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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 2, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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reporting from the nation's capital, i'm jeff pegues. it's friday, october 2nd, 2020. this is the "cbs morning news." breaking overnight, a stunning announcement. president trump says he and the first lady, melania trump, have tested positive for the coronavirus. both are now in quarantine. we're following the very latest with their health, what happens next, and the reactions coming next, and the reactions coming in. captioning funded by cbs well, good morning, everyone. really good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. of course we begin with the stunning revelations overnight. president trump sad he and the first lady tested positive for the coronavirus. their diagnosis comes after one
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of mr. trump's closest aides, hope hicks, also tested positive for covid-19. natalie brand is in washington. what do we know about the condition of the president and the first lady? >> reporter: well, a senior administration official tells cbs news the president is in good spirits. but huge questions and uncertainty remain about what happens next. the schedule ahead, the timing of this a little more than 30 days from the election. in a tweet just before 1:00 a.m., president trump announced both he and first lady melania trump have tested positive for covid-19. the president wrote, "we will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. we will get through this together." >> so i just went for a test. and we'll see what happens. who knows? >> reporter: the stunning development came hours after president trump confirmed to fox news that one of his closest aides, hope hicks, had tested positive for the coronavirus. >> she tested positive.
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and i just went out with a test. i'll see -- we spend a lot of time, and the first lady just went out with a test also. so whether we quarantine or whether we have it, i don't know. >> reporter: white house physician sean conley released a statement saying the president and first lady were both doing well, adding, quote, rest assured i expect the president to continue carrying out his duties without disruption while recovering. the white house has canceled all of the president's public events for today. he has kept on his schedule a phone call of covid-19 support for vulnerable seniors. hicks had traveled to several events with president trump this week, including the debate on tuesday and to his rally in minnesota on wednesday. president trump attended a fundraiser in new jersey on thursday, reportedly spending time in close contact with a number of his supporters. now the white house says contact tracing has been done, but t's unclear at this point how many
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white house officials or staffers could be needing to take new precautions in light of this. and a senior aide tells us this morning that chief of staff mark meadows has tested negative. of course, he and the vice president have been on capitol hill this week for meetings between republican lawmakers and the president's supreme court nominee, anne-marie. >> we know that this virus can impact people in a myriad of different ways. do we know whether or not the president was showing any symptoms? >> reporter: well, the memorandum that we have from the white house physician does not specifically talk about any symptoms, just says that the president and the first lady are doing well at this time. the first lady also tweeted out that they are feeling good. as you mentioned, this will be something that we have to monitor in the coming days. what we do know, as well, is that hope hicks did start coming
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down with some symptoms on wednesday, later in the day, which is what prompted that second covid test that day which turned up with the positive result. >> natalie brand in washington. thank you so much. so reaction is, of course, pouring in after the announcement that president trump and the first lady tested positive for covid. vice president mike pence tweeted, quote, karen and i send our love and prayers to our friends, president trump and melania trump. we join millions across america praying for their full and swift recovery. god bless you, mr. trump, and our wonderful first lady, melania. texas governor abbott said, "lifting up prayers for president trump and the first lady. may god's healing powers touch them, strengthen them, and raise them up." we will be following this story throughout the morning and will have the latest coming up on "cbs this morning." turning now to secret audiotapes just released of first lady melania trump. she apparently goes on a
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profanity-laced rant about christmas decorations while at the same time answering critics about detained migrant children. >> okay. and then i do it and say that i'm working on christmas, and they said what about the children that were separated? give me a [ bleep ] break. where were they saying anything when obama did that? >> the tapes first played on cnn last night also revealed melania trump's frustration after the president was criticized for separating families. the conversations were recorded by mrs. trump's former friend and senior adviser stephanie walkoff in 2018. she also wrote a book about their relationship which has gone downhill. stephanie grisham, chief of staff for the first lady, released a statement saying the only intent was to secretly tape the first lady in order to peddle herself and salacious book.
