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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 24, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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a south bay school district between parents and teachers, to very different views on whether and when to resume in person classes. good evening. it is a bouncing act for sure that all bay area school districts are facing right now. kiet do on the reopening plan for palo alto schools. this is a tough call on the district. on 100 the majority of families who want their kids back in class, on the other, the teachers feel uneasy about the whole thing and they're pushing back. >> the school closure signs have been up for so long, more than six months now after lucky weather and covered in cobwebs. now momentum is building to come back in just a matter of days. superintendent says there is majority support of the unified school board members to approve the plan to resume in person
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classes. followed by tk to first grade, two weeks after that, and and the one. half the students will attend class for 2 1/2 days, and then take the rest of the week off while the other half of the class rotates in. of the 2600 parents who responded to a district survey, 62% said yes, they favor in person classes. >> we have families that are food challenge, we have families that are having an emotional issue at home. we need to be open for students. >> it seems rushed. >> she's the president of the palo alto educators association and says the unit conducted a survey of their own. it about 82% of special ed teachers and 80% of elementary school teachers were not comfortable with in person classes. the union says they will honor that agreement but with a lot of stress and worry. >> teachers are professionals.
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they will be doing it with a lot of insight he and i hate to see that. have to just keep speaking out against this and explained that we don't want this to happen. >> to feel safe? >> personally i do. >> she has three kids in grade school and says she understands the teachers concerns. >> this point i trust the county health department and the state. if we are not going to trust him now, when are we ever going to be able to move forward to get our kids back to school? >> there are a lot of parents who don't want to send the kids back to school, what are they telling them? >> the district has a plan for that, they say families are happy with their virtual online set up, they can keep right on doing that for anybody who wants to send their kids back to class, go right on ahead. for information about your school district, what is he going to do come you can visit back to school.
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for this evening the justice department is expected to file an antitrust action against google, is expected to focus on the tech giants dominance in online search, and whether it was used to stifle competition and hurt consumers. there hoping to get support from states across the country that show same concerns about google. an update as to when we first brought you, some progress in dealing with a nasty rat infestation in one is a neighborhood. they broke the story. he found a total cleanup is being blocked now by finger- pointing, and redtape. it just last week there have been a major cleanup, especially debris piles, where the rats were literally doug and but neighbors say there is so much more they have to do and now, it appears that politicians are starting to listen. >> we are all excited about no gas carson 2035 but we can't clean the city of san jose.
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the family member got an ear full from downtown san jose neighbors and business owners set up over rats and trash on land around i have in 280. >> people should not live here with rats running wild. >> this was the scene last month of skin was caught rats running around a homeless camp underneath a 280 overpass. they appear to be testing and debris amounts. the company can proceed utility, clear the debris after neighbors complained. >> we promised we would make it as clean as possible. we cannot do anything about it if it is almost problem. >> reporter: he walked with neighbors next to the freeway to see a nether trash heap no one is doing anything about. it is stopped homeless camp keen ups during the pandemic, but when neighbors or even
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private companies offer to organize cleanups themselves, they say caltrans is not very helpful. we contacted caltrans for a response but have so far not received one. >> we need to move. >> they said it was a good meeting but just the beginning. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5 five. there is been a spike of home break-ins, in a residents are demanding answers from the district attorney's office. kenny choi is live in north beach where police are upping patrols. >> reporter: is a northern district which includes north beach and telegraph hill. in 1000 incidents so far this year and it is in this park right here that one resident says she saw one of the burglary suspects that was
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arrested just a few days ago. now that suspect was arrested earlier this month, she saw the suspect here in this part. she said soon after she reported an incident to police, she started posting some flyers and alert neighbors after getting few answers from sf pd. she sent dozens of pictures and videos from surveillance cameras. they map out the details to investigators exact locations counting more than 50 burglaries in a span of weeks. they took part in a zoom community meeting this afternoon, to address residence concerns. >> i want to say i'm sorry. i can hear the frustration in your voice, and frankly, i don't blame you. it is unbelievable how brazen some of these people are. >> any little noise, any little sound at night, we wake up and look out the window. it is pretty scary. >> two weeks ago, sf pd and is the rest of.
