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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 26, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this year, brushes drier than ever, there hasn't been any substantial rain in months, combine that with record-
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setting heat, the deputy chief says it is practically explosive. >> we are surrounded by ignition source. >> these are some of the most beautiful viewpoints in the area. people are causing fires. >> in ruins it for a lot of other people, don't come up here to light fireworks, or drink and drive. >> what is the plan to enforce the new parking band? >> oakland police say that they are going to be out patrolling tonight on grizzly peak from skyline to interstate 24 in effect from 9:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m., they are really hoping to crack down on that activity by having police officers tell people that they need to move along. if
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necessary, they will write citations. >> meanwhile we are dealing with the effect of fires that have been burning for weeks. it is filtering in from the north. it is obscuring mount diablo and bringing so much smoke to parts of solano county, people have been calling and asking if there is a new fire, there is not. looking at temperature, wind, air quality, what is the top of the list? >> low humidity. the real troubling factor with this red flag warning that got extended this morning. it was made 48 hours long. it only included the mountains and the north bay yesterday. you see how it is just read up there. this wind event is looking more likely and more impressive the
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closer that we get to it. i want to show you the big sure for how this wind is going to come together. here we are starting out on saturday. here comes the first wave of wind. brighter colors, streamlined showing streamlined wind. we have strong offshore gusts. this is the first wave. there are two waves. there are the east bay hills lighting up. sunday night into monday morning, the second wave comes through, it streams light it streamlines even more offshore. that will even include the east bay hills. i will show you the exclusive detail in the complete forecasting a few minutes. there we will show you the
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picture of the problem, and that big warm up is coming. we will feel it in the city and anywhere near the coast. seventy-four in san francisco, you probably were not even thinking about the temperatures. tomorrow, that is going to be a big change. you are going to feel that. not only san francisco, i'm going to outline the entire bay area care tomorrow feels different, but san francisco is the poster child. you warm up 16 degrees from one day to the next. >> pg&e says 100,000 customers in 15 counties could have power off tomorrow and monday as a percussion. the utility is giving an online briefing even as we speak and at this point only a handful of area customers are expected to be impacted.
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200 in napa county, 202 in sonoma county. if we see anything that suggests otherwise, we will let you know immediately. >> the big story is developing in washington. we have reaction pouring in over president trump spec, as expected, it is federal judge amy coney barrett. she is known for being very conservative and against abortion. earlier i spoke with the san jose state political science professor about what is at stake if she is confirmed. >> what do republicans like about her? on the flipside, what to what do democrats have issues with with her? >> republicans like that she fulfills a really three or four decade long march to overturn roe versus wade. she is seen as a certain vote against roe. i think they also like that she is quite young, and likely to serve 30 years or more if she's confirmed. >> it's a really direct attack
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on roe versus wade, some are saying. >> i agree entirely, she's on record strongly as opposing the affordable care act, and amazingly, there will be oral arguments in a case to overturn the affordable care act the week after the election, she is seen as a sure vote on that, and also a sure vote on opposing the contraceptive coverage provision in the informal care act, all top gop priorities from supreme court. >> both times favoring restriction on access to the procedure, we have reaction from both sides, swift and unsurprising. and everything hangs in the balance, a woman's contribute constitutional right to make her own decisions about her body, the rights of lgbt americans to marry who they love, the rights of workers to collectively bargain for fair
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wages, the future of our pack planets, voting rights and the right of every american to have a voice in our democracy. a bay area lawyer countered by saying her humanity as a mother of seven who adopted two children from abroad and is a woman of faith gives comfort that justice barrett will rule on our most important case with integrity and the wisdom of years of experience. president trump was thanked for nominating aid juror that respects the rule of law. cbsn bay area is your source of breaking news 247, take it wherever you go with our new app . the east bay community has been hard-hit by the coronavirus and is getting much needed sports night. devon feely texas to the