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there's no way to know if the recordings have been edited and it's clear that it was hand picked with no context. the first lady remains focused on serving her family and serving our country. an audio recording of the grand jury proceedings in the breonna taylor case are set to be made public by noon today. the release was postponed after a judge granted kentucky attorney general daniel cameron more time. a member of the grand jury filed a court motion accusing cameron of misrepresenting their deliberations. the grand jury ultimately indicted one officer for firing bullets that entered the home of taylor's neighbor during a botched drug raid in march that left taylor dead. gusty winds and extreme heat are making it hard for crews combating raging wildfires in california's wine country. this wild video shows firefighters driving through the glass fire. the fire in napa and sonoma counties jumped containment lines leading to a new round of evacuations. the fire was -- has torched more
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than 58,000 acres and is now 5% contained. chris martinez has more on the devastating destruction. >> i put my heart and soul into this project. we took almost 15 years to build this project. it's my dream castle. mymy dream. >> reporter: the glass fire destroyed the grape harvest after tearing through the winery sunday. he's grateful some wines were spared, and his castle complex and tasting room were left unscathed. >> we sell 100% of our wines direct to the consumer who come to the winery. a little bit mail order and on line, but essentially everything that's sold here. we're out of business. >> reporter: the hourglass winery and the fair winds estate winery are among at least a dozen wineries and vineyards destroyed or heavily damaged. >> i don't think winemaking has ever been for the faint of heart. >> reporter: governor newsom
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looked at some of the damage. >> we're putting all we have in terms of resources particularly over the next 36 or so hours as the winds begin to increase. >> we have a combination of warm, dry, unstable conditions coupled with strong winds and high fire danger. >> reporter: with no signs of slowing down, the glass fire footprint is now 88 square miles and pushing into areas not touched by wildfires in 70 years. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. senator joe manchin is the first democrat to meet with the president's supreme court pick. the west virginia lawmaker met with amy coney barrett yesterday evening at the u.s. capitol. the details of the meeting have not been disclosed. he released a statement saying he would not vote to confirm barrett or any supreme court nominee before election day. so coming up on the "cbs morning news," party's over. a florida school cancels spring break. and proving his innocence --
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fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. memory... focus... accuracy... learning and concentration. try it today with our money-back guarantee! amazon says that nearly 20,000 frontline u.s. workers at both amazon and whole foods have tested positive or been presumed positive for the coronavirus. it's the first time the shopping giant has revealed how its work force has been impacted by the virus. amazon says its infection rate is well below what the general u.s. population has experienced. a florida school canceled spring break, and the governor of texas is accused of voter suppression. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the houston chronicle" reports the republican governor of texas dramatically reduced the number of places where state voters can drop off their mail-in ballots.
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governor greg abbott's order means each county can only have one drop-off location starting today. it shutters dozens of sites including some of the largest cities. abbott says that he did it to ensure election security. democrats say it's an effort to suppress the vote. the order also allows poll watchers to observe ballot deliveries. "the tallahassee democrat" says florida state university canceled next year's spring break due to the coronavirus. officials say they're scrubbing the week-long holiday in an effort to protect against the spread of the virus. it comes after police broke up a party outside a nearby student apartment complex just last weekend. there were more than 1,000 people there. last week, florida governor desantis proposed a bill of rights for college students in response to schools punishing students for having parties. and "the detroit news" reports dna evidence helped clear a man after he spent 26 years in prison for murder. 45-year-old lacino hamilton was greeted by hugs after being
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released from prison wednesday. he was convicted of second-degree murder in the 1994 shooting death of his foster mother. dna found under the victim's fingernails was never disclosed and was not tested at the time. two attorneys took up hamilton's case six years ago. dna testing proved his innocence. >> i just always believed that the truth would come out. words don't begin to describe how excited i am. i'm so excited, you know. and looking forward to the rest of my life. >> hamilton's conviction was largely based on the false testimony of a jailhouse snitch who claimed hamilton had confessed to him. so still ahead, an invitation to hell. an airbnb listing scares up spooky fun to celebrate halloween. scares up spooky fun to celebrate halloween. i'm erin. -and i'm margo. we've always done things our own way. charted our own paths. i wasn't going to just back down from moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.
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on staples including bread. it differentiates, though, bread from other baked goods like brownies or cookies which are taxed. now to the cbs "money watch." why major tech companies are being subpoenaed, and an offer to spend a night in hell. diane king hall is in new york with those stories and more. good morning, diane. >> that is spooky. good morning. all right. let's start with this -- u.s. stock futures are plunging after president trump tweeted he and the first lady tested positive for covid-19. meantime, this morning, later this morning the labor department's out with its september jobs report. it is expected to show another month of gains, but the unemployment rate is expected to remain stubbornly high at more than 8%. now yesterday the dow rose 35 points. the nasdaq gained 159, and the s&p 500 added 17. the senate commerce committee voted unanimously yesterday to issue subpoenas for the heads of three major social media companies. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg
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along with sundar pichai of google and twitter's jack dorsey are being ordered to go before the panel. they will be asked about combating disinformation and internet safety for children and teenagers. the action comes as congress considers changes to liability protections under the communications decency act. a new survey reveals how consumers feel about shopping this thanksgiving. 76% said retailers should be closed on the holiday. a little more than half of those cited the desire to give employees a well-earned day off. the rest said retail workers should spend the day with their families. this year a growing number of retailers do plan to close on thanksgiving. and for fans of halloween, one town in the midwest is offering up a stay in a ghoulish airbnb. the self-proclaimed mayor of hell, a local town in michigan, is giving a chance for residents to stay in the tiny home. there's a fire pit, outdoor movie screen for scary movies, and gothic seating area. the unofficial mayor of the
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unincorporated town is offering the mayor's lair for three nights this month. >> i'll tell you what hell is -- i checked out that listing, and i do not see a bathroom listed there. not saying there isn't access to a bathroom -- >> that's a problem. that's a problem. >> yes. i need a private bath with good lighting. thank you. >> exactly. all right. >> diane king hall in new york, thank you so much, diane. >> you got it. all right. up next, one of the smallest wildfire victims, a baby mountain lion, is recovering after being rescued from a california fire. ♪ here's to the duers. to all the people who realize they can du more with less asthma thanks to dupixent, the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma. dupixent isn't for sudden breathing problems. it can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as 2 weeks and help prevent severe asthma attacks.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ the urban climber known as the
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french spider-man scaled another skyscraper dressed in a silver suit and wearing cowboy boots. he climbed to the top of a 545-foot office building in frankfurt, germany, yesterday. he did it untethered without a safety harness. he faces possible criminal charges and fines. he has climbed more than 100 structures including the golden gate bridge. are you ready for some more football? actor and former wrestling star dwayne "the rock" johnson announced in a promotional video that the xfl is coming back. >> some look at this place and only see a football field. >> but it's more than that. >> this is hallowed ground. >> johnson and other investors bought the league for an estimated $15 million in august. the xfl filed for bankruptcy after the coronavirus pandemic forced the league to shut down. johnson said the xfl will return in the spring of 2022.
