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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  October 23, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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how is it looking for us? good friday morning to you. we are looking at higher relative humidity values and also a bit of the on shore flow, cooler temperatures for today and for tomorrow, thankfully so, catching a break from the high fire danger today and tomorrow. here is a look at relative humidity values. as we go through the rest of the weekend we are looking at stronger offshore winds. with it we are going to see high fire danger for later on in the weekend. here is a look at temperatures this afternoon. it is cooler, 64 in san francisco, 70 oakland, 76 san jose, 79 concord. here is a look at the fire weather watch from 11:00 sunday through 11:00 tuesday for the areas in yellow, likely one of the strongest events so far
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this wildfire season. details on that are coming up in a few minutes. gianna. thanks. i am getting reports of fire activity and chp is also on scene. this is near north livermore as you head out of the altamont pass. it's on the east bound side. they have livermore avenue ramp blocked from east 580, so you can't access that now. fire crews are blocking the ramp. there were flames on the scene. as far as the impact to traffic, it is friday. less cars are on the road way anyway. we have slight slowing building west bound 580 into altamont but things are fairly quiet out of tracy with no delays from 205. improving coronavirus infection rates around the bay area are opening the door to new reopenings. alameda is loosening restrictions as it moves to the orange tier. kiet do is live in pleasanton
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with the businesses ready for this next phase. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. alameda county has spent the past two weeks preparing for this day. yes, beginning today the following businesses can reopen if they are ready to do so. we are talking about indoor family entertainment like bowling alleys and climbing walls, up to 25% capacity. indoor dining, worship and movie theaters up to 25% capacity or less than 100 people, whichever is less. indoor malls up to 50%. indoor gyms 25%. outdoor noncontact fitness classes, 20 people per instructor and weddings and funerals, 25% capacity or 100 people whichever is less. your social bubble, no more than three households can gather, up to 20 people. stay outdoors and keep it six feet apart. singing and playing musical instruments is allowed but you have to be members of the expanded bubble. the health officer says outdoor activities with fewer people
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are safer. it is less safe if more people are in attendance, if activities are indoors or if people are frequently removing face coverings. pleasanton, outdoor dining will continue. social distancing will remain in effect and they're asking people to keep masks on as often as they can. kiet do, kpix5. >> to stay up to date on what is reopening in your area head to we can't close our nation. >> the president thus far still has no plan. >> we are fighting it. we are fighting it hard. >> i will take care of this. >> it was a more traditional debate between president trump and former vice president joe biden last night with the help of the ability to cut the mic for each candidate as the other was talking. they started on topic of coronavirus response plans and ended with a message to voters. the president made closing argument about the economy while the former vp argued the character of the country is on the ballot. in the east bay, voters on both
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sides of the isle attended socially distant watch parties in pleasanton. voters seem to agree on one thing, this debate was civil and had more substance than the last one. >> it was pretty good. i like the idea that they tamed it down, can't interrupt one another. >> i am trying to confirm what i hear and read because i am a real political junky. >> he loves every one of us, even people that don't agree. >> trump doesn't. trump cares about himself and it is time for him to go. >> according to the mixed crowd, the winner of the debate in itself is debatable. stay with us. we have a live report out of nashville on the biggest take aways from the night. that's coming up at 5:30. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. apparently people in russia were hearing their ears ringing during the debate. we heard from the spokesperson of vladimir putin, he said it
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sounded like a competition of the most dislike for russia in that debate. he said that he regrets this, he said it is something he is expecting to see now in american politics because we have seen it for the past several years including of course allegations of russia interfering in elections in 2016 and this time around again as well. back to you. new, the first claim against pge has been filed accusing the utility of causing the fire in shasta county. the claim filed by a redding law firm is a complaint for property damage. a family had to escape flames. attorneys at pge needs to answer for the negligence in causing the fire. >> fire is much more devastating than people realize. there were less structures but ranches were destroyed which
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includes entire irrigation systems, fencings. >> cal fire has taken possession of pge equipment as part of the investigation. the utility has not claimed any responsibility for the fire. meantime, a pair of bay area counties will get federal relief funds for recent wildfires. earlier this month, trump administration rejected request for disaster funding and reversed course for six california counties last week. we learned sonoma and napa will also receive federal aid. developing in the south bay, santa clara county da's office dismissing more than a dozen criminal cases. those cases involve san jose police officers being investigated for posting racist messages on a private facebook group. a team of 20 prosecutors reviewed more than 250 cases. all were misdemeanors with a majority involving driving issues or resisting arrest. the suspended officers behind the racist post have not been identified by the department or by the da's office.
