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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  October 12, 2020 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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diners. hear from witnesses who saw the whole thing go down. confirming a new supreme court justice. the opening statements expected in just one hour. it is a big morning. i'm anne makovec. len has the morning off . >> welcome back. it is so good to see you. >> thank you. let's get a check of our weather with gianna on this mond happy monday to you. we are still looking at that good quality and that sunshine with temperatures warming up just a bit. we will talk about that big warm-up as we head through the week. also, those offshore winds kicking back and for us. here is a live look as we look north at our gorgeous golden
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gate bridge with mainly clear skies. temperatures are in the 50s this morning. as we head through the day, looking at mid-70s and san francisco. 80 degrees for oakland. upper 80s for concord , santa rosa as well as livermore. we will talk about that strong ridge of high pressure and those northeasterly winds. with that offshore wind flow, that high fire danger. your way near 29th street. . ts that is there an overnight fatal crash. there is some activity off to the side. not for from there, some roadwork that was scheduled overnight. you have lights on northbound 880. use 580 in the meantime. things are slightly improving by the minute. we are keeping a close eye on the altamont pass commute.
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we are already starting to see some slower speeds and our drive times are reflecting that . westbound 580 from 205 to 680. our bridges look pretty good. a deadly overnight shooting in san jose. police found a man who had been shot and killed at story and king road. investigators do not have any sort of description of a suspect. this is san jose's 33rd homicide of the year. we will have a live report in a few minutes. anna san jose this morning, two people are in the ital with life threatening injuries after an elderly driver crashed into an outdoor dining area. this is the chaotic scene yesterday afternoon. police say the driver of that white toyota accidentally accelerated while trying to park at the grand century plaza.
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>> he stepped on the gas in the back tire started to peel. the smoke started kicking up. he jumped all of these lanes and plowed into the first canopies. >> i just saw people lying on the floor and people flipped over. >> nine people altogether suffered injuries ranging from major to minor. three women and five men were hit. police are investigating and say the driver may have had a medical emergency before losing control. taking a live look at capitol hill. a big step forward today and the confirmation of a new supreme court justice. today, the centage judiciary committee is expected to be in four days of confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee amy coney barrett. judge barrett's opening statement was released yesterday in advance of today's hearing. she is expected to focus on how her family, faith, and mentors influenced her opportunity to
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be nominated to the supreme court. she would fill the seat of the late justice ruth bader ginsburg who died last month. democrats have been opposing their nomination by president donald trump, saying whomever wins the november election should make the choice. calls to delay the hearing. we will take you live to d.c. for a special report as the hearing begins. now to our fire watch. r col. fire in contra costa here is video from last night when it erupted on irvine drives . you can see all of the smoke but thankfully no damage was done. many classifier evacuees are now allowed to return home. in napa county, most of the deerpark community is no longer under an evacuation order.
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in sonoma county, orders were lifted north of santa rosa and east of calistoga road. those lames had destroyed more than 600 homes and scorched more than 67,000 acres. containment is up to 90% with full containment expected next week. governor newsom will give an update on the wildfires burning across the state. you can watch that today on noon on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. pg&e could cut power in parts of the bay area later this week if the weather warrants . the utilities as it is keeping an eye on the north the mountains and pockets of the santa cruz mountains. pg&e will provide more specifics over the next 48 hours. new details on a deadly training accident involving a san francisco firefighter paramedic. we have learned that pandemic safety protocols may have been a contributing factor here. according to a pulmonary report from the fire department, a high-pressure blast from a water valve knocked 42-year-old
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jason cortez off a third-floor railing. the department says are distancing purposes, only four firefighters instead of the usual eight dissipated in wednesday's pump drill and for some reason, cortez left other firefighters and went to a fire escape where he inadvertently opened that valve. that valve did not have a hose connected to it and water streamed out at 100 pounds per square inch of pressure. an investigation is underway into a deadly police shooting that happened around 11:30 saturday night in the upper market area. investigators say it started when a man tried to carjack a person with a knife. officers tracked him down a block away. he was shot and killed a short time later. so far police have not said why. >> it speaks to a level of desperation that has been the scene across the city. it is the increase of homelessness. it is the increase of drugs.
