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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 3, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. live from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix5 news. >> president trump hospitalized with a coronavirus as more close aides and republican senators test positive. could it jeopardize a vote on a supreme court judge? plus, fire activity along highway 29, in napa county overnight. the latest on the battle to protect homes in the path of the glass fire. break the windows. break the windows. >> and a dramatic rescue as a crowd of people desperately pull a man out of a burning car in san pablo. good morning, it's saturday, october 3rd i am devin fehely, let's star with with a check of the weather with darren peck. we will see less wind on the fires and we are going to start improving the air quality and there's a possibility for rain by next weekend. but before i get no that, it's foggy this morning. so if you are hitting the road, the one place you have to be
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concerned about fog is on the golden gate bridge pip don't want to give you the impression it's widespread fog. it is just along the coast and especially out along the golden gate bridge where it is foggy enough there's a dense fog advisory for the span on the bridge. but other than that, you shouldn't encounter much. temperatures around 60 in most spots, except for 49 in santa rosa. you can see where the fog is outlawed on the map. as far as air quality is concerned for today, it will be better than yesterday. the official forecast still has us at unhealthy for sensitive groups and even at times unhealthy in the east bay. but if you look at the readings, most low rations are pod rit on the air quality gauge on current reading. and that's good news. so improving air quality, red flag warning expired in the mountains and we will take a look at that possibility for rain coming up in the complete forecast in just a few minutes. there are the daytime highs. it's going to be a bit warm,
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mid-90s inland. and mid to upper 80s for the bay. and to the top story looking live at walter reed hospital where the president is expected to stay for the next few days after testing positive with the corona virus. white house doctor says he started remdesivir therapy and doesn't require oxygen at this stage. cbs has the very latest. >> reporter: exactly month before oelectric days the president is waking up in a hospital in maryland. the president was admitted to walter read reed medical center less than day he and first lady tested positive for covid-19. in a tweet sent shortly before midnight, the president wrote "going well, i think. thank you to all. love. cbs news has learned that the president was hospitalized after he began to feel fatigued and developed a low fever. before departing the white house he recorded a video thanking well-wishers for their support. >> i think i am doing very well, but, we are going to make sure that things work out.
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>> reporter: in statement white house physical doctor said the president was "doing well, and did not require supplemental oxygen. the doctor said the president is being treated with remdesivir and double antibody cocktail. at walter reed, the president is in special sweat called the medical executive treatment unit designed to allow the president to continue to lead the government even if he needs medical attention. in addition to the first lady, several other members of the president's inner circle have tested positive for coronavirus, including former kelly anne conway and bill stepien and aide hope hicks. republican senators mike lee and thom tile as have test positive. they were at the white house last saturday when president trump nominated amy coney barrett to the supreme court. >> this is not a matter of politics. it's a reminder to all of us that, we have to take this
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virus seriously. p. >> reporter: democratic presidential nominee joe biden said he is praying for the president's recovery. biden spent 90ments on stage with the president during tuesday night's debate and his campaign says he twice tested neglect if i have for the virus on friday. cbs news, bethesda, maryland. many of the political figures who announced positive tests attended saturday's nomination ceremony for amy coney barrett. that is utah senator lee sitting near kellyanne conway and north carolina senator thom tillis who was at the white house on saturday. they have both tested positive. president trump is being treated with remdesivir, a drug produced by foster city based gilead science and is treated with an experimental antibody drug currently being tested in 70 locations including here in the bay area. kpix5 takes a closer look at the treatment. >> reporter: president trump has already received aggressive
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treatment at white the white house. he got 8 gram dose of an antibody cocktail through an iv. the treatment is aimed at stopping the disease from progressing, by neutralizing the virus. >> on average, people who got the infusion of antibodies got better in half the time that people who didn't get them. >> reporter: so far, 275 patients have gone through the clinical trial, but more will have to be done to get fda approval. whether the treatment will work for the president is still unknown. doctors say it takes about 3 to 5 days from the date of expose your to really get sick. >> the odds are not looking good for him in terms of progression of disease and i imagine he needs oxygen. >> reporter: the doctor adds 20% of those infect go to the hospital. she points out mr. trump is over the age of 65, obese, and has high cholesterol.
