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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 10, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news .
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2000 people have been invited to a rally at the white house today, one week after president trump was hospitalized with the coronavirus. shots fired on a busy east way freeway followed by a nasty crash as locals call for an end to the violence. >> we need to sit down as a community and figure out what our next steps are. we are hurting each other and creating more have it that anything else. in the aftermath of hurricane delta, the storm knocking out power to a half million homes and rolling ashore as category 2 hurricane good morning on this saturday, october 10th. i am emily turner. i am devin fehely and let's get to our own meteorologist darren peck. >> we have a deepening marine layer that could have some
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drizzle but that's bout it. other than that relatively cool today. for the most part cloudy. this is the coolest day of the whole 7-day forecast. we will start a warming trend tomorrow. by much of next week we will be sunny and warm with dry offshore wind. until we get there enjoy a cloudy and cool day. only 75 degrees inland. 70 in the bay with 63 along the coast. i will show you what the patchy drizzle looks like coming up in your complete forecast in a few minutes. there's not a lot to it but don't be surprised to notice your windshield wipers coming on. daytime highs across the bay, mid-70s inland. how unusual is this compared to what we have been experiencing over the last several weeks? enjoy saturday because we are back in the fire where the concerns next week.
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i have more on that in a bit. the san jose police say a car struck and killed a pedestrian on south jackson avenue just before 9:00 last night. the street was shut down in both directions while police investigated. we will bring you more details as they come into the newsroom. there was a shooting on interstate 80 with the chaos bringing traffic to a standstill for miles. the community is calling for an end to the senseless of violent. >> reporter: shopper 5 was hovering over the crime scene of i-80 after two eastbound lanes were shut down for nearly 2 hours causing a traffic backup for miles. according to the richmond police one victim drove to the kaiser hospital in richmond. here is the scene blocks away with a mangled sedan sitting on the sidewalk after slamming into the lamp post. a black toyota was also damaged in the crash. >> 2020 has been a mess.
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2020, since the pandemic, has been a mess. >> reporter: richmond residents are tired of the senseless violence in their community. >> it's almost the same area we had a shooting not long ago, a couple of blocks around here. >> reporter: the rapper was gunned down in broad daylight at fourth and mcdonald outside of a liquor store. lamont was only 29 years old. >> we need to sit down as a community to figure out our next steps because we are hurting each other. that is creating more havoc than anything else. >> reporter: the root this is a flag flying above the city. andrea kakano, kpix 5. >> there were injuries in connection with the shooting and crashed but unknown how many people or the extent of the injuries . the campaign 2021 week after being hospitalized with the coronavirus president trump
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is expected to hold a rally from the white house balcony today. it's estimated 2000 people have been invited to the event. only 24 days until election day and the president looks to jumpstart his campaign. debra alfarone reports from dc. >> reporter: the next week presidential debate officially canceled after being held thursday but campaigns could not agree on a format after president trump refused to debate remotely. the commission of elections and debates rolled out the in- person event after the covid-19 diagnosis with the president. >> this commission is ridiculous, frankly, but he wants to do a debate on a computer? >> reporter: on friday night the president appeared and what was billed as a remote medical evaluation by dr. marc siegel, fox news medical contributor. >> reporter: i heard you said you were going to test again today, and have you been retested? >> i have been retested but i
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have not found out the numbers or anything yet. i've been retested. i know i'm at the bottom of the scale or free. >> reporter: president trump' doctors expected to clear him for the weekend with scheduling of two events already. one is at the south on balcony at the white house, and the other is a rally in sanford, florida on monday. >> he did not take necessary precautions to protect himself or others. >> reporter: democratic presidential nominee joe biden says the president continues to mishandle the pandemic. >> the un-stabilizing effect this is having on the government is unconscionable. >> reporter: bided urging people to vote early if they can, calling it a way to counter the trump administration scare tactics about the mail-in ballots. dev marone, cbs news the white house. the final debate in nashville is on for now on
