already knew there was an issue? >> that is a great question. edd has been failing for years. >> reporter: the some women is on a subcommittee to reform edd. >> so your message to those that are patiently waiting? wait some more, patiently? >> it is we are as frustrated as everyone. i more and this will be too late for so many californians who are living on the edge. >> reporter: part of this reset will include an id me verification system, also hiring more employees to handle phone calls, and take care of the backlog. in the east bay, juliette goodrich, kpix5.
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back on fire watch, pretty close call in belmont, a couple of hours ago. a fire broke out and it raced right up the hillside pickle chopper five over the san juan canyon, near laurelwood park. the crews battling that fire on the ground and from the roof of some of these houses, some evacuations are still in place. along e. laurel creek rd., while crews work on those hotspots. those are expected to be lifted about 10 pm tonight. >> i was at my dining room table. i had a pool pump and a big toes. just soaking the ground trying to help. the surveillance video into the newsroom shows two thieves stealing a food truck in san jose. take a close look at the suspect. and the white chevy truck. police say the trailer was stolen yesterday and the family that owns it is now out of their own lease source of income. if you've seen the truck or the
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trailer, san jose police want to hear from you. meanwhile the 49ers are one and one on the season tonight, but some of their best players are pretty banged up right now. dennis o'donnell joins us now with more on this. a tough week not only for the niners but all around the league. >> yeah, players going down left and right. for the season. you know, the 49ers were already without quarterback richard sherman and wide receiver depot samuel. now, they will be without two defensive hours, for the rest of the season. talking about pass rush are both who suffered a torn acl in the first half yesterday at metlife stadium. he had nine sacks thousand 19, and he was the defensive rookie of the year. he is irreplaceable. to garoppolo suffered a high ankle sprain, and played on it until halftime, but good news, it is not as severe as they initially thought. in fact the coaches model that
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how well he played after the injury. >> we told him we had in with the bat on the way out if that will help him but we kind of laughed at it. he is a physical guy and a lot of guys kind of get some going in the game and get you more alert. he plays with a lot of grit. >> he will not be back into the 2021. same goes for fellow defensive lineman solomon thomas who also tore his acl. jimmy status for sunday is a wait and see situation. more bad news, running backs tevin coleman and both have any injuries that will reportedly prevent them from's suiting up on sunday, and to top it off, guys, kyle shanahan was fined $100,000 for not wearing this on the sidelines during the game. 100 grant. just put on the mask. while. >> i don't know what's going through his head, but yeah. that's a lot of money to make a
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point. new at seven, in armenian church in san francisco want help finding the person whose targeting its community. police say someone shot holes in the sign for in armenian school next to the church on brotherhood way over the weekend. that happened just days after police say a fire was intentionally's that at in armenian committee center on the other side of the city. church leaders now concerned these crimes ercould escalate. >> we would like to see come you know, maybe federal help come into this. because it is a hate crime and it is escalating as we speak. it started with graffiti and went to arson. now it is a shooting pick of the next one will probably be somebody getting shot. >> that is also targeted the school with graffiti. we have more on this developing story coming up tonight at 11:00. it out campaign 2020, vote smart report, closer look at a measure that would lift the
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states ban on considering race, gender, or ethnicity. an admission and hiring decisions, i colleges and universities. andria borba is live at uc berkeley with a breakdown on proposition 16. >> reporter: if any of this feels familiar to you at home, it is because we've had this debate about 25 years ago, about affirmative-action in the state of california. we are having it again now. the year was 1996, pete wilson was governor and california voters passed proposition 209, which outlawed affirmative- action in the state constitution. opposition 16 out for a vote seeks to overturn that. gail harriet, now a law professor at the university of san diego, was one of the original architects of 209, in which you see admissions became a flashpoint. >> the graduation rates were poor underrepresented minorities went up. gpas went up, number of science and engineering degrees went up.