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fruitvale neighborhood, where a plan is in place for the weekend. >> reporter: the goal is fairly straightforward and at the same time ambitious, testing 4000 people over the next two days in an effort to figure out who is infected and help them to prevent others from becoming sick as well. this is what testing looks like on a massive scale, a small army of medical professionals taking the battle against the coronavirus. >> i'm following the science of this pandemic, i knew that this was a big opportunity to get more information about this neighborhood that is severely affected by covid-19. >> sam wanted to get tested to protect himself and others that he might unknowingly expose if he was infected but a systematic. >> testing provides the opportunity to know whether or not i have been saved or not, i do know if i have been able to avoid infection. >> organizer say that virus is
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spreading widely in the fruitvale neighborhood, a community of working-class families and essential workers. >> there has been more and more testing with high rates of infection, it seems like we need to do more. >> they offer nasal swabs to test, testing for antibodies, an indication that somebody has gotten sick with the virus before. >> we hope a lot more people will be getting tested rather than waiting for people to have symptoms and then show up. >> organizers hope testing will help them understand why and how people are getting sick. the goal is to test as many as 4000 people today and tomorrow. the organizer say that they have 500 spots with people signed up for each day, and
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another 1500 each day, available for people who just show up and walk up to be tested. still ahead, a spill of local proportions. tonight the legal fallout for a bay area winery that turned a sonoma county creek into cabernet. >> cleaning up trash may sometimes feel like a hopeless task, that's all the challenge that some need to bring out their better selves. we will have that story coming up. in oakland, how community members are using yoga to further a nationwide cause safely shop floor and decor your way!
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a freak spill at a winery violated state and federal clean water laws. rodney strong winery was given a notice for that incident. $100,000 a 100,000-gallon storage tank burst open with enough cabernet to fill 40,000 cases went into that river, it spilled out into a trait that feeds the russian river. enough reach the river that they caught red streaks on video several miles down the street. they ended up damming the creek to stop the flow. it remains unclear if rodney strong will face a fine. speaking of messes, trash pickup in oakland today. new at six, hope, and a long journey that begins with a single step
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>> sometimes the worst in some people's out the best in others . twenty-two years ago, chris jones put up some tents and began feeding the homeless on days before raiders games. his forever oakland has her own into a dedicated group of volunteers who showed up on saturdays, to do the dirty work that the city won't do. >> we've decided to take the bull by the horns and step up, raise our level of helping oakland oakland, make oakland home again. >> san leandro street is covered with traffic trash and filth thrown from cars or dragged in by the homeless. that's where ashanti was today, he brought along his friend ivan visiting from southern california. >> we were like wait, what are
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we doing, exactly? >> they took on a task that seemed insurmountable. sometimes it is what it is. >> all you can do is enough. >> the guys powered on, and occasionally a driver would yell out a thank you, no one stops to lend a hand, so he wondered what would make people throw trash from their cars like this >> may be people don't feel like we belong. they stopped caring. they reach that point where it becomes this. >> after an hour, their bags were full and they cleaned 40 feet. some might say it was a witless waste of time in the midst of so much garbage here, but these two had a different take, they see it as a beginning. >> kids and adults can see this and maybe we can get them to think i can do that to.
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>> one hour a month, one hour a week, one hour a year, any of that could make this better, we can turn this city around. >> sometimes problems facing places like oakland can feel hopeless. then guys like this will show up and remind us that hope is not about success it is about making the effort. >> good for them. if you would like to join in the effort, forever oakland meets every saturday across the street from the entrance to the oakland coliseum. >> the big news this weekend is the warm up, the offshore wind, and the low humidity. >> you and i started talking about that at the top of the newscast.
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>> that is the most troubling aspect of the next 40 hours. take a look at the map over my shoulder. it shows you where the relative humidity was this afternoon a little after 5:00. just setting the stage for how medically different it is going to be tomorrow. we get ourselves oriented, numbers ranging from the 60% range to the lowest of around 30%, there is even some green on the map. i will send this forward that now, we have not started the red flag warning yet. watch overnight. we go ahead to tomorrow, at 5:10. you can see a huge difference. some of these are single-digit readings, we are lucky to be in the teens at no space places. strong wind makes the headlines. the strong wind will dry out the vegetation, which is already very dry, from a very dry season that we have had. that is really the number one factor. look at the wind, it is already windy in santa rosa. that's not the offshore wind, that's picking up. this will get us to sunday morning.