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>> the majority are older than 65, and the majority also have more than 1 underlying condition. he has three. >> reporter: while there are more than dozen positive covid cases now among those who attended the supreme court nomination event on saturday, epidemiologist thinks it may be too early to get a full picture of the president. the doctor says that is reminder of how important it is to mask up and social distance. >> the fact we have public officials continuing to engage in this behavior means either they basically don't -- they think it's a hoax. >> reporter: since the treatment has not been approved by the f department a, an average person would either have to go through the clinical trial or apply through the compassionate use program. kpix5. and new this morning, one person is died after a crash on i-80 near richmond late yesterday. this video just into the newsroom shows a crowd of people desperately trying to
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rescue the driver as flames shoot out of the passenger side of the car. multiple lanes were shut down after the accident. the cph says one person died the a the scene. and on the fire watch, and for fighters are working to increase containment on the glass fire in the north bay. the fire is 8% contained and has destroyed nearly 300 homes, and is threatening 29,000 homes and other building. bulldozers worked to eliminate fuel and create secondary control liens along highway 29, west of calistoga. on friday the wind were not as strong as initially forecasted. and that allowed crews to put more control loins in and suppress fire activity. and in parts of pope valley. >> the valley and the i corridor is in attack and we have the industry in there populated in working within the area, so we have that to be
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vigilant for their safety. >> there's a mobile retardant base where they can scoop down with buckets as they do to peck up watter. california will hit a milestone in the wild fire season. nearly 4 million acres burned this year alone. flames scorched an area larger than the state of connecticut and 31 people have been killed and hundreds of homes torched. stay kpix and visit for the latest developments on the glass fire. the grand jury recordings in the broona taylor case have been released and the grand jury didn't indict the officers who shot and killed taylor during a botched drug raid. in the tapes we hear from one of the officers who entered taylor's home in march to search for drugs. police say they knocked three times before ramming in the door. taylor was shot multiple times after her boyfriend fired at officers. >> i could feel the heat and i
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returned fire four round off. and it was like boom, boom, boom. >> in a twist this morning, a fiery and deadly bay area crash is now being connected to a murder. the crash happened just after #:00 a.m. yesterday on 101 in petaluma. a motorcyclist died in a head on collision with another vehicle. passer-by pulled the driver from the car who suffered major injuries but is expected to survive. this is dash cam video of the crash 40 minutes later. police got a call of a welfare check for a woman on 6th street when officers discovered a 28- year-old woman who was deceased. the police say they believe there's connection to the crash but wouldn't give any other details. the time is 6:10. and still ahead, we have the latest on president trump's condition after being hospitalized with the coronavirus. plus, what we are learning about the robbery in san francisco that ended in deadly
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gunfire in union square. here's live look outside before we head to break. we will be right back.
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welcome back. this is live look where the president is being treated with remdesivir and an experiment drug after testing positive for coronavirus. he is expected to be hospitalized for now days. we will keep you updated throughout the show. look live at san francisco now, and this morning, we are learning that the man killed in a shooting in the city's union square has been named as 21 -year-old vernon jones. he is suspected of taking part
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in an attempted robbery. as kpix5 reporter betty yu reports, we are seeing more thefts in the area as the city loosens coronavirus restrictions. >> reporter: this is cell phone video of police performing cpr on the suspect. moments earlier, they say he tried to rob a man on geary street acos from neumann marcus. police responded around 5:00 p.m. thursday after hearing gunshots. they found a 21-year-old man hit by gunfire. you can see an officer standing near three guns on the sidewalk. which they recovered as evidence. witnesses told police the attempted robbery went south when things turned physical. it resulted in the suspect getting shot. he later died at the hospital. >> i been down in union square for many, many years, and this is the first too many i heard about somebody getting killed on the streets down here. so, i he doesn't know. i guess things are getting more dangerous and worse. >> reporter: san francisco police say it is saturating union square with more police
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officers, following the shooting. the presence was hard to miss whether on foot or in police cruisers. while crimes overall are down dramatically year over year, certain crimes in central district, which includes union square, are up as of late. for example, cases of larceny, theft and doubled after stores first reopened after the pandemic and run crimes are one of the biggest problems for union square stores. and between july and august, robbery and theft cases jumped about 30%. >> i guess i would be more -- i would look around more and tai take more notice of my surroundings but it makes mow feel safer to see cops in the area. >> police say the victim in the attempted robbery was not injured. supervisor pesken wants to assure residents and tourists that union square is safe and the shooting death was a rare occurrence.