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>> it seems to be getting better and worse. we have brand- new buildings here and then you have tents and junkies over here. >> sfpd says the shooting was captured on a body worn camera and that footage will eventually be released. the hundreds of nurses who have been striking at alameda health system hospitals will end their five-day action. organizers say the strike is to demand better working conditions and maintain standards of coronavirus patient care. nurses will be outside san leandro and alameda hospitals starting at 7:00 this morning. two vallejo teachers are only for allegedly badmouthing students on camera. that is according to the sf gate . the incident happened thursday after high school virtual english class. the teachers were heard saying a few students in the last class period were not technologically advanced. vallejo city unified school district released this statement saying, quote, apparently the teacher had not
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properly logged out of the distance-learning platform at the conclusion of instruction and their remarks were overheard by others. the school district goes on to say that an investigation is underway. the names of those teachers have not been released. coming up next, a voting scam uncovered in southern california. the fake ballot box discovered outside a church. here is a live look from our salesforce tower camera as we look east toward the bay bridge. we will talk about the week ahead including our high fire danger as we go through the week. details on that coming up. you are already getting busy for your morning ride. it is slow due to an earlier our home was burned to the ground in the tubbs fire. the flames, the ash,
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fatal povernit. shooting. it happened at 2:00 in the morning. story and king road is where we are.
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it will be shut down all the way through the morning which means the commute will be impacted. at this point, not a lot of information on this investigation. simply that it was an adult male victim. what this is is the 33rd homicide in 2020 here in san jose. we are expecting san jose police to speak a little bit later this morning. we will be sure to bring that to you. emily turner, kpix 5. with three weeks until election day, nearly 7 million americans have already cast their ballots. so far, democrats lead republicans in the six states reporting returns the party. however, in southern california, election officials are warning about take out boxes. take a look at this would set up outside a church in los angeles. locals say the pastor posted about the box on his facebook page and urged people to come by and drop off the ballots.
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now, there are a lot of esouwho placed the box there and if the openly conservative pastor knew it was fake. >> i am really worried that someone put their ballot in there and he saw it was for a certain candidate or saw whatever and tore it up or threw it away. >> this is less than ideal. we are desperately trying to tell people that they can trust the election system. >> the box has been removed and the local registrar's office is trying to track down any ballots that might have been dropped off. as for the pastor, he has not responded to any comments. near the bay area, san mateo county is inviting the public to watch the election staffers process ballots starting tomorrow. anybody interested can go to the registration and elections division office on tower road and seattle for your self. with weeks to go until
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election, communities across the country have been scrambling to fill a vital need for poll worker volunteers. is a nationwide shortage of poll workers. covid-19 is the main reason. more than half of poll workers are 61 or older. many states are now running campaigns to try to recruit a new generation of volunteers. >> it just seemed like something the average person could do and make a contribution. it seemed secure. >> it seems like a well oiled machine. i am happy to be a part of it. >> if you would like to volunteer, you have to work in the polls in the county where you live. we do have one more week to register to vote. if you have not done it, let's do this. for more information on how to register online, visit a boating tragedy on lake tahoe. a woman is dead. a man who tried to save her is in critical condition. the coast guard found a rental
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boat lifting on the lake friday evening with six children on board. crews learned the mother had fallen into the water and the father had jumped into her. they found him in a lifejacket suffering from hypothermia. the mother, who did not have a life jacket, was unresponsive and later pronounced dead. >> coldwater shock is a very real thing. as we have seen in the last few months, it can be a detrimental thing. >> this is the coast guard's fourth recovery operation on the lake since the beginning of summer. so far it has not clear where the family is from. armenians in los angeles have been hitting the streets trying to draw attention to a bloody international conflict. the latest protest yesterday with 20,000 people in beverly hills. >> we need our voices to be heard. as my sinus says, for most of america, this is a fight or two weeks but for us, it is 105 years of trying to provide peace
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for our own lands. >> a decades-old cease-fire was broken. each country now accusing the other of unprovoked attacks. >> armenia has violated the cease-fire. it just hit our second-largest city. it is a war crime. armenia must end its aggression . >> at least 350 civilian deaths are blamed on the fighting. los angeles has the largest armenian population outside of armenia itself. a look at what some travelers got to experience on their flight to know where. >> the full day outing took off from sydney, australia saturday morning with 150 passengers. the flight to know where sold out within 10 minutes last month. passengers on board got a birds eye view of some of australia's iconic sites. middle seats were