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october 22nd. it is the first week of early voting coming to a close. a lot of voters have already cast their ballot. >> i would say the first week in is very busy. usually in the pathway of 405 people the first few days. we have had over three and a people that of already voted in- person. >> reporter: 1 million registered and counting. santa clara county sees a surge of new voters and completed ballots in the first week of voting. >> many people want to vote in person. our counting is majority vote by mail but they want to make sure the ballot is in our hands so they are voting early. >> we wanted to make sure it got in without taking a chance on the mail >> reporter: election officials in alameda county tell us 25 days out feels more like a week or two out from the election with voters pouring in with
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ballots, questions, and focus on getting everything right. >> i brought my registration with me to make sure i have all my things done. >> they want to know the process and what they need to do to make sure they can vote. >> reporter: this was only the first week and election officials across the bay area expect the search will build, another recent some are acting now. >> absolutely, i always vote early. it is just the idea of having the votes coming in, so. >> don't forget you have until october 19 get just to register to vote and for more information on resting online go to /campaign 2020. twitter has a goal to prevent the spread of misinformation. tweets from people in canada's declaring victory too early will get flag. this is what they see if they claim the winning too early. twitter will delete the tweet and redirect them to the user
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page. they say either the announcement from the election official a public rejection from two national news alex could validate the win and tweeting ballot outcomes could also be removed. pg&e is under scrutiny yet again for another california wildfire. pg&e confirmed cal fire has ceased the utilities equipment while investigating the cause of the zogg fire, the far end shasta and hannah county that killed four people. pg&e said about the time the fire broke out equipment detected activity near the distribution line. we posted the full pg&e incident report on we also have new numbers on the glass fire. cal fire set it is 78% contained. the number structures threatened has dropped to about 2500. highway 29 is now back open. the winery damaged in the
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glass fire has reopened for wine tasting. castello di amorosa in calistoga lost the farmhouse and 100,000 bottles of wine . the main building and taking roomer unscathed so the winery is now open to visitors once again. your time now is 6:09. still ahead on kpix 5 is streaming in the bay area, the damage and destruction left behind in louisiana as a hurricane delta makes landfall, and how the residents are trying to pick themselves up again. staggering new real estate numbers when was the last time your property tax bill went down? what? never. are you kidding me? for years, the residential burden has gone up. while the corporate burden has gone down. prop 15 reverses that. it closes corporate loopholes and invests in schools, small business, and firefighters. and when the big corporations pay more, your tax bill goes down. that's right. a savings of a hundred twenty-one dollars a year
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for the average home. give homeowners a break. vote yes on 15.
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to wear a mask out in public around other people. sure it'll keep you healthy. but more importantly, i won't have to see your happy smiling face. ugh. and if you don't want to wear a mask, i've just got one thing to tell you. scram, go away. ugh. caring for each other because we are all in this together. so wear a mask and have a rotten day, will ya? ugh. track google maps has a new feature showing coronavirus hot spots. uses of the latest app version
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can tap on the button at the top right. several options will appear including one for covid-19 information. graphics show the density of the cases in specific counties, whether cases are trending up or down. this data comes from multiple public health organizations. here's a live look at the satellite image of hurricane delta. nearly a half million people are without power with the storm coming sure with powerful wind. we are in lafayette with the latest. >> reporter: delta crashed ashore near rio, louisiana friday night. the storm surge is coming in and fish are swimming up the roads. >> reporter: packing one mile an hour wind dropping drinking rain as delta made landfall. early reports show the storm took out trees with hundreds of thousands without electricity.