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air quality was bad yesterday. we have this video of san jose. you can't see the sky line. an so some people did get out of the house. >>i was so excitessed to get back to normal, and now we have a little more smoke, so, feels like blade runner out here. let's get latest on the weather with darren peck. >> i will start off with the air quality report because i have some good news. we haven't gotten rid of most of the smoke but some of it. as a result, most of us near the water in the immediate bay, city, peninsula, aerial is moderate. and that's an improvement over the last 36 hours where it's been unhealthy. look at colors. the focus is orange and the official sensor for downtown san jose is still reading unhealthy for sensitive groups. if we look at the far east by a we are in the unhealthy access. if you don't have immediate access to the bay you don't
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feel the onshore flow, you are stuck with the smoke. livemore, pleasant ton, dublin is unhealthy. concord has gotten a little better. look at yellow dots and same for the east bay and north bay. until you get up into wine country, where no surprise, it's very unhy in napa valley as smoke from the glass fire is just settling down. getting knot overnight hours, the smoke is caught up in the down slope winds in the overnight where the colder, heavier air sinks to the bottom and brings the smoke with it. it is not good morning to be out up in napa and hasn't been for the last several days. a little haze from the smoke on top of sales force tower. but i will show you why the air quality will get better later tonight into monday as we look at the smoke forecast temperatures out there in the mid-60s. so we ve gotten used to looking at the smoke forecast so far. here's saturday morning, deeper shade of red and higher the concentration of smoke, and
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things get a little better throughout the day on saturday, and we keep just enough of an onshore flow going we keep the smoke pushed off towards the east enough, but u want you do see what happens from saturday evening until sunday. much stronger onshore flow comes on. and that really has a dramatic impact. for areas that have direct access to that onshore flow. this should help out most of the bay area with improved air quality for monday first half of the day on monday except the north bay. same story up here. the glass fire is still going to be producing smoke and the closer you are to the source of the smoke the worse the air quality will be. as far as temperatures today p. we will be in the upper 80s for much of the south bay. 87 in redwood city, and we will top out in the mid a upper 90s again here concord, 96, dublin, 94, livermore at 91. and low 80sin immediate bay but look at that 92 for san leandro. you start to get up in the north bay and back into the mid-
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90s. a chance of rain by next weekend, thanks to what will be a falling apart hurricane. that's going to get caught up in a typical storm track. they meet up right here. that's late this next week, and look where the rain goes. it comes to us. this is not a guarantee. it's a possibility and with each passing day, with the models showing us the possibility goes up. you can't look out at day seven or day eight and have an exact forecast. but there is growing on the m by next saturday, we could get rain here in northern california. keep your fingers crossed, that holds. it could very easily change. but for right now, long range forecast models are saying yeah, that's going to happen. we will have to see how it plays out. >> you said the r word and my ears perked up, rain. >> and they should. that's the one thing that's going to get us out of this mess. until we get a significant rain, in northern california, the air quality is going to
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stay bad and we will likely see new fire starts with each offshore wind event. >> all right. thank you. coming up, on kpix5, and streaming on cbsn bay area, message of support. leaders around the world are sending the well wishes to the president. good morning, streat ahead in sports, the lakers didn't need a thermostat to control the heat. national league had unfinished business on friday, and the baseball world says good-bye to a legend. all that straight ahead along with what's up with the 49ers. a nationwide audience awaits sunday night. say yes... to the best bargains ever at ross! yes! oh, yeah! yep. yesss! savings on savings on savings? that's yes for less. at ross.