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look at that 34 mile-per-hour gust. look at this from mount helen's. and we probably won't notice a lot down here. this is very familiar. this is way the way all of the big offshore wind events tends to go. a spotlight on the first wave of offshore wind, there's a 34 mile-per-hour gust over mount st. helena with wind speeds down in the teens were most of us live. we do this sunday and monday. the other story is the warm up and the heat advisory for the entire bay area starting at 11:00 tomorrow, not expiring until seven clock monday. this includes the city and the immediate day, which is important. that is going to be unique. here the daytime high temperatures from today, oakland was heavy was 82, san jose was 84, we advance these numbers into tomorrow. we see where we go fromhere, 74
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today, 90 tomorrow, santa rosa, livermore, you will be in the one hundreds tomorrow, it is hot. but you can handle that a little more than a lot of these other locations. look at that 12-degree warm up. the other issue, is the smoke going to come back? that depends heavily on how the fires behave. and the atmosphere is going to be moving. here is the best information that we have at this point. the deeper the shade of red, the higher the concentration of smoke into monday. that came from the creek fire. depending on how that hips, the wind will be bringing that smoke right to us on monday. that's why we see the air- quality forecast going downhill, as we get into monday. keep your fingers crossed on that smoke. forecasting is an art form and we are doing our best. that is the way it looks at this
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point. overnight low temperatures are in the lower to middle 60s with daytime high temptress, we've covered that. a noticeable jump in heat, the question is how long we stay there. the answer is, for a while, certainly into the next week. by the end of this next week there is some relief. but get ready for an early autumn heatwave unfortunately. >> esports settling in, we've got this much football, at about this much baseball. the giants have been busy
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baseball up top, the giants are just underway against the padres. and with all kinds of playoff implications on that game at around the league. and can they recover from last night? sam was protecting a 5-3 lead and on the verge of sweeping a double header, and this
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happens. a three run walkoff home run from trent grisham. the giants ended up with a split on a double header. they play cooper out on the injured list with a shoulder strain. jeff samardzija ended his five- year run with the team. he pitched three innings last night, in his first start since early august august. he was not going to have a role in the playoffs. >> scooting off into the sunset, the giants fan favorite announced his retirement today after 14 seasons in the big leagues. he was released last month, but will always be remembered at his key member of the world series teams in 2012 and in 2014. they know that they are in the playoffs, it is all about the seating now as they try to lock it up, that
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second seed. a's and mariners, game one, up 1-0 in the sixth. j.p. crawford line one, good enough to drive in a game tying run. and look at the body language of the dugout. another tough out, another extra inning ballgame where they ended up on the short end of it. 1 yard in a four run inning, game 15-1, game number two is in process. ed orgeron, mississippi state in red. j costello just took over, going for his ac record, 623 yards and five touchdowns. for the bulldogs, a two touchdown underdog. the first
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lsu loss is november 2018 and new england tomorrow, six- point underdogs. 49ers covid-free to have point favorites. >> burn, i said that about every turf field back then. i love these young guys, they are little more subtle than we were. asphalt with horrible golf carpeting laid on top, that's basically what we had before. pittsburgh, cincinnati, houston, they were the worst of all time here but new york was right on up there. >> i don't think he likes the
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turf. did you know that oakland has a professional soccer team? they probably call themselves the oakland roots. they try to wean they try to win a league title, they are in michigan for a tournament, i got a taste of a spirited practice before they left town. >> in makes me happy as soon as i step on the field. all smiles. >> as you look at the logo, what does oakland roots mean to you? >> it means culture, it means love, it means unity, it means resilience. oakland has always been resilient. everyone who grows up in oakland is resilient. >> we want to see a team that expresses themselves on the ball, and they score goals, when they win games.