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delta followed the same path as destructive category 4 hurricane laura took six weeks ago. >> we believe, two eating within six weeks of each other. >> reporter: forecasters expect delta will unleash tornadoes, flash floods and at least 10 inches of rain as he continues marching inland. hurricane delta is the fourth named storm to hit louisiana this year. officials will get a better handle on the extent of the damage later this morning. >> were not will exacerbate an already bad situation. >> reporter: hurricane laura cost about $80,000 of damage to this home near lake charles a look >> we have not even been able to do repairs yet and really worried about how the house is doing right now. >> reporter: 2500 members of the louisiana national guard are spinning out to the hard- hit areas this morning. >> we want folks to be helpful. we will do everything we can to get them right side up again. >> reporter: we want to show you more than 100 miles away,
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causing storm surge at galveston bay, under miles away. delta is the 10th named storm to make landfall breaking the 1916 record. here's a quick check in on delta to show you what it looks like right now on live radar. even though it is no longer hurricane, the tropical storm has a lot of good organization to it. the focus today is the heaviest rain coming into the carolinas actually is that thing moves to the east. that has the front leading edge that we need to be concerned about what tornadoes. that is your check on delta right now, so let's come back home. we have opportunity for rain today but very small coming in two totally different ways. the first is the marine layer drizzle near the coast from the top of the salesforce tower you can see some low stratus over the bay bridge which will get deeper over the next few hours. the closer you are to the coast
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more likely you will get drizzle out of this. technically maybe 2/100 of an inch of rain between now and then. it's not a lot but that's the first item with a totally separate chance of light rain in the north bay today. we will look at that in a second. currently 60 for most of the bay. cooler in santa rosa with 53 degrees in the north bay. on the future cast playing us through today the marine layer will surge on sure and it will stay gray for a good part and the day along with a chance of light rain near the coast. normally on sunday we would see that marine layer coming in during the morning but tomorrow morning the exact opposite will happen that marine layer will clear out and sunday will be noticeably sunnier and warmer than today. we will show you that in the 7- day forecast. it is a different personality
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on both days of the weekend. today is gray and drizzle, and tomorrow we start the warm up, the theme for much of the 7-day forecast. light drizzle with 1/100 through inverness, half moon bay. as far as the second chance of rain, the totally separate system coming in, you can see with the clouds look like right now. as we track the future cast watch the line of rain approaching from the north. this is 3:00 in the afternoon and those are spotty showers that will fall apart just when they get to the sonoma county line. as we get to 4:00 to 6:00, it might look like a possibility of rain in the sky, but it's doubtful we will get anything measurable. air quality is improved, good out there now everywhere. the forecast shows the north bay looking potentially unhealthy for sensitive groups. let me say the possibility of smoke coming back but we are
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good today. as we change this pattern sunday night we have a possibility of smoke drifting away from the august complex at over 1 million acres with the largest fire in the history of the state still burning, still threatening smoke. low to mid 70s and in the south bay mid-70s, far inland and coming back into the bait daytime highs around upper 60s at most locations. the warmest numbers today are in the mid-70s. enjoy that because as we get through the next seven days we go back to the early fall you have known so well over the last few weeks with mid-90s, sunny. by wednesday we will start looking at the concerned of more offshore wind. we are not out of this. we are still coming into the peak of the traditional fire season with no help yet, and we still have to watch for the offshore wind events a look >> that rain in the forecast like last week clearly did not turn into that soaker we were hoping for?
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>> not even close. that possibility of it falling apart at the sonoma county line is i would get out of that, so this is a bomber. realtor say that right now we have over 2000 single-family homes and condominium homes for sale compared to 700 at the start of the pandemic. single-family homes under contract shot at 44% and the homes sold more than 19% during the same period. condo sales increased by over 25% compared to the third quarter of last year. >> this is forcing people to think what they really need in a home which is the number one reason people are buying and/or selling. >> the city lost some of its appeal with everything closed. it's not like you're missing out on so much. >> the realtor say price reductions are much more common in the condo market. one realtor said the vacancy rate is also up significantly and the full impact on
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residential sales has not yet been really sane. we take a first look at the oakland school rebuilt from the ground up to see the new glenview elementary school off apart boulevard. the oakland unified superintendent visited the newly remodeled campus yesterday. the old building was torn down in 2016. they have preserve the art deco facade on the school entrance. classes are currently virtual so teachers and students at glenview look forward to learning at the new facility soon. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn in the bay area, restoring faith in law enforcement but critics call it a publicity stunt. straight ahead i will tell you what we've got with the big- league final four set and the 49ers had their man back under the center. i know there are laker fans all over the bay area with champagne stored in the
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good morning. if you are looking for the nba champion, i am too but not so fast if you expected it last night. under the bubble they will keep the champagne chilled in the lakers locker room a little bit longer. let me show you what happened. lebron james throwing it up, up, and then the mom the black uniforms with the answer with the three ball and the file. taking the lead at the end of three and at the middle of the fourth, the lakers leading for the first time since early in the game. these are big stars and big moments with lebron james muscling into score 40. the lakers by number one and we were so close to the nba title.