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oh, yeah! there's always somethiat ross.n store yep. oh yeah! say yes to those looks, the best brands... ...and "check you out" bargains! savings from top to bottom! that's yes for less. at ross. good morning. we will hit you with the n about. a finals and it is looking like it's not matter of if but when. for the lakers. take you inside that bidding in
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orlando florida. picking up 2nd quarter with miami. lakers in the mamba black. look at james for the bucket and foul. james scored 33. a couple minute left an 11- point lead anthony davis through it down. that put the gam away and he scored 32 and lakers won it 124 to 114 to take a 2-0 series lead as it looks like miami is punchless when you got to go up guess those two guys. also, in the wnba finals that kicked off last night with the storm taking care of vegas final of 93 to 80. off to the nfl and the 49ers. a 7-point favorite going in against the philadelphia eagles as a sunday night game and once again, being without jimmy. nick gets the call under center, and he will have a couple of weapons added. samuel will make a season debut as he returns from broken foot.
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and all pro tightend george kettle will be back after missing the last games a couple games with a sprained knee. now some somber news to hand off to you hall of fame pitcher bob gibson passed away friday after a battle with cancer. one of the most dominant pitchers in the game's history. gibson spent all 17 years of his career with the cardinals. and he won a mvp, two sigh youngs and two world series mvps, gibson was 84. gipson's former team cardinals took on the padres loser went home and the wild card round. bottom 5th, eric per a two-out double that opened the scoring. scoring with tatis, jr and he had a cheering section as he flashed the letter here in the 8th inning. full extension. to end the inning. padres won 4-0 and move onto
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the dodgers. cope it here. wrigley roof top will let you note cubs of chicago host to miami scoreless into the 7th, and cooper did something about that with his bat. a solo job got the marlins on the board. and marlins won 2-0 and they he swept that series as they move onto face the braves in the next round. we will get out of here with a soccer note for you. oakland's lone pro sports team, the oakland roots lost a championship title game yesterday to detroit. final of 2-1 and it's a game they led 1-0 and they were hoping to bring a championship home. we have college football later on today, and after alabama and texas a&m it will be our inside the 5 show. you don't want to miss that. loaded with guests, including ronnie lottt. have i got your attention now? and still to come, the
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latest on the president's treatment for the coronavirus. plus, the areas of concern right now in the fires burning not north bay. we have the latest coming up. this is live look outside in san jose. we will be back in a moment. they do one of the most difficult jobs there is,
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even in normal times. our frontline health care workers. and when these heroes lack the resources they need, that risky job gets ten times harder. prop fifteen makes corporations pay their fair share. to invest in our communities, in our clinics, in the essential workers who treat everyone- rich, poor, and in-between. whether it's this pandemic or the next health crisis, vote yes on prop fifteen. for all of us. all californians will be able to vote safely from home. every active, registered voter will receive a vote-by-mail ballot with a unique barcode. you can track it using where's my ballot? and you'll receive automatic notifications by text, email or voice call
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to let you know the status of your ballot once you mail it, drop it off at your polling place or at a drop box. vote by mail ballots. simple, safe, secure. counted. learn more at leave from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. welcome back. the time is 6:30.