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we had one goal, that's too win the championship. oakland deserves it, the fans deserve it, this is what we are going to do, this is what the fans are going to do. >> try to win this championship, they want to win this championship, in the next year they move up to a different level. they are so good, they are moving up to the usl championship league. >> it is a good plan and a good goal. thank you. >> coming up, demonstrators flood the streets of san francisco with a powerful response to the staggering number of hate crimes against one bay area community. >> if the senate does the honor of confirming me, i pledge to discharge the response abilities of his job to the best of my ability. >> the clock is officially taking on the race to fulfill that supreme court seat, a rush
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to judgment. >> there underestimating the whole of being thrown into the water. >> she went from san francisco to hawaii, for the record books.
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it is my honor to nominate one of our nation's most brilliant and gifted legal minds to the supreme court, judge amy coney barrett. >> for the third time in four years, president trump has announced a nominee to the us supreme court, this time to fill the seat left vacant after ruth bader ginsburg staff. his pick as expected, judge amy coney barrett.
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conservatives are praising her nomination, democrats are concerned about the 6-3 conservative majority. who is she? a circuit judge on the us court of appeals, for that, she was a law professor at notre dame and a clerk for antonin scalia. if confirmed, the mother of seven would be the first woman with school age children to serve on the supreme court. camilo joins us from the white house, with what is shaping up to be a supreme battle in congress. >> before the political fight, president trump highlighted her achievements, including with education, with her career, and her personal life, she was here with her sevenchildren, including two of them adopted from haiti, one with special
6:33 pm
needs, beyond her personal life it is her conservative views on abortion, immigration, and gun rights most appeal to the president and republicans. president donald trump announcing who he hopes will be the next supreme court justice. >> she is a woman of unparalleled achievement, towering intellect, sterling credentials and unyielding loyalty to the constitution. >> the 48-year-old appellate judge and notre dame law professor is a conservative mother of seven and a former law clerk for antonin scalia. she would be the fifth woman to sit on the supreme court. >> if the senate does the honor of confirming me, i pledge to discharge the responsibilities of this job to the very best of my ability. >> the nomination comes amid strong backlash from democrats, who believe republicans should wait, and allow the winner of
6:34 pm
the election to fill a vacant seat. which mcconnell is pushing forward. >> we have an obligation under the constitution, should we choose to take advantage of it, to advance. >> delegates are unlikely to prevent her confirmation, hoping to rally voters. >> everything america believes in and stands for when it comes to issues, like healthcare and labor rights, and lgbtq rights, women's rights, judge amy kony barrett stands against all of that. >> judge amy coney barrett is only 48 years old, she can change the balance of the court for years to come, because she is only 48 years old, people believe she could be on the bench for about 30 years, that is a long ways to go if she is confirmed. >> the republican national
6:35 pm
committee says president trump has picked and especially exceptionally qualified constitutionalist. she is someone who recognizes the proper role of the supreme court justice is to interpret the constitution as written. on the other side of the political divide, senator harris said with the next justice set to determine the fate of texans for those with pre-existing health conditions, and reproductive health options, i will continue to fight on behalf of the people and strongly oppose the nomination. >> that echoes the sentiment of her running mate joe biden. vote like your healthcare is on the ballot, because it is. it affects our everyday lives, and the constitution was designed to give voters a voice on who makes those decisions. the senate should not act until after the american people select their next president and the next congress, americans
6:36 pm
deserve to be heard. joe biden was also in the content campaign trail where he addressed us mayors in a virtual conference and assure them as president he would offer support in helping to respond to issues from racial injustice, protest, and follow- up from the pandemic. >> we are dealing with four historic crises all at once, a once in a century pandemic that has claimed over 200,000 american lives. a devastating economic recession. a long overdue reckoning on racial justice and a change on climate ravaging countries all across the country. not one of those crises should have a partisan dimension. i really mean that, not a single one of them. >> 90 minutes after making his supreme court announcement, president trump was headed for that battle grand state of pennsylvania, he went to the podium and harrisburg, supporters chanted fill that
