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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  October 22, 2020 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now, on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area. watching the weather and the potential for fire danger. concerns over wind and dry conditions. good afternoon. i'm michelle griego. >> and let's get right to meteorologist mary keith for a
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look at fire danger. >> and len and michelle, tracking offshore winds, especially in the higher elevations, a big concern for us as we head through today, tomorrow and through actually the rest of the week. so checking wind gusts so far. mount diablo, one of the strongest gusts of 55 miles per hour. knoxville of 39, looking at 36, cold spring mountain. mount st. helena. 32 for the oakland hills. so a red flag warning in effect for all of our bay area hills and mountains. for our higher elevations. and really watching up to 2,000 to 3,000 feet. so we're looking at the north bay mountains, east bay hills and valleys. diablo range. and the san mateo county coast. under the red flag warning now until 8:00 a.m. due to gusts up to 40 and 50 miles per hour. again, mount diablo, talking 55- mile-per-hour wind gusts. cooler for today, our
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temperatures are anywhere from 2 to 10 dueling degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. you're looking at daytime highs, about several degrees. so we'll talk more about our next offshore wind event. and it does look stronger. details on that coming up. thanks to a change in weather conditions, pg&e says they've canceled the power shutoff. and developing right now, in oakland, there is some police activity near the fruitvalley station. the suspect is barricaded off this. police say the suspect is wanted for some sort of criminal investigation. no other details on that. but we do know there are no hostages involved. we'll keep you updated on this developing story. new at noon, president trump has released the white house's recording of his interview with 60 minutes, days before it was scheduled to air on cbs. he posted it on social media, attacking journalist leslie stahl, and claiming this, quote, unedited preview, is a first in tv history.
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the president cut the interview short, when stall was at the white house tuesday. it's part of a special candidates edition of 60 minutes, set to air this sunday. cbs news released this statement, saying, quote, the white house's unprecedented decision to disregard their agreement with cbs news, and release their footage, will not deter "60 minutes" fromproviding its full, fair and contextual. "60 minutes," the most watched news show on television is known for its fairness, deep reporting and november tive context to viewers each week. few presenters have had the privilege. leslie stahl. we look forward to seeing her third interview with president trump and subsequent interview with vice president pence this weekend. this all comes ahead of president trump and democratic nominee joe biden's final
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debate tonight. natalie brand is live in nashville, with what is at stake. natalie? >> well, hi, len. the candidates will have their final chance tonight to make their closing arguments, side by side. and challenge each other. and we have been talking to voters here, who say they have already made up their minds or have already voted. but they still plan on watching this debate. however, they tell us they don't want a repeat of that first presidential debate. they want to see far fewer interruptions. >> the stage is set for the final showdown between president trump and democratic nominee joe biden. plexiglas is visible around the candidate's podiums. and there will also be new rules to try to curb the chaos during their first matchup in cleveland. >> it's like two kindergarteners going at it. >> i'm interested in a debate. >> a mute button will allow each candidate two uninterrupted minutes to answer
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an open question. >> i think the mute is unfair. >> the key battleground poll shows the president. president trump has remained on the campaign trail this week, while biden has been prepping out of the public eye and relying on talk surrogate and former boss, barack obama. >> it could come down to a handful of voters, just like you. >> tonight's matchup in nashville will be the final time the candidates share the stage to make their closingcases and strategy could be key. >> some are advising the president to take a lower key approach. >> i say to the president, just be happy, let biden talk. let him explain away. >> biden is bracing for more personal attacks on him and his son. but he'll focus on the issues. >> he's looking forward to having the opportunity to speak directly to the american people about what he's going to do to bring us back from this horrific covid-19 pandemic. >> more than 42 million americans have already cast
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their ballots, with just 12 days to go, until the election. >> and back here in nashville, the official topics of tonight's debate, include covid- 19, american families, race in america, climate change, national security and leadership. and similar to the first debate, it is the same format of six, 15-minute segments. but again, the big new development tonight, the first four minutes will be uninterrupted across both candidates, each getting two minutes of uninterrupted time. and then the open discussion begins. so we'll have to see what happens during that, len. >> we'll be watching to see how it goes. natalie brand in nashville. thank you for that report. >> you can watch the final debate starting at 6:00 tonight on kpix5. we'll have a full recap and analysis on special edition of kpix at 10:00.