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suspected multiple burglary incidents. brothers and the suspect are charged with murder but ultimately, not convicted but for obvious reasons, residents here are still concerned about the spike in burglaries and the suspect. is terrifying. we are hearing more for more people about their experiences as victims and is not just anecdotal anymore. what kind of data are we seeing on this? >> the spikes are real, according to sf pd, overall, in san francisco, the number of burglaries is up about 42% overall in the city. into your, the northern part of san francisco, according to data, the number progress jumping from 683 two 1079 so far, that is a sharp increase of about 58%. as the car that's, here in the northern district, that was reported to the sf pd, that's number of about 44%.
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>> those numbers are staggering. all right, thank you. back check committee is a check and now covid check. the new screening at sfo that will revolutionize traveling during the pandemic. a live look at steamer lane in santa cruz tonight, as dozens of surfers stopped the waves. why excitement is swelling along the coast. coming up in next in sports, the story does not have a happy ending for the giants. >> that is most important story. >> the pac-12, playing ball in the fall? that is next. another heatwave and increasing fire danger. in addition, the air-quality could be an issue once again. we saw the cloud of smoke
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and my heart fell. i knew we'd lose our home... and we did. over 24,000 homes have been destroyed by wildfires in the past few years. wildfire victims need help so i'm voting 'yes' on 19. it limits property taxes on wildfire victims so families can move to a replacement home without a tax penalty. you never know what you'll be faced with. please, vote 'yes' on 19.
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new at six and airlines is rolling out rapid covid test for its flights from sfo to hawaii. that would mean travelers would not have to quarantine for 14 days. the morning anchor has those details. >> they hope to offer testing options at major hubs across the country that could potentially of americans to travel internationally again. he is getting the rapid covid test passengers will soon be taking just hours before departing from hawaii. united is the first was airline to rollout a covid test program for passenger starting october 15. they will be given the option to order in testing kit or reserve a time for rapid tests
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at the airport. >> this is a good opportunity. to get them back in the air and traveling as safely as possible. >> next month with proof of a negative covid test results within 72 hours prior to arrival, the state will waive usually quarantine. officials will verify those results as quite common. >> a lot of extra time. he can make sure that you are not getting her friends sick or anyone who is in the risks own. >> it is already available to airport and airline employees. the at-home kit will be 80 bucks plus shipping and going to slapper processing. flyers will have results within eight hours. united hopes to eventually
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expand testing options to its hubs across the country in cities like new york, chicago, and los angeles. united states a separate as a major that toward reconnecting the u.s. with international travel. airlines are pushing for your air bridges between major cities like new york and london, and would require preflight covid tests for all on board. there looking offering test to its passengers, that's a plan to offer test passengers next month, and already has testing centers for arriving passengers and munich and frankfurt. >> a reta mays -- recent survey found three quarters of flyers support those tests. they will return to issue citations to their evaders again by the end of the year but the primary focus is to enforce mask wearing and physical distancing. let's take a live look at santa cruz were surfers are already enjoying the wave action, the first big swell. about 2 pound our coast.
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i don't know come is that overstatement? will find out. storm turning in the gulf of alaska is expected to bring waves up to 20 feet from monterey county mcrib to sentences go's ocean beach. >> not bad for late september. >> not bad. we will take that. >> go enjoy come just be safe while you are doing it. the same storms -- same storm system will shift a bit. unfortunately, it did not send any rain down into northern california, to help out the fire crews especially run the august complex and that is a tricky one in terms of how our air quality is going to evolve over the next couple of days. close look at the satellite perspective and this is what they look like right now. it is closer to the august complex. metallic that. the wind will shift a bit, especially for up in the and is there. about a mile and a half, 2 miles up, and request redirection tomorrow and that will take some of this book
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from the august complex which has been blowing just enough to the east. drifted down to the northbay and east bay's about the air quality is not going to be awful tomorrow, it is going to go to the moderate category for the northbay and the east bay. it does look like as the winship's, most of the bay area will be into at least the moderate category, if not the unhealthy categories by sunday and monday. that is all done the line. otherwise temperatures holland 70s. everybody is at 76 or 79. good weather for a dog walking about a for the ball who does not look to be thrilled to be wearing a mask that was just for the picture and then he got to get his snips inappropriately. temperatures will drop off as we head to this evening. temperatures dropping down into the 50s by early tomorrow morning, temperatures are going
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to drop down to the 50s tomorrow they fog, not as that, that is widespread, and not a stubborn. it will back up quickly toward the coast as we head into tomorrow morning, under strict invisibility tomorrow afternoon, other than a little the smoke and haze the northbay and into the east bay. temperatures, not bad, a couple spots around to begin the day tomorrow but we warm up at a reasonable pace as opposed this weekend. high temperatures tomorrow close to about two, three degrees what is normal for this time of year. the heat kicks in this weekend, near record high temperatures around 100 degrees in length and width gusty wind, that increases the fire danger. the real heat kicks and sunday. even around 90 degrees in of the bay on monday.