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>> reporter: walter wilson behind a guess on 16 campaign says without a greater push to racial equality after the death of george floyd, the time for changes now. >> the impact of prop 209 on education, particularly the black committee was dramatic. >> reporter: he says minority and women owned businesses lost $1.1 billion a year for the last 22 years, and lost contracts due to prop 209. and diversity in california university campuses has decreased. >> black and latino students admitted to the university california decrease between 12 and 16% depending on the university's location. >> reporter: the affirmative action outlined in pot 16, says harriet, codifies dissemination. >> public university should give a little they got to those were really in need. but you cannot measure that by police.
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>> reporter: the race to put prop 16 into lots very interesting one. prop 209 passed by a large margin back in the day. at the moment, the no one 16 campaign is looking at about 47% support with 22% undecided right now. still very interesting race on proposition 16. with a series of stories on on the election, including how to register to vote, and then how to make your vote count. up next, confusion tonight from the cdc. the message deleted about how coronavirus is spread. plus. >> they pull up and they just dump right there, or whatever, and they take off. >> who is paying for this sprawling bay area dumping ground to finally be cleaned up? also. more breaking news omission investigation right now outside in east bay elementary school. also. i am massively underestimating the psychological toll of being to the water in the most time. >> reporter: one woman's
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journey, rowing from the bay area into a tropical paradise. a spectacular sunset in progress right now as we look out for the golden gate. improving air quality across the board as well but i'm also tracking a weekend heat wave, coming up. all new at tonight at 11, one of the members of a grammy nominated the area band has a brush with death after catching covid-19. >> esther struggling to breathe. i was frightened come you know, this made me realize how close to death i give you my world ♪
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♪ i know we'll make it to the finish line ♪ ♪ i know you're waiting on the other side ♪ ♪ i'm like you on-demand glucose monitoring. because they're always on. another life-changing technology from abbott. so you don't wait for life. you live it. breaking news in contra costa county, there is been a shooting outside pleasant hill elementary's cool. if you are just sent us this video, it is all happening within the past 30 minutes. police are not think if anyone was shot, the school is not open right now.
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the students, we have a crew on the way and we have the very latest tonight at 11. a live look outside, and, yeah, as paul mentioned, what an amazing sunset. you throw little smoke up in the air, we can get a pretty good look at the sunset. >> there is still a decent amount of smoke and the atmospre but here ground level we have to breathe that, things are getting better. let's go back in time. just to 1:00 this afternoon. the air quality was not great at that point but it has been improving, every hourly update has brought us better and better air quality across more and more of the bay area. you can see the green dots expanding and now there is more spots that have good air quality than any other category. it is going to continue to improve. mostly in the good category again tomorrow, northbay, may still be the moderate category, just closer proximity to those fires to the north.
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some of that smoke sticking down, even with the stronger onshore breeze pushing most of the smoke farther off to the east and northeast. look at that sunset looking to the west from salesforce tower, toward sutro tower. the fog is making its way in. we will see that spreading into some of the inland valleys. 63 degrees at the moment, but it is also bringing temperatures down quite a bit further inland. data 70 in livermore, 77 in concord, after high temperature of 92 degrees, so already a 15 degree drop, all sorts of benefits from that onshore breeze. temperatures tonight dropping down mostly to the 50s, i think the warmest spot will amount tomorrow morning, right around 60 degrees, the first day of fall, fall officially arrived at 6:30 tomorrow morning, it will feel like what it should feel like, temperatures in the low 60s along the coast, a bit on the cool side but mostly mid to upper 70s. with low to mid 80s for the santa clara valley.