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thanks for joining us. i am devin fehely. lets start with darren peck. we will keep the report generally positive. i've got three good things to say the air quality is proving. it's not good but it better, and that's a trend that will continue. as of the start of the newscast, 29 minutes ago, at 6:00 a.m., red flag warning expires. we are not looking at significant fire weather in the montens. in fact, much of the next five days, the weather will be pretty benign and cooperative except today is going to be warm. and the headline, rain possible next weekend. i cannot wait to show you more on that possibility coming up in the complete forecast. but for right now, that's the view to start your sunday morning. it is still going to look hazy out there. temperatures are right around 60 for most locations except for a cool 49 in santa rosa. and even though the air quality is improving, the official forecast from the air quality district still has us in a spare the air day. and in general, unhealthy for
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sensitive groups to unhealthy at best, but i am going to show you the right now readings coming up also in the complete forecast. they are better than that right now. there are a lot of moderates out there, but location is everything. if you are near the bay, it's moderate. if you are not it's rough out there. another hot day mid-90s if you are inland, low to mid-80s for the bay. back to you. walter reed medical septemberers with the president is. he was taken there after he and first lady tested positive. the president's doctor says he is fatigue teeing and has been given a cocktail and rest dem veer and joe biden offered prayers and well wishes as he campaigned in michigan. >> we wife and jill and i pray tell make a quick and full
6:31 am
recovery. this is not a matter of politics. it is a reminder to all of us we have to take the virus seriously. >> former president council kellyanne conway tweeted she tested positive. campaign manager bill stepien has the virus after hope hicks tested positive on wednesday. the white house says the president trump has not transferred power to vice president mike pence and that the president remains in charge. messages of support for the president have been flowing if from around the world, including british prime minimumser to boris johnson who was ill earlier this year. ian low reports from london. >> reporter: president donald trump and the first lady melania trump tested positive for coronavirus. >> reporter: in britain and beyond. >> president trump is positive of the. >> reporter: it's the diagnosis
6:32 am
heard around the world. >> donald trump. >> well wishes from world leaders are pouring in i would like to use this opportunity to wish president domed trump and his wife melania a very full and speedy recovery, says the german chancellor. russia's president says he is is sure he will be able to cope with the virus. trump joins a small group of presidents and prime ministers who battled covid-19. brazil's president came down with it after referring to it as the little flu. >> i think we all want to send our best wishes to the president and the first lady. and i've done that this morning. >> reporter: boris johnson had his own difficult recovery. it took weeks, including a stay in intensive care. johnson later admitted his element health deteriorated so quickly plans were being drawn up to announce
6:33 am
his death. the biggest areas of concern are around calistoga, st. helena and kpix5's wilson walker has the latest on the fight to hold the containment lines. >> i think so and hope so and there's a line cut behind the property here that goes several miles, so, maybe that will help. >> the few people left in the community have plenty of company, the law enforcement, and firefighters that are stationed here waiting to see what the weather brings, and the past 24 hours have been encouragingly quiet. the calm weather allowed utility crews to move into position. and some of the challenges were actually small ones, for example, the fire department ran out of ice. so quick to the rescue were the local vineyard workers. >> ice and [inaudible] we know they are working so hard, so we really want to help and get ice for them.
6:34 am
>> reporter: fire crews were protecting homes and building loons up along highway 29. the home all along the edge of the fire is that more favorable weather and the overwhelming force of firefighters will wind things down. >> a truck on the ucroad, souls like it is well covered. >> crews are fighting to prevent a mega fire merger that would smash records. now check out the burn area of the 949,000 acre august complex fire in mind seen yes and 56,000 acre fire the zogg fire in shasta county. they burned within 9 miles of each other. both fused together the august complex with swell to more than a millionairics, a milestone one unthinkable. normal will you you see picnic tables like this is packed, but fires are keeping everybody out. covid-19 and wild fires are doublely devastating to an
6:35 am
economy built on tourism. and tainted grapes from all of that smoke could make things worse. 80% of the wean ris in the napa valley are direct to consumers. >> we are heart broken for loss of wean ris, loss of people's homes, and lives. heart broken for the harvest, and you know, all that piled on top of the pandemic. its a lot to take. from johns hopkins university tracker and the world's coronavirus cases, the u.s. has more than 7 million confirmed cases and more than 200 #,000 deaths. in california, number of cases exceeds 800,000 with nearly 16,000 deaths here. and covid related deaths in india have passed the 100,000 mark. that makes the death toll the third highest in the world behind the united states and brazil. the number of confirmed cases in india is nearly 6.4 million
6:36 am
and second only to the u.s. and new this morning, the city of madrid is back on lock down following a surge in virus cases and deaths. this weekend, police and checkpoints are focusing on providing information but starting monday, they will impose fines and restrictions on movement and will cover nearly 5 million people in the madrid metropolitan area. restaurants and bars must close early and slash their capacity in half. a small plane that crashed into the pacific ocean has been found and toeed ashore after five days of searching. santa barbara county deputies say the pilot is 61-year-old woman who took off from santa barbara airport last sunday heading to lake tahoe. on wednesday, they found her body inside the single engine cessna and took remains to ventura county. search teams found the plane on the ocean floor nearly 200 feet bow low the surface. >> because of the death it is
6:37 am
handle by the los angeles county dive team capable of reaching the depths. our dive team is on one of the vessels and they are there as support. >> the pilot's family said she was flying for more than 15 years and had a lot of experience. ntsb will investigate the deadly accident. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs in bay area, working moms reaching their breaking point. the eye opening new look the toll the pandemic is taking. plus, spreading light for students. a bay area man getting a national honor for his inspiring work. and rhea reminder, kpix5 has new app giving you 24-7 access to cbsn bay in the bay area, we believe in science.