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>> election officials are trying to reassure voters after the fbi announced there has already been interference, involving russia and iran. kpix 5's kit dote. >> the feds say they are working on tech companies to get ahead of the problems. by deleting some of these malishesz malicious accounts. >> here's one of them. we are in possession of all of your information. we will vote for trump to election day. >> don't be alarmed. and do not spread it. >> director of national intelligence said iran and russia somehow obtained bogus information. >> we're also coordinating with the private sector. both technology and social media companies to make sure that their platforms aren't used by foreign adversaries to spread disinformation and propaganda. >> google issued a statement to
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cbs news, saying for g mail users, our automated spam filters stopped approximately 25,000 of the e-mails sent. they have seen evidence that authorizations linked to iran have sent e-mails in the past 24 hours. iran tweeted, unlike the u.s., iran does not interfere in other country's elections. the u.s. has interfered to question the outcomes at the highest level. shannon boucher says they have not had any breaches. and the voters can cast their ballots in confidence. >> i feel very confident in all of our checks and balances. ault of our audits. all of the state and federal levels that we work with here. >> the lee family had heard about the news between russia and iran. and were unfazed. >> not intimidated. but angry. >> a lot of foreign actors would want to see, or they
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would have their own idea of who should be in charge. i think you have to go do what you have to do. >> in san jose, kiet do. kpix 5. oakland mayor libby schaaf has cast her vote. we were there when she and other community leaders dropped their ballots off, outside the oakland public library and 12th street. it's just one of 66 drop boxes across alameda county. kpix 5 is bringing you tools on how to vote smart on this election. also streaming on cbsn bay area and new at noon. a student in contra costa county has tested positive for coronavirus. that student was on campus at concord's clayton valley charter high school. the principal says students are in small cohorts, for covid safety protocol. the entire protocol is now being monitored off campus. i'm ann macko vick at the
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live news desk. and we have just heard about the status of our schools. >> these are tough times. and they're not really showing any letting up. but california students and californians continue to be resilient. >> tony thurman wasn't able to give a clear time line for schools to return to normal today, even after the mayors of the bay area's biggest cities, wrote a letter to the governor, urging him to do whatever it takes to safely get kids back in school. many of california's k through 12 school kids have been returning this month. that is a mix of in person and virtual instruction. so far, state public health officials report no significant increases in covid-19 cases. thurmond also announced a partnership with gm today. gm donating 500,000 face masks to kids who are returning to class. len? >> all right, ann, thank you.
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starting tomorrow, more businesses can reopen in alameda county. that includes restaurants, houses of worship, movie theaters and gyms. those businesses will be able to operate at 25% capacity with face covering and social distancing required. also, san jose will start to reopen more than 290 playgrounds in outdoor facilities. officials say will happen in phases. for a full list, you can head to still ahead, president trump's supreme court pick gets one step closer to confirmation. >> but with no help from democrats. who filled their seats, while the lawmakers boycotted today's vote? plus, a slight improvement in the u.s. labor picture. and a reminder, kpix has a new app. also, realtime news updates. you can also sign up i need a smaller house that's close to my son, but that's tough to do on a fixed income. i'd be hit with a tax penalty for moving to another county, so i'm voting 'yes' on prop 19.
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it limits property taxes and lets seniors transfer their home's current tax base to another home that's closer to family or medical care. being closer to family is important to me. how about you? voting 'yes' on prop 19.
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traffic and air pollution will be even worse after the pandemic. that's why we support measure rr to keep caltrain running.