6:24 am
under two minutes left with jimmy butler putting the heat on his shoulders with the fadeaway and the butler did it again. miami fought off elimination, 111-108 with butler scoring 35. we have game 6 tomorrow in san diego. yankee fans everywhere trying to get a glimpse of the winner take all al division game 5 with tampa. the starter had the no-hitter into the fifth until meadows did something about it by breaking it up with a solo blast to tie up the game. the loser goes home and here's the bottom of the eighth inning. making that 100 mile an hour pitch disappear, and that ball is chatman putting the rays in the al championship series. they won make the game and in the series three games to two. in the in lcs the braves
6:25 am
take on the los angeles dodgers. you can see the 49er shield over my shoulder with the nine point favorite to handle their business tomorrow with miami dolphins. they are feeling good that number 10 is the qb center. >> i feel pretty good right now. >> jimmy garoppolo recovering from the bad ankle and starting against the dolphins at levi's stadium. and the fullbacks is finally we have the starters back together. >> is been very cool in practice this week to look to my right and see george, and i look to my left and there is brandon, debo, raheem, and jimmy across the way. is great to have everybody healthy and together. >> i know what you're thinking, you want more and i want to give you more. it is coming later today on the
6:26 am
inside the 5 show after the football this afternoon on cbs. we will see you then. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the latest on the glass fire a new problems with evacuees returning home. a tenacious mom with a troubled past and why this san francisco woman is called a trailblazer in the cannabis industry. >> it's so exciting and so beautiful to see all of the support. here's a live look outsi woman 1: get your vote-by-mail ballot? woman 2: you can stay healthy and fill it out from the safety of home. surfer: or you can fill it out anywhere. man 1: it's easy to mail it back. you don't even need a stamp. man 2: or you can use an official drop box. woman 3: you can even drop it off at the polls. man 3: then, track it to confirm your county got it. see? they got it!
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woman 4: mail ballots are the simple, safe, and secure way to ensure that your vote is counted.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . >> welcome back. the time is 6:30, and thank you for joining us. i am emily turner. i am devin fehely. let's start with our meteorologist darren peck. >> cloudy and cool with drizzle at the coast to. tomorrow is sunny and noticeably warmer. here's your headlines with a little drizzle this morning mainly in the immediate bay and at the coast to. warmer on sunday, and i hate to say it but we have offshore wind and much warmer temperatures coming back in the next week. first, here is saturday morning with low clouds. you see we have a nice patch
6:30 am
with the sun giving us some light over much of the central bay. we will see clouds increase through the morning into the afternoon. it will be thick enough that we get some light drizzle near the coast with temperatures around 60 at most places. this is a cool 53 in the shelter valleys of the north bay. looking at the daytime highs only 75 today inland, a lock lot late saturday. we have a cooler 7-day forecast coming up in a bit. here are daytime highs and in general 68 in oakland, 77 at santa rosa, 72 in san jose and 65 in the city. see you in a few minutes. evacuees are returning home to wine country but running into a challenge with thousands without power. pg&e crews across the state are hoping to get it restored. they started an electric base camp near santa elena to store
6:31 am
the equipment needed to replace 1400 power poles. >> what we are doing in tier two, and tier three, replacing them with stricter and stronger poles that are covered in fiberglass. >> i'm worried about being out of power but what about people that have lost their places? you have to think about what you have, and what you are fortunate for, not what you don't have. >> crews hope to have the power restored in the next one or two weeks. good news is that highway 29 is back open. the glass fire is 78% contained. the size is steady at 76,000 acres. at the white house president trump is expected to hold a rally today only 10 days after being diagnosed with the coronavirus. is expected to give a speech from the white house balcony to
6:32 am
the group gathered at the south lawn. overnight dr. anthony fauci criticized the white house for hosting a gathering last month that could be linked to an outbreak of covid-19. he was asked what people could learn about people choosing not to wear a mask. >> the data speaks of itself. we had the super spreader event in the white house. it was a situation where people were crowded to whether or not wearing a mask so the data speaks for itself. >> 11 people that attended that event tested positive for the coronavirus. warmer new jersey governor chris christie is spending his second week in the hospital with covid-19. there is much conflicting information about the coronavirus coming straight from the white house. the president described the experimental cocktail he received as a cure. public health officials say that misinformation is not
6:33 am
