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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 19, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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we could see some vaccines this year, here in 2020 but chances are you are not on the priority list. a dose of reality today from california governor gavin newsom about a covid-19 vaccine. it may not be widely available until the third quarter of 2021. pfizer in maternal are anticipating 45 million doses nationwide by years end. but california won't get the mall. >> high-end for the state like ours, million, million to have, 2 million people, tops. and we have roughly that many people just in our healthcare delivery system. >> he start with healthcare workers will get first priority along with public safety employees, and the elderly. he helped author the national priority list. >> the problem is that come you know, those numbers add up to very large number of people, and the very large number of doses.
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and realistic we, we are not going to happen of doses of vaccine for everyone who should have it, until well into the next year. >> in addition, california will be running their own data to make sure the vaccines are safe, which rheingold says could give people a bit more peace of mind about their efficacy. >> i think it helps reassure people, that this is been looked at, and that we really do know that it is a safe and effective vaccine, i think that is a reasonable step to take. >> gov. newsom worries about a new run- on supplies, as both the pfizer maternal vaccines will require storage below 7b0c. >> i don't think that dry ice will be a commodity of concern as it relates to our vaccination. do we know if the vaccine is going to be a single shot or will you have to get multiple doses of it?
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21 days later, you'll get a second booster shot of that same covid-19 vaccine, if that is the case, those 45 million doses, they are cut in half. california is seeing a 4% decrease in hospitalization rates, and 80% decrease in icu rates over a 14 day period. but over a seven day period, both icu and hospitalization rates are up slightly. they first in the governor's covid vaccine timeline.
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there still time, meantime, a race for in oakland city council seat is getting a little dirty. juliette goodrich with the councilmember who says that her campaigns lines are being stolen. well, they are no stranger to politics, and oakland city councilmember, up for reelection but she is crying foul. she is saying someone is playing dirty politics. it is the 15 day countdown. >> this is a very intense week. >> reporter: and she is running for reelection, and says stealing sign should not be a sign of the times. >> over 100. >> 100 sign stolen from street and private yards. she calls it a slap in the face of democracy. >> one non-supporter who reached out to me with photos who just talked about how distressing it was, to watch someone blazingly remove over 20 signs, i think, they said
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that they had seen, in the middle of the day. >> reporter: they took to her social media page, posting the photos of the signs wipers. she says it is her way a public shaming. i never heard of anybody doing these kinds of shenanigans and i certainly have never engaged in it. my supporters have not engaged in this. >> reporter: they are in charge of the neighborhood watch program and has the signs in her yard. >> they should know that they are being watched. and they are being recorded, and you know what, they should also know that we have this video footage to the oakland police department. five challengers are hoping to unseat the district 3 councilmember, who is running for her third term. she says she just wants everyone to play fair. >> we don't want this to become more aggressive which is the reason why i'm calling it out now. >> reporter: she says she does
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not know who is behind stealing these signs and she certainly did not need or name any of her opponents as saying they are possibly behind it, either. new tonight, at 11, can you trust united states post office to deliver your mail in ballot on time? we put the bay area mail system to the test. kenny choi mailed mock ballots from 100 mailboxes and post office is in 24 bay area cities to po boxes in four different counties. the results of his post office test tonight at 11. kpix5 is helping you vote smart, you can share your election questions with us, using hashtag kpix5 vote smart on twitter, facebook, and instagram, or you can email to vote smart at and we will try to get those answered. a live look at dublin right
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now, here we go again, the wind is which ground and now have to worry about fire danger again. chief meteorologist paul heggen is here to break it all down for us. offshore wind will kick in over the next couple of days, with another round of offshore wind later this week and potentially another one after that. let's focus on the offshore wind, that is going to kick in tonight with the north bay mountains most at risk for fire danger. that is with a red flag warning goes into effect at 11:00 this evening, continuing to 8:00 wednesday morning, sustained wind, going to be the 10 to 20 mound our range. this is not as favorable a set up for fire weather conditions as we had last week but still something we have to monitor, as is late week timeframe. continuing to 5:00 friday, we have fire weather watch effect, not just for the north bay mountains but also for the santa cruz mountains come the diablo range in the east bay hills, similar conditions just a longer stretch of offshore wind for more of the bay area.