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>> it becomes clear for some statements that it appears they hold members of our community in contempt which is what it looked like from the statements. that's a real problem. >> the san jose police chief released this statement saying "the scrutiny officers are receiving regarding inappropriate behavior is warranted. in this instance i understand the decision to seek dismissal in minor cases ." the san jose mayor also weighed in saying criminal convictions turn on the credibility of one or two key witnesses and a police officer's expressions of racism and bigotry undermine that credibility. the decision isn't about political correctness. it is about the integrity of our criminal justice system. regarding discipline for any officers involved, sjpd says it cannot comment on ongoing personnel investigations. update out of berkeley. a woman shot wednesday night has died. she was hit in a drive by shooting on prince and harper
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streets about a block from ashby bart. detectives were back at the scene of the shooting yesterday interviewing neighbors and searching for clues. a witness tells us he and his wife initially dismissed sound of gunfire thinking it was something else. >> my wife heard some noise. she heard some shots. we didn't know if it was fireworks or something else. but, you know, she sort of dismissed it as background noise. we don't get a lot of shootings around here. the neighborhood feels safe. >> no word on a motive for the shooting. a 41-year-old mystery is solved. police identified the body of a wood land woman who disappeared in 1979. police say a body that washed up decades ago is a watch to delores wolf. her body was found more than 50 miles from other home in yolo county. she left behind four children. one provided investigators with a dna swab to make the positive
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match. her killer has never been found. the time is 5:08. >> still ahead on kpix35 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> race against the next round of rain. how coronavirus is affecting crews cleaning up coyote creek. here is a look at relative humidity values. we are looking at higher relative humidity values thankfully so with the strong ocean breeze kicking in for us, catching a break from high fire danger. offshore winds will return. the full forecast is coming up. we have a traffic hazard along 880 plus delays on 580. details and a complete look at the roadways coming up. >> a live look outside before we head to break. you are looking at the city of san francisco on
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a dangerous situation in oakland yesterday. a grass fire started near 580 burning close to homes. the fire reportedly started along the 580 freeway before 5:00 in a homeless encampment
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above west bound lanes. it quickly spread to the brush. >> these homeless encampments, they have a lot of stuff. i am not surprised. it is not the first time that this has happened either. >> firefighters in oakland got a jump start on putting it out because there was a strike team prepositioned around the neighborhood due to red flag conditions. no injuries were reported. in colorado a sight californians are too familiar with, flames burning out of control. this is spreading into the rockies and exploding in size. there are concerns two massive fires can merge and so far thousands have evacuated. in san jose crews are trying to clear tens of thousands of pounds of garbage from dry creek beds. rain can create 10 to 15 feet of raging water. unlike years passed due to
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covid, water officials can't evict those who have been living in the storm drains. >> since the covid pandemic started, cdc issued guidelines we should not disturb homeless encampments. they're worried that potentially moving homeless around would move the disease around. >> recently officials have had to clean upencampments. a threw proposal to open foothills park in palo alto to the general public. city council is expected to vote on november 2. uc berkeley has given green light for in person classes. a new pilot program launching monday is allowing university to hold in person lectures outdoors. students and faculty will meet in small groups and will be required to wear masks and maintain physical distance. they'll have to show a negative
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covid test before participating. san francisco's oldest restaurant is getting ready to reopen for indoor dining after offering take out at the start of the pandemic. the grill closed in july. owners of the historic 171-year- old restaurant plan to reopen november 9 at 50% capacity. the shell station in san carlos sold a $20 million super lotto ticket to a very lucky man. the numbers he picked are the same ones he has chosen for the past two years. consistency paid off. >> it finally worked. >> yeah. >> i tell my mom that who has been playing the same numbers for 25 years. still hasn't hit big. it's coming. there is a chance. >> tell mom to keep it up. you never know. i play every week, so i can understand where mom is coming from. it will happen. take a look at the roadways as you take 580. we have brake lights starting to build. it is friday light for the most part. that altamont pass commute is
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starting to get crowded west at least from the connector from 580 as you get to about grant line. it's not backing up to 205 yet. as you work your way west, fire activity on the north livermore on ramp. they had it shut down for fire crews. there was a grass fire under the over pass near the side of the freeway. they are going to open that ramp quickly, not really affecting main lines of the road. we'll keep a close eye on that. other than that your connection to the dublin interchange is moving okay once you get on 680 if taking west bound 580. slight delays, 48 miles per hour for speeds through and over all things are moving okay at 237. trouble spot on 880. we did have reports of a traffic hazard blocking a couple lanes there. that's also been cleared.