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it's rising. the pain is coming.
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it was one of the most talked about missing persons cases in the country. two siblings vanished without a trace from their idaho home. the for six month the mother and new husband refused to answer questions. now sadly, the remains were found in the husband's backyard last june. for the first time, we are learning how investigators pieced together the final days. john jonathan vigliotti is here with a preview of tonight's 48 hours. >> reporter: there are a number of theories out there lori and chad bow longing to a religious cult, the thought that they could read light and dark spirits. we heard from friends at great length who we spoke with over the course of the past few months who told us that lori often spoke of her children as
6:41 am
having dark spirits. but it is still such a baffling and tragic story. >> you can watch 48 hours tonight at 7:00 p.m. on kpix5. the state's about to launch a blueprint for reopening more tiers of the economy key signed to lift disadvantaged community but as lynn ramirez reports, some businesses worry if they can survive. >> reporter: california counties that wish to move up to new tiers for reopening the economies will now have to a show proof that the most disadvantaged communities are becoming healthier, too. >> this is a no one left behind approach. >> reporter: santa clara county which has been statewide model for improving equity among diverse communities supports the plan. >> many of the communities are have you nearly communities such as latino community here in santa clara county and other parts of the state have been hit the hardest by covid-19. so there's a lot of
6:42 am
disproportionality and we want to make sure we are all moving towards the right direction. >> reporter: under the new metric, each county has to prove positive coronavirus test rate in the most disadvantaged areas does not significantly lag behind the county as a whole. the most hard hit areas must be within 5% of the whole for everyone to be able to move to the next tier. >> this will have unintended consequences. >> reporter: dan manages all in one restaurant and bar and movie theater complex that's mostly closed by the health order. and he says this could push back reopening even more. >> no one could argue the need for equity among underserved populations. the problem is the county and the state can't even agree on the numbers. and in the meantime, the unintended consequences is those people who are trying to serve with jobs are not going to get those jobs. >> reporter: santa clara county positive test rate is at 1.99 but the county said it is compiling the numbers for disadvantaged communities and could only say that the two
6:43 am
numbers are not far apart. in san jose, len maroarers. a fire brigade plucked 6 people from rooftop as bad weather hit north italy a landslide is now blocking a tunnel and a bridge is collapsed nearby. rescue teams are searching for two missing people. all right, in the weather forecast, we are going to start off with smoke because that's the part of the atmosphere that's directly impacting you more than any of the others. and there's good news on this. if you look at the current readings right now across the bay area, you can see a pattern in the colors. notice how it is yellow near the coast. that is good. well, technically, it is moderate. but, in the sense of improving things, it's good because it's an improvement over where we have been for the last 36 hours. there's cleaner air from the coast. a stronger onshore flow is
6:44 am
improving the air quality if you are right near the water. and down in the south bay, the official air quality sensor for downtown san jose is still unhealthy for sensitive groups. and if you are far inland, you are not getting any help out of this yet. it is still unhealthy air here for the diablo and tri-valley and diablo valley livermore is looking at red dots so is pleasantton. the closer you get up here to the delta, air quality starts to get better. a little more influence from the delta breeze or the wind driving from the bay and moving across the street. so help and if you look at the city, yellow. that's good. and going up to the north bay, yellow is good, and through most of sonoma county along ty1, it's good. but, if you get into wine country, in sonoma or napa valley it's very unhealthy because the glass fire right there and all the smoke is sinking down to the valley floor. you can see plenty of haze from the camera on top of the sales force tower. so, it's going to look smoky when you step outside. but at least, it is getting a