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we take a look at how long it will stick around, coming up in a few minutes. it is a somber anniversary, as many remember the deadly 1991 oakland berkeley fire storm. a look at gateway gardens today, memorial park with a structure designed to near a burned home. the interim fire chief, who lost a home three decades ago so that fire sparked renewed recognition of the dangers posed by woodland urban fires in major cities. the fire raged for three days, 20 people were killed including first responders, and more than 3500 homes were destroyed. still ahead, with federal stimulus funding still held up in washington, santa clara county is not talking about stepping in to help small businesses survive. i believe that we owe a duty to them to help them weather the storm. +1 you will be able to see
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the most beautiful meteor showers of the year. and why it is sent master responded today on some bay area streets. coming up next in sports, what a difference a week makes for the 49ers. >> we took a big step forward, and our competence as a team and we are rolling. but who won't be rolling with them next sunday? coming up. a reminder, kpix5 has a i need a smaller house that's close to my son,
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but that's tough to do on a fixed income. i'd be hit with a tax penalty for moving to another county, so i'm voting 'yes' on prop 19. it limits property taxes and lets seniors transfer their home's current tax base
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to another home that's closer to family or medical care. being closer to family is important to me. how about you? voting 'yes' on prop 19.
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new at six, santa clara county stepping up to keep small businesses open, as the federal stimulus checks are tied up in washington. len ramirez reports on the new plan. >> reporter: despite the further easing of restrictions here in santa clara county last week, small businesses a they are still struggling. they are it has been hearing more about this possible county loan program but they're also
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weary of taking on any more debt. tranquility days but has opened doors, but the owner says her business is still off by half. a lot of clients are scared to come back. >> she says she's trying to figure out how to stay in business, santa clara county may have a new option. >> we cannot be holding our breath waiting for the federal government to do right by our local small businesses. >> supervisor susan ellenberg and joe schmit he a proposal the county create a new $100 million low interest loan program to help small businesses survive the pandemic. >> we hear from the businesses were operating at a fractional level of capacity, and they are doing this because they are complying with public health orders, and i believe that we owe a duty to them to help them weather the storm. >> details on how the program would work including partnerships with banks and interest rates would be worked out in coming weeks, but she
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hopes the county can back individual loans a $50,000 or more. >> i think this is big and bold. >> that would be good. that would help a lot. >> reporter: she likes the idea but she worries about loans. >> i don't want debt on top of debt, you know. >> reporter: they are facing a deficit of $285 million, but they say keeping businesses alive could save money, because employed workers would need fewer safety net services such as housing, food and medical, in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. a holes are being introduced tomorrow at the board of supervisors eating and then rose, county administrators will come back with luminary plans, in november. if you have the time, get up early, take a look at this i wednesday morning, that is because the orion meteor shower will be at its peak. los angeles griffith observatory says the best viewing time will be between 4:40 and 5:40 a.m. i will apology my viewing for
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me. and then report back. if you want to get early, 10 meteors now is the expectation. the high-pressure system that is controlling our weather is still in place, so big picture, very little change since late last week. temptress have backed off closer to what is normal for this time of year but still warm and still have the offshore wind, dry, gusty conditions especially in the north bay hills, a concern as we had to the next couple of days. to give the fire weather index. i mentioned, that the setup is not as impressive as a fire weather conditions that we had last week at that point our fire weather index which just goes from 0 to 10, it was around five or six, on a widespread basis for highs numbers around seven or eight. let's take a look at it. drops to near zero tonight but the highest numbers we see by tomorrow afternoon, around three or four.