6:37 pm
seat. >> number one in her class. the professor, one of the most respected people said the greatest student he's ever had, that's very good, that's a little better than biden, wouldn't you say? [ crowd noise ] >> she should be running for president. [ crowd noise ] >> the supreme court nomination will certainly be a hot topic tomorrow morning on face the nation. we invite you to join margaret brennan at 8:30. go to our special section on and reporting on how bay area officials plan to move forward. a fight back against racism and violence against asian americans, what started as an idea has now become a national movement. it's called they can't burn us
6:38 pm
all, they organized the first of march after an eight 89-year- old was set on fire in brooklyn . >> a march to chinatown to show their support for the movement. >> i've seen different people of different demographics supporting this cause, it's very important. ultimately we can't get past this unless everyone unites. >> that movement will go to seattle next. in oakland, a moment of healing and self-care in support of black lives, a yoga session was organized by blm yoga, they stretched out on the grass next to black lives matter signs, they aim to fight against racism with the power of wrath, presence, and community. >> a sense of coming together to stand in solidarity and to be together as one, for a cause
6:39 pm
that is near and dear to our hearts. >> they provide food and other necessities to a homeless another low income people. >> protecting the men and women who protect the west of us. these new california firetrucks, we look at what makes them so special. stay updated on the fire weather this weekend with the new news app, use it from the app store and goog
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sonny gray project for a bridge over echo summit is ahead of schedule and should be done by tomorrow, highway 50 remained closed while work was wrapping up, drivers should still expect traffic delays after completion for the next two weeks, as there will be daytime one-way traffic control. the sacrament of fire district is heading into peak fire season with a pair of specially equipped new trucks. and things should be a lot safer for the crew inside. >> reporter: it is a tradition in firehouses, the push in ceremony for new engines, times have changed, but one thing stays the same care that is firefighter exposure to cancer- causing chemicals. natalie johnson knows it too well. her sister passed away in november after battling occupational cancer, she had been a firefighter for 31 years and loved helping people.
6:43 pm
>> she would not give up on you. she would have the ability to reach and and see what was right at the core of you. >> natalie was on hand when they arrived, the clean tab apparatus keep carcinogens away from the crew. the breathing apparatus has been moved to a back compartment. >> turnouts are moved out of the crew compartment to an outside compartment. we have a filter on the inside. it filters the air >> each one costs 700 grand and will be paid for by the city. >> they cost more. however, if it saves one firefighter going forward, suffering the effects of cancer, it's worth more. five families of firefighters who have died or are glad to see that protection. >> it is amazing to see.
6:44 pm
>> that was rachel wolf reporting. santa clara fire crews are proving that we are all better together, lending a helping hand to a man who lost his wheels. the man in the center was assaulted last weekend had his skateboard taken away from him, it was his main motive getting around. firefighters tracked him down give him a new one. for more feel-good stories like this one, go to our website. send your stories to us. do you think a flight to hawaii is long? try rowing yourself there. >> a local rower has completed her journey to honolulu. >> if you own a telescope, you will want to use it tonight, a dark secret is about to be
6:45 pm
revealed. >> we have been addressing the fire weather concerns, there's another element that will affect where you live, up to 40 degrees warmer tomorrow than today was, we will talk about that, plus how long will it last?
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a look at the rising moon, with the clouds, right now is a great time for a telescope. >> looking at the moon through a telescope is really overkill. >> it is international observe the new moon night. and the artemis mission in 2024 will send astronauts back to the moon. it is not great viewing conditions for us, but it is quarter moon, half-light and have dark. >> the greater landscape of the moon along that line, day and night. i know that people around the world are observing with me.