6:45 am
little bit better. the official forecast has us at unhealthy for sensitive groups so give it one more day. now i want to show you this. this is what i want you to see. starting tonight, and going into monday, you will see stronger onshore surge that takes the smoke and pushes it far inland. air quality better today and should be much more noticeably improved for monday. we have to get through today, and a good part of sunday. but there is a sign we are going to -- we are going to clear this out. in the north bay as long as the glass fire is going, you will have air quality issues. you are too close he to the source of the smoke there. and daytime highs today will be warm. just like yesterday. mid to upper 80s in the south bay, and we will see plenty of 90s if you are far inland. low to mid-90s from 91 in livemore to 97 in pleasant hill. we will top out in the mid-80s for much of the bay and for the immediate bay that.
6:46 am
and you can see the number in the low and mid-90s for the north bay. now exciting news. we have a chance of rain coming our way. by saturday. there's hurricane down here, very intense. and it fall apart and the leftover moisture is pulled up no more typical storm track for us. and this is where it meets up p. and here's where it comes onshore. that saturday. it is early. this is not a guarantee. but, it looks really good. there's he a lot of reason for optimism here. but but tough throw in the fact that it is saturday and we are looking at next saturday so we won't play with your emotions, but it's worth talking about now because rain is the most important thing we need to really get ahold on this, record setting fire season, and clear out the air quality. and, for the last, probably, 36 hours, now, the long range models have been advertising
6:47 am
this possibility. and they are sticking with it. so, that's a good sign, but let's give it another couple days before we really start reaching for the umbrellas. >> it's truly sobering this time last sunday we were talking about this fire relatively small and still a week later. >> that's right. >> still trying to get a control on it. >> so much about the way this season is going. >> yeah. thank you. the pace of the u.s. economic recovery continues to taper off. the labor department says the economy added 661,000 jobs in september. that is four than expected and a big drop from the summer months. the unemployment rate fell to under 8% including more than 1 million people who left the work force. and more than 3/4 of those people were women. a new study by the lean in group finds working moms are at a breaking point during the pandemic. one in four are ready to downsized job or quit. and alex looks at what's behind the numbers. now feel like when i am doing
6:48 am
work i am neglecting kids and when i am taking care of the kids and helping them with school work, i am neglecting my job. >> reporter: a seemingly never ending cycle that countless parents are facing. the challenge of juggling work, remote learning, and the pandemic. but a new study called women in the workplace is finding women are being uniquely impacted. single mother of two kerry dough guy says the burden is overwhelming. >> i have had to go back on my duties at work and had leadership responsibilities that i had to give up for this, and honestly, some days it is, yeah, there's tear ross and doughier is not alone. the 63-page study surveyed employees and found one in four women are contemplating down shifting jobs or leaving the work force altogether p. >> and what we are hearing from mothers, they are taking on a disproportionate amount of work at home in terms of child care and household duties. for a senior women we are
6:49 am
hearing they are burned out and exhausted and for black women, we have always known they have had harder time in the workplace and they face buyaed and more challenges, and now we are hearing that they are facing extra challenge because they are 2 1/2 times more likely to experience death of a loved one due to covid-19. >> reporter: jess wong a coauthor of the study conduct by mcconditionsy and company and lean in foundation head by facebook cea o sheryl sandberg who say research finds mothers are more than 3 times as likely as fathers to be responsible for housework. >> that percent of fathers in heterosexual couples think they are doing equal amounts of work as their partners. >> only 44% of mothers feel the same so there's a discrepancy. >> reporter: and familiar lies fear like they are reaching a breaking point. she provides a take away for employers.