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and a mountain lion cub is recovering from severe burns and other injuries after being rescued from a northern california wildfire. the orphaned weeks' old male cub was pulled to safety wednesday by a firefighter in reading. he was taken to the oakland zoo. >> he was alert and feisty. he -- he snarled at me. so that gave me hope that he was, you know, maybe okay. but i could clearly see that his whiskers had been singed. >> the cub weighed less than four pounds. he's now eating on his own and, as you heard, acting feisty. during the pandemic people are taking extra precautions when it comes to venturing outside. check out this 102-year-old retired chicago teacher. yesterday she put on a hazmat suit to send in her mail-in ballot. the city's teachers union posted the photo of bea lumpkin on twitter. the union tweeted if bea can do it, anyone can do it. vote. lump kip spent much.
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her life as a labor activist and in the community party. coming up on "cbs this morning," we're going to have the very latest from the white house on president trump and the first lady, melania trump, after they tested positive for the coronavirus. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." there's moving and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike big glucosamine chondroitin pills, it's all in one tiny pill. try move free ultra now. feel the difference. ♪ to severe plaque psoriasis uncover clearer skin that can last. in fact, tremfya® was proven superior to humira® in providing significantly clearer skin. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tremfya®. uncover clearer skin that can last. janssen can help you explore cost support options.
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and we support environmental causes through 1% for the planet. oroweat organic bread. great taste that's sustainably baked. and now, introducing our super delicious and nutritious organic kids bread featuring disney's mickey mouse and minnie mouse! our top story this morning -- president trump tweeted that he and the first lady tested positive for the coronavirus. the news comes hours after mr. trump confirmed to fox news that one of his closest aides, hope hicks, had tested positive for covid-19. white house doctor sean conley released a statement saying the president and first lady are both doing well. he added mr. trump will carry out his duties without disruption while recovering. the news comes after mr. trump attended a fundraiser in new jersey yesterday where he reportedly spent time in close contact with a number of his supporters. a twin brother and sister in north dakota recently got a huge
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surprise at their high school. norah o'donnell has the story. hi. >> reporter: he has a winning smile and infectious personality. >> number 72, riley fogerty. [ cheers ] >> reporter: riley, a high school senior, is the biggest booster for his high school football team. riley, tell me about your sister, ellie. >> she's kind and unique. >> reporter: and twin sister ellie is his biggest cheerleader. >> riley and i have been pretty much besties since the get-go. >> reporter: riley, who is autistic, has special needs and special gifts. >> i think riley has taught everyone a lot about acceptance. and he's taught people how to see beyond differences. >> homecoming king -- >> reporter: so ellie was busting with pride when riley was crowned homecoming king. >> riley fogerty!
4:27 am
>> when they called his name, i just lost it. i freaked out. i was so ecstatic. >> reporter: what did some classmates tell you as the reason they wanted riley as homecoming king? >> they thought it would be awesome to see him so happy. >> they said it would be awesome. >> did any of the classmates tell you how they felt? >> felt good. powerful. pretty proud. >> reporter: but there was one more secret -- and ellie never saw it coming. >> ellie fogerty! >> everyone was looking at me and cheering, i was like, wait, then i feel the crown on my head. i was like, oh, my gosh, i just won. >> reporter: a king and queen whose reign brought sunshine. >> she's my sister. >> yeah. aw. >> reporter: fraternal twins teaching the world about brotherly love. >> that was norah o'donnell reporting. so coming up on "cbs this morning," what happens next for president trump and first lady melania trump who tested
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positive for the coronavirus? plus, country music superstar maren morris talks about her new protest song, "better than we found it," and the new video released overnight. we speak with former american soccer star and coach landon donovan about how he forfeited a game to take a stand against homophobia. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪ >> just because you're not seeing it around you doesn't mean it's not happening. ♪
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