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we are seeing nothing but green on your drive along 880. if you are taking the ride out of oakland south bound to union city and fremont you should be good to go for the most part. looking at travel times, everything in the green. 27 minutes into the altamont from 205 to 680. highway 4, no delays. east shore freeway clear from highway 4 to the maze. it is 5:17. that's a look at your morning drive. let's check your forecast. hey mary. good morning gianna. we are looking at higher relative humidity values, tracking that ocean breeze. so we are catching a bit of a break, thankfully so, from our high fire danger at least today and tomorrow. here is a live look with our sales force tower camera. our temperatures are running in the 40s and 50s. 52 concord, oakland 56 as well as for san francisco, 49 livermore, 56 san jose, 50
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degrees for santa rosa. checking relative humidity values, they are high as we are tracking that sea breeze kicking in for us. looking at the strong on shore flow, cooler temperatures, higher relative humidity. as we look to the end of our weekend, by sunday, things start to change for us. this low pressure system to our east and strong ridge of high pressure to our west, those are two weather features so close. we have a tight pressure gradient. we'll have packed iso bars and with it, strong offshore winds out of the north and northeast. extreme fire danger and likely some of the strongest offshore winds we have seen so far this wildfire season. that's sunday through tuesday. fire weather watch for the areas in yellow. diablo range, santa cruz mountains are under the watch which will be upgraded to a red
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flag warning, gusts 60 to 70 miles per hour with low relative humidity values. daytime highs for today are cooler. 75 in santa clara, 76 san jose, 78 campbell, cupertino, morgan hill. east bay, umer 70s to lower 80s. 79 in concord, pleasant hill, walnut creek. low 80s for pittsburgh, antioch. tri valley, upper 70s this afternoon. around the bay, cooler temperatures with 64 in san francisco, 63 for sausalito and daly city. the north bay, 70s this afternoon. we are looking at 77 for santa rosa, 78 for sonoma and napa, petaluma is 75, topping out at
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78 for windsor and clover dale 79. the extended forecast, cooler as we look to saturday and for sunday with a few more clouds. but again on sunday, looking at the return of northerly to northeasterly winds with the extreme fire danger with that fire weather watch again turning into a red flag warning as well as that high wind watch sunday into early next week. a big concern, watching that closely for you. >> thank you. new, a christmas tradition at macy's is getting scrapped this year. kids cannot sit on santa's lap because of the pandemic. santa has visited stores around the country since 1861 but due to coronavirus, macy's is putting christmas world online. through computers, the children, three at a time, will be led by elves through santa's village and workshop virtually ending with time to share their
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wish list for santa and of course share a selfie. everything is changing. >> not the same but there is something. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, swapping pumpkins for politics. why some neighbors aren't fans of this bay area home's halloween display. a live look outside before we head to break. look at this. ocean beach on this friday morning. it's 5:21. coming up at 7:00 on cbs this morning, a break down of the final presidential debate. after decades of feeling ignored by politicians, how black men are now a coveted voting block less than two weeks before the prop 19 helps california's most vulnerable.