6:50 am
>> now they know which challenges are causing women to feel like they need to step out, or take a step back from the careers, and you know, companies can actually address it. >> that was alex piston reporting. now every week we share the inspiring story of a bay area jefferson award winner. and this year a los gatos man is afong a handful of winners selected for national award. sharon chen has the story. >> reporter: with his family around him, doug mcneal won a national gentlemenson award in a virtual ceremony hosted by the awards nonprofit multiplying good. his daughter jessica eastland accepted on behalf of her father who has als known as lou gehrig's disease. >> this is a huge honor for him. and it is a huge honor for our entire family. >> reporter: doug cofounded
6:51 am
lighting for literacy in [inaudible]. he common kate with scanner that reads his eye movements to type words. he plays the sentences through a speaker. >> i hope to be an example for others with diseases and disabilities to not let it stop them from serving by mentoring youth to change the lives of others less fortunate around the world. >> reporter: doug an engineer who helped to build the hubble space telescope runs the lighting for literacy board meetings. >> he worked many years. >> reporter: board member brian ray say doug is just as
6:52 am
committed to the nonprofit as when he cofounded it with his late friend jesse salem 8 years ago. >> while he may not be able to move, speak, in his heart burns this passion to serve. you know, to mentor, and to see see a generation affect change and many say that's it i am done and out of here but life is short. d.c. mcneal is getting most out of life and doing good good. >> repter: for so winning a national jefferson award for his service through lighting through literacy we honor doug mcneil. >> you can nominate your own local hoareo for a jefferson award online at we will be right back. why o-cedar ?
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because when i get home, we like to play crocodile on the floor o-cedar easywring removes over 99% of bacteria, even with just water... easy and truly clean floors o-cedar. it feels great to feel at home
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children around the world are helping charlie brown and other characters celebrating the 70th anniversary. the company called peanuts worldwide donated murals to 70 hospitals on 6 conments. and hospital staff and young patients paint them by following a templet and finished drawing snoopy and woodstock on top of the red roofed doghouse preponderant wife of the late charles schultz says his characters remain timeless and relatable. and you know what they say in tahoe, never leave food in the car and here's why. check this out. a bear walks up to a car in a garage. opens the door and grabs whatever it can. it looks like the bear had some practice. the openers's security camera caught it on security camera and bear picked up a small cooler and ran off. remember, kpix5 wants to bring you good news happening in the bay area go to and send your
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story ideas to together at we will be right back.
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president trump spent night in the hospital after he and the first leady test positive for the coronavirus. donald trump is suffering from a low grade fever and is being treated with an experimental drug contail. expected to stay in the
6:57 am
hospital for a few days casting doubt on a supreme court judge before the election. a bull dozer worked on the glass fire to eliminate as much fuel as they took advantage of calmer wind to build containment lines containment is at 8%. crews are fighting to prevent two fires from merging. they have burned within 9 miles of each other. and if they merge the burn zone would exceed a million acres in a crash on highway 08 in san pablo yesterday left one person dead. a crowd of people pulled the driver out of the car, and flames poured out of the passenger side. the accident shut down multiple lanes of the freeway. grand jury recordings of the breonna taylor case have been released and an officer testifies he knocked on the door three times before ramming it in. taylor was shot multiple times after her boyfriend fired at officers. still a lot of smoke visible from the camera on top of the sales force tower. but down here at the ground, the air quality is actually a little bit better today.
6:58 am
it is pod rit if you in the city and the bay and immediate bay or near the golden gate. but the official forecast is unhealthy for sensitive groups for most of us with just flat out unhealthy the farther i beenland you are especially up in wine country. 7p day forecast shows quiet weather for the next six days. no more offshore wind events and chance of rain by next saturday. and that's it for today. thanks for watching kpix5 news this morning. we will be back here tomorrow morning at 6:00. enjoy your saturday and be safe. i'm 53. but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. find our coupon in sunday's paper.
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