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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 22, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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9:00 p.m. eastern reporting from the nation's capital, i am jeff pegues. it's thursday, october 22nd, 2020. this is the cbs morning news. the final debate. president trump and joe biden square off one last time tonight as the fbi calls out two countries for taking voter information to influence the election. cabin cleaning. new research could offer some peace of mind for air travelers in the covid-19 era. breaking from the vatican. pope francis becomes the first pope to endorse same-sex civil unions. good morning.
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i'm ann marie green. we're going to begin this morning with a preview of the final debate between president trump and joe biden. they'll be at belmont university in nashville tonight making the closing arguments to the public with just 12 days to go until the election. meantime, top intelligence officials held a rare last minute news conference yesterday saying russia and iran used voter registration information to influence the election. so natalie brand is in nashville. natalie, is there any impact at all on election security? this was quite a stunning press conference. >> it was. and national security officials stress that integrity of the election is intact. they say the goal by adversaries was to sew chaos and distrust. all of this coming in the final critical days of election season and ahead of this final face-off of the candidates who have taken different approaches to prepping for tonight former president barack obama held an event for him yesterday and biden took a
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break to prepare. >> with joe and kamala at the helm, you're not going to have to think about the crazy things they said every day. >> reporter: the current commander in chief brushed off the attack at a raleigh in north carolina. >> there is nobody that campaigned harder for crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: tonight the two candidates will be here in nashville for the final debate. a cbs news poll found 69% of the viewers were annoyed by the constant interruptions. >> it was like two kids going at it. >> reporter: many voters say minds are made up but still want to see a debate focused on the issues. >> rather than the personal attacks that are going on. >> president trump says he may interrupt biden less and hopes
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he trips himself up and is also expected to bring up hunter biden's work overseas. >> the bidens got rich. well, north carolina and our country got robbed. >> reporter: last night national security officials announced iran and russia obtained voter registration data to influence the election. >> the great women and men of the intelligence community caught this activity immediately. >> you should be confident that your vote counts. >> they accused iran of imfating eye right-wing group and sending e-mails to democratic voters that threaten to come after them unless they vote for president trump. >> now federal officials did not reveal how that voter data was obtained. the national security leaders say they are also working with the private sector, tech and social media companies to make sure the platforms are not being used by adversaries to spread misinformation and propaganda. >> all right. natalie brand in nashville, thank you so much. so our live prime time
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coverage of the final presidential debate starts tonight at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific right here on cbs. senate democrats are boycotting to day's committee vote on judge amy coney barrett's nomination. chuck schumer said in a statement he wouldn't grant the sham and rush proceedings any legitimacy. the boycott will not stop the federal judge's confirmation though to the high court next week. senator lindsey graham said that panel will move forward on voting with or without democrats. and now to the latest on the coronavirus pandemic. the number of cases worldwide has now surpassed 41 million. the news comes as a joint study by boeing and the university of arizona reveals disinfectants already used on planes are successful in killing viruses like the one that cause
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covid-19. boeing says the results show passengers face little risk of catching the virus from recently disinfected aircraft surfaces. pope francis is making headlines around the world this morning, becoming the first pope to endorse civil unions for same-sex couples. it's a dramatic departure from the church. >> reporter: pope francis revealed his support for same-sex civil unions in a documentary debuting in it rome. during an interview in the film, the pope says homosexual people have the right to be in a family. they are children of god. you can't kick someone out of a family nor make their life miserable for. this he calls for a civil union law saying that way they are legally covered. the documentary touches on issues most important to francis, poverty, racism and the environment. >> i'm convinced that we can make a difference. i'm sure.
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>> reporter: the director says francis was very clear. he wanted the film to be more than a biography. >> i think of him as the man of pro-life on the global scale. because any issue that you see in this movie is specifically him caring about humanity without putting label. >> reporter: the film features the story of a gay activist in chile who describes meeting the pope and sharing his experience as a survivor of clergy sexual abuse. >> i have seen him almost cry with a story i tell him about letters that i bring him about people that have been abused. and he is a man of action. and he suffers. >> reporter: since becoming pope, francis signaled a more tolerant tone towards same-sex relationships, an parent break with the roman catholic church. remarks on civil unions are sparking cheers from one side of the debate and calls for clarification from the other. cbs news, los angeles.