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which is at risk of shutdown because of the crisis. to keep millions of cars off our roads, to reduce air pollution and fight climate change. and measure rr helps essential workers like me get to work and keep our communities healthy. relieve traffic. reduce pollution. rescue caltrain. [all] yes on measure rr. judge amy coney barrett, is one step closer to confirmation to the supreme court. >> today, republicans on the senate judiciary committee voted unanimously in favor of moving forward with her nomination. >> judge amy coney barrett is one of the most impressive legal minds in the united states. she was arguably one of the most impressive judicial nominees that i've ever seen in these hearings. >> all 10 boycotted the vote. they posted posters of constituents. they called the confirmation
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process a sham, playing out during an ongoing election and ahead ofa an upcoming supreme court case on the aca. >> the senate republican majority is conducting the most rushed, the most partisan, and the least legitimate nomination to the supreme court in our nation's history. >> we believe that both the affordable care act and roe v. wade would be lost. >> the full senate is expected to vote monday. meaning the gop goal of having barrett sworn in before election day. a sharp improvement from last week in the nation's unemployment picture. another 787,000 people signed up for unemployment benefits. but that was much better than expected. meanwhile, the labor department says filings for unemployment pandemic assistance topped 345,000. let's get a check of our
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weather now. >> here's meteorologist mary lee. >> all right, len and michelle, that will be the case so a big concern. >> it is cooler this afternoon. looking at low 60s for san francisco and for oakland. 77 right now, for concord. also for livermore, looking at 72 in san jose, and 73 for santa rosa. so that cooling trend starts today. we're going to continue cooling down especially into the weekend. but really tracking the gusty offshore winds, now through friday morning. with our second offshore wind event. the red flag warning for the areas highlighted in red. that includes the north bay mountains, east bay hills and
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valleys, diablo range, san mateo coast until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. already tracking those winds, gusting to 40 and even 55 miles per hour. especially on the mountain peaks, and low relative humidity values. so the strong ridge of high pressure locked in place with that clockwise flow. around that strong ridge of high pressure, drawing in the northerly to northeasterly winds in the bay area. we'll see the winds ease a little bit as we head through the afternoon. and another burst of strong offshore winds, especially in the higher elevations by tonight into tomorrow morning. before finally easing. but still, looking at those very dry, relative humidity values. so down to the single digits and the teens, not just for today, over the next several days with that dry air in place. the temperatures this afternoon. we're looking at daytime highs in our inland locations. in the low to mid-80s later today. as we look to right around the bay.
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low to mid-70s and mid-60s for the coast. so there we go with that cooldown through the workweek. and especially into the weekend. but again, watching those gusty offshore winds. next offshore wind event looks to be sunday into next monday. and those winds look to be stronger. back to you. >> coming up, a bay area woman is helping front line workers across the country. >> how she's getting them the gear they need to stay safe in the pandem
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a san jose woman has been closing a critical gap in the pandemic, how to quickly get ppe from donors to recipients. >> sharon shows us how this week's jefferson worker is serving front line workers nationwide. >> jessica choy and her volunteers have helped deliver more than 850,000 pieces of ppe to front line workers in every state in the nation. >> sometimes they would cry on the phone, when we reach out to them. and that really touches me. >> jessica developed the website, get in late march. after hearing how her relatives in the medical field couldn't find ppe, as covid cases surged. >> they had to put them in paper bags and write their names on it. so that they can keep on using it, for at least a week. because they had just a short
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supply. >> jessica, an executive at asanta clara education technology, managed to build the website in one weekend. >> i had to learn from scratch in one weekend what to do. >> then her colleague built the aggorhythm. the match is based on geography in areas hardest hit by coronavirus. so far more than 40,000 have helped ship thing things like masks. to hospitals, nursing homes and schools. dr. ann murrah moto received 100,000 shields. >> we couldn't find it. we were getting the 3d printed ones. and they were breaking reallyeasily. >> and donors like tiffany herbert in colorado springs get a chance to give. she's sewn many masks in more
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than 20 states. >> the pictures behind me. and the cards i get from people i send masks to. i face that when i sew. and that keeps me going. >> so there's 10 in there. >> tiffany applauds jessica's initiative. >> i'm just so proud of what she's done. >> so for an efficient way to match ppe donors to recipients, this week's award goes to jessica choi. >> and important note for volunteers and recipient. >> it is part of the million mask challenge. coming up a final check of our weather and bay area fire danger. and today on the drew barrymore show. and comedian bb robinson. plus, halloween decorating ideas. you can put some hollywood
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the feud between santa clara and the voters heads to the ballot box. the mayor accusing the niners of pouring into races. now, let's get one last check of weather with mary. >> well, michelle. tracking critical fire weather conditions, especially up in the higher elevations. mount diablo. 55-mile-per-hour wind gusts. so far, with this second offshore wind event, knoxville 39. so that high-fire danger as we
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are looking at that red flag warning for the areas highlighted in red, until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. the north bay mountains, east bay hills, diablo range. and santa clara county coast under that red flag warning. and very low humidity values down to the teens. looking ahead through the rest of the week. we'll cool it down with temperatures. but watching those gusty offshore winds over the next couple of days. especially if we look to next sunday and monday. >> all right, mary. thank you. that's going to do
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