6:49 pm
>> i like it when people are excited. >> if you have ever looked up and wondered, the dark areas of the moon are cool lava. >> as soon as that stuff turns around and gets direct sunlight, it warms up intensely. >> the atmosphere is not very clear tonight. >> clouds in the way, some smoke out there, thankfully not down here on the ground, we are not breathing it in yet. there's a lot going on with the fire weather watches and the smoke, tomorrow's going to feel
6:50 pm
very different. it is going to be hot, but you guys can handle 101 degrees. the map is color-coded. you are normally supposed to see big differences in shading from here to here, that makes tomorrow stand out. there is not that much of a difference. ninetys in the city, 74 today, that is a huge jump. we are going to see similar increases all throughout the immediate bay. san jose at 93, there is a big jump down here. we will get you right up to the 100-degree mark. we've got a short little heat wave coming. tomorrow is the day you are going to notice it it will stick around for a few days. no surprise, a heat advisory. that all starts at 11:00 a.m. monday is not going to be the
6:51 pm
last hot day. the red flag warning starts at 9:00 tonight and does not expire until 9:00 on monday. that has been expended extended, as of this morning. now it goes longer than it was supposed to go, it also includes the valleys of the north bay. as of yesterday it was only the mountains. and we are going to look at the wind across northern california. this is overnight tonight, tomorrow morning. this is the first wave of offshore wind. we've got 48 hours to get through. the brighter the color, the stronger the wind. those are the offshore wind coming off the north fountains and the east bay hills. that's the first one. specifics in the second. there is our break before sunday night and monday morning, with the second wave of offshore wind. this is going from the east to
6:52 pm
the west, really drying out the mountains, they really speed up as they go over the mountains. that is why we have a prolonged period now where the red flag warning stays in effect. let's go close to the ground and see how this is going to play out, noticeably breezy in santa rosa. the offshore wind will die down overnight. this is classic, this is the way these always look, that brighter colors for the mountains. meanwhile we are not seeing much wind down at the lower elevations where we all live. and we will pull out a few other spots. wind is whipping over mount st. helena. you will notice that these pick up. watch how the humidity drops. normal rounds of humidity, you will see very abnormal, very low numbers. that is a concern with the single- digit relative humidity's.
6:53 pm
by monday, wind is starting to start shifting with more smoke from the creek fire. that is the best outlook on the smoke forecasts. does need to be watched closely day by day. there is your air-quality forecast. monday could be one of the more concerning days. morning low temperatures in the lower to middle 60s, relatively warm. here's the seven day forecast. how long does that heat wave last? you stay in the 90s all week inland. we at least get you back into the we saw the cloud of smoke
6:54 pm
and my heart fell. i knew we'd lose our home... and we did. over 24,000 homes have been destroyed by wildfires in the past few years. wildfire victims need help so i'm voting 'yes' on 19. it limits property taxes on wildfire victims so families can move to a replacement home without a tax penalty. you never know what you'll be faced with. please, vote 'yes' on 19.
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a bay area woman faced big sharks and big waves to row her way to hawaii. her historic solo trip was a warm up for what she's running next. >> making their way directly down the gate bridge, next up, honolulu. leah has trained for years for this moment. she's a professional sailor and artist, she hopes the new woman's world record for
6:57 pm
rowing, she holds it for unassisted solo, 86 days, ten hours, five minutes and 56 seconds. there were some close calls. >> i saw almost vertical waves. they were becoming towers. i saw things i had never seen, break, break, break, it crumbles so much that it becomes an avalanche. >> the boat capsized twice, each time throwing her overboard. each time, she had to get back on board. >> i civilly underestimated the psychological toll of being thrown into the water and nearly dying, living in the boat where i drowned, i thought i would never go to the sea again because i was so deeply afraid of the ocean. >> the weeks at sea were and isolation were profound, but sometimes the little things kept her going. near the patch of light twin
6:58 pm
squalls. because i was hoping to avoid them. the curtain got pulled back and there was some slice of sky and picture, postcard perfect. >> with strength and courage, and with no other choice, she kept going, she kept rolling. >> until one day, land, land, land. >> she made it to hawaii, unassisted, all by herself. now she has a larger goal. >> to have thousand, 3000 miles, japan and san francisco, twice that, five or 6000 miles. truck she's planning to row from california to japan, since the row for hawaii was simply training. >> amazing. what have we done with our summer? not much. better find that moon tonight
6:59 pm
at least. >> i don't know if i can do that. >> the - [narrator] the following program is a paid presentation
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