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which still indicates the fire threat, everything is dry, in the breeze will be out there, the humidity will be very low to go with a high sickos on wednesday will just be around a three, so this is not an off the charts fire threat, but still enough, especially during the peak of fire season. looking to the north, from the mark. this time, to the west, says the sun going down. good observation there by me. fog make its way to the going to get already in temperatures dropping into the upper 50s downtown. as well since mix of 70s and 80s, it was still hot inland today with high temperatures reaching up into the 90s and inland portions of the east bay , the fog will reduce visibility's right around the bay by early tomorrow morning, elsewhere, though, it is not going to make its way very far inland at all. the fog will back up quickly as we had through the morning hours, we should see plenty of sunshine by late morning. temperature start off in the 50s for most locations early on tuesday morning with upper 40s for santa rosa, we are going to warm up and temperatures are going to be starting to take off as we had toward noon
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cannot around the bay, still mid to upper 60s and near 70 but plenty of 70s and low 80s further inland, and we will see the mix of 80s and low 90s further inland with a hotspot is of the diablo range reaching up into the mid-90s tomorrow afternoon. mostly 70s around the bay with xts along the coast. temperatures will still be hot inland on wednesday, and warm around the bay. and then we start backing off thursday and friday, some improvement and then should be comfortable over the weekend. no rain in sight yet but at least we see temperatures that are close to him even for the below average for saturday and sunday. we submit for closer look at mars high temperatures coming up at 7:00. dennis is here with sports, and 49ers fans much better mood than this time last week. >> yeah. you know what, don't sleep on the san francisco 49ers, they are still contenders. jimmy garoppolo carved up the rams and the first half, the defense to the rest. >> it was a really good team win, i thought our defense play there off, obviously. >> the rams trying to mount a comeback in the 2nd half, jason
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picked up jared goff in the end zone, his first interception since 2016, such a big moment for him, whose career has been derailed by injuries. now, he is finally healthy. >> it's amazing to see him healthy, and falling and making plays out there. that for us, for that one pick was come you know can probably the biggest play of the year. >> words cannot even describe the feeling. i'm just happy to be out there come you know, i love the game. have a bad news, running back raheem mozer is expected to miss at least the next three games with a high ankle sprain. the offense change dramatically when he went out last night. only three points, and that 2nd half. andy reid will need a windshield wiper for that mask on a rainy night, in buffalo. they pushed back in action bay, kansas city ran for 245 yards,
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patrick mahomes threw two touchdowns for travis kelsey, kansas city loss to the raiders last week, bounces back with a 26-17 when over the buffalo bills. tom brady has been playing so long he is now crossing paths with multiple generations. he checked with packers rookie jon runyan junior after yesterday's game. brady was college teammates with his dad, at michigan, 25 years ago. it is official, steph curry will tee up with phil mickelson for the latest installment of the match. now in effect for charity, they will team up with peyton manning, they will take on mickelson, and charles barkley. they better give charles barkley a few strokes, and kenny, we play golf together. i used to tell you, you have the worst swing in the history of golf. you have the second worst
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swing. >> well, thank you, i'll take that as a complement. >> i something he could even imitate that. that i will give it. next time we play. >> maybe it will improve your game. >> i'm in. still ahead, the days of accidentally stumbling upon a movie set
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they seven covid-19 testing site today at union city station. it's free and you can either walk up or drive through, appointments are preferred but not necessary. is open again tomorrow and wednesday from 9 am to 4 pm. the looks like she is trying to work. it is for the marble production, shanghai, shang chi and the legend of the
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they endorse yes on 25 to end money bail. governor gavin newsom. congresswoman karen bass. the western center on law and poverty. the dolores huerta foundation. californians for safety and justice. and the california democratic party. yes on 25. but i can't say i expected this. democrbecause it was easy. to fight these fires, we need funding - plain and simple.
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for this crisis, and for the next one. prop 15 closes tax loopholes so rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes. so firefighters like me, have what we need to do the job, and to do it right. the big corporations want to keep their tax loopholes. it's what they do. well, i do what i do. if you'ld like to help, join me and vote yes on prop 15.
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accused of rape. accused of stealing $5. the stanford rapist could afford bail. got out the same day.
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the senior citizen could not. forced to wait in jail nearly a year. vote yes on prop 25 to end money bail.
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i'm voting 'yes' on prop 19. nineteen limits taxes on seniors.
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it limits property tax on people like me. nineteen limits taxes on wildfire victims. it says so right here. if 19 passes, seniors can move closer to family or medical care. i looked at moving but i can't afford the taxes. will you help california's most vulnerable? vote 'yes' on prop 19.
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>> o'donnell: tonight: the president attacks the nation's top infectious disease doctor and dismisses the pandemic as the country faces its worst covid surge in months. president trump criticizes dr. anthony fauci. >> people are tired of hearing l these idiots.hese idiots. >> o'donnell: calling the man who has advised six presidents "a disaster" after fauci speaks with "60 minutes." >> were you surprised that president trump got sick? >> absolutely not. >> o'donnell: tonight, the republican pushback. 15 days to go, the president 15 ngkes a west coast swing as joe biden outspends president trump at least two to one in campaign ads in most battleground states, plus nearly 30 million americans


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