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it provides property tax fairness for disabled homeowners like cynde, stuck living with a broken elevator. nineteen helps wildfire victims, like ellie, one of 24,000 who've lost their homes to fire. and seniors like pam who need to move closer to family or medical care, without a tax penalty. prop 19 limits taxes on our most vulnerable. yes on 19.
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spiders and ghosts are typical decorations for halloween. that's not the case for one home in alameda. >> neighbors say the decor is spookier while others argue it's unpatriotic. for the last four years the family has put up decorations highlighting specific moments of mr. trump's presidency. it depicts events from last year to the current nomination of judge amy coney barrett to supreme court. some say this political display is over the top but still support the family's creativity. >> people speaking about what they believe in.
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>> it's really cathartic for myself. i like to say hate is energizing. the community seems to really like it. people will wander by and spend a half hour looking at the signs and taking it all in. >> it may or may not be a trump theme next year. the family says they will repurpose many decorations. you have to stop and look. >> yeah, it's a spectacle. that's for sure. 5:25. >> in our next half hour, explosive claims from santa clara's mayor. the owner of the 49ers accused of buying city council seats. why not everyone believes it. that's next. alameda county is officially in orange tier, reopens in a big way today. we've got a live report from pleasanton. a live look outside before we head to break. you see the bay bridge and the city as well. it is now 5:25. we'll be right back after this
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we are learning to live with it. >> people are learning to die with it. >> right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, presidential candidates making closing arguments just 11 days before election day. we are live in nashville with the hot button issues. >> restaurants, malls, movie theaters, more, the latest county to reopen indoors. enjoy it while it lasts. your weekend is mostly fire weather free. mary tells us how long it will last. good morning. it is friday october 23. i am len kiese. >> i am michelle griego. let's get a check on the fire weather free weekend s that how you said it? say that five times fast, mary. we'll take it for sure michelle and len as we are
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looking at on shore flow and that ocean breeze kicking in today and tomorrow. we are catching a bit of a break from the dangerous fire weather conditions thankfully so before our next round of offshore winds will arrive by sunday. in the meantime, higher relative humidity values, on shore flow and with it, cooler temperatures as well. 64 in san francisco, 70 oakland, 76 san jose, 79 concord. as we look to sunday, strong northerly to northeasterly winds will return. some of the strongest offshore winds we have seen so far this wildfire season. fire weather watch for the areas highlighted in yellow. that's 11:00 a.m. sunday through 11:00 a.m. tuesday. high wind watch sunday into monday for the bay area. i will have more on that coming up in just a few minutes. let's check with gianna. it is getting busy right now for the altamont and 580. >> it is.
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that west bound commute on 580, if you are a super commuter, make the drive out of tracy to the altamont, dublin interchange, we are starting to see more cars doing that. it is crowded. not as bad as it is on monday through thursday but there are some brake lights. once you pass that, things look better towards the dublin interchange. i was tracking fire activity near the north livermore exit affecting east bound side of 580. things are moving okay through that portion. 29 minutes 205 to 680. most major freeways are off to a good start. 14 minutes highway 4 to the maze and 101 out of the south bay, no troubles there. just a heads up if you are headed into san francisco use 280 south bound, north of highway 1, more towards that
5:32 am
daly city area, reports of a broken down vehicle stuck in lanes. that's a look at your morning drive. we are live in downtown pleasanton where big chunks of alameda county can reopen under the orange tier if the businesses are ready to go. we are talking about indoor family entertainment, rock climbing walls, bowling alleys can open to 25% capacity. indoor dining, indoor worship, movie theaters, up to 25% or 100 people whichever is less. indoor malls can reopen to 50% capacity, indoor gyms 25%, outdoor noncontact fitness, up to 20 people per instructor. weddings and funerals can reopen to 25% capacity or 100 people whichever is less. your social bubble, no more than three households can gather up to 20 people, stay outdoors and keep six feet apart, sing and play musical instruments but the folks have to be part of your expanded
5:33 am
bubble. the health officer says outdoor activities with fewer people are safer. it is increasingly less safe if more are in attendance, if activities are indoors, or if people are frequently removing face coverings. outdoor dining is still happening. they'll have you social distance and ask that you wear masks as often as possible. a new fight exploding in the years' long battle between santa clara mayor and 49ers. >> the mayor says the 49ers owner jed york is pouring millions into city council elections in attempt to buy candidates to benefit the team. >> york is spending $3 million to pick city council members and buy and control the city of santa clara. >> the allegations were made at a news conference on steps of city hall yesterday given by mayor gilmore and police chief. it was interrupted by some city council candidates accused of
5:34 am
taking the money. >> again, political theater to try to make it look like we are all owned by 49ers, we are not owned by 49ers. i have not taken a dime from the 49ers. >> the $3 million comes from 49ers independent campaign expenditures which candidates have no control over but benefits them in media messaging. the mayor and candidates she supports were accused of getting similar but smaller benefits from police officers' association and developers. 49ers called out the mayor saying her hypocrisy knows no bounds and we will not shy away from supporting diverse representation and upholding voting rights. big spending by pacs isn't new for santa clara. take measure j in 2010, campaign to build levi stadium spent over $4 million, much on tv ads. i am anne makovec at the live news desk keeping an eye on reaction coming in from the big debate last night.