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left empty for social distancing. the experience is designed to be a morale booster for travelers yearning to fly again. if you are on board for that long, wouldn't you want to go somewhere? not know where? >> i would think i would be antsy to get off of that. take a look at the roadways. 800 a northbound is our trouble spot. we have brake lights this morning as you work your way through the oakland area. there is an overnight crash that they are still clearing. lanes are open. vehicles have been towed off was fatal accint thestigation. pp nes are open becaof in effect. lanes should be opened up by 6:00. 580 is your best bet in the
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meantime if you want to use that as an alternate. there are a few brake lights as you work your way out of tracy, heading westbound as you work your way over toward the northglenn area. no accidents or incidents on 580. i know you're drivetime right around 32 minutes i last check as you go from 580 over toward the 680. once you get on 680, we are not seeing any major issues or brake lights. that is a look at your morning drive. let's check the forecast. temperatures for today, 5 degrees warmer compared to yesterday. it is really midweek when we will see the temperatures soar. a big concern for the rest of the week. i want to show you a live look from our salesforce tower camera
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as we look east at the bay bridge. mainly clear skies. a beautiful view this morning. hopefully you have a wonderful weekend. we are looking at temperatures in the 50s as we start off our monday. an air quality is looking great. so nice to have that better improving air quality over the weekend. we do have a spare the air alert for the northbay due to the glass fire. otherwise, still looking at the gutter quality. i just checked the glass fire and containment is now a 92%. our firefighters have been doing such a great job. with that onshore wind flow, the westerly wind we had over the weekend that really helped with the higher relative humidity values of the cooler temperatures. mostly sunny for today. mild to warm temperatures midweek through this weekend. 80s and 90s return and we do have the high fire danger starting wednesday through friday especially for our higher elevations. we are watching the northbay
5:20 am
mountains and there is a gusty rei do wa showu the dominant weather feature and it will only strengthen and expand through the week. hour by hour, you can see the sunshine for today. as we look to tomorrow, we could see some patchy fog along the coast. otherwise, the sunshine as we head through tomorrow. otherwise, the ridge of high pressure build's for us. the offshore winds will return starting wednesday. here is a live look with our temperatures. we are looking at 83 in santa clara. for the bay, upper 80s, close to 90 degrees. upper 80s for the tri-valley. around the bay, mid-70s in in san francisco low 80s for oakland. for the northbay, mid to upper
5:21 am
80s this oo here is the extended forecast on what you can expect. we will see temperatures slightly warmer for tomorrow. otherwise, there we go with those temperatures increasing as we look to wednesday, thursday, and friday. critical fire weather conditions midweek to the end of the week. still hot on saturday but much cooler with the onshore flow on sunday. taking the victory to the streets. lakers
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leading the miami heat yesterday to end the nba finals in six games. fireworks filled the sky and hundreds of fans filled the streets outside of the staples center overnight. both players and fans dedicated the title run two lakers legend kobe bryant. >> this is the first damage of the lakers have brought home since bryant led them to a title 10 years ago. >> this was the 17th championship for the lakers and the fourth for lebron james. this caps the season where the
5:25 am
leak dealt with the pandemic by creating a bubble and navigating a social movement against racial injustice that has swept all of sports. >> this year has been a roller coaster for everybody around the world. sports are a way to bring people together. this has been a great finals. i don't think it is a coincidence. i think kobe is watching out for us. he was an amazing person on and off the court. i don't know if everyone believes in guardian angels but i think kobe has a soft spot for the lakers forever and ever. >> celebrations are planned throughout l.a. county and other parts of the state and country. >> it will be interesting to find out what they do with the parade and all of the stuff with social distancing. still ahead, g r. r wo in foprof the weeklong confirmation hearing about to get underway but this morning, still calls
5:26 am
to delay it. a fatal shooting overnight in
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area , breaking into san jose. deadly shooting overnight. we are live on scene right now as investigators comb for clues. billing the empty seat on the high court. we will take you life to washington, d.c. where the calls to delay today's confirmation hearing. president donald trump claiming immunity to covid-19 but is that possible? we ask a local health expert. good morning. it is monday, october 12. i am anne makovec in for len
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kiese. >> i am michelle griego. let's get over to meteorologist mary lee. good morning. already monday. if you liked the weekend, we will continue with that sunshine and better air quality. temperatures will be 5 degrees warmer compared to yesterday. here is a live look as we look morning. he golden gate bridge temperatures in the 50s this morning. now, let's show you, mostly sunny skies. upper 60s to low 70s along the coast. mid-70s to low 80s. as we look to our inland locations, mid to upper 80s this afternoon. we are going to really heat up for the middle part of the week, the end part of the week. it is still a slow drive.