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the hotspots will be east of the diablo range as usual but even there, temperatures are short of 90 degrees, low to mid 80s for the tri-valley with a mix of upper 60s and low 70s around the central bay, upper 70s and low 80s toward the northbay. all these numbers within 2 to 3 degrees of where they should be for this time of year. high temperatures reaching up into the mid-80s. pretty normal weather as we head to most of this week, as the storm system makes its way into the pacific northwest, we're not going to see any rain out of that on thursday but a little more cloud cover. it will help to reinforce the onshore breeze and drop our temperatures a little more. welcome rain for the pacific northwest before we see some big changes as we finish off the work week and heading to the first weekend of fall. the last weekend of september. the heat don't is going to be back, yet another in the sequel of these hot with the events that we have had with more near record high temperatures likely across the bay area especially by sunday and monday. the hottest days in this next stretch of hot weather. we have that to look forward to. we will keep you updated, it is possible we will see triple digit temperatures inland by sunday and monday. right now is to with forecasting temperatures well into the 90s by that point, enjoy the nice weather over the next several days.
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a pretty normal start to autumn. i have another look at that weekend heat wave coming up at 11:00. here is a look at the top headlines, let's take a live look at capitol hill, where a battle is brewing over who will pick justice ruth bader ginsburg's replacement. president trump said he will announce a nominee by the end of this week. democrats are targeting senate republicans who say they will move swiftly to appoint the presidents pick. >> i'm just doing my constitutional obligation. i have an obligation to do this. so i would rather see it before the election. >> is only one way for us to have some hope of coming together again, and that is for four brave senate republicans to commit to rejecting any nominee until the next president is installed. tonight the centers for disease control is revising its message on how coronavirus is
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spread. on friday come the cdc said the virus can spread through respiratory droplets aerosols. today it deleted that language, causing confusion. >> all these things together paid a very bad picture of what is going on. tonight the police chief in louisville, kentucky, has declared a state of emergency the, ahead of the release of a grand jury decision and the breanna taylor case. it is unclear when that decision will come down, but all vacation days for officers are now canceled to deal with the possible aftermath of violent protests. she was shot by police back in march and her death has sparked protest around the city and nationwide. coming up in next, how this bay area illegal dumping ground got so out of hand and the plan to keep it from piling up again. she says she almost died on her rowing expedition from the bay area, to hawaii. now, she has even crazier goal. later, summer is over so
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a live look at san jose were crews are working to clean up one of the cities against illegal dumping grounds.
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this thing is so big they had to use heavy equipment today to deal with the tons of trash stashed there in the trees along monetary highway. it will likely take them all week to clean it up. near the railroad tracks. folks who live in and candidates nearby that people started dropping off a few items at the beginning of the pandemic, and it quickly grew out of control. >> they do show up in cars, trucks, and whatever and they do it fast, too, they pull up and they just dump right there, throat wherever and they take off, and you don't even see them half the time. >> people are at home now and they have decided to do everything from replace appliance days, purchase new furniture, clean out garages, all things sitting in the backyard. we want people to do that but we just want them to also does those of those rings appropriately. >> union pacific railroad and city crews teamed up on the project. the city plans to spend about two can of other dump sites
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across the city. go to hawaii. she is a professional sailor who trained for years to battle the shark infested waters. the journey took her 86 days. there were some close calls but the 40-year-old now holds the women's world record for rowing the fastest in the us to hawaii. >> we had something i've never seen which was almost vertical waves. so in the first 20 to 30 something nights they were becoming towers and i saw things i've never seen which is break, break, break. i've seen break break but i never seen it crumble that much and then it becomes an avalanche. >> she is not done yet. for her next adventure she plans to roll from san francisco to japan. that is about 6000 miles and it will take about twice as long. >> a lot of water out there. up next, speaking of boats, you finally have some op we saw the cloud of smoke
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and my heart fell.
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i knew we'd lose our home... and we did. over 24,000 homes have been destroyed by wildfires in the past few years. wildfire victims need help so i'm voting 'yes' on 19. it limits property taxes on wildfire victims so families can move to a replacement home without a tax penalty. you never know what you'll be faced with. please, vote 'yes' on 19.
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in the east bay, three parks are getting the green light to reopen. they will all be open october 2. i hope there is no snow there. to boaters and campers have been closed since march. call ahead if you want to go because there will be some safety modifications that you have to adhere to, and limited capacity. thank you for watching tonight at seven. the news co
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