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in northern colorado, thousands of firefighters are taking on three major wildfires. they're fighting to contain the cameron peak fire. largest fire in colorado history. and then there is also the calwood fire and east troublesome fire. this is dramatic video of the east troublesome fire which started last wednesday. windy and dry conditions pushed the flames past colorado highway 125 yesterday forcing evacuations in the area. with all three fires burning in the north central part of the state, federal officials have closed all national forests and five colorado counties. >> it's a hard ask. but what we want people to do is really the local community to lead the way so we can enforce this with the greater public. >> the cause for each of the fires is currently under
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investigation. and three astronauts are back on earth this morning after a six-month mission at the international space station. a capsule carrying the astronauts landed in kazakhstan. the trip back to earth took about three hours. they were allowed to head home after undergoing a medical checkup. the three space travelers spent 196 days living and working in earth's orbit. coming up on the cbs morning news now, president trump is reportedly considering firing fbi director christopher ray. and caught on police body camera. an officer pulls a woman out of a burning car. this is the cbs morning news. the cbs morning news. ♪ here's to the duers. to all the people who realize they can du more with less asthma thanks to dupixent, the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma. dupixent isn't for sudden breathing problems.
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legendary are you ready are you ready better make way 'cause i'm coming through are you ready are you ready better make way 'cause i'm coming through are you ready are...♪ today's the day to get to your toyota dealer. but hurry, they're going fast. toyota. let's go places but hurry, they're going fast. ♪ beds get sick too protection. lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of illness-causing bacteria detergents leave behind. proven to kill covid-19 come out. hurry up. get out right now. hurry. get out. get out. get out of the car. >> a california police officer risked his life to pull a woman from a burning car. body camera video captured the dramatic scene saturday near sacramento.
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the officer arrived, bystanders yelled there was a woman trapped inside. the fire was spreading fast and she was not moving. the cop dragged the woman by her wrists to safety. she was later arrested for dui. so there is new video of that historic asteroid mission and why the head of the fbi could be the next casualty under the trump administration. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the washington post" reports president trump is considering firing fbi director christopher ray after the election. mr. trump is reportedly frustrated that ray and attorney general william barr have not done what he hoped. that includes not saying that democratic presidential candidate joe biden, his son hunter or other biden associates are under investigation. the president has called biden a criminal without saying what laws he thinks the former vice president has broken. the associated press reports
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transcripts of lawyer videos of the ex-girlfriend of jeffrey epstein are going to be released to day. they ruled the transcripts from two days of depositions in 2016 with maxwell must be released. she's awaiting trial on charges of helping epstein traffic and sexually abuse teenage girls in the 1990s. epstein killed himself last year in a federal jail in new york city. and "the new york times" says video shows a nasa spacecraft briefly hitting the surface of an asteroid where it collected rock and dirt samples to be returned to earth. yesterday nasa released video of tuesday's touchdown on the asteroid which is 200 million miles away. it shows the spacecraft crushing rocks and scattering dirt and rubble. >> the event when the gas bottle gets fired, you can see that particles are flying all over the place. we really did kind of make a
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mess on the surface of this asteroid. it's a good mess. it's the kind of mess we were hoping for. lots of material has been mobilized giving us additional confidence that we actually pushed material up into the sampler head. scientists won't know how much material was collected until next week. they should return to earth in 2023. coming ahead, honoring best country videos. carrie underwood takes the top onnor last night at the cmt music awards. carrie underwood takes the top onnor last night at the cmt music awards. mornings were made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. when considering another treatment, ask about xeljanz... a pill for adults with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis when methotrexate has not helped enough. xeljanz can help relieve joint pain and swelling, stiffness, and helps stop further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections. before and during treatment, your doctor should check for infections,
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always go for 100. bring out the bold™ here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ i saw your sister at workforce force saw your momma at church ♪ >> that's country music star sam hunt performing "hard to forget" at last night's cmt music awards. he was among a number of performers who took part in the show that was shot in outdoor locations around nashville. carrie underwood was the big winner. she won the eighth career win in video of the year category for her song "drinking alone." she also won female video of the year. on the cbs money watch now,
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a quick covid-19 relief bill appears less likely. and the streaming service quibi is shutting down. dianne king hall, you're in new york with those stories and much more. stocks ended lower yesterday as prospect of more stimulus before the election appears to dim. the dow dropped 97 points. nasdaq fell 31. the s&p 500 shed seven. turning to the latest on the stimulus package. nancy pelosi and stephen mnuchin plan to meet again today after making head way yesterday on legislation. it comes after senate democrats blocked a $500 billion coronavirus relief bill proposed by republicans. democrats argue the plan didn't go far enough to help americans. and yesterday on twitter, president trump cast doubt on a deal before election day. the short form video ad quibi is shutting down six months after going live. they struggled after launching during the pandemic says they tend to wind down the operations