5:31 am
we have at an overnight crash with the investigation ongoing. this was a fatal incident. we have some road work in and around that area as well which is adding to a very busy ride. use 580 in the meantime if you want to avoid those brake lights . once your past that point, traffic moving much better. 580 w. after the altamont pass. we have a few brake lights coming out of tracy. >>amemy s now. overnight, there was a fatal shooting. you can see a very active crime scene. this is at story road right off of 101. this will be shut down through the morning commute. for
5:32 am
drivers, that will be an issue. as far as the shooting is concerned, no information with the exception of the fact the victim was antsy addled man. we know that this is the 33rd homicide this year in the san jose. at this point, police do not have a suspect. they don't have a motive. they will be speaking with us a little bit later this morning. at this point, it is a very active crime scene. we just saw the mobile crime scene unit arrive on scene about one hour ago. that is what they will be doing. emily turner, kpix 5. president donald trump's supreme court justice nominee is gearing up for a grilling on capitol hill as we take a live look at the nation's capital. in less than one hour, judge amy coney barrett takes the oath before the senate judiciary committee. judge barrett will fill the seat, or would fill the seat of justice ruth bader ginsburg, who died last month. democratic lawmakers spent the weekend calling to delay any
5:33 am
hearing until after the election. >> two republican senators have said they will not participate. if two more join them, then it is game over. >> the hearing comes 10 days after two republican members of the senate judiciary committee tested positive for coronavirus. republicans are still bowing to move forward. >> they are looking for anything to delay things even a day or two or three. i think that senate republicans will follow the guidance of the capital physician. >> judge barrett is expected to focus on how her family, faith, and her mentor, the late justice antonin scalia, influence your opportunity to be nominated to the supreme court. coming up, we will take you live to d.c. for a special report as the hearing begins. your local news will continue on cbsn bay area. let's take a live look at the johns hopkins covid-19
5:34 am
tracker map. there are now close to 7.8 million coronavirus cases in the u.s.. a lot of states are seeing an increase in new cases with montana, new mexico, north carolina, tennessee, and vermont all reporting a jump of more than 50% in one week. this morning, president donald trump insists that he is free of covid-19 and ready for the campaign trail. medical experts say there is no evidence that people are immune if they have been affected. >> there is a general assumption that may well be true that the antibodies will protect you against reinfection months. maybe it is years. maybe that is a lifetime. >> i thinmany us are worried that people will not protect themselves after covid because they think they will be
5:35 am
invincible, but that is not true. >> today, president donald trump plans to hold a campaign rally in central florida. this will be the first rally outside of washington since his covid-19 diagnosis. the company that developed the antibody cocktail taken by president donald trump believes it will have 300,000 doses of the treatment when it is ready. regeneron won a $450 million contract from the government over the summer to supply the treatment. the company has applied for an emergency use authorization from the fda. if it is granted, the government has agreed to make available doses free to the public. president donald trump is hailing the experimental antibody therapy he received after testing positive for the we spoone local doctor abouthe science behind the treatment. >> remdesivir has been circulating in the news since the spring/summer of this year.
5:36 am
it is an iv administered antiviral drug that was designed as antiviral. it was later used. dexamethasone is a type of clinical steroid that we have seen in different types of inflammatory conditions . >> the doctors says president donald trump also received a zinc, vitamin d, and melatonin to fight the virus. we should expect more information in the near future about covid treatment as studies finish up. two economists with ties to the bay area have won the nobel prize in economics. >> paul milgrom and robert wilson have been given the price for improvements to auction theory and inventions of new auction formatbome aresrs withthe st share the $1.1 million prize.