doing anyone any favors heading into the fall and winter months. >> we are rounding the turn on the pandemic. >> reporter: president trump climbing on the rush limbaugh show that the antibody treatment is given is the silver bullet to defeating the coronavirus. >> we have more than therapeutic but we have a cure. >> reporter: with cases rising in patients dying across the country people have reason to b confused. >> there are many missed messages going on around the world and this needs to be taken seriously. >> reporter: the santa clara county executive dr. jeff smith said the trump treatment is only a week old even though promising and a lot can still happen. >> at this point i think it is premature to to say that he is cure and in reality i think he is getting such a high dose of steroids that he has a little bit of steroid mania. >> reporter: the santa clara county case positivity rate has been dropping averaging 1.7% with other signs trending in the right direction. smith said
6:34 am
the county could move from a red to less restrictive orange tier next week but they are urging the public to keep up this is thing and wearing a mask with more difficult times lying in the months ahead. >> i am very concerned we will have a spike in the case count, and the deaths as we move closer to november and december, and in the winter. people will go inside and be with family, and they will not follow the masking priorities because they will feel safe. the virus will reinstitute itself like it is doing in new york. >> for the latest on the coronavirus in your area head to . it is to campaign 2020 now and the biden/harris ticket getting a boost from the bay area sports star this morning. >> we talk about the importance of voting. >> talking about the importance
6:35 am
of a point guard is what he's talking about. >> steph curry making the facetime cameo while and chris paul met with young voters in north carolina where they grew up. the recent polls show joe biden with a small lead in the tar heel state. you have until october 19 to register to vote. >> for more information on how to register online go to /campaign 2020. if you cannot sleep or have anxiety, you're not alone. many people are turning to the bay area business. as kpix 5 betty yu reports, barbary sunset celebrates a one- year anniversary with bright spots amid the pandemic. >> reporter: the stress of the pandemic made mike doane smoke marijuana more often and unable to train as the "krav maga"
6:36 am
student and stuck at home. these are increasing reasons why they are visiting barbary sunset . >> it's a nice chill factor to calm down. >> reporter: it is a san francisco only cannabis dispensary on the westside who said sales have doubled as the pandemic began. that has helped them to expand the product line with much of the this is coming from first- time cbd users dealing with insomnia and anxiety. >> if you are a parent at home listening to a lack of things open and you're listening to your child running up and down the halls, it's best to kind of start out slow with cbd. >> reporter: the dispensary pivoted the business. >> we never closed. like i said, we were adaptable and expanded we started delivery. >> reporter: barbary sunset said they have doubled the staff to 30 including adding new drivers across the state
6:37 am
the legal marijuana industry is still facing a year of declining sales as a result of the covid-19 recession according to the governor. the governor newsom revised budget predicts the canvas excise tax to bring in $435 million in revenue in fiscal year beginning july 1st, down from $590 million. >> that was betty yu reporting and the governor's office said that canvas businesses have less access to banking services than traditional small businesses. they have a younger consumer base likely disproportionately affected by the recession as well. a san francisco mother has overcome gang violence, domestic abuse and addiction, and now getting highs in phrase. the union square welcomed the first customers yesterday with cindy running the shop with a
6:38 am
help of the san francisco cannabis equity program created help combat the war on drugs in local communities. >> it is also giving other women that look like me hope, and they know they can do it. i don't come from money. this is a big blessing an opportunity to show that if you do the work, it will pay off. >> the owner said that customers began lining up the night before she opened. this morning attorneys on both sides of the ahmaud arbery shooting case in georgia are speaking on 48-hour show. the deadly incident in february garnered national attention after men chase down ahmaud arbery in the town in brunswick. lawyers for the defendants say that ahmaud arbery was the aggressor before he was killed. his mother in the meantime is pushing for justice. we spoke with the 48 hours contributor. >> her persistence we will hear
6:39 am
about in 48 hours race a lot of eyebrows and got the wheels of justice, believe it or not, moving. georgia did not have a hate crime statute on the books. with this crime and her persistence it help to get it passed in the state of georgia. >> see the report tonight at 10:00 p.m. right here on kpix 5 . yelp is taking a stand against racism this morning and will start flagging businesses accused of races ask. if the user clicks on one of banner pops up with a warning message and links to news articles about the incidents. the company said there is a jumping complaints about rice's conduct after protests erupted after the police shooting of george floyd coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn in the bay area, challenges that had to be tackled . how the bay area students solid need among classmates and took action.