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did you watch? so many polls this morning are coming out with varying results on who won last night's debate. really it depends who you ask. president trump or joe biden. they both made their final arguments to voters at the second and final presidential debate. really it was a more satisfying orderly affair than the first time the two candidates met in september which was very combative last night, relatively few interruptions and really stricter controls on speaking time which both candidates seemed to adhere to. their mics were muted for initial answers to the moderator's questions before they got the chance to go back and forth which they of course did. but again compared to the all out blow out that we saw at the first debate, this was certainly a much more watch able event for a lot of people. natalie brand is joining us
5:36 am
live from nashville, tennessee to talk about very important subjects they debated. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne. the first topic was as you probably could expect, the coronavirus. the two candidates offering two very different takes on the current situation and where to go next. president trump saying we are learning to live with it. biden who has made his campaign, this has been a central focus of his, to go after the administration on the response, he said we are learning to die with it. next topic later in the debate was healthcare. a question about the affordable care act. >> what i am going to do is pass obamacare with a public option and become biden care. >> i'd like to terminate obamacare and come up with a new beautiful healthcare. >> reporter: the moderator also asked the two men about race in america. the president during the debate saying he is the least racist
5:37 am
person in the room. biden calling him one of the most racist presidents we have had in modern history. on the topic of climate change, biden said he wants to move away from fossil fuels. >> it has to be replaced by renewable energy over time. >> will you remember that texas? will you remember that, pennsylvania? >> reporter: president trump really made his closing argument last night about the economy while the former vice president argued the character of the country is on the ballot. later today, back on the campaign trail for president trump who heads to central florida for two rallies today, biden scheduled to deliver remarks on the coronavirus in delaware tomorrow, he is headed to the battle ground state of pennsylvania. anne. >> very good. natalie, around here in the bay area, the thought of an undecided voter is like a
5:38 am
unicorn. but i know there are plenty across the country. do we think this debate had the chance to change any minds? >> reporter: we are going to have to try to track down those undecided voters. as you have mentioned a lot of people have made up their minds or voted. in fact more than 47 million americans since early voting has expanded. analysts would say they're not sure if this debate really moved the needle. some undecided voters, one person who i heard give an interview, said he is waiting to see what happens in the final 11 days, waiting for some new development. i think if your mind isn't made up, maybe you are holding out. but overall, i think the take away was this was a much more substantive debate. if you go on twitter, welker is getting rave reviews. a lot of people are saying she won. >> she did do a fabulous job, i
5:39 am
have to say. tens of millions of votes are already cast. we'll keep our eye on that. thank you. on money watch, a court ruling bay area based ride hailing companies, plus what you need to know ahead of holiday shopping at target. i cannot believe holiday shopping is coming up. diane king hall is live with these stories and more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we'll start with the latest in terms of wall street watching washington and the latest on economic relief efforts. nancy pelosi says she believes both sides want to reach agreement on coronavirus relief. they've been negotiating a spending bill trying to find common ground on testing and aid. target is gearing up for holiday shopping season with a slew of new safety measures including holding your spot in line. the nation's second biggest retailer says shoppers can reserve a spot ahead of the