5:37 am
looking live at san jose where doordash is delivering some help to struggling restaurants as we head into the winter. the company is partnering with the city to award $5000 grants to help cover costs like portable patio heaters and preparing to resume capacity indoor dining. that could happen as early as wednesday. restaurants with 50 or fewer employees and a maximum of three locations can apply for grants starting friday. apple set to unveil a new line of iphones tomorrow. the tech giant has four models with various screen sizes. he is likely to be equipped with that 5g. these new phones will handle the 5g wireless network. the high-speed system is still being installed nationwide. no word yet on how much the bones will cost. microsoft is updating its
5:38 am
work from home policies, even for when the pandemic is over. the white house is making a fresh push for a coronavirus relief package. >> reporter: the white house is urging congress to pass stpp-or the adstration proposal called for using ftover fund from an expired small business loan program. economic advisor larry kudlow did not provide specifics but did note it would include stimulus checks and aid for airlines. there would be further negotiation efforts this week. microsoft is making plans for the post pandemic world. the tech giant says it wants to be flexible about when and where work is done. most employees will have the option to work nearly half their schedule remotely. some will permanently work from home.
5:39 am
amazon up its annual prime day sale which starts on tuesday. some of its competitors are already starting their competing offers early in hopes of attracting shoppers. walmart, target, and best buy are promoting big discounts on tvs, watches, and other items. naomi, when people across the country are having conversations about race and racism, barbie is joining the discussion. tell me the details. >> reporter: mattel posted a video to barbie's youtube channel where the animated doll has a heartfelt conversation with her friend nikki, who is black. the two talk about racial equality and white privilege while nikki shares her personal experiences with racism. parents across the country are now using this video to teach their children about the tough topics. >> those are tough conversations to have. i have a little one too.
5:40 am
thank you so much. we will see again when the stock market opens up. still ahead, pups with a bigger purpose. how these dogs are being used to sniff out an invisible threat. here is a live look with our golden gate bridge camera with our salesforce tower camera looking north. get ready for a big warm-up as we head through the week. we will talk about the return of offshore winds coming up. we ready to take your immune support to the next level?
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social media posts encourage people to go public with their feelings. sunday was national coming out day but many people know that is easier said than done. we talked to some people in the community who were celebrating and campaigning at they sunday streets festival in san francisco. despite the winds and the fabulous makeup, some of them told us they did not feel fully themselves until they came out. the struggle can last a lifetime. >> be open and honest and our authentic selves. it is one of the most radical things a person can do in one
5:44 am
of those powerful things we can do to change hearts and minds of the people who still look at lgbtq people as the second- class citizens. >> the nfl released their own psa that included a message of support from former players who are out and encouraged other athletes to do the same. now to what could be a discovery during the pandemic. trained dogs detecting the coronavirus. >> a team of u.s. army researchers has been able to isolate the virus inside jars for testing. now they're looking for covid- 19 sweat samples. they are seeking patients recently diagnosed with covid- 19, asking them to wear a t- shirt for 24 hours that would be used to help dogs sniff out the disease from sweat left on the shirt. >> we want the dogs to be able to determine that even an asymptomatic person can give off these odors through their pores and be able to determine this from a distance.
5:45 am
>> if this team of researchers can teach dogs to smell the virus, especially trained canines would likely first dispatched to screening checkpoints at public places like airports and schools to help identify undiagnosed coronavirus cases. oakland is expanding its slow streets program. >> starting today, it will now include plymouth street. this is the latest of multiple roads closed to through traffic to create space for locals to walk or ride bikes while maintaining a social distance. the program launched back in may and it already has 21 miles of slow street corridor's partially designed to give residents safer access to essential services in the neighborhood during the pandemic . that includes grocery stores, food distribution sites, and covid-19 testing centers. > check in with gianna for a check on our monday morning traffic.
5:46 am
>> we are seeing brake lights on west 580 making the trek toward northland. let's go there for monday morning. drivetime now at 38 minutes from oakland to 680. also checking brake lights along 880. this roadwork will be out there at least until 7:30. we have construction between 29th and 23rd avenue's. the left lane and center lanes are blocked. this is until at least 7:30. not far from there, there was ovt crash. that was a fatal incident. still a lot of activity there as you head to oakland. i would take the 580 instead. we've got construction on northbound 680. this is the usual stuff. a lot of slow and
5:47 am
go conditions. we are seeing some brake lights and delays as well. 880 southbound, it looks like we have a crash near stephenson blocking the number two lane. that's good allied look at some of our bay area bridges. so far traffic is moving at the limit with no delays out th marin area. your drive down the 101 over toward where the goldengate is, pretty quiet. bay bridge toll plaza seeing a few more cars on the roadway but no metering lights. that is a look at your morning drive. good morning to you, gianna. happy monday. the weekend just goes by like that. we are looking at that sunshine that will continue for us. that good air quality, thankfully so. temperatures will be 5 degrees warmer compared to yesterday. we will really heat up through the rest of the week.