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it is a reminder that kpix 5 has a new app giving you easy 24 seven access to when was the last time your property tax bill went down?
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what? never. are you kidding me? for years, the residential burden has gone up. while the corporate burden has gone down. prop 15 reverses that. it closes corporate loopholes and invests in schools, small business, and firefighters. and when the big corporations pay more, your tax bill goes down. that's right. a savings of a hundred twenty-one dollars a year for the average home. give homeowners a break. vote yes on 15. this morning there is a new push in oakland for minority owned nfl expansion team. we are at the coliseum what the what it would take to make that
6:43 am
reality. >> reporter: the oakland community leader said he's got the people and they've lined up money to turn the dream into reality with the brand-new nfl team playing at this site where the raiders used to play. >> one of the primary components of social justice is equity and equality. >> reporter: the academic sports entertainment group talks about the first back ownership group in the nfl. he said the league is playing ball with them asking him for more detailed proposal. >> they asked us specifically to put together a list of potential african-american principal owners which we have done. >> reporter: they have offered $92.5 million to buy the open portion of the coliseum site which is owned by oakland and alameda county. the oakland a's just purchased the other half from the county
6:44 am
and trying to buy the remaining half from oakland. aside from land issues, chris dobbins with safe oakland sports, believes the money is the other major hurdle to get the expansive team. >> covid is a major issue and i don't expect they will expand anything or doing anything crazy to that issue. >> reporter: they say the group needs much more money. >> the fluid that throws to the banks of all sports, especially the nfl, is green. i did a quick look and the net asset value of the owners in the nfl as of today, depending on how the market did, is about $130 billion. now if you want to join that club, you have got to have plenty of these. >> reporter: bobbitt said he had the backing of the large investment firm and they are working to get more people and more money. i am da lin, kpix 5. >> another obstacle for the expection expansion, is they
6:45 am
want to buy another terminal for the oakland a's. police officers are joining a new national initiative turning to faith to try to heel heal with "faith and blue" beginning friday at churches across the country sponsored by the u.s. department of justice. one san francisco parent welcomed the opportunity to connect with officers in-person . >> there is a lot in the media and in general about whether officers are safe to be around and to interact with i think anytime that they can asked questions and interact, they look at police officers as being role models. >> critics say these type of events largely failed to connect with communities of color.
6:46 am
new this morning, a look at the damage caused by hurricane delta in louisiana with wind at 90 miles an hour that flipped this trailer part of this 18 wheeler truck in lake charles. this deserted highway appears to be covered with a layer of mud. is a look at the heavy rain in the same town with the wind sending sheets of water across the roads. the storm triggered power outages for nearly 600,000 homes and businesses in louisiana and texas. we just showed you what looks like on the ground as we take a quick look of delta now clearly having made landfall. it's not even a hurricane anymore but a very organized tropical storm. we still have possibility of tornadoes on the leading edge with heavy rain for the carolinas later today. back at home i show you the view from the roof right here at kpix 5 where you can see we have a little bit of sunlight peeking through when we take a look at this scene from the vantage point. looking from the other roof, on
6:47 am
top of the salesforce tower, where up and the clouds. is a good example of the chance today for drizzle in the immediate bay and along the coast today. we could see light rain. we have the marine layer deepening and we have a weak storm trying to clear through the north bay as we go through the afternoon. that will help give this more energy to develop light rain. today is by far the coolest day of the next seven days. tomorrow will look totally different as we clear out the clouds and warm up. if ou like gray or drizzle at the coast and relatively cool, today's your day because tomorrow will be different. only 53 in santa rosa right now with widespread low clouds into the afternoon. this is 5:35 this afternoon. you can see the marine layer
6:48 am
covering much of the bay. after we get into sunday see how quickly all of this stuff disappears. normally we would look at the morning time frame to see the marine layer billed him but tomorrow is the exact opposite. sunday is sunny and warmer. but we could see some measurable rain technically but nothing you would really notice. meanwhile as we look at what's coming our way here is the first weather maker of the season. that is a well organized system coming our way. if i can get rid of the clouds and put on the future cast it reads a well organized line of rain off the coast. it is the first one for the 2020-2021 fall and winter season but not knowing much as it falls apart coming our way. access clock this evening there's a chance some showers will hold together at far north sonoma county but don't count on that. air quality is good today with green everywhere. in the north bay, that's a bit too close to the glass fire so