5:40 am
visit and more employees will be equipped with hand held devices so shoppers can skip the line. a court ruled uber and lyft must reclassify drivers as employees. the judge said the ride share company's classification of drivers as independent contractors caused harm by losing employee benefits. uber and lyft say they're considering options including an appeal. >> thank you much. we'll see you again when the stock market opens at 6:30. the time is now 5:40. >> most wedding dresses tell a love story. but this one also has a history lesson. how it saved one world war ii pilot's life. that's next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. i am tracking our next offshore wind event that arrives sunday, a fire weather watch for the areas highlighted in yellow. we'll talk about the strong offshore winds as we go through the end of the weekend into
5:41 am
early next week. i am getting first reports of a crash west bound 580 on north flynn. it's getting
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:43. developing, people are relying on delivery services more than ever during the pandemic. in southern california, residents say their amazon
5:44 am
prime service has become sluggishly slow. frustrated members reached to amazon to figure out why deliveries have slowed down, they've gotten different answers. >> basically tried to convince me it was an isolated incident, just my house, nothing city wide which i know isn't true. if you look at social media, people are upset. >> amazon says they're actively working to increase capacity. new, mattel's gift is a new barbie for elton john. check this out. the launch has been thoughtfully timed with the 45th anniversary of the legendary 1975 dodger stadium concert. a picture of elton john at the concert is on the front of every box and the barbie is in
5:45 am
classic elton john style. looks pretty good. an aviation museum has an unusual tradition, a 75-year- old wedding dress. >> before it was the gown of the bride, it was a parachute that saved the pilot's life. this is the dress that is the reason george rate is alive today. his plane took on fire but this launched into the folded parachute saving his life. she began the labor of love and masterfully salvaged the tattered pieces. >> it's one story of millions, i am sure, of what people went through during war and how difficult it was. my parents are going to live forever now. >> the gown will be periodically on display at the cradle of aviation museum in new york. the rest of the time it will be in storage to protect it from light exposure. a blessed dress.
5:46 am
>> i love this story. >> wonderful. >> so meaningful. good job on the sewing, i must say. gianna, it looks great. >> it's so beautiful. it just kind of looked like it flowed, gorgeous. such a cool story. we've got slow and go conditions as you work your way west 580 into altamont pass. north flynn, reports of a new crash on the west bound side of 580. it will slow things in an area where we already see a lot of cars for the morning commute. super commuters, gear up. we'll see if this lasts long. hopefully chp will clear this one out of lanes. you are starting to see back up on 205 as you work west bound to where the crash is. 31 minutes, yellow zone for your drive. if you are taking east shore or highway 4, no problems to report. 101 for the most part is in the green with the exception of the pocket of slowing we typically
5:47 am
see this time of morning from the 280, 680 connector. once you are passed that things are at the limit with no delays. looking at traffic, if you are headed along peninsula south 280 before highway 1 in the daly city area, reports of the right lane blocked. traffic is moving at the limit. you may slow down a bit as you approach the scene where the trouble spot is. bay area bridges are looking good on this friday. a live look, no delays, metering lights are off and it's a seam less ride into san francisco. same story for golden gate bridge. we are not seeing a lot of cars and traffic is pretty light as you head into the city. san mateo bridge looks great. your drive time is only 13 minutes between 880 hayward into foster city. it is 5:47. that's a look at your morning ride. cooler temps and high humidity.