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dennis is here with a look at sports and the giants may look back at today's game as the one that got away. >> giants trying to take the series in the rockies today about themselves in the driver seat for a playoff spot. he the rockets into runs over six innings, giants down 4-3, brandon belt a fly ball that just kept flying. the left-field, his 1000 career hit tied again at four. bottom 10. rockies together right fielder to have an extra infielder with the bags loaded. if the giant the playoffs, remember this play, trevor story, get out of the play. three for 18 with runners in scoring position. top of the 11.
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looking for a ground ball of his own, had a fly ball to left. plenty deep enough to score the go-ahead run. giants looking to answer in their half of the inning, but they grounded to the game and doing double play. time to run at third base, the rockies went 500 for to split the four-game series. that is definitely a tough loss but there. we left a little bit too early. we need to keep pushing as an offense and we did not. we ended up paying for it. >> giants are 28 and 28, still half game ahead of philadelphia and milwaukee, for that final playoff spot. they will play a doubleheader against the padres tomorrow. the pac-12 has made it official, there will be football in the fall, a seven- game series beginning november 6, the championship game on
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december 18. george kittle practice again today, and if you are looking for clues, they also spoke with the media, which is something they typically don't do but he was not about to tip his hands. >> does anything indicate that it will be change? >> i missed of your faces and your voices. so it is a nice opportunity. >> i have a feeling he's going to play. and i have to tell you, they deemed it up to nfl quality standards. we will see you on sunday. go figure. here is norah o'donnell with what is coming up next. that evening, coming up after, 2020 america decides why
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democrats worr
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right to driver stopped up something different in san jose today, signs and bumper stickers supporting prop 22. it would give the drivers new benefits like minimum wage while still remaining independent contractors. opponents a it would exempt multibillion-dollar big corporations from contributing to textbased social safety nets. and help you vote smart this november go to our special section on health officials have some new protections this evening. the governor is allowing them to hide
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the unfair money bail system. he, accused of rape. while he, accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail; got out the same day. the senior citizen could not; forced to wait in jail nearly a year. voting yes on prop 25 ends this failed system, replacing it with one based on public safety. because the size of your wallet shouldn't determine whether or not you're in jail. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail.
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thank you for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area this election,
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all californians will be able to vote safely from home. every active, registered voter will receive a vote-by-mail ballot with a unique barcode. you can track it using where's my ballot? and you'll receive automatic notifications by text, email or voice call to let you know the status of your ballot once you mail it, drop it off at your polling place or at a drop box. vote by mail ballots. simple, safe, secure. counted. learn more at
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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, two major stories as we come on the air. with 40 days until the election, the president still won't commit to a peaceful transition if he loses. as americans protest over police violence in the wake of no charges related to breonna taylor's death. president trump again questions the integrity of the election, but if the decision comes down to the supreme court, would he accept it? what members of his own party are saying tonight. plus, booed while paying respects to justice ruth bader ginsburg. >> vote him out! >> vote him out! >> o'donnell: from new york to san diego, protests nationwide, mostly peaceful, but in louisville, violence erupts. >> there's an officer down. >> o'donnell: two police


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