6:49 am
you may see smoke. sunday watch what happens. this is sunday night with that northerly flow returning as we pull smoke back down from the august complex. the air quality is good today but could go downhill by sunday and monday. you can see the overall change in the pattern with the wind. we will see more offshore wind come our way. by the middle of the week where i stop it on wednesday you can see the bright colors. that is a typical fall offshore wind pattern. daytime highs today are the coolest in your entire 7-day forecast. only mid-70s inland, 70 for much of the bay. in your 7-day forecast here's the warm up toward the middle and late part of the week. we get back into the mid-90s for the daytime highs and other words, it is 20 degrees warmer wednesday and thursday inland then today will be. the bigger issue is how strong are the offshore winds because we have another event coming
6:50 am
thursday and friday. we are still well into the fire season. >> my median take away is to enjoy the cool down and clean air because this will not last. >> that's a great way to think about it. the peninsula teenager is working to put a dent in the national education statistic one out of 10 students in the american public schools are english language learners. sharon chin shows us how this week the jefferson award winner is making a different. >> reporter: she noticed a student was not following the teacher instructions in the weightlifting class >> this kid almost hurt himself very badly lifting weights improperly. >> reporter: the student was speaking limited english so kaya began translating for him. >> it turned out one third of the class could not speak english and had no idea what the
6:51 am
teacher was saying every day. >> reporter: she talked with the administrators and discover the school had a second language program but only allows with limited skills to take the basic classes only. >> they cannot take some classes or electives because they don't have proper support to take them. when i heard about this it shocked me because i could take any class i wanted to. >> reporter: with the permission from the school this twelfth grader gathered volunteer tutors and started an afterschool program to give afternoon support for english learners, areva, spanish fort up . since the pandemic the program running through videoconferencing has tutored over 70 students from seven local schools and on a variety of subjects like algebra. >> she helped me a lot. >> reporter: for this eighth grader breonna. > she helped me with my mathematical skills. it makes me more excited to do math every day. >> reporter: kaya even programmed the interactive
6:52 am
robot so that students can practice conversation in english. this tutor, isabel, says that kaya is determined. >> she takes initiative and solves a problem to make what she can do better. >> reporter: for this week, the jefferson award today in the bay area goes to kaya gupta. >> to nominate your own hero go to
6:53 am
6:54 am
you can expect more space on your next skiing trip to the stair and they are limiting the number of lift tickets to keep the crowds a small. the bills resort unveiling a new regression system at vail. this was posted at the oakland zoo and this little guy has a long road to recovery but the veterinarian says he continues to improve. the pandemic is not squashing the super bowl of pumpkins with the california pumpkin championship monday at
6:55 am
half moon bay. is $30,000 grand prize for those that can grow the biggest gourd and set a new record for the heaviest pumpkin. spectators are not allowed due to the pandemic but it will livestream on facebook. kpix 5 was to bring you good news happening in the bay area. go to ready to take your immune support to the next level?
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look at your morning top stories. san francisco police are investigating the death of a pedestrian after car struck and killed the victim just before 9:00 on south jackson avenue in is to san jose. the street was closed while the police collected evidence. a shooting on a busy freeway in richmond shut down to make eastbound lanes of i- 80. the silver sedan crashed near the kaiser hospital but no word on the condition of the victims cal fire is investigating whether the pg&e equipment is to blame for the zogg fire incest the county. they ceased the utility electrical equipment near where the fire started. pg&e detected a problem about the time that the fire broke out hurricane delta slamming the gulf coast bringing heavy rain and storm surges. half million homes are without power in louisiana. delta is downgraded to tropical storm as it moves across the state. president trump will hold a
6:58 am
rally at the white house today one week after being hospitalized with the coronavirus and expected to give a speech from the back into the group gather below on the south lawn. it is gray for much of the day with light sprinkles at the coast. we are cool with only mid-70s for the daytime highs inland today. this is easily the coolest day of the entire 7-day forecast. we will be sunny and mid 90s i the middle part of next week with more fire weather concerns. that's it for today. thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. >> we will be back your tomorrow morning at 6:00. enjoy your saturday. it's rising. the pain is coming.
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