5:48 am
fire weather, not bad today, mary. thankfully so, gianna, as we are looking at the stronger ocean breeze kicking in for us. looking at those cooler temperatures, high relative humidity values, catching a break from our dangerous fire weather conditions. i think everyone can be thankful about that. we are looking at offshore winds returning though by the end of the weekend. i will talk about this. a live look with our sales force tower camera as we look north, you can see temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 52 concord, oakland 56 as well as for san francisco and san jose, 49 livermore, 50 for santa rosa. as we look to relative humidity values, they are higher. and we are going to continue to see the higher relative humidity values through today and for tomorrow because much strong on shore flow. we are looking at this low pressure system to our south. that's ushering in more of the
5:49 am
westerly flow for us. cooler temperatures, higher relative humidity. as we go through the end of the weekend by sunday, extreme fire danger returns. we have a low pressure system that will be to the east and a ridge of high pressure to our west. with the weather features so close, we have a tight pressure gradient and packed iso bars. with it, we are going to see gusty northerly to northeasterly winds and likely some of the strongest offshore winds we have seen so far this wildfire season. a big concern as we head through the end of our weekend and into next week. the fire weather watch in effect for areas high lied in yellow from 11:00 a.m. sunday through 11:00 a.m. tuesday for north bay mountains, east bay hills, diablo, santa cruz mountains with gusts 60 to possibly 70 miles per hour. a high wind watch for the entire bay area sunday at 4:00
5:50 am
p.m. to monday at 10:00 a.m. highest peaks are 60 to 70-mile per hour wind gusts, possible downed trees and power lines with the strong northerly to northeasterly winds. 75 santa clara, 76 san jose, 78 for campbell and cupertino, upper 70s for tri valley. around the bay, mid 60s in san francisco, 69 in sausalito and daly city, low 70s for east bay shoreline, oakland, alameda, san leandro. here is the extended forecast and what you can expect as we are looking at cooler temperatures for the weekend saturday and sunday. again, gusty offshore winds will arrive sunday into early next week and watching those strong winds for an extreme fire danger as we look to sunday and monday and tuesday.
5:51 am
back to you. the time is 5:50 next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, don't have a cow doesn't apply here. the new wellness trend kicking stress to the curb. >> remember kpix5 wants to bring you the good news happening in the bay area. go to to find stories of how we are better together. >> coming up today, drew sends viewers into the weekend with a cure ated list of how do i use better than bouillon?
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welcome back. catching a bit of a break from our dangerous fire weather conditions today and tomorrow with on shore flow. but offshore winds return as early as sunday. fire weather watch from 11:00 sunday to 11:00 tuesday for the north bay mountains east bay hills interior valleys diablo range and santa cruz mountains. i will have more on this coming up. hugging is generally off limits due to the pandemic. >> some people in iowa are turning to livestock. >> yes, it is called cow hugging. apparently it increases the hormone oxytocin which is the social bonding hormone reducing anxiety, blood pressure, heart rate. it's the same theory that
5:55 am
extends to our pets. a bond with animals is good for mental health. i guess hugging cows is good. but it is hard to tell if the affection is mutual. >> to get your mind off of things worrying you. >> when people experience anxiety, pets sometimes become their way of getting out of their apartment or their home. >> the cow looks like get away from me. cow hugging has been happening across the dutch countryside for over a decade. >> that cows giving some serious side eye like get your arm from around my neck. >> get away. >> i don't think the feeling is mutual at all. but whatever it takes these days to get some affection. it's 5:55. next hour, more power warnings from pge and a new weather system already on the way. the question this morning, can
5:56 am
fire danger be pushed even higher over the weekend? >> reporter: alameda moving into orange tier beginning today. large sectors of the economy reopening. we've got a live report. kpix5 has a new app. you are still laughing about the cow. >> i can't get the face out of my head. >> it gives easy 24/7 access to cbsn bay area and kpix newscasts. delete the old app
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, final presidential debate is over.
6:00 am
>> in the clear for the weekend but more fire danger can be on the horizon. warnings from pge and possible shut offs looming. >> the new phase for coronavirus restrictions, restaurant relief this morning. good morning. it is friday, october 23. i am len kiese. >> i am michelle griego. i love when you say friday. >> love to say it. >> so does meteorologist mary lee. we have been looking forward to this day. >> oh goodness, yeah, michelle and len, been looking forward to it since monday. so glad it is friday. we are looking at better weather conditions in terms of fire weather conditions. it is low. now thankfully we have that ocean breeze, on shore flow, cooler temperatures, higher relative humidity values. so we are no longer looking at dangerous fire weather conditions at least for now, today and tomorrow. unfortunately extreme fire danger will be back


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