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and start a process to sell the assets. the founder said "the world has changed dramatically since quibi launched." the service offers entertainment and news and episodes of ten minutes or less targeting mobile phones. it was initially promoted for on the go viewing. and amazon prime customers can now get their groceries quicker. the company is offering free one-hour grocery pickup on orders of $35 or more at all of its whole foods stores across the nation. prime members could previously pick them up at certain whole foods stores. in recent months they expanded curb side pickup to help customers during the pandemic. ann marie? >> no hanging out for 45 minutes in the cheese section if you do that though. dianne king hall, dianne, you're in new york. thank you so much. all right. up next, kevin hart's latest gig, the comedian will follow in
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. paul mccartney is out with a new preview for his upcoming album "mccartney iii." he recorded the album alone at his home in england during the coronavirus lockdown. it features a new collection of stripped back songs all written, performed and produced by mccartney. it's the third album he's done by himself. it will be released on december 11th. comedian and actor kevin hart is the new host of the muscular distroe if he association telethon made famous
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by the late jerry lewis. the two hour mda kevin hart kids telethon will stream live this saturday on the laugh out loud network. they will raise money for the association and hart's foundation help from the hart. i am pumped up for more reasons than one. but i think the fact that this is something that's been around for so long and have an opportunity to revive it and kind of, you know, attach my face to it and, you know, bring my essence and some new things is a major bonus. >> jerry lewis who died in 2017 hosted every mda telethon from 1966 to 2010. new york representative alexandria cortez is a hit on the streaming video game network twitch. she played the popular on line game among us with fellow congressman omar and others
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tuesday as it was streamed live on twitch. the stream maxed out at 439,000 views. that is the third most watched live stream in the history of the platform. it was part of a virtual get out the vote event. and the popular '90s cartoon series anamaniacs is coming back. >> there is a lot of pressure on our first lines. >> wait. make sure it's good first. maybe something reminiscent of the first season? >> 22 years later and i'm still a knockout. >> yecco, whacko and dot are all returning to hulu. they released a trailer for the upcoming new which hit the streaming platform on november 20th. steven spielberg created the first series and will return as an executive producer. coming up on cbs this
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morning, in our series a more perfect union, we'll meet a 12-year-old girl that composes music to create a better world. i'm ann marie green. this is the cbs morning news. i'm ann marie green. this is the cbs morning news. hey allergy muddlers... achoo! your sneezes turn heads? try zyrtec... starts working hard at hour one... and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. zyrtec muddle no more. ♪ beds get sick too protection. lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of illness-causing bacteria detergents leave behind. proven to kill covid-19 and mine's unlisted.. try boost® high protein... -with 20 grams of protein for muscle health- -versus only 16 grams in ensure® high protein. and now enjoy boost® high protein in new café mocha flavor.
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our top stories this morning, president trump and joe biden hold their final debate tonight. they will be in nashville making their closing arguments to the public with just 12 days to go until the election. a mute button will give each candidate two uninterrupted minutes to speak at the start of each topic. meantime, in a rare last-minute news conference last night, national security officials announced iran and russia obtained voter registration information to try
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to influence the election. they accused iran of imitating an extremist group and sending e-mails to democratic voters in battleground states threatening to come after them unless they vote for president trump. and an eighth grader in texas took home a prestigious science award and her find findings could help in the fight against the coronavirus. >> i'm an eighth grader from frisco, texas. >> reporter: in the middle of a pandemic, this budding scientists hopes to one day save lives. >> inhibiting the spike protein would stop the virus from entering the cell. >> with her research on a potential treatment for the coronavirus. >> congratulations. you are america's 2020 top young scientists. >> her project earned her top
4:27 am
prize in the country for middle school scientists and $25,000. >> i isolated a lead compound from a data base of almost 698 million molecules. >> reporter: that discovery which she hopes will lead to a new weapon against covid-19 began two years ago while she was researching another pandemic. >> you know that there are a lot of people at home saying what 12-year-old is interested in spanish flu in a pandemic? >> yeah. so school is useful. >> reporter: a 14-year-old with many talents, doing grown-up work. >> i just want to help the world and let children know that they can do whatever they want to accomplish. >> reporter: there were 60,000 deaths in the u.s. alone. >> inspiring a new generation to reach for the stars. >> i'm signing off from frisco, texas. >> and i'm signing off for cbs news, north texas. >> that is amazing. gives you hope for the future. such bright young people. coming up on cbs this morning, a cbs news exclusive. the we're going to tour a covid-19 unit in wisconsin's
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largest hospital as the state struggles with rising coronavirus deaths. plus, we speak with health and human services secretary about the time line for a covid-19 vaccine and how it will be distributed. and in our series "a more perfect union," we'll meet a 12-year-old girl who composes music to build a better world. that's the cbs morning news for this thursday. thank you so much for watching. i'm ann marie green. have a great day. thank you so much for watching. i'm ann marie green. have a great day.
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