5:48 am
here is a live look as we look east. a beautiful look with our bay bridge. mainly clear skies, temperatures in the 50s. 89 for oakland. livermore coming in at 52. san francisco at 58. 56 in san jose. we are looking at good air quality right now. that is great to see. we will continue with that good air quality through the day. we could see some hazy skies for the northbay due to the glass fire but just checking and it does look like the glass fire, firefighters are getting a very good handle on it. 92% contained. it is almost out. we had that strong onshore flow and that did help firefighters with that higher relative humidity and cooler temperatures. now let's show you that high fire danger through the week. this is something that we were
5:49 am
very concerned about. we are looking at critical fire weather conditions through wednesday and friday with the return of gusty offshore winds and low relative humidity values. the big focus will be on the higher elevations. this is not what we want to see but with that return of those offshore winds through the middle of the week, that is what we are looking at. that strong ridge of high pressure builds in for us today through the rest of the week. hour temperur rise. hour ho will see that sunshine for ted day. we could see some patchy fog along the coast, otherwise looking at mainly clear skies as we look to tuesday as well. as we fast forward to wednesday, that ridge of high pressure strengthens. midweek through the rest of the week, into the weekend, the
5:50 am
offshore winds making their return. daytime highs for the south bay 85 for campbell. for the east bay, upper 80s. also, for the tri-valley in the upper 80s. mid-70s in san francisco. low 80s for oakland. mid to upper 80s for the northbay. here is your extended forecast. slightly warmer for tomorrow. we heat up wednesday, thursday, and friday. also, for the beginning of the weekend but cooler with that onshore flow returning as we look toward the end of the weekend on sunday. happening today, they show one day at a time. finding a new home here on cbs 45 years after the or sitcedthnetwork. the comedy, starring rita moreno, follows three
5:51 am
generations of a cuban-american family in l.a. . season four will feature some familiar faces. river mono guest stars in the first episode after several seasons on netflix. the comedy is making its way back to cbs tonight. >> we are the only show on television that tells you about hispanic families. it is shocking, really. i would love to hear this be a success. we are hoping that we will introduce ourselves to a new audience as well. maybe an audience who was not able to catch us that was streaming. >> one day at a time premieres tonight at 8:30 right here on kpix 5. time is 5:51. coming up next, a massive catch. the fishtail these teens will
5:52 am
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just about five minutes
5:55 am
before 6:00. a group of teenage fishermen in new england have a fishtail to tell. >> they were fishing on friday off the coast of provincetown, massachusetts when they hooked into something big. first they thought it was a shark. that was about one hour and a half into the fight. they actually saw it come up to the surface. >> once we got eyes on it, it was like a surf or going across the water. >> we saw it one time and everybody on the boat was like in off. we know it was big but i did not think it was that big. >> that is huge. it turned out to be a giant bluefin tuna weighing more than 1000 pounds. for the fishermen, the biggest challenge was getting that tune onto the boat deck with a hauling device. they later sold the hefty fish.
5:56 am
right now inside the room where the four day confirmation hearing for president donald trump's supreme court nominee is about to begin. we are live on capitol hill as it kicks off. an active crime scene here in san jose had a major intersection shut down off of 101. i have the story, just ahead. we are looking from our salesforce tower camera as we look at sf. ladies... check it out.
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so strong. so... not ripped. what're we talkin about... that's the hefty ultra strong bag hefty! hefty! hefty! (whispers) gimme. (confused) give me the bag? get hefty ultra strong at a low price
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to wear a mask out in public around other people. sure it'll keep you healthy. but more importantly, i won't have to see your happy smiling face. ugh. and if you don't want to wear a mask, i've just got one thing to tell you. scram, go away. ugh. caring for each other because we are all in this together. so wear a mask and have a rotten day, will ya? ugh.
5:59 am
live from the cbs bay streaming on coestecoon hearing
6:00 am
about to begin on capitol hill. the battle set to play out over the supreme court nominee. a fatal shooting in san jose overnight as police investigate the city's 33rd homicide this year. a sunday afternoon outing and is in chaos. driver accidentally accelerates into a san jose outdoor dining area. the diners seriously hurt in the crash. good morning. it is monday, october 12. i am anne makovec in for len kiese. >> i am michelle griego. we are going to go to cbs for a special report. for decades, the white


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