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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 24, 2020 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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24 hours from
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now at 11 here we go again, a new round of pg&e power shut off happening hours from now. we look at the communities being impacted the most. >> i am ready and packed. for most of tomorrow you will not notice much and then at sunset the winds will turn on. i will time out the details coming up. a fiery crash on interstate 80 results in a shelter in place order for a east bay neighborhood. dry conditions and increasing fire danger have pg&e cutting the power to thousands tomorrow. the majority of customers
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impacted are in napa and sonoma. much of the higher elevations are also at the risk along with thousands of customers here are the areas expected to be impacted tomorrow evening. it includes every day area county except san francisco. we are joined with a closer look at the communities affected . >> and the wind affect sparking fire danger. >> reporter: the first thing i want to do is what most people are interested in, are you going to lose power? that nap has a lot of detail on it. take a look at the colors. yellow shows where pg&e is saying it is very likely. where exactly what that happened? you can zoom down to neighborhood level and you are a perfect example of how uneven this will be. here is downtown right there.
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if you look out toward the flatlands over here, the power is not slated to be turned off. if you get into the hills it is. that is a theme you will see across the bay area. if you are a community near the base of the mountain range you are likely. you can find out by using our map. there is a search window, there is even a little window, you can type in the address of your home. that is how specific it is. it will tell you when the power is going off and when they ink it will come back on. let's talk about the actual forecast. there is something different about this wind event, it is not only for the mountains. it is the first of the season that will make it windy where you live. it will get down into the communities. everyplace highlighted on the
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map has a wind advisory. it goes until 11 pm, the last several wind events made it to wendy in the mountains and you did not know what was going on but tomorrow you will feel this. 35-50 mile-per-hour gusts is enough to uproot a tree that can lead to localize power outages. you could lose power from that potentially. the red flag warning is the other issue. that is what we are talking about in a lot more detail coming up in the forecast. with the destructive fire season we have seen shut off warnings are par for the course but it is a different story for east bay communities. they are seeing the shutoffs for the first time this year. we are live for the city is
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telling residents to get out when they can. is it that explicit? >> reporter: it is a advisory from the city. this is the first time pg&e has included berkeley in the public safety power shut off event this year so some residents are taking it very seriously and they have already left the city. it is roads like these in berkeley that have officials worried that residents will not be able to get out quickly during a emergency so the city is urging people to consider leaving before sunday afternoon. >> we would love to evacuate but where do we go? it is expensive and the kids have school. it is not that easy to evacuate. we packed a bag. >> reporter: current forecasts project winds to be as strong or stronger than those present during last year's kinkaid fire. >> the more that people pre-
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evacuate the easier it will be for people to evacuate and four fire engines and vehicles to get up those narrow streets. >> reporter: to prevent the chance of sparking wildfires, pg&e can blackout customers and much of california and every bay area county except san francisco starting tomorrow morning. >> we recognize power outages present hardships, that is what we try to make these events as small as we can. when they do happen we make them as short as possible. >> reporter: after receiving customer feedback, they said this year they improved the notification system and they are able to provide more detailed information. >> i do not have a plan to be honest. if it happens i will certainly try to go to south of berkeley. >> reporter: the city and
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calfire are adding firefighters, staff and equipment to better respond in high-risk areas. >> in some areas we see wins of up to 70. a fire will burn quickly and into areas that may be are not historically at the highest risk for fires. >> have pg&e given the residence any idea how long they will be without power? >> reporter: they say they expect to get the all clear by noon on monday and then it will inspect the equipment and then it plans to start restoring power monday night and this can go into tuesday. >> thank you. every fire season the county finds itself in the same routine preparing for the power to be shut off in a all-too- familiar situation. many residents have taken to getting generators but another trick they have picked up his
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dry ice. residents discovered that placing a block of dry ice in a refrigerator can work just as well as having a generator. >> i have two refrigerators. it keeps it cold for days. it works quite well. several public parks will be closed tomorrow while much of the bay area is under fire weather watch. the parks will be closed from tomorrow through monday. we have a survival guide to help you prepare for the power shut off on our website. you can stay up to date on the latest of weather conditions and outages with the kpix 5 application. it gives you access to kpix 5 newscasts. police are asking for help finding the suspect involved in the fatal shooting of a 20-year- old man. they believe this dark green
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four-door sedan may have been involved. police are advising anybody with information to give them a call. >> police are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the murderer of a 19-year-old permit woman, the victim serenity was driving wednesday night when gunfire erupted. henderson was shot and killed near malcolm x elementary school. anybody with information is asked to call police. all lanes of interstate 80 have reopened enrichment 12 hours after a tanker truck inferno closed the highway and prompted a shelter in place. westbound lanes are now clear between hilltop road and it all started at 11 am when a motorcycle spun out and got stuck underneath a 8000 gallon tanker. the truck went up in flames pouring gasoline all over interstate 80.
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it closed both sides of interstate 80 triggering evacuation orders and then a shelter in place while a hazmat team cleaned the mess. both the motorcyclist and the truck driver were uninjured. the shelter in place was lifted several hours ago. a live look at the white house, just nine days until election day. 53 million have cast early ballots shattering records. president trump and joe biden hit the campaign trail hard and they held rallies targeting states that are key to winning the white house. joe biden campaigned in pennsylvania where he continued to go after the president for his pandemic response. >> our debate on thursday nights, trump was still saying we are rounding a corner, it is going away, we are learning to live with it, i told him we are not learning to live with it we are learning to die with it because he is doing nothing.
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>> after early voting in florida this morning the president traveled to north carolina ohio and wisconsin where he discussed the deadly police shooting of jacob blake and the protests that broke out. >> we went in and solved the problem and i came back here a little while later and we met all of the law enforcement that did a good job but you would not have a town right now, they burned down a few stores, we are working to get them built back up. >> back in the bay area hundreds of trucks and suvs decorated with trumped flags honked their horns and paraded through the tri-valley, the group organized by the united conservative coalition came out in full force to show their support for president trump's reelection. kpix 5 is bringing you the tools you need to vote smart the selection on air and our application and streaming on
11:12 pm a record number of hospitalizations across the u.s. this week, the states being hit the hardest once again. a daring rescue off the coast of san francisco. the moment a coast guard rescues a small man from a fishing boat. if you are
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the coronavirus crisis in the country is taking a dangerous turn. cases are spiking in at least 41 states and the number of people hospitalized is also setting records. >> more than 83,000 new cases confirmed friday which is the worst day yet. >> reporter: the crisis is intensifying. it is causing pain across much of the nation. 39 states have reached a pandemic peak in hospitalizations and daily infections nationwide spiking 273% since the start of september. >> it will overwhelm any of the healthcare systems in the country. >> reporter: and montana infections are up 500%. ohio has more hospitalized than any other time during the pandemic. >> imagine if we had a fatal
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bus crash every week. would we act? yes. >> reporter: as the virus reaches, big 10 football kick off in states where it is hitting the hardest without fans. >> we will have a law enforcement campus on campus. >> reporter: the healthcare system is being pushed to the brink according to the epidemiologist. we have a trifecta of shortages and doctors and nurses protective equipment and third. >> reporter: california did see a spike in cases but those higher infection numbers are because of a backlog of test results all from la county. during the next few days health experts are monitoring new test results to get a accurate covid- 19 case count. a artist has installed thousands and thousands of small white flags that line the grassy area across from the dc
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armory representing those who have died after contracting covid-19. new video in the newsroom of a coast guard rescue. a 51-year-old man had to be airlifted from a fishing boat for medical reasons. the boat being tossed in the choppy seas a half a mile off the island while a crewmember was lowered. in the man was transported to emergency crews who were waiting. there is no word on his condition tonight. on this subject another man safe after being rescued from a cliff in san francisco's lands and today. crews responded at 4 pm this afternoon. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. a scary sight in one neighborhood, a mountain lion spotted taking a snooze in a tree. wildlife officials told families to keep pets and children inside while they waited for the giant cat to
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wake up and go back home. to the nearby santa monica mountains. no action was taken but deputies did stick around to keep an eye on it just in case. back home the rental market has been one of the most expensive in the nation that now rent here is plummeting in some of the priciest cities. san francisco is leading the way. the median rent for a one- bedroom studio apartment has plunged 31%. one-bedrooms are down 13% from last year, for santa clara it is down 12%. with more people working from home, renters are looking for more affordable areas out of the cities where they can get more space. we are going to keep it limited to the specifics of the atmosphere in this wind event for now, i will start with the most important headline, the
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details and timing of the red flag warning and the wind speeds. 50-70 mile-per-hour gust, in the mountains all the way down through the santa cruz mountains. it starts tomorrow night and does not expire until 11 pm. for most of the day tomorrow you will not notice a thing. if we play this forward, watch the bright colors as the offshore wind starts to pour down, this gets us to 1 pm. by that point it starts to gust in the north bay area but we are not seeing much in the bay area proper and now we play this forward. by the time we have gotten to 7 pm, this is the starting gate, right around sunset the wind will turn on real fast. it will pick up almost out of nowhere. let me hit play and watch what happens. now we have gusts ranging into the 30s for many communities and in the mountains.
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now we are getting gusts close to 60. it gets stronger in the overnight hours, this is for a.m., this is the heart of the event. this is where we have 60 mile- per-hour gusts over the peaks and plenty of wind for where we live. by the afternoon it has dramatically calmed down but still windy in the mountains. i want to bring us back to the early morning time frame around 3 am, why was it that the berkeley hills was advised to evacuate before it started? if we take a look at 3 am monday morning, look at the wind speeds, 47 mile-per-hour gusts, in berkeley proper is 25, the reason there is a concern is because these wins coming from the east, the mountains act like a ramp and it forces the wins to speed up as they rush down the west side of them and that is why berkeley has a concern but it
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is not only limited to the berkeley hills. if you live in any of these communities on the west side of the mountain range where the wind will come over and rush down on the bottom slope, you have a elevated concern for this. a lot of the non-urban communities need to be aware of that kind of a scenario. the air is going to be ridiculously dry. this is why the red flag warning stays until tuesday even though the most of the wind will be done by monday night. the dry air sticks around. the daytime high is the same story, you will not notice, mid- 70s which is average of where we should be and the seven day forecast is no headline. no major changes. if there is a headline it is the temperatures are average for this time of year. i hope we have a chance to enjoy that. the real headline will be the wind from sunday night through tuesday.
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coming up in sports the dodgers were on their way from being one victory away from taking the world series and then this happened. the final play of a amazing game that had baseball fans chee the power of three is everywhere.
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the race look to even up the world series but nobody could have imagined the game finishing the way it did. looking loose before game 4, bottom of the 4th, randy hit his 9th home run of the post season which sets a mlb record and cuts the lead to 1. now the dodgers lead, a 3-1 blast to give tampa the lead. dave cannot believe it. la loads the bases in the 7th and peterson with a liner off the glove, 2 runs score and the dodgers retake the lead. cody was tagged out to finish
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the inning. kevin blasts a solo shot and the game is tied at 6. la did need a long ball. a single and a left with 2 outs, it is 7-6 dodgers, bottom of the 9th. two on and two outs. >> that is into centerfield. phillips has tied the game. coming around, he stumbles. the ball gets away. tampa bay takes it. >> the ball is kicked in center, he trips coming around third but smith never had the ball allowing him to score the game-winning run. tampa is victorious, 8-7 is the final to tie the series at 2 a piece. >> it is hard to believe now that things are going like that.
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once i saw randy slip i was like shoot at least we tied it up and then he missed the ball i do not know what happened. then the next i know i get dog piled. here i am talking to the boys. still to come, college football is back in th uber and lyft are like every big guy i've ever brought down. prop 22 doesn't "help" their drivers-- it denies them benefits. 22 doesn't help women. it actually weakens sexual harassment laws, which are meant to protect them. uber and lyft aren't even required to investigate sexual harassment claims. i agree with the la times:
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no on 22. uber and lyft want all the power. so, show them the real power is you. vote no on prop 22. is you. official ballot drop box near need to fiyou?he closest just visit to find your nearest location. then drop off your ballot. your vote will be secure and counted. there are other ways to vote too. just return your vote-by-mail ballot at your voting location or mail it back. or you can vote safely in-person
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during early voting or on election day. vote the way you're most comfortable - but vote by 8pm on november 3rd.
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stanford has two more weeks to prepare for the season opener but the wait is over for the spartans who begin their eight-game conference special tonight. san jose opening against air force. eight in the 1st, jordan is stopped on a 4th and goal and air force had 1st and goal at the 3 and did not square. the coach was pretty excited about that. the game was still scoreless in the 3rd.
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to derek junior for the 1st points of the game. the spartans take the season opener, 17-6, there the theory over air force. tomorrow on kpix 5, the 49ers face the patriots, it will be jimmy's first game against his former team since he was traded he spent 3 seasons as the patriots mostly as tom brady's backup but he did make 2 starts going 2-0, unfortunately that is not georgia's most memorable moment. >> that you get to see the two starts he made for tom brady? >> he went undefeated right? i'm pretty sure the only thing i remember is him getting hurt. he fell on his shoulder. >> a big congratulations to vern who was inducted into the
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northern california silver surf circle for 25 years and local television, his career started in 85 in richmond, virginia and he has been in the bay area for the last 30 years. what they amazing accomplishment. congratulations. >> i am sure his family was cheering him on and in the bay area, we believe in science. traffic and air pollution will be even worse after the pandemic. that's why we support measure rr to keep caltrain running. which is at risk of shutdown because of the crisis. to keep millions of cars off our roads, to reduce air pollution